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3,4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
‡ Ecstasy ‡ E ‡ XTC ‡ Eckie ‡ Eggs ‡ Elizabeth ‡ Adam ‡ pink studs ‡ big brown ones ‡ Burgers ‡ disco ‡ Biscuits ‡ grey biscuits ‡ doves (love doves, pink doves, white doves) ‡ hug drug ‡ New Yorkers, ‡ Fantasia ‡ orbit ‡ whizz bombs Different suppliers have different names for it.

‡ Australia is the world second highest user after Thailand. ‡ Takes effect within 60 minutes, strongest at the two hour mark and usually wears off within 12 hours.

You are breaking the law if you posses, use, manufacture, import or sell ecstasy. You can be fined up to $5,000 and/or community service or a prison sentence of 2 years. It is dependant on quantity and past convictions. People between 10 and 18 can get away with only an official warning if they posses under 0.25 mg or ecstasy.

Side Effects
The consequences of using Ecstasy may include: ‡ Chronic sleep problems ‡ Cracked teeth through grinding ‡ High blood pressure ‡ Dehydration ‡ Anxiety ‡ Decreased emotional control ‡ Lethargy ‡ Severe depression ‡ Memory impairment ‡ Nerve cell damage ‡ Serotonin syndrome ‡ Death from heart failure ‡ Rhabdomyolysis over heating to the point of organs liquefying ‡ You Die

Spotting someone on XTC
The signs and symptoms of using Ecstasy can include: ‡ Increased blood pressure and pulse rate ‡ Dilated pupils ‡ Raised body temperature ‡ Sweating ‡ Loss of appetite ‡ Jaw clenching ‡ Nausea ‡ Nervousness ‡ Confusion ‡ Teeth grinding ‡ Vomiting ‡ Hallucinations ‡ Tremors ‡ Insomnia ‡ Panic ‡ Visual distortions

WHAT DO I DO???? If the person is overheated:
Reduce their body temperature while you wait for help. Apply cold, wet cloths to the head, neck, armpits, and inside leg area near the groin. Take off any heavy clothing e.g. jackets and jumpers If the person is unconscious: Move them to a safe place if they are in danger Make sure that an ambulance (000) has been called Place the person on their side and bend the top leg, bringing it up so it rests in front of their body (this will prevent the person from rolling onto their back) Check to see that the person is breathing properly. You may need to tilt the head back to open the airways, and clear the airways if they are obstructed by vomit, etc. If the person isn't breathing, perform mouth to mouth immediately and wait for the ambulance.

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