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Comparing the burbs At the heart of every debate about amalgamation is the perception that same Toronta communities get less attention now than they did betore. In 2007, Scarborough Councillar Morm Kelly commissioned a study looking at 10 essential services within four community council zones, ta see whether they were getting their fair share, post-amalgamation. Here are same of the results, coupled with information fram the city, POPULATION nuraker oF PEOPLE (ec) Scarborough i 627,153 Etobicake York (i 561,645 Toronta East York 641,697 Nerth York (es 581,195 LIBRARY EXPENDITURES cinecT eeancH COST PER POPULATION SERM ED (2006) Scarborough is $32.05 Etabicake York [itt $30.45 Torcrite East ‘Year [ill $50.02 North York [9 $31.66 LONG TERM CARE FACILITIES punvecr or rAcurties (2008) Scarborough is 2 Etobicoke York (i 3 Toronto East York a Ss North York (2 COMMUMITY CENTRES n2aner or centers nce, Scarborough i 2S Etobicoke York (ee 40 Toronta East York as 32 North York (a s+ OUTDOOR POOLS uncer oF iocamons 2008) Scarborough is 6 Etobicoke York [Ts 25 Toronto East York a 9 North York 19 ICE RINKS pusher cade) Scarborough is 10 Etabicake York (a 16 Toronta East York (9 6 Nerth York 9 PARKS nuvere ize: Scarborough Ts 3.03 Etobicoke York (S99 Toronto East York ee 40s North York 375 Snow removal At the time af arnalgamation, select communities — such as North Yark — had expanded snow removal programs. Once the megacity was formed, the other inner suburbs argued to be fair they should get it too. This “harmonization” process has been ane of the most expensive aspects af amalgamation. ® Cost of snow removal in 1998: $32 million ® Cost of snow removal today: $85 million (figure does pot account for higher labour costs) Parks spending Amount spent by the Parks and Recreation Department on a per person basis. ® North (North York): $419 © West (Etobicoke): $50 ® East (Scarborough): $30 © South (Downtawn): S38 SOURIE City af Taraita. TORONTO STAG Gaara