Summer Internship Report On

Future Prospects of Omaxe in Indore By Ankush Tripathi A0102209291 MBA Class of 2009-2011

Under the Supervision of Ms. Sonia Singh Lecturer Department of Economics

In Partial Fulfillment of Award of Master of Business Administration

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I, Ankush Tripathi student of Masters of Business Administration from Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh hereby declare that I have completed Summer Internship on ³Future Prospects of Omaxe in Indore´ as part of the course requirement .

I further declare that the information presented in this project is true and original to the best of my knowledge.

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Ankush Tripathi Enroll. No: A0102209291

Place: Noida

MBA Class of 2011

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This is to certify that Mr. Ankush Tripathi, a student of Post Graduate in Business Management at ABS has worked in the Omaxe limited, Indore under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Regional head, Omaxe Indore. The period for which he was on training was for 8 weeks, starting from 2nd May 2010 to 16th June 2010. This Summer Internship report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfillment of the MBA. To the best of our knowledge, no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research.

Signature Ms. Sanjay GuptaAnkush Tripathi (Student)

Signature (Industrial Guide)

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I hereby certify that Ankush Tripathi student of Masters of Business Administration at Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh has completed Summer Internship on ³Future Prospects of Omaxe in Indore´, under my guidance.

Ms. Sonia Singh Lecturer Department of Economics

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It takes immense pleasure for me to express my sincere gratitude to all the helping hands who have guided me in the completion of this project. It was a great learning experience for me to work on my project for two months in such a charged and highly motivated organization. As a student of Amity for Management Studies, I got an opportunity for doing my summer internship in Omaxe Ltd. I would like to thank ABS, Noida, for giving me the platform to work with one of the most renowned organizations. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Omaxe Limited, for giving me the opportunity to hone my skills and learning through a practical approach with this Summer Internship Project. I would like to give my regards to Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Regional head (Indore), my mentor and a continuous source of inspiration during these two months. Without him this project could never be succeeded. His guidance and vision helped us in exploring different ways to complete this challenging task. I am deeply indebted to my faculty guide Ms. Sonia Singh, who has supported me immensely throughout the project through discussions and by always showing me the right course to pursue. The information and suggestions provided by her proved to be most valuable.

Ankush Tripathi Enrollment Number: - A0102209291

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3. 8. 7. Data collected from broker 3. Future Advisement 2. 2. 6. 6. 3. Dlf-Gardencity Vistara Apollo DB Sahara City Parsvnath Malwa County Amrapali Emaar MGF Other Real Estate¶s Chapter 3:-Research and Data Analysis 1. 4. Research Design 2. Data collected from different real estate¶s Chapter 4:-Future Scope of Omaxe in Indore 1. Omaxe in Indore Advisement done by Omaxe in Indore SWOT Analysis Chapter 2:. 5.Brief Contents:Chapter 1:. 9.Competitor of Omaxe in Indore 1. Real estate in India Real estate in Indore Omaxe ltd. 4. 5. 2.Introduction 1. Future Broker¶s 3. Future Prospect and Future Construction 6|P ag e .

Conclusion Bibliography 7|P ag e . Recommendation 2.Chapter 5:-Recommendation and conclusion 1.

