These images are taken from the Opsahl Report pp54-6, a report published in 1993 and based on accounts

accumulated from May 1992 - June 1993. The private group isn't named in that chapter but excerpts coincide with a contribution from the Derry Peace and Reconciliation Group (DPRG) on pp265-266 in the same report. The de-escalation described has also been described as the Derry Experiment and the following sentences match with the Tactical Use of Armed Struggle (TUAS) strategy: "The perception that there is a split in the IRA between hawks and doves is off-target. There is a flexibility in the leadership, a willingness to explore whether, in a safer political situation a relaxation of violence is advantageous. If it proves disadvantageous, the organisation goes back on the offensive." A DPRG staffer confirmed that Douglas Hurd, the then UK Foreign Secretary and a former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, had met with 'Martin and Mitchel' on November 5, 1993, whilst on a private visit to Northern Ireland, a visit that included Londonderry Port at Lisahally. Martin was Martin McGuinness and Mitchell, Mitchel McLaughlin. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has provided the time of arrival at the airport at Eglinton but no further information. This is DPFG account is at variance with the following comments from Sir Patrick Mayhew on November 29,1993, relating to a BBC interview on November 16: The question continued: Has there been contact between people who could be regarded as emissaries or representatives of the Government? I said: No, there hasn't. There has been no negotiating with Sinn Fein; no official, as I see is alleged has been talking to Sinn Fein on behalf of the British Government.

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