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Memoir 1973 Volume ,11 gis·h!D'p' Neumann Hlgli SeHttoJl 205 .parK GJub' Lane WUUums#iJ1Q).

Ne"w· YgrK 14221



Nelli k!l[Ik ,ill t1ir1.m:jnj~i.rf:li,!OIlll

O'lJ.[' .Pdm:dpo,r - F:a,I:~~er ChJff,lu, 0, M_ t ASM. ,PrillcliP cl Dr IllLi Hdi.tlg

an [~ ,Pin nnce - f'i[]J i1:f.!'r',; a.,M,. J,. iVh s, SI;rJ H~r.rJ,!1 ~ Te (:IC'J'! j',ng f'.eJ':10 n'(I'/ una Ins tru cJ ion

C'flIl1lrfr~n otn.r n] p_,p-s, ~ M~'.!I, Sf.:~mlm NJ'ii'". Do.l11 agal.siki ~ D(!iIJj~l o f S tudcnrs C(".iiJ'nrJ'in olrJ'.r ;f] F Sd,u cleT.! t A<I?Hvi.i ir:!'_~

an.d Pu o.J Jc ifl:eJ1(J'f.j,O.fl:S - iVJiss: S.ceif"e'r.~ er 81"_ ;E:v,ongr!l'~>U - Coo:rd,rl"il~11;f.!J' (Jf

f'l1!'re.n t Amj'i!r~ res

Wh- e" 'n-'~' yo u W, ···:'0" n ·,t'

j ".-.' I '.: •. ' - _." ..••.•

h 1· to h d o e p'.I:n,g .O'D_

More enmm onj y k n o~'vn lW J\ju id (mae Se [veil ill ~ud enh,[]nd Cl dm In ii5 h' Q',!ion f'(:Hhr;tr .Heffernan tf'lpioced Fr. K/lOc P'f:H'~'irmaj i~y r.!:!sls (IfIld .lob pl[lcemetli S,ob.e du.f es

He,~p!llo d~G.ide GnHege or ca1',eer PcrmpMets dHld bHUe~i.ns

Keer)S coHeg,e .infCl.rmdnon f.H1fl'!ea Help S!Ud€Jlts worh ou~~ !hek

in d i vid f.I fJlpro bl em s

Special grommar clusses .Modt:dor $y:5~GIU meetsthe needs of sluden!,s:

Large group aHm;\\fS lectures SJn{:rJl discLlssion gl'oups lVI inf course I!") creoUve wr.iting Sen iar AP 1::.1 (1558'S in r.h e re orory We'r,e lead through I"eaHt(y (]nd fiction Fo.r forty minu reg i'n~ fire part of .Another tinHl, another pIuC's Anolher IlJe

• Ii. I ," .' .

Mr- Iltlbl3'rlS(I'fl (EllgJ'is.ltJ helps C!OIl:!' lip II doubtful "my •. h."

Path to 10 new dime.Dsion

Deun of Sludenls- Mr"Ll'om(lgoJskj AsshHnnf:8 - M.iss: PeUegd.iw, Bfo~hef Bubic:?:. and Mrs. P'Qs[usz;ny EHt.uj,enis can go h:lJk

Problems Ore' di::i·c.;ublsBa

Aim s to deve I QP be Uerond n'w,!'e pe,!'.s@.ncQ15h . .I(.ie.n~'~f(.lcr.d!)' rel(1Uom; Detentinns [md majors keep s~llden!~ in lim'j'

RGvi.!.ed disci.rHnp. code

helr~s bl,!udenfs h] he./p themselves

Leader of the fhM:ok - Father HaUc!ll(jj] New C!'{fiCf: llpstoir~ Senior progro.m ~ d'wice O'f courses S en i ~.rS11u:lV€! fl C'.h (In es to P lit ! he fr ren_gio.n to work in or ng aged Ad d it Jon of ne w f(feu U y!! new ide QS .A p.1(Joe ~o go - penp.1e h) h:dkdo Religlo.!] - on (Ji.~$we:r to the question "'Why?"