India is conspicuous by the immense potential that is beingrealized today. The demandfor more capital appreciation in the wake of rising prices coupled with home loan rate hike hasdampened the buying spirit. Rental values in cities like Delhi and outskirts are witnessing an increase of 20-25%. BPO spaces. The real estate sector is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and contributes heavily towards the gross domestic product (GDP). In residential segment. the capital value or cost of flats has almost doubled in cities likeGurgaon where prices went up to Rs. are considered safe and can be availed of on an individual or sharing basis mean bigbusiness. continued tax exemptions on such prompts people to buy property. mall space. For those considering regular rental returns rather than capital appreciation. this contribution to the GDP is expected to rise to 6 per cent. Even PG hostels and workingwomen¶s hostels. It will facilitate low risk and less worryon maintenance. This has in ways propelled demand for rental property in India. Though theinterest rates on home loans. mall space has the distinction to be an excellent option. A payingguest or PG accommodation in India is a convenient arrangement.Real estate in India The Indian real estate sector plays a significant role in the country's economy. Gurgaon. thosewith the ability to buy a flat among the middle-class are thinking twice. shopsand showrooms are an integral part of the commercial rentals in India. Buying good space in high-quality development and leasing it to a good brand is a wise investment decision. 45 lakhs from Rs. In the next five years.Real estate agents are devoting themselves to negotiations for rented homes than ever. The real estate rental trends in commercial sector are momentous as the key tendency amongthe investors is to rent a commercial space instead of buying. where the corporate sectors rent independent houses for their senior executives. It gives returns higher than that received with office space and much higher than the rental returns from residential space. Increaseddemand for independent houses or paying guests occurs mainly in the metros like Delhi. andMumbai etc.Almost five percent of the country GDP is contributed to by the housing sector. Usually. 15 lakhs a couple of years back. 8|P ag e . commerciallease agreements specify a 15% escalation in the real estate rental in every three years which is a goodenough yield. Commercial rentals including corporate office space.

At now real estate market in India is at growth stage. 9|P ag e .

Nicholas Piramal and a hub for soya beancultivation and processing. Apollo DB and many big name enter in the city. 10 | P a g e . there is many big names as well as small builder are also there in Indore such as Shalimar. Now Investor from all over the India want to invest in Indore and the price of real estate is also increasing like omaxe start from Rs. alloy steel industry and textiles with home tomajor companies like Hindustan Motors. 850 (per square feet). But after 2006 when Omaxe. Now Indore is also known for township hub of M.P. it is fast becoming the place to be for education and for work for the smallertowns in MP.Sahara. Bajaj. DLF. the face of the Indore changes. 450 now Rs.Real estate in Indore Though traditionally Indore has been a hub for automobile. Mount-bug Etc. partly because of rising aspirations of thepopulace and also due to a 47 per cent increase inpopulation in a decade. Recent years have seen a growth in demand forapartments. Eicher Motors. Mid-Town.

At now the real estate market in Indore is at growth stage. 11 | P a g e .

the company was renamed as Omaxe Limited. Omaxe Limited has emerged as one of the prominent Indian real estate companies. piggybacking on the demand for world-class housing and business complexes. to reflect the subsequent change in ownership pattern and diversification of business into real estate development. Rohtas Goel as Omaxe Builders to undertake civil construction and contracting business. After making its foray into real estate in 2001.Omaxe ltd. Omaxe Group has carved a niche for itself for providing high-quality residential and commercial real estate solutions across NCR of Delhi now in different part of India that offer value for money to customers. 12 | P a g e . In a short span of five years. Established in 1987 by Mr.

feet. Omaxe-City: . Omaxe-City is 5 km from main city and about 8 km from the Indore railway-station. Omaxe 3:- 13 | P a g e . The first phase of Omaxe-City is almost fully sold out and about the second phase company launch¶s the flats which are selling at rapid pace. 650 Omaxe City 2 is about 11 km from Indore railway station.Omaxe in Indore In year 2006 Omaxe started there project in Indore (Omaxe City at 110 acres) then in year 2008 now its total size is 400 acres (approx. plots. Omaxe City 2:Omaxe City 2 is just 3 km from Omaxe-1 having only plots which is having 7530 sq. ft. the company is having product mix from Plot to flats Omaxe is having all the products. feet to 775 sq.) they started second project Omaxe City 2 at 89 acres and then again in 2008-09 omaxe launch there third project in Indore ³Omaxe Hills´ 90 acres in starting phase.The Company is having plots from 7534 Sq. 850 (psf). 450 now at Rs. Omaxe-City is the first township in Indore. This is initially sold at Rs. to 968 sq. Flats. In Omaxe-City. ft. In Omaxe-1 Company are having multiple productslike Row House. And recently company launches the project of 250 acres. at Rs.

