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Bernhard Lindahl
Sköndalsbrov. 33
128 69 SKÖNDAL/Sweden

November 2005


from external sources

Local history is much studied and documented in European countries, some as formal
research and some as a hobby by amateurs who feel closely attached to the home environment
of their childhood.

In Africa there is less of it documented, even if living memory is as strong there as anywhere
else. Sometimes there are African study projects to preserve the collective memory in taped
interviews. Extensive notes on local history written by local people are not common. Most of
the knowledge of it will be lost with the passage of time.

However, what was once written down and printed is usually preserved somewhere in
the world and continues to be (in principle) available. In the case of Ethiopia, most of the
records on paper of local history must be assumed to be in "external sources", not necessarily
"foreign" in the sense that they were printed abroad, but probably with no copy kept for
reading by those who have their roots in the particular area.

The concept of the present work is to make extracts from printed "external sources" (some
produced in centres in Ethiopia but most of them printed in foreign countries) and to sort
these extracts geographically and chronologically, so that references which concern a
particular location at a certain time can be found together. This material could be used as a
background having some guiding data for those who want to make their own studies
concerning some local area.

The present work in principle concerns environment and events in the countryside of Ethiopia
mainly from the early 1800s and onwards. The special effort is to shed light on places which
are seldom mentioned in print and to make searchable the contents of various published
sources (lately including even Internet, where the published contents are likely to disappear
after a while).

The capital city Addis Abeba is completely excluded here, because it gets more than its
proportional share in general literature. The other main centres like Gondar and Harar are
treated lightly, mostly with only summaries and references rather than substantial text. The
archaeology, ancient history and appeal to tourism of places like Aksum and Lalibela may be
briefly indicated, with references to literature, but details of ancient places are in principle
cited only when they concern later time of the 19th and 20th centuries.
Local details are collected also for the main centres, while their part in "national history" is
passed over lightly.

The boundaries of the area 'Ethiopia' are here taken to be the political boundaries of the
1990's, excluding Eritrea (which is often documented in the same literature as Ethiopia but
which also has a large body of records separate from the records of present-day Ethiopia).
Alphabetical structure
The sorting of the compilation is alphabetical by names of places as written with the Latin
alphabet, which is the script used in the sources. However, the alphabetical entries for locally
important centres like administrative seats, townships, plantations etc are uniformly extended
to cover also a surrounding circular area with a radius of 10 kilometres. Secondary names
within such a circle are given see-references to the primary name used as alphabetical entry.

Local names in Ethiopia are derived from various languages, so it would not automatically
solve the problem of ambiguous spellings to edit the alphabetical list in Amharic and
transcribe all the foreign spellings into the Amharic script.

Spellings by the Latin alphabet are copied as found in the sources, but often supplemented
with an entry form derived from principles of the Ethiopian Mapping Service as used from the
1960s onward. Alternatives are brought together by see-references. As alphabetical entry
among the alternatives is generally chosen the spelling which seems closest to consensus in
recent historical and geographical works.

Spelling of names on maps is usually simplified. Here also in this collection writing with
special phonetic symbols has not been attempted for the names. Such characters are less
easily handled when a standard word processing program is used in the computer. None of the
several existing schemes for transliteration from Amharic into Latin script has been strictly
adhered to, but the Ethiopian Mapping Service is naturally regarded as having particular

However, the Mapping Service does in principle not use double consonants in the spelling of
names. In this compilation such doubling has often been retained when it seems to assist the
casual reader in finding a better pronunciation of the name (especially in short names e.g.
Dilla not Dila) and in the many Oromo names where variants such as furi and furri have
different meanings. If there are several potential doubling points in a name the rendering of it
often becomes ambiguous (may be seen in personal names like Taddese, Tadesse, Taddesse),
and in such cases a spelling all with single consonants (e.g. Tadese) may be preferred as
conventional alphabetical entry.

Hyphens are usually omitted (Wel Wel or Welwel, not Wel-Wel) because this gives more
straightforward automatic sorting by computer. In many encyclopedias Wel Wel and Welwel
would be sorted in the same place, but here everything before an empty space is sorted first
and sorting "by the next word" follows thereafter.

Spelling history
The British maps of the 1940s, used here as the starting source of local names, have most of
their spellings copied from Italian documents. Ethiopian maps from the 1960's and later have
spellings nearer to what one would expect in the English pattern. The Gazetteer of Ethiopia,
USA 1982, aims at being a standard (for American military purposes) but as many older
Italian-type spellings have been kept there, it is not used as a general authority here.

Sometimes authors mention a rule of thumb "vowels as in Italian, consonants as in English"

for the writing of Ethiopian names, and that is roughly the pattern followed also here.

Names that were found without known origin of language may be kept with e.g. Italian-
looking spelling, in order not to introduce unconfirmed interpretations of the pronunciation.
However, when transfer from Italian-type or French-type to English-type spelling follows an
obvious pattern (such as Giggiga or Djidjiga into Jijiga) an English-oriented spelling
alternative may have been actively added during the editing of the alphabetical list for better
conformity throughout the whole list. Such modification without confirmation in the sources
is added mostly for consonants. Vowels when recorded by non-local speakers are often so
ambiguous not only in spelling but also in sound that active "correction" is not advisable.
Amharic spelling of Oromo names etc may not always be quite true to the original
pronunciation (Melka or Malka best?).

Spellings derived from other than Italian and English texts may have a short explanation of
what language is involved (Ger:, Fre:, Swe: for German, French, Swedish etc) and Ethiopian
languages are indicated when explanation of the meaning of a name is attempted (A, O, Som,
T for Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Tigrinya). Explanations of names as words are here derived
from dictionaries and not from personal knowledge of the languages in question, so there are
probably many irrelevant attempts at translation of names.
Codes for geographical identification
Map codes like HDE93 refer to squares 10x10 kilometres of the grid used in the British War
Office maps. Codes used for listing give the map square in which the place is shown on the
W.O. maps, not the location it ought to be by more recent data of latitude and longitude, even
if these data may be cited as remarks.
Codes for additional names found on other maps than the W.O. maps have been derived from
relative distances to known places.

An extra "c" as in HFF92c means "circa square HFF92" when the place is not named on the
W.O. maps and its location has been roughly determined from some other source.

Geographical coordinates like 08/42 indicate Latitude North/ Longitude East with figures for
degree only, and no further subdivision. The sources cannot always be trusted to give better
accuracy than this.

Sources of name and position are indicated by brief codes within square brackets for the
principal sources used:

[WO] British War Office maps produced mostly from Italian originals in the early
1940's and sold openly from the late 1940's

[AA] map sheet Addis Ababa, scale 1:250,000, prepared in Washington in 1967,
published in Ethiopia in 1969

[MS] Mapping Service: either map sheet 1:2,000,000 by the Ethiopian Mapping
Service around 1969 or later maps (such as tourist maps) believed to be derived
from official maps

[LM] Location Maps produced by the Ethiopian Mapping service from the 1960's and

[LM WO] when more then one source is mentioned, the code that is
[WO LM] written first indicates the origin of the spelling used as alphabetical entry

[Ad] Ethiopian administrative texts, such as e.g. Statistical Abstracts

[Br] Philip Briggs, Guide to Ethiopia, Bradt Publications 1996

[Ca] Camerapix /ed./, Spectrum guide to Ethiopia, Nairobi 1995

[Ch] R. E. Cheesman, Lake Tana and the Blue Nile, London 1936; maps at the end of
the book

[Gz] Gazetteer of Ethiopia, Defense Mapping Agency, USA, August 1982, 663 p,
about 30,500 entries (of which many see-references and 14% for Eritrea
and names of regions).
Much of the same material is found at
on Internet

[Gu] Guida dell'Africa Orientale Italiana, Consociazione Turistica Italiana, Milano

[Ha] W. Cornwallis Harris, The highlands of Aethiopia, London 1844; map opposite
page 1 in volume I

[It] Various Italian or Italian-influenced sources

[Mi] Danilo A. Jelenc, Mineral occurrences of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa 1966

[n] various newer sources published in the 1990s

[Ne] L.M. Nesbitt, Abyssinia unveiled. Desert and forest. 1934 (Desert and forest.
Penguin Books 1955)
/his travel was made in 1928/

[Pa] Publications by Richard Pankhurst, especially: The Ethiopian borderlands. The

Red Sea Press 1997

[Po] lists of post offices

[q] q added during the editing as an alternative to k' in the Mapping and Geography
Institute´s system of phonetic spelling, for example Kechema (K'ech'ema,

[Ro] road map published by Mobil/ETO in the 1960s

[Te] Board of Telecommunications map and telephone directories 1954-1967, with

inconsistent spellings and possibly some expatriate influence

[Wa] war time map sheet "Schropp's Karte vom Abessinischen Kriegsschauplatz"
published 1935 in Germany but with English-influenced spellings of names

[x] source from 1900-1990 not explained in the list because it provided only a few
additional names or spelling variants

[Yo] John Young, Peasant revolution .., 1997

[18] sources from the 1800s (other than Ha = Harris)

[20] sources published in or after year 2000

[+ WO] the sign + in the first position indicates that the spelling of the alphabetical entry
was modified during editing, as guided by known language patterns;
spelling without the modification is also listed, with a see-reference added when
deemed useful; variants may be given a see-reference even when they are rather
obvious mistakes (e.g. Ahd er Rafi for Abd er Rafi) if they were found in a
printed source that may have had a wide distribution

Neighbourhood of centre points

The name of a relatively important location is used for keeping together a local circular area
with a radius of 10 kilometres with the principal place in the centre.
Names included/excluded
The compilation covers essentially "localities on dry land" including names of areas not
larger than an awraja (sub-province). Foreign-language elements like Valley, Plain, Lake,
Mount are never included into the local names themselves (unless the whole name is
manifestly foreign like Mount Smith, Mussolini Pass, or Colaris Concession). Added Amharic
words like Bota, Hayk', Tereter, very common in the Gazetteer, are not treated as being part
of the name.

Names of mountains are generally included as entries, especially as there are often a village
and a highly visible hill/mountain near each other having the same name. The indication Tulu,
Gara, Amba etc before names of mountainous places is sometimes (but not generally) placed
first in the form written for alphabetical entry.

Names of lakes and watercourses are not generally used as alphabetical entries as they cannot
contain settlements, but they may occur when describing further the environment of a "place".
Rivers are treated rather as valleys, and on the whole naming of areas extending
across long distances is avoided.
Names of islands are usually included because they represent "land".
Springs/waterholes/wells without villages based on them are included as entries if they are
marked on maps or included in the Gazetteer or otherwise useful for orientation in an area.

A rough distinction is attempted between "area" and "built-up place" (township, village,
church etc) giving them separate entries even when having the same name, but especially the
distinctions between "wide area" / "area" / "hill" / "mountain" is very vague as long as derived
from a map and not from a description in text.

Figures given for altitude are not to be taken as exact, especially as its reference point on the
ground is seldom specified, but even so the figures should give some useful information on
climate and lowland/highland character of the location. Altitude of a mountain area probably
refers to a peak. Widely differing alternative figures may refer one to a built-up place and the
other to a nearby hill or mountain. Differing figures found in different sources are often both
(or several) cited, unless it is known which one to regard as more reliable.

Years, months and days are given according to the Gregorian ("Western") calendar, as few of
the sources used here supply also dates according to the Ethiopian calender. When such cases
are cited, the indication 'Eth. cal.' is added.

Selection of sources
The sources used so far were those near at hand to the compiler (private library, public
libraries in Stockholm), and they have been studied in such order as seemed suitable for the
process of filling the alphabetical list of names first and adding subject matter later.

In late 2001 the collection corresponds to over 17,000 place and area names, with many
variants of spelling. When new additions are found, they are inserted in their alphabetical
place, but the intention is also at some time to supplement "backwards" to the starting list
arranged in order by map codes. In late 2004 there may be 30,000 localities + see added.
Contents of citations
Text of the sources has often been abbreviated to keep the volume of the collection
manageable. Serious researchers should go to the original texts as found from the references.
Word-by-word citation is usually written between marks "---" and with exclusions indicated
by -- while parts inserted by the compiler are within slashes /---/.
Normal parentheses (---) indicate that they were found in the original and were copied from

Texts longer than about half a page are seldom cited in full, so there the original source will
be important.

Sources may have political, religious or ethnic bias and this has in principle also been kept in
all citations so that the character of the source shall not be hidden. In some contexts explicit
use of the contents may be controversial.

The compiler (Bernhard Lindahl) regards 'Local History' as a hobby project, which has filled
some years, and claims no personal copyright for the text. However, many part of the text as
well as pictures given references may still have their original copyright actively guarded by
authors/publisher. This must be taken into account if data base or print publication is
contemplated for more than excerpts. As source for research it can be used like any other
source, having the special advantage that information is directly found by place names which
in most cases would be impossible to actively trace by a normal researcher in catalogues of
libraries and collections, as the names are scattered within documents at innumerable sites in
the world.
file intro2
October 2005


The files of geographical names are based on the British War Office maps sold openly from
the 1940s. There are 38 sheets which concern Ethiopia within its borders of the late 1990s.

Each full map code of the form 000xx denotes a square of land covering 10 sq km. With 3x3
adjacent codes an area of 90 sq km is covered, and there are many other combinations to
choose from. (Later codes exist e.g. in the Gazetteer from USA, but as the work was started
from the British maps their codes have been kept throughout for the sake of uniformity.)

A series of codes all beginning with the same three-letter combination with figures from 00 to
99 added will cover 100x100 = 10 000 sq km - if the series is complete, but many of them fall
partly outside the borders of Ethiopia.

From the files sorted in order by codes one can extract all names from a limited part of
Ethiopia for closer study. Any connected selection of 10x10 km elements can be created if one
observes that the three-letter part of the map codes occur in the following order over Ethiopia
as a whole:



Map square numbers are neighbours of each other as follows:

99 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 90
89 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 80
79 70 71 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 78 79 70
69 60 61 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 68 69 60
59 50 51 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 58 59 50
49 40 41 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 48 49 40
39 30 31 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 38 39 30
29 20 21 ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 28 29 20
19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 10
09 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 00
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
The sheets of the War Office maps which contain something of Ethiopia have the following titles, in order
from south-west to north-east:

NB 36/2 Akobo ND 37/5 Macalle

NC 36/5 Nasir ND 37/2 Asmara
NB 36/6 Lokitaung NA 37/3 El Wak
NB 36/3 Magi NB 37/6 Filtu
NC 36/6 Gore NB 37/3 Ghimir
NC 36/3 Asosa NC 37/6 Dire Daua
ND 36/6 Dinder NC 37/3 Abbe
NA 37/1 Rudolf ND 37/6 Lake Giulietti
NB 37/4 Stefanie ND 37/3 Mersa Fatma
NB 37/1 Soddu NB 38/4 Dolo
NC 37/4 Lechemti NB 38/1 El Fud
NC 37/1 Debra Marcos NC 38/4 Harar
ND 37/4 Gondar NC 38/1 Jibuti
ND 37/1 Kassala ND 38/4 Assab
NA 37/2 Moyale NB 38/5 Belet Uen
NB 37/5 Neghelli NB 38/2 Gabredarre
NB 37/2 Dalle NC 38/5 Odweina
NC 37/5 Addis Abeba NB 38/3 Rocca Littorio
NC 37/2 Dessie NC 38/6 Yagare
file indref
October 2005

External sources for local history of Ethiopia

Sources used for more than some ten extracts are in the
main files given abbreviated references. These are listed
here with bibliographical explanations, also rather short but
believed sufficient for finding the document in catalogues.
Languages of the sources used here are English, French, Italian,
German, and Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish).

