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Sicilian Defence Alapin Variation SI 47.

3 (B22)

New Ideas in the Alapin

by Sergey Tiviakov

1. e4 c5 The present author is one of

2. c3 Àf6 those players who like get away
3. e5 Àd5 from the well-known theoretical
4. Àf3 Àc6 paths. But the aim should be not
5. Ãc4 Àb6 only to move away from the the-
6. Ãb3 ory, but also to reach complex
positions in which White has
good prospects of an advantage.
T_LdMl.t A while ago, in one of the Year-
jJ_JjJjJ books, I spent some time trying
.sS_._._ to convince the readers of the ad-
_.j.i._. vantages of 2.Àc3, but since
then, Black has found several

._._._._ ways to get comfortable posi-
_Bi._N_. tions. Now I would like to attract
Ii.i.iIi your attention to another move: Sergey Tiviakov
rNbQk._R 2.c3, which was introduced into
modern practice by Evgeny (Tiviakov-Espig), 2...d6 (Tivi-
It is not so easy to play with Sveshnikov. This is the aim of akov-Cao Sang) or 2...e6, White
White against the Sicilian De- the present Survey! has a comfortable plus. White’s
fence. There is too much theory I started playing 2.c3 as long ago play is simple and easy to under-
nowadays, especially in the as 1989, still only occasionally at stand.
Najdorf and the Sveshnikov sys- that time. Now, in 2005, I play it After 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5, I think
tems. One has to work long in almost every Sicilian game. 4.Àf3 or 4.Ãc4 are the most in-
hours to study all the recent And not without success, as I teresting moves! It is not advis-
games and analyse the critical have won almost all my games able to play 4.d4 immediately,
positions. And even if you know with it – an Elo-performance of since it limits White’s possibili-
everything, there is no guarantee around 3000! See the supple- ties. 4.Àf3 is the most common
that you get an advantage in mentary games! Even at the re- continuation. After 4...Àc6
those systems with White. cent 6th European Individual (4...e6 and 4...d6 are worse)
This is why more and more play- Championship, 2.c3 yielded me 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 (6.Ãe2
ers are looking for possibilities three out of my total of four wins. promises no advantage at all),
to avoid heavily theoretical posi- Only Radjabov managed to Black must choose between two
tions and returning to the ‘good draw! different approaches: 6...c4 or
old days’ without computers, 6...d6/d5.
when chess was still chess and Other Replies
the understanding of the game Black has several possibilities in Sharp and Complex
was much more important than reaction to 2.c3. Although I meet If Black plays 6...c4, he must be
the knowledge of modern theory. 2.c3 with 2...d5 myself, the ready for the extremely sharp
Let’s not forget that chess is a strongest move is 2...Àf6. After and complex positions arising
game, not a memory contest! all other replies; 2...d5 after 7.Ãc2 ©c7 8.©e2 g5 9.h3

Ãg7 10.0-0 Àe5 11.Àg5 (see Black can probably reach an The idea of 4.Ãc4 is that White
my game against Radjabov), equal position. But even then he does not yet decide where to put
has a hard life if he doesn’t know his g1 knight, saving time and
what to do. The sample games il- forcing Black to decide on the
T_L_M_.t lustrate Black’s difficulties. position of his d5 knight. If
jJdJjJlJ Black plays 4...Àb6, the game
.s._._._ Even Harder can transpose to the main lines
_._.s.n. If Black chooses 6...d6/d5 7.ed6 after 4.Àf3. If Black plays 4...e6,
._J_._._ ©d6, then after 8.Àa3 the game like Neverov, then he must be
takes less sharp twists than in the ready to play with an isolated
_.i._._I previous line. But here, it is even pawn, as happened in our game.
IiBiQiI_ harder for Black to get a reason- The extra possibility of 4.Ãc4 is
rNb._Rk. able position. My games from a good indication of White’s
Gausdal against Carlsen and many resources and of the com-
when both sides have lots of dif- Külaots are quite illustrative. plexity of the position. You can
ferent possibilities to choose just play anything in the Sicilian
from. But it is White who has the An Extra Possibility on move 4 and still fight for an
initiative and Black has to defend Beside 4.Àf3, White has a very advantage!
accurately in order not to find interesting possibility, which I
himself in a difficult position im- discovered right before my game Conclusion
mediately. I have already played against Neverov: 4.Ãc4. I hope to have convinced the
many games that confirm this as- reader of the advantages of the
sertion. move 2.c3. White’s chances of
Beside 9.h3, White can choose TsLdMl.t an advantage are much higher
another approach: 9.e6, which jJ_JjJjJ than after 2.Àf3 and there is
almost forcibly leads to an end- ._._._._ much space for improvement on
ing that is very complex and dif- _.jSi._. both sides for years to come!!!
ficult to understand, too. If Black Personally, I will stick to 2.c3.
doesn’t exchange queens, he can ._B_._._ You can expect more of my
lose very quickly, as in the game _.i._._. games with this move in the
Tiviakov-Czarnota. This sharp Ii.i.iIi coming months. After all, the Si-
endgame occurred in my games rNbQk.nR cilian is still the most popular de-
against Van Wely and Ranola. fence against 1.e4.