Omaxe-3 is having multiple products from build-up to plot. Omaxe-3 or Omaxe-hills is doing well in the market and challenging its competitor very well. The market share of omaxe increases day by day.8km Distance from Omaxe City-1:. Distance from Indore city: . Omaxe launches omaxe-hills in year-2009.10km 14 | P a g e .3km Distance from Railway station: . 800(psf). now current price of omaxe-hills is Rs.

Cash cow: . which it should let go and which it should invest in further.Low Market share but high growth rate. It helps a company think about its products and services and make decisions about which it should keep. Question marks: .Low market share as well as low growth rate. 15 | P a g e .High Market share but low growth rate.The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is a simple tool to assess a company¶s position in terms of its product range. Star: .High market share and high growth rate. Dogs: .

Omaxe launch Omaxe Hills in 2009 which is too late. for Omaxe the Omaxe City is STAR performer. therefore its market share is low but growth rate of Omaxe Hills is high. Omaxe City-2 is DOGS according to the BCG MATRIX because the growth rate is low and market share of this is low as compare to other township on that road.According to this BCG MATRIX Omaxe City is STAR because of its first move advantage and increasing market share and high growth rate. 16 | P a g e . The Omaxe launches the Omaxe city in 2006 and it¶s a first township on AB road (Indore) so Omaxe City gets first mover advantage in Indore. Omaxe Hills launches in 2009 which is too late because of many big townships alreadyestablish in Indore city but still the growth rate of Omaxe Hills is high due to the name of Omaxe LMT. Omaxe Hills is Question mark because its market share is low but its growth rate is high.

Advisement done by Omaxe in Indore Omaxe mostly did advisement through hoarding. Omaxe doesn¶t do aggressive advisement in Indore. 17 | P a g e . Omaxe sponsor some T-20 inter state competition and some stage shows and Omaxe gives some advertisement on CNBC and on NDTV.

Omaxe is having multiple products like plot.Weakness O: . 8. 7. 11. Madhya Pradesh. Omaxe don¶t do aggressive marketing to increase its market share. 6. The Township is duly approved by Town & Country Planning. 6. 10. 2.Opportunity T: . Living in complete harmony with Nature in Omaxe City. Omaxe is having over 500 acres of land in Indore. Omaxe City-2 cant able to make big profit due to its distance and Omaxe City -1 cutting the market share of Omaxe City-2 2. Omaxe City-2 is in loss due to DLF biggest competitor of Omaxe City-2. Omaxe city-2 is having bad impression in city. 3. 5. Omaxe can offer discount up to 2-3% which is very rare in real estate market. row house. Omaxe is having big brand name. 4. 5. Omaxe is also havinga mid Rise apartment for the people having a low budget.SWOT Analysis S: . 18 | P a g e people from Bhopal . 3. where there is a big potential market. Omaxe doesn¶t concentrate on small brokers which can provide them a big market. Weakness:- 1. Omaxe advisement is up to Indore only.Threats Strength:1. The marketing team of Omaxe is very efficient.Strength W: . Omaxe City is having first mover advantage in Indore. they have to target also. Omaxe is having a product for all classes from low class to higher class. Omaxe City is just 5 km from the main city and nearest to the city. 9. flats. 4.

Word-of-mouth plays very important role in real estate. 2.Opportunity:1. Bhopal can be a big potential market for the company. 2. Competitors give more brokerage to brokers. Target small brokers they can also provide big market to the company. 3. 19 | P a g e . Competitor is the biggest thread for Omaxe. Omaxe have to do aggressive marketing. 3. Threads:1.

Chapter-2 Competitor of Omaxe in Indore 20 | P a g e .