Arén 1978 Gustav Arén, Evangelical pioneers in Ethiopia, Uppsala/Sweden 1978

Asmarom 1973 Asmarom Legesse, Gada - Three approaches to the study

of African society, New York 1973

Aubert 1999 Marc Aubert, Ethiopia (Local Colour illustrated guide to Ethiopia),
Hong Kong 1999

Bent 1893 Theodore Bent, The sacred city of the Ethiopians, London 1893

Bianchi 1896 Gustavo Bianchi, Alla terra dei Galla, Milano 1896

Bradt 1995 Philip Briggs, Guide to Ethiopia, Bradt Publications, UK 1995 (also USA)

Camerapix 1995 Spectrum guide to Ethiopia, Camerapix Publishers International,

Nairobi/Kenya 1995, 2nd ed. 1996

Cheesman 1936 R.E. Cheesman, Lake Tana & the Blue Nile, London 1936 (covering
period 1925-1934)

Crummey 2000 Donald Crummey, Land and society in the Christian kingdom
of Ethiopia, USA & UK (Oxford) 2000

Ehrlich 1996 Haggai Ehrlich, Ras Alula and the Scramble for Africa ... 1875-1897,
USA (Red Sea Press) 1996

Eth. Artists Taye Tadesse, Short biographies of some Ethiopian artists,

Addis Ababa (1984) 1991

Ethnicity 1994 Katsuyoshi Fukui & John Markakis (editors), Ethnicity and conflict
in the Horn of Africa, UK & USA 1994

Gleichen 1898 Count Gleichen, With the mission to Menelik, London 1898

Grenstedt 2000 Staffan Grenstedt, Ambaricho and Shonkolla, Faculty of Theology,

Uppsala Univ. 2000. Studia Missionalia Svecana LXXXII

Guida 1938 Guida dell'Africa Orientale Italiana, Consociazione Turistica Italiana,

Milano 1938

Hammond 1999 Jenny Hammond, Fire from the ashes - A chronicle of the revolution
in Tigray, Ethiopia, 1975-1991, USA (Red Sea Press) 1999
Jäger 1965 Otto A. Jäger, Antiquities of North Ethiopia, Stuttgart 1965

Levine 1965 Donald N. Levine, Wax and gold, Univ. of Chicago Press 1965

Marcus, Menelik Harold G. Marcus, The life and times of Menelik II, Oxford 1975
(The Red Sea Press 1995)

Marcus 1994 Harold G. Marcus, A history of Ethiopia, Univ. of California 1994

Markakis 1987 John Markakis, National and class conflict in the Horn of Africa,
(Cambridge Univ. Press) 1987

Marsden-Smedley 1990 Philip Marsden-Smedley, A far country, London 1990

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Red Sea Press/USA 1994

Mohr, Geology 1961 P.A. Mohr, The Geology of Ethiopia, Addis Abeba ca 1961
(printed in Asmara)

Dervla Murphy 1969 Dervla Murphy, In Ethiopia with a mule, London 1969
(also a later pocket edition)

Nesbitt 1934(1935) Desert and forest, 1934, Penguin Books 1935, Abyssinia unveiled, The
Albatross/Hamburg 1935 (travels in 1928)

Pankhurst 1961 Richard Pankhurst, An introduction to the economic history of

Ethiopia from early times to 1800, London (Lalibela House) 1961

Pankhurst (1990)1992 Richard Pankhurst, A social history of Ethiopia, Institute of

Ethiopian Studies 1990 (The Red Sea Press 1992)

Pankhurst 1997 Richard Pankhurst, The Ethiopian borderlands, ... regional history from
ancient times to the end of the 18th century, The Red Sea Press 1997

Rubenson 1976 Sven Rubenson, The survival of Ethiopian independence,

London etc 1976

Sbacchi 1997 Alberto Sbacchi, Legacy of bitterness - Ethiopia and Fascist Italy,
1935-1941, USA (Red Sea Press) 1997

Shirreff 1995 David Shirreff, Bare feet and bandoliers, London (Radcliffe Press) 1995

Young 1997 John Young, Peasant revolution in Ethiopia, The Tigray People's
Liberation Front 1975-1991, Cambridge University Press 1997

12th Int Conf 1994 Harold G. Marcus /editor/, New trends in Ethiopian studies, Papers of the
12th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies, vol. I, The Red Sea
Press/USA 1994
(example of these Int. Conf. papers)
JDP11 Aabida (volcano), see Adwa
aada (O) custom, tradition, culture
HFF24 Aadi Noia, see Adi Noya, under Atsbi
JEA77 Aadu (area) 668 m 11/40 [WO]
KB... Aare, temporary resettlement shelter 04/45 [x]
-- Aari language (Aarai), see Ari
HED80 Aarta (church) 11/37 [WO]
aatuar b..: ber (bärr) (A) pass, gate, entranc
HER18 Aatuar Ber (area) 12/37 [WO]
ab (Geez) father; (A) elder, forefather; the Father as first person of the Trinity;
ala (O) outer?
?? Ab Ala wereda (in the 1990s), cf Abala ../.. [n]
HET65 Ab Azba (short for Abraha Atsbeha?), see Ageszba
HDT57 Ab Lada kebele 10/39 [Ad]
Aba .., cf Abba ..
aba (T) 1. father; 2. kinds of shrub or small tree,
Phyllogeiton (Berchemia) discolor, Grewia bicolor
HC... Aba (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 07/37 [Ad]
HDC81 Aba (small village) 08/36 [Gu]
JEH69 Aba (area) 12/41 [WO]
HDB25 Aba Abdella, see Abdela
HEF40 Aba Ali 1116'/3924' 2523 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEM20 Aba Biruk 1159'/3921' 3144 m, near code HEL29 11/39 [Gz]
HDU56 Aba Boker (mountain) 1026'/3954' 2409 m 10/39 [Gz]
/same as Buker?/
aba bona: bona, boonaa (O) carefree and proud /man/;
(A,O) dry season
HEF56 Aba Bona 1120'/3957' 1345 m 11/39 [Gz]
aba bora ..: bora, boraa (O) snout, muzzle. upstanding front
part of saddle /and several other meanings/; ager (agär) (A)
country, nation, region;
Ababora is a male personal name
HDF60 Aba Bora Ager (Abbavoragher) 08/39 [Gz WO]
0846'/3924' 1838 m
HDF80c Aba Borakuje kebele (.. Boraqujä ..) 08/39 [Ad]
aba boru: boru, booruu (O) muddy /liquid/;
borru (O) east; morning; booruu (O) sun, early morning;
boru (A) ox having a blaze
HEE28 Aba Boru 1103'/3911' 3109 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDT39 Aba Boru kebele, see Ababoru ..
aba ..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HEE38 Aba Boru Meda kebele 11/39 [Ad]
?? Aba Buker Ali (Abba Bukr Alli), on map of 1814, 10/42 [+ 18]
on the caravan route from Zeyla to Harar
aba buko: buko, bukoo, boko (A,O) yeast,
fermented dough; buko (Kefa) pumpkin, gourd;
buko (Som) become sick
HDU90 Aba Buko 1050'/3924' 3114 m 10/39 [Gz]

aba bula: bula (A) dust raised in walking

HEE38 Aba Bula 1109'/3914' 3106 m 11/39 [Gz]

HDN08c Aba Bulcho, village in Wellega 10/35 [x]

