Circuit Training Workout # 9 Burpee Rx

Need: Medicine Ball, Bench

TO Figure Eight Abs w/ Medicine Ball 1m TO Burpee Front Kicks 1m (alternate side of front kick at top of each burpee) TO Medicine Ball Reverse Crunches 1m

Sit Up with Alternating Ball Pass Unders 1m TO 1-Legged Bridge Lifts on Medicine Ball 1m TO Medicine Ball Wood Choppers 1m Each Side

Burpee with Alternating Superman Push Ups at Bottom 1m TO Single Leg Bridge Lift & Tuck Unders 1m Each Side TO Alternating Medicine Ball Knee Tucks 1m

Squat Burpees 1m (3 squats at top) TO Plank “Walks” Opposite Arm Opposite Leg 1m (forward 3 steps, back three steps) TO Side to Side Low Side Plank 1m

Full Medicine Ball Sit Ups with Between Leg Touch Down 1m TO Rapid Knee Drives 1m Each Side TO Plank Walk Out with Dynamic Jack Push Up at Bottom 1m (feet jump
out wide on lower)

Medicine Ball Wood Chop Squats 1m TO Plank Butt Lifts 1m TO Alternating Reach Up Toe Touch Flow Sit Ups 1m

Half Burpee Wide & Narrow Flow 1m (jump back into narrow plank, jump forward, jump back into wide plank, repeat) TO Pilates Corkscrew 1m (circle down and around lift up, reverse direction) TO Alternating Same Side Oblique Bicycle Crunches 1m

Burpee Broad Jumps 1m (jump back to plank, push up, walk hands back to stand, broad jump forward & repeat) TO Pilates Neck Pull 1m TO Alternating Elevated Bench Leg Raise 1m

3 Pulse Surfer Squats to Dropdown 1m (alternate side) TO Plough Leg Raises 1m TO High Plank tucks to Low Plank 1m (high plank, 2 tucks , walk to low plank, raise & repeat)

Reverse Tuck Roll Up Burpees 1m (tuck, jump to plank, stand, jump, lower & repeat) TO Alternating Crescent Lunge into Tricep Press 1m TO Down Dog into Cobra Flow 1m

Burpee with Alternating T-Push Ups with Knee Tuck 1m (one side each lower) TO Bound Hands Wide Squats 1m TO One Leg Tricep Lower & Press Back 1m Each Side

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