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Newsletter 2007.11

Newsletter 2007.11

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Published by: mindysue87 on Aug 14, 2010
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Volume 1, Issue 3 November 2007

The Campaign

Cru is for Everyone.


The idea began as a simple poster expressing God’s love for all of his children and what we hope to express as an organization representing Christ. This past month a couple of student leaders on the Outreach Team felt strongly enough about this poster that they wanted to share it with the entire campus. A huge 6’ X 8’ tarp (shown above) was hung in the busiest spot on campus for three days. During those three days students handed out 8,000 flyers that bore the same message: Cru is for everyone. So, what does “for everyone” mean? Voiced in conversations and posted on the front page of our website we answer this: Today our

requires us to drop the concepts of "right & wrong" and "truth" for the sake of "tolerance" and "inclusiveness." The result in the end is the conviction of having no conviction at all.

held in the highest regard, yet that individual did not feel condemned or judged? Is this even possible?

culture teaches that being for everyone requires an individual to be inclusive, accepting of all people with various backgrounds, preferences, beliefs, emotional states, etc. Our culture tells us that being for everyone

We believe it is and trust that CRU lives this out. Regardless of who you are— What if being for ethnicity, socioeconomic everyone was different? status, sexual orientation, What if instead of blindly physical well-being, emoaccepting people in the name tional well-being—we want of you to "tolerance" know that “what if being for everyone and saying as Jesus meant that we could provide that everyloved, we people with hope in a world thing was as His that is otherwise hopeless okay, we people actually seek to through a solid foundation of were for love as He love and truth? “ everyone in has. Althe sense of meeting people though we do not stray from where they are at in their our convictions, we believe daily lives? And if we took it that because of Jesus we are a step further, what if being not hindered from loving for everyone meant that we others and meeting you could provide people with where you are at in your hope in a world that is otherlife; instead we welcome you wise hopeless through a with open arms and are able solid foundation of love and to love you the way God has truth? What if we could welalways intended. In this recome people into an environality we truly believe that ment where convictions were CRU is for everyone.

Community Group Outreach
Community groups are more than just Bible studies. It is more like a mini-crusade; an atmosphere that fosters fellowship and challenges students to reach out to their friends, family and classmates and being bold in sharing their faith. The majority of our time has been spent studying the Bible, specifically the attributes of God, which has been great but a recent evaluation of our mission and vision for the group showed that we were lacking in other areas. With a small push from the leaders and God’s blessings we were able to set up an outreach event in one week. We rented the clubhouse at the largest apartment complex in Gainesville where more than 300 students live, put flyers up on every door and baked cookies and lasagna for the residents. At least 20 people came out to eat. I was so proud of our community group girls, they all had the opportunity to sit down and engage in conversations. The Soularium was set up on the pool tables and a number of our guests went through the questions and one guy, the first to come and the last to leave, is planning on coming to our weekly meeting! Praise the Lord that we could serve the community, meet students and that everything came together so nicely in such a short time.

Prayer Requests

Continued wisdom in discipleship and for Allison who, since my last update, has become one of my disciples. Unveiled ‘07: Our winter conference that takes place Dec. 29th-Jan 2nd. We are praying for 150 UF students to attend! Please be in prayer for students as they make plans for winter break and that God would use the conference to challenge and encourage students.

Garret a student I met doing the Soularium. He’s struggling with his faith right now and showed some interest in Crusade but we didn’t have the chance to talk more. Pray that I would encounter him again.

Lyndsey a freshmen who has had a hard time making friends and finding a community of believers.

Mindy Sue Colvin ~ Campus Crusade for Christ ~ University of Florida 1326 NW 11th Rd ~ Gainesville, FL ~ 32605 269.908.0611 ~ Mindy.Colvin@uscm.org ~ www.myspace.com/mindysue_crusade To donate online: http://give.ccci.org/give/0593522

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