A little south of the Abay river about 15 km west
of the confluence of the Didessa.
?? Aba Bulcho (Gumuz village) ../.. [n]
Among the 66 houshold heads of Aba Bulcho in 1975,
a majority claimed to be of the Dukunzilla people.
[Wendy James]
aba ch..: chara (O) tip top, very good?
chaaraa, one of a cycle of 27 Oromo day names
HE... Aba Chara 12/37 [Ch]
?? Aba Chereko (visiting postman under Jimma district) ../.. [Po]
HDE89 Aba Chorga (Aba Ch'orga) 0852'/3919' 2178 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDH51 Aba Ciotte, see Abba Chotte
GDU26 Aba Dula, see Abadula
HEC89 Aba Garima (Abba Garima) (small island), 11/37 [Ch Gu]
cf Abba Gerima, one of the 'Nine Saints'
aba gen..: genda (gända) (A) trough from the trunk of a tree,
for animals to drink from
ganda (O) village, district; aba genda, village leader
HCU93 Aba Genda 0803'/3937' 2627 m 08/39 [Gz]
HED80 Aba Gerima 1140'/3730' 2089 m 11/37 [Gz]
HFM16 Aba Gerima 14/38 [n]
mountain Aba Gerima Terara at 1410'/3857'
HFE65 Aba Gerima, see Abba Gerima
aba gobe, dance leader? gobe (O) song, dance, especially at Meskel Day;
Gobe, a Somali female name
HBM14 Aba Gobe (Abagobi) (area) 0344'/3944' 914 m 03/39 [WO Gz]
aba gol..: golja, goljaa (O) warthog, Phacochoerus aethiopicus aeliani
HEJ84 Aba Golja 1231'/3702' 2143 m 12/37 [Gz]
aba gol..: ager (agär) (A) land, region, country
HEF15 Aba Golja Ager (Abagolja A.) 1102'/3949' 1948 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEF25 Aba Golja Ager 1106'/3950' 2055 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDM34 Aba Gordo kebele 09/39 [Ad]
aba gu..: guba, gubaa (O) 1. fever; 2. branding iron;
3. strong /tobacco/; 4. cloudy
HET37 Aba Guba (Amba Abba Gubba) 1415 m 13/39 [WO Gu]
aba guy.: guyo, guio (O) prohibition, hatred, detestation;
guuyo (Som) 1. small antelope, dikdik; 2. dwarf, small person;
3. wealth, property, livestock;
ana (O) patrikin, relatives on father's side
HBU82 Aba Guyo Ana 0519'/3932' 1436 m 05/39 [Gz]
HEF26 Aba Halme kebele (.. Halmé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
aba hate: hate (O) 1. forest, jungle; 2. smart
JEB28 Aba Hate (area) 11/41 [WO]
HEF13 Aba Jela kebele (.. Jäla ..) 11/39 [Ad]
aba kibe: qibe (A) butter
HEF02 Aba Kibe 1054'/3932' 3319 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDS81 Aba Kidan Bota (locality) 1046'/3740' 10/37 [Gz]
aba ko..: kolba (O) horn, hilt made of horn
HEF34 Aba Kolba kebele 11/39 [Ad]
HDP20 Aba Kumyur (Aba Cumiur) (area) 10/35 [+ WO]
HDT68 Aba Kundi (A. K'undi, A. Qundi) 10/39 [Gz q]
1035'/3912' 2361 m
HDS.. Aba Libanos (Abba L.) 10/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Tseshigem sub-district)
HEJ68 Aba Libanos 1221'/3721' 1812 m 12/37 [Gz WO]
or (Iancaru, Yankaru) 1222'/3721' 1816 m
HEM11 Aba Libanos Ch'aka (forest) 1155'/3929' 11/39 [Gz]
HEH55 Aba Maryam (A. Mariam) 12/36 [+ WO]
HFF52 Aba Mekereyta 1406'/3936' 2647 m 14/39 [Gz]
aba mela: mela (mäla) (A) forecast, opinion;
(T) tact, policy, device, method, science;
(Wellega) Acacia sp.; mella (A) whole, be full;
mela (O) 1. crippled, disabled; grudge
HEE49 Aba Mela kebele (.. Mäla ..) 11/39 [Ad]
aba mes.: mesk (mäsk) (A) meadow, field
HEL39 Aba Mesk 1204'/3917' 3601 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDU92 Aba Milik 1049'/3934' 2448 m 10/39 [Gz]
aba moti: moti (O) large needle; mooti (Som) cause to cross,
make pass through; moti, mootii (O) regional chief,
local king, military leader
GDM74 Aba Moti, see Bambesi
HCG19 Aba Saimal (A. Simal) 0631'/3541' 1217 m 06/35 [WO Gz]
?? Aba Salama (Abba S.), cf Aba Selama 13/39 [+ It]
HDE63 Aba Samuel (Abba S.) (church) 08/38 [Gz WO]
0845'/3843' 2000 m
HDE63 Aba Samuel Gedam (monastery) 0845'/3843' 08/38 [Gz]
HDE73 Aba Samuel (Abba S.) (power station) 0847'/3842' 08/38 [Gz WO]
aba selam: selam (sälam) (A) peace, tranquility
HEE09 Aba Selam 1057'/3918' 3342 m 10/39 [Gz]
Aba Selama, Frumentius, founder of the Ethiopian Christianity in 326 A.D.
HEU92 Aba Selama (Enda Abba Scelema) (village) 13/39 [Gz Po Gu]
1331'/3935' 2264/2390 m, see also Abba Salama
(visiting postman under Dessie district)
HEF52 Aba Selama kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Kuta Ber wereda, 5 km north-west
of Kuta Ber settlement; area 3,367 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
aba si..: sina (A) kind of shrub or tree, Teclea nobilis
HDB93 Aba Sina (Abba Sena) 0902'/3558' 1538 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDH03 Aba Sina
HDD39 Aba Tekle 0829'/3824' 3081 m 08/38 [Gz]
?? Aba Wagame (visiting postman under Jimma district ../.. [Po]
HDU61 Aba Wani 1034'/3930' 1999 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEE37 Aba Wasu kebele 11/38 [Ad]
rather far to the east in central Mekdela wereda,
area 1,849 hectares
[CSA 1994]
HEE79 Aba Wat (A, Wat', Baba) 1130'/3919' 2362 m 11/39 [Gz]
(with church Iyesus)
HEF70 Aba Wat (A. Wat') 1131'/3922' 2875 m 11/39 [Gz]
aba wi..: ager (agär) (A) land, region, country
HDM64 Aba Wibe Ager (Kundi, Cundi, Gandhi Ghior) 09/39 [Gz Wa]
0940'/3943' 3360 m, cf Gundi
HES79 Aba Yared (mountain), see Abba Yared
HEL96 Aba Yohanis (Abba Johannes) (church), 12/38 [LM WO]
see under Sekota
JDK51 Aba Yonis 0933'/4236' 2090 m 09/42 [Gz]
?? Ababa wereda (in Bale), cf Abebe sub-district ../.. [x]
HDK35 Ababe, see Abebe
?? Ababeich (Ababeic), locality 07/35 [20]
ababo (Kefa O) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Protea gaguedi; (O) flower;
Ababo, Abebo, a male personal name
GCU61 Ababo (Abebo, Abobo) (village) c490 m 07/34 [MS Br Ad WO]
GCU61 Ababo wereda (Abebo..) (centre in 1964 = Ababo) 07/34 [+ Ad]
Ababora, a Muslim personal name;
bora, boraa (O) snout, muzzle, upstanding front
part of saddle /and several other meanings/
?? Ababora (centre in 1964 of Halielu sub-district) ../.. [Ad]
H.... Ababora Bet sub-district (.. Biet ..) 10/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Solie)
ababoru: boru, booruu (A) muddy /liquid/;
borru (O) east, morning; booruu (O) sun, early morning
HDT39 Ababoru kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in the middle of southern Jema wereda,
15 km south of Degolo, area 5,923 hectares
[CSA 1994]
ababu (O) great-grandmother, great-grandchild;
ababul (T) kind of slender shrub, Cadaba longifolia
HED14 Ababulu, see under Mota 10/37 [WO]
abacha..: chacha (ch'ach'a) (A) stop growing, become stunted
HDM43 Abachacha kebele (Abach'ach'a ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda,
20 km east-northeast of Koremash; area 1,014 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCN32 Abachalti (Abbacialti) 880 m 07/35 [MS LM WO]
GDL38 Abachi, see Abaki
abada..: dabu (O) to plant, set up, fasten, place,
arrange, break down, put into fire, straighten, etc.
HDG59 Abadabu (Abadadu), see Kebni Abadir
abadib.: dibo, diboo (O) thicket, thick growth of bushes;
(Kefa) kinds of shrub or small tree, Rothmannia spp;
dibo (T) plug, stopper
HCL.. Abadibo (Tayissa), valley in the Kibre Mengist region 06/38 [Mi]
Abadir, one chief Ahu Abadir is said to have helped build
the city walls of Harar in the 1500s
HDF66 Abadir (Guto, Gutu) 0845'/3953' 1051 m 08/39 [Gz WO]
HDF75 Abadir (Abadir Tekil) (plantation) 0847'/3952' 08/39 [x Gz]
HDF86 Abadir (area) 08/39 [MS WO]
HDE64 Abadiri, see Saddeka
HEE46 Abadise 1115'/3901' 2783 m 11/39 [Gz]
-- Abado, Abbado, a group of Oromo, also a male name
HDE40 Abado 0833'/3830' 2605 m 08/38 [Gz]
(with church Kidane Mihret and/or Silase)
HDT02 Abado, see Idabu
HDT54 Abado kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in eastern Wegdi wereda, adjoining Mahdere Selam
to its north-east and south-west; area 1,514 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Abadula, a male personal name,
Abba Dula (O) "father of war", military commander;
dula (A) 1. strong, tenacious, resistant; 2. cudgel, knobbly stick;
dula, duula (O) fighting place, raid
GDU26 Abadula (Aba Dula) (area) 10/34 [WO]
Abagada (kind of chief), a male personal name
HDB26 Abagada, see Abdela
HET.? Abagele (Abagällé, same as HET46 Abergele?) 13/38? [x]
HEJ66 Abagennen (Abaghennen) 1223'/3714' 1848 m 12/37 [+ Gu Gz]
HCR52 Abagero Bota (locality) 0747'/3652' 07/36 [Gz]
abagimbi: abba gimbi (O) father/owner of stone house;
gimbi, gimbii (O) 1. stone wall or house or fence;
2. garrison, guard; (T) castle, tower
GDF73 Abagimbi (Abaghimbi) 0848'/3439' 1865 m 08/34 [+ WO Gz]
JCB96 Abagle, see Melka Abagle
HBM14 Abagobi, see Aba Gobe
HE... Abagolja (centre in 1964 of Diguguru sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
HEF15 Abagolja Ager, see Aba Golja Ager
abah (T) Phyllogeiton discolor
HED44 Abahala, see Amanuel
HDA76 Abahalle 0846'/3520' 1504 m 08/35 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HDA66
HDT42 Abahoch kebele 10/38 [Ad]
Abai.., see Abay.., Abbay ..
abake (abaqä) (A) to beseech, to entreat
HCE46c Abake (forest station) 05/38 [Br]
abaki, abaqii (O) grain chaff;
Abachi, a male Muslim name
GDL38 Abaki (Abachi) 09/34 [+ WO]
HDM24 Abako kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Berehet wereda at its southern border; area 3,864 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
abakulba: abba kulba (O) man named as bull with regenerated testicles;
ager (agär) (A) land, district
H.... Abakulba Ager 11/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Kombolcha Nechiro sub-district)
abal (A,T) member, insider; abala (A) tendon, sinew;
Aballa, a male personal name
HCK34 Abala (cotton centre) 1482 m, cf Ab Ala .., Abela 06/37 [WO Gu]
HED44 Abala (Abahala), see Amanuel
HFC74 Abala (area) 1414'/3700' 775 m 14/37 [WO Gz]
HED44 Abala Dildi, see Sabera Dildi
HEC.? Abala Negus, south of Debre May? 11/37 [x]
JE...? Abala wereda 11/41? [20]
abale, abaliye (A) kind of shrub or small tree,
Maesa lanceolata;
abale (abalä) (T) commemorate, celebrate
HDL43 Abale 0927'/3841' 2470 m, waterfalls nearby 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEJ59 Abale (Ambara) 1217'/3727' 1784 m, 12/37 [Gz]
see under Gorgora
HCN46 Aballa 0741'/3522' 2186 m, cf Abala 07/35 [Gz]
aballe..: dara (O) 1. clothes, lack of clothing;
daaraa 2. ashes; 3. movables, personal effects, furniture;
dhara (O) expression to deny that something is false
JEA87 Aballedara (area) 11/40 [WO]
abalo (A) kind of tall and rather flat-topped tree,
Terminalia brownii; its bark gives a yellow stain used for
skins of monks; also (A) Terminalia glaucescens, Combretum tricanthum,
(O) Brucea antidysenterica, which is a small tree
HDH07 Abalo (Ovalo) (place) 0907'/3624' 1685 m 09/36 [Gz WO]
HDH07 Abalo (Tulu A.) (mountain) 0907'/3623' 1835 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDK71 Abalo 0944'/3740' 2115 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDT02 Abalo 0959'/3839' 1894 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
abalo b.: beret (bärät) (A) thorn enclosure for cattle
HDM.. Abalo Beret (with church Mikael) 09/39 [x]
HDM31 Abalo Beret kebele 09/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda,
near Koremash to its north-east; area 1,074 hectares. [CSA 1994]
abalo m.: meda (A), grassy plain
HEE68 Abalo Meda 1129'/3910' 2319 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDT87 Abalo sub-district (Aballo ..) (ctr in 1964 = Ligwam) 10/39 [+ Ad]
JEC82 Abalon Adola /a Somali unit/ (waterhole) 11/41 [WO]
abalti, abbalti (O) intention
HDD00 Abalti, see Abelti
JDK73 Abaltirri (area) 1950 m 09/42 [WO]
HEL61 Abam (Monte Abam) (mountain) 12/38 [WO Gz]
1222'/3836' 2498 m
HEL62 Abam Abo, see Agam Abo
HES96 Abamar Selassie, see Abemar Silase
HDM73 Abamote kebele (Abamoté ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda in its eastern part,
12 km south-west of Debre Sina; area 684 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Abanchela (in the Jimma region) ../.. [Mi]
HEJ34c Abanu, on western shore of lake Tana 12/37 [x]
abar (Gurage) the hot dry season; (Bale O) kind of tall tree,
Allophylus abyssinicus; abaare (O) curse;
abara (A) one who lives together with another;
abarra (A) clear up, stop raining; abwara (A) dust
HCH92 Abara, see Abera
JBU52 Abara (area) 04/44 [WO]
abarama (O) accursed
HCL66 Abaramo (area) 2780 m 06/39 [WO]
JDK.. Abaraouel 09/43 [x]
Administrative district in the early 1930s, with centre at Teferi Ber.
abareba: reba-u (O) cultivate land before sowing
HEF32 Abareba kebele (Abaréba ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-western Dese Zuriya wereda,
11 km west of Dessie town; area 1,266 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT51 Abarga Giyorgis kebele 10/38 [Ad]
at the middle of the western border of Wegdi wereda,
35 km south-west of Mekane Selam; area 2,609 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET46 Abargale, see Abergele
HEC87 Abarge 1137'/3715' 1900 m 11/37 [Gz]
abari (A) associate; enclosure in a letter;
shiraf cf giraf (A) whip
HET24 Abarime Shiraf (Abarime Sciraf) (pass) 13/38 [WO]
HEK38 Abarke (Abarche, Abarctie) 1204'/3818' 2365 m 12/38 [+ Gu WO Gz]
abaro, plant with leaves used for traditional treatment of rabies
HCL82 Abaro (mountain) 0707'/3838' 2169/2565 m, 07/38 [WO Gu Gz]
cf Ebaro
HDL74 Abaro 0945'/3849' 1884 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(with church Mikael), see under Debre Libanos
HFE18 Abaro (Passo Abaro) (pass) 1345'/3915' 2331 m 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
abaro..: roba, robaa, rooba (O) rain
HBR87 Abaroba 0515'/3716' 1104 m 05/37 [WO Gz]
Abarra, alternate spelling of the personal name Aberra
HBU97 Abarra (Auarra) 0523'/3958' 818 m, cf Awara 05/39 [Gz]
HCT95c Abarta (Gulevara), village north-east of Ziway 08/39 [x]
map code possibly also HDE05 or 06.
abas (T) dumb, mute; abasa (O) misery
HDM52 Abas 0934'/3931' 2797 m 09/39 [Gz]
JDS53 Abas (area) 10/42 [WO]
HDT08 Abase kebele (Abasé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in north-east Moret & Jiru wereda at its border,
15 km north of Inewari; area 980 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEA77 Abasheres 1130'/3525' 680 m 11/35 [WO Gz]
HDH03 Abasina (Abbasena, Barri Abbasena, Abazena) 09/35 [WO Gu x]
0905'/3553' 1620 m
HEF32 Abaso kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western central Dese Zuriya wereda,
6 km west of Dessie town; area 1,864 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEA82 Abassel awraja, see Ambasel awraja
abate ager (A) land of my father
HEE07 Abate Ager 1055'/3909' 3234 m 10/39 [Gz]
abatila: abatalla (O) flat open area of grassy land
HET57c Abatila (with small fort) 13/39 [Gu]
HDN64 Abatimbo el Gumas (Abu Timbhor) (village) 10/35 [Gz WO Wa]
(Abba Timbo el Gumaz) 1036'/3513' 689 m 10/35 [Gu]
-- Abato, Abatu, name of an Oromo tribe
HE... Abawerari (centre in 1964 of Segerat sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
abay, abaai, abbayi (O) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Maesa lanceolata, or Myrica salicifolia which sometimes branches
already at the base;
abay (A) 1. large landslide; 2. liar; 3. fake; (T) 1. grandmother; 2. wild;
(as name of the Blue Nile, see Abbay)
HEC89 Abay (Abba) 1136'/3725' 1794 m 11/37 [Gz]
near the river of that name, see under Bahir Dar
HDM87 Abay Atir kebele (.. At'er ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Kewet wereda, 25 km east of Debre Sina and
15 km south-east of Shewa Robit; area 1,243 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDS18 Abay bridge, cf Dejen ford, cf Shafartak 10/38 [n]
HDR32c Abay bridge 2 (Gumare Dildiy, 'Hippo Bridge') 10/36 [20]
HDJ.. Abay Chomen wereda 09/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 19 rural and 2 urban kebeles
HDL37 Abay Deggar (Abai D.) (recorded in 1841) 09/39 [+ Ha]
JDK37 Abay Folam (Abai Folam) (area) 1855 m 09/43 [+ WO]
JDJ35 Abay Folan (Abai F.) (mountain) 09/43 [+ Gz]
0923'/4308' 1805 m
abay g..: goma (A) hornless /animal/
GEF46c Abay Goma, village very near Sudan 11/34 [20]
?? Abay Mikael (visiting postman under D.Markos) ../.. [Po]
HDU17 Abay Negeso kebele (.. Nägéso ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Kewet wereda at its eastern border,
a little east of Shewa Robit; area 714 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL64 Abay Yilas 1222'/3851' 2407 m 12/38 [Gz]
HEL43 Abay Zinamba 1210'/3845' 2435 m 12/38 [Gz]
abaya (A) slothful, sluggardly; refractory ox;
Abaya, a male personal name
HCD93 Abaya (Lake Margherita) 0620'/3750' 1268 m 06/37 [Gz WO]
(Abba, Bagade, Bato, Beke, Dambala, Gumaraki,
Amh: Yegidicho Bahir, Qey Bahir)
HDL89 Abaya kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Saya Debri & Wayu Insaro wereda,
very near Deneba to its south; area 1,235 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL89 Abaya & Sakla kebele 09/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the south-eastern border of Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro
wereda, adjoining Abaya kebele (see above) to its south-east and
6 km south-east of Deneba; area 1,386 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDG.. Abayani Bogo, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HDE85 Abaye (Abaie) 08/38 [+ WO]
JDH09 Abaye 0906'/4131' 1413 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDG92 Abaye Atir (.. At'r) 0955'/4001' 1470 m 09/40 [Gz]
abayni b..: bogo (Som) finish with
HDG.. Abayni Bogo
HEJ47 Abaza (Abazai) 12/37 [Ch]
HEC65 Abb (on map of 1868) 11/37 [18]
Abba Oromo: Abbaa), cf Aba
abba (A,T) title of respect given to priests and monks; also
used in names of persons;
(O) 1. father, elder, general title of respect; 2. deity, spirit
HCD93 Abba (lake), see Abaya
HCJ92 Abba (Aba), see Chida
HEC89 Abba, see Abay
HED80 Abba 1140'/3730' 2089 m, see under Bahir Dar 11/37 [WO n]
HEJ73 Abba Ago (area) 12/36 [WO]
HEJ99 Abba Antonios (Antonius) 12/37 [Gu WO]
(village) 2256 m, see under Gondar
HEK.? Abba Aregawi (village) 11/38 [20]
HDH51 Abba Chotte (Aba Ciotte, Adela Chotte) 09/35 [+ Gz]
0933'/3550' 1236 m
HDE31 Abba Dolo (Aba Dolo) (church) 08/38 [WO LM]
HES.. Abba Dugudduge (village) 13/38 [+ Gu]
abba foge: fogee (Som) lengthen; remove to a distance
HEK34 Abba Foge, see Kemkem
HEK55 Abba Gebre (Abba Ghevra) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
Abba Gerima (Issak, Yishaq), one of the Syrian "Nine Saints"
in the 500s
HFE65 Abba Gerima (Aba G., A. Gherima, Aba Garima) 14/38 [+ MS WO Br]
(mountain with monastery), see under Adwa
1410'/3858' 2011/2032, 2546 m, cf Aba Gerima
abba gi..: gimmi (A) kind of shrub, Chenopodium ambrosoides,
with very small flowers
HDC97 Abba Gimmi, see Ijaji
JCU71 Abba Gorda, see Abdi Gorda
HET37 Abba Guba (Abba Gubba), see Aba Guba
HES79 Abba Iared (A. Jared), see Abba Yared
HEL96 Abba Johannes, see Aba Yohanis
abba kella (O) commander of guards, keeper of
the gate /of a kingdom/, sentry at a check point
HCJ93 Abba Kella (Abba Chella) c1600 m 07/36 [MS WO Gu]
JFA47 Abba Kidane (salt deposit) 13/40 [Ne]
Abba Libanos (A. Mete'a), early Syrian missionary believed
to have stayed somewhere inland from Massawa
HEJ68 Abba Libanos, see Aba Libanos
Abba Liqanos, one of the Syrian "Nine Saints" in the 500s
HEJ79 Abba Likanos (A.Licanos, A.Lianos) 12/37 [+ Gu WO]
(mountain) 2339 m, see also under Aksum : church ..
HEJ99 Abba Maldiba, see Meldiba
HFD59c Abba Mardilos 14/38 [x]
rock-hewn/?/ church west of Aksum.
HFE63c Abba Mata'a (Abba Libanos) 14/38 [20]
GDM74 Abba Moti, see Bambesi
abba muda (O) the spiritual head of traditional Oromo religion
HCE83 Abba Muda, see Yirba Muda
HFE17 Abba Salama, see under Temben churches
HDE63 Abba Samuel, see Aba Samuel & HDE73
HEJ88 Abba Samuel (area), see under Azezo 12/37 [WO]
HFD57 Abba Sege (Abba Seghe), see under Inda Silase 14/38 [+ WO]
HFE18 Abba Selam, see Ind'Abba Selam, cf Aba Selam
HDB93 Abba Sena, see Aba Sina
abba sirba, dance leader? sirba (O) dance, song, music;
sirbaa (O) to blink fast /with eyes/
HCF45c Abba Sirba 05/39 [Gu]
abba sombi: sombe (O) kind of animal disease
HDA97 Abba Sombi, see under Yubdo 09/35 [WO]
abba te..: Tekle Haymanot, famous Ethiopian saint
HER57 Abba Teklehaymanot (Abbat Teccaimanot) 13/37 [+ WO]
HDN64 Abba Timbo el Gumaz, see Abatimbo el Gumas
abba wiha: wiha (A) water /if that meaning is intended/
JFB33 Abba Wiha (Abba Uia) (area) 13/40 [+ WO]
abba yared: Yared, saint of the 500s, founder of Ethiopian church music
HES79 Abba Yared (A.Iared, A.Jared, Aba Yared) (mountain) 13/38 [x Gu 20]
(Abo Yared, Abbo Jared) 1320'/3818' peak 4460 m
HFE.. Abba Yohanni, see under Abiy Adi
HCN32 Abbacialti, see Abachalti
HDJ55 Abbaia Garo, see Abbaya Garo
HES11 Abbanai Mariam (church) 12/37 [WO]
HBS70 Abbaroba, see under Jarso, cf Abaroba 05/37 [WO]
HDH03 Abbasena, see Abasina
HDS72 Abbat, see Mekera Kir
abbatere (T) kind of spiny shrub or small tree,
Zizyphus spina-christi
HFC28 Abbatere (area), see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
HDF60 Abbavoragher, see Aba Bora Ager 08/39 [+ WO]
Abbay (A,T) feminine name of the Blue Nile
from abiyy (A) grandiose, important;
Abay, Abbai also occurs as a male personal name
abbayi (O) large tree, Maesa lanceolata
HEC16 Abbay (Abbai) (with church) 1058'/3713' 2744 m 10/37 [+ WO n]
abbay dar: dar (A) bank, edge
HEJ06 Abbay Dar (Abbai Dar), small village 11/37 [+ Ch Gu]
HEC89 Abbay Ras (Abbai Ras) (small island), cf Abay 11/37 [+ Ch]
abbaya ga..: garo (O) fermenting substance, leavening;
(Som) understand, know, recognize
HDJ55 Abbaya Garo (Abbaia G.) 0931'/3707' 2374 m 09/37 [+ n]
H.... Abbayi, east of /which?/ Duro
HCT.. Abbayi, at the eastern shore of lake Ziway
abbe (O) familiar term of address among male friends
JEC31 Abbe (lake), see Abhe
HEU43 Abbedda, see Abedda
abbek..: koma (A) 1. sterile land; kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qooma) instant killing
HDS82 Abbekoma (Abbecoma) (mountain) 3468 m 10/37 [+ WO]
abbi: abi (T) big, huge, important
HFE06 Abbi Addi (Abi Adi), see Abiy Adi
HFD86 Abbi Ogri, see under Adi Daro 14/38 [WO]
HEC54 Abbichik Maryam (Abbicich Mariam) 11/36 [+ It]
(church on a ridge)
-- Abbiichuu, see Abichu
HDA06 Abbiyu, see Abiyu
Abbo, cf Abo
abbo (O) male friend, comrade /term of address/; abbo, abo (T) father;
Abbo (A) colloquial name of Saint Gebre Menfes Qiddus
HDE01c Abbo (church) mountains over 3,200 m 08/38 [n]
HDJ11 Abbo 09/36 [WO]
HDL89 Abbo (church), see under Deneba 09/39 [WO]
HDL97 Abbo (church) 09/39 [WO]
HDM90 Abbo (church) 09/39 [WO]
HEJ76 Abbo (church) 12/37 [WO]
HDK34 Abbo Gebre Menfes Kidus (A. Chebrementos) 09/37 [+ WO]
(church with name of a famous saint)
HEC45 Abboita 11/37 [WO]
HEC34 Abchekle (Abchikile, Abchikili) 11/37 [MS Gz Ad]
MS: 1110'/3700'; Gz: 1126'/3653' = HEC63 2040 m
HDG19 Abdaro Ua /intended to mean wiha, water?/ 09/35 [x]
Abdel, a male personal name
H.... Abdel (centre in 1964 of Telagi sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
Abdela (Abdulla) occurs as a male personal name mostly in Oromo areas;
-- Abdalla, name of a unit of Ogaden Somali now found (1980s)
in the north-east province of Kenya
HDB24 Abdela, see Aba Abdella
HDB26 Abdela (Avdalla, Avdallo, Abagada, Aba Abdella) 08/36 [Gz WO]
0822'/3615' 2060 m (WO map has it at HDB25)
HDL34 Abdela 0923'/3851' 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDM70 Abdela (Abdella, Abdalla) (area) 09/39 [+ Ad WO]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964), see under Mendida
HDM10 Abdela Giyorgis (Abdella Gheor.) (church), 09/39 [+ WO]
see under Shola Gebeya
HDM46 Abder Rasul, see Abdul Resul
abdera: abdari (O) tree in which spirits are believed to live
HDL58 Abdera (Abdella) 09/39 [LM WO]
HEU21 Abdera Merk'oryos (church) 1253'/3930' 12/39 [Gz]
HFB19 Abderafi (Abder Rafi, Abderraft, Ahd er Rafi) 13/36 [Gz Po WO x]
(Abdelrafi, Abd el Rafi) (local centre) 13/36 [Gu It]
1345'/3630' 611 m, near river Angareb
abdi (O) hope, trust, confidence; (T) stupid, imbecile;
abde (T) kind of shrub or small tree, Lannea triphylla
HD... Abdi 09/37 [18]
JDJ24 Abdi 0915'/4203' 1701 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ56 Abdi 0933'/4211' 1692 m 09/42 [Gz]
abdi be..: beru (Gimir) kind of shrub, Prunus africanus;
also timber tree Pygeum sp.
JDJ33 Abdi Beru 0924'/4156' 2038 m 09/41 [Gz]
JBU76 Abdi Busle (area) 05/44 [WO]
abdi f..: faro, farro (A) 1. kinds of mungoose;
2. zorilla, Iotonyx striatus; faaro (O) song, singing;
farro (O) mischievous; faro (Som) fingers, fingerprints;
Abdi (Abidi), a male personal name
JEB87 Abdi Faro 11/41 [WO]
abdi ga..: gara (A,O), garaa (O) mountain, hill
/also other meanings/; garaa, garan (O) stomach, belly;
gaara (O) eyebrow; gara (Wolayto?) kind of thorn tree,
Acacia sieberiana
HDM75 Abdi Gara 0943'/3951' 1521 m 09/39 [Gz]
abdi ger.: geri (Som) giraffe; geeri (Som) death
KCN36 Abdi Geri (Abdi Gheri) (area) 07/45 [+ WO]
JCU71 Abdi Gorda (Abba G.) 0750'/4428' 958 m 07/44 [WO n]
abdi nur: nuur (Som) light; nur (Som) rainy season;
season in general; Nur, Nuur, a male personal name
JBK84 Abdi Nur (area) 04/42 [WO]
abdi r..: roba, robaa, rooba (O) rain
JDJ05 Abdi Roba 0903'/4206' 1673 m, near code JDC95 09/42 [Gz]
JDC97 Abdi Seid (A. Se'id) 0902'/4219' 1329 m 09/42 [Gz]
JEP26 Abdidora 12/41 [WO]
HEE97 Abdikom kebele (Abdeqom ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern Wadla wereda, 12 km north-east
of Bete Hor; area 2,187 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE88 Abdikum (recorded in 1868) 11/39 [18 Wa]
HDM85 Abdilak kebele (Abdilaq ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
10 km east of Debre Sina; area 1,030 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HD... Abdilaka (Abdilaca), administr. district 1800s 09/39? [+ 18]
Abdir, a male personal name
?? Abdir, mountain peak ../.. [Ch]
HDM45 Abdiyisir kebele (Abdiyeser ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Ankober wereda,
8 km south-east of Ankober town; area 364 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Abdo (Abido), a male Muslim name
JCN14 Abdo 0722'/4011' 2156 m 07/40 [Gz]
Abdoy, a male Muslim name
JCN85 Abdoy (G. Scek Abdoi) (mountain) 08/40 [Gz WO x]
0800'/4017' 1712/2090 m
HEG17 Abduana (hill) 1153'/3526' 11/35 [WO]
Abdul Kadir (Abidulkadr, Abdelkader), a male Muslim name
JDJ26 Abdul Kadir (A. K'adir, A. Qadir), near Harar 09/42 [Gz q]
0915'/4209' 1721 m
Abdul Rasul, a male personal name; rasuul (Som) prophet, apostle
HDM46 Abdul Resul (A. Rasul, Abdel Russool, Abder Rasul) 09/39 [En n Ha WO]
(once a slave market) 1620 m
Abdula, Abdulla, Abdela, a male Muslim name
HEP37 Abdula (Abdulah) 1259'/3622' 826 m 12/36 [WO Gz]
JCP32 Abdula 0732'/4057' 1365 m 07/40 [WO 18 Gz]
JDJ47 Abdula (Gara A.) 0927'/4216' 2138, 2780 m 09/42 [Gz]
Abdulahi, Abdullahi, a male Muslim personal name
JDJ13 Abdulahi 0914'/4152' 1778 m 09/41 [Gz]
JCE90 Abdulla Alamoge (A. Alamoghe) (wide area) 06/43 [+ WO]
JDJ47 Abdulla, see Gara Abdulla
JEC31 Abe (lake), see Abhe
abe bu..: buko, bukoo, boko (A,O) yeast, fermented dough;
buko (Kefa) pumpkin, gourd; buko (Som) become sick
HDJ55 Abe Buko 0932'/3704' 2790 m, near Shambu 09/37 [Gz]
?? Abe Dengoro wereda (.. Dongoro ..) 09/37? [Ad n]
(-1994-) is divided into 42 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
JDK48 Abeabokor (G. Abeabocor) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
HEP16 Abead (on map of 1843) 12/36 [Ha]
HDM42 Abebaye 0929'/3932' 2810 m 09/39 [Gz]
abebe (abbäbä) (A) to flower, to bloom; also a male name;
-- Abebe, Ababe, name of a Mecha Oromo tribe
HDD86 Abebe (area) 08/38 [WO]
HDD91 Abebe 0903'/3736' 1812 m, near map code HDK01 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDK01 Abebe, see HDD91 Abebe
HDK21 Abebe 0917'/3736' 1821 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDK35 Abebe (Ababe) 0919'/3800' 2312 m 09/38 [AA Gz WO x]
HDK46 Abebe 0925'/3804' 1804 m (with church Giyorgis) 09/38 [AA Gz]
abebe k..: kolu, kooluu (O) 1. wing;
2. bequest to eldest son
HDK17 Abebe Kolu sub-district (Abiebie ..) 09/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Seriti)
HDK.. Abebe sub-district (centre in 1964 = Jojiru?) 09/38 [Ad]
(Abiebie Borena?)
HDL56 Abebe sub-district (Abeba ..) (centre in 1964 = Arbo) 09/38 [+ Ad]
GCU61 Abebo, see Ababo
HEU21 Abeda Mikael (church) 1253'/3927'
abedda: abidda (O) fire
HEU43 Abedda (Amba Abbedda) (mountain) 13/39 [Gu WO Gz]
1305'/3945' 2414 m, see under Debub, cf Abida
HEU42 Abede Mikael (church) 1303'/3936', cf Abeda 13/39 [Gz]
JDJ47 Abedula, see Aybera
JBT60 Abegle (waterholes) 05/43 [WO]
HCS83 Abegwade (village) 08/37 [x]
HFE06 Abei Adi, see Abiy Adi
?? Abejegay (Zehon Dur, Dehon Dur, Dähondur) ../.. [Pa]
(Abäjägay, Zähon Dur) (historically recorded)
abekat, family father among the Gurage
HEL67 Abekat (Abek'at, Abeqat) 1222'/3908' 2834 m 12/39 [Gz q]
-- abeke, a kind of religious group among the Gurage
HCS86 Abeke (centre of a sub-district in the 1960s) 08/38 [x]
?? Abekema (mountain) peak 3468 m ../.. [20]
GDF.. Abeku Gelen (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
abel (abäl) (A) means of existence, cf Abel of the Bible
HCD77 Abel 0605'/3812' 2197 m 06/38 [Gz]
abela (A) defect of the eye: white spot on the cornea;
abella (abälla) (A) fed /from transitive verb: to feed/,
gave to eat; abbella (abbälla) (A) accompanied at table
HCK33 Abela (settlement) 0640'/3750' 06/37 [Gz]
HCK54 Abela 0642'/3753' 1482 m, cf Awela 06/37 [MS]
HCL61 Abela (Avela, Auela) 1974 m, cf Adela 06/38 [LM WO Gu]
JEC91 Abela, M. (area) 11/41 [WO]
abela cf..: cheffe (ch'äffe) (A) lush grassy but slightly marshy land;
chaffe (O) 1. meadow, place of outdoor assembly;
2. kind of tall grass used for roofing
HCK80c Abela Abaya, 40 km north-west of Soddo 07/37 [x]
HCK.. Abela Chefe (.. Chefa), in Shebedino wereda 06/38 [Ad]
HCK.. Abela Farcho, in Welayita awraja 06/37 [Ad]
HCL60 Abela Lida (Avela, Auela) 0656'/3828' 1919 m 06/38 [Gz Ad WO]
HC... Abela Sipa, near Soddo 06/37 [20]
?? Abelgi (Abälgi) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HDD00 Abelt (Sciarsciama) 0811'/3732' 1599 m 08/37 [Gz]
HEC44 Abelta Giyorgis (Avelta Gheorghis) (church), 11/36 [+ It]
see under Dangila
abelti: abbalti (O) intention
HDD00 Abelti (Abalti) 1494/1795/1960 m 08/37 [Gz Br WO Gu]
MS: 0805'/3725' = HCR99; Gz: 0810'/3734'? = HDD00
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
7SW Kumbi (Gumbi) (village)
4NW Ali (mountain)
8NW Darar (area)
?? Manetti (mountain) 1865/2185 m
HCR89 Abelti sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kumbi) 07/37 [Ad]
HES96 Abemar Silase (Abamar Selassie), 13/38 [LM WO]
see under Adi Arkay
HES89 Abena 1325'/3822' 2268 m 13/38 [WO Gz]
JEH35 Abena (mountain chain) 1208'/4110' 517 m 12/41 [Gz]
HFF52 Abenaya (Abenaha) (with rock church), 14/39 [x]
see under Adi Chewa
HFF53 Abennaa (Abenna) (with rock-hewn church) 14/39 [+ x]
GDU14 Abenyende (Abenyendu) 1008'/3447' 1107 m 10/34 [Gz]
JDB84 Abenyo (Gara Abognu) (mountain) 08/41 [Gz]
0857'/4109' 2173 m
HES.. Aber 12/37 [x]
abera: aberra (abärra) (A) put on light, light a fire;
aberra (O) 1. a male name; 2. kind of large forest tree,
Polyscias ferruginea; its long leaves give it the appearance
of a giant broom; abbere (abbärä) (A) assemble, associate
HCH92 Abera (Aberra, Abara) 0713'/3551' 1919 m 07/35 [Gz Po WO n]
(visiting postman under Jimma distr.) (with small church Giyorgis)
Coordinates would give map code HCH91
HCL11 Abera 0627'/3828' 2796 m, 06/38 [WO Gz]
see under Agere Selam
HES87 Abera, see Ambaras
HET16 Abera, see Aymbera 13/39
HET46 Abergele (Avergalle, Averghelle, Abergella) 13/38 [Gz WO x Ad]
(Abargale) MS: 1315'/3850' = HET 54, 1424 m; 13/38 [n]
Gz: 1306'/3857', see also Tuankua Abergele
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5E Finarwa (Feneroa, Fenaroa) (market) 1520/1570 m
9E Zamra (village)
10SE Gisa Dansa (Ghisa D.) (village)
5S Amba Dorwa (A. Dorua) (area)
7S Belenta (village) 1470 m
9NW Niway (Deggara) (mountain chain) 2242 m
9N Adi Zeliya (Adi Zelai) (village)
HET46 Abergele wereda (Abergelie ..) 13/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Jijika)
abergi..: gima (western O) kind of small tree,
Cassipourea elliottii, C. malosana
HES68 Abergima (on the Simen hiking route) 13/38 [Br]
?? Abernossa (state cattle ranch) ../.. [x]
HDK27 Abero 0916'/3812' 2641 m, cf Abro 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEL65 Abersha 1219'/3857' 2015 m 12/38 [Gz]
HER09 Abertege (Bagena) 1245'/3725' 2134 m 12/37 [Gz WO]
JBP62 Abesale (area) 05/40 [WO]
JCT12 Abeselli (Abeselh) 0721'/4338' 920/1124 m 07/43 [WO Gz]
abesi (Som) cobra snake
?? Abesi (Abäsi Wera Gäbäya) (hist. recorded) ../.. [Pa]
JD... Abesikel sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kwaho) 09/43 [Ad]
abet (A) cry in appealing for justice
HEF72 Abet kebele (Abät ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in easternmost central Ambasel wereda,
3 km west of Wichale; area 2,469 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Abet sub-district (centre in 1964 = Derga), cf Abyet 11/39 [Ad]
abet w..: wiha (A) water
HDT75 Abet Wiha kebele (Abét Weha ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-western Kelala wereda, 16 km south-east
of Mahdere Selam; area 3,728 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
abeta: abetta (A?O?) kind of climber or liane;
robe, robbe, robee (O) it rained
HDJ31 Abeta Robe 0921'/3647' 1476 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDM.? Abewit (with church Andriyas), in Sendafa area 09/39? [x]
abey (Som) kind of shrub or small tree, Adenium obesum
HDG07c Abey (river valley) 09/35 [Mi]
HDT54 Abey kebele (Abäy ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in eastern Wegdi wereda, immediately south-east of Mahdere Selam
stretching to the wereda border; area 2,278 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDG.. Abeyeni Aira, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
abeyi (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Maesa lanceolata;
it is also stated that Maesa can be a large "holy" tree
HDC17 Abeyi 0815'/3715' 2707 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDD91 Abeyi 0901'/3740' 2097 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDH28 Abeyi 0914'/3628' 1621 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDJ96 Abeyi 0952'/3711' 2456 m 09/37 [Gz]
HDK04 Abeyi 0905'/3753' 2593 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDK06 Abeyi 0904'/3806' 2360 m, see under Ginchi 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDK50 Abeyi 0931'/3734' 1580 m (with church Mikael) 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDL62 Abeyi 0937'/3841' 2410 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDL74 Abeyi 0944'/3848' 2493 m (with church), 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Debre Libanos
HDF71 Abeyot Fere, see Abiyot Fire
HDL77 Abeyu kebele (Abäyu ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in the southern part of central Saya Debir & Wayo Insaro wereda,
8-10 km south of Saya Debir settlement; area 1,562 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCP37 Abgacho (Abgaccio) 0734'/3620' 1982 m 07/36 [+ WO Gz]
HCT42 Abgiata, see Abyata
JEC31 Abhe (Abbe, Abe, Abhebad = lake Abhe) 11/41 [20 WO]
the last of six lakes where the Awash river ends
abi ..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HDT74 Abi Meda kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in easternmost central Saint wereda at its border,
25 km east of Ajibar; area 1,601 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Abia (village) ../.. [n]
Abib, a male personal name
HDH13 Abib (mountain) 2140 m 09/36 [WO]
HDJ16 Abib, T. (hill) 2955 m 09/37 [WO]
HED73 Abiche 1132'/3749' 2488 m 11/37 [Gz]
HEJ10c Abichekli Maryam 11/36 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Degbassa & Durbete sub-districts)
Abicho, a male personal name
HDA67 Abicho (Abiccio) 1494 m 08/35 [+ WO]
-- Abichu, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe
GDF.. Abichu (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
HDL74 Abichu (Fre: Abbitchou) 0942'/3850' 2636 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Debre Libanos
HDL84 Abichu (with church Maryam) 0949'/3851' 2454 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDM70 Abichu (Abicciu, Abchu) 2907 m, see under Mendida 09/39 [+ WO MS]
HDL67 Abichu & Gnea wereda (Abichuna Gnea ..) 09/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 44 rural kebeles and 1 urban
HDM70 Abichu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mendida)
Abida, a male personal name; abidda (O) fire
JDP11 Abida (Jebel Abida, G. Amoissa, Dabita) 10/40 [Gu Ne WO Ha]
(lava crater) 1004'/4050' 1481/1745 m, cf Abedda
JEN25 Abidi (mountain) 1253'/4019' 300 m 12/40 [WO Gz]
G.... Abie Fakero 10/34 [Ad]
HDJ65 Abie sub-district (centre in 1964 = Chabir) 09/37 [Ad]
JDH59 Abied Asued, see Abyed Aswed
HDM22 Abieghedam, see Abiyye Gedam
?? Abiera Mariam, cf Abera .. ../.. [Gu]
HES99 Abieri, see Abyeri
HDM82 Abiet Uascia, see Abyet Washa
-- Abigar, ethnic group of people in the far west,
also called Nuer
GDE37 Abigara (area) 08/34 [WO]
HFB38 Abigir, see Galat Abgir
HEM61 Abihgum Giyorgis (church) 1222'/3928' 12/39 [Gz]
HCT42 Abijata (Abijatta), see Abyata
HDL73 Abilami 0941'/3844' 2628 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDM74 Abilamoch 0944'/3943' 3444 m 09/39 [Gz]
abile (Harari) to my father
H.... Abile Beza (Abilie Bieza) 09/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Akeyo sub-district)
GCT39 Abilegn 0733'/3418' 398 m 07/34 [WO Gz]
JDJ29 Abiley 0918'/4230' 1748 m, near map code JDK20 09/42 [Gz]
HDS42 Abima (fort), see Debre Markos
JCN28 Abinas (mountain) 0729'/4030' 07/40 [WO Gz]
1836 m, peak 2661 m
HDK20 Abinos 0918'/3732' 1547 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
abio ch..: chora (ch'ora) (A,O) sunray; (O) remnant,
small remaining quantity; younger
HD... Abio Chora, in Soddo Zuriya wereda ../.. [20]
HES.? Abir (mountain chain) 13/38 [x]
HEJ57 Abirja (church), see under Gorgora 12/37 [WO]

