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6th Grade Supply List


Mr. Erickson Mrs. Rayback

4 spiral notebooks (may need Scissors
more later) #2 pencils
1 glue stick blue/black/red pens
#2 pencils colored pencils
red pen lg. pink eraser
colored pencils glue stick
scissors inexpensive calculator
standard/metric ruler standard/metric ruler
protractor (2) 1” 3-ring binder
compass 2 sets of 5-tab binder dividers
inexpensive calculator lg. pack binder paper
2 1” binders (2 different colors) (2) 3-subject notebook
box of tissue box of tissue
1 box sheet protector (50)
6 pocket folders w/fasteners
3x3 sticky notes

Mr. Jeppsen Mr. Wilkes Mrs. Engen

Scissors 4 spiral notebooks
#2 pencils (may need more later) 2 pencils (several)
blue/black pens 1 glue stick colored pencils and markers
red pen #2 pencils (several) scissors
colored pencil set 1 red pen highlighters set/4
lg. pink eraser colored pencils standard/metric ruler
glue stick scissors protractor
inexpensive calculator standard/ metric ruler compass
protractor (simple) protractor glue
non-pointed compass compass dry erase markers
box of tissue inexpensive calculator box of Kleenex
(2) 1 ½ ” 3-ring binders (1 filled box of tissue 4 pads 3x3” sticky notes
w/paper, 1 empty) (1) 1 ½ ” binders 4 spiral notebooks
standard/metric ruler highlighter set/4 4 composition notebooks
1 pkg. 8-tab binder dividers 1 pack (10 pads) 3x3 sticky notes