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Animal Farm

Lesson Ideas Writing Prompts

 Have students work in pairs to think of all the ways the Leadership
weak are exploited by the strong. Discuss as a whole
Peer pressure
What does education do
 Your school gets a new principal and she changes all the for a society as a whole?
old rules, some in ways that seem unfair. Some students
organize a protest and ask for a voice in setting rules. The Use the following words
principal rejects this without explanation. What will you in a piece: Fair, youth,
do? What guidelines will you follow to determine how far plow, soup, legs
your protest should go to gain equality? Fairness

 You are reading two different newspapers one day, and you see that they tell different
versions of the same event. How do you decide which to believe?

 excellent lesson

ideas for this book

 15 page teacher guide with

great discussion questions

 Read The Hunger Games as a companion piece to this novel. This young adult novel will
bring in many connections to the text.


1. Socialism vs. Communism.

Have students research the two political systems of socialism and communism and write a
comparison. Identify the principles the systems have in common; then explain how the two
systems differ. Instruct them to mention at least one nation today which employs each
2. Russian Revolution.
Have students pick one of the historical figures of the Russian Revolution—Marx, Lenin,
Stalin, or Trotsky—and write a research essay describing both his personal strengths and his
role in the Russian Revolution. Instruct them to include how well Orwell's allegorical
portrayal in Animal Farm supports their research.