Abis, biblical person: seventh son of Kush and younger brother of Nimrod
JEB62 Abis (area) 11/40 [WO]
HDM64 Abisa & Kidenu kebele (.. Kidänu ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its eastern border,
16-20 km east of Debre Birhan town; area 790 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
abish (A) fenugreek plant, Trigonella foenum-graecum
HDA06 Abiu, see Abiyu
abiy (Geez, A) important, leading, cardinal; abi, abiy (T) large, big;
Abiy (Abie, Abye), a male personal name
HDK07 Abiy 0905'/3810' 2751 m, see under Ginchi 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDK72 Abiy 0943'/3743' 2325 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
abiy adi (T) great country
HFE06 Abiy Adi (Abbi Addi, Abi Addi, Abi Adi) 13/39 [MS WO Gu Br]
(Abei Adi, Abbi Addy, Abiyad) 13/39 [Gz Ad 18]
Gz: 1326'/3905' = HET87
1320'/3900' (1337'/3901'? = HFE06) 1917/2275 m
MS coordinates would give map code HET76.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
8E Yeresere (Enda Maryam Kworam,
(E.M. Quoram, E.M. Quarar) (monastery) 2651 m
9S Agbe (Agebe) (village) 1585 m
4N Dira Amba (Debra Amba, Diramba) (mountain) 2434 m
9N Waryew (Uarieu, Chessad Amba, Csada Amba)
(place and pass) c1910 m
10NE Melfa (Melta) (large village) 2480 m
?? Kernal (Amba Chernale, Carnale) 2020 m
There are rock-hewn churches approximately at km
5S Agbe (Agebe): Kidane Mihret
9NW Kaka (Qaqa, Kaku): Arbatu Insisa
9NW Teamina: Maryam
11NW Wukien (Wuqièn, Waqen): Gabriel, monastey at 16NW?
12NW Wikro (Wkro): Yohannes Woldenegwadgwad
10N Inda Maryam Itsiwito (Enda M. Etsuto): Maryam
11N Ind'Abba Yohanni (Enda A..): Abba Yohannes
2NE Debre Amba Silase: Silase
4NE Itsiwto (Itsewtu): Maryam 1915 m
?? Mikael
HFF31 Abiy Adi (Abii Adi, Abbi Addi) 2275 m 13/39 [+ x]
(w rock-hewn church), see under Geralta churches - northern
HFE06 Abiy Adi wereda 13/39 [20]
abiy i..: imni (T) stone
HEM81 Abiy Imni 1232'/3931' 2628 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEC78 Abiyanejj (Avianegg) (mountain), 11/37 [+ It]
see under Bahir Dar
HEL96 Abiyatku 1236'/3903' 2278 m, near Sekota 12/39 [Gz]
HD... Abiye Debre Sina (Abiyye ..) (in Menz .. awraja) 10/39? [Ad]
HDU46 Abiye Meda, see Abuye Meda
abiyot f..: fire (A) fruit, product; firi (O) fruit
HDF71 Abiyot Fire kebele (Abeyot Feré ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
6 km south of Balchi; area 470 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Abiyu, a male personal name
HDA06 Abiyu (Abbiyu, Abiu) (small village) 08/35 [Gz x WO Gu]
0812'/3520' 1629/1875 m
HDA06 Abiyu (sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HDL34 Abiyu 0920'/3853' 2814 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT33 Abiyu 1017'/3843' 2527 m 10/38 [Gz]
HDM22 Abiyye Gedam (Abieghedam, Abyegedam) 09/39 [x WO]
(monastery), see also under Gina Ager
HEL.. Abmata 12/38 [n]
HFF53 Abnao (Abna'o) 1402'/3939' 2393 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam)
Abo, cf Abbo
abo (O) male friend, comrade; aabboo (O) father;
abo, abbo (A,T) father; abo (T) kind of medium-sized tree,
Boscia salicifolia, grows in semi-arid lowlands and
the tips of the branches are drooping;
Abo, Abbo (A) colloquial name of Saint Gebre Menfes Qiddus
HBE92 Abo (area) 03/38 [WO]
HDE45 Abo (church) 08/38 [WO]
HDJ94 Abo, Tullu (hill), see under Alibo 09/37 [WO]
HEU03 Abo 1240'/3938' 1647 m 12/39 [Gz]
abo ar..: arka, arqa (O) 1. hand, arms, sleeve;
2. cry of leopard
HEK41 Abo Arka 1210'/3737' 1860 m 12/37 [Gz]
HED16? Abo Gedam (village) 11/38? [20]
abo k..: kabot (T) mantle, cloak, cape
HE... Abo Kabot sub-district 11/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Yinesa Kidane Mihret)
GDF61 Abo Pelata, G. (hill) 08/34 [WO]
HES79 Abo Yared, see Abba Yared
GCU61 Abobo (Burbeh) 0751'/3433', cf Ababo 07/34 [Gz]
GCU61 Abobo wereda 07/34 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 20 rural kebeles and 1 urban
JDJ35 Abocher, see Abubeker
abodo: aboddu (O) thumb
HDL80 Abodo 0950'/3827' 2394 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Gebre Guracha
JCN06 Abodona 0715'/4022' 2132 m 07/40 [WO Gz]
?? Abogedebo (place) ../.. [Ch]
JDB84 Abognu, see Abenyo
JDJ34 Aboker (Abocher), see Abubeker
abol (A), aboli (O) first boiling of coffee grounds /out of usually three/
GCT57 Abol (Obuol) (place) 0742'/3406' 314 m 07/34 [WO Gz]
GDF11 Abol 08/34 [WO]
JCN58 Abol Kasim, see Abul Kasim
HEA46 Abola (area) 797 m, see under Gubba 11/35 [WO]
HED40 Abola (A. Negus, A. Nigus)
(mountain, volcanic cone) 11/37 [WO Gu Gz]
1118'/3731' 2124/2615 m,
see under Debre May
HEF01 Abole 1057'/3930' 3085 m 10/39 [Gz]
H.... Abole (Abolie) (area), 11/37 [+ Ad]
cf Dega Abole, Kola Abole
abomsa, abbomsa (O) male friend, comrade;
abamsa (Welega Bega) tree growing near rivers
HDF45 Abomsa 0835'/3951' 1438 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDU07 Abomsa (Abonsa) (place) 0959'/3959' 1332 m 09/39 [Gz]
(with post office, same as Tinsae Birhan?)
JDA62 Abomsa (area) 08/40 [WO]
HDU17 Abomsa kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Kewet wereda, adjoining Shewa Robit
to its north; area 374 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCR30 Abonno 0735'/3640'c 07/36 [x]
area at some distance south-west of Jimma at Meti river.
Name and location were given by G. Montandon in 1913.
HCS.. Abonsa (in Kembata awraja, east of Durame) 07/37 [Ad 20]
JDJ25 Abonyo 0915'/4205' 1912 m 09/42 [Gz]
Aboo, a male Muslim name
HDL73c Aboo (not far from Tulu Dimtu), cf Abu 09/38 [Mi]
HDM74 Abore Hager kebele (Aboré Hagär ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its eastern border,
15 km south-southwest of Debre Sina; area 817 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Aboreso Bidere (in Bale) ../.. [Ad]
-- Abosa, a clan of the Arsi Oromo
HCT83 Abosa (Abossa) 0801'/3843' 1666 m 08/38 [Gz n]
JDK05 Aboskul 0904'/4259' 1505 m 09/42 [Gz]
HCK49 Abosto (with postal service), see Yirga Alem
GDM02 Abot 0904'/3434' 1636 m, cf GDF92 Aboti 09/34 [Gz]
abote (O) elbow; abottee (O) 1. fist; 2. handful
HDL09 Abote (Abotie, Idabo) 0952'/3827' 2219 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDL51 Abote 0934'/3831' 1533 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL72 Abote 0943'/3841' 2823 m, see under Fiche 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL90 Abote (Abotie) 0952'/3827' 2219 m, 09/38 [AA Gz WO]
see under Gebre Guracha
HDL.. Abote Egere (in Selale awraja), cf Ejere 09/38 [Ad]
HDT44 Abote kebele (Aboté ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in south-eastern Wegdi wereda stretching to the wereda border,
9 km south of Mahdere Selam; area 2,741 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL90 Abote sub-district (centre in 1964 = Adebo) 09/38 [Ad]
HDK89 Abote Tef (district in Selale) 0951'/3824' 09/38 [n]
GDF92 Aboti, see under Gidami, cf GDM02 Abot 09/34 [WO]
-- Abotie, an Oromo tribe
HDK89 Abotie, cf Abote 09/38 [WO]
HDE65 Aboy 0846'/3853' 2081 m 08/38 [Gz]
aboye g..: gurba, gurbaa (O) young boy
HDT42 Aboye Gurba kebele (Aboyé .. ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in south-western Wegdi wereda, 20 km south-west
of Mahdere Selam: area 2,306 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ43 Abrachok (Abracioc, Abrecioc) (mountain) 12/36 [+ WO Gu Gz]
1212'/3653' 1808 m
HDS04 Abram 1001'/3754' 1707 m 10/37 [Gz]
HEF71 Abrandof kebele, cf Abrendof 11/39 [Ad]
in central Ambasel wereda at its northern border,
12 km north-west of Wichale; area 4,361 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS.. Abred, Muslim centre in Gurageland 07/37 [x 20]
Abreha: Abriha wAtsbiha (Geez) name of ancient brother kings;
Abriha, He illuminated; Atsbiha, He brought the dawn
HFF21 Abreha Atsbeha (Abriha WeAtsbiha) 13/39 [Br Gz]
(rock-hewn church) 1348'/3930', see also under Wikro
HFF32 Abreha Atsbeha (A. Atzbaha, Abriha Atsbiha) 13/39 [x]
(Abraha Azba, A. Atzba, Abreha WeAtsbeha) 13/39 [Gz Gu Ad]
Abraha Atsbeha 1352'/3933' 2393 m, see under Wikro
(centre in 1964 of Ayiba Gemad sub-district)
HE... Abrendof sub-district (centre in 1964 = Tekorba) 11/39 [Ad]
HFD.. Abrentant (monastery in the Woldebba area) 13/37 [x]
abrere (T) fly
abrero g..: gera (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Salix subserrata;
twigs from it are used as tooth-sticks
JDP90 Abrero Gera (Abrero Ghera) (area) 10/40 [+ WO]
HCS84 Abret 0803'/3755' 2327 m 08/37 [Gz]
(with mosque at some distance to the west)
HCS91 Abriday 0807'/3741' 1850 m 08/37 [Gz]
HEJ54 Abriha 1216'/3702' 1852 m, see also Abraha ... 12/37 [Gz]
abro (O) at dawn, early morning; (A) together, along with
JDH05 Abro, cf Abero 09/41 [WO]
abrobori..: faghe, fage (Afar) ford
JEB78 Abroborifaghe (Aroberifaghe) (ford & tombs) 351 m 11/41 [WO Gu Ne Gz]
coordinates 1116'/4124' would give JEB49 much further downstream,
see under Asaita
?? Absala (Absaba?), in Gurage 08/38 [18]
HDR.. Absela kebele 10/37 [20]
in Bure & Shikudad wereda. [EHRCO +]
absha: abshay (T) madam
HEK75 Absha (Abscia) 1227'/3800' 1821 m 12/38 [+ WO Gz]
-- Abso, name of an Oromo tribe, cf Abusso
HEL15 Abtate (Abt'at'e) (village) 1153'/3855' 2015 m 11/38 [Gz]
HE... Abtigaho (centre in 1964 of Shahowedia sub-district) 12/35? [Ad]
abu (Arabic,A; used only in compounds) father
-- Abu, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe, but Manna Abu is
-- a Nole tribe of the eastern Oromo
HDE53 Abu (with bridge) 08/38 [WO]
HDJ45 Abu 0929'/3708' 2225 m 09/37 [Gz]
HDJ73 Abu 0946'/3655' 1568 m (with church Maryam) 09/36 [Gz]
HDL35 Abu 0923'/3856' 2697 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
7 km south-west of one in HDL36
HDL36 Abu 0924'/3859' 2632 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
7 km north-east of one in HDL35
HDL44 Abu 0929'/3853' 2595 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
abu botero: botoro (O) kind of tree, Stereospermum kunthianum
HDK98 Abu Botero 0954'/3819' 2548 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Tulu Milki
HDN85c Abu Danab 10/35 [n]
Mountain on the left (western) bank of the Abay,
opposite Beri on the eastern side
Abu el Kasim, a Muslim male name
?? Abu el Kasim (mountain seen from Shek Husen) 07/40 [x]
(same as JCN58 Abul Kasim?)
JC... Abu Gasin (Abugasin) (mountain) 07/40 [+ 18]
HDT84 Abu kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in the middle of northern Debre Sina wereda,
9 km north of Mekane Selam; area 1,401 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
GDM74 Abu Matis, see Bambesi

