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Winter/Holiday 2010 Catalog

Dazed by Shae
Hair Accessories

It’s not what is in your head that

It’s what is on your head that counts!
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About Dazed….
Dazed Hair Accessories are
unique and original hand-
crafted products that are of-
fered at affordable prices for
women of all ages. They can be
used to accessorize any hair
style, event and activity. At
Dazed, it’s not what is in your
head that matters, it’s what is
on your head that counts.
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Table of Contents
Hair Clips 3
Flower Clips 5
Bows 7
Jean 9
Fashionista 11
Splatter 13
Wild Child 15
Formal 17

Headbands 19
Flower Headbands 21
Bow Glam 23
Wild Child 25
Jean 27
Lace 29
Fashionista 31
Metal 33
Splatter 35
Hippy 37
Arizona State University 39
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Purple Tropical Clip

Product #: D0008
Dazed by Shae Page 6

Burgundy Daisy Clip Gray Daisy Clip

Product #: D0001 Product #: D0002

Forest Daisy Clip Hot Pink Daisy Clip

Product #: D0003 Product #: D0004

Black Tropical Clip Red Tropical Clip

Product #: D0005 Product #: D0006

Brown Tropical Clip

Product #: D0007
Page 7

Red Bow Brown and Tan Bow

Product #: D0009 Product #: D0010

Teal Bow Gold-chained Navy Bow

Product #: D0011 Product #: D0012

Silver-chained Pink Bow Silver-chained Gray Bow

Product #: D0013 Product #: D0014

Mystique Bow Blossoms Bow

Product #: D0015 Product #: D0016

All bows are available as headbands: Red (D0081), Brown and Tan (D0082), Teal (D0083),
Mystique (D0085) and Blossoms (D0086)
Dazed by Shae Page 8
Page 9

Jean Bow
Product #: D0017
Dazed by Shae Page 10

Single-layered Jean Flower

Product #: D0018

Double-layered Jean

Product #: D0019

Jean Bobby Pins (Set of 3)

Product #: D0020
Page 11

Red Bobby Pin Set Black Bobby Pin Set

Product #: D0021 Product #: D0022

Purple Bobby Pin Set Mauve and Tan Trio

Product #: D0023 Product #: D0024

Red and White Trio Black and Ivory Trio

Product #: D0025 Product #: D0026
Dazed by Shae Page 12
Page 13

Splatter Bow
Product #: D0027

(Also available as a white bow D0077)

Dazed by Shae Page 14

Jean Splatter
Bobby Pins
(Set of 3)

Product #: D0028

White Splatter
Bobby Pins
(Set of 3)

Product #: D0029
Page 15

Mint Tool Bow

Product #: D0030

Yellow Tool Bow

Product #: D0031

Pink Tool Bow

Product #: D0032

Powder Blue Tool Bow

Product #: D0033

Also available in Deep Purple (D0034) and Tan (D0078). See

page 25 for reference to colors.
Dazed by Shae Page 16
Page 17
Dazed by Shae Page 18

Tara Formal
Available to
order in any

Product #: D0035

Elle Formal
Available to
order in any

Product #: D0036
Page 19
Dazed by Shae Page 20
Page 21

Maya Red on Black Maya Brown on Tan

Product #: D0039 Product #: D0040

Maya Gray on Gray Jasmin Burgundy

Product #: D0041 Product #: D0042

Jasmin Hot Pink Trio Mini Daisies

Product #: D0043 Product #: D0044
(Available in any color
Dazed by Shae Page 22
Page 23

Gold-chained Navy
Product #: D0045
Dazed by Shae Page 24

Silver-chained Pink
Product #: D0046
Page 25

Kylee Crossbones

Product #: D0047

Tan Tool Bow

Product #: D0048

Deep Purple Tool Bow

Product #: D0049

Also available in Pink (D0050), Mint (D0051), Yellow (D0052) and

Powder Blue (D0053). See page 16 for reference to colors.
Dazed by Shae Page 26
Page 27

Jean Bow

Product #: D0054

Single-layered Jean Flower

Product #: D0055

Jean Fashionista

Product #: D0056
Dazed by Shae Page 28

Double-layered Jean Flower

Product #: D0057
Page 29

Black Lace with Gold Gray Lace with Black

Product #: D0079 Product #: D0058

Purple Lace Headband Teal Lace Headband

Product #: D0059 Product #: D0060

Dazed by Shae Page 30
Page 31

Peacock Fashionista
Product #: D0061
Dazed by Shae Page 32

Midnight Fashionista

Product #: D0062

Forest Fashionista

Product #: D0063

Hippo Fashionista

Product #: D0064

Winter Blossoms Fashionista

Product #: D0065
Page 33

Nautical Metal
with Ribbon

Product #: D0066

Key to My
with Elastic

Product #: D0067
Dazed by Shae Page 34
Page 35
Dazed by Shae Page 36

Jean Splatter Fashionista White Splatter Fashionista

Item will have different Item will have different
colored buttons and different colored buttons and different
color headbands . No two are colored headbands. No two
the same! are the same!

Product #: D0068 Product #: D0069

Splatter Bow
Also available in white
splatter bow (D0071)

Product #: D0070
Page 37

Blood Orange Hippy Cream Hippy

Headband Headband
Product #: D0072 Product #: D0073

Luster Hippy Sunbeam Hippy

Headband Headband
Product #: D0074 Product #: D0075
Dazed by Shae Page 38
Page 39

ASU Fashionista
Bobby Pins (Set
of 3)
Also available
with maroon
buttons (D0038)

Product #: D0037

ASU Fashionista
Also available
with maroon
buttons (D0080)

Product #: D0076
Dazed by Shae Page 40
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Dazed by Shae Page 42

Shae Dallas
Dazed by Shae Owner