Other replies 23.Ãc4 Õd1 24.Õd1 Õd8 25.Õd8 e5 34.®e3 ®f8 35.Ãc2 f5 36.®d2
2.c3 Ãd8 26.Àd3 Ãb6 27.Ãe3 Àd7 g6 37.h4 ®e7 38.Ãd3 ®f6 39.c4
Ãc6 40.b4 h6 41.b5 Ãb7 42.a4
®e7 43.c5 bc5 44.a5 ®d6 45.Ãc4
Tiviakov,Sergey L_._._M_ Ãc8 46.b6 ®c6 47.®d3 g5 48.h5
Espig,Lutz j._S_JjJ 1-0
Bad Wörishofen 2005 (4)
1.e4 c5 2.c3 d5 3.ed5 ©d5 4.d4 e6
5.Àf3 Àf6 6.Àa3 ©d8 7.Àc2 Àc6 _.j._._. Tiviakov,Sergey
8.Ãd3 Ãe7 9.0-0 0-0 10.©e2 b6?! ._B_._._ Cao Sang
11.dc5!? bc5 [11...Ãc5 12.Ãg5 Ãb7 _.iNbI_. Warsaw Ech 2005 (9)
13.Õad1 ©c7 14.Ãf6 gf6 15.©e4 f5 1.e4 c5 2.c3 d6 3.d4 Àf6 4.Ãd3 g6
16.©h4å] 12.Ãf4 ©b6 13.Àa3 Àa5
Ii._._Ii 5.dc5! dc5 6.e5 Àd5 [6...c4?! 7.©a4
14.Àe5 Ãb7 15.Ãg5 Õad8 _._._.k. Ãd7 8.©c4å Àg4 9.f4 e6 10.Ãe4 ©b6
16.Õad1 Ãa8 17.Õfe1 Àc6 11.©e2 Ãc5 12.Àh3 h5 13.Àd2 Ãb5
18.Àac4 ©b7 19.Àc6 ©c6 20.f3 28.Ãb5!? c4í 29.®f2 cd3 30.Ãd7 14.©f3 Àe3 15.b4ê Tiviakov-Odendahl,
©c7 21.©e5 ©e5 22.Àe5 Õd5 d2 31.Ãa4 Ãd5 32.Ãb6 ab6 33.a3 Vlissingen 2004] 7.Ãe4 Àc7 8.©d8

