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PHD M Phillips

PHD M Phillips

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Published by: Christine Ottery on Aug 13, 2010
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Micro and macro approaches to environmental education differ in one essential way.
A micro approach seeks to instigate a positive environmental change in spite of the
cultural and societal setting it exists within. A macro approach, in contrast, takes a
critical understanding of the cultural and societal setting as its starting point. Macro
approaches seek to instigate positive environmental change by addressing these
settings directly. The aim being to shift cultural and social norms so that the behaviour
resulting from them is more in tune with sustainable development.

Chapter 2 will take a detailed look at the phenomenon of consumerism and how it
relates to the pressing environmental concerns of our time. The history, development


and consequences of consumer culture will be examined in an attempt to illustrate
why a shift in, or possibly a removal of consumer culture is the central task faced by
macro environmental education.


Chapter 2 – Consumerism and the Root of Environmental problems - a macro

The terms micro environmental education and macro environmental education were
introduced in chapter 1. This chapter will discuss the phenomenon of consumerism,
discussing how it has developed, its implications for the environment and how a
critique of its origins offers a possible path for macro environmental education.

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