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Spartacist League/Spartacus Youth Group Forum & ‘The fate of China is sharply posed: capitalist eoun- terrevolution, bringing the immiscration of hundreds of nillions of workers and peasants; ot proletarian political revolution to oust the Stalinist bureaucracy and open the road to a socialist Asia? The 1949 Chinese Revolution ripped China out of the clutches of imperialism and created a bureaucrati- cally deformed workers state. The economy was collecti- vised, bringing enormous gains for the Chinese masses, especially women, The imperialists, including the British, former colonial overlords in China, have always sought the overthrow of the deformed and degenerated workers states and the re-enslavement of the working ‘masses for capitalist profit. The International Commu- nist League fights for the unconditional military defence of the Chinese deformed workers state against imperialism and internal counterrevolution, Today the Chinese Stalinist bureaucracy’s “market reforms” are dismantling the collectivised planned economy and secking to privatise state owned industry IF'China enters the World Trade Organization this drive towards capitalist restoration will accelerate. But when the likes of the American trade union leadership protests the WTO, as in Seattle last year, itis promoting anti- ‘communist protectionism aimed at the destruction of the Chinese deformed workers state. ‘The Stalinist bureaucracy is not a possessing class, ass eld by those like the Socialist Workers Party who subscribe to the anti-communist “theory” of “state cap- italism”, It is a parasitic caste which must be shattered imperialism t counterrevolution! through a proletarian political revolution. Its false dogma of “socialism in one country” means opposition to the perspective of workers revolution internationally Millions of Chinese workers are already experienc ing the misery of “free market” exploitation, slaving in factories owned by foreign imperialists. Millions of rural toilers have been driven off the land to look for non- existent jobs in the cities, forming a huge army of migrant labour deprived of any means of subsistence. Increasingly workers are fighting back in militant battles against their oppressors, as exemplified last February in the revolt of 20,000 miners and their families in Yang~ jiazhangzi. The Chinese government itsolf reports more than 120,000 workers actions last year, including protests, seizure of officials, factory occupations and sirikes. The imperialists righily sce the resistance of the Chinese proletariat to the ravages of “market reforms” as the chief obstacle to their counterrevolutionary schemes, ‘To stop counterrevolution what is urgently necessary is the forging of a Leninist-Trotskyist party to lead proletarian political revolution. Such a party would stand atthe head of the masses, directing the spontaneous and localised workers” struggles towards the seizure of politcal power. Victorious political revolution in China would reverberate among the proletariat of Japan—Asia’s powerhouse—and bevond. The Intema- tional Communist League fights to forge a world party Of socialist revolution to smash the imperialist centres from Tokyo to Washington to London. For a Leninist-Trotskyist party in China! For proletarian political revolution to oust the Stalinist bureaucracy! Thursday 8 June, 7.30pm University of London Union, Room 2B, Malet Street Nearest tube: Goodge Street or Russell Square For more information: 020 7485 1396 Printed and published by Spartacist Publications (TU)