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What  resting your extremity due to injury
Why  to avoid movement, resting the injury area, movement are prohibited due to hurt
or pain, increase/decrease pain, pain, joint stability, limitation of edema,
Where  injury area
Who  person or someone who do the exercise
Which 
How  splint, normally rest, sleep, no activity
Ice (open wounds not recommended)
What  ice usage as medium to facilitate the injury like decreasing edema and
decreasing pain using anesthetic ice usage.
Why  avoid wider of edema, decresing pain at the local area of injury
Where  area of injury
Who  someone injury
Which  local area but not open wounds
How  use clor ethyl or use towel deeping int ice, or directly put the ice in the injury
What 
Why 
Where 
Who 
Which 
How 
What  put the area injury into the higher level than level of injury
Why  avoiding bad circulate of vein
Where  area of injury
Which  usually extremity
How  put your extremity or area of injury higher level that level of injury