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FBI Agent (on T.V.) - Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Inspector Lewis Erskine on the TV series

"The F.B.I." Hoover and Zimbalist remained mutual admirers
Zimbalist the son of for the rest of Hoover's life. Hoover would later
FBI AGENT world-famous musi- hold Zimbalist up as an image role model for
Tracy L. Baldwin cians...the soprano F.B.I. employees to emulate in their personal ap-
Alma Gluck pearance. Zimbalist was named an honorary spe-
(1884-1938) and the cial agent in 2009 - the FBI's highest civilian
concert violinist honor.
Efrem Zimbalist (
Zimbalist is now a born-again Christian. He says
From 1965 to 1974, his conversion came while watching Trinity
he played Inspector Broadcasting Network, first for chuckles but
Lewis Erskine on the eventually hearing the Lord's voice and be-
ABC`s The F.B.I.. coming a believer.

Zimbalist maintained He later hosted a daily five-minute program on

As a former fe- a strong personal re- TBN, in which he read selected passages from
male FBI Special lationship with J. the Bible.
Agent (SA), Edgar Hoover, who
Tracy worked requested technical In his autobiography, My Dinner of Herbs,
and lived on the accuracy for the Zimbalist refused to "dish dirt" on Hollywood.
“inside” of the show, and that agents He borrowed the book's title from Proverbs
Bureau for nine be portrayed in the 15:17:
years . best possible light.
"Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a
Actors who played stalled ox and hatred therewith."
God Is Bigger Than Your FBI gives a de- F.B.I. employees (
tailed account of the difficult SA selection, were required by
training, job requirements and what hap- Hoover to undergo a
pened to a wide-eyed, patriotic, intelligent background
young woman full of hope and the desire to check.Zimbalist
make a difference. Though we often ques- passed his back-
tion difficulties in life, God is in control and ground check with
He has a plan. He is bigger than any chal- ease. He subse-
lenge or hardship we will ever know and He quently spent a week
will be there in your FBI - Faith Building in Washington, D.C.,
Incident. where he was inter-
( viewed by Hoover,
d-is-bigger-than-your-fbi) and at the F.B.I.
academy in Quantico,