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GENERAL OFFENSE HARDCOPY (ORIGINAL RELEASE) RELEASED BY ES? OLICE DEPARTMENT GO 2010-168712. (REFERRED -CI) 1313 - 1 ASSLT-NONAGG-DV Related text page(s) Document: NARRATIVE Author: 6938 -_ Related date/time: May-22-2010 1533 GENE was at Childrens Hospital with her daughter —_ WEENIE, Who is a patient. MNNNMNNMM reports that she and her ex-husband RENEE ave joint decision making authority over INEM care, and she has been having problems with mummmmm draggin his feet and authorizing care. MMMM brought MINIM into the middle by playing her a nessage that MMMM left for him. mummm, upset at her father asked that he not return to visit her while she is in the hospital. on 05/22/2010, at approx 1300 hrs, mummmumamm was able to gain access to the hospital by an ID/Lanyard that he retained showing him to be a parent. WME ceports that as mmmmmm made his way to MMMM room, she tried to stop him outside. MNNNNNMMsaid that mammmmm pushed her out of the way and back into the room, Inside the room, ZZ told MMMM that he needed to leave, but he refused. MMMM states that mmm pushed her out of the room and used the door to force her all the way out. According (0 TY eemmmemen Darricaded the door and shut the blinds. No one could get in. A few minutes later, mummmmmm emerged, and at the urging of hospital staff left the property. MMMM told me that he refused to turn over his ID and Lanyard. Wenn, 2 member of hospital security gave me a copy of his report narrative of the incident. J!" was the one who asked mmm for his ID/Lanyard. According tO _—_!, MMMM said that the hospital had no legal right to keep him from seeing his daughter. mmm did leave the campus with the lanyard. MMMWNMMMM said he told mummmwmm that if he returned, SPD would be called. As a result, security has notified all entrances of ___, and mmm bas been moved to a different room. 1 completed a trespass card on Mammmmmlm™ to be put on file. I also spoke tc ZN, 2 social worker with Children's Hospital. She saw the incident and described it asMMMNMMMMNMNGid. She sav —__—_ "barrell" into the room, push MMMM—M—Mout, and shut the door. He closed the blinds and barricaded himself inside using his body. MSN pounded on the door but MMMM would not open it. He was yelling inside. said that she made a CPS referral, and that she will be writing up an inicdent report that will go into MMM file. I screened the incident NNN to make him aware of the details. Page: 4 of 5