HEH00 Abu Meda, see Abu Mendi

abu mendi: mendo (O) trap
HEB90 Abu Mendi (area) 1119 m 11/35 [WO]
HEH00 Abu Mendi (Abu Meda, Uogheni, Vogheri) 11/35 [WO Gu Gz]
1148'/3542' 724 m
abu mu..: Musa, the Muslim form of name fo Moses
GDU04 Abu Musa 1001'/3443' 1395 m 10/34 [Gz]
HEA96 Abu Nesag (hill) 1142'/3523' 11/35 [WO Gu Gz]
HEA94 Abu Ramla (village) 1142'/3508' 635 m 11/35 [WO Gz]
HEA94 Abu Ramla, Jebel (Abu Remla, J.A. Ramlu) 11/35 [WO Gz Ad x]
(mountain) 1141'/3507' 986 m
It was taken over by the ruler Hamdan from Gubba in 1918
abu sirba (O) leader of dance?
sirbaa (O) to blink fast /with eyes/
HDE43 Abu Sirba 0835'/3846' 1822 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDE53 Abu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kobo) 08/38 [Ad]
abu takiya: taakiyey (Som) measure in hand-spans
HEP67 Abu Takiya (Abu Tacchia, Jabal Abu Takia) 13/36 [Gz WO n]
1318'/3618' 911 m (mountains partly in Sudan)
HDN64 Abu Timbhor, see Abatimbo el Gumas
JDJ35 Abubeker (Abubecker, Abocher, Aboker, Abucher) 09/42 [Gz Gu WO]
(Abu-Bakr) 0920'/4159' 1991/1994 m
(area with former road block), see under Harar
JDJ35 Abucher, see Abubeker above
HDK73 Abuille, see Abuye
abuku, abbuukuu (O) sip, drink by taking
a mouthful at a time
JCF07 Abuku Tundu (area) 05/44 [WO]
abul: abbuul (Som) 1. shelter, small hut; 2. bundle of plant stalks;
Abul Kasim (Abul Qasim, Abolkasem) one of the names used for
the Prophet Muhammed; this name is also adopted by the Oromo
JCN58 Abul Kasim (M. Abul Casim, A. Cassim) 07/40 [+ WO Gu]
(Abol K'asim, Abulcassim, Fre: Abou'l-Qasim) 07/40 [Gz x]
(mountain) 0731'/4029' 1580/2573 m
GCT35c Abula 0730'/3355'c 07/33 [x]
on the right-hand bank of Akobo river a little after the
confluence with Shisha [name from G Montandon c 1910]
GCM52 Abuli (area) 612 m 06/34 [WO]
GCM62 Abuli (Bright) 0656'/3430' 06/34 [x]
locality with small lake near the border of Sudan.
Name Bright is derived from G Montandon 1913
and was invented/?/ by him.
HCE68 Abullo (area) 1287 m 06/38 [WO]
HCD.. Abulo Alfecho (area) 05/37 [20]
abun, abune (A,T) title of respect given to bishop,
archbishop, patriarch;
Weha something else here than
the usual wiha (A) = water?
HDT52 Abun Weha kebele (.. Wäha ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in western Wegdi wereda, 20 km west-southwest
of Mahdere Selam; area 1,586 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Abuna (which one? on borders of Ifat) ../.. [Pa]
(historically recorded circa 1530)
HEL61 Abuna 1222'/3835' 2391 m 12/38 [Gz]
JDJ65 Abuna (locality) 0938'/4203' 09/42 [Gu Gz]
HEC57 Abuna Abagani (A. Avagani) (village with church) 11/37 [+ It]
HFE88 Abuna Abyesgi (E.A.Abiesghi) (with small church) 14/39 [+ Gu Gz]
1418'/3913' 2239 m
abuna hara, bishop's lake; hara (O) 1. lake, pool;
2. common land, anything for common use;
haraa, broom /of twigs/, sweepings; (Geez) army, troops;
haaraa (O) new, strange
HED80 Abuna Hara (area) 11/37 [WO]
abune (Geez) bishop
HEK63 Abune Aregay (Abuna Aregai) (with church) 12/37 [Gz WO]
1254'/3750' 2484 m, see under Belesa
HEL03c Abune Aron (known from late 1400s) 11/38 [20]
HFE69 Abune Genzay (A. Ghenzay, Enda Abba Genzay) 14/39 [+ x]
(with rock-hewn church), see under Nebelet
HEJ95 Abune Giyorgis (Abuna Georgis) 12/37 [LM WO]
HF... Abune Tewodros (Abouna Tederos) (village w church) 14/38 [+ 18]
HEL38 Abune Yosef (populated place) 1207'/3910' 3843 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEL48 Abune Yosef (Abuna Josef, A. Iosef, A. Yobel) 12/39 [MS WO Gu 18]
1209'/3911' 3572/4190 m (mountain)
(above Lalibela, written Abimeraz - Abime Ras - by Alvares)
HFF30 Abune Zerabruk (A. Z. Buruk) 13/39 [x]
(with rock-hewn church), see under Geralta churches - northern
Abuni, a male personal name
HDK62 Abuni 0937'/3745' 2331 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
-- Abuno, name of an Ania tribe of eastern Oromo
JDH19 Abuno 0914'/4131' 2094 m 09/41 [Gz]
HEC67 Abuola (Avuola) (village with church Giyorgis) 11/37 [+ It]
abur (T) oxen
HEA55 Abur (area) 11/35 [WO]
Abura, a personal name in several countries
HCT.. Abura (in Chilalo awraja) 07/39 [Ad]
JDP61 Aburnabo (area) 10/40 [WO]
GDE19 Aburri (hill) 08/34 [WO]
JEA38 Abusa Amara (area) 11/40 [WO]
HCT66 Abusara (area) 07/38 [WO]
HDE53 Abusera 0839'/3847' 1862 m 08/38 [Gz]
HFF03 Abushulo 1334'/3940' 2344 m 13/39 [Gz]
JEA24 Abusie (area) 11/40 [WO]
Abusso, a personal name occurring in the Gospel of Luke?
HDL00c Abusso (village west of Addis Abeba) c2400 m 09/38 [x]
HDP28 Abutalla 1010'/3625' 2075 m 10/36 [Gz]

HDK21 Abuto 0916'/3741' 1580 m 09/37 [AA Gz]