A way of car'ing

FuJ/iJ'Jm.e'nt with fitness

Speed-h(;!U, seccer, {OOrDan .Mu d-covered fr,eshmen "Bympathetic"cnuehes N~w wordrobe CompetUive spirif To d'evehJp bod.fe.s along wilh minds Wor!i:ing to' bdng (JU~ ~be fuU po~~n!iuj


Prumlty- ~1

From m (]j'eC'i.!J{lr:.c:~ns trn chon In ili5Sec!illgJrogs Then 'working u' rotten eggs ond W'or.king indoors and outdoors What. why, when, where. lind how t\ I'lW end old faces (I the JO'cl.!l'Iy We learn of fwology \I\'e 1eC'ltn of life

FfJlr::ullly - 28

Exp eriences r

"-_'_._'_ ,'.-'D,·., s m


Of food and clothing Of cnoking andsewfng Hipping oufzi~)pers H(n'ing friends in for lu nch Cooking worksheets, home experfenees Mrs. CoIh o u n 'sIn f orrn n l: ive deznonstrutio 11:5 i\.djusUng pctterns Finding !JII:t r~lll mater [,al Nu rrie.fl ls, breakfas!, lunch, dMHler Use f u 1 now (In d 01 ways

II's. CalhollnlHorne He., !ihares mUll}' helpful 11Irn~8. to th,j:nk

A./gie bT(lI, geo.m e !:ry T.dgonome !ry, cole t~ 11.1 s

Dep,ortmen! heod- Mr" Neum.e·is.ter The .S'tl.iemJ'8 of logic

A basic course infh.inking .Hege nts Exoms

Each y,ent bu Ud.tl1:g on the JJlsl Emphasis in Q.edLl.cHve I'e[lsoning

P,Q'SIc becomes p rese fJj t in th€'l~iSlo[y d~pHj"tJnen', Hend Hi$~or.iun -Miss D.rzewiecki Each senior cnooses two one-semester clesses Freshmen study Ajrn-Asfun cuituras, Sophomores ~ak~ EUFOpe[lll studies R,egents exom fo.r Juniors Class cljsct.l~8i(Jn in .'ii.m.aU groups '(111m, ,ed by s(:neuul,Et Hislorkol Jnjormutinncnd books wluil a: bI B lilt n E!W resource eel n leI'


, ~- ,

-:1 ~-~

.~ ... -",. - -.-

- - L~

Thepnst j's born 'rJ,gai'n

The key- !creativity

Two depar!ment{:rl divis.iorl8 thJs _V&(l_r; finecrr[~ Qnd' J.ndustr.icd (lr4:5

Room 220 used' b:lmporClrHy

.A.rX~~ (Iff e nJorged

IMiss L~ughHn (IS ,()oorai!)!]lor of Art Depertm en!

ere-,ul: iv Hy

History of Art sh.Jdied

BeJf expres.s:i~H"l .! hr1() ugh cnlur

Drilhng on pronunciation H~~d .: lV1r. Ma'nr.iozlJ Dedkari,oll Learning of other cultures Jneresses our unders,fanciing Langucge labs Try1ng to say whet you mean RepeU!ioIl Three to four yenr sequence

8-1I,- !"acuIty

Speak .for yourself

Hay co.ramba!

~,~'l;' I


eh e ck i rig accounts end mnn ey m cUI ag,ern en:! Work study programs p.I'(wide' experience T'ylJing a,s,d"f endless.iy

ShortnQna for business

Nohd10nd jor college bound

Making of future businessmen

and seereturles

Mrs. WnU h~C!ds depGr~men' All use fill foJ' com ing careers

Mrs, Mu.r.ruydunCies her W(lj1 mto the Neumnnn ml1sioaj' Mel Pori..,] (Inc! Rick SUrchura: kee p school c.ieun em d work in!!

Nourisnme,nl m lunchHme from onr effie tent k.Hch sri s [aU OUke str!lff contl'ibu!e.'l ume ond experience Keep school n.i!!mrng smoolMy B€Ulihfll.l peop1e

,R-~\"!' 1: AIl:Il~ StlJ:idliS~y".,\I!i'$. M'(jri~ Gj(wbn(,:~.,. !\III'S" J L WOUI,~~; Mrs_ A_ Thl):(l(Jor~. '~: J\!~.r~:. BI}.flliCfl' S'nr.rmS.IV~r~., [mill ,He'rrv,


Don't Jet ir( brmg you down U '5 ordy ,c:os~!es burm'ng. lust find someonewho's turning An d youwi U come 'arm] n d. -N~ii Yllung

So YO[l .ride ymm~el1i!es nvar ~he fifddst (I.!'ld you mClke.aU your animel de'Gl5, and .}'our w.lse men don 't_krmw h(HV it [Gds. to be ~hj~,k us u brick -feth.o flJll

Do yo u on ly cure u hou t HHl be-i n crowd?

