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Vidya Kissoon's presentation on The Potential of Technology

Vidya Kissoon's presentation on The Potential of Technology

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The Potential of Technology to facilitate on-line and “real-world” work and progress for sexual minorities

Vidyaratha Kissoon Email : vidyak1@gmail.com

Some context..
Dear SASOD, Thank you for your wonderful work for the community. I am living in the United States and am doing some research for a project on Gay Life in Guyana. I have visited your site but am looking for more information if possible. There is not a lot of information online anywhere in the US. Is there any way you can help me find the following: 1. Expert witnesses in Guyana on the conditions for gay men. 2. People who can/willing to give personal accounts. 3. Sociologist/experts at the University of Guyana who is knowledgeable. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, UT

Answering the question

Caribbean Sexualities on the internet SASOD Case Study
– – Challenges Opportunities

Caribbean Sexualities on the Internet

Organisation websites

CAISO • gspottt.wordpress.com www.jflag.org, jflag.blogspot.com www.sasod.org.gy JFLAG


− − −

Blogdemoi.com MSMNPA/Free Forum - www.msmnpa.org Sunshine Cathedral Jamaica


GLBT Jamaica

Caribbean Sexualities on the internet

Social networking
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outcuracao.ning.com SASOD Film Festival on Facebook Yahoogroups – CFLAGS, SASOD and others Man Initiative Caribbean Antiviolence Project Various HIV related websites

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Name and logo Stories Film festival



Film Festival
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Accountability and visibility Who's coming to the film festival on Facebook? Formed in 2003, now 180 members including public servants and academics

Who is lurking on the yahoo group?

 

Who wants to know what we are doing? Other needs
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Add annual reports, etc Get people to add their stories


Need for safe hook spaces

Security concerns in Trinidad & Tobago Does it reinforce other divides in the “community? Bandwidth use varies

Digital divide
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Literacy divide Knowledge management from the rich discussions

Thank you..


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