To Kill A Mockingbird Contents of Events Part 1 Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter

Chapter Part 2 Chapter 12= (Physical) Growing up= Calpurnia’s church Chapter 13= Aunt Alex description= Maycomb’s caste system Chapter 14= Dill’s escape Chapter 15= Transition to a more serious mood= Lynch mob= Scout talks about entailments Chapter 16= ‘A’ confirms the sinful nature of man= Mr Dolphus Raymond’s family Chapter 17=Heck’s testimony= Ewell’s description= Bob’s testimony= Kids see TR’s innocence Chapter 18=Mayella’s testimony= Mayella’s social standing Chapter 19= Injustice= TR’s testimony= Link Deas stands up for TR Chapter 20= Mr Dolphus Raymond teaches the kids= pg. 211 Everyone is a sinner! Chapter 21= Awaiting the results= Jem’s reaction to the results Chapter 22=Everyone’s reaction to the trial= Other advocates of change=Key quote pg222 Chapter 23=Tries to understand Bob but goes too far and misjudges him= Jem displays strong sense of justice= Facts of life = Aunt Alex displays social prejudice= Gender Prejudice = Scout’s realisation Chapter 24= Tea party= Intro of Mrs. Merriweather= TR’s death= Aunt Alex starts to express herself Chapter 25= None Chapter 26= Education Chapter 27=Ewell’s character= Link defends Helen= Scout takes part in a play Chapter 28= Journey back home= Cecil scares them= Bob’s attack Chapter 29= Atticus’ major shock of his own misjudgement = Revelation of Arthur Chapter 30=Scout befriends Boo= Atticus wants Jem to trial= Key quote pg 280= Heck lies to defend Boo from the limelight 1 = Intro. Of Dill = Intro. Of Radleys( Pre-judgements) 2 = First day of school(education) = Intro. Of the Cunninghams 3 = Lunch with Walter = Intro. Of Burris (eye opener to the Ewells)= Key quote pg. 35 4= Knot-hole(Gifts) = Miniplaylet of Boo 5 = Intro. Of Ms Maudie =Key quote pg. 52 6 = Kids enter the Radley Place= Jem retrieves his pants 7= Reviewing the gifts = Nathan Radley seals the tree 8= Symbol of the Mudman = Cal wanted to go home = Fire @ Maudie’s 9= Atticus decides to defend TR = Cecil and Scout incident= Francis incident= Reference to Christ 10= Key quote pg 96= Mad dog incident 11= Intro. Of Mrs Dubose = Impt pg. 111 = ‘A’ explains nigger lover= Death of Mrs Dubose(True Courage)

Chapter 31= Scout escorts Arthur back homelike a lady= Sees things from Boo’s view “a whole new angle”

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