Survey SI 47.3

®d8 9.Ãe3 [9.Àa3!?; 9.f4] 9...Àd7 Ãf5 30.h5 Ãc5 31.hg6 hg6 32.Õg1 23.cd5 ef3 24.d6 fg2 25.de7Ç) 23.Àe5
[9...Àe6 10.f4 (10.Àa3 ®c7 (10...Àc6 a5 33.b3 a4 34.ba4 Ãe6 35.Õg2 (23.Ãg6 Àg6 (23...hg6 24.Àe5 Õh5º)
11.0-0-0 ®c7 12.Àc4 b6 13.f4 Ãa6 Ãd5 36.Õh2 Ãc6 37.a5 Ãd4 24.Àe5 Àe5 25.Õe5 Ãe6º) 23...Àe5
14.Àa3 Ãh6 15.g3 Õad8 16.Àf3 f6 17.ef6 38.Ãd4 Õd5 39.Õh8 ®d7 40.Õg8 24.Õe5 Ãe5 25.©e5 Õg8 26.Ãe4 Ãc6
ef6 18.Õd8 Õd8 19.Õd1= S.Erenburg- Õa5 41.Õg6 Õa2 42.f5 Õa1 43.®f4 27.Àc3 f5 28.Àb5 Õg6 29.©h8 ®d7
Gerzhoy, Ashdod 2003) 11.Àb5 ®b6 12.a4 Õf1 44.®e5 Ãa4 45.g4 Ãc2 30.©d4=; 21...©a5 22.Õa5 e4 23.Àd4
Ãd7 13.c4?! (13.b4å) 13...Àc6 14.Àf3 46.Õd6 ®e8 47.®f6 Õf3 48.Ãb6 Õg8º] ½-½
Ãg7 15.Àc3 Àe5 16.Àd5 ®a6 17.Àe5 Õd3 49.Õd3 ed3 50.Ãe3 ®f8 51.g5
Ãe5 18.f4 f5? (18...Ãb2!) 19.fe5 fe4 20.0-0 ®g8 52.g6 b5 53.®g5 1-0
(20.a5å) 20...Õhf8? (20...b6 21.Õf7å; Tiviakov,Sergey
20...Ãc6 21.Àe7 Õhf8) 21.Õfd1? (21.Õf8 Czarnota,Pawel
Õf8 22.a5ê) 21...Õad8? (21...Ãc6 Warsaw Ech 2005 (2)
22.Àe7 Õad8 23.Àd5Ç) 22.a5ê 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3
Sermek-Cebalo, Maribor 1994; 10.Àd2 ®c7 Sharp and complex Àc6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 c4 7.Ãc2
11.f4 Ãd7 12.Àe2 Ãc6 (Moskalenko- 6.Ãb3 c4 ©c7 8.©e2 g5 9.e6 de6 10.Àg5
B.Savchenko, Kazan 2003) 13.h4å) h6N 11.Àe4 [11.Àf3!?] 11...Ãd7
10...®c7 11.Àf3 Ãd7 12.Àbd2 Ãc6 13.h4 Tiviakov,Sergey [11...Àe5!?] 12.Àa3 0-0-0 [12...Àe5!?]
h5 14.0-0-0 (14.Àg5 Àg5 15.hg5 b6 Radjabov,Teimour 13.b3 [13.Àc4 Àd4 14.Àb6 (14.cd4
16.b4å) 14...Ãh6 15.g3 Àd7 16.Ãc6 ®c6 Warsaw Ech 2005 (7) ©c4¤) 14...ab6 15.cd4 ©c2¤] 13...Àe5
17.Àe4 Àb6Ç 18.Àc5?! Àc5 19.Àd4 1.e4 c5 2.Àf3 Àc6 3.c3 Àf6 4.e5 14.bc4 Àec4 15.d4 [15.Àc4!?]
®c7 20.Àb5 ®c6 21.Àd4 ®c7 22.Àb5 Àd5 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 c4 7.Ãc2 15...Õg8 [15...Àa3 16.Ãa3Ç] 16.Àc4
½-½ Schukin-Solovjov, St Petersburg 2001] ©c7 8.©e2 g5 9.h3 Ãg7 10.0-0 Àc4 [16...©c4 17.Ãd3Ç] 17.0-0 Ãc6
10.f4 [10.Àf3 f5 11.ef6 ef6 12.Àa3 f5 Àe5 11.Àg5 d5 12.a4 Ãd7 13.a5 18.Ãd3 [18.©c4?? Õg2î] 18...Ãd5
13.Ãc2 b5 (13...Àd5å) 14.0-0-0ê a6 [13.Õe1 e6 14.a5 Àc8 15.d4 cd3 16.Ãd3 19.Õb1Ç f5?! [19...e5!?] 20.Àg3å
15.Õhe1 Àe6 16.Ãb3 c4 17.Àg5 ®e7 h6 17.Àf3 Àd3 18.©d3 Àe7 19.a6 b6 ®d7?? [20...©c6 £ 21.Õb4 b5]
18.Àe6 cb3 19.Ãd4 1-0 Salai-Demeter, 20.Àa3 0-0 21.Àb5 ©b8 (21...Ãb5 21.Õb5 Àd6 22.Õc5 1-0
Nove Zamky 1999] 10...f6 [10...Ãh6 22.©b5 e5 23.©b4 e4 24.Àd4 Õad8
11.Àf3 f6 12.®e2 Àe6 (12...Õb8 13.Õd1 25.Ãe3Ç Pavasovic-A.Fedorov, Calvia ol
®e8 (Mart-E.Gross, Haifa/Tel Aviv 1971) 2004) 22.Àh4 (22.Ãe3Ç) 22...e5
14.Àbd2å) 13.g3Ç fe5 14.fe5 Ãg7 23.Àd4?! Maliush-A.Fedorov, Minsk 2005 Tiviakov,Sergey
15.Àbd2 Ãe5 16.Õad1 Ãd6 17.Àc4 (23.Ãf4=) 23...ed4! 24.Õe7 ©d8 25.Õd7 Van Wely,Loek
®c7= A.Huber-M.Bauer, Germany Bundes- ©d7 26.Àf5 dc3 27.Àg7 ®g7 28.©c3 Enschede pff 2005 2005 (1)
liga B 1998/99; 10...Õb8 11.Àf3 b6 ®h7 29.©d3 f5ç] 13...Àc8 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3
12.Àbd2 Ãb7 13.0-0-0 Àd5 14.Õhe1å 14.Àf3!?N [14.d4 cd3 15.Ãd3 Àd6 Àc6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 c4 7.Ãc2
Georgiadis-Kuzubov, Denizli jr 2003] 16.Õe1 0-0-0 17.Ãe3 ®b8 18.Àd2 h6 ©c7 8.©e2 g5 9.e6 de6 10.Àg5
11.Àd2 Ãh6 12.ef6 ef6 13.®f2 Àe6 19.Àgf3 Àf3 (¿ 19...Àd3 20.©d3 e6=) ©e5 11.d4 cd3 12.Ãd3 ©e2
14.g3 f5 15.Ãg2 Àf6 16.h3Ç Ãd7? 20.©f3 (Pavasovic-A.Fedorov, Rabac 2004) 13.Ãe2
20...Ãc6Ç] 14...Àg6 15.d4 cd3
16.©d3 e6 17.Õe1 Àce7 18.a6 e5
T_.m._.t 19.ab7 ©b7 20.©a6 ©c7 21.©a5 T_L_Ml.t
jJ_L_._J jJ_.jJ_J
._._SsJl T_._M_.t .sS_J_._
_.j._J_. j.dLsJlJ _._._.n.
._._.i._ ._._._S_ ._._._._
_.i.b.iI q._Jj._. _.i._._.
Ii.n.kB_ ._._._._ Ii._BiIi
r._._.nR _.i._N_I rNb.k._R
17.Àb3å [c5<, b7<] 17...Àe4 18.Ãe4
.iB_.iI_ 13...h6 14.Àe4 e5 [14...Ãg7 15.0-0 e5
fe4 19.Àc5 Àc5 20.Ãc5 Ãc6 rNb.r.k. 16.Àg3 0-0 17.Àh5 f5 18.Àd2 Ãe6
21.Ãe3 ®c7 22.Àe2 Õhe8 19.Õe1Ç Sveshnikov-Trofimov, Cheliabinsk
23.Õhd1 Õad8 24.h4 Ãd7?! 21...©b7 [22.c4!? (22.Ãg6 Àg6 2004; 14...Õg8 15.Àa3 a6 16.0-0 e5
25.Ãd4!ê Ãg4 26.Ãe5 ®c8 23.Àe5 Àe5 (23...Ãe5 24.f4 Õg8º) 17.Õd1 Ãh3 18.g3 Àd7 19.Àc4Ç
27.Õd8 Õd8 28.Àd4 Ãf8 29.®e3 24.f4 0-0 25.fe5 Õfe8º) 22...dc4 (22...e4 M.Markovic-Damljanovic, Petrovac tt 2004;

