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EPT Grunts on the Ground Teleconference Thursday, November 01, 2007 2:45:33 PM

Summary: EPT Grunts on the Ground Teleconference 11-1-07 Facilitator: (b) (6) USACE

Santa Teresa, NM – Project J-1 (Phase I) and Project J-2 (Phase II) are good to go. All actions have been completed. Colorado Cattle Co. (CCC) – Agreed to sign the Fee Acquisition document, just have to get the signature. Cattleman’s Drive – USACE needs to evaluate that area closely for access. This could be a problem area. Notes: After the teleconference today, (b) (6) is on his way to meet with the BNSF Railroad to discuss the fact that the last agreed upon location of the fence could have an Impact on rail road daily operations. There is An Environmental Assessment meeting in Lordsburg, NM on November 9, 2007. There will be a “contingency” miles meeting at Columbus, NM on November 7, 2007 concerning Projects H-2A and I-1B. There will be a “contingency” miles meeting at El Paso, TX on November 8, 2007 concerning Project K-4. There will NOT be a “Grunts on the Ground” EPT teleconference next Thursday due to travel interference. (b) (6) will reschedule the teleconference for another day next week.

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