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De WCCO TMD Cray MUIR ILN 25 (2164 Concerning “The Silence Christian and Conservative Broadcasters Law” ISSUE SUMMARY; Liberal leaders in Congress have made it one of their top priorities to enact what they call the “Fairness Doctrine.” This law would require radio stations to provide balanced content on political and policy issues. So stations that now carry Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other conservative talk shows would be required under this law to provide equal time to the liberal point of view. QUESTION #1: What is your view of the “Fairness Doctrine” as proposed by liberal leaders in Washington? Oistrongly Oppose Cl Oppose 1 support C1] strongly Support 1 Undecided QUESTION #2: How do you think broadcast stations will comply with this law? C2 Many will cancel Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and conservative talk shows rather than lose money by airing an equal number of hours of unpopular liberal programming. Plus most radio stations just won’t want to hassle with government bureaucrats micro-managing the content of their program. They will put on bland “non-controversial” programs. Cr think most stations will be happy to comply with the liberal law and air an equal number of hours of liberal programming (even if liberal programs lose money). Onot sure 01 other. QUESTION #3: What do you think is the real motive of the liberals pushing so hard for this law? (11 think liberal leaders in Congress are honestly concemed with having balance on the airwaves. (Ur think the liberal leaders in Washington have found an ingenious strategy to weaken (and if possible end) Christian and conservative talk radio, which would help solidify and make ‘permanent the liberals’ grip on power. OONot Sure 1 other. QUESTION #4 Do you think this liberal plan to enact the so-called “Fairness Doetrine” is a threat to free speech in America? O ves Ono D1 undecided If your answer is “Yes,” how serious a threat to free speech? O very Serious O] somewhat Serious QUESTION #% How much do you listen to Rush Limbaugh? Oi) More than 2 hours a week CJ Some, but lessthan 2 hours aweek C0 Notatall QUESTION #6 How much do you listen to Sean Hannity? Q)More than 2 hours a week C2 some, but less than 2 hours a week CU Not atall