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r, Police Department City of Greensboro GREENSBORO A bechment 42 July 20, 2010 TO: Captain C. E. Cherry FROM: Captain J. F. Allen SUBJECT: Appeal of 2009/2010 Fourth Quarter Evaluation and Complaints on Employees Based Upon Discrimination, Retaliation, Intimidation Harassment, Unfairness, and Hostile Work Environment In response to the appeal you directed to me regarding your 2009/2010 Fourth Quarter Evaluation rating, Departmental Directive 6.5.11: Appeals of Performance Evaluation states, in part, “Appeals will be delivered to the supervisor conducting the performance evaluation for forwarding through the chain of command. Any such appeal will be handled through the chain of command to the Chief of Police, who is the final authority in performance evaluation matters.” Ido not have the authority to change your evaluation rating, In response to your complaints against Chief T. R. Bellamy, your complaint has been forwarded to Chief Bellamy’s supervisor, Assistant City Manager Michael Speeding, In response to your complaint against Sergeant A. T. McHenry alleging that his investigation is incomplete, the investigation you cited is, in fact, not complete. When that investigation is complete it will become a part of your Internal Affairs file and you may review it. At that time if you are in disagreement with any points included in the investigation, or feel that any relevant information has been omitted, your issues can be addressed. In response to your complaint against Captain J. E. Wolfe alleging that in September 2008, he made an untruthful statement concerning Officer F. R. Banks, your complaint has been forwarded to Captain Wolfe’s supervisor, Assistant Chief R. B. Rogers. Gre PGA. fane F. Allen, Captain Professional Standards Division ce: Assistant City Manager Michael Speedling ‘One Governmental Plaza, PO Box 3136, Greensboro, NC 27402-3136 (336) 373-CITY (2489)