HE... Abuto (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 11/39 [Ad]
HEF13 Abuto kebele (Abut'o ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dese Zuriya wereda at its southern border,
15 km south-southwest of Dessie town; area 2,765 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM05 Abutu 1150'/3950' 1561 m 11/39 [Gz]
Abuye, a male personal name
HDK72 Abuye (Abuille) 0944'/3746' 2169 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDL14 Abuye 0909'/3851' 2907 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDN26 Abuye Atir 1009'/4021' 677 m 10/40 [Gz]
HDU65 Abuye Meda (Abuia Mieda, Abiye Meda) 10/39 [MS WO Gu]
(Abbuye Meda, Abuya Myeda, Fre: Abouya-Méda) 10/39 [x]
(hills) 1031'/3946' 3160 m, peak 3564 m
HEM30 Abuye Meda (Abuya Mieda) (mount. range) 4000 m 12/39 [+ x 18]
abwar (A) kind of tree large like a sycamore;
abwara, awara (A) dust, dustdevil
HEC99c Abwara (bay/lagoon in the lake Tana area) 11/37 [Ch]
HDT45 Abwara kebele 10/39 [Ad]
stretching narrowly north/south in the middle of southernmost
Kelala wereda; area 1,148 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM33 Abware kebele (Abwaré ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in central Kobo wereda, 8 km south-east
of Kobbo town; area 1,639 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCT42 Abyata (Abgiata, Abiyata, Abijata, Abijatta) 07/38 [+ WO Gz Ca]
(area with lake Hora Abyata at 0737'/3836')
water level of lake 1573 m
HCT.. Abyata-Shala National Park 07/38 [n]
JDH59 Abyed Aswed (Abied Asued) (area) 09/41 [+ WO]
HDM22 Abyegedam (Abieghedam), see Abiyye Gedam
HES99 Abyeri (Abieri, Amba Abier) (mountain) 13/38 [+ WO Gz]
1331'/3821' 2851 m
abyet wa..: washa (A) cave
HDM82 Abyet Washa (Abiet Uascia) 09/39 [+ WO]
abyet wi..: wiha (A) water
H.... Abyet Wiha sub-district (Abiet Wuha ..) ../.. [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Irbortu)
HE... Abyot Fire (in Kalu awraja), see Abiyot Fire
HET05 Abza 1240'/3858' 2106 m, near map code HEL95 12/38 [Gz]
HEA04 Abzalaba (area) 10/35 [WO]
HFE50 Acab Saat, see Akab Saat
JFB33 Acacale, see Akakale
HDA83 Acachil, see Akakil
HDA94 Acachilo, see Akakilo
JDJ63 Acad, see Akad
GDF10 Acado, see Akado
HEC14 Acaita, see Akayta
JED12 Acalei, see Akaley
HEK64 Acam, see Akam & HEK66
GDU20 Acamscia, see Akamsha
HEJ68 Acara Mariam, see Akara Maryam
?? Accabo, see Akabo
HEK17 Accana Gheorghis, see Ackana Giyorgis
HCP43 Accevo, see Achevo
HED99 Acchera, see Ackera
HCP62 Acchiscio, see Akisho
HEC67 Acciader, see Achader
HCK93 Acciura, see Ashura
HCR95 Acco, see Acko
JCN05 Accuba, see Ackuba
HDD29 Aceber, see Acheber
HEB98 Acefer, see Achefer
?? Acel ../.. [Pa]
GCU30 Acer, see Acher
HCU90 Achaba (Ach'aba) 0808'/3921' 2005 m 08/39 [Gz]
near map code HDF00
HEC67 Achader (Acciader) 20 km SE of Bahir Dar 11/37 [+ Gu]
HEC67 Achader Maryam (Acciader Mariam) 1126'/3718' 11/37 [Gz It]
(village with church)
HCM01 Achafa (Aciafa) (area) 06/39 [+ WO]
HET79 Achalako (Ach'alak'o, Ascialaco) 13/39 [Gz WO Gu]
1318'/3911' 2107 m (with church Kidane Mihret)
Coordinates would give map code HET78
HDJ68 Achane (Ach'ane, Asciani) 0939'/3720' 09/37 [Gz WO]
HDJ68 Achane Maryam (Achene Mariam) 09/37 [LM x WO]
(with church) 2434 m
HEM92 Achangui, see Ashenge
HEC67 Achaura (Acciaura) (church) 11/37 [+ It]
HEF80 Achawach (Ach'awach) 1138'/3923' 2087 m 11/39 [Gz]
ache (ach'ch'ä) (A) 1. engaged to marry; 2. recommend
to a position
?? Ache (visiting postman under Jimma district) ../.. [Po]
HDD29 Acheber (Aceber) (locality) 0821'/3823' 08/38 [Gz WO]
HDD29 Acheber sub-district (Atcheber ..) 08/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Damu)
HDT93 Achebra kebele (Ach'äbra ..) 11/38 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Mekdela wereda,
15 km north-west of Masha; area 7,352 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCN55 Acheca, see Akaka
HEB98 Achefer (Acefer, Achäfär, Achafar, Atchefar) 11/36 [Ad WO Pa x]
HEC83 Achefer wereda 11/36 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Yismala Giyorgis)
(-1994-) is divided into 51 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
HET41 Achegn (area) 13/38 [WO]
HDJ68 Achene Mariam (Ach'ane), see Ashani Maryam
HDU24 Achenkira Rechet kebele (Ach'änqera Räch'ät ..) 10/39 [Ad]
acher: achir (ach'ir) (A) short
GCU30 Acher (Acer) 07/34 [+ WO]
HEJ34 Achera (cone hill) 12/37 [Ch WO]
HEJ58c Achera (Acära) (area known from the 1600s) 12/37 [20]
HCN56 Acheri, see Akari
HES38 Acheta, see HES27 Zebib
HES39 Acheta 13/38 [WO]
HCP43 Achevo (Accevo) 0739'/3602' 2402 m 07/36 [+ WO Gu]
achewa b..: bado (A,T) 1. barren, unoccupied /land/;
2. (A) buttermilk
HDS95 Achewa Bado (Ach'ewa B.) 1049'/3802' 2679 m 10/38 [Gz]
HEC04 Achfa, see Akayta
HCU42 Achia, see Akya
HEB74 Achiau, see Akyaw
HDR.. Achigi (in Kola Dega Damot awraja) 10/37 [Ad]
HFE45 Achilako Mikael (Ach'ilak'o Mika'el) 13/38 [Gz]
(church) 1359'/3858'
JDJ26 Achim, see Gara Akim
HFD88 Achindow (Ach'indow) 1420'/3815' 1765 m 14/38 [Gz]
H.... Achingi (centre in 1964 of Welie Hamus sub-district) 10/37? [Ad]
HEC45 Achinwara (Acinuara) (hill) 11/37 [+ WO]
HDL93 Achlat (Ach'lat') 0954'/3842' 1953 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
acho (Kefa) black nightshade, Solanum nigrum, a weed
with small white flowers all the year round
HDJ85 Acho, see Colle Accio
GCM61 Achoyo (Acioio) 0655'/3429' 471 m 06/34 [+ WO Gz]
JDD60 Achu (Gola Achu?) (area) 1277 m 08/42 [WO]
GCM62 Achua (Lucie) 0656'/3432' 06/34 [WO x]
small lake near the border of Sudan.
Name Lucie is derived from G Montandon 1913
and was invented/?/ by him.
GCU30 Achulla (Aciulla) 0733'/3420' 400 m 07/34 [+ WO Gz]
HCM01 Aciafa, see Achafa
?? Aciarbar (=Acheber? Acher Ber?) (village) ../.. [18]
HEC45 Acinuara, see Achinwara
GCM61 Acioio, see Achoyo
GCU30 Aciulla, see Achulla
HEK17 Ackana Giyorgis (Accana Gheorghis), see Atechama
HED99 Ackera (Acchera) 1143'/3825' 3251 m, 11/38 [+ WO Gz]
see under Nefas Mewcha
HCR95 Acko (Acco) (area) 08/37 [+ WO]
JCN05 Ackuba (Accuba) 2186 m 07/40 [+ WO]
HDD04 Aclil, see Aklil
GCS66 Acobo, see Akobo
HER39 Acqua (area) 12/37 [WO]
acqua bollente (Italian) boiling water
JEP03 Acquabollente (religious centre) 1242'/4058' 12/40 [WO Gz]
HEJ70 Acscera, see Akshera
HFC42 Acsum Cercher, see Aksum Cherker
HDE92 Acu, see Aku
GDF12 Acude, see Akude
HFC07 Acuorchi, see Midir Gat
ad (T) mother; ad, aad (Som) you
[ad also short for adi?]
HFF42 Ad Abaga, see Adi Abage
HER98 Ad Abba Abdu 1332'/3720' 1278 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HFC37 Ad Abbati (Ad Abbat) 1352'/3717' 1386 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HFC28 Ad Abbesa 13/37 [WO]
ad addo ..: addo (O) potter, class of potters; (A) killer of an elephant
JDP43 Ad Addo Dawi (Ad-Addo Daui) (plain) 10/41 [+ WO]
JDP85 Ad Addo Manda Ela (plain) 10/41 [WO]
ad ag..: agwori (A) moo /as done by cows/
HFC37 Ad Agwori (Ad Aguori) 1353'/3715' 1465 m 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
see under Kafta
ad ak..: akore (aqorä) (Gondar A) /ditch/ without water;
(Shewa A) not good at work
HFC18 Ad Akoro (Ad Acoro) 1344'/3723' 1934 m, 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
see under Adi Remet
ad amer: ameer (Som) heifer; female camel that has not given birth
HFC28 Ad Amer 13/37 [WO]
HFK17 Ad Arisc, see Adi Arish
HFC18 Ad Cocob, see Ad Kokeb
HFD87 Ad Daro, see Adi Daro
HFD10 Ad Deka Abbay (Ad Deca Abbai) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
?? Ad Dir ../.. [x]
ad ga..: gaga, gagaa (O) beeswax
?? Ad Gaga, pass in northern Ethiopia ../.. [n]
HFE47 Ad Garab Sadiai 1359'/3909' 1872 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEU51 Ad Irac, see Adi Hana
H.... Ad Keyih, see Adkeyih

ad (T) kokeb (A) mother star

HFC18 Ad Kokeb (Ad Cocob, Addi Kaukeb) 13/37 [LM WO Gz 18]
(place & mountain range) 1342'/3725' 2183/2550 m
HFD97 Ad Nebrid (church), cf Adi Nebrid 14/38 [WO]
ad selam (T) mother peace? village of peace?
HFD20 Ad Selam, see Adi Selam
HFE04 Ad Zelako (Ad Zelaco) 1337'/3849' 1927 m 13/38 [+ WO Gz]
ada, aada (O) 1. use, custom, culture, rule, habit, tradition,
way of life; 2. clan; 3. daisy plant or flower;
-- Ada, Hada, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe
HCH89 Ada (Oda) c 2300 m 07/36 [LM WO Gu]
HDE66 Ada 0848'/3858' 2028 m, see under Debre Zeyt 08/38 [WO Gu]
Coordinates would give map code HDE76
HDE82 Ada 0852'/3836' 2115 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDE92 Ada (area) 08/38 [WO]
-- Ada Berga, an Oromo tribe
HDL12 Ada Berga (Adaberga) 09/38 [Po Ha Ad]
(visiting postman under A.A. district)
HDL12 Ada Berga sub-district 09/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Bishan Dimo)
?? Ada Deru (visiting postman under Jimma district), ../.. [Po]
cf Adadero
ada ela: ela (O) 1. deep lake or pond; clear water;
eelaa 2. very heavy /load/; ela (A) well, cistern
JEC64 Ada Ela (waterhole) cf Adaela, Adela 11/41 [WO]
JEP84 Ada Ela 1324'/4103' 190 m 13/41 [WO Gz Ne]
(salt depression, spring)
HDE66 Ada wereda (-1964-1994-) 08/38 [Ad n]
(centre in 1964 = Debre Zeyt)
HDE65 Adaa (Ada'a) (locality) 0846'/3853' 08/38 [Gz]
west of Debre Zeyt, cf Ada
HDE76 Adaa (Ada'a) 0848'/3858' 08/38 [Gz]
(with church Maryam), north of Debre Zeyt
HDK27 Adaa (locality) 0918'/3810' 09/38 [Gz]
HDK58 Adaa (Ada'a) 0932'/3818' (with church Maryam) 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL10 Adaa (place and area) 09/38 [WO Gu]
HDT02 Adaa (Ada'a) 1001'/3838' 10/38 [Gz]
adaa ch..: chuqqalla (O) cork, or other stopping device
?? Adaa Chukala wereda ../.. [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 138 rural and 17 urban kebeles.
HDE66 Adaa wereda (=Adaa Liben wereda?), see Ada wereda
JEH52 Adaal (Adaala) (mountain chain), cf Ada Ela 12/40 [WO Gz]
1236'/4044' 617 m
adab (Som) 1. bag, small container; 2. discipline /in school/;
dara (O) 1. clothes, lack of clothing; daaraa 2. ashes;
movables, personal effects, furniture;
dhara (O) false, expression to deny that something is false
JEC03 Adab Dara (area) 10/41 [WO]
adaba (O) discipline
HCM71 Adaba (Adabba, Adappa) 0700'/3924' 2500 m 07/39 [Gz Br x Gu]
Coordinates would give map code HCM70.
HDE48 Adaba (area), see under Mojo 08/39 [WO]
HFE65 Adaba 1410'/3853' 1883 m, see under Adwa 14/38 [Gz]
HCM71 Adaba wereda (centre in 1964 = Adaba) 06/39 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 32 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
HFF42 Adabage, see Adi Abage
H.... Adabai (ctr in 1964 of Gamo Inda Maryam sub-distr) 13/37 [Ad]
?? Adabay (river), see Jemma
-- Adaberga, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe
Berga, a male personal name
HDL21 Adaberga (Ada Berga, Adaverga) (wide area) 09/38 [n WO]
HDL12 Adaberga sub-district (-1997-) 09/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Bishan Dima)
HDL21 Adaberga wereda (Adda Berga ..) 09/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 63 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
adabi s..: sanka, saanqaa (O) door, board, plank;
sanka (A) defect
HBL86 Adabi Sanka, see Adadi Sanke
HDD17 Adabo 0816'/3809' 2727 m 08/38 [Gz]
adad (Som) acacia gum
JDS41 Adad 1024'/4239' 1024 m 10/42 [Gz]
JCJ37 Adad Dader 0640'/4218' 559 m 06/42 [Gz]
adada, adadaa, hadada (O) aunt, father's or mother's sister
or wife of one's uncle
HDL40 Adada 0926'/3826' (with church Be'ale Weld) 09/38 [AA Gz]
palindrome name = reads the same both ways
HED79 Adada, see Adeda
JDB93 Adada 0900'/4157' 1442 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDC68 Adada (locality) 0846'/4225' 08/42 [WO Gz]
adada ..: dinber (A) border, boundary
?? Adada Dinber (visiting postman under Nazret district) ../.. [Po]
HEE45 Adada kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in central Mekdela wereda, 16 km west
of Masha; area 2,891 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCU60 Adadale 0750'/4419 1032 m 07/44 [Gz]
KCP27 Adadale (Adaleh) (seasonal waterhole) 07/46 [MS WO]
adade e..: ejere (O) kind of tall slender plant
?? Adade Ejere (visiting postman under A.A. district) ../.. [Po]
JEB93 Adadero (area), see under Tendaho 11/40 [WO]
adadi (O) kind of small to large tree, Premna angolensis,
grows in lowlands and also fairly high up; (language?) shallow well;
adaddi (O) white /in plural/
HDD47 Adadi 0831'/3814' 2396 m (with church Maryam) 08/38 [Gz]
HDE33c Adadi 1506 m 08/38 [20]
HDE50 Adadi 0838'/3830' 2321 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDK99 Adadi 0952'/3822' 2567 m, see under Tulu Milki 09/38 [AA Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Kersa sub-district)
HDL29 Adadi 0917'/3916' 2765 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDL49 Adadi 0926'/3919' 2970 m, near map code HDM40 09/39 [Gz]
HDL64 Adadi 0938'/3848' 2597 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL82 Adadi 0950'/3837' 3002 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDD24 Adadi (area) 08/42 [WO]
HEU23 Adadi Arare 1252'/3941' 1776 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDM50 Adadi kebele 09/39 [Ad]
far to the west in northern Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
20 km south-west of Debre Birhan; area 1,896 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDE33c Adadi Maryam (Adadi Mariam) 08/38 [Gz Ca Gu Pa]
(rock-hewn church) 0831'/3814'

adadi sanka (O) plank of the adadi tree?

