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Homosexual Agenda TAKING AWAY PARENTS’ The American Civil Liberties Union undergo indoctrination in homose: xual behavior— RIGHTS (ACLU) and its many allies are determined to force all students to Christian legal alliance is ‘standing up to them—and winning. arent nationwide are expressing shock and ‘uage over a “paren” betwen the ACLU is alies tha advocate forex ‘ebavir, and growing ruber of pub cho oficis ‘who aim o conto cldrea—sarting in lindergarten=- (oembaxe and age of hamster Bolsered by power als like the Nasional Eucaton Assocttion (NEA) andthe Gay, Lesbian and ‘Sigh Education Network (GLSEN),advocsies Domosexual bekavior sek an od to parents rational tights ras the children with thir own values. The [NEA actually financially supports numberof groups that advocate omosexual behavior and fuer lobes foc laws in ine withthe demands of the homoxenal agenda. Asa res, many publ schon! clasrooms hive become “provid zero” inthe bale. For example, some elementary schools sow preset: 1 Farle education” and “yespecting diferences workshops, many of which encourage chien to Daricipte in roleplay depicting sree fami. SAGLSEN video titled I's Elementary. which rains ‘lememary schoolteachers o advance the homosexual ‘agenin in their classrooms, In one scene. a fifth adr Sys, "Some Chrstians believe that if you'e gay youl sp tobel so they wan fo torre them and tft” In anate sen, an eral isa thse who belive wht te Bible says about homosesbal beavie are “up”; she hen receives lavish praise from er weaver: “You can’t know you're gay unless you try!” lndcciation in homosexual behavior aceentes in igh sco, whee rol bea heresexul suds receiv sean oso sue -sgpesions tha ty may aculy be “omoxerul” A GLSEN ‘estonia: What do you think cused your hetroserualy? * Ist posible heteroerualiy is «phase you vil grow ou of? 25 Uf you have never sept with someone ofthe same sex, how do you know you woulda prefer ‘hat? I it posible you merely ned a good say experience? ‘Aone Boulder Colorado, ih chook ere i ated a ena dcig ch rac advocates of honoxezul tehvice made he cxse—without opposition tat “WE vary narra for Youn pope to experiment with same-sex relatos” Meanie. school bord members who opposed the event wer Tagely silenced andthe schoo! ds supetnendenconckiake that the discussion was “appropriate” Backes then by the author of the en school system, the mesg ‘commmunicated o Boule tuents—and ‘ther young people at pblic schools Uhmghou the countrys lear: Forget whatever your mother (or father ugh you about right and smrong; just do whatever feels good ‘expecially homosexual behavior A concentrated assault on the morals of children if yo thik hs kind of propaga avag 2 evading inact. jcc ot bas ng in Calton: A st hw pase thre 2 ea a0 clings pli fmddscts aby make a ditions selon ological sex -teslingi be wide mal enn af hh 7a hat Somos evi presen young pepe al the way down oindergoren—a ae a Alesina and sen dese heel behave, W's ting tt mt pemne3 “eon be neo stl ey seul ction ms be removed fn cur St) Ce Cd ‘ejecting the values Ce with or without parental permission. A leading In ocber word if thi aw slowed to tnd ' Textbooks willbe rewriten to eliminate any endorement of sx roles ‘8 Teachers cannot each tht side's sex a bin ss students tre ex "Boys, on demand, canbe elected omecoming “yen” and girs can he ‘coved hoecring “Lng "8 Schools that wm to preserve separate gender estooms and locker rooms wil be faced with ice—either violate the law and reset allow boys and gis fo ener eachother’ r spend millions ef wxpayer olla obi separate faites forthe small oumber of students who decide they want ops as the opposite ex. ‘Left unchallenged, this lw authorizes pai schools to force Christin stdemts 10 be tau 0 cenbrae the homoserual legal agenda, Inevitably. such propaganda will change attudes of young people toward homoserol behavior. and thet ean change The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) as i sit wih sales in federal cou to chllenge this Cafes, king the cou fo desta itunconstional A defender of families Launched in 194 by Dr James Dobson, he ate Dr D. James Kenge, the ae Dr. Bll Bi, the (continued on back