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Pashanpalvi Agro - Eco Tourism Center Pashanpalvi Agro

- Eco Tourism
Pashanpalvi At.Post. Chikhalgaon,
Evolving with soil...
Tal. Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri,
Marashtra, India,
Pashanpalvi is a place designed exclusively Pin - 415712

for the purpose of providing best of the Phone: 02358-210075/213075

services to the tourists with test of out-

door and eco tourism.

It is our firm belief that the aura of Pa-

shanpalvi will rejuvenate and enlighten you
during and after your stay with us.

Evolving with Soil...

Tel: 02358-210075/213075

About us: We are pleased to welcome you Distance from Metros: 240 Km from Pune

to this land of happiness. At Pa- and Mumbai.

shanpalvi your childhood awaits

Surrounding Attraction:
you. This is a place to visit for
Pashanpalvi is surrounded
relaxing yourself from the daily
by more than 40 tourist
rush of city life and trying to
Welcome to Pashanpalvi Reaching us…. destinations. But still it
awaken the lost spirit of child-
gives you the perfect
hood, innocence and creativity…
blend of enjoying the best services and living

We have created an integrated system of in eco friendly environment. Pashanpalvi is 7

tourism and entertainment with the help of Km away from sea shore.

agriculture and naturopathy spread over 18

Our Specialties: Pashanpalvi is natural habi-
acres of land.
tat of more than 100 species of avian won-

We built a small cottage and named It Pa- ders and many mammals. Plantation of Medici-
shanpalvi which means bloom on the rock. nal plants is one of our pri-
We realized after living here for orities.

nine years that this place has its

Dining: We offer exclusive
own aura. We got our experience
range of Konkani Food and
confirmed by people who visited
Sunrise at Pashanpalvi. View from Pashanpalvi... made to order facility for Pashanpalvi Agro - Eco Tourism
us. We decided to share our
certain cuisines. There is Center
experience with others. With
choice for everyone to
this the concept of Pashanpalvi came into
At.Post. Chikhalgaon,
pamper their taste buds.
existence. Tal. Dapoli, Dist. Ratnagiri,
Marashtra, India,
Pin - 415712
Accommodation: To give you perfect ex-
Pashanpalvi is just 14 Km. from Dapoli.
Phone: 02358-210075/213075
Located in Chikhalgaon, a small village on perience of wild we provide specially designed
Dapoli—Dabhol route. tents and dormitories are also available.