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€ As economy rebounded the company start hiring 200 new employees per month.a electronic company.€ This case study speaks about Digital India Pvt ltd.brainybetty. € 220 middle and senior leaving Digital India.000 employees. € But the problems faced is: a)High Cost b)Less adaptability Free template from 8/9/2010 3 .. € They fired around 55.

€ The company decided to rehire the 8/9/2010 4 . € The company assigned this task to Career Trends services.€ The company has delayed the annual increment by three months which lead to many exits. Free template from www.brainybetty.

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Problem 1:Relating to retention of middle and senior managers Solution:€ Annual increments on time € Communication gap Free template from 8/9/2010 6 .

Free template from 8/9/2010 7 .Problem 2: Job Dissatisfaction. Solution: € Company should have measured job satisfaction of employees.brainybetty. i)Supervision ii)Promotion opportunities iii)Present pay iv)Relationship with co-workers. Methods: a) A single global rating method b) Summation of Job facts.

com 8/9/2010 8 . According to this theory . € Hygiene: Job Dissatisfaction. € Motivators: Job Satisfaction..e.Problem 3 :Problem relating to the leadership qualities of raman: Lack of proper motivation Solution: The problem of motivation in company can be solved by using Herzberg's Theory. Free template from www.the two factors are taken into consideration i.brainybetty.

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com 8/9/2010 10 .€ Employees of Digital India felt insecurity a Free template from www.brainybetty. 8/9/2010 11 .Free template from www.

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