Volunteer Covenant 2010/2011

The calling of God to teach a child in KiDS COR is a high and holy calling. Through prayer and study, God equips us to carry out the responsibilities of being an instrument in leading children to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In responding to this call, please commit yourself to the following and then return and sign the covenant form. As a KiDS COR Volunteer, I am committed to Jesus.
• • I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which I desire to model for children by sharing the stories of Jesus. I desire to grow in my faith and commitment to God through personal study or group Bible study opportunities.

As a KiDS COR Volunteer, I am committed to the church.
• • • • I will attend worship service regularly. I will support the doctrinal beliefs of the Methodist Church, as it relates to my teaching. I will use only approved curriculum and resources when teaching the children. I will frugally use the resources provided and will see that all supplies and equipment are taken care of and stored properly after each class.

As a KiDS COR Volunteer, I am committed to the children.
• • • • • • • • I enjoy children and desire for them to know of God’s love. I will prepare my heart by reading the teacher Bible background prior to coming to class each week. I will pray for the children in my class that they may know God’s presence in their lives. I will have my lessons thoroughly prepared for each class using my own creative gifts to enhance each lesson. I will not intentionally engage in any activities that may endanger the safety or well-being of the children in my care. I have not been convicted or involved in any child-related felonies or abuse. I will participate in at least one training event during the year to improve my teaching skills. I will communicate regularly with the parents of my children and encourage their participation in KiDS COR.

As a KiDS COR Volunteer, I am committed to my teaching team.
• • • • • I will be faithful in attendance and arrive at least 12 minutes before class check-in begins. If I must be absent, I will contact an approved substitute and notify my Program Director, if I cannot locate a sub. I will communicate regularly with my team Guides. I will participate in scheduled Guide meetings. I will express my needs as a Guide to my age/grade level KiDS CORdinator, Program Director, Director of Children’s Ministries.

Volunteer Covenant 2010/2011
In obedience to God’s call, and after prayerful consideration, I commit to volunteering in KiDS COR and ministering to the children and youth of the Church of the Resurrection. I assume certain responsibilities and expect to be held accountable. I will honor the goals, rules and regulations of the ministry. I will keep confidential matters confidential. I interpret volunteer to mean that I have been accepted as a “partner-in-service” and I expect to serve according to the same standards as children’s ministry staff. I promise to take an attitude of open mindedness, to be willing to be trained, and to bring to it interest and attention. I believe my attitude toward service should be professional, as I am serving for the Lord. I believe that I have an obligation to my service role, to those who direct it, to my colleagues, to those for whom I serve, and to the congregation, for it is a privilege to be in ministry for Christ. I acknowledge that for classroom volunteers the commitment is August, 2010 – May, 2011. For Nursery volunteers, Information Booth volunteers, or Greeters, the commitment is from August, 2010 – August, 2011. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to follow all KiDS COR Policies and Procedures. Being eager to contribute all that I can to the goals of children’s ministry, I accept this covenant, to be followed carefully and cheerfully, as if serving the Lord Himself.

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“May the Lord make your love for each other and for everyone else grow by leaps and bounds. That’s how our love for you has grown.” 1 Thessalonians 3:12

Volunteer and Staff Bill of Rights
1. Right to be treated as a fellow brother or sister in Christ. 2. The Right to a suitable assignment with consideration for service passion, spiritual gifts, personal style, spiritual maturity, life experience, education, and availability. 3. Right to thorough and effective training. 4. Right to know as much about the organization as possible, including its policies, staff and programs. 5. Right to continuing education, information about new developments and opportunities, 6. Right to sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, well informed, caring, prayerful, patient and thoughtful. 7. Right to an orderly, clean and growth-filled place to serve. 8. Right to a variety of service roles as we mature in the Christian faith. 9. Right to be heard, to have a part in planning, to feel free to make suggestions and to have respect shown for an honest opinion. 10. Right to service reflection, recognition, expressions of appreciation, Christian love and fellowship.

Ten Commandments of Service
Make sure you serve with joy and seek opportunities to share your positive service experience with others. If you are not happy in your service role, please speak to your program director. We want you to find your unique place of service in the body of Christ, one in which you grow spiritually and find great joy!

Your relationship with the Lord is your top priority. Service is an outgrowth of that relationship. Seek balance in your life by properly prioritizing your relationship with the Lord, significant relationships, and service.

Seek to serve according to your passion for ministry and spiritual gifts. When you are operating in your Godappointed place of service, others notice as they see you serving with gladness. Positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

You are on the Lord’s team! Seek to view others through the eyes of Christ, loving one another, just as you love yourself.

Words either build others up or tear them down. Choose to encourage others. If difficult conversations are necessary, remember to offer constructive feedback in private, praise in public.

Make the words “thank you” the most commonly used words in your vocabulary.

Be punctual. Being organized shows that you value others as you do yourself.

In the body of Christ, we are called to encourage others and build one another up. Let no disparaging remarks come from your lips.

Teach and mentor other volunteers about your service role. That way, when the Lord leads you into another area of ministry, transitions will go smoothly.

10. MOVING ON . . .
When you hear the Lord’s call….. We are counting on the fact that your relationship with Him is a top priority and because of that you are seeking His voice and will for your life. If you feel called to a new area of ministry, we will applaud your service and seek to help you make a new service connection.