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GSP Fair Use Security Policies and Limitations

By Michael McCurley

1) Copyright restrictions and publisher information will be posted for permitted limited
use of published materials under fair use and copyright laws.

2) Posting periods will be limited to 15 work days (21 calendar days) per registered class
group when courseware demands require the use of restricted materials.

3) Registration per class group will be limited to 6-8 students, 4 quarters per year (for a
total of 4 groups in 2011). All students will agree to respect fair use and copyright
laws as a precondition for their registration.

4) Materials under these conditions will be posted as read-only documents.

5) Contents from publications will be strictly limited to a ‘need to know’ basis. The only
excerpts permitted for use will be those which are essential for completion of the
Guided Study Program in System Dynamics during coursework time parameters.

6) These documents will be download disabled.

7) These documents will be copy disabled.

8) These documents will be print disabled.

9) A single use option will be provided to students, similar to a library loan, for
completion of specific assignment units of the Guided Study Program within certain
time periods specified by coursework made available through distance education.

10) Documents will be posted for limited periods of time (see above) on private, non-
searchable web pages, as coursework requirements demand their use.

11) User access will be protected by passwords to private URL’s, and will only be given to
registered users of the Guided Study Program.

12) Emergency Use—students who are unable for some reason to access a posted
document within the above time limitation, will be provided with a ‘shreddable’ pdf
document that has a 15 day expiration date, after which the document file will become

13) Students may have unrestricted access to creative commons materials and other
digital works that are intended for educational, non-commercial purposes, and are not
covered by other copyright restrictions. They may also copy, download, print, or share
those documents.

14) All digital document services for either access or use will be provided freely to
students, with no other fees charged other than normal tuition costs for the Guided
Study Program.