Name: Ademola Adedamola .A. DOB: 5th January, 1980

Working Experience:

Creativity Manager DDB Oune2006 till date)

I'm part of a small group in the creative department called concept and ideas. we essentially handle all new business and new briefs, present to the clients for approval before it's passed on to Operations who finish the work.

Creative Executive Rosabel Leoburnett (2005 - 2006)

Was part of the both the Vmobile, Glo and UBA team from inception.



(2003 - 2005)


Space & Place

(1999 - 2003)

worked as an Architect! design consultant on projects for GTBank, Access Bank Citiserve, Vigeo and sundry residential projects.


Notable Course

Exchange program with

Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa

What's the BIG idea


Yaba College of Technology Architecture HND

Yaba College of Technology Architecture OND

Government College Lagos

( Aug-sept 2007)

(Nov 2004)

(2000 - 2002)

(1996 -1998)

(1990 -1995)


A strong belief in the fact that Ideas rule the work, has spurred me on in my belief that there are no one-offs but as in life everything is part of collective whole.

Most of the works you'll see from here on take this into consideration, all the ads herein were all presented at pitches in which they won, so that might account for why you haven't seen them in the paper.

MTN Xtra Cool

MTN had chosen to create bundle packages to appeal to customers of different demographics. Xtracool was created young segment and we were given the task of giving the bundle a unique look and feel that would resonant with market segment


Finally 3G is in Nigeria and almost everyone has a license. But how does MTN communicate their offerings, I such a way where they educate and own this offering in the hearts and mind of the consumer the way Glo owns Per second billing.

We tried to create a campaign that from the onset would start to clue people in on the possibilities of 3G, without turning it into a commodity but making it seem like a lifestyle people can embrace.

video streaming


. formation, Go to; For more In nli ne.com/3G www.mtno


The Coca-Cola Company

The brief was indeed very unique, How do you create awareness, through traditional ATL, for a company like The Coca-Cola Company in the minds of the consumer as the company behind staples like Fanta, Eva, Sprite and it's flagship brand Coke. While creating a clear differentiation between the company, it's bottling partner (NBC) and it's product and drawing attention to the various CSR projects they're involved in.

This campaign is based on the premise that once a cap is lifted off any of the brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, it has a ripple effect on the Nigerian economy, it's environment, it's people and their passion. Basically inferring that as


The 't_ruth lis, tor everyone of our brands you open. you

are c::reating jobs.~ educating children, building a. stronger economy a.nd igniting passions in peop\e all over the wor\d, because we beHe'Ve

that as you lift. our products to your Ups;\Ne are working together \0

lift our nation.

~@gf"~ ~bZ :~~ d!}dlIg @}ff& ~

Togother with CU! bottHllg p,artne_'r:!So~ tht:f /Wgll;1rian SQ\U\,..g Company {KLQe),

Cr;n;~-Col a Qsnsra-\.Q.G o;)..,Q't'

7000jobs, making us I.""".

la(ge.5f employer of \allolU

outside ttl e oilinaus\r~. t>o..\

TIJe Coca-Cola Compa'l\~, 'N~

lire united with ourpantl~~~\

retailers and supp\\er~ \()\\~\~

11ft our eco"ClW\1,

YJ;@1!l~~ @¥!";~'~~~

The Ibve 'for s.pOorts aor-oss Nlige'r~a \9 unquenchable. -Yhe. passion 'for SpO'rL'S

holds the nation In a Finn grip~ 'ho Coca-Cola Company identifIes w\'t'n this passion; that's win')'

we are strong suppot"tet's

of sports development, 'Ne.

believe that one of the IN'a'J'l:.

to grow the econonw \os. \0

lift pass\ot\~.

~tk£l"~ @r$~- . ''f&J ~ ~ "

O .... r hamo i~ t.nc p'IElrrst. It h.l!l3 ~i~ -e et>. us all we neve, B.'S .... \Tls

only that we ,n return

nurture and protect it. It..t_

The Coca-Cola Compan"!l \!.Ie

believe that a healthy envirollrneT\\

is a wealthy environment, i'nrol.l\1l" various projects, we help pre'Se;I'Ie; our communities. We \mo'J\l'ma\

when you lift the people you u\\lma\~\'1

lin our p\a~~\,

~~"~ @ff!G2" ;(~' ~ @Iff' .If,


We ail have a parttCJ'P\a.~

in our world. We, at T'\~ Coca~Ct;Jla CQmpa,,~ rq:a'\~

thatwe car1 not make-this dW:'tlli;:.To.o;;.'f;:i alone. That Is wily each \lme'!'l1,). bUjane of our brands, Oll\lo!\l.l\\\\\~ are created, dreams arid \la~";'Cit\'"

are fu/fIlled. So go a"~~c;).\~~

10/lle to your lips a~d ~~\~ \~

//1/ our ~~,\~\

JAG~~~ ~:\~~'~~IJ

G.ivingi the

environment a lift.

Our belief in a healthy environment is reflected in our commitment to preservation projects and initiatives across the country ..

PET Retll~IlJ:lIl f'1!lnL

We !m9",g~ waste dl~PQ'Jallil.bor~f'3I.o pick. up P4S'lIt,; OiIii$ 01 Oi.l~ ~rodl):;:'t$" ~p;.i .. e WOiK'!;-" .. ~d cner nrh:ms tll!!1 ritter ~l1eenl'~n:lnment wtrich ws blJ~ lind re.::yde 10 rid tI'Il! en~lror.m!nt of the nenace ct tnese w .. ~I" precucte.