14...f5!?N 15.Ãh5 (15.Àg3) 15...®d8 Tiviakov,Sergey 64.©f4 ©c3 65.®h4 ©b3 66.g5
16.Àc5 e5! 17.Ãf7?! e6 18.Àe6? Ranola,Yves ©e6? [66...©d3 67.©g4 £ 68.g6ê]
(18.Àb3) 18...®e7 19.Àc7 ®f7 20.Àa8 Lodi 2005 (4) 67.©g4 1-0
Àa8î G.Jones-Nataf, Warsaw Ech 2005] 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3
15.Àg3 [15.0-0 Ãf5 16.Àg3 (16.Àbd2 Àc6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 c4 7.Ãc2
Ãg6 17.a4 Àd7 18.f3 f5 19.Àf2 Ãg7 ©c7 8.©e2 g5 9.e6 de6 10.Àg5
20.a5Ç Morozevich-Lautier, Cannes 2002) ©e5 11.d4 cd3 12.Ãd3 ©e2
16...Ãg6 17.Àd2 (17.Õe1 0-0-0 18.f4? 13.Ãe2 Ãg7 [13...e5 14.Ãh5 Àd8 15.f4 Even harder
e6ç Genocchio-Piscopo, Italy 1998) ef4 16.Ãf4 Ãg7 17.Àa3 h6 18.Àe4 Àe6 6.Ãb3 d5/d6
17...0-0-0 18.Àc4 Àd5 19.Õe1 h5 20.Ãf3 19.Ãd2 0-0 20.0-0 f5 21.Àg3 Àc5 22.b4
(20.h4 Adams-Svidler, Groningen 1997 – Àca4 23.Õac1 Ãd7 24.Ãf3 Õac8 25.Ãb7 Tiviakov,Sergey
YB/57-65) 20...Ãg7 21.a4 e6 22.Àe4 ®c7 Õc7 26.Ãa6 Àc3 27.Àh5?! Ãd4! 28.®h1 Carlsen,Magnus
23.Ãg5 f6 24.Ãh4 Àce7 25.Àc5 Ãf7 Àbd5 29.Ãh6 Õc6! 30.Ãf8 Õa6 31.Àc2 Gausdal 2005 (1)
26.Õad1?! Àg6 (Genocchio-Van den Doel, Ãh8 32.Ãe7 Àe7 33.a3 Ãb5 34.Õf3 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3
Saint Vincent 1998) 27.Õe4â; 15.Àa3 f5 Ãe2 35.Õe3 Àed5 36.Õe8 ®h7 37.Àg3 Àc6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 d5 7.ed6
(15...Ãf5 Rozentalis-Hellers, Aarhus 1997 – Ãb5 38.Õf8 f4 39.Àf5 Àe2?! (39...Ãd3ç) ©d6 8.Àa3 e6 9.d4 [9.0-0!? a6
YB/57-65) 16.Àg3 (16.Ãh5 Ponomariov- 40.Õd1 Õc6? 41.Õd5 Õc2 42.Õc5 Ãc3? (9...Ãe7 10.d4) 10.©e2 £ Õd1, d4]
Van Wely, Biel 2000 – YB/57-63) 16...e6 (42...Ãd3!ç) 43.h4!å a6 44.h5 Àg3 9...Ãe7?! [¿ 9...a6 10.dc5 (10.0-0 cd4
17.Àc2 (17.Àb5 ®d8 18.0-0 a6 19.Õd1 45.®h2 Àf5 46.Õff5 Ãf1? 47.Õc7 ®h6 11.cd4 Ãe7=; 10.Ãe3 cd4 11.Àd4
Ãd7 20.Àd6 ®c7 21.Àc4 Àc4 22.Ãc4= 48.Õc6 ®h7 49.Õf7 ®g8 50.Õf4 (50.Õd7! Àd5º) 10...©d1 11.Ãd1 Ãc5 12.Àc2=]
S.Zhigalko-Maatoug, Oropesa del Mar jr Õg2 51.®h1 Ãg7 52.Õc1ê) 50...Ãe5 10.Àb5
2001 (9)) 17...®d8 18.f4?! (18.0-0Ç) (50...Ãd3 51.®h3) 51.Õc2 Ãf4 52.®h3
18...e4?! (18...ef4 19.Ãf4 e5 20.0-0-0 ®c7 Ãb5 53.g4 ®g7 54.®h4 ®h6 55.Õc5 1-0
21.Ãd2 Ãe6 â) 19.Ãd2 ®c7 20.0-0-0 Tiviakov-Nijboer, Leeuwarden ch-NED 2004] T_L_M_.t
Õg8 21.Õhg1 Àd5 22.Õgf1 a5 23.a4 Ãc5 14.0-0 0-0 15.Àd2 e5 16.Àc4 Àd7 jJ_.lJjJ
24.®b1 Ãd7 25.c4 Àdb4 26.Àa3??
