Red Bull distribution

The Red Bull company also distributes and markets a number of other drinks including Simply Cola, the Carpe Diem range of herbal soft beverages and the Sabai Wine Spritzer (the latter in association with the Thai Siam Winery in Thailand). [edit]Marketing

Kirby Chambliss racing in the Red Bull Air Race World Series

Initially, Red Bull distributed free cases of the drink to college students in an attempt at viral advertising. This strategy was wildly successful, resulting in the rapid proliferation of sales. Red Bull has since become known for its sleek marketing targeted at young urban professionals through various sports and entertainment based advertising campaigns. The current mottoes, "Red Bull Gives You Wings," and "No Red Bull, No Wings" are direct plays on the apparent stimulating properties of the beverage. [edit]Sport


Since the initial viral campaign, Red Bull's efforts have included sponsoring extreme sport events including cliff diving, BMX, skiing, flying and skateboarding. In the 1990s, Red Bull sponsored the rower Xeno Müller, who won an Olympic gold medal in the single sculls in 1996[1]. Today, Red Bull sponsors skierTanner Hall, who won the X Games gold in half-pipe skiing. Red Bull also owns and conducts the Flugtag ("flight day" in German), a competition where entrants launch themselves off a 10 metre ramp in homemade "flying machines" into a body of water (reminiscent of the Birdman Rally); its own version of the soapbox derby called the Red Bull Soap Box Race which was recently held in Cincinnati, Ohio; the Red Bull Art of the Can Competition, an international art competition in which artists are asked to create works using the Red Bull can; and the Red Bull BC One individual breakdance competition.

World Rally Championship Red Bull Car

Red Bull has had a sponsorship presence in a number of sports for some time, especially in the world of motor sport, with the company having a presence in the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) especially the Abt Audi team, Dakar Rally sponsoring the VW Race Touareg Team,KTM Factory Motocross Team, Moto GP, British Superbike's (BSB) Red Bull Honda and HM Plant Red Bull Honda teams, World Rally Championship with the Citroën and Skoda teams, the SEAT team in the World Touring Car Championship, in Champ Car with Neel Jani andPKV Racing, Rhys Millen's Pontiac in Formula D, sponsoring the GP2 Series team owner by Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner,Arden International. The team previously sponsored the Sauber and Arrows Formula One teams, the Red Bull Cheever Racing Team in the IRL, and since 2007 Team Red Bull has competed in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Also Red Bull is now sponsoring the Cyberathlete Professional League and its own air racing event called the Red Bull Air Race. Red Bull does not pay their athletes to wear or promote their logo.[citation needed] The 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, a competition for driverless cars, was won by a student team from Stanford. The Team's robotically driven Volkswagen Touareg "Stanley", was sponsored by Red Bull. Red Bull also has sponsored various racing drivers including NASCAR driver Brian Vickers and Scott Speed and Formula One drivers Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi. Red Bull is also sponsor to young Canadian racing prodigy Robert Wickens and teammate John Michael Edwardsin the Champ Car Atlantic Series, as well as rally driver Travis Pastrana, Moto GP riders Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa, American Superbike (AMA) riders Eric Bostrom, Ben Bostrom and Jake Zemke and British Superbike (BSB) riders Jonathan Rea, Eugene Laverty and Ryuchi Kiyonari. Red Bull is sponsoring two new NASCAR teams under 2007; racing under the new Toyota Camry label. Aside from that, its Thai unit and its Philippine partner has been responsible in forming, licensing and funding the Red Bull Barako basketball team in the Philippine Basketball Association since 2000. It has become one of the most successful sports teams in the Philippines.



Red Bull has also extended its presence to purchasing and entirely re-branding a number of sports teams.

Red Bull established Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2006 by buying the Minardi team. This followed the purchase ofJaguar to become Red Bull Racing the previous year.

