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Business Services and Consulting Sample Proposal

Business Services and Consulting Sample Proposal

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Published by: eugeneazuka on Aug 12, 2010
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QNA Consultants, Inc.

1234 NE 52nd Place Suite 900 Kirkland, WA 98054 (PH) 425-999-9000 (FX) 425-999-9001


Prepared for: Michael Fidalgo Owner Constance Wu Sr. Consultant

Prepared by:

Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service (FASS) is a company specializing in sales and repair service of automobiles. FASS plans to expand its market by adding two new outlets in the greater Seattle area within the next two years. At this stage of growing its business, Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service has a unique opportunity to evaluate its current staff and define its future staffing needs, as well as its employee development and benefits plans. QNA Consultants, Inc. proposes to work with Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service to assess and update its current staff and to establish a modern Human Resources Department that will serve the company's needs into the future.

Proposal Number: 1245-4405

Inc. . Qualifications References …………………………… …………………………… …………………………… …………………………… …………………………… 5 6 7 8 9 …………………………… 10 …………………………… 11 1 QNA Consultants. Inc.Non-Disclosure …………………………… 2 Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service Executive Summary …………………………… 3 Client Operations …………………………… 4 The Project Cost Summary Contract and Terms Services Provided Project Management Project Summary QNA Consultants.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. See the Proposal Packs for the complete text of the Non-Disclosure agreement] . . Inc. This Agreement supersedes all prior discussions and writings and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. Inc. consulting. EXECUTED as of the date first written above. . (“Company”) and Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service (“Customer”). provided that Developers may not assign any of his obligations under this Agreement without Customer’s prior written consent. Binding Effect. The prevailing party in any action to enforce this Agreement shall be entitled to costs and attorneys’ fees. . By: ________________________________ Title: ______________________________ Date signed: _________________________ 2 QNA Consultants. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Customer and Developers and their respective successors and assigns. . understands that both parties have a desire to establish an employment. Inc. by and between QNA Consultants. [The Proposal Pack Non-Disclosure is a 4 page agreement (a short form version is also available). <<Year>>. Inc. . Exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in the King County.THIS AGREEMENT is made this <<Day>> day of February. General Provisions Governing Body. Washington superior courts. Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service By: ________________________________ Title: _______________________________ Date signed: _________________________ QNA Consultants. Entire Agreement. or other business relationship between the Company and the Customer. . Each of the undersigned parties. and QNA Consultants.

♦ Recommendation #3 : Analyze personnel positions and develop job descriptions for all positions. and develop current and future staff. Inc. ♦ Goal #2 : Develop plans for and reduce costs of recruiting. and retaining staff. both within the company as a whole and within the Human Resources department in particular. ♦ Recommendation #5 : Develop annual review process. train. 3 QNA Consultants. ♦ Need #2 : Hire. ♦ Goal #1 : Evaluate current staffing needs. The Solution… QNA Consultants. Inc. ♦ Recommendation #4 : Develop long-term training programs. . ♦ Recommendation #2 : Analyze needs and recommend realignment of current management staff. ♦ Goal #3 : Establish an annual review process to measure staff performance and ensure that company personnel continue to meet the company's changing needs and goals. ♦ Recommendation #1 : Fully evaluate current and future staffing needs.The Objective… Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service is a automobile sales and repair facility. ♦ Need #1 : Evaluate and develop the Human Resources department. training. The Opportunity… Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service has a unique opportunity to evaluate and redefine its staffing requirements as well as its employee development and benefits plans at this transitional stage of business. Efficient expansion of facilities and personnel is the primary objective. serving as FASS's transitional Human Resources department. will provide services full time on-site for twelve months. ♦ Need #3 : Expand the current customer base and increase market share through improved staff development and training.

The staff also grew from the original three Fidalgo brothers to forty-nine full-time staff of office personnel and repair technicians. with loaner cars as well as weekend and evening hours for customer convenience. the company needs to revamp its Human Resources department to meet the challenges of its growing operations. Inc. The company has a reputation for honest sales and excellent service. . During the past 10 years.Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service (FASS) began in 1994 as a small automotive sales and repair center located in Bellevue. Now that FASS plans to add two more locations with additional employees. 4 QNA Consultants. drawing customers from all over the greater Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond business district. the FASS facility grew from its original 920 square feet to the 50. FASS is a successful car sales and repair business.000 square feet it occupies today. Washington.

750 Standard Disclaimer: The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate for the projects discussed.750 $13.250 $161. 5 QNA Consultants.25 copies Marketing & Services. Estimates are subject to change if project specifications are changed or costs for outsourced services change before being locked in by a binding contract.916 $1. Inc.000 $675 $5.000 /yr $125/ hr $12.Development Costs Project Development – Initial Evaluations Total Development Costs: Ongoing Monthly Costs: FT Human Resources Director and Assistant Additional personnel (if requested) Total Ongoing Monthly Costs: Miscellaneous Costs: Training program material development Printing of training program materials.Marketing campaign materials Quarterly Management Reports Total Miscellaneous Costs: TOTAL AMOUNT TOTAL MONTHLY AMOUNT TOTAL YEARLY AMOUNT Price $1.500 $1. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute a warranty of final price. .479 $161.500 $155.575 N/C $3.

