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12. Section 2.1.23 of the Regulations defines “Farm” as tract of land containing five (5) acres or more, exclusive of the minimum lot size required for any dwelling, used in part or wholly for agricultural purposes, which may include the raising and keeping of domestic and other animals but not including mink.” 13. Section 15.15 of the Regulations provides in part: A home occupation shall meet the following requirements: 15.15.1 Iti clearly secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes. 15.15.2 It does not change the residential character of the dwelling in any visible manner. 15.153. It does not create objectionable noise, odor, vibrations, waste or unsightly conditions noticeable off the premises. 15.15.5 Equipment used in such occupation shall be customarily incidental two residential occupancy. 15.15.7 Except for fruit and vegetables grown on the premises, no other displayed or a items related to the home occupation shall be visible off the premises, 14, The Plaintiffs are aggrieved by the Commission’s decision because: (a) they own real property abutting the subject property; and (b) they have a specific, personal and legal interest in the subject matter of the decision and they are specially and injuriously affected by the approval of the Application in that the Application as approved calls for a noxious business