DLF-GARDENCITY:- Plot size(sqft) Price(psf) RowBuildhouse(sqft) up area Price(psf) Distance from Omaxe-1 3 km 3600 2700 Rs. 1850 Rs. The township has been aesthetically designed by Hafeez Contractor while the landscapes are beautified by a renowned Singapore based consultant. DLF well & truly brings this sentiment to Gardencity. DLF fulfills its promise of bringing world-class lifestyle to Indore. A Gardencity 82 acre of pollution-free environs gives the residents a perfect answer to beat their stressful lifestyle. 870 Rs. Shopping Mall and a wellequipped Healthcare Center within the vicinity. launches its Gardencity project in the year 2007. 870 1400 1200 2160 1875 Rs.DLF-Gardencity DLF one of the biggest real estate of India. Gardencity brings you a step closer to nature. With theme gardens. School. where you live amidst nature and enjoy a contemporary lifestyle. 1850 Distance from Indore city 8 km Distance from Railway station 13 km 21 | P a g e . With a Club. According to DLF Gardencity:The best way to understand nature is to make it a part of your life.

community Centre. 1808 Rs. 1899 Rs. exotic landscape. shopping complex. 700 Rs. having number of project in India. The magnanimous township Vistara has been designed with facilitation of all modern amenities with outstanding world class features encompassing long connecting green parks. 700 Rs. school. 700 Rs. So when you move here. beautifully designed and developed across 150 acre approx. medical facilities. 700 Rs. well lit wide roads. According to Vistara:"VISTARA" an ultra modern integrated township. 1900 Rs. Vistara:Plot Size(sqft) Price(psf) RowBuild-up house(BHK) area(sqft) Price(psf) Distance from Omaxe-1 3 km Distance from Indore 6 km Distance from railway station 13 km 5425 3875 2964 2691 2153 1453 Rs. 700 5 BHK 4 BHK 3 BHK 3 BHK 3292 3132 2295 1877 Rs. 3 tier security. In Indore Suncity launches its project as ³VISTARA´. 700 Rs. you move in to a world of comfort. prime land is to bring a Metropolitan Lifestyle to its residents. a world where you can stop worrying about daily problems and start concentrating on living life at your terms. luxury and peace. play areas etc.Suncity-Vistara Suncity is one of the fast developing real estate of India. 1811 22 | P a g e .

1114th duplex. 610th floor. Luxury 3 BHK 3 BHK 3 BHK 2 BHK 2 BHK 2 BHK 1 BHK 1BHK 2525 Rs. 2150 Rs. 2350 5625 Rs. 3 tier security. 2400 1890 1505 1495 1335 1300 1130 705 695 Rs. 2150 SAHARA CITY 23 | P a g e . Luxury 4 BHK. 2300 2525 Rs. 2150 Rs. school. across 30 acres Apollo DB:Flat (BHK) Area (sqft) Price(psf) Distance from Omaxe-1 6 km Distance Distance from from Indore City railway station In city 8 km 3 BHK. medical facilities play areas and land scalped parks etc. 1-5th floor.Apollo DB Apollo DB is the product of denik bhaskar renowned news paper of India and renowned real estate group APOLLO CREATIONS. community Centre. 2150 Rs. According to Apollo DB:This township has been designed with facilitation of all modern amenities with wide roads. Luxury 3 BHK. 2150 Rs. 2150 Rs. 2150 Rs. shopping complex. 2150 Rs.

Sale Build-up unit only 4. The key features of Sahara City are:1. 2. 4. This township is spread in 88 acres.Sahara Parivaar one of the biggest Parivaar in India and Sahara City is emerging township in Indore. 100% power back-up and best security.0km 7. 5. Distance:- 1. All basic Amenities. since year 2000 and it is an oldest township of Indore and they targeted people of premium class only. Target only premium class customer.5km 13km 7. Distance from Main City :Distance from Railway Station:Distance from Airport:Distance from Bus Station:Distance from Omaxe-1:- 8.0km 10km Sahara City:24 | P a g e . 3. The name of Sahara. 3. 5. 2.

