Secrets of the Successful Entrepreneur

Stevens Research & Entrepreneurship Day

Frank Fawzi CEO and Chairman

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Frank Fawzi Bio
Engineer  Data Communication Architect at AT&T Bell Labs Entrepreneur 
Founded CommTech Corporation in 1992, with

$15.1M in funding from Morgan Stanley Venture Partners and NBTel  Built CommTech and sold it to ADC Telecom for $178M in 2001 Experienced Leader 
Chairman and CEO of IntelePeer

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What is Entrepreneurship? 
Risk  Innovation  Wealth Creation

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Inside the Mind of an Entrepreneur

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The Entrepreneurial Process

Business Plan

Seed/Angel Funding
Build team

Trial & validation

VC Funding
Find customers

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Does Location Matter?
The Magic of Silicon Valley 
Access to VC capital  Democratization of higher

Network effect

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Is the glass half empty, or half full?


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Creating a Culture of Innovation 

Agility vs. control  Risk management  Empowerment  Speed

High performance organization
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Innovation in Mature Industries 

Commodity products  Competitive advantage,

differentiation & barriers to entry  Industry transformation

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A Brief IntelePeer History
The Cloud Communications Company

The Great Recession ‡ Telecom cost savings drives our growth Telecom + Web ‡ Launch of AppworXTM, cloud platform for communicationsenabled apps

Global Recovery ‡ Strategic use of communications as a revenue driver ‡ Renewed investment in nextgen capabilities

Voice Peering ‡ Launch of Voice Peering NetworkTM and Super RegistryTM

What¶s next?
Creative entrepreneurs like you can drive the next wave of innovation with our tools

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Thank You Frank Fawzi Chairman and CEO Office: (650) 235-8530 Mobile: (561) 634-1080

IntelePeer, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential

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