No pre-payment penalties shall be assessed for advanced payment.Setup Fee: Fees Recurring Monthly: 25% first month at contract signing Any other balances owing To be billed on monthly invoice plus any additional billed hours from prior month Due upon receipt of monthly invoice Net 15 To be billed on monthly invoice Net 15 To be billed on monthly invoice Net 15 Fees Recurring Quarterly/Yearly: Customized / Extra Reports: Minimum Term of Contract This contract shall extend for 12 calendar months. 6 QNA Consultants. Client shall pay for all contracted services through the end of the 90-day notice period or to the end of the initial term of contract. whichever period is longer. Contractor shall disclose the current fee schedule a minimum of 30 days prior to the end of the initial contract term. fees shall be determined at the time of signing the new contract. If Client notifies Contractor of termination prior to end of 12-month initial term. In the event that both parties agree to a new contract for a period of 12 or more months. commencing on the first day of the month following completion of the conversion process. IT IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT. Cancellation of Contract Either party may terminate this contract with 90 days notice. A late payment fee of 15% of total due will be assessed on any account past due by 30 days. . Final terms and conditions of Work to Be Performed will be provided in the Contract for Services. Inc. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED FOR SAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY. Thereafter. Contractor shall provide services described herein on a continuing monthly basis at the current fee schedule.

and required work habits. Inc. all managerial positions have been filled by internal promotion. While this may have served the company well until now. ♦ Develop Job Descriptions – QNA Consultants will develop job descriptions for all staff positions. ♦ Modernize Management Staff –To date. detailing skills needed. assess skills and experience of current managers. 7 QNA Consultants. ♦ Develop Recruiting Strategies – QNA Consultants will develop a plan to efficiently recruit new staff members whose skills match the company's needs. QNA Consultants will conduct a study of FASS's present and future managerial needs. ♦ Update Career Training Programs –QNA Consultants will review current skill levels of staff members and future needs of the company. and recommend training programs that will develop desired skills and will cross-train staff as efficiently as possible. This will allow staff and management a predictable method for monitoring and improving services. This will allow FASS to more easily rank its employees for advancement and raises. unless otherwise covered under a separate agreement. as well as the annual assessment of organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction. and make recommendations about adding new managers and/or upgrading skills to better match the company's needs. and post-production services.QNA Consultants will provide the following services to Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service (FASS). ♦ Analyze HR Staffing Needs – FASS's single HR employee is unable to meet the requirements of this growing company. QNA Consultants will evaluate the HR needs and make recommendations for staffing this area. production. . and will provide employees an accurate analysis of how well they are performing their jobs according to the company's expectations. ♦ Design Process for Annual Review– QNA Consultants will recommend a process for annual assessment of staff skills and productivity. Services listed here include pre-production. including the total number of staff members and the skills needed. responsibilities. this policy may not be in the company's best interest moving forward.

♦ Team Leader: Nora Robertson The Team Leader manages the everyday details of the project. Detailed resumes of each project team member are available upon request. all project-related issues should be funneled through this contact. The Team Leader will manage all the activities of the subordinate team members and answers directly to the Project Manager.Based on Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service’s needs for this project. Inc. . QNA Consultants has put together this proposed project management team: ♦ Client/Project Team Contact: Miguel Rodriguez The Team Contact manages all communication between the QNA Consultants team and FASS. 8 QNA Consultants. To maintain the schedule and avoid miscommunication. ♦ Project Manager: Sandra King The Project Manager ensures that the project meets the goals and schedule within the specified budget constraints.

9 QNA Consultants. assist in recruiting efforts.Prepared for: Michael Fidalgo. QNA will recommend new positions. The QNA Consultants project team would be located on-site full-time for a period of twelve months to serve as a transitional Human Resources department. the QNA team will develop job descriptions and establish standard training and review practices. This will result in the establishment of a modern. as well as assess the needs of the company and the skills of the current personnel. Inc. During this period. The first step toward this goal is to create a Human Resources (HR) department capable of serving the personnel needs of this growing company. . efficient Human Resources department designed to handle FASS's needs for the future. Owner John Fidalgo. VP Operations Prepared By: Constance Wu Senior Consultant February 20 Fidalgo Auto Sales and Service (FASS) is an automotive sales and service facility that plans to expand into the greater Seattle market. and train the company's staff to take over all HR responsibilities.

QNA Consultants specializes in Human Resources. Our staff is required to continually update their skills and education levels to stay current with the latest business practices and requirements. We understand the fast pace of modern business and are positioned to deliver the best results as efficiently as possible. .QNA Consultants has provided business consulting services for more than twenty years. Out mission is to make your business succeed. Inc. Inc. Inc. • HearthFires • Redwing Investment Group • Miles Paper Products • Best Buffets • FSF Furniture Stores • Comend Industries Excellence is always our first goal at QNA Consultants: that's why we're number one in the Human Resources field! 10 QNA Consultants. We take pride in consistently delivering the most professional level of services available in the greater Seattle area. including: • Targeted recruitment strategies • Specialized training programs • Staff development plans • Administration of employee benefits • Discrimination issues and disciplinary procedures • Employee review and retention programs Clients that have worked with QNA Consultants. include: • LetsGo Exercise.

Inc.com Miles Paper Products Robert Rodriguez HR Manager Phone: 206-999-5555 E-mail: RobRod@MPProd.QNAConsulting. Please feel free to contact them about their experiences with QNA Consultants. Inc. Inc.In our two decades of business. You can also find more references listed on our web page: www.com' LetsGo Exercise. . The names listed below are just a few of our consistent clients who have volunteered to serve as references.Prescott@RIG.com Redwing Investment Group George Prescott Sr. QNA has served the needs of over five hundred clients. Sales Phone: 206-999-2121 E-mail: BerDalton@LetsGoExcercise. Partner Phone: 360-559-9090 E-mail: Geo.com 11 QNA Consultants.com Comend Industries Carl Nguyen President Phone: 360-599-9199 E-mail: cangu@Comend. Bernice Dalton VP.

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