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Fw: New proposal Tuesday, March 25, 2008 7:29:07 PM

(b) (6) , I spoke to her about our concerns and she said that the EPCWID had already basically approved the Hidalgo design. She almost seemed insulted that I had concerns and that I was. Fighting them on it. I told her I was just worried about the impacts on other projects and that what wod outsiders thinks of an 18' foot levee in the middle of the rest of EPCWID's and IBWC's 12' foot levee (justification of funding, etc). Anyways, I think the Congressman is going to move forward, but I told her we may know more by Friday of the timeline issues. (b) (6) ----- Original Message ----From: (b) (6) To: (b) (6) Sent: Tue Mar 25 18:20:15 2008 Subject: New proposal (b) (6) Any feedback from HQs about the viability of the new proposal (concrete wall)? (b) (6) (b) (6) Office of Congressman Silvestre Reyes 2433 Rayburn House Office Building | Washington, DC 20515 (b) (6)
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