[edit]Motorsport Main articles: Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso, and Red Bull Racing Team In motorsport, these teams include Red Bull Racing (previously Jaguar Racing)[6] and Scuderia Toro Rosso, previously Minardi F1 Team.[7](Scuderia Toro Rosso is Italian for Red Bull Team.) [7] Both teams have scored Grand Prix victories. In 2006, Red Bull unveiled a NASCAR team, Red Bull Racing Team. It made its debut in the Nextel Cup Series, now known as the Sprint Cup Series, that season at Lowe's Motor Speedway. [edit]Association football Main articles: FC Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls, Red Bull Brasil, and RB Leipzig The company has also been highly active in association football. On April 6, 2005, Red Bull bought the Austrian club SV Austria Salzburg and renamed it to Red Bull Salzburg, a move which has been heavily criticised by supporter groups within Austria and across Europe. In 2005, Red Bull purchased the MetroStars, a team in Major League Soccer representing New York City but playing its home games in New Jersey, from Anschutz Entertainment Group and renamed the franchise; Red Bull New York is the name of the Red Bull subsidiary that operates the team, while the squad itself is known as the New York Red Bulls. The company built the team a new stadiumwhich had its match opener March 20, 2010. In 2007, Red Bull established the lower-division Red Bull Brasil team in São Paulo. Most recently in June 2009 the company has purchased the football licence of German fifth division club SSV Markranstädt based near Leipzig. The club began play in the 2009-10 season as RB Leipzig and the company has stated that their goal is to advance to play in the country's first division Bundesliga within ten years.

[edit]Ice hockey Main article: EC Red Bull Salzburg The company purchased EC Salzburg, the city's team in the Austrian Hockey League, in 2000 and renamed it Red Bull Salzburg. [edit]Promotional


In addition to sport sponsorships, Red Bull has developed the MET (Mobile Energy Team) programme. The teams consist of mostly college students, who drive specially designed Red Bull "Racers". The racers are detailed with the Red Bull logo and most carry an oversized can of Red Bull on their chassis (Suzuki Vitara, MiniCooper, SportTrac, etc.). The METs complete daily missions that include sporting events, businesses, colleges, shopping centres, etc. The Mobile Energy Team is trained to know the properties of the energy drink thoroughly and present them to consumers. [edit]Charitable


Red Bull has also been known to support events in aid of charity. For the past three years it has been a sponsor

of the Don't Walk Charity Fashion Show at the University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Don't

Walk is a student organised show which raises awareness and contributes its profits from the show and related events to a nominated charity each year. The show's go-ahead is significantly bolstered by Red Bull's sponsorship, including its provision of the Red Bull VIP area where Red Bull and its related products are handed out to attending students free, significantly promoting its image to the student population.

Red Bull Red Bull has a great image and is the market leader. Therefore we have two objectives:

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Maintaining the lead Trying to extend it by creating further consumer needs for Red Bull Product

The product is fine as it is, over 60% of the under 30 year old Germans recognise the brand unassisted. People are happy with the product. Only the image can be strengthened. · Price

Also the price should stay the same, a high price is inadmissible to keep the image of a high quality product. Only place and promotion can add further value to the image. · Place

Table 5.1 showed us that in 1998 only 20% of Red Bull¶s sales were distributed through retail. As Red Bull is an utility drink, consumers only buy it occasionally. Therefore they do not necessarily buy the drink in supermarkets, but rather at petrol stations or off-licence retailers. As Red Bull has already reached market dominance in the rest of Europewith drastically rising sales figures, the company will have a significant influence on the wholesalers product displaying policy ( PDP). In the near future Red Bull will become a more established and demanded brand. · Promotion

Because of the high correlation between marketing expenditure and the sales of Red Bull in the past, the marketing budget should be significant. Red Bull has already increased the budget immensely; the goal is up to 50% of revenues. A high percentage of the budget is spent on sponsoring. In the future we should extend the promotion and ad-activities in order to maintain the leader position; there shall be more Red Bull stands at ski huts giving a way Red Bull mix drinks (RB-Champagne)etc. 7.2 White Bull · Product

White Bull is a soft high quality mix drink (long drink), containing Vodka and Red Bull. The name ³white´, because Vodka is crystal clear. There will be a light Bull and a White Bull light with a lesser extent of alcohol. The drink will be presented in a luxury 300ml bottle. The idea of the product is that all the people who use Red Bull as an Energizer at daytime shall have a drink for the night. The motto is: Cool Light Red goes goes goes hot night white.

