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World History Timeline

World History Timeline

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1916 AD
The Battle of Verdun is fought from February 21 to December 18, 1916 AD. American writer Henry
James dies on February 28, 1916 AD. Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa invades New Mexico on
March 9, 1916 AD. The Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland takes place from April 24 to
April 30, 1916 AD. The Sykes-Picot Agreement concluded on May 16, 1916 AD, divides Western
Asia on spheres of interests between France and the United Kingdom. The United States occupy the
Dominican Republic in May 1916 AD. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence also known
as Lawrence of Arabia leads the Arab Revolt of 1916-1918 AD. The Battle of Some is fought from
July 1 to November 18, 1916 AD. Woodrow Wilson is reelected President of the United States on
November 7, 1916 AD. Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz dies on November 15, 1916 AD. Franz
Joseph I of Austria dies on November 21, 1916 AD, and is succeeded by Charles I. American writer
Jack London commits suicide on November 22, 1916 AD. David Lloyd George becomes Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom on December 7, 1916 AD. Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin is
murdered on December 30, 1916 AD

1917 AD
The February Revolution in Russia March 8-12 (February 23-27 in Old Style), 1916 AD. Nicholas
II and the royal family are placed under house arrest on March 21, 1917 AD. The United States


enter the World War I on April 6, 1917 AD. The First Congress of Soviets opens on June 16, 1917.
The third Battle of Ypres is fought from July 31 to November 6, 1917 AD. The United States
purchase the Virgin Islands from Denmark on August 4, 1917 AD. French artist Edgar Degas dies
on September 26, 1917 AD. Frisian exotic dancer Mata Hari is executed for espionage on October
15, 1917 AD. The Bolsheviks seize power in the October Revolution on October 25 (November 7 in
Old Style), 1917 AD. French positivist sociologist Emile Durkheim dies on November 15, 1917
AD. Georges Clemenceau becomes Prime Minister of France on November 16, 1917 AD. French
sculptor Auguste Rodin dies on November 17, 1917 AD. Finland declares independence on
December 17, 1917 AD. American soldier and bison hunter William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody
dies on December 17, 1917 AD.

1918 AD
US President Woodrow Wilson presents his Fourteen Points on January 8, 1918 AD. Austrian
painter Gustav Klimt dies on February 6, 1918 AD. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed on March 3,
1918 AD, ends the war between Soviet Russia and the Central Powers. The capital of Soviet Russia
is moved from St Petersburg to Moscow on March 12, 1918 AD. German fighter pilot Manfred von
Richthofen commonly known as the Red Baron is killed on April 21, 1918 AD. The Second Battle
of Marne is fought from July 15 to August 6, 1918 AD. Nicholas II of Russia and the royal family
are executed on July 16, 1918 AD. The Imperial Manifesto of October 16, 1918 AD. Hungary
declares independence on October 17, 1918 AD. Poland declares independence on November 6,
1918 AD. Czechoslovakia declares independence on October 28, 1918 AD. The German Revolution
starts on November 3, 1918 AD. William II of Germany abdicates on November 9, 1918 AD. The
armistice is signed between the Allies and Germany on November 11, 1918 AD. Iceland declares
independence from Denmark on December 1, 1918 AD. The Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and
Slovenes (later Kingdom of Yugoslavia) is established on December 1, 1918 AD. The Russian Civil
War is fought between the Bolshevik Reds Army and anti-Bolshevik White Army from 1918 to
1920 AD.

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