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FALL 201.0 Art Classes, Workshops & Events


We can help you earn the Brownie badges: "Puppets, Dolls and Ploys" or "Color and Shapes," and Junior badges: "Drawing and Pointing," "Ceramics and Cloy" or "Photograms." Just $12 per participant for most workshops; $18 for the photogram workshop. Troop maximum is 15; minimum six. Call 703-228-5918 or email for information and scheduling. Register early. Prepaid reservations are required.


Monday and Wednesday, 6:30 - 9:30pm and Saturdays from 2 - 5pm. Custom-point a plate, bowl or mug for personalized gifts! Great for kids, but older folks can make really special gifts for that favorite someone. Come join us in our creative environment and transform a ceramic plate into a work of art! It's on exciting and unique activity for all ages and ability levels .. Each session is on a first-come, first-served basis and space is limited .. Groups of five or more must make a reservation. Just $12 per piece and you pick up the finished product the following week .. Thomas Jefferson Art Studios. For more information, call Rosl at 703 228-5918 or email

Do you have a HDM6SCHDOL group in need of supplemental art programming? Whether it is a one day workshop or a series of

classes, our art staff can customize programming suitable to your

needs and interests. Pottery, painting, photography, and much much more. The sky is the limit, call--Jessica Sauer at 703-228-5922 or email for more info. Price dependent on proideas .

......====--....JIT"A.:y.,LLJ",_Registratior:\ beQ'ins late August To register for classes visit

Online (credit card) - https:/ / Phone (credit card) - 703.228.4747 registration office Mail- fill out form from online and mail in.

Fox (credit card) - form from online 703.228.4765

Questions re§arEliA§ art closses-end-werkshops-eentcet:

Jessica Sauer, 703.228.5922/



Pine box Derby Cars

Parent and scout are invited to this one-session workshop to shape, cut, sand and paint their pinewood derby cars. Please bring a design; qualified staff will help you use our band saw to cut your template. Sanding material and acrylic paints provided. Must purchase kit beforehand. Kits available for purchase at Casual Adventure in Arlington. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Fort

Ages 8-Adult 1 Session $39

12011 OA Sat., Sep. 25, 1 0:00am-1 :OOpm 120110B Sat., Oct. 16, 10:00am-1:00pm 12011 OC Sat., Nov. 20, 1 0:00am-1 :OOpm

12011 OD Sat., Dec. 11, 1 0:00am-1 :00 m

Wooden Pull Toy

Spend quality time with your child while learning basic woodworking skills! Build one of several pull toys-an interactive toy that goes into motion when pulled by a cord. Children will become familiar with several hand tools including the wood plane, wood file, hand drill, screw driver and sanding block. Parents or adult guardians will use the table saw, jointer, planer, band saw and more. All materials included. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Fort

Ages 8-Adult 5 Sessions $107

120125A Fri., Nov. 5, 6:00-8:00pm

Holiday Mosaic

Looking for that perfect gift for the holidays? Recycle those old decorations and ornaments into a one-of-a-kind holiday mirror, wall hanging or door wreath! Use ribbons, ceramic pieces and fabric to create a mixedmedia piece that is original and unique. Some materials included; a list of stores and Web sites will be supplied for those who may want to purchase additional items. Fairlington Center. Inst: Coler

Ages 17-Adult 4 Sessions $115

1401 06A Wed., Nov. 10, 7:00-9:00pm


Wooden Pull Toy

Holiday Arts & Crafts

Ring in the holiday season by giving your loved ones unique handmade cards, ornaments and trinkets. This workshop consists of various simple printmaking, stamping and collage techniques to create unique keepsakes. Fun for the whole family! Children under seven must have an adult present. Fairlington Center. Inst: Kallem

Ages 6-Adult 1 Session $34 2

YOUTf-t ART CLASS6S Mixed Media Family Fun

This class is for a parent or caregiver and a child. Adult and child will explore the five basic genres of the visual arts through themed projects: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and collage. All materials included. Plan to get messy; wear old clothes. Fairlington Center.