Àd4î 27.Ãc3 Àe2 28.Ãe5 ®c8
17.Õd1 h6 18.Àf3 e4 19.Àfd2 Àc5
20.Àb3 Àb3 21.ab3 Ãe6 22.Ãe3
29.Àe2 Ãa4 30.Õd2 e3 0-1 S.Zhigalko- Õfd8 23.b4Ç Õdc8 24.Àd2 f5 25.f3 _Nj._._.
Nakamura, Oropesa del Mar jr 2001 (3)] ef3 26.Ãf3 a6 27.Ãc5 Ãf7 28.Ãc6 ._.i._._
15...e6!N [15...Ãe6 16.0-0 0-0-0 17.Õe1 Õc6 29.Ãe7 Õe8 30.Õe1 Õe6 _Bi._N_.
f6 18.Àd2 Àd5 19.Àdf1 Ãf7 20.Ãh5 31.Õe6 Ãe6 32.Ãh4 Ãd5 33.Õe1
Ãh5 21.Àh5 f5 22.Àe3 Àe3 23.Ãe3 Õe1 34.Ãe1 b5 35.Ãg3 ®f7 36.®f2
Õg8= S.Zhigalko-Potapov, Kirishi 2004] ®e6 37.Àf1 Ãf6 38.Ãf4 h5 39.Àd2 r.bQk._R
16.0-0 f5 17.Õd1 Ãd7 18.Àh5 Ãe7 Ãd8 40.g3 Ãe4 41.Àe4 fe4 42.h3
19.Àd2 Õd8 20.Àc4 Àc4 21.Ãc4 ®f5 43.b3 Ãf6 44.Ãd2 Ãe5 45.c4 10...©d8? [¿ 10...©b8í 11.dc5 (11.g3
®f7= 22.Ãd2 Àa5 23.Ãe2 b5 Ãd4 46.®g2 e3 47.Ãe1 ®e4 48.c5 cd4 12.cd4 Ãb4 13.®f1 Ãd6 14.Àd6
24.b3 Àb7 25.f4 Ãc5 26.®f1 e4 e2 49.g4 hg4 50.hg4 ®f4 51.®h3 ©d6 15.Ãf4Ç) 11...Ãc5 12.0-0 (12.Ãe3
27.Ãe1 a5 28.Ãh4 Ãe7 29.Ãe7 Ãe3 13.Àd6 ®e7 14.Àc8 Õc8
®e7 30.g4Ç Ãc6 31.gf5 ef5 32.®f2 15.fe3ÇÅ, ®e7<) 12...0-0 13.Àg5 h6
Àc5 33.®e3 Àe6 34.Àg3 Àg7 ._._._._ 14.Àe4 Ãe7 15.Ãe3Ç; 10...©d7? 11.dc5
35.c4 bc4 36.Ãc4 Õd1 37.Õd1 Õc8 _._._._. Ãc5 12.©d7 ®d7 13.Ãf4å] 11.dc5
38.Õg1 ®f6 39.Àe2 a4 40.Àc3 ab3
41.ab3 Õa8 42.Õg2 Õa1 43.Õa2
J_._._._ Ãc5 12.©d8 [12.Ãf4 0-0 13.0-0Ç]
12...®d8 13.Ãf4 a6 [13...®e7
Õa2 44.Àa2 Ãd7 45.Ãe2 Ãe6 _Ji._._. 14.Àg5å £ 15.Àe4, Ãc5<; 13...Àd5
46.Ãd1 Ãf7 47.Àc3 ®e7 48.b4 .i.l.mI_ 14.Ãd5 ed5 15.Àc7 Õb8 16.Àd5ê]
®d6 49.Àb5 ®c6 50.Ãa4 Ãe6 _I_._._K 14.Õd1 [14.Àc7 Õa7 15.0-0-0 (15.Àg5
51.®d4 ®b6 52.Àd6 ®c7 53.®e5 e5 16.Àd5 Àd5 17.Ãd5 ef4 18.Àf7 ®e7
Ãd7 54.Ãd1 ®d8 55.Ãe2 ®c7
._._J_._ 19.Àh8 Ãe6º) 15...®e7 16.Àg5 Àa8
56.Àb5 Ãb5 57.Ãb5 ®d8 58.h4 _._.b._. 17.Àe4 Àc7 18.Àc5å] 14...Ãd7?!
®e7 59.Ãc4 Àe8 60.Ãe2 Àf6 [14...®e7 15.Àc7 (15.Àd6å) 15...Õa7
61.b5 e3 62.®f5 Àd5 63.®e4 ®d6 51...®f3? 52.c6! Ãf2 53.c7 Ãe1 16.Àg5 Àa8 17.Àe4 Àc7 18.Àc5å]
64.Ãf1 ®e6 65.f5 ®d6 66.®d4 54.c8© Ãd2 55.©f5 Ãf4 56.©d3 15.Àc7! Õc8 16.Àg5! e5 [16...Õf8
Àe7 67.®e4 Àd5 68.Ãd3 Àc3 ®f2 57.©c2 ®f3 58.©c3 ®f2 17.Àce6 fe6 18.Àe6 ®e8 19.Àg7 ®d8
69.®f3 Àd5 70.Ãc4 Àf6 71.®e3 59.©f6 ®e3 60.©h4 ®d2 61.©d8 20.Àe6 ®e8 21.Àf8ê; 16...®e7
®c5 72.Ãe2 Àd5 73.®e4 Àc3 [61.g5 e1© 62.©f4 £ 63.g6ê] 17.Àe4 e5 18.Àc5 Õc7 (18...ef4 19.Àd7
74.®e5 1-0 61...®c2 62.©c8 ®d1 63.©f5 e1© Àd7 20.Àd5ê) 19.Ãe3ê] 17.Àd5

