Chan Kwon Turquoise LtG Greetings my fellow 2010-2011 district board members, my name is Chan Kwon and

I will serve as the 2010-2011 Turquoise Lieutenant Governor. I am a junior at Adolfo Camarillo High and have been a part of Cam High KIWIN S board for one year. I joined KIWIN S as a sophomore new to Adolfo Camarillo High, because my friends suggested I join the club. I took an interest in the club immediately because it was predominantly Asian, and I had no other people to eat lunch with on Wednesdays when my friends would go to the lunch meetings. After being appointed the position of club-editor and spending a year serving the club, I decided to contribute more to the club that had facilitated my friendship development when I was new to the school and knew so few people. That is why I am attending Mayboard as the 2010-2011 Turquoise Lieutenant Governor. I look forward to expanding Turquoise division and making Fall Rally and District Convention great experiences for all Cal-Nev-Ha. Although I will have a rigorous academic curriculum next year, senior year presents a lot less pressure and instead of contracting senioritus I intend on devoting my energy to KIWIN S. Most of the other Lieutenant Governors got to know me at DCON, but for those that didn t, here are some surefire ways to become my friend ASAP as possible. You can embed quotes from the office into your vocabulary, listen to Tupac, or pretend I am funny. If you can do none of those three, it might take a while longer but I m sure we ll still get along. I look forward to the 2010-2011 District Board and if you ever need a helping hand, don t hesitate to let me know.

In Spirit and Service,

Chan Kwon Turquoise Division Lt. Governor 10- 11 805-914-9648

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