What should an executive summary include?

For a standard business plan, the first paragraph of the executive summary should generally include:
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Business name What product or service you sell Purpose of the plan

Another paragraph should highlight important points, such as projected sales and profits, unit sales, profitability and keys to success. Simple Business Plan Outline 1. Executive Summary: Write this last. It s just a page of highlights. 2. Company Description: Legal establishment, history, start-up plans, etc. 3. Product or Service: Describe what you re selling. Focus on customer benefits. 4. Market Analysis: You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to reach them, etc. 5. Strategy and Implementation: Be specific. Include management responsibilities with dates and budgets. Make sure you can track results. 6. Management Team: Describe the organization and the key management team members. 7. Financial Analysis: Make sure to include at the very least your projected Profit and Loss and Cash Flow tables. Plan Outline Executive Summary Objectives Mission Feasibility of the Business Keys to Success 2.0 Company Summary 3.0 Products and Services 4.0 Market Analysis Summary 5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary 6.0 Web Plan Summary 7.0 Management Summary 8.0 Financial Plan Appendix

avoiding unnecessary technical material and jargon. Step 4 Add supporting or explanatory sentences as needed. If it confuses or bores them. Step 7 Ask a nontechnical person . grammar and punctuation. and make sure it is no more than 1/10 the length of the main report. Step 5 Read the summary slowly and critically. You want readers to be able to skim the summary without missing the point of the main report. the summary probably will have the same effect on other nontechnical readers. message and key recommendations. Step 6 Check for errors of style. your parents or your spouse . spelling.for example. Write the summary after you write the main report. Ask a fellow writer to proofread and edit the document.Instructions Step 1 Plan to create a summary each time you write a business report exceeding four pages. . making sure it conveys your purpose.to read the document. Step 2 List the main points the summary will cover in the same order they appear in the main report Step 3 Write a simple declarative sentence for each of the main points.

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