Hmt· about (I needed fri,end. we uil I1fled o friend. -Three .DO,lil, N1JiiM



My thClught:5 [Ir,~ 5Gu!teN~'d •. .And ,[h€y'recJ'oud'y,.

They h ~]veno borders,

No DoundtItlti.

-I"OiU J SInrwn

n~nQW there's j:hi[ig:~ }tOti never U:lLlugM be/ore,.

Thtrl iJllJve to d.o w HnwQ Uii!'!g cut o.ld doOm's, You'VI;;! been pr'Bpared ,(IS lo!'il,Q: os Ume nHDW!:l, And I do.n 'l know l:mw, Blil }'Q~ 're CI big, boy now. ~f(!I~i1' Sa !J;D&~ !!W

- ......



Elrefl 1f I~new !ho~ ~(]morroI1i' the wnrl d wo u j d go ~J) p ieee s,

I wm.dd s WI p fan t my (IppI e tre e. -JV!urUn 1uille.r



Is H so smuU Q l.hilJg

lQ hcve enioyed lhe sun,

10 have JIved Hgh~ iO (hes:prlng. w hliV~ 1oved',

!.Q have U:mug,M, tQ fwve done?

-M [J~ rh~w ArJwJd


T(llive is to change omd bJ he pe.rfcC't is: 10 hove changed often. -itmHlylf1 Oil S

-_ .

Eve!'}, lH'lW ophdofl, 01,'H!1:g! ]:5 precisely In ,0 min,orHy (Jf (Joe. - TlTinm (I.~ C(Jr~~i!e

And tha .min I;l'ome~ und 'L'w:r~lle.s (IW,cry an evil. And the inuh s!dnes through,

And the s.h.odows ,Qre long.

A.nd there is peuGtl'.

Brother Bebioz IJnd Sister Helen OPB n ahGnn ~.l;'i of earnmu n rca~: iun between fucuIty ona students A whole new format pottr members from e(!'ch ciuss e 0 fJi ears 'Work .hurd to zn (lb ale new system nsueeess Vari'CHl5 committees enable tUiJ d ents hlg,eti.l1vo.hre d Anew mom to meet in

--_ ... /

Row ~: ~I: arty Br;Jnn ig,m. 'iJ'ri~h Phel an, .Liz Ba~lC~r Row 2; 'TOIfll \;\flltL And m \Ii Wa r n lek, Mike SI:ac-n, M;,ll'Y l.esa BIlI'f)~" (lump DlIl'anLIl.R.O\'ii.' l:~ K.t~l'in Barry, Ro.rJI Rmlli'[o.

!~,\' 1: Ma,rk 'I'hfl'ntIf'il~t1rl" ~m"!,~id{;)fI~:; s.~, nd(m. t'n[)d~f~n[)f ROiW 2: ETjjthef Eabur;z. :i]'in(~~~I:,;olt(w: Lbn K~~rrer, le-Iwesi,dt!nl: Gary Ca:mr~,a. treasueer; Laura !l'~'8'5Iir~~, se,"I"8!~~Y"

Neum (Inn shznes In gree n and w h He A delay, t.hen a rrl:toIo.r~(lde .Making :signs ond w(IIvf:ng pom-pome Queen - COflnil§! BraGhU:

Los!! to C(!niS!.l5 M ixer wHh ;'" Girls football - "Seniors, S.~nJOFs, we're tbe best" ... " Ghujf'm un- Gary G(]'sm"SQ' Success

M - Activiries

Poi meets Ihe 1[)P'j'JOi'U')iilL

1a~11l11J11;: C:hCTY] KllU;:cdy • Beth G ullngr>eco, Dc:rr~ nga~. 111;lv W ~Mner RIJIW :Ii: I ;~11 G,,,,)~~rn D n, I OP11ll! edH{I r: IJ~'J,I} fix. C iiml y" [.es!1i.Iflb;. f\1H! Me· O:IlI.1.'ll.AI)5E!irH AIiJ~j~ \lVt,~ n, Bill G LlZ~",

'EMi~!l[,~iR!!wl.; 1[1·11 GW:Ol!!'I!1HH1, 11I),1)III! (!ditm'; ""II', Domagalski. mederamr: Mfllissa 8il(~li.l:ll!!iieduor: Gind~,' Chiarello. OIl1,aDi;mli()n~, ediilol' Row 2: Mary j'o Wchm', ~fH'lQP); tJtWor: Tom Skill. ltor-ln-ehief'; mill McGtOllh. nssismnt Ifl~'onl mlinoL": P',' G,~in, Ctl>-coml edltnr: Patty Sdl.1rElI" assls. enpv ed ul.or. Ab~9f)1.: G ary MOille~·<! no, ph ~ p hv editor: Li il Rf1i~if.: J;;. 8Mlisl.anl 'btUiitiess t!nHo r.