The image shall be that white bull helps you to fly even longer, so you can survive the night in a club; and you can enjoy it even more intensive. · Price

White Bull shall have a luxury image, but the target group is everybody. Whether it is a business woman in the Country Club, who only wants to have one drink and does not want to buy a whole bottle of Vodka, or whether it is a teenager, who just wants two Vodka Red Bull for the night in front of the TV. The price shall be around twice as high as a beer, a little bit higher than a Hooch, but still cheaper than a self-mixed Vodka Red Bull. That means that it shall cost round about £2.28 in the supermarket. · Place

³White Bull´ will be distributed literally at the same places as ³Red Bull´. We are firstly talking about Bars, Pubs and night-clubs, petrol stations ( not in the UK , more likely in Germany i.e.) and small offlicence retailers. Once Red Bull is fully established in supermarkets, White Bull will fill the shelves in the supermarkets as well. · Promotion

White Bull will be promoted in a similar kind as Red Bull, through events organised together with Vodka-producers, VIP-Parties, etc.. Also, as by-product to Red Bull on Ski huts. Definitely at evening events rather than sports events at day time. Advertising will be on TV and fashionable magazines (Time Out; Cosmopolitan). White Bull will be promoted with the slogan: ³White Bull gives you horns´. This may cause some controversy, but gives us a lot of extra publicity, as well as it differentiates the product from Red Bull. 7.3 Sports-Clothing We thought about introducing a small selection of very extraordinary sports clothes. Red Bull is sponsoring a lot sports events. Almost always sports who are rare, and only a minority is doing them. First aim is to make some extra money, second is to get extra attention through people wearing the clothes. · Product

Products of the Clothing Selection shall be very limited. There shall be a jacket for skiing and snowboarding for instance, a hat for spare time, Shorts for biking, bath suits, etc. The product shall be of high quality where the Red Bull logo is a cult, and shall be bought in addition to the cult objects (e.g. Burton Snowboard pants) · Price

Clothing shall be a lot more expensive than no-name clothes, but a bit cheaper than Burton , Tommy Hilfiger, etc. The strategy shall be similar to Kookai. · Place

The ³Sport Clothing´ sector will be distributed very selectively. Therefore they will be sold in only a few, selected stores that target young, sportive and active people who desire functional and durable clothing. They also will be sold in places such as skiing resorts. We will try to establish specific ³Red Bull´ rooms or corners in famous stores. · Promotion

The Clothing will mainly be advertised in sports magazines and promoted through sports sponsoring (Formula One, Snowboarding, etc.). 7.4 The ³Red Bull Energy Bar´ · Product

A City-Bar for business people to take a light lunch and to meet. In the style of an Airport VIP-Lounge, customers have the possibility to plug in their computers (Internet, Email), send and receive faxes and to be financially informed over a large screen showing stock exchange quotes. Products will be salads, healthy sandwiches and juices, and of course Red Bull · Price

The price will be as high as in any other City-Bar and in addition phone line charges. The Bar should reflect a high standard, but it should be affordable very regularly. · Place

The ³Red Bull Energy Bar´ will firstly be established at a few, very selective places. Our primary target market-professionals \ managers-will be perfectly reached in the City. All offices and banks are situated in the city, where professionals take a lunch break to energise. ³Red Bull Energy Bar´ will firstly be established in selected major European capitals, i.e. London ,Paris , Berlin . Once this business is established we are going to expand it. · Promotion

The Red Bull Energy Bar does not need a lot of media advertising, because it will be placed in an area where people pass by very frequently. This gives a great word of mouth attention (see Häagen Dazs). There will be opening events attracting the press. Nevertheless, infrequent advertising in specific magazines (Business Week, Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide, etc.) will take place.

USp red bull

Red Bull energy drink Red Bull gives you wings - A simple example that refers to energy and flight, hinting that the product will pick up your mood. Not my favorite, but still good.

