BUSINESS PLAN Electric Hydraulic Jacks
SUBMITTED TO: Sir Shahid AHMAD Khan Dated: 19/08/2009

Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 1


1. Musharaf Waheed 2. Yasir Zafar 3. Zafar Iqbal 4. M. Fahad 5. Ahsin Saleem (MI-01083-029) (MI-01083-055) (MI-01083-036) (MI-01083-021) (MI-01083-025)

Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 2


4. We imports electrical scissor car jacks and electrical hydraulic double cylinder car jack first one is use to just lift up the car and other one is lift up the car and rotate. 5. Key to Success Our company success based on innovative product. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In our country technology changes daily and no doubt peoples adopt it.` 1.Fahad Mr. And the partners are 1. Musharaf Waheed Mr. M. Mission By introducing innovative products to dole out the customers. COMPANY SUMMARY Name Company Ownership This company is owned by five partners which invest their capital with same ratio. Zafar Iqbal Mr. Ahsin Saleem Ground breakers The Automobiles Company Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 4 . 2. and innovative products are our key to success. Mr. Yasir Zafar Mr. Objective Objective of this company is to provide ease to car holders with our best technical skills and latest equipment. to attain customers values. 2. with our best technical skills. 3. So we decide to bring some innovative product in Pakistan.

15kg (4. ISO9001:2002. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 5 .2inch) 2. We choose this site because there are many showrooms and workshops 3. Our first product is Scissor car jack Product Description Scissor Car Jack Model: Capacity: Current: Max. Lahore.5*5.7lbs) 470*135*85 mm (18. PRODUCT AND SERVICES Product and services Basically our products are electrical hydraulic jacks of many types which we import from china.` Startup Plan Our company has contracts with different foreign companies which manufactures the electrical hydraulic jacks.3inch) 8pcs / Carton QS-9000. TUV GS CE Wing International Ltd. W: Product size: Outer Packing: Standard: Company: 81005B 1ton (2205lbs) 12V DC Electric Car Jack 410mm (16. site will be the Mall Rd.3*3. In start as company is incorporated by the five partners but later company will hire some technical staff and make separate departments for each work. Company Location First we will start from the Lahore city. By importing these jacks we will introduce a new and innovative products in Pakistan and serve the customers for their relieve . Height: N.

Electric motor performs work to lift up the car which rotates the jack rod. it needs only 12 Volt current for working. This jack is placed where desired to put.` These jacks work by the electric volts of car battery. then current wire is inserted at the place of car lighter And with the help of remote these jacks are controlled either lift up or lift down. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 6 .

` Second product is electric hydraulic car jack Product Description Lifting capacity:20-1000T Lifting height:120-250mm Max. excellent design. hydraulic tools retraction inside relief valve against sudden overload Special guide ring design can bear side load no less than 5% permitted load 7 Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company . and simple operation are the first choice necessary tools of drivers. Gain the gold medal of manufacture category in international invention exhibition 1995. and pass the authentication of hi-tech project Shenzhen. It has safe and reliable. Double-acting design. Using the current of auto lighter. saving time and labor features. one soft pressing on the switch can jack autos and no handwork is needed. aesthetic. gain national patent in1996. changing the traditional design pattern of jack thoroughly. Products passed the authentication of euro union CE and Germany gs. Product with top-ranking quality. The quality is subject to international stands after strict quality test during production. Working pressure:70MPa Detail Electric-driven hydraulic jack products are new generation auto jack tool. flexible and fast.

Flanges. each model equipped with quick connector and dustproof cap. The "generator" side of the hydraulic system is the hydraulic pump which brings in a fixed or regulated flow of oil to the bottom side of the hydraulic cylinder. Working of jack The hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder barrel in which a piston connected to a piston rod moves back and forth. The barrel is closed on each end by the cylinder bottom (also called the cap end) and by the cylinder head where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. The piston has sliding rings and seals. A hydraulic cylinder is the actuator or "motor" side of this system. and/or clevises are mounted to the cylinder body. Dustproof ring against dust and dirty. If we assume that the oil pressure in the piston rod chamber is approximately zero. The piston pushes the oil in the other chamber back to the reservoir. The piston rod also has mounting attachments to connect the cylinder to the object or machine component that it is pushing. The piston divides the inside of the cylinder in two chambers. to en long cylinder life.` Standard parts for exchangeable hard-treating slotted sladder Wet painted surface against corrosion. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 8 . and suitable for long-terms of industry using. the force on the piston rod equals the pressure in the cylinder times the piston area (F=PA) . to move the piston rod upwards. Competence in working under bad situations. The hydraulic pressure acts on the piston to do linear work and motion. the bottom chamber (cap end) and the piston rod side chamber (rod end). trunnions.