The! meetil'):g -

a bi.rthda}' in Ul€ gross

A them.e - [ound in a church? New coopy, dividf!l'r:s,

cover, endieaves

TJw .Par!ddge .F(::lrnH}' "WmJ1le me (1' !],rick" "Don't worry £iI bou lit" T~H:! pumpkin on ~he 1"001 Mr,".D" - modemtor The de(1dHn,es

'we rnode them, finoHy willl the help of our - "God in He'mJoc.k"

Gil ristm os-de Coni H ons, pres en ,Is New ideas -

Tn.!:! boo k fino Uy err i liIftd'

John SebuS!Han .Eh.des

~Pf1J1l/lllgrii[;J~:uY: blw ~.~ GlIsP',~lrn USm:lfD. Pi:m! ,C,(lPlwl a .. Mark l.l!clwi!!. Ab:s.senl.; I.D,t I ill,

B'u~~Ile<ss: :RID"... 1: IC<lrn~ (::rll!!i'~'.lp.iltl Tod~'enhDJJl~II Row .~: S]nirl.!l!l{ Men~;!i,EI S,~ It, b~l~it!!ii~~ .~dil!;pr R!ilw .]~ Donll:1 M!llr3!l.1I!CCDO, K'-Ithy GOt.ld\ ... In. Anne M.atic .Ptetll. Cal :Bendor I Vicki Mm:,;:ur .. AJJselll: Rija Sh (lill(u'b, A nne HroEllidl. ie V iek,

nary Mo ntA$i.mO -I:!i-l'lh qUI! t H::;r ]:licIt] res.

(lop'Y: Row 1: [can Doody, M.m.ry Jo, Weber. t:OI·r.()Il~' edtter: Pat SllilaFer .. ass.iSlali.1 c editorr: P,e~,::y Carill. C{I-i)(JIII)" editDf Ro\!;' 2:: Ur.nisc [lank. Donna Ambro.~l1. Barb Bfl ]ilck St<lr.hlll:a, Debbie OUII'II1. Sue Drillil1\g. Ahsc:il.I.: Mijllrk Thompson,

- .....

. A. time to remember ...

Impossible to forget

Thebl'ain~ hehind 1111'1 nperatjen,

," EvH gru\\lS in the d Elr.1i; , .;."

MI'" HlI'$~(!!1llill: mnds th.E! characleJ"s n realir}!

Mrs. lVlul'ray; patience Ql1d time yields perfeai[ioll LO.!TY .B'e.r.naro: mode Gorre'ct timing and precision (I necesslty

M.r. Patton: ,ctUstic h:dents are clearly seen in stage /l,eWngs

Comm iUees: llsuaUy (JU ~ of sight,; often out of rn ind, but always there

.3 months of singing, dancing. {wUng 1'-'01" D.OJ Y' 3 .hours

On 3' ll.ights

W.nal (I time 10 rem em ber lmpossib.le to :forget

Keeps student (:mdy informed Bditor~jn-chj,ef; KElthy FischB.i' lnfcertde-wS' in Enquiring Re'pOl't€'r Mr. Ci~5J(lr (Inri ,sf. Pal, Russ modemte Trrnepeace S~uden~ ,e:d'h()r!oJs RecognW(Hl to those w,no deserve it Newp.rintlug room ,A lot O'f work and Im (if! in u Hon

~·;,r;:,· ----~~~I·:;

... ""'-'-_.

1 --

Row 1,: ShIrl,!;!}, Sc;n~w'E!it:lU!~" K;lthy O''Fl,rien, Puttie 'FrOIJr) Ro-w 2: K:!lh~~ Comiwil'l. C:hds Kill!:; OilI:H13,Phil1ip:s" Paillie 'l'ersell, Micllele Cosl <1117. tl" SI;II~il!l, Harrjann Row:1l: Kmi'ln Bllrry. GI'<tl U:oo'm!J~. NarH:Y Mcl.eun, Kathy G"JlliY':!Il,. Patty &rischiE!'. Denise Gulhl'l.

