Name: Francisca Selirio Chief Complaint: Left sided weakness

Age: 66 Ward: San Lorenzo

Ap: Bed-Room: 311-3

CUE: S: luya ang katunga sa akong lawas as verbalized by the pt. O: weak upper and lower LEFT extremities

NEED: Activity Exercise Pattern

Nsg. Diagnosis: Reduced physical mobility r/t reduced muscle strength and control

Goal of Care: The patient/client will:  Maintain/increase muscle strength and function of affected body part  Maintain optimal position of function as evidence by the absence of contractures.  Maintain skin integrity

Nursing Intervention:  Asses for the functional ability of impairment on a regular basis  Inspect skin regularly, particularly over bony prominences. Gently massage any reddened areas and provide aids such as padding if necessary.  Begin passive/active ROM to all extremities.  Set Goal with the client for participation in activities/exercise or position change.  Encourage client to assist with movement and exercises using the unaffected extremity to support/move the weaker side. Evaluation: GOAL MET