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INDEPENDENCE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT 1207 First Street West mee 3) independence, lowa 50644 PH: (319) 334-7400 FAX: (319) 334-7404 Jean Peterson ‘Superintendent Lynnette Engel Director of Finance Board Secretary/Treasurer August 13, 2010 To: _ All School Board Members Voting Orders: Dawnye Sturtz — DD #2 ‘11 From: Jean Peterson, Superintendent Charlie MeCardle ~ DD #3 ‘11 John Christensen — DD # 3 ‘13 Kathryn Jensen— DD # 1 ‘11 Stacy Henderson ~ At-Large ‘13 Re: Working agenda for the regular meeting on Monday, August 16, 2010 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the School Administration Office, 1207 First Street West, Independence, lowa PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE A. Call to order FRIEND OF EDUCATION A. Smith-D. & L. Insurance We would like 10 thank Smith-D. & L, Insurance for sponsoring Registration Day at Heartland Acres. B, Walmart We would like to thank Walmart for sponsoring our Welcome Back Day at Heartland Acres. . Banklowa We would like to thank Banklowa for sponsoring our Welcome Back Day at Heartland Acres. D. Pizza Ranch We would like to thank Pizza Ranch for donating lunch for the Independence Community School District Staff on Welcome Back Day. Educating people to be life-long learnery and respectfal, responsible citigens. SPOTLIGHT ON EDUCATION A. Catie Flaucher and Kayla Hickson We would like to recognize and honor Catie Flaucher for being named All- State First Team in softball and Kayla Hickson for All-State Honorable Mention in softball. We would also like to recognize the Independence Softball Coaches Lyle Hoseh, Keith Donnelly and Trixie Reed. B. Lizzy O'Loughlin We would like to recognize and honor Lizzy O'Loughlin for being named Class 1A All-State First Team in Soccer. We would also like to recognize the Independence Soccer Coaches Trish O’Loughlin and Erica Baedke. C. Independence Boys Baschall Team & Coaches We would like to recognize and honor the Independence Boys Baseball Team and Coaches for qualifying for the 2010 State Baseball Tournament. Players who qualified included: Matt Beebe, Jeff Burns, Blaize Cabell, Kyle Fank, Michael Fischels, Adam Flaucher, Nick Fuller, Corbin Henningson, Keaton Hosch, Mike Krempges, Mitch McMartin, Colin Miller, Andrew Niedert, Jayce Payne, Austin Pink, Sam Rasmussen, Mike Reiff, Nick Shannon and Nick Zieser. The bat boy was Jacob Burns and the coaches included: Jim Arnold, Rob Burns and Brad Arnold, A special congratulations to Keaton Hosch for being named Class 3A All-State Second Team. 4. CONSIDERATION OF ACTION ON CONSENT ITEMS A. Approval of the minutes of the regular meeting on July 19, 2010 and the work — Motion 4.A. session on July 22, 2010. Tam seeking approval of the minutes. B, Approval of Agenda. Motion Iam seeking approval of the agenda. C. Approval of Board Policies (* changes noted) Motion 4.C. Second Readings: POLICY POLICY NAME 1 [2001 __[Role of the Board of Directors 2 es (Organization of the Board of Directors [3._]2003 Powers of the Board of Directors 4. [200.4 [Responsibilities of the Board of Directors 5. [201 Board of Directors” Elections _ 6._ [202.1 A Qualifications z ae 7._ [202.2 (Oath of Office 8. [2023 ‘Term of Office a 9._ [202.4 ‘Vacancies 10. [202.5 Individual Authority a Lam seeking approval of the above policies’ second readings. First Readings: POLICY # POLICY NAME. 1. [203 Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest ae 2. [204 [Code of Ethics a (3. ]205.1 Board Security and Protection a [42 [205.2 ‘Board Member Liability z | [5206.3 __[Secretary-Treasurer 6._|207 Board of Directors” Legal Counsel 7. [208 Board of Directors’ Self-Evaluation un 8. [209.1 &209.1B1 [Ad Hoc Committees and Ad Hoc Committees Exhibit 9, [504.6 and 504.661 [Student Fund Raising and Fund Raising Request Form (New Form) 507.9 & 507.9E1 Independence Comm Schools Wellness Policy and Physical Act. Contract |. |802.4*, 802.4R1* & |Capital Assets (formally called Fixed Assets Management System), Capital '802.4R2 Assets Regulation (formally Fixed Assets Management System Regulation) ‘and Capital Assets Management System Definitions (New Regulation) Jam seeking approval D. Transfers/Reassign 1 of the above policies’ first readings. ments Motion NAME PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT | NEW ASSIGNMENT [DATE ‘Teresa Barske 5.75 hr ECC Regular Ed Assoc_|4.0 hr ECC Secretary _ 08/16/2010 Brian Loughren (Recall) East Elem Physical Ed Teacher_|BCSC Teacher [08/19/2010 ‘Brenda Zimmerly (Recall) 2.0 hr Food Service 3.0 hr Food Service [08/20/2010 Lam seeking approval 1 of the above transfer(s)/reassignment(s). E, New Hires (pending acceptable background checks) Motion NAME ASSIGNMENT SALARY DATE Kris Gruber |Assistant Girls Basketball Coach (Grades 9-12) [$2,428 (08/11/2010 Corin Heale: [Assistant Jazz Coach $3,035 (08/2010 Coleen Meissner [7th & 8th Grade Special Education Teacher [$41,506 08/19/2010 {Jennifer Schmitt .65 FTE HS Marketing Teacher $24,173 08/19/2010 Pat Thomas | Assistant Vocal Music Director $2,832 08/19/2010 Angie Williams [East Elem 5.5 hr Cook/Food Service Worker _|$8.75/hr 08/20/2010 Lam seeking approval of the above hire(s). Motion ‘ASSIGNMENT E DATE, (Nadine Chesmore [East Elem 5.5 hr Cook/Food Service Worker ~ [08/05/2010 | [Kris Gruber '7™ Grade Boys Basketball Soe 13/2010 | Tam seeking approval of the above resignation(s). G. Approval of Financial Reports Motion 4.G 1, Approval of Bill 2. Vendor Report 3. Board Report lls - Director Sturtz. will have reviewed the bills 5. ANNOUNCEMENTS AND COMMUNICATIONS, A. Comments from public