Survey SI 47.3

Àd5 [17...ef4 18.Àf7 ®e8 19.Àb6 Ãb6 Ãe7 17.®f1 0-0 18.®e2 Õfd8â) 16...Õd7 20.Àc7!? (20.Àd6 Ãd6 21.Ãd6Ç)
20.Àh8ê; 17...Õf8 18.Àb6 Ãb6 17.Àf3 (£ 18.d4) 17...Õd3 ½-½ Tiviakov- 20...®d8í (20...®e7 21.Ãg5 Àf6
19.Ãg3ê £ 20.Àf7] 18.Àf7 ®e7 Zhang Pengxiang, Bad Wörishofen 2005; 22.Àd5ê) 21.Õd3 Õc7 22.Õed1 ®c8
19.Õd5 ef4 17...Ãe7 18.d4Ç; 17...e5 18.Õe1 £ 19.d4] 23.Ãc7 (23.b4 Ãd6 24.Ãd6 Õc6Ç)
8...Ãe6 9.d4 Ãb3 [9...cd4 10.Àb5 ©d7 23...Àc5 24.Õf3 ®c7 25.Õf7 ®c8 26.b4
11.Àbd4 (11.Ãe6 ©e6 12.Ãe3 ©d7 Àe4 27.f4 g5 28.Õd4 Àd6 29.Õf8 Õf8
._T_._.t 13.Àbd4Ç) 11...Ãb3 12.©b3 Àd4 30.Õd6 gf4 31.gf4 Õf4 32.Õe6å]
_J_LmNjJ 13.Àd4Ç] 10.©b3 cd4 11.Àb5 ©b8 19.Àb5! a6 [19...0-0 20.Ãd6! Ãd6
J_S_._._ [¿ 11...©d7 12.Àbd4 (12.Ãf4 Àa5
13.©b4 Àc6 14.©b3 Àa5=) 12...Àd4
(20...Õfe8 21.Ãc5 Õc5 22.Àd6 Õb8
23.Àb7ê) 21.Õd6ê, Àb6<, a7<;
_.lR_._. 13.Àd4Ç] 12.g3!?N [12.0-0 dc3!?¤; 19...Ãf2 20.Àd6ê; 19...®e7 20.b4!?
._._.j._ 12...e6 13.Àbd4Ç Ãe7 14.©b5 ©c7 Ãb4 21.®b1 Ãc5 22.b4 Ãf2 23.Õe2 a6
_Bi._._. 15.Àc6 bc6 (Rabiega-R.Fridman, Essen 24.Àd6å] 20.Àd6 Ãd6 21.Õd6
2002) 16.©h5!?; 12.Àbd4 Àd4 13.Àd4Ç] Õc6í [21...Àd7 22.Õed1 Àc5 (22...Àf6
Ii._.iIi 12...©d8?! [12...dc3 13.Ãf4 cb2 (13...e5 23.Õb6ê) 23.Õb6ê; 21...Àa8
_._.k._R 14.Àg5 Àd8 15.0-0-0!ê Å) 14.©b2 e5 22.Õed1å] 22.Õc6 bc6
15.Àe5 Àe5 16.Ãe5 Àc4 17.Ãb8 Àb2
20.Õc5?! [20.Àh8ê Àa5 (20...Ãb6 18.Ãa7 ®d7 19.0-0å/Çô; 12...e6? 13.Ãf4
21.0-0! Õh8 22.Õe1 ®d8 23.Õed1 Àb8 e5 14.Àe5 Àe5 15.cd4å; 12...a6 13.Àbd4 ._._M_.t
24.Ãa4ê; 20...b6 21.0-0! Õh8 22.Õe1 Àd4 14.Àd4Ç; ¿ 12...d3!? 13.0-0 (13.Ãe3 _._._JjJ
®d8 23.Õed1 Àb8 24.Ãa4 b5
25.Ãc2ê £ 26.Ãf5) 21.Ãd1ê £
Àd7 (13...a6 14.Ãb6 ab5 15.©b5å, d3<)
14.0-0-0 (14.Õd1 a6) 14...a6 15.Àa3 e6
22.Õd7; £ 22.b4] 20...Õhf8 21.Àg5 16.Õd3 b5º) 13...e5 (13...Àd7 14.Ãf4 e5 _._._._.
Õf5 22.Õf5 Ãf5 23.0-0 ®f6 15.Àg5 Àd8 16.©c4!Ç; 13...e6 14.Ãf4ê) ._._.b._
24.Àf3å Õe8 25.Õd1 Õe2 26.Õd6 14.Àg5 Àd8 15.Õd1 h6 (15...Ãe7 16.Õd3 _Ii._.i.
®e7 27.Õd2 Õd2 28.Àd2 Àe5 0-0 17.Ãe3Ç) 16.Àf3 Àe6 (16...Ãc5
29.g3 g5 30.gf4 gf4 31.Ãd5 b6 17.Àe1Ç) 17.Ãe3ÇÊ] 13.Ãf4 Õc8
32.®g2 Ãg4 33.b4 ®d6 34.Ãe4 h6 14.0-0-0 _.k.r._.
35.Àf3 Àf3 36.Ãf3 Ãe6 37.a3 ®e5
38.Ãb7 a5 39.®f3 Ãd7 40.Ãe4 23.Ãe5! [23.®c2 ®e7Ç £ 24.Õa1 Õa8]