Inst: Sauer

Ages 4-6 6 Sessions $91

120109 A Sat., Oct. 2 10:00-11 :30am

Art Adventures

Young artists will discover the world of texture, line, shape and color as they create original artwork. A wide range of basic skills are developed including painting, drawing, collage making, printmaking and sculpture. Wear a smock or clothes that can get messy. Lee Center. Inst: Halloran

Ages 4-6 8 Sessions $71

1201 05A Tues.. Sep. 21, 4:30-5:30pm

Drawn Sfmpfpy

Drawn Simply

Kids will express themselves creatively using a variety of drawing materials including pencil, charcoal, oil pastel and watercolor while they learn fundamental drawing principles and experiment with drawing materials on various textured and colored papers. Fairlington Center. Inst: ART Staff

Ages 5-7 5 Sessions $65

120121 A Tues.. Sep. 28, 4:30-5:30pm

Ages 8-11 5 Sessions $65

120121 B Tues., Sep. 28, 6:00-7:00pm


Papier-Mache & Clay

Learn the basic techniques of threedimensional art. Students will be introduced to the sculptural aspects of clay while also experimenting with popier-moche. All materials included. Wear a smock or old clothes. Lee Center. Inst: Jackson

Ages 5-7 6 Sessions $72

120113A Sot.. Sep. 25, 10:00-11 :OOam

Ages 8-12 6 Sessions $97

120113B Sat., Sep. 25, 11 :30am-1 :OOpm

~Lols. ctasses coV\,t'ol .... Get Messy: Play with Clay

Have fun creating three-dimensional clay sculptures and learn basics in hand building through themed projects. Students are also encouraged to use their imaginations and add personal flair to their work. This class is for all levels. Returning students are encouraged to retake this class to refine their skills and learn more. Lee Center. Inst: DelosReyes

Ages 7 - 9 8 Sessions $148

120119A Wed., Sep. 22, 4:30-6:00pm


Attention young artists and filmmakers. This class will take you through steps necessary to create a animation video. Use model create a unique character, design sets and work in a small group to make a stop motion animated movie, complete with sound

and voices!

Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Halloran

Ages 9-12 7 Ses-

sions $136

120114A Wed., Sep. 22, 4:30-6:30pm

Ceramics Handbuilding for Spend interactive time with hand-building techniques. In able hands-on experience, register child only. Wear old Center. Inst: Edwards

Ages 6-Adult

8 Sessions $132

1201 02A Sat., Sep. 25, 10:00-11 :30am

ur child discovering basic p er to ensure that everyon child must come with es and bring a towel. Tho


has an enjoyadult. Please as Jefferson

T66N {;lV\,o! ADVlL T WORKSf-tOPS

Design by Mosaic

Make an exciting one-of-a-kind mosaic for your home! Create tiles for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash, mirrors, tabletops, shelves, stools or flowerpots. The possibilities are endless because mosaics can be applied to any piece of furniture! Learn about tools, cutting, shaping and the different installation materials. Instructor will supply some items; however some materials will need to be purchased through a list of stores and Web sites. Fairlington Center. Inst: Coler

Ages 17-Adult 4 Sessions $115

1401 05A Thurs., Sep. 23, 7:00-9:00pm

Basic Beading Learn basic fundamentals of beaded jewelry design using bead crimps, beading wire, leather cord, coil ends, head and eye pins, jump and split rings, basic loops, wrapped loops and use of a bead board to make necklaces, a bracelet and earrings. Supply fee of $30 to $40 to be paid to instructor. Additional beads and kits available for sale as well. Good eye-hand coordination is helpful. This is a make-and-take workshop. Fairlington Center. Inst: McCant

Ages Adults 1 Session $40

140 150A Sat., Oct. 23, 1 0:00am-1 :OOpm

Etching Workshop

A perfect next step for students who have taken beginning Silversmithing or have had jewelry experience, this workshop will teach the art of etching design into metal. Students will make a copper cuff bracelet with the possibility of incorporating embellishments like silver on the back of the cuff and riveting. Students can bring in a design or copy a design to etch into their cuff bracelet. The instructor will cover safety techniques for working with chemicals and proper ventilation. All materials included. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Staiger

Ages Adults 2 Sessions $87

140111 A Sct.. Oct. 23, 1 0:00am-1 :OOpm

Adapted Arts and Crafts

In this fun and exciting program, adults with disabilities will experiment with various materials and mediums to create beautiful and dynamic works of art. We will explore different techniques, such as papermaking, brush painting, collage using recycled materials, through theme-based projects. This program offers an opportunity to use unconventional art materials in a new way and allow creativity to shine! Walter Reed Center. Inst: Staff

Ages Adults 8 Sessions $50

1 02006A Mon., Sep. 20, 6:30-7:30pm


teeV\, liIV\,oIli101lA.Lt WOrRsVlOpS coV\,t'oI .... Cuttlefish Casting Workshop

Here's a very rewarding introduction to casting metal. Students will carve out a mold from pieces of cuttlefish bones. Then a quick casting process will instantly gratify. Workshop geared towards those who are presently taking or have previously taken a jewelry class with us or have jewelrymaking experience. All materials included. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst:


