ORAL NOTES 2 THINGS TO NOTE Please learn the proper pronunciation for Father, mother, daughter, brother ( DO NOT

SAY MUDDER) Children (There should not be an s) Elderly – You refer to them as the elderly. (NOT ELDERLIES) Some oral conversation topics to think about. 1) YOG – Why has Singapore been chosen as the venue? What is it about Singapore that would make it attractive as a venue? 2) Do you think teenagers these days lead a sheltered life? 3) Do you think Singapore teenagers are so used to the good life that they cannot cope in a crisis? 4) Ageing Population – Issues, generation gap, Facilities for the elderly, healthcare 5) Importance of doing Literature/Music as a subject 6) Do you think students should be exposed to more outdoor education? 7) Do you think Singaporeans are too self centred? 8) What do you think about more foreign students in Singapore schools? For picture discussion if the examiner goes to the questions direct, say that you would like to first talk about the setting of the picture then talk briefly about this, and then remember to answer the question.

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