Type-D 4BHK.73 1256.65 2357. Duplex.00 23.82 2347.38 2613. Type-D 4BHK.Type-C 3BHK.95 64.67 32. Row House lacs) 16.25 1268. Type-B 2BHK.15 52.Type-C 4BHK.31 227. Duplex.74 2307. Type-C 3BHK. Duplex.3BHK.58 Penthouse.17 939.Type-C 3BHK. 9th floor.03 Type-B 2BHK+Terrace.60 35. Duplex.40 65.Duplex.17 1455. Type-D 954.04 2063. 1158.94 38.92 141. Type-D 4BHK.3BHK. Type-D 3BHK.A 712.75 Independent Row House Independent Semi Detached House Independent Bungalows Area (sqft) 1BHK.14 Parsvnath City 25 | P a g e . Duplex. Type-D 3BHK.40 63.39 1256.Type-C 2BHK. lacs) 86.Type-B Penthouse.08 64.73 954.67 Price (Rs.92 3150.79 1966.85 1823. Type.08 32.05 31.2BHK.02 77.58 4263.64 39. Type-C Penthouse.13 55.73 23.Flat (BHK) Area(sqft) Price (Rs.73 1861.

The honored residents of this contemporary township can get into a shopping extravaganza for globally reputed products at retail outlets. 1. Parsvnath City:26 | P a g e . 4. Shopping and dining facilities will offer a holistic perspective of modern urban lifestyle. According to Parsvnath City:Parsvnath City will be a state-of-the-art township with world class features and modern infrastructure. Parsvnath City. Sector-wise Township Roads with high quality riding surfaces Underground optical fiber cables Ducts for cabling Solid waste management Well lit.Parsvnath one of the biggest real estate in India. 5. Rejuvenate your life with the most modern facilities that are all destined to match your ideals of living and expectations from life. they are in Indore since 2007. 3. boutiques and neighboring departmental stores. Indore will deliver indulgence and freedom accompanied with comprehensive facilities. It is being developed with best of contemporary infrastructural facilities. Indore will offer a distinctive convergence of global lifestyle and entertainment avenues. The much-anticipated global lifestyle is determined to invigorate Indore and its citizens. wide metaled circular roads Parsvnath City. 6. 2.It will offer optimum solitude and luxurious lifestyle to its residents who are inclined to communicate with global lifestyle. spread over 250 acres of area.

1650 Rs. 800 2700 Rs. floor 1st 1150 Rs.Groun 1700 d floor 3BHK. 800 3BHK. floor 1st 1700 3825 Rs.Plot Size(sqft ) 1548 Price(psf ) Flat(BHK) Area(sqft ) Price (psf) Distance from Omaxe-1 6km Rs. 800 27 | P a g e . 1650 Rs. 1650 Distance from Indore City 16km Distance from railway station 19km 2250 Rs. 800 2BHK.Groun 1150 d floor 2BHK. 1650 Rs.

The ITES companies operate on low costs and are always on the lookout for cities from where they can operate in a cost effective and efficient manner. an IIM and more coming up and a University. The projects under execution by the Satya Group bear an eloquent testimony and proof of experience and expertise in the real estate world. Indore is an ideal location for cost effective operations and it is destined to become a preferred location for IT and ITES companies. Badminton Courts. The Club would be a fitness Centre par excellence. Billiards room. The Club will possess the state of the art Tennis Courts. steam and sauna facilities. The Club that is proposed to be built in the Township will boast of all modern infrastructure and facilities as seen in such Utility internationally. In Indore they launch a project Malwa County in 110 acres. which speak volumes about sound financial standings and business. According to Malwa County:MALWA COUNTY would be having a provision for an IT PARK on about 6 Acres of land. Table tennis room. With time Indore has developed as an educational hub in the Country with numerous technical institutes like 4 engineering colleges.Malwa County Satya group one of the biggest real estate groups of India. a Gym equipped with modern and state of the art equipment¶s. Card room. The IT and ITES Services in India as a whole are booming and they require space and also talent to operate efficiently. 28 | P a g e . a swimming pool of world class levels. Squash Courts. Also the club would provide for an entertainment area.