Ages Adults 2 Sessions $87

140112A Sat., Nov. 13, 1 0:00am-1 :OOpm

Precious Metal Clay

Join in on learning about the latest material in jewelry making. Students will make a pendant and dangle earrings from start to finish. Learn properties and types of PM C®, how to form, roll, texture, drill, make bales, prepare for firing and finishing techniques, including patinas. A $40 materials fee is to be paid to the instructor at the first session. Fairlington Center. Inst:


Ages Adults 1 Session $95

140131ASat., Nov. 20, 10:00am-4:00pm

DIY: Bring It In & Fix It

Do you have a piece of furniture or wooden household item that needs a quick fix? Bring it in and learn basic Do -It-Yourself woodworking techniques to turn that broken piece into a functional item in your home. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Mann

Ages Adults 2 Sessions $87 140182A Thurs., Sep. 23 7:00-9:30pm

Arlington County can provide upon request reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. Arlington County does not want fees to be a barrier for those who participate

in County classes, camps, or programs. Call 703-228-5920 to learn how to qualify for reduced fees. TTY (703) 228-4743.



CERAMICS Young Potters

This class offers a basic introduction to the potter's wheel with a focus on centering, throwing and decorating techniques. Lessons will include throwing bowl and cylinder forms along with finishing and glazing. A great class for beginners and for students who have some knowledge of throwing on a potter's wheel. Wear a smock or clothes that can get messy and bring a towel. All materials included. Tho ter. Inst: Alexander

Ages 12- 15 8 Sessions $207

120115A Thurs., Sep. 23, 4:30-6:30pm

Pottery: Throwing On the Wheel

Discover the joy of creating functional clay vessels such as mugs, bowls and vases. Beginners are introduced to basic wheel techniques such as wedging, centering and throwing. Surface decoration, glazing and trimming skills are also covered. Repeat students are welcome. Students should bring a towel, notebook and $11 to purchase tools at the first session. Open studio time at T J Art Studios is included and 1;"2""I&;'-'WIE

can be used throughout the duration of the class. Thomas Jefferson Center. Ages Adults 9 Sessions $285

Inst: Gobin

140125A Tues., Sep. 21, 7:00-9:30pm Inst: Alexander

140125B Thurs., Sep. 23, 7:00-9:30pm

Wheel Thrown & Handbuilt Ceramics

The best of both worlds! This class is great for every Ie I. Beginners will

learn fundamentals and advanced students will ref what they al-

ready know about how to throw on a potter's wheel and techniques in handbuilt ceramics. Enjoy wedging, centering and making bowls while working on individual projects. Coil and slab construction is covered as well as glaze applications and surface decoration. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Alexander

Ages Adults 9 Sessions $285

140128A Thurs., Sep. 23, 10:00am-12:30pm



Beginners and anyone who wants to practice drawing will develop strong drawing skills using pencil, charcoal, ink and wotercolor. Students will base drawings on outdoor settings and still life, demonstrated by the instructor. Bring any drawing materials you like; instructor has a supply list if needed. Fairlington Center. Inst: Kallem

Ages 16-Adult 8 Sessions $108

7 140135A Mon., Sep. 20, 7:00-9:00pm

teeV\, aV\,ol aoluLt cLasses coV\,t'ol .... Painting, Beginning & Beyond

This class provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals and intermediate aspects of painting. Emphasis is placed on individual development, so all levels are welcome. Instruction will focus on technique, composition and color. Both oil and acrylic paints are permitted. Fairlington Center. Inst: Halloran Ages 16-Adult

9 Sessions $153

140137 A Thurs., Sep. 30 7:00-9:00pm

Painting with Tissue Paper Here's an ideal class for anyone seeking an easy, inexpensive "entry" point to creating art. You'll discover various tissue paper collage techniques such as the

"bleeding" tissue technique, cut Painting, Beginning and Beyond

paper collage and "grid-style" collage.

Have fun using rudimentary materials while you learn more about your own creativity! A $15 materials fee is due to the instructor at the first class. Fairlington Center.

Inst: Jernigan

Ages 16-Adult 5 Sessions $183 140143A Tues., Oct. 19, 7:00-9:00pm

Plein Aire Drawing & Painting

Experience the joy of Plein Aire drawing and painting outdoors! This class is for all levels of experience with instruction in the fundamentals of drawing, color mixing, brush stroke, luminosity, shadow and perspective. Arrive with a blank piece of paper or canvas and leave with a work of art to hang! Bring any drawing or painting materials (water based paints only) you have. Fairlington Center.