Row 1: Kit!1 'Kol:ms" Panlu Valentlin~ ROW;il~ Anlll!l~t~ K!lb~'i"!;i,.loilnlle Calafldrtl. Mr. Gillllslar"Mt)E rii!'(I~: Ma:rk Ludwi~. ,Pe~~~' P . .s~hJl;'l",~rtz. DOTlIHlJ White. Maureen Rit!:hie ..

Row 1~ Knill!!' Fisdwr. iEdtwr·-i.l'l-ehi!lf; M.Qry Mlschhlr. Fuutura E:cliwr; J!\8!l1l!!, P. st:hw;i:rlz. Rtl~ii!e~~ Co>-editDr:: Dellis!) F~[)rl. CollY Gdi~[w: .Ion Gro~51t1"nl'l. Ne\l\ls. edltor, Row~: emil» Clomm> Pr'illii.ll!l Cu-!!ili!!lr; Ellen Pfeiner, P>rintil1l!l CIl-ed:iIOl·; P.:ltd CIlIPpola, Boys SPOL"IS editor; T!:Im t:lsillglmfsl. Phr;uDSI'raplly edilm.

Father JJeffe.rn~ul, !I1{Jclerablr A gmup of lntereseed students

- -Serv ins ,(]~ bas ic n.eed-

he.j' in tl"lOub.ied' t!mf)~ A",€eling of.s-,oHsfacHo!1 Getting involved Pullin:g G1siCi,e the umuence, ~h~ tl!lkfng for grl(lnl:ed of life food for :[he needy Vis] !he 5.k-::'.k: (lnd ~lClndica~rped Giving IOf themselves

lanD NCltlllanl'l 'C![!lunGih Howl: M~~':yH(!!n'~liL I~dh Grcc.!.', !.oUy R®Jccki.Rg'~v j;l: I Gl1ris~, M.ary Ann r-~ip~l. Deberuh KlIp!ll2"rnulTI,. Rmcv S': M.r.J()hll Ges'lwit:ki. mOJUJ"J',~u Di,jUI'8 MarczlIk, FRHie ']'nJ~)p. K'I.~hj' Goodwht. Ann D~md, F~. Hr.HA~I~~n, inodOI'·~lO.l!.

Dragom: Den::R,ow]: MaLH,~~ItINr!lhie,. ''3~:i.(! SM!l/!ler. Donna Whitit:i, M is~ Sc;ereHIl: ~'" rnu(]e I' ~ til r.

KeeI)ing' th.e C'(Jmm~"mJ~y infonned MQde.raled by Miss See.deter Wee!dy CQ,hlm.n in rhe Amhs'],:5 t Bee A IQU ch 11] f ne~v;s A bit of society An eJfol~. ,Qt communicctton

Si$!C3f' Graef: F,QUon - Hbnu 1,o:D Different proctors in such mod S~udent~ 1~elp ou! fr~~ limB P'La:ce to do res e ofch

Work In quiet

Art wor,kli d,i!j;piaye d Ac~dertJI Jo (11m os:p J1 ere Info.rm.o~ion close (It .bond

11)11. lt Mr, Kli)~~. G. Luka, G,WhiW. Row 2: B. Hess.}, VIl~TZ, R, KaIJilQr~ki. I), r.aTl~o1lJ. D. LO\liolar.f:. D .. L.e\'ei]l,e', ~1- O'C~nner, M, M~ndelt

A IJ diovis u al-A. V

Too offen Wke.n fof' grdhted l'apes pl [lY (lnd sp D.rUl

,P:!'I[)V ide,~ :51 ides" f H.rns, [Incllopes An l(lid to edu ell i!(ln

Mode.rntp.d by Mr. K~o."l(i:

-fl.roieG Hon~, ref.leui~ ions

:Lets us .see' our recent p[lS~ Le (Ir.ning be c:r;mleS fu n We"c! be 10:;1: w~t!lOtl! il

AG'hie'vemen!, - :rhe' hfghesl goaJ Worhingfor benenlilflnt of. -~se j f an d O,llie'f5;lufnillg, (l b,(JlaJ1ce - cbove [Iverage Do ~ng ex trc ~(I be eume 1I n 1qu e

A f~mHf]:g of (IccornpHshrne]u - h.ono:r AwaWng }'OUf' mument to .sh.ine Anxinus IGlnHdp(Jtiol] Your neme is coIJed - You lwv,e mode jt _ ..

------ ..... ---..,-~-~~-~~~~---~-----~----~.;;: ::1'11:: - - ,_... ....