1095 Rs. 775 A-2BHK B-2BHK C-3BHK D-2&3 BHK 868 . 923 & 1289 1273 & 1396 1192 & 1516 Amrapali Modern City 29 | P a g e . 1095 6km Distance from Indore City 10km Distance from railway station 15km 4050 2700 1800 1500 Rs.Malwa County:Plot Size(sqft) Price(psf) Flat Area(sqft) Price(psf) Distance from Omaxe-1 Rs. 1095 Rs. 844 & 1519 943 . 775 Rs. 775 Rs. 1095 Rs. 775 Rs.

various indoor outdoor games and an exclusive kids play area. Jacuzzis.Amrapali Modern City in Indore launches its project in 2008. clear sky and warmth of bonfire in winter. 500 Rs. spread over 125 acres of area. rustling sound of dry leaves. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. According to Amrapali:At Amrapali Modern City we not only talk about plush interiors but the experience & of wet grass under your feet. International standard Club house with swimming pool. Amrapali:Plot Size (sqft) 854 1000 1250 1800 2086 Price(psf) Rs. 500 Distance from Omaxe-1 26 km Distance from Indore City Near IIM Distance from railways station 15.7 km Emaar MGF 30 | P a g e . Three Screen Multiplex with state of the art aesthetically designed shopping mall to cater to all the entertainment and Shopping needs of the neighborhood. trickling sound of water in the lily pool. 500 Rs.

³the Company´) is a joint venture between Emaar Properties PJSC (³Emaar´) of Dubai and MGF Development Limited (³MGF´) of India. having developed approximately 89 million square feet of real estate across residential.According to Emaar MGF:Emaar MGF Indore Greens is one of the popular Residential Developments in Pithampur Road Indore. Emaar MGF Indore Greens is one of the most exclusive. self-sustaining communities in all of Central India. commercial and other business segments and with operations in 14 countries.11 km Other Real Estate¶s 31 | P a g e . Indore Greens seeks to evoke and inspire the spirit of family living in a reserved yet flourishing neighborhood. the landscape green beautiful garden with spacious Houses and a plethora of leisure and retail options. Emaar MGF Indore Greens Offering a variety of luxurious villas. Distance from Omaxe-1:14 km Distance from Indore city: 2 km Distance from Railway station: . a school. MGF has established itself as one of the key players in retail real estate development in Northern India and has delivered approximately 2 million square feet of retail space and in Indore its spread over 200 acres. Emaar is one of the world¶s leading real estate companies. premium apartments. contemporary offices and a business hotel.Emaar MGF Land Limited (³Emaar MGF´. spanning over 200 acres of lush greenery. Set in a pristine natural. environment friendly setting. A secure residential haven that many aspire for but only an elite few can achieve. Indore Greens is among the well known Real Estate Projects of Emaar MGF Limited.

32 | P a g e . Ansal Housing and many of them are of local builder¶s like Indus. Treasure Vihar 9. Indus Town 2. Ocean park 5. Omaxe is having competition from both local builder and big real estate company because Omaxe is having around 400 acres of land in different part of Indore.Other then these big real estate companies some of the small companies are also there in Indore like: 1. Midtown Some of the townshipµs are big like Silver spring. Milan Heights 7. Shalimar Palm 3. Ansal Housing 4. County Walk 6. Silver spring 8. Treasure Vihar etc. Omaxe City-2 and Omaxe hills. Omaxe City-1.


i. Qualitative research is especially important in the behavioral sciences where the aim is to discover the underlying motives of human behavior.Type of Research: The research was a combination of both Descriptive and Qualitative type of research. Descriptive Research includes surveys & fact-finding enquiries of different kinds. is concerned with qualitative phenomenon.e. on the other hand. 34 | P a g e . Qualitative research. Its major purpose is to describe the state of affairs as it exists at present & the researcher has no control over the variables. phenomena relating to or involving quality or kind. It includes attempts by researchers to discover causes even they cannot control variables.

although the market has shrunk in numerous areas. On the other hand. Customers visitbroker before buying property:82% 82% 18% 82% Yes 82 % No 18% Investors visit broker before buying property:35 | P a g e . pursuing the job as a real estate broker or agent has turned unexpectedly hard following the latest financial recession. people while making a deal in house for sale frequently look for real estate brokers in a quest of getting the best deals. which will help in my project. It is also a common view that a house is a good asset and investment. a really huge market. Whether investing for a personal purpose or for others. This makes the property market. Therefore. So i visited many real estate broker for understanding there method of working and collecting data from them.Data collected from broker Most of families dream of owning house. you normally need the services and expertise of a real estate broker.