Inst: Kallem Ages 16-Adult 8 Sessions $179

140139A Sat., Sep. 25, 10:00am-12:30pm

Inst: Droblyen Ages Adults 8 Sessions $179

140139B Tues., Oct. 5, 10:00am-12:30pm


Silversmithing I

Learn the fundamentals of silversmithing to make your own jewelry! Techniques introduced include sawing, piercing, soldering, surface embellishment, cold joining and polishing. No experience required. All tools and expendable supplies (except silver) are provided. Students may purchase silver at class. Costs are approximately $30 for wire and sheet. Returning students are encouraged to register to learn new techniques and projects. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Staiger

Ages Adults 9 Sessions $248

140160A Wed., Sep. 22, 7:00-9:30pm


teeV'v aV'vol aolult classes coV'vt'oI .... Silversmithing II

Go beyond the fundamentals and learn more intermediate techniques in silversmithing. Participants must have past experience or have taken the beginner class. All tools and expendable supplies (except silver)

are provided. Students may purchase silver at class (approximately $30). Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Staiger

Ages Adults 9 Sessions $253

140161 A Thurs., Sep. 23, 7:00-9:30pm

PHOTOGRAPHY Digital Photography (Beginner)

Take creative, well-exposed photographs and master your in-camera meter. This is a hands-on class that uses a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera with manual aperture and shutter speed (digital camera with manual settings). A point and shoot camera is not appropriate for this class. Learn basic camera techniques to explore all types of photography, whether you want to learn to take better photographs of friends, family or landscapes. This class will also incorporate an outing to a current exhibit. Fairlington Center. Inst: Tyler

Ages 15-Adult 5 Sessions $85

140170A Thurs., Sep. 23, 7:00-9:00pm 140170B Thurs., Oct. 28, 7:00-9:00pm


Woodworking: Basic Box

Learn to operate basic woodworking machinery and tools in a safe manner while making a small box out of walnut. It's a great class to get hands on instruction on the uses of the woodworking equipment available at Thomas Jefferson Art Studios! After this class you will be able to utilize the woods hop during open studio hours. All supplies provided. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Long

Ages Adults 7 Sessions $219

140187A Tues., Sep. 21, 7:00-9:30pm



Keepsake Jewelry Box

This is a perfect class for beginners, parents and seniors wanting to learn basic woodworking. Student will learn how to use a bandsaw and hand tools. Great introduction to our woodworking studio while making a beautiful project! All materials included. Thomas Jefferson Center. Inst: Mann

Ages Adults 5 Sessions $205

140181 A Mon., Sep. 27, 1 O:OOam- 12:30pm

TVtoVlA,lAsJeffersol/\, opel/\, stuotto 'ProgrlAVlA, 3501 South 2nd Street, Arlington, V A 22204

Studio #: 703.228.5925

The open studio program is a drop-in program for participants with previous experience in the studios listed. Open studio is on a first-come firstserve. Questions on access and inclusion should be directed to

(703) 228-5918. Call 703.228.5920 to learn how to qualify for reduced

fees. TTY 703.228.4743. Fall open studio hours begin September 8th.



:OOpm - 5:00 pm






Open **Pre-

Registration uired**




Re istration


Per Block of Time

Arlington County Residents $18 - Non-County Residents $23

**Pre-Registration for Jewelry and Woodshop**

Please register at least 1 week in advance with Roslyn Delos Reyes

$ 20.00 per time block. A minimum of 5 people needed to run the open studio time. View space availability on

Multi-Pass (6 sessions)

Arlington County Resident $100.00 / Non-County $126.00

**Senior Adult Discounts (residents only) available for multi-passes, inquire


at the front desk.

Supplies Clay must be purchased in the studio, $15.00 for 251b. bag. No outside clay please.

Lockers please inquire at the front desk for price & availability.

L...- __ _.Questions contact studio manager: Roslyn Delos Reyes

703.228.5918/ 10

Art Class Info:

Jessica Sauer 703.228.5922 / Fairlington Art Studios, 3308 S Stafford St, 22206:

Sheri Bartholow 703.228.6492 /

Lee Art Center, 5722 Lee Hwy, 22207: 703.228~0550

TJ Art Studios, 3501 S 2nd St, 22204:

Roslyn Delos Reyes 703.228.5925

Walter Reed Center, 2909 S 16th St. 22204: 703.228.0935

visit us at www.arthubnews.blogspot .. com

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