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Subject: fence history
Date: Thursday, March 20, 2008 7:23:10 AM

In addition to the talking points I just sent, here are some related Q&A from a few months ago. These
are not current, but provide a historical perspective.

Secure Fence Act

1. Q: What is the Secure Fence Act? What is Public Law 109-367?

A: The Secure Fence Act (SFA), Public Law 109-367, requires CBP to establish control over
the international borders. This legislation requires DHS to construct 700 miles of border
fence and deploy other technology and tactical infrastructure at the southern border.

2. Q: Is DHS building 370 miles of fence along the Southwest border?

A: Yes, DHS is committed to having 370 miles of fence along the 2000 miles of the
Southwest border. It is CBP’s responsibility to inform landowners of the operational
considerations and work with them on concerns and issues in order to provide a more
comprehensive recommendation to DHS leadership before any final decisions are made.

3. Q: Why is DHS building only 370 miles of fence if the Secure Fence Act requires 700?
A: The stated intent of the SFA was to secure the southern border from illegal crossings. The
Administration has a plan to ensure that we are securing the most critical areas with the
funding that has been made available. The Administration is also committed to
maintaining the flexibility necessary to secure the border as quickly and efficiently as

4. Q: Is the 370 miles just a political number or real based on operational needs?
A: The 370 miles of pedestrian fencing which includes almost 90 miles of existing fencing is
based on an assessment of operational considerations, as well as many other factors,
including authorization and funding by Congress and what can be accomplished by the end
of 2008.

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