D.` Distance Distance Through Inner Plunger Min between stret6ching Working Cylinder Cylinder Stroke between hole Diameter Rod Height connector force Pressure I. D L connectirs Mold Dia.D.d D2 Dia. D1 O. D3 L1 and end L2 L3 (KN) (MPa) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) SJZ50-50 50 30 22 55 30 40 75 50 208 80 53 SJZ100100 42 22 65 25 50 95 50 204 82 50 50 SJZ160160 28 28 100 53 80 140 250 424 300 78 250 SJZ300300 60 40 110 55 75 140 200 330 240 45 200 SJZ450450 60 45 120 70 100 160 250 473 294 90 250 SJZ500500 38 76 170 110 150 200 60 250 83 55 60 SJZ600600 56 55 140 80 115 180 250 443 294 90 250 SJZ10001000 59 65 170 85 130 210 200 357 246 55 200 SJZ12001200 51 75 200 100 160 250 200 425 252 79 200 SJZ15001500 63 120 230 150 190 280 200 382 246 73 200 Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company 9 .

piston rod area) Services of Products One more service which our company provides to customers. The pressure in the piston rod area chamber is (Pull Force) / (piston area . Our company will fit the electric hydraulic car jack.` SJZ20002000 200 SJZ25002500 200 SJZ30003000 200 SJZ30003000 300 SJZ50005000 200 SJZ60006000 200 SJZ60006000 300 62 54 68 68 54 65 65 104 136 113 100 165 165 165 240 305 280 280 400 400 400 130 185 150 150 210 210 210 200 250 200 200 320 320 320 290 380 355 355 515 515 515 200 200 200 300 200 200 300 403 510 450 520 630 630 730 255 284 280 372 316 318 416 79 103 108 86 180 180 180 The piston moves instead downwards if oil is pumped into the piston rod side chamber and the oil from the piston area flows back to the reservoir without pressure. at the center point in the bottom of the car Then position of jack will be like Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company10 .

` As above mentioned that this jack work hydraulically as well as electrically and it’s lifting capacity is up to 20-1000T. a frame of 1 feet die meter will attach by this rod which helps the car to stand balance And rod will touch with earth and lift up the car When again switch is pressed the jack rod will came in it’s original position and car will again lifted down Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company11 . When current is supply to jack its rod came out. so this jack can easily lift up the car.

• • • • • Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company12 . if car not parked at exact place may lifters lift their car. or may it can cause of scratches the body of car while other car holders also try to park their car.` Second our company also fit a electric rotator machine which rotate the car either left or right side. on this time this jack is magic for you just by using this jack rotate your car. just open jack. In small streets where much problem of turn the car or may when parking in your garage this jack also helps you there to turn. It also helps you when your car is in mud and don’t moving even a half feet. If you are traveling on a single road and after traveled a mile away you came to know that the road is blocked. lift up car and turn it to desired side like if a single person is driving a car and face this kind of problem so what he do………? And other situation if your car drop in a pit In case your car Is punctured and you use local jack for lifting. In this case you can easily lift up and rotate your car because on wheels it is quite difficult to turn again and again. but only when the car is lifted upon the jack rod. any one who drive the car can easily rotate Benefits of this jack • This jack helps a lot in parking. because specially in Pakistan usually parking area may very small and car holders faces problem that how and where they park their car. now instead of reversing the car. don’t need to do that just do it even sitting in the car and change the damn tyre.

Up to some how these are our competitors.` Precautions • • While your car is standing on unbalance surface like one side is up and other side is down don’t use this jack. which are not use in Pakistan to date. and till today these jacks are not available in Pakistan. MARKET ANALYSIS SUMMARY Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company13 . Future products and services After accomplish this project our company will also start to import some other car parts which are unique in use. where as hand lifting jacks are using these days in Pakistan. remaining equipment which are require for fitting or maintenance. Don’t use this jack while the surface under the car is so soft Competitive Comparison As we are importing these jacks from china country. 4. these are easily available in Pakistan Technology These jacks are electrical as well as hydraulic. we are the first one who is going to start so we have not any existing competitor. different styles. But there are some local manufactures that are providing the substitutes of our product like local Scissor Car Jack. Sourcing and Fulfillment China industry is our main source where from our company import these jacks. Sales Literature Point of difference is that our jacks are electrical Scissor Car Jack as well as electric hydraulic jack which bring much ease. floor car jack and bottle jacks.

where these jacks will be fitted in cars moreover some sales point which only sale the Scissor Car Jack. these jacks are hand lifted and also hydraulic below are some pictures of these jacks Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company14 . need exist but people are not aware. We do not sell scissor jack directly to customers but only to whole seller or distributors. If we talk about these car jacks currently. Target Market Every person who have car is our customer and target market. As well as they also demand quality product of economical prices. and some other imported parts of cars of high quality. Market Needs People demands products which bring ease in their life in every aspect of life.` Market Segmentation Geographic basis Our company just start it’s business in Lahore city Pakistan. in Lahore at different sites workshops will be opened. in form of bulk purchasing. Market Trend Currently in market several car jacks are available which are locally manufactured.

our product substitute in form of hand lifted jacks is easily available in markets. After launching in Lahore we will grow our product in other cities.` Market growth As our product is totally change. so up to some extent these sellers are our competitors. but most of machinery in which jacks are used. Industry Analysis Main industry which deals in electric and hydraulic jacks are in china. Some local manufacturers are making these jacks in Pakistan. import from other countries. Competition in Pakistan is very low. 5. so there is not as such our competitor but as our company is also selling electric jacks’ imports from china. so market growth is expected. STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION SUMMARY Strategy Pyramids Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company15 .

Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company16 . our product provide ease to customers that no hand power is require.` Top level Functional level Operational level Value proposition Old trend in market is hand lifted jack which requires much force to lift up the car. and product is also of cost-effective price. Our products fulfill the term benefit / cost.

• Ad in news paper. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company17 .64) = (243.010541 U.91) Saivs Hydraulic electric car jack Fitting Charger Total 1250 300 1550 375 450 Promotion Strategy Our company will promote our product through • By distributing pamphlets on Show Rooms. this is not available in Pakistan so uniqueness of our product is our competitive edge to compete others. Pricing Strategy Current Prices in market in PKR Scissor Car Jack Non-Electric Bottle Jack Hydraulic Our New Product Prices Scissor car jack Electric selling price 530 (¥ 280 / pc) (1 ¥ = 0.S. Distribution Patterns.` Competitive Edge As our product is unique. as by introducing new product in new market. Positioning Statement Creating distinctive image of our product in mind of customers as compare to competitors. Marketing Strategy Our company use market diversification strategy. dollars) (Dollar current rate 82. • Banners on Workshops.

Sale Forecast Product Scissor Electric Jack Savvies Hydraulic Electric Car Jack Unit 2009 Unit 2010 75. And pop up ads on more used web sites.00.000 Total sales 5.000 6. and details about availability of product will also given.000 50.25.. prices.22.000 1250 2. cars manufacturers’ web sites. second we will sale our product to main distributors in Pakistan.groundbreakers.65.000 20.50. working.000 per unit 530 Year 2009 WEB PLAN SUMMARY Ground breakers will make it’s own web site by the name with www.15.` One way to sale our product is direct customers dealing workshops. Moreover we link our site with some sports. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company18 .000 Year 2010 3.com in which company and products description will be given also features.50.000 10.000 6.

MANAGEMENT SUMMARY Organization Structure Director of Company Head of Marketing Department Head of Finance Department Head of HR Department Import Department Sales Advertisement Management Management Team Management team leads a company towards success. also have three months experience with national bank of Pakistan. nature to do hard work. Second Mr. he controls the finance and import department. company will also hire some other technical staff. As it’s partnership business and each partner invests equally. Fahad and Mr.` 7. Musharaf Waheed who is already running his business and know how to control. Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company19 . Mr. and will also receive equally by dividing all the profit in five of partners. that each member of team have full command on relevant field. So that our company silhouette the team in a way.Yasir and Mr. He did job with a FMCG company.Zafar who also partners of ground Breakers Company will manage marketing department because they have experience of marketing in different organizations. talent. because of his previous experience. Mr. if it can. in accounts department as well as Commercial department for more than one year. Ahsin who is also partner of company.

what the expenses were and where the profits were used.000 4.000 14.200 52.000 Projected Balance Sheet Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company20 .50.30.000 56. Projected Profit & Loss Statement Sales Cost of production Gross Profit Administrative Expenses Selling & Distribution Cost etc Income Before Tax Tax Income After Tax 2009 87.000 80.000 97.000` 7.000 55.000 7.000 102.000 9.15. FINANCIAL PLAN Break Even Analysis BREAK EVEN = Total Fixed Cost/ (Sale per Unit – Variable Cost per Unit) =7562500/ (238 – 220) =756250/18 =420138.000 48.000 32.50.000 14.40. It shows whether the company made any profit in a year.000 13.800 2011 2012 12.89 unit PROJECTED INCOME STATEMENT This statement provides entity’s forecasted yearly profit and loss for the future.03.000 1.000 41.000 85.000 2010 500.

51. REFERENCES http://www.000 14022500 9.htm http://www.800 12739800 2011 457000 6442000 515000 1853000 647800 2926000 478000 13318800 2012 478000 6754000 537000 1967000 719000 3015000 552500 14022500 135900 2370000 187000 53000 5000000 55.000 11997000 2010 503000 6055000 565000 1759000 566000 2834800 457000 12739800 90000 2200000 153000 45000 5000000 52.htm http://www.com/ http://www.com/showroom/fashion-inc/productdetailUaLmoQpcDxzY/China-Auto-Electric-Jack.com/gsol/I/Bottlejack/p/sm/1011134907.hydraulic-saivs.com/Hydraulic_Cylinder.33.made-in-china.com/watch?v=uvh2rNJd8Po http://www.com/chinasuppliers/Jack. EXIT STRATEGIES If our company fall short then we will apply the strategy in which we will capture another market of those areas in which people are fond of driving cars.72.htm Ground Breakers……The auto Mobile Company21 .hydraulic-saivs.globalsources.html http://www.` 2009 Assets Opening stock Cash in hand Debts Fixed assets Bills receivable Long term advances Closing stock Total Liabilities Bills payable Provision for taxes Lease liabilities Long term loans Capital Profit Total 0 7000000 404000 1590000 250000 2250000 503000 11997000 50000 2000000 100000 20000 5000000 48.900 13318800 277800 2650700 399000 62000 5000000 56.youtube.27. 10.globalsources.chinasuppliers.

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