The' neumann center for the perjerming arts

A wee,k of u FesHw:JJ-

Movies, bolilH grnuns

Sti..i(ie,nts: sh orr ng Uae it LClh:: n Xlii We'Ghs: ondweekcs of prep(!mtinn One-Act PJays; Story Th.eoln~, Vocal ,Ho.rmony. "Carousel Dream" A helpful f(l'Glij~y

A respcnslve student body A beautiful weok

Antivi ties - ~

~ pcog:r em [01 help ileaGh ._- US T!{,spOlisibU,U,' Mrs, W(llj;' ec-ordlnotor A senler pdvUedge Lea\t,e ,aiter doss to wo tk for soho 01 CN~d it An 0 PP ol'tt:m it ~t to d iscover our needs oDd interests

crt-time students

.. I I.~_.

"Mil TOc&gurt" - mnderutor }'med ~1'hh fUll Bus rides - excnement Concerts our "gifted" members F'dlj's,lw( d'o:i!s. nnd lwt c:h(Jc(lj',ute Food [or ,Ihe (lo/d nnd fro7;en New ehcpernnes, new fdends Good memories

.. , r.lidn', fail" h.c:.lrippcd me,"

H2 - l\cl iv itiJes

Acl.iv iUb!cIl - B:l

P.hys.i c(I.i and me n ted prep urn ~i nn for ,g umes r.o·ng hours of pr(]'otiae to bu lid up :5~rength Ghalk tontS to Jecrn pJay:s Mr" .P.rscopn, ~Hl!!LId cm!l:wn H.eGord doesfl 't ~eNthe story E'v>8,ryone wo.r.ked tWl"d ,[0 prcl"vide fel!' (] ~eam eifor;[ .Players Hke PercB COpPO~(]" .Larry Hender, .Dick Fepeono, ll,r:ld Tim HorlneUgave our boys the le.Ge:lersj]ip needed' Vaf.icty of pJoys bpt {ems: nn their ie,e!, M,ony pjuyers bO'.hm.~ed our line-i,ilp Goach,PisGDpOvery op~imisUC' uboul f.1'

-.. -

- .......

]:, T .. Nir.ilok M:. Roh[h;~. J. Ol'l"JwmcU. ~. Morris. J. Srehllllt:'Hbe~g., F::. L~j.sing. M. Scil1.1:1JiU. J.N.lazur. M. Cozza, D, Brady. J- Fri·I~.;l[l(l .. Neiderpreun, F. Cala.r:ldra_l, Rrnh, RtI'\\r 2: P. A.~~:l:amlD"!r. P. 11.~mlt(L~~I~·r. J- Ch-]l:In) .. M. Jdf.8ry. P- CU[JPUi:Ol. P •. CtliJI}~lO<l. D: PClJU': 0 IIU] , B(lnd~r. CUHch Flri~leflb(!lh·r, Gm:ltiil P"iSOIJ[Jon. Cm~Gb Pearce, S. Allen, D. Summers, T.II,ormdl:., P. WkCr~rlh. T. K.v:il\i~d,. B_ ·M'mh~(I<1. Wc· DojVUa, R,O'w 3: I: I. T ~lJwl,,",u, M. Murlnm~r. T.. Rmr"i@liu.A. Wm.uh. D_ SriuLh. I- Gnd!J., T- .S,,[!~i. J- Sh'i;!,lrlon. D. ~$im~l'; .. 1. RfJlil~e!·~.


-~ -

RIJ gg,ed prec U,ces pu l OHr bo!vs ins h ape r\1 rJ Lock of s:p

C(J(Jcnfld by M.r,Punz(mdh)1 ond jVl~r. Ferrall GGptcr]!lS; .Pe~re GimfneUi and MikeHQrfmann M.V,P. - Bob Bender-

TotuI O'f 2,1) pf~ysinsfd'p. 1~ yard Hue (It DUffy T~{Jmwof'k re cd fy WIlJI"tl8

Bes!, Back Sa~)n Ri~,ohi,e'

Bes! Linem(!rl: Pe~[e CimineW Most lmproved:Noel Koh~s

GrBI] t 100k jOf' fu tU.n~ vors ily teem

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No fails 10 cheer you on It's you and only you

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Pe;fe Coppolfl played Mr, CluI!cn Cooperatfon and ilpfril for winning ev.idenl with 5 gume win streak Dwig.hl WHHams voled

M· V.P,. (Jf Sweet Heme Tourney Gum.espnnled e~cUing for fans T,eom makes plaYCIffs

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