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E Trac Manual

E Trac Manual

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Published by: Jer on Aug 14, 2010
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Detector does not start at all

Check the condition of the batteries and battery connections.

Ensure battery pack is fully inserted, and it has clicked into place.

If using alkaline batteries, check whether they have been loaded
in the right polarity.

Ensure that you are not holding, or pressing, the Backlight button
while pressing the Power button.

Ensure that you allowed longer than 1 second between Power Of
and Power On.

Detector starts, but switches
of by itself

Check the condition of the batteries. If necessary, try starting with
batteries known to be in good condition.

Detector may be too hot. Allow detector to cool down in a
shaded area.

Try starting the detector with search coil disconnected. If the
detector starts normally, check the state of the coil cable. If it is
damaged, replace the coil. Otherwise return detector for repairs.

No sound

Unplug the headphones. If there is sound in the speaker but not
in the headphones, check the headphones and their connection.

Check the Audio > Volume Limit
(a setting of 0 is silent).

If there is no sound in the speaker or the headphones but the
detector appears to work normally otherwise, return the detector
for repairs.

Erratic noises

Press the Noise Cancel button or manually select a quiet channel.

Reduce the Sensitivity.

Change the orientation of the coil to the vertical plane and rotate
to see if there is a position where the noise is loudest.
If this is the case, it means that there is a source of interference
nearby which must be avoided.

Check battery charge and battery connections.

Ensure coil connector is tightened frmly.

Check headphones and their connection.

Check for sand or grit between coil cover and coil.

No target response

Ensure the detector is turned on.

Check headphones and their connection.

Check coil connection.

Check discrimination level. No signal will be given if target is
within black area of screen.

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