Gatorade( promotion)
For my Advertising and Sales Promotions Class, we were tasked with selecting an existing advertising campaign and developing a new one via a creative brief. I chose Gatorade and it¶s introduction of it¶s new sports drink Gatorade Tiger. Announced in October 2007, Gatorade and Tiger Woods have agreed to a 5-year licensing deal worth as much as $100 million[1]. In the deal, Gatorade will introduce the new sports drink in March 2008. Gatorade Tiger will be available in 3 flavors ± Red Drive (Cherry Blend), Cool Fusion (Citrus Blend), and Quiet Storm (Grape). Basic Problem - The advertising must introduce a new sports drink to the already crowded beverage market while taking into consideration Gatorade¶s current offerings and advertisements. Currently, Gatorade offers a multitude of products including Gatorade, Gatorade Frost, Gatorade Rain, Gatorade All Stars, Gatorade Fierce, Gatorade X Factor, Gatorade AM, Gatorade Xtremo, and the newly introduced G2. As of May 2007, Gatorade accounted for 85.5% of the bottled sports drink market with Powerade as their largest competitor. Gatorade is also competing in the bottled water market. Their Propel Fitness Water offering currently holds 5.1% (Appendix B) of the market. One of their more direct competitors is Vitamin Water. Much like Gatorade, their marketing strategy revolves around the sports industry as well. Over the years, they have signed several marquee athletes such as New England Patriots¶ Tom Brady, Chicago Bears¶ Brian Urlacher, and Houston Rockets¶ Tracy McGrady. They also have branched into the non-athlete promotion arena with rapper 50 Cent. Gatorade¶s biggest challenge is to expand the bottled sports beverage/functional water markets and not cannibalize their own sales. A secondary challenge is take into consideration their current marketing efforts as well as the image that Tiger Woods has already established. Tiger has and is continuing to endorse several other products/brands including Accenture, Nike, Buick, and American Express. Objectives of Advertising - For Gatorade Tiger, there are several important objectives that we need to attain: 1. Create Product Awareness and Introduce Gatorade Tiger ± This is a new product that will be introduced in March 2008.Consumers need to be aware that this product does exist and

what it looks like. This is the first sports beverage to be endorsed by Tiger Woods and the first one to relate to the sport of Golf. 2. Induce Trial ± The advertising must also create interest in the product so that consumers will purchase and try Gatorade Tiger. 3. Leverage and Strengthen the Gatorade Brand ± The advertising should add to and not deviate from the Gatorade Brand.According to Gatorade¶s website, ³Gatorade is scientifically formulated and athletically proven to quench thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes and provide carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance.´ 4. Goal of $150M[2] in retail sales for Year 1 ± This is an internal goal for Gatorade, which would require Gatorade Tiger to become the #3 bottled sports drink. Target Audience - Gatorade Tiger¶s target audiences differ slightly from the usual Gatorade consumers. Their Platinum Customers (Primary Target) would be males aged 18-35 with interest in sports, particularly golf. Most likely these would be weekend warrior golfers who are passionate about the sport, purchase high end golf equipment, and are looking for ways to improve their game. These are not professionals but rather those who enjoy playing the sport when they have the time. Gatorade Tiger¶s Gold Customers (Secondary Target) are golfers of both sexes and of all ages. While Gatorade naturally skews younger, Tiger Woods has a presence that seems to transcend all ages. His current endorsements of Nike, American Express, and Buick definitely are attracting two sets of demographics. Nike skews younger whereas American Express and Buick skew towards the 50+ age crowd. Key Benefits - Gatorade Tiger has several key benefits that will resonate with their target customers:

y y y

Tiger Woods Endorsed ± Tiger Woods is the #1 Golfer in the World and is an aspirational figure for the primary and secondary targets. Quenches thirst ± An 18-hole round of golf will take an average of 4 hours or longer. A constant flow of fluids is essential for peak performance. Replacement of electrolytes, vitamins, and mineral loss in sweat ± Golf is a sport and requires athletic performance, stamina, and skill. As energy is exerted, carbohydrates, electrolyes, vitamins, and minerals might be replaced. Great flavor ± Gatorade Tiger comes in 3 great flavors chosen by Tiger Woods himself. Sports shaped bottles ± Gatorade Tiger comes in easy to grip bottles that are easier to use when trying to replace fluids. Future benefits might be enhanced through Gatorade Tiger¶s relationship with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI). According to the Gatorade Tiger press release, ³As a first step in our relationship, Tiger recently underwent sweat analysis testing with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI)«A measurement of sweat rate, sweat electrolyte concentration, fluid and electrolyte balance and energy needs were analyzed during a vigorous round of exercise.´[3] More research might unearth future claims and benefits of drinking Gatorade Tiger on golfing performance.

Brand Personality - Gatorade Tiger must personify two brands ± Gatorade and Tiger Woods. Gatorade stands for high performance, thirst quenching, and science. The personality is intense, focused, and is a winner. Tiger Woods has a lot of these characteristics as well. He is the undisputed #1 golfer in the world today. He is on track to break every major golf record and stands for excellence, winning, determination, focus, hard working, and a leader. According to his agent Mark Steinberg ± ³We wanted to get away from a straight endorsement deal in the beverage category. We thought this would be the best fit for his first licensing deal. It¶s authentic to what Tiger does every day, as hard as he works out every day.´[4] Tiger Woods is also has two personalities when he is on the golf course. He is very calm, collected, and focused when he is getting ready for a shot but is fiery and emotional when he makes a big putt. Special Requirements - There are a several requirements that the advertisements must incorporate:

y y y

Use of the Gatorade Lighting Bolt Logo and consideration for the color sweat design in current Gatorade ads. Use of the Gatorade tag line, ³Is it In you?´ Must adhere to Tiger Woods existing brand reputation.