Ãa4 41.Ãd3 Ãd7 42.Ãf1 Ãe6 ._TdMl.t 23...Õg8 [23...0-0å, a6<, c6<, ®g8<]
43.Ãb5 Ãf5 44.®e2 Ãe4 45.®d2 jJ_.jJjJ 24.Õe4!! [24.®c2 ®e7!?; 24...®d7
Ãf5 46.Ãd3 Ãe6 47.®c2 Ãf7
48.Ãf1 Ãe6 49.®d3 Ãf7 50.c4 ab4
.sS_._._ 25.Õd1 ®c8 26.Õd6 ®b7 27.c4å]
24...®e7í [24...Àd7 25.Ãd6 Àf6
51.ab4 Ãg6 52.®c3 Ãe4 53.c5 bc5 _N_._._. 26.Õb4 ®d7 27.Ãe5 ®e7 28.Ãf6
54.bc5 Ãc6 55.®b4 Ãd5 56.®b5 ._.j.b._ (28.Õb7 Àd7 – 24...®e7) 28...®f6
®e4 57.Ãe2 f3 58.Ãc4 Ãa8 59.c6 _Qi._Ni. 29.Õb6ê; 24...f6 25.Ãd4ê] 25.Õb4
®d4 60.c7 Ãb7 61.Ãe6 1-0 Àd7 26.Õb7 f6 27.Ãd4 Õb8? [¿
Ii._.i.i 27...e5 28.Ãc5! (28.Ãe3 Õa8= £ ®d6,
_.kR_._R c5, ®c6, Õb7<; £ ®d8-c8) 28...®e6
Tiviakov,Sergey 29.Ãa3 Õb8 (29...e4 30.Õa7 Àe5
Külaots,Kaido 14...©d5í [14...d3 15.Õhe1ê Å; 31.Õa6å) 30.Õc7 Õb6 31.®c2å £
Gausdal 2005 (9) 14...Àa5 15.©c2 ©d5 16.Àfd4 ©a2 Ãb4-a5, a6<, c6<] 28.Õa7ê Õb3
1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3 17.Àc7 Õc7 18.Ãc7å; 14...e6 [28...e5 29.Ãe3 Õb3 30.Ãc5 ®e6
Àc6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 d5 7.ed6 15.Àfd4ê] 15.Àfd4 [15.Õhe1 ©f3 31.Ãb4ê, Õb3<] 29.Ãc5 ®d8
©d6 8.Àa3 [8.0-0?! Ãe6! 9.Àa3 Ãb3 (15...©b3 16.ab3 e6 17.Àfd4 Àd4 30.Ãb4 c5 31.®c2 c4 32.Õa6 Àe5
10.ab3 ©d3!= 11.©c2!? (11.Õe1; 11.Àe1) 18.Àd4 – game) 16.Àd6 ®d7 17.Àf7 [32...e5 33.Õc6ê] 33.Õd6 [33.Õe6
11...Õd8 12.©d3 Õd3 13.Àc2N (13.Àc4 ©d5 18.Àh8 ©b3 (18...®e8 19.©d5 ®c7 34.Õe7 ®c6 35.Õg7ê] 33...®c7
Àc4 14.bc4 e6 15.Õe1 Ãe7 16.Àe5 Àe5 Àd5 20.Ãe5Ç) 19.ab3 ®e8º, Àh8<] 34.Õd4 [c4<, Õb3<] 1-0
17.Õe5 a6 18.®f1 0-0 19.®e2 Õfd8 15...Àd4 [15...©b3 16.ab3å] 16.Àd4
20.Õe3 Õ3d6 21.d3 Ãg5 22.Õg3 Ãc1 ©b3 [16...e6 17.Õhe1 ©b3 18.ab3 –
23.Õc1 e5 24.b4 cb4 25.cb4 f6 26.Õe3 ®f7 game] 17.ab3 e6 [17...a6 18.Õhe1å £ Tiviakov,Sergey
27.Õc3 ½-½ Sveshnikov-Gallagher, Calvia ol 18...e6?? 19.Àe6; 17...Àd5 18.Ãe5 e6 Castano,Duvan Martin
2004) 13...e6 14.Àfe1 Õd7 15.Àf3 Õd3 19.Õhe1å] 18.Õhe1!? [18.Àb5 a6í Neiva 2005 (1)
16.Àfe1 (16.Õe1 Ãe7 17.®f1 0-0 18.Àe5 19.Àc7 ®e7 20.Õhe1 ®f6!Ç] 18...Ãc5 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Àf3
Àe5 19.Õe5 a6 20.®e2 Õfd8â; 16.Õd1 [18...Àd7 19.Àb5!? a6 (19...a5, b5<) e6 5.Ãc4 Àb6 6.Ãb3 d6 7.ed6

