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Overview of Object Oriented Concepts in Database

Overview of Object Oriented Concepts in Database

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What is an OOP Languages ?
Languages that uses "objects" ± data structures consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions ± to design applications and computer programs.

An OOP consist of the following features :Data Abstraction (representing the essential features ) Encapsulation (restricting access to object components ) Polymorphism (more than one type ) Inheritance (Inherit data) Object

OOP Languages cont.. 

Example: Simula,Hybrid oop lang.c++,Java etc..


Object-oriented database
³ a database model (database schema is the structure or format) in which information is represented in the form of objects as used in object-oriented programming.´


Object-oriented database cont..
Main Goal of OO databse is:Try to maintain a direct correspondence between real-world and database objects so that objects do not lose their integrity and identity and can easily be identified and operated upon


Object-oriented database cont.. 

Need of creation of Object Oriented Databases:Need for more complex applications Increased use of object-oriented programming languages


Object-oriented database cont.. 

What is An Object. An object can be considered a thing that can perform set of activities. This activities perform by object are define in the term of Behavior Object has two components: 

State (value) Behavior (Operations)


Object-oriented database cont.. 

Object:The object found in the OODB is Persistence Object .Which is stored on the secondary storage and allow the sharing of these objects among multiple programs and can be retrieved later and shared by other programs. To maintain a direct corresponds between real world object and db objects so the object do not lose their integrity and identity for this OO db provide A unique system generated object identifier(OID) for each object

Object-oriented database cont.. 

Object :

It is the code associated with each message called Methods.


Object-oriented database cont.. 

Feature:Object Structure:In OO databases, objects may have an object structure in order to contain all of the necessary information that describes the object.


Object-oriented database cont..
Encapsulation:Some OO models insist that all operations a user can apply to an object must be predefined. This forces a complete encapsulation of objects An operation is defined in two parts:--- interface of the operation, specifies the operation name and arguments (or parameters). ---method or body, specifies the implementation of the operation. Operations can be invoked by passing a message to an object, which includes the operation name and the parameters. The object then executes the method for that operation


Object-oriented database cont..
Polymorphism:It allows one to define operation for one object and then to share the specification of the operation with other objects. Operator overloading



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