80% 80% 20% 80% Mainly Investor don¶t visit any broker and most of them don¶t wont there expert advise before investing in any property. Is brand name affect buying behavior of customer? 36 | P a g e .

00 No=40% Yes=60% There 50-50% case. but yes brand name affect the buying behavior means the people like to buy there property in big companies township rather then in local builder township Is broker want to become an associate of Omaxe:37 | P a g e .

38 | P a g e .90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Yes = 80% No=20% Yes many broker want to be a part of Omaxe.

Are broker¶s satisfied with Omaxe? 0 0 No=10% Yes=90% Yes No Data collected from different real estate¶s 39 | P a g e .

Is marketer spread bad rumors for there competitor:- 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Yes 90% of marketer spread bad rumors for its competitor¶s. 40 | P a g e .Mainly Marketer of different real estate spread rumors about omaxe or there respective competitor to increase its sales.

when there is variation in competitor price? 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No Yes 75% of the company changes its price when there is variation in competitor. 41 | P a g e .Is company change its price.

Chapter 4 Future Scope of Omaxe in Indore 42 | P a g e .

Omaxe have to tie up with news channel¶s also for there advertisement. Gwalior also there they can find a future Prospect for there company. New place and modes of advertisement:1. Omaxe have to tie-up with newspaper agencies. 43 | P a g e . 2. 5. 6.Future Advertisement Omaxe have to do aggressive advising because the competition is increasing day-by-day in Indore. Omaxe have to tie-up with radio station also. so Omaxe have to target Bhopal and do aggressive marketing in Bhopal. 4. 3. Bhopal there is big market in Bhopal. Omaxe have to target Jabalpur.V and newspapers. Omaxe have to target all segments of people so expect T. Devas just 30 km from Indore and many industries are there so Omaxe have to target Devas industrial area also.

P. Omaxe have to target small brokers too in Indore. LIC agents can also be future brokers of Omaxe. 4. 2. 3. 5. Omaxe have to make broker in different part of M. 44 | P a g e . Omaxe have to give more incentives to broker¶s.Future Brokers 1. Omaxe have to find broker¶s not only in city but in village too.

3. 2. 45 | P a g e . 4. Omaxe regularly motivate there broker¶s.Maintain better relationship with Brokers:- 1. Omaxe have to target small brokers too in Indore. Omaxe have to create dispute between two broker¶s so there sales may increase. LIC agents can also be future brokers of Omaxe.

46 | P a g e .Future Prospect and Future Construction Anyone can be future prospect of Omaxe. because in future the people from rural as well urban want a house for there survival and as there in no space left in city or in there village as population increases day-by-day. Like roof parking or eco friendly houses or energy efficient or earth quake resistance and many more. so that they can attract customer¶s very easily. so that customer don¶t get confused rather buy here or any some other big township. As per construction is concerned Omaxe have to try some new look and give new design to there build-ups. If the space is not there in there city or there village they have to move towards the townships and then the sales of the Omaxe product will increase.

Chapter 5 Recommendation and conclusion 47 | P a g e .

T. If Omaxe want to increase its sale. 5. they have to control the rumors which are spread by the competitor companies or by the broker¶s which are not a part of Omaxe.V. 2. to get maximum profit. 4. Target every communication channel such as print media. Target share market agents and bank insurance agents. Radio even they have to tie up with telecom companies also.P.Recommendation 1. 3. Omaxe have to focus on sales maximization rather then on profit maximization. Omaxe have to do aggressive marketing in whole M. 48 | P a g e .

just utilize its potential fully. 49 | P a g e .Conclusion The market of real estate is still in boom in India. so there is many chances Omaxe is having and Omaxe have to take the right step on right time and right place and just concentrate on brokers and potential customers. The future of Omaxe is very bright.

Omaxe.Bibliography 50 | P a g e .com www.

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