Ãd6 [7...©d6] 8.d4 cd4 9.©d4 0-0 8.©d4 ©d6 [8...Àc6 9.©d5 – 5...cd4]
10.0-0 Àc6 11.©e4 Àe7 12.Àg5 9.Àe2N [9.Ãf4 Àc6 10.©e3 ©e6 T_LdMl.t
Àg6 13.h4 Õe8 [¿ 13...Àd5!?] 14.h5 11.Àf3Ç V.Jakymov-Fritz 8, Kiev 2003] jJ_._JjJ
Àf8 15.Õd1 ©c7 16.h6 g6 17.Àa3
Ãd7 [17...Ãa3 18.Ãf4!? ©e7 19.ba3]
9...Àc6 10.©d3 Ãe6 [10...Ãe7!?
11.0-0 0-0 £ 12...Àe5; 10...Àe5
18.Àf3 [18.©d4! Ãe5 19.Ãf4 Ãd4 11.©g3Ç] 11.Ãf4 ©d7 12.Àd2 Ãe7 _._Q_._.
20.Ãc7å] 18...Ãa3 19.ba3 Ãc6 13.Àb3Ç 0-0 14.0-0 Õfe8 15.Àed4 ._._._._
20.©d4 e5 21.©h4 Ãf3 22.©f6 Àd4 16.Àd4 Ãc5 17.Õfe1 Ãg4 _.i._._.
Àe6 23.©f3 f5 24.a4 ®h8?! 25.a5 18.Ãe3 Ãf8 19.h3 Ãh5 20.©b5
Àd7 [¿ 25...Àc4 26.Ãc4 ©c4 Õad8 21.©d7 Õd7 22.Àf5 a6
27.©b7å] 26.Ãe6 Õe6 27.©d5 Àc5 23.Ãd4 Õe1 24.Õe1 f6 25.f3 Ãg6 rNb.k.nR
28.Ãa3 Õc6 29.a6! Õb8 [29...Àa6 26.Àe3 ®f7 27.®f2 Ãd3 28.Õd1
30.Ãd6 ©d6 31.©d6 Õd6 32.Õd6ê] Ãb5 29.Ãb6 Ãc6 30.Àf5 Ãd6 9...Ãd6 [9...Ãe6!? 10.d7! Ãd7 11.Àf3
30.ab7 Àb7 31.Õab1 Õc8 32.Õb7 31.g4 g6 32.Àd6 Õd6 33.Ãc5 Õe6 (11.Ãg5!?; 11.Àe2!?) 11...Ãe7 12.0-0 0-0
1-0 34.h4 h5 35.gh5 gh5 36.Ãe3 Õe8 13.Ãe3 (13.Ãg5Ç) 13...Ãe6 14.©d8 Õfd8
37.Õd4 Õe5 38.a4 Õe8 39.b3 ®e6 15.Àbd2 Õd5 16.Àd4å A.Sarkisian-
40.Õb4 b5 41.a5 Ãd7 42.Õf4 ®e5 Arutiunov, Erevan 1984; 9...©d6 10.©e4
43.Õd4 Õc8 44.Õd2 Ãf5 45.Ãd4 (10.©d6Ç) 10...©e5 11.Àd2 Ãf5 12.©e2
®e6 46.®e3 ®f7 47.Õg2 Ãh7 0-0-0â Sepiurka-Link, Buenos Aires tt 1983]
An extra possibility 48.®f4 Õe8 49.Õd2 Ãg6 50.Ãc5 10.Ãg5N [10.©e4!? Ãe6 11.Àf3Ç ©a5
4.Ãc4 Õd8 51.®e3 Ãf5 52.®d4 Ãe6 (11...©d7!? £ 12...0-0-0) 12.Ãf4 0-0-0
53.Õe2 Õc8 54.Ãd6 Õc6 55.Ãf4 13.0-0 Õhe8? 14.Ãd6 Ãf5 P.Briggs-
Tiviakov,Sergey Õc8 56.Õg2 ®e7 57.Õg7 Ãf7 G.Freeman, Millfield ch-GBR 2000
Neverov,Valery 58.Ãd6 ®e6 59.Ãa3 Õg8 60.Õg8 (14...Õd6å) 15.©f4!ê; 10.Àf3 0-0
Warsaw Ech 2005 (5) Ãg8 61.Ãf8 Ãh7 62.®c5 ®d7 11.Ãe3 Õe8¤ 12.Àbd2?? Õe3 0-1 Van
1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 4.Ãc4 63.Ãg7 b4 64.®b4 Ãd3 65.Ãf6 Eeckhout-Ciais, cr 1991] 10...Àe7 [¿
[4.Àf3] ®c6 66.Ãe5 Ãc2 67.®a3 ®d7 10...©c7 11.Àf3 0-0 12.0-0 Ãe6¤]
68.®b2 Ãd1 69.f4 ®e6 70.®a3 11.©f3! 0-0 [11...©b6 12.b3Ç] 12.Àe2
Ãc2 71.Ãg7 Ãd1 72.Ãh6 Ãc2 ©b6 [12...©a5 13.Ãe7 Ãe7 14.Àd2Ç;
TsLdMl.t 73.®b4 Ãd1 74.Ãg5 Ãc2 75.c4 12...©c7 13.Àd2Ç; 13.Ãf4!?] 13.b3
jJ_JjJjJ dc4 76.bc4 Ãd3 77.®c5 Ãf1 78.f5 [13.Àd2 ©b2 14.0-0 Àg6 (14...©b5
._._._._ ®f5 79.®d5 ®g6 80.c5 ®f7 81.c6 15.Àe4=) £ 15.Àc4? Ãh2 16.®h2 ©b5ç]
13...©b5 [13...Ãe6 14.0-0Ç] 14.Ãe7!
®e8 82.®d6 Ãg2 83.c7 Ãh3
_.jSi._. 84.Ãd8 Ãg4 85.®c6 Ãf3 86.®b6 Ãe7 15.Àd2! [15.0-0 ©g5!åô, Àb1Ø]
._B_._._ ®d7 87.®a6 ®c8 88.®b6 Ãe2 15...a5?! [15...Ãd7Ç; 15...©g5 16.Àe4Ç]
_.i._._. 89.a6 Ãf1 90.a7 Ãg2 91.Ãf6 Ãf3 16.0-0 Õa6 17.Àd4 ©d7 [17...©g5
92.Ãe5 Ãg2 93.®c5 ®d7 94.®d4 18.Õfe1!?] 18.Õad1!å [18.Àe4 f5!;
Ii.i.iIi Ãh1 95.®e3 Ãg2 96.®f4 Ãh1 18.Õfe1 Ãf6Ç] 18...Õg6 [18...Õf6
rNbQk.nR 97.®g5 Ãf3 98.Ãf4 ®c8 99.a8© 19.©e3å] 19.Õfe1 b6!? [¿ 19...©c7
Ãa8 100.®h5 ®d7 101.®g5 Ãb7 20.h3å] 20.Àc4! Õf6 [20...Ãb7 21.Àe5!
4...e6 [4...Àb6 5.Ãb3 Àc6 (5...c4 6.Ãc2 102.h5 ®e8 103.h6 ®f7 104.Ãe5 (21.Àb6!? Õb6 22.Àf5 Ãf3 23.Õd7 Ãf6
Àc6 7.Àf3 – 4.Àf3) 6.Àf3 – 4.Àf3] 5.d4 1-0 24.gf3 Ãc3å) 21...Ãf3 22.Àd7 Ãd1
[5.Àf3 (– 4.Àf3 e6 5.Ãc4) 5...d6 6.ed6 (22...Ãg2 23.Àe5 Õg5 24.f4ê; 22...Õg2
Ãd6 7.d4 cd4 8.©d4 0-0 9.0-0 Àc6 23.®h1ê) 23.Àf8 ®f8 24.Õd1ê;
10.©e4 Àf6 11.©e2 ©c7 12.Àbd2 Àg4 20...©c7 21.Àe5 Õh6å; 21...Õf6 –
13.h3 Àge5 14.Ãb3 Àf3 15.Àf3 Àe5 Tiviakov,Sergey 20...Õf6] 21.Àe5 [21.Àf5!? ©f5 (21...Õf5
16.Àg5 Àg6 (¿ 16...Àd7) 17.©h5!å h6 Parligras,Mircea 22.Õd7 Õf3 23.gf3 Ãd7 24.Õe7 Ãc6
18.Àe6 Ãe6 19.Ãe6 Àf4 20.Ãf4 Ãf4 Solsona 2005 (8) 25.Àb6 Ãf3 26.h3ê) 22.©f5 Ãf5
21.Ãd5å Tiviakov-Vehi Bach, Solsona 1.e4 c5 2.c3 Àf6 3.e5 Àd5 23.Õe7ê] 21...©c7í 22.©g3
2005 (5)] 5...d6 6.ed6 cd4 [6...Ãd6 4.Ãc4!? e6 [4...Àb6] 5.d4!? [5.Àf3; Ãc5??T [22...©b7å; 22...©c5 23.b4 ab4
7.dc5 (7.Ãd5 ed5 8.dc5Ç) 7...Ãc5 5.Ãd5 ed5 6.©f3 Àc6 7.©d5 d6¤] 24.cb4ê] 23.Àg4 Õf4 [23...Õd6 24.Àf6
8.Àf3Ç; 6...©d6 7.dc5 (7.Àf3!?) 7...©c5 5...cd4 6.Ãd5 ed5 7.©d4 Àc6 ®h8 (24...Õf6 25.©c7ê) 25.Àe8ê]
8.Ãd5Ç] 7.Ãd5 [7.©d4!?] 7...ed5 8.©d5 d6 9.ed6 24.Àf6 [24...®h8 25.Àe8] 1-0


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