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WKU Board Meeting Minutes. 5.5.10

WKU Board Meeting Minutes. 5.5.10

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WKU FeelGood Meeting Minutes Wednesday May 5, 2010 Present:Alex Kimura, Mary Katherine Higginson, Taryn Thompson

, Audrey Kaelin, Emily Wynne, Chelsea Gelley, McKenzie Croghan, Meghan Kennedy, Bo Armstrong, Mariah McDavitt Next meeting: Fall 2010, DUC


Announcements A. Success! 1.Weekly Stand Profits In seven stands this semester we have made approximately $1000. With a match of our first $500, our total for this semester is $1500 to help end world hunger! This is such an awesome success we should all be so proud of! Thanks to the generosity of this campus and the hard work put in my committed FeelGood members, we have far exceeded what we dreamed to make this first semester. 2. Campus Awareness As you may not be aware, President Ransdell and his wife visited our stand this past Tuesday and were so excited about what we were doing! We now have a sandwich named The Prez in his honor. Mrs. Ransdell was so excited she said she would even work on getting us a tent for next semester! Our name has even spread to the Alumni Association who asked us to make a wish list of things they could help us with. Be sure to keep spreading the word about FeelGood. This shows how helpful people are willing to be if we just tell them about what we¶re doing! B. Keep your calendars open for a Kick-off event at the beginning of next semester. If you are interested in helping with that let us know. C. Leadership position open! If you would like to be involved in the behind the scenes work that makes FeelGood happen, let us know. We are currently looking for someone to be our Correspondent. They would write letters and thank-you notes to our sponsors and donors and can keep track of all our connections. If you are interested, let us know. II. Discussion A. Wish list First we discussed different items for our wish list. These are items that FeelGood would love to have if you have any connections to get or know anyone who would be willing to help donate any of these items. Primarily we made this list to give to the Alumni Association so they would know different way to help us out and support the cause. The Wish List tent trash can specifically for FeelGood a cart to carry our equipment to and from the stands banners -one for sponsors -one for our menu bags for sandwiches with our logo napkins with our logo plastic holders for our flyers and business cards to put out at our weekly stands

kiosk ± letters! - we need people to write to FeelGood telling them how we need a kiosk to help meet health codes and because we will be a profitable chapter B. Merchandise These are just some thoughts of merchandise we would like to have next year. If you have any other ideas, let me know. FG bracelets FG tote bags Peace, Love, FG t-shirts *if you know any businesses that would be willing to sponsor our shirts for advertising on the back, please let us know!* Water bottles Bumper stickers C. New Menu Our goal in FeelGood is to be a destination place where people want to come and get a good sandwich and know their money is going for a great cause. For this, we need some really awesome and unique sandwiches. At the meeting we threw out all kinds of ideas for our new menu. If you have an idea that isn¶t listed, please let us know! Feel Bueno ± queso, blackbeans, etc on flatbread Bid Red (pizza) ± marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese The Prez ± swiss and provolone on white bread The King (ala Elvis) ± peanut butter and banana on white bread Cheesus Loves Me ± 3 cheeses Holy Cow ± swiss Shroominator ± mushrooms and cheese The Hottie ± pepperjack The Classic ± American cheese on white bread We are hoping to get the ingredients donated, but we are willing to pay a small amount also. If you have any connections to the Ag club, a local deli or grocery, or a local farmers market, let us know. We really want to up our game next semester with some gourmet sandwiches! D. Advertising/ Visibility We are trying to be involved in the Master Plan organization fairs and such. Please let us know if you will be around then and are able to man the table. Also, we are trying to plan a beginning of the year kick-off event as I mentioned earlier. If you would like to be involved in this let us know! III. Conclusion Have a great summer! Be sure to check your email to stay updated on all things FeelGood. See ya next fall!

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