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Bankruptcy of
summer workshop for graduate and postgratuate
students of Architecture and Fine Arts

18Dimitris Antonakakis
Andrea Balestrero
Ethel Baraona Pohl
Dimitris Issaias
Aristide Antonas
On Building Additions Shanty Functionalism? Architecture to Construct Recent Work Without Architecture
Stavros Vergopoulos Realities beyond Buildings Christos Papageorgiou mid Jury
Introduction Elias Constantopoulos Music Architecture guest critics:
RE - think / RE - design Renaissance Aristide Antonas
Panayota Pyla Vassiliki Petridou Andrea Balestrero
Sustainability's Crises Principles, Values and Ethel Baraona Pohl
Surplus Value in Elias Constantopoulos
Architecture Giorgos Panetsos
Marios Phokas Alkistis Rodi
Architecture and Yorgos Tzirtzilakis
Innovation. Transitions in Stavros Vergopoulos

Dimitris Dimitriadis
Elina Karanastasi
25 26
exhibition and
Yorgos Tzirtzilakis Trivial and Unbuilt final Jury
Converastion Structures guest critics:
Polixeni Matziou Aristide Antonas
Architecture’s Bancus Andrea Balestrero
Ruptus or Route? Nikos Patsavos
Dimitris Tsakalakis
Menis Varoudakis
Stavros Vergopoulos

lecture programme
Ariadni Vozani

open to the public every day at 8pm

on 20th and 21th morning lectures at 11am

organised by
KAM workshops
Center of Mediterranean Architecture (CAM)

KAM sponsored by
OTE estate
designed by lambandlamp
facebook: KAM workshops
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Contact Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (Maich)

Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki (AUTH),
e-mail. department of Architecture
tel. +30 28210 40101 National Technical University (NTUA),
department of Architecture
University of Thessaly (UTH),
department of Architecture
University of Patras,
department of Architecture