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Fact Sheet

Salem Hospital purchase agreement for former site of Oregon School for the
Blind with preliminary plans for the property

• Hypothetical value assuming a clean, vacant site ready for development—$7.7 million
(DAS appraisal—Aug. 19 and Dec. 15, 2009).
• Appraised value “as is”—$5.47 million (DAS appraisal, as dated above).
• Asking price—$7.5 million (June 16, 2010).
• Salem Hospital “as is” purchase price—$6 million (Aug. 10, 2010).

Site challenges
• Zoned PE— Public Private Education (health services are a permitted use).
• Buildings unusable as is—contain asbestos, lead paint and other hazardous materials; are
below code (plumbing, electrical, structural integrity and wheelchair accessibility).

Preliminary plans
1. Site clean-up. Once the sale is final, Salem Hospital will create a safe site that looks
presentable and can be reasonably managed. Buildings will be demolished and parking
currently on the site may be put to use.
2. Phased development. Development could be phased in over time, with the first part of
the site being developed over the next year. The most likely initial use is partial
development on the east side of the lot for surface parking.
3. Cooperative work with neighbors and City of Salem. Salem Hospital hopes to work
cooperatively with neighbors and the City of Salem in developing the property:
• Preservation of Pringle Creek. Preliminary designs show a potential walkway along
Pringle Creek, opposite from Pringle Park, along with a planted area as a buffer
between the creek and parking areas.
• Proposed Salem greenway. Preliminary designs offer options to fit with a proposed
Salem greenway connecting five city parks.
• Fit with neighborhood. Preliminary designs include a setback from the sidewalk,
planted with trees and shrubs; existing trees will be preserved where possible.
4. Historical considerations. Salem Hospital respects the site’s historic use and will further
research appropriate commemoration once the sale is final.

Those with feedback or insights to offer are invited to contact Salem Hospital Community
Relations at or 503-561-5269.