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r, Police Department ae, City of Greensboro MMtachmend-* | ‘GREENSBORO June 24, 2010 TO: Captain CE. Cherry, Patrol Bureau, Eastern Division FROM: Sergeant Alan McHenry, Professional Standards Division, Internal Affairs SUBJECT: NOTIFICATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE INVESTIGATION ‘The purpose of this memorandum is to notify you that an administrative investigation is being conducted to determine if your actions in the allegations outlined below constituted a violation of Departmental Regulations. Attached to this memorandum is a statement (PS-POL- 18-670) which explains your rights and responsibilities relative to the administrative investigation. According to your March 30, 2010 Grievance regarding Unfair Discriminatory Retaliatory Documenting of Performance Behaviors to Captain B.A. Cheek, you stated on page 2, paragraph ‘In a past meeting of Commanders only, one Commander stated that he did not trust individuals involved in the indiscreetly publicized lawsuit. Assistant Chief Crotts stated he agreed with the Commander and felt the same. This meeting was facilitated by Terri Wallace, who was at the time an Interim Manager in the City of Greensboro’ Human Resources Department.” This information came from a series of meetings for which you signed a confidentiality agreement agreeing not to share any content outside of this group. This information not only appeared in your grievance, but also in Officer R. Reyes’ Grievance filed on May 20, 2010 and in a letter constructed by the Reverend Brown and Reverend Johnson to the Greensboro City Council on May 30, 2010. An investigation has been initiated to determine if your actions violated of Departmental Directive 1.5.1: General Conduct. ‘Upon completion of this administrative investigation, you will be notified of the findings. Hel 6-44-00 eee Chats & Chany” Greensboro Police Department Professional Standards Division Internal Affairs One Governmental Plaza, PO Box 3136, Greensboro, NC 27402-3136 (336) 373-CITY (2489)