Creative Development - For Gatorade Tiger, The Big Idea can be summed up as ± ³Getting the most out of your golf game and obtaining peak performance on the golf course just like Tiger does.´ For the two print advertisement concepts, they will have similar but distinct messages. Both will incorporate The Big Idea.

Print Advertisement #1 - The first print advertisement is called ³Eye of the Tiger´. It features a black and white image of Tiger Woods¶ intense stare with color enhanced sweat. It emphasizes performance with the statement that ³being a winner takes hard work and sweat.´ There is also a large close-up image of the product with the tag line, ³it¶s in Tiger. is it in you?´ For the verbal part of the message strategy, the intent was to emphasize four areas:

y y

y y

Tiger¶s Association and Endorsement ± It was important to ensure that Tiger¶s name was prominent and was accomplished through the text on the product itself and within the tagline. Reinforcement that Gatorade helps athletes compete at their highest level ± Words such as ³winning´ and ³peak performance´ are there to associate the product with great athletic feats. Many individuals who participate in athletics such as golf want any advantage they can get in order to be at their best. Mention product features and attributes ± There is text explaining that the product provides energy (carbohydrates) for performance and provides replenishment of vital nutrients and compounds that one would lose during strenuous activities. Association with previous Gatorade Ads ± The tagline, ³it¶s in Tiger. is it in you?´ is a modification on the ³is it in you?´ tagline on traditional Gatorade Ads. It is familiar to the consumer and creates the association that if the product is good enough for Tiger, it should also be good enough for the average consumer.

For the nonverbal part of the message, there were several intentional elements that were added to emphasize the key benefits and brand personality:




Tiger¶s Eyes ± Tiger Woods is an asset and the use of his piercing eyes offer a dramatic backdrop. It also plays off of the ³Eye of the Tiger´ phrase which elicits images of the motion picture, Rocky. Rocky is a story of an underdog who succeeds in performing at his highest level through hard work, sweat, and determination. Red Sweat and Color ± The colored sweat is a tie-in to previous Gatorade advertising. This creates an element of familiarity and understanding that this is a Gatorade advertisement. The red color is significant to Tiger Woods and stands for victory. Tiger Woods always wears the color red on Sundays when he is looking to win a golf tournament. Close Up of Product ± The product of Gatorade Tiger is in a close up to emphasize the Tiger Woods association and to give the potential customer a good view of the new logo. Since this is a new product, the consumer needs to be able to identify the product while shopping.

Print Advertisement #2 - The second print advertisement is called ³Be Tiger´. It features 3 consecutive statements that follow the same sentence structure. It also showcases Tiger Woods in his trademark fist pump and all 3 Gatorade Tiger flavors. The same tag line, ³it¶s in Tiger. is it in you?´ is also used. Like the first advertisement, the 4 main areas of the verbal part of the message strategy is still the same ± the words reinforce Tiger¶s association with the product, the idea that Gatorade helps athletes compete at their highest level, product features and attributes, and an association with

previous Gatorade Ads. Unlike the first advertisement, the second one uses a repetition of similar sentences. The use of the word ³be´ is there to be aspirational for what the consumer wants to be. All three adjectives ³amazing´, ³inspiring´, and ³best´ represent Tiger and invokes the desire from the consumer standpoint to be like Tiger. For the nonverbal part of the message, the second advertisement used different intentional elements to emphasize the key benefits and brand personality:


y y

Tiger¶s Trademark fist pump ± Tiger Woods is known to pump his fist after sinking a key and/or unbelievable pump. It is his emotional signature for success. The use of the fist pump is to bring this association of winning to the product as well as a reinforcement of the logo which also features the fist pump. Red Color ± As with the first advertisement, the red color is to signify peak performance, winning, and Tiger Woods. All 3 flavors of Gatorade Tiger ± All three flavors of the product are shown so that consumers understand what they will see in the grocery stores. The copy mentions the flavors of red drive, cool fusion, and quiet storm but it is hard to visualize what the names mean. Having product images, makes the flavors clearer to the consumers, while showcasing the unique shape of the bottles.