HBL86 Adadi Sanke (Adadi Sanche, Adabi Sanche) 04/38 [LM WO Wa Gz]
0430'/3856' 1098 m0
HCE.. Adadikoto (with airfield), see under Shakiso 05/3. [Mi]
adadiyo b..: bire (Som) milking vessel, milk container
HDL38 Adadiyo Bire 0919'/3916' 2811 m 09/39 [Gz]
JCD19 Adadle, cf Bur Adadle 05/43 [WO]
JCK52 Adadle 0651'/4242' 677 m 06/42 [Gz]
KCN23 Adadle 07/45 [WO]
JCD19 Adadle wereda (Adadilie ..) (-1964-1995-) 05/43 [n Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Adadle)
adado (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Buddleja polystachya;
(Sidamo O) Barbeya oleoides
HC... Adado, village becoming a centre 06/38 [n]
HDL30 Adado 0921'/3830' 2689 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDH99 Adadoli (area) 09/41 [WO]
adae..: ela (O) 1. deep lake or pond; clear water;
eelaa 2. very heavy /load/; ela (A) well, cistern
JEB35 Adaela (well) 1108'/4108', cf Ada Ela 11/41 [Gz WO]
JEC53 Adaela 11/41 [WO]
HEL.. Adafa (ancient capital near Lalibela) 12/39? [Pa]
JDF42 Adagalla, see Habr Yunis
JDR57 Adagalla, see Adigala
HFF72 Adagamus (Adagamos), see Idaga Hamus
adagi (T) purchaser, buyer
JEJ00 Adagilu (Adaghilu), see Agdiadu
HE... Adagne Ager sub-district (centre in 1964 = Guara) 12/37? [Ad]
HEJ17 Adahunat (on Dek island) 1154'/3718' 1784 m 11/37 [Gz]
HEU93 Adai (Amba A.) 1333'/3943' 2134 m 13/39 [Gz]
near map code HFF03
-- Ada'il, an old term for the Afar people
JE... Adailo (in the Afar region), cf Adaela
adaito e..: ela (O) 1. deep lake or pond; clear water;
eelaa 2. very heavy /load/; ela (A) well, cistern
JEN98 Adaito Ela (place & plain) 1324'/4048', cf Adayto 13/40 [Ne Gz]
HDB27c Adajebo 08/36 [Wa]
Adal .., cf Adel ..
-- Adal, Amharic name of the Afar people;
-- Isa, Issa, name of another tribe
JDH01 Adal, cf Chercher, Adal & Gara Guracha.. 09/40
JDJ57 Adal 0935'/4218' 1971 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDH43 Adal & Isa awraja (centre in 1959 = Afdem) 09/40 [Ad]
(Adalna Isa ..)
JDH73 Adal & Isa /& Gara Guracha/ awraja 0945'/4100' 09/41 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 = Erer)
JDH58 Adal, Isa & Garaguracha awraja 09/41 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Erer)
later Chercher & Adal & Gara Guracha awraja
H.... Adal sub-district (centre in 1964 = Awara Melka) 08/39 [Ad]
adala (O) kind of wild cat, civet?, weasel;
(Arsi O) kind of shrub, Chenopodium opulifolium, Suaeda sp.?
adale (A) giant heather, Erica arborea, mostly above 3000 m
HDE39 Adala Mariam, see Adela Maryam
adaleg..: geddi, gedde (A) kind of falcon;
(Som) geeddi 1. caravan, migration, traveller;
2. kind of thin string
H.... Adalegedi (watercourse) 14/.. [Mi]
-- Adali, a group of the Devenekema branch of the Afar
JEJ54 Adali (mountain) 1214'/4202' 743 m 12/42 [Gz]
Adam occurs as a male name, but Adem is more common in Ethiopia;
tere (täre) (A) small hill
HDE64 Adam Tere (Logia, Loja) 0842'/3849' 1984 m 08/38 [Gz]
adama (occurring in Borena Oromo), see adami;
(A, from Hebrew) earth, soil; addamma (A) make bleed?
HDE49 Adama (Adaama) (old name made official again in 2000),
1712 m, see Nazret for the period 1950-2000
HDE85 Adama 0855'/3855' 2486 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDL54 Adama 0932'/3850' 2647 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDU50 Adama 1026'/3924' 2274 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDU82 Adama (Barigo) 1042'/3934' 2776 m 10/39 [Gz]
HE... Adama (mountain) 11/37 [Ad]
JDD03 Adama Bari (area) 08/42 [WO]
HDL.. Adama /& Boset/ wereda (centre in 1964 = Mukyo) 09/38 [Ad]
HDU83 Adama Dirma kebele (.. Derma ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in the south-westernmost corner of the western separate part
of Kalu wereda, 15 km south-west of Degaga; area 4,779 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF83 Adama kebele 08/39 [Ad]
at the northern border of Minjar & Shenkora wereda in its eastern part,
20 km east-northeast of Balchi; area 3,076 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDE49 Adama wereda 08/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 69 rural and 25 urban kebeles.
HEH72 Adamab /=Adam Ab?/ 12/35 [WO]
HEF15 Adame 1058'/3949' 1787 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEF55 Adame 1121'/3951' 1669 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEF15 Adame kebele (Adamé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-western Kalu wereda, 15 km south-east
of Kombolcha; area 3,801 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF55 Adame kebele (Adamé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
at the southern border of Were Babo wereda,
12 km east of lake Hayk; area 2,700 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
adami, hadami (O) all kinds of Euphorbia, of which E. candelabrum
is a cactus-like branching tree (A: kulkwal, qolqwal),
also the shrub-sized cactus Opuntia ficus-indica;
adami (T) mutineer, striker
HD... Adami (ctr in 1964 of Sasiga Legehare sub-district) 09/36? [Ad]
HDH78 Adami 0947'/3625' 1976 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDL71 Adami 0945'/3830' 2642 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HE... Adami (centre in 1964 of Korke sub-district) 11/39? [Ad]
in Yeju awraja
JDC75 Adami, see Hadami
HEF45 Adami Gebeya 1115'/3950' 2304 m 11/39 [Gz]
adami tereter (0 + A) rocky place with Euphorbia
HDK64 Adami Tereter (cliff) 0940'/3753' 09/37 [AA Gz]
adami tullu (O) euphorbia hill
HCT63 Adami Tulu (Adamitullo) (hill with fort) 07/38 [MS Ad WO]
MS: 0740'/3840' = HCT42;
Gz: 0752'/3842' = HCT63, 1636/1650 m
Centre of Haykoch & Butajira awraja in 1964 but
replaced by Ziway by 1969.
HCT63 Adami Tulu wereda (-1964-2000-) 07/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Adami Tulu)
HCT52 Adamitullo (area) 07/38 [WO]
adamo (O) 1. game; 2. kinds of shrub or medium tree,
Galiniera coffeoides, G. saxifraga; (A) old thatch or stubble;
Adamo, a male personal name
?? Adamo (ancient, mentioned in the 1200s) ../.. [x]
JDA22 Adamo, G., see Ademu
-- Adamone, Hademone, an Oromo clan in Arsi
HCL74 Adamonye (Adamogne) (area) 2480 m 07/38 [+ WO Gu]
on the Webi river.
HCL76 Adamonye (Adamogne) 0701'/3901' 2460 m 07/39 [+ WO Gz]
?? Adanaba Agaw (Adaneba ..?) 12/41 [n]
HDT02 Adanacho (Adanaccio) 1003'/3836' 1942 m 10/38 [x WO Gz]
JEH76 Adangalla, see Odangalla
adara, adaraa (O) safe-keeping
HDU20 Adara 1008'/3924' 2700 m 10/39 [Gz]
adarash: addarash (A) hall, reception room
H.... Adarash (centre in 1964 of Gedembo sub-district) 10/39 [Ad]
-- Adare language (Adari), see Harari
adari (A) who passes the night at a place, boarder
HES.. Adarmaz, in the Simen mountains 13/38 [20]
adaro: adro (A) finally
HDC36 Adaro (with church) 08/37 [WO]
adas, addes (A) kind of shrub, myrtle, Myrtus communis;
-- Arbore, name of an ethnic group
HBP28 Adas Arbore (area) 04/36 [WO]
JDJ06 Adash 0908'/4211' 1558 m 09/42 [Gz]
HED25 Adasha 1104'/3759' 2402 m 11/37 [Gz]
HFF06c Adat Cussra, see Ala & JFA13
JEN53 Adat Kussra (A. Cussra) 1340'/4002' 632 m 13/40 [n]
HDU93 Adati kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in northern Were Ilu wereda at its eastern border,
16 km noth-northeast of Were Ilu town; area 2,755 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL21 Adaverga, see Adaberga
HFE08 Adawro 1337'/3910' 2796 m (w church Mikael) 13/39 [Gz]
aday: adey (A) Meskel flower; ela (O) 1. deep lake or pond;
eelaa 2. very heavy /load/; (A) well, cistern
JEP81 Adayto Ela (Adaito Ela) 13/40 [LM WO Gz]
1324'/4048', -59 m, below sea level
HEJ85 Adaza, see under Chilga 12/37 [WO]
adbar 1./plural of debr, monastery/; 2. (Shewa A) holy tree under which
sheep are killed; protection
HEC49c Adbara (volcanic cone west of Abola Negus) 11/37 [Ch]
?? Adbi sub-district (-1997-) ../.. [n]
JEP26 Adbidora 1256'/4115' 90 m 12/41 [x Gz]
(in Afar east of mount Alaita)
adda (O) 1. brow, forehead; 2. different; 3. separately; addaa (O) front
HC... Adda (centre in 1964 of Kefurasha sub-district) 06/36? [Ad]
HDE66 Adda (Ada), see Debre Zeyt
HFC18 Adda Addagli, see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
adda ain golo: goolow (Som) get fat /of livestock/
HFC19 Adda Ain Golo, see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
HDL21 Adda Berga. see Adaberga
HDH51 Adda Chotte (Adda Ciotte), cf Abba Chotte 09/35 [+ WO]
adda giddom: gidim (A) 1. width; 2. at right angle
HER79 Adda Giddom (area) 13/37 [WO]
JBP34 Adda Hinka (Adda Hinca) (area) 04/41 [+ WO]
adda ma..: marmari (Som) rub, wipe, clean; (O) explorer
JEP35 Adda Marmariti 1258'/4110' -90 m, below sea level 12/41 [WO Ne Gz]
(well at 1257'/4113')
adda oru: oru (O) breed, produce offspring
HFC19 Adda Oru, see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
addadi (Som) wipe oneself off, dry oneself off;
addad (Sidamo) to command
HCF43 Addadi 0553'/3939' 1506 m, cf Adadi 05/39 [WO Gz]
JDR57 Addagalla (Addagella), see Adigala
JCB59 Addaggio, see Dadajo
JDD76 Addama (Haddama) 0848'/4308' 1339 m, cf Adama 08/43 [WO Gz]
addamma (A) make bleed?
JCL02 Addao 0621'/4338' 380 m 06/43 [WO Gz]
addara: adara, adaraa (O) 1. safe-keeping;
2. in the name of ...; iddari (A) fallow land
JDR80 Addara (area), cf Adara 10/41 [WO]
HFD87 Addaro, see Adi Dairo
HDE66 Addas (the main name used around 1930?), see Debre Zeyt
HDM54 Addas Agar, see under Ankober 09/39 [WO]
Addawa, a name of mosques
JDB57 Addawa (Addaua) 1451 m 08/41 [+ WO]
HET77 Addeke (Addeche, A. Smeras) 13/39 [+ Gz Gu]
1319'/3905' 1758 m
HFD87 Addekti (Addecti), cf Adeki 14/38 [+ WO]
(waterhole), see under Adi Daro
HES95 Addergey (spelling of James Bruce 1770), see Adi Arkay
addes (A) kind of shrub, myrtle, Myrtus communis
HCL24 Addesa (area) 06/38 [WO]
HDA74 Addesa, T. (hill) 08/35 [WO]
addessa (O) 1. new moon; 2. kind of tree, Vepris dainelli;
3. kind of disease;
addisa, adessa (O) kinds of small tree, Dichrostachys cinerea,
Myrtus communis, Rhus glutinosa, Teclea nobilis, Trichocladus
Addi .., see also Adi ..
addi, adi (T) country, village, especially one having
its own church
HEU.. Addi Abbona, 13/39 [En]
see under Nazret in Tigray
HEU15 Addi Abdera, see Adi Bidera
HFD26 Addi Aitecheb, see Adi Aitechab
HEU62 Addi Araha, see Ara
HER66 Addi Baria, see Adi Barya
HFD19 Addi Colo, see Adi Kolo
HEU55 Addi Culcul, see Adi Kulkul
HFE34 Addi Felassie, see Felatsi
HFC28 Addi Gheva, see Adi Geba
HFD58 Addi Gidad, see Adi Gided
HER68 Addi Gubasie (area) 13/37 [WO]
addi ha..: habt (A) wealth
HCP17 Addi Habtam 07/36 [WO]
HEU63 Addi Onfato, see Adi Onfito
HFE.. Addi Sahu (area) 14/39 [Gu]
HET90 Addi Salam, see Adi Selam
HEC37 Addiet (Addi Canna) 2217 m, cf Adiet 11/37 [WO x n]
HED40 Addiet, see Adet
HEM71 Addilnalca, see Adi Inalka
HEU.. Addimara, see also under Amba Aradam 13/39 [It]
KCN17 Addin Liba, see Aden Libah

Addis .., cf Adis ..

addis abeba (A) new flower
HDE93 Addis Abeba (Addis Ababa) NO TEXT HERE 09/38 [MS WO AA]
Addis Abeba extends also to HDE94 HDL93
addis adi, new village? new country?
HFE51 Addis Adi (Addis Addi) 14/38 [+ WO]
addis alem (A) new world
HDD99 Addis Alem (Adis Alem, Addis Alam) 09/38 [WO AA Gz x]
MS: 0855'/3830' =HDE80; Gz: 0902'/3824' = HDD99
2178/2360/2405 m (first intended as national capital)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
3E Korme
5E Doketu (Dok'etu, Doqetu)
5E Lugoma
5E Gichi (Gich'i)
6E Chiri (Ch'iri) (at the main road)
6E Chuka (Ch'uka)
4SE Kusaye (Cusae) 2239 m
6SE Wajitu
7SE Gogetti (Gogeti, Gojetti)
5SW Tulu Korma (S of main road bridge)
5SW Berga (N of main road bridge) 2218 m
6SW Enda Giyorgis (E. Ghiorghis) (church)
6SW Kimoye (at the main road)
4W former distillery, abandoned before the 1960s
5W Gunjo
8W Ejersa Lefo (Agarsa Lafu) 2277 m
8W Ketema
9W Rushe
5NW Cherecha (Cerreccia)
8NW Bora (Malca Micce) 2644 m
8NW Tereko (T'erek'o, Tereqo)
9NW Liti
5N Metaleya
6N Metala
7N Arb Gebeya = Friday Market 2602 m
9N Genjo (Faressa, Fariccia) 2734 m
10N Lemenchito (Lemench'ito)
10N Hine
10N Agota 2536 m
6NE Dobi (at watercourse of same name) 2433 m
8NE Kerbo (K'erbo, Qerbo)
HDS60 Addis Alem, town in Dembecha wereda 10/37 [20]
HEJ99 Addis Alem, town in Dangila wereda 12/37 [WO 20]
see under Gondar
HES99 Addis Alem, village south of Sekota of Simen 13/38 [x]
HFE93 Addis Alem (Adis A.) 1428'/3846' 1336 m 14/38 [+ Gz]
(on the border of Eritrea)
HEF.. Addis Alem kebele, in Kalu wereda 11/39 [20]
HDL00 Addis Alem wereda (centre in 1964 = Genet) 09/38 [Ad]
HDL91? Addis Alem wereda, see Ejere wereda

addis amba (A) new mountain

HDL83 Addis Amba (Adis Amba) 0949'/3845' 09/38 [Ad AA Gz]
(ctr in 1964 of Gorgora sub-district), see under Fiche
?? Addis Amba (Hadis Amba), on map of 1814 ../.. [+ 18]
?? Addis Bah, forestry development project ../.. [x]
addis birhan (A) new light
HDD.. Addis Birhan (in Chebo & Gurage awraja) 08/37 [Ad]
HDT23 Addis Derra (Adis Dera, Dire) 10/38 [WO LM Gz]
1010'/3837' 1857 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5SE Megit (area)
9SE Mubi Gubel (village)
9SW Gundo Meskel (Dunguomeschel) (village) 2544 m
?? Addis Gey, north of Debark 13/38 [x]
JDJ53 Addis Harar (around 1901), see Dire Dawa
addis hiywet (A) new life; also used as a male personal name
?? Addis Hiwot (A. Hiywet), rehabilitation farm 08/39 [x +]
HDB.. Addis Jebbo, west of Didessa river 08/36 [x]
addis ketema (A) new city /also the big market area of A. Abeba/
?? Addis Ketema (with sub-post office under Dire Dawa) ../.. [Po]
/inside Dire Dawa town?/
addis kidam: addis gedam (A) new monastery
HEC23 Addis Kidam (Adis Kidame, Addis Kidamin) 11/36 [Po Gz Ad]
(Addis Kidem, Addis Chedam) 1105'/3653' 11/36 [Gu]
(market; centre in 1964 of Lekoma sub-district)
addis mender (A) new village/township
HEM70c Addis Mender (centre in 1964 of Zatta sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
addis zemen (A) new period of time, modern time
HEK23 Addis Zemen (Adis Zemen) 12/37 [Ad Ro Po MS]
(former Debre Abreham; with sub-post office) 12/37 [Ad Pa]
MS: 1200'/3750'; Gz: 1207'/3747' 1975 m
Centre at least 1964-80 of Libo awraja;
in 1964 also centre of Kemkem wereda.
HDL93 Addisghie, see Adisge at HDL83
HFE84 Addish Adi (Addisc Addi) 1419'/3854' 1674 m 14/38 [+ Gz]
JDG45 Additale, see Daetali
HCP18 Addiya 0725'/3630', cf Adiya 07/36 [En]
addo (O) 1. potter, class of potters; 2. difficulty, obstacle;
addo, eddo (O) kosso tree, Hagenia abyssinica,
addo (Kefa) name by which the low-caste hunters Manjo call
themselves; (A) killer of an elephant
Addo, cf Ado
JBU46 Addo (area) 04/44 [WO]
JDN69 Addo (area) 10/40 [WO]
JEA65 Addo (area) 11/40 [WO]
KCR57 Addo (area) 07/47 [WO]
addo adas: adasi (O) a kind of plant
JCT67 Addo Adas (area) 07/44 [WO]
?? Addo Soana (in Simen) 13/38? [18]
JEB50 Addodas 1115'/4042' 526 m 11/40 [WO Gz]
addon: addoon (Som) slave
JCM40 Addon, see Adona
ade (Borena) kind of shrub or small tree, Salvadora persica;
ade (adä) (T) mother
HBS25 Ade 0445'/3802' 1479 m 04/38 [WO Gz]
HC... Ade Cherka, in Damot Gale wereda 06/37? [20]
HC.. Ade Damota, in Damot Gale wereda 06/37? [20]
HD... Ade Selam wereda (centre = Chata) 07/37? [En]
One of ten weredas of Keja awraja 1944-1987.
adea: adewa (T) mother, mammy
-- Adea language, see Hadiya
HDS60c Adea (area) 2220 m, see also under Dembecha 10/37 [Gu]
?? Adea Beriga ../.. [20]
?? Adeba, in the Bale zone ../.. [20]
HET59 Adeba 1758 m 13/39 [WO]
HDM43 Adebabay 0925'/3937' 2679 m 09/39 [Gz]
HEU34c Adebba (mountain) 13/39 [It]
adebe (T) discipline, silence; addebe (A) show restraint,
behave well
HET59 Adebe (Adeba) (village), see under Samre 13/39 [WO Gu]
HDL90 Adebo (centre in 1964 of Abote sub-district) 09/38 [Ad]
adecha (O) 1. moon; 2. kind of tree, Teclea grandiflora;
HDE53 Adecha (Adeccia) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
adeda (T) prey, victim; adeda nefas (A) violent wind
HED79 Adeda (Adada) 1131'/3820' 2459 m 11/38 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Sede sub-district)
HEJ50c Adedo Maryam (centre in 1964 of Serako sub-district), 12/36 [Ad]
cf Adado
adef wiha, dirty water; adef (adäf) (A) menstruation
HEM02 Adef Wiha (Adef Uaha, Adiof U.) (valley) 11/39 [+ Gu WO]
?? Adefa (Adäfa) (recorded in the 1200s in Lasta), ../.. [20]
see Lalibela
adega (adäga) (A) danger, accident, surprise attack;
addege (A) to grow; adege (T) buy, invest;
adegge (O) prisoner, son of a slave;
arbi (O) Wednesday or Friday, depending on region
?? Adega Arbi (in central Tigray) ../.. [Yo]
HFD.. Adega Sheikha 13/37 [18]
?? Adegada, in Tigray ../.. [En]
A residence of Jesuit mission was established
at Adegada in 1626/27.
adege: addege (A) to grow bodily, rise in rank;
adege (T) buy, invest; adegge (O) prisoner, son of a slave;
Adege, a male personal name
HDL80 Adege (area) 09/38 [AA]
HFE71 Adegol Pawlos (church) 1415'/3834' 14/38 [Gz]
HEE36 Adeguya Medhane Alem (church) 1109'/3901' 11/39 [Gz]
HED91 Adeha 1332'/3927' 1964 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Arba'itu Insisat), near Mekele
adei..: ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JDG85 Adeitole Ale (area) 09/40 [WO]
HFE76c Adeki Raesi (A. Ra'esi) 14/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Migaria Tsemri sub-district)
JF... Adel Bed (active volcanoes), in the Dalol area 14/40 [Mi]
--Adel Mebrek, also name of a group of people
?? Adel Mebrek (Adäl Mäbräq) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
Adela, cf Ada Ela
HC... Adela, state farm 07/39? [x]
HCL60 Adela (Avela), see Abela Lida
HF... Adela (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 14/38 [Ad]
HDE39 Adela Maryam (Adala Mariam) 08/39 [LM WO]
village on the Asela road 12 km after Nazret.
HE... Adela sub-district (centre in 1964 = Beshilo) 11/39 [Ad]
HEF42 Adela Wedih wereda (centre in 1964 = Kuta Ber) 11/39 [Ad]
HDM.. Adelada, village 09/39? [Ha]
adele (addälä) (A) same as (T) below;
adala (O) kind of wild cat
HCU55 Adele 0747'/3949' 2567 m 07/39 [Gz]
JDB43 Adele 0833'/4100' 1319 m 08/41 [Gz]
JDS91 Adele, see Adeyle
HDD01 Adele Gomboro 0809'/3832' (with church Silase) 08/38 [Gz]
adele g..: adele (T), (addälä) (A) 1. distribute, allot, endow;
2. serve tej;
gubo, guboo, guuboo (O) 1. self-sown crop; 2. basket
for grain; 3. chronic disease; gubo (Som) be burning, get burnt;
gubbo (A) present given as a bribe
JEB99 Adele Gubo, see Gesisen
?? Adele Keke, village in Hararge ../.. [n]
HDE02 Adele sub-district (Adelie ..) (centre in 1964 = Salen) 08/38 [x Ad]
HCU.? Adele wereda 07/39 [x]
adele um..: umuri (O) age, life
HDE01 Adele Umuro (A. Umuru, Gogetti, Goggetti) 08/38 [Gz WO]
(Gwogetti) 0811'/3835' 1873 m
WO has map code HDE00
HDL80 Adelge (peak) 0948'/3830' 2610 m 09/38 [Gz]
Adeli, a male Muslim name
JEJ42 Adeli (wells) 1202'/4138' 12/41 [WO Gz]
HEL.. Adeljan (with church Mikael) 12/38 [n]
adella (western O) cat; also wild cat, Felis lybica ochreata;
(A) to favour; adelay (T) distributor
HET74c Adella 13/38 [Wa]
HDA26 Adelle (area), cf Adele 08/35 [WO]
HET84 Adellet 1321'/3854' 1522 m 13/38 [Gu Gz]
Adem, personal name more common than Adam in Ethiopia,
especially among Muslims
ademe (addämä) (A) plot, to conspire; (T) invite
HDK29 Adem 0917'/3820' 2501 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDJ57 Adem Abdi (Ademaboi) 0934'/4214' 2024 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ25 Adem Abdule 0914'/4205' 1829 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDH16 Adem Gadi Burka (A.G. Burk'a) 09/41 [Gz]
0909'/4116' 2852m
adem l..: lega (A) fresh /butter/; laga (O) 1. river; 2. people
JDJ15 Adem Lega 0913'/4205' 1789 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDK56 Adem Yonis 0932'/4304' 1712 m 09/43 [Gz]
HEM61 Adema Iyasu 1221'/3927' 2140 m 12/39 [Gz]
JDJ57 Ademaboi, see Adem Abdi
H.... Ademar (village) 2480 m 10/37 [Gu]
ademe (addämä) (A) plot, to conspire, (T) invite
JDB99 Ademe 0903'/4134' 1414 m, near map code JDH09 09/41 [Gz]
HDJ55 Ademe Giyorgis (church) 0932'/3705', near Shambu 09/37 [Gz]
HFF21 Ademesso (mountain) 1346'/3933' 2004 m 13/39 [Gz]
ademu, ademuu (O) walk
JDA22 Ademu (G. Adamo) (mountain) 08/40 [Gz WO]
0821'/4002' 2611/2673 m, see under Minne