NC~ gWallo; ror'-~I!".

Vi.' .......... "'nrf thA N'I(I .. rb.n C,..,n~" ........ h,", I'" .. "",, .. linri crclects tc reee awareuess en tile neec scr sate cnll'ironmOl1tal peacuoes bit o:gani:lBl:i-Cifl!! ana IndIVldua'5:..

Abl,ljll TrlJO PhnliJl-S CiOmplJlQn.

l-r.[rI in AhIlJH> 2m!>, WIE. nat nn~JI' !iuJ'lPlJitfld t.hi~ ptoJactfinandally. \'II! ersc planted lreu.llrtile FCT La ccrsrnemcrete tne-evejt.

Lifting barriers

to learning.


If, 1!1J(i'4'. 'w~ constructed u'tre-mcuemcrassroom blQO~$ fc)i" 1901''m(Jd~ :High 8:(:,/'11)<:>1. Ott", 0£!LJ~ Sl(Il.;, refurbished S3me in September 'ZOOG l:l1a eql1lpped ltwllh fumllurs andlapto~ I~ order to pl't>Vl~B-jT :;MII~ enu eccess rcr tne swoeus.

We are removing barriers to learning by creating a better environment for children in our community,


Sw-p~r\ -for p",gramrt1~$lrl s.ChOO!!d~!i:l'U9fi providing trawl uts [rucksacks, t-ablets, t{JW.8~,llt!),} ·"~r slud!!nls I:I~ Un.iJag Irltern~Uo~al ::icl1ocl fer their hlllil;l;;;yll"i~ w a~n:lll!i.

Ini:...- G,",nO:nltbn~i lll",I""8,",,·::o:o(l6;

This wm. p~rluf ,,," pmgnmm",ror A",Llj-,,@30 c~iebrniJoi""_ CN~.- 2~OU plirt~"ip, .. tff:lI'lL thA Intc:m:o.llooal Conference Certr:e"AIJI..Ija f:cr an Int,eraeillre session IVtt~ the FCfMints1erana the. M,nlsti:r ot EdLic~ticn. there; We 9,,-,e ~W!'llo' Co.~pljj{l~ lQ_parUl:::lp~h"ill S~hMI$

Lifting the


At Coca-Cola. we have a thirst to make a difference in all w<llks of life. We are committed supporting not on Iy our

looal partners in creating wealth. but individuals and corporate institutions that thirst for business success.

acoe WIMBIZ uontererce

'lie eeaeve tn :tle empawilmll!nlof wc:me~ and rent E'upport b,)I' kloelng e. ma_t!lor SpOlll>Dr cI tbls. year's: center ecce OJI the l"IOJ["f;fi'f! ~n eeemees.

-t;~'---T-------- 1'IIEP.\OMultl-!iitakehold",I"E C-onr.~llnc",

'di0 W~M ~llli"'lI: !'ilJprnrrfl~ r.f Thill I1mjndth:;t. h~.I.rj lrt AbuJiI earJl,er this ~e~~,

3t'd tUj)erl.a B~S~~"''''$ R:l-ufldUlbl ...

As cne or iha miliorspotl";lcH"!rof tl'1e ccnserence "",hlch.,,111 ,ba [)rg~I'II:wri~nAbLJ}ainJaru~,ry 2OQ7 tI'j rna E~1l0t:1~!;.t COf'lf~,~~Co; unu, tIr'I ~r,,", ~ltl1~ LoJn~on·basc~ "'~OOOmIS[m~1'I2In~. we Intcn-c.m h!:llp NigllrlEin Entr!l!l'Flr1!r1l!vl"3 r-eClCh the ".a~ll~v(lr III oo'S'ln'2's!l.

~.t!f'L~~ ~a;; ff J!'jJiJJg '# ~

Fidelity PFA

With the PFA act in effect, Fidelity decides to their hat into the fray but the challenge how do you sell a client that has not point of differentiation unlike most of the major players like ARM or IBTC.

In our execution, we decided to do away with pedigree and focus instead on glamorizing the service, in essence making it seem accessible and easy to understand.

By making the whole campaign the look and feel of a lifestyle magazine and creating a pseudo-celebrity to serve as the face and the voice of fidedlity PFA, we in essense through our execution created a point of differentiation.


Tastee Fried Chicken

How do u create diiferentiation in the quick service food industry, where all offerings are pretty generic. That was the brief given by the client.

Our execution borrowed from global best practices from the likes of McDonalds, who have a brand mascot and it becomes the voice and face of the brand.

Pe>66113t.-e IIlAm-eS= CeCkAl>e>e> cee cee> C"lACk.,

QTJ.I~1l (LI~nTI


Vmobile (now Celtel) Globacom


Fidelity Bank

Fidelity PFA Diamond bank.

Lotus Capital

Mimee Noodles Tastee Fried Chicken Toyota

Gordon Spark


Globe Motors Consolidated Breweries 33 export


Turbo King

South African Airways Pfizer

Nigerian Distilleries Limited Seaman's Schnappes Equitorial Trust Bank Conoil


Cad bury



Dangote Flour Mills Guaranty Trust Bank

The Coca-Cola Company Citiserve


Access Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Tel: 08023028717


email: dademola@yahoo.com


adderess: 5 johnson str

off bode thomas surulere, lagos

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