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Things we do at School

Fox ChapelSharpsburg
Head Start
200 Linden Street
Sharpsburg, PA 15215

Christine B. Zook


Welcome to our Classroom!

Philosophy of Education
Children are unique individuals
who need a safe, secure envi-
Ms. Zook ronment to grow emotionally, in our Classroom
intellectually, physically and so-
I will be the Head Teacher in the cially. A teacher can provide
Fox Chapel/Sharpsburg class- this environment by instructing
and guiding the children, allow-
room. I have worked with the Children will have daily access
ing them time to explore, and
Allegheny Intermediate Unit for encouraging them to share their to our computers. We will be
the past five years. I have a ideas in a respectful way.
PA certification in Early Child- working with Educational Soft-
hood and Special education. I ware that will promote Early
am currently working on a Mas- As an educator, it is my desire Reading and Math skills. Chil-
to help children reach their full-
ter of Education in Special Edu- dren will become familiar with
est potential. As a teacher, I
cation. I look forward to work- can share my passion for learn-
Slide, Photostory, Glogster,
ing with your child throughout ing and develop a love for life
the 2010-2011 school year. long learning within my stu- Microsoft Word, Excel, Blog-
dents. I feel that one of my most
important roles as a teacher is
ging and Delicious.
to give my students the tools
and skills needed to be competi-
tive in our world today.

In my classroom, I will encour-

age my students to be active,
independent learners by provid-
ing themes and units that are
relevant to their interests and
life. By providing opportunity for
group, individual projects and
hands on activities, children will
learn how to become contribut-
ing and caring members of their