Red bull segmentation
1. Market Segmentation 1.1 Introduction Red Bull is a non-alcoholic energy drink and therefore falls under the category of soft drinks. Soft drinks can be divided into sub-segments and one of these segments is energy and sports drinks. These can be divided again into three different categories: Glucose energy drinks Sport drinks High energy stimulation drinks Since 1996 the market of soft drinks has grown by 5% and by 1997 it reached a total amount of £6.896bn, which is an equivalent of 10bn liters. Moreover we can say that the segment of energy and sports drinks represents 2.6% or £177m of the overall soft drink market. Since 1992 an increase of 64% in volume sales can be found within this very young market of energy and sports drinks. The main differences of the three above mentioned sub-segments of soft drinks are as followed: 1.2 Glucose Energy Drinks These drinks provide physical energy through glucose or a mixture of sugars. Originated from the Lucozade brand. These drinks do not contain any other substantial ingredients such as Lucozade Energy, Lucozade NRJ or Red Card. In 1927 they were originally positioned as a convalescence drink. 1.3 Sports drinks Also known as isotonic drinks, replaces body fluids after sport activities or exercises. Sport drinks help to re-energize and re-hydrate the body and can be taken before, during or after exercises. That's because you should drink it in great amounts and fairly quickly, they are usually still or low carbonated. Examples for this kind of drinks are Gatorade, Isostar and Dexters. 1.4 High-energy Stimulation Drinks These drinks have ingredients such as caffeine and taurin, which help to increase concentration, endurance, alertness and reactions. This kind of drink is not only designed for sports men, it can be used nearly from everyone who wants to get stimulate and energize mind and body. Red Bull, Flying Horse and Virgin Hi Energy belong to the category of high-energy stimulation.

Gatorade summary

Gatorade Marketing Mangament

Executive Summary Gatorade is a non-carbonated sports drink marketed by the Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo. Originally it made for athletes. The drink is intended to rehydrate and to replenish the carbohydrates and electrolytes depleted during exercise, especially in warmer climates. The first sport drink in Thailand was introduced 20 years ago by T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. launching sport drink named "Sponsor". After a while, Osotspa Co., Ltd engaged in a competition introducing "M-Sport". The world number one Gatorade entered Thai market 10 years ago. Gatorade was not successful in Thai market and is now threatened by the fierce competition among the existing players and the newcomers. In Thailand, Gatorade is still small and has about 80% recognizing the brand with only 27% ever tried due to low number of distribution channels, small marketing activities, and higher price than key competitors. Despite heavy push/pull activities, Gatorade itself grows gradually each year. According to our new plan, the marketing objective is to increase market share from 2%. We target on both male and female who sweat from activities. The age range falls in to 14 -60 years with average household income of 50,000 baht. We target people who living in Bangkok and major urban area. We plan to change the packaging into plastic due to light and easy to carry with all activities but the size and the favor still be the same. Apart from that, we plan to use multiple way of marketing communication for creating brand awareness, brand recognition and increasing product trial rate. We will emphasis on advertising but the media we select mostly are new media which more attractive and cheap but the exposure rate is very high for example MUPI, Panaromic, internet banner etc. and another types of IMC including public relation, event marketing, personal selling and sale promotions. We try to expand our distribution not limit to only point of sweat. We will focus in...

Red bull mktg strategy Even though there are now over 150+ competitors in the energy drink space, most people I know still refer to energy drinks as Red Bull. Red Bull is commonly mixed with Vodka and is one of the main ingredients in drinks such as Jagerbombs. Even when a bar doesn¶t offer the brand and instead uses a competitor, you will still hear people request Red Bull and Grey Goose or Red Bull and Vodka. In my opinion this is one of the best things that can happen for a brand. Since the brand becomes the product, the demand for the brand increases. One of the reasons for Red Bull¶s success, besides being the first to this niche market, is how good they are at buzz marketing. Red Bull sponsors events such as windsurfing, snowboarding, cliffdiving, break dancing, art shows, music concerts, video games and several other sporting/social events. Red Bull also hosts the Red Bull Flugtag which can be best understood by watching this video: So what can we learn from Red Bull? Of course, most of us can¶t afford to sponsor extreme sporting events, art shows or the like but we can do things differently than the rest of our competition. Try to be the first one there. If not, then do it differently then those before you.

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