aden (O) hunt, hunting, chase;

aden (adän) (A) hunting, a hunt; liba (A) 1. north-east; 2. very hot wind
?? Aden (visiting postman under Nazret district) ../.. [Po]
KCN17 Aden Libah (Addin Liba) 0721'/4526' 616 m 07/45 [WO Gz n]
HEM02 Adengur kebele (Adängur ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Guba Lafto wereda, immediately
north of Weldiya; area 814 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF03 Adengwar 1337'/3941' 2192 m 13/39 [Gz]
adenn (Gurage) wild cat, Felis lybica ochreata; adene (T) mine
HFC46 Adenna 1357'/3713' 1131 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HER78 Adenna 1322'/3722' 2911m 13/37 [Gz]
HER86 Adenna (area) 13/37 [WO]
HEL37 Adeno (mountain) 1205'/3908' 3336 m, 12/39 [WO Gz]
see under Lalibela

ader (adär) (A) kinds of small or medium tree,

Balanites aegyptiaca, Dicrostachys cinerea, D. glomerata;
adera (adära) (A) a trust, something entrusted to one's care;
ad'era (A) kind of tree /same as ader above?/;
(O) state of grace, pardon, permission;
Adera (adära), the Sky God of the K'emant west and north of Gondar;
(Aderra) also an ordinary male name
HDG07 Adera 0904'/3527' 1522 m 09/35 [Gz]
HEU51 Aderat (Adera, Ad Irac), see Adi Hana, and also under Amba Alage
HEL46 Aderbo (mountain) 1207'/3902' 2916 m 12/39 [Gz]
adere: addere (addärä) (A) to pass the night; dwell;
enter someone's service /also as soldier/;
--Adere, an ethnic group which seems to live west of Addis Abeba (also a name
of the Harari people in quite another part of Ethiopia),
used also as a male personal name
-- Adere language, see Harari
HDH.. Adere (village near Nekemte) 09/36 [n]
HDJ23 Adere 0919'/3657' 1974 m 09/36 [n Gz]
HDL35 Adere 0921'/3857' 2783 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL40 Adere 09/38 [AA]
HDL44 Adere 0927'/3850' 2445 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL50 Adere 0930'/3826' 2268 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDL56 Adere 0934'/3858' 2655 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL59 Adere 0931'/3916' 2687 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDT83 Adere kebele (Adäré ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in north-western Debre Sina wereda, 6 km north-west
of Mekane Selam; area 1,562 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDC61 Adere Wama 0845'/3645' 1527 m 08/36 [Gz]
HDL72 Adereka 0943'/3839' 2975 m 09/38 [Gz]
HEJ88 Aderja (Adergia, Hader Giaha) 12/37 [+ WO Gu]
(large village), see under Azezo
adermas: admas (A) horizon
?? Adermas 13/37? [Ca]
?? Adermat (in Segede/Sägädé) with market in 1800s ../.. [18]
HDF94 Adero (area) 08/39 [WO]
HEK57 Aderseg 1214'/3817' 1921 m 12/38 [WO Gz]
ades, addes (A) kind of shrub, myrtle, Myrtus communis;
(A,T) lentil, Lens esculenta
HE... Ades (centre in 1964 of Tosa Felana sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
JDH26 Ades, G. (area) 09/41 [WO]
adesa (O) Dicrostachys cinerea; adessa (O) kinds of small tree,
Dicrostachys glomerata, Rhus glutinosa, Teclea nobilis,
Trichocladus ellipticus
HEJ85c Adesa Kidane Mihret (A.Ch.Meret) (church) 12/37 [+ Gu]
HET74 Adeseb 1322'/3849' 1378 m 13/38 [WO Gz]
HFF31 Adesta Adi Gul Biscia /Gundi/ 13/39 [Gz]
1355'/3930' 2211 m
HEC49 Adet 1116'/3729' 2217 m 11/37 [Gz]
HED40 Adet (M. Addiet, A. Canna) 1103'/3730' 11/37 [MS WO]
(with fort), cf HEC37 Addiet
MS coordinates would give map code HED20.
HED52 Adet, cf Adiet 11/37 [MS Po]
HEF40 Adet 1114'/3923' 2953 m 11/39 [Gz]
HE... Adet Medhane Alem 12/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Diensa wereda)
H.... Adet wereda /where in West Gojjam?/ ../.. [20]
HFE.. Adet wereda (near Abiy Adi) (-1980-1990s-) 13/39? [Yo x]
(-1994-) is divided into 51 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
HES90c Adetna Torat sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kirakir) 13/37 [Ad]
HEB94 Adevlik (area) 11/36 [WO]
adey (A) Meskel flower, Bidens sp.
JDR15 Adeyga (Adeiga) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
JDJ34 Adeyle 0924'/4158' 2136 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ43 Adeyle (Sardo) 0926'/4156' 2009 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDS91 Adeyle (Adele) (railway stn) 1050'/4238' 720 m 10/42 [Gz WO Gu]
Coordinates would give map code JED01 a little more to the north
JCD91 Adeyo (Adeio) 06/42 [+ WO]
HEJ86 Adeza 1233'/3708' 1933 m 12/37 [Gz]
adga..: bula (A) dust raised in walking
?? Adgabula, fossils and tools site 10/40 [20]
HDF70c Adgeh kebele (Adgäh ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in south-western Minjar & Shenkora wereda at its western border,
8-10 km south-west of Balchi; area 974 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM63 Adgo Ager, see Atakilt
HDM63 Adgo Hager kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda, 14 km east
of Debre Birhan town; area 699 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF24 Adgu (mountain) 1348'/3943' 3845 m 13/39 [x]
adguar (A) Malva verticillata, widespread plant which
has blue flowers in clusters on the stem
HDM63 Adguo, see Atakilt
JDH72 Adgura, G. (area) 09/40 [WO]
Adi .., see also Addi ..
adi, addi (T) country or village, especially one having
its own church;
adi, adii, hadi (O) 1. white; 2. kinds of acacia-like
tree, Dichrostachys cinerea, D. glomerata;
adi (Som) sheep and goats collectively; (Kefa) majesty
HBR36 Adi (with seasonal waterhole) 0448'/3714' 04/37 [Gz]
HBR45 Adi 1525 m 04/37 [WO Gu]
HCH75 Adi (mountain) 0702'/3609' 1800 m 07/36 [WO Gz]
JDH79 Adi (Fulde, Fuldeh, Foldi) (mountain) 09/41 [Gz Gu WO]
0946'/4134' 951, 1302/1372 m, WO has map code JDH89
HEM84 Adi Aba Jebano 1234'/3946' 1700 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM92 Adi Aba Musa 1237'/3931' 2626 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFF42 Adi Abage (Adi Abbaghie, Addi Abaghe, Adabage) 13/39 [+ WO Gu 18]
(Adi Baghe) 1357'/3936' 2399/2415 m 13/39 [Gz]
(village and plain, British camp in 1868)
HEL89 Adi Abanawo 1233'/3918' 2267 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFD78 Adi Abayo (A. Abaio) 1413'/3818' 1767 m 14/38 [Gz]
HEU15 Adi Abdera (Addi A.), see Adi Bidera
HFE06 Adi Abergele (near Abiy Adi) 1338'/3900' 2010 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE78 Adi Abeyto (A. Abeyito) (near Inticho) 14/39 [Gz n]
1413'/3912' 2628 m
HFE.. Adi Abeyto sub-district (-1997-) 14/39 [+ n]
HFF71 Adi Abiet (w rock-hewn church), see under Adigrat 14/39 [x]
HFD62 Adi Abk (Adi Abc) (area) 14/37 [+ WO]
adi abo (T) village of the father
HEM92 Adi Abo (Addi Abo, Adiabo, Adyabo, Ibni) 12/39 [Mi It En
HFD78c Adi Abo (Addy Abo), different from the one above? 12/39 [+ 18]]
adi abun (T) village of the bishop
HFE74 Adi Abun (Addi Abun, Adi Abuna) 14/38 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
1411' or 13'/3853' 1877 m, see also under Adwa
(village with small church Tekle Haymanot), 28 km east of Aksum
(in 1964 centre of Adi Abun wereda & of Mai Deleita sub-district)
HF... Adi Abun Gult sub-district 14/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Bet Yohannes)
HFE63 Adi Abun Maryam (church) 1412'/3846' 14/38 [Gz]
near /or in/ Aksum
HFE74 Adi Abun wereda (centre in 1964 = Adi Abun) 14/38 [Ad]
HEU.. Adi Abune Nazret (Addi Abunä Nazrä) 13/39 [x]
with mosque Wegir Haribo (Uogri Hariba)
HFE60 Adi Acfel, see Akfen
HEU62 Adi Acheiti, see Adi Akeyti
HFE50 Adi Achelai, see Adi Akelay
HFD68 Adi Ademay (Amba Giyorgis) 1408'/3815' 1865 m 14/38 [Gz]
(place), see under Inda Silase
Coordinates would give map code HFD68
HFD58c Adi Adhano, see under Inda Silase 14/38 [20]
?? Adi Aduka (in 1980s in Sobiya wereda) ../.. [Yo]
HEU,, Adi Ageraro, see also under Amba Aradam 13/39 [It]
?? Adi Ahferom wereda (.. Ahiferom ..), (in Tigray) ../.. [Yo]
HES52 Adi Agag 1310'/3746' 2510 m 13/37 [Gz]
adi ag..: agam (A,T) much-branched shrub with edible fruits
HEU02 Adi Agam 1245'/3933' 2239 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU00 Adi Agay 1242'/3925' 2924 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFK16 Adi Agera (Adi Agara, A. Agghera), see Adi Hageray
HEU.. Adi Ageraro, see also under Amba Aradam 13/39 [It]
HFE49 Adi Agwa 1357'/3920' 2030 m 13/39 [Gz]
adi ahi..: ahiyyu (A) the donkey
HFE47 Adi Ahiyu (Adi Ahiu) 1358'/3905' 1819 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
HFD26 Adi Aitechab (Addi Aitecheb) 1348'/3806' 1525 m 13/38 [WO Gz]
HFD47 Adi Akbay Abune Filemma (.. Ak'bay ..) 13/38 [Gz]
(church) 1356'/3810'
HFF00 Adi Akel 1335'/3926' 1959 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE50 Adi Akelay (Adi Achelai) 1400'/3828' 1984 m 14/38 [+ Gu Gz]
HEU62 Adi Akeyti (A. Ak'eyti, A. Aqeyti) 13/39 [Gz q It]
(A. Acheiti, A. Akeite) 1317'/3932' 2160 m,
see also under Amba Aradam
HFE60 Adi Akfel (A. Acfel) 1410'/3828' 1769 m 14/38 [+ n]
HER68 Adi Alekti (A. Alecti) 1343'/3723' 1694 m 13/37 [+ Gz]
adi al..: alale (O) kinds of tree, Croton sp., Ficus sp.
HFE83 Adi Alele 1418'/3840' 1499 m 14/38 [Gu Gz]
HFE06 Adi Alem (mosque) 1337'/3900', near Abiy Adi 13/39 [Gz]
HEU11 Adi Almeban 1247'/3931' 3048 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM61 Adi Alomata (Addi A.) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HFE19 Adi Amday (A. Amdai) (centre in 1964 of 13/39 [Gz Ad]
Maiche Geralta and Mereta Geralta sub-districts)
1343'/3918' 2653 m
HFE18 Adi Amiyuk (A. Amiyuk', A. Amiyuq) 13/39 [Gz q]
1340'/3910' 2750 m
HEU02 Adi Amshashi 1244'/3933' 2169 m 12/39 [Gz]
adi ar..: arah (Som) harvest of wild products
HEU62 Adi Araha (Addis Araha) 1315'/3934' 1919 m 13/39 [n WO]
HEU72 Adi Araha 13/39 [x]
HFF22 Adi Arbaa (A. Arba'a) 1348'/3935' 2037 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam)
HEU42 Adi Arbaite (A. Arba'ite) 1304'/3937' 2518 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE83 Adi Arbaite (A. Arba'ite, A. Arba'ete, Adi Arbate) 14/38 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
1422'/3845' 1625 m (w church Abune Hizk'eel to the east)
HEU42 Adi Arbaite Gebre Menfes K'idus (ch.) 1304'/3937' 13/39 [Gz]
HFE84 Adi Arbaite wereda (Adi Arbate .., Addi Arba'etä ..) 14/38 [Ad Gz En]
(centre in 1964 = Daaro Tekle, in 2000s = Rama)
HF... Adi Argud (Addy Argoud), village NW of Hawzen 14/39 [+ 18]
HFK17 Adi Arish (Ad Arisc) 1439'/3810' 1157 m 14/38 [+ Gu Gz]
adi arkay (arqay) (T) land of bamboo,
Oxytenantera or shrub Sesbania
HES95 Adi Arkay (A. Ark'ay, A. Arqay, A. Arkai) 13/37 [Gz q Ad Te]
(Addi Arcai/Arqay, A. Arki) MS: 1326'/3810' 13/37 [WO x]
MS: 1326'/3810' = HES87
Gz: 1327'/3804' 1497 m =HES86
(centre in 1964 of Diba Bahr wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
8E Abemar Silase (Abamar Selassie) (village)
2SW Birri (village) 1319 m
5SW Debre Tsiyon (Debra Sion) (church)
7NW Anger (Angher) (mountain) 1317 m
?? Golima 1509 m
HFD86c Adi Arkay 14/38 [LM Br]
HES95 Adi Arkay awraja 13/37 [x]
HES46? Adi Arkay sub-district (ctr in 1964 = May Tsemre) 13/38 [Ad]
HES46? Adi Arkay wereda 13/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 39 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
HEL78 Adi Aro 1225'/3910' 2055 m 12/39 [Gz]
HET68 Adi Aro 1313'/3915' 2138 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE54 Adi Aro Maryam (church) 1402'/3849' 14/38 [Gz]
adi (T) arra (O) melayo, village above Melayo?
HFE03 Adi Arra Melaio 1335'/3846' 1766 m 13/38 [Gu Gz]
HFD87 Adi Artan, see under Adi Dairo 14/38 [WO]
HFE54 Adi Asatiya Giyorgis (church) 1406'/3848' 14/38 [Gz]
HEU00 Adi Assel Gerti (Addi Assel Gherti) (area) 12/39 [WO]
HET 89 Adi Atal 1324'/3917' 1951 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFL08 Adi Atsnaani (A. Ats'na'ani) 1428'/3913' 1770 m 14/39 [Gz]
(on the border of Eritrea)
HFC29 Adi Awde 1345'/3728' 1949 m 13/37 [Gz]
adi aw..: awala (O) tomb, burial place
HFK05 Adi Awiala (Adi Aw-ala, Adiawala, Adi Awuala) 14/38 [Gz Ad Po MS]
(Adi Awi'ala) 1432'/3803' 1395 m
(in Shire awraja, sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HFK16 Adi Awiala (A. Awi'ala, A. Awala) 14/38 [Gz Ad]
1435'/3805' 1448 m
HFK05? Adi Awiala wereda (.. Awala ..) (-1994-) 14/38 [n]
HEM91 Adi Awso 1235'/3926' 2408 m 12/39 [Gz]
H.... Adi Awuhi (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 14/38 [Ad]
HEU24 Adi Ayo 1251'/3944' 1680 m 12/39 [Gz]
HET89 Adi Ayweto 1324'/3920' 2236 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET96 Adi Azuka (A. Azuk'a, A. Azuqa) 13/39 [Gz q]
1330'/3901' 1445 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFF42 Adi Baghe, see Adi Abage
HFE57 Adi Bahilay (mountain chain) 1405'/3905' 2029 m 14/39 [Gz]
HEM84 Adi Balanberas 1231'/3946' 1748 m 12/39 [Gz]
adi barkat: bereket (A) blessing
HFD77c Adi Barkat (Adi Barcat) (plain) 14/38 [+ Gu]
?? Adi Baro (Addi B.) (historically recorded) ../.. [+ Pa 20]
HFE56 Adi Barot 1406'/3903' 2372 m 14/39 [Gz]
adi barya (A) village of slaves?
barya (A) 1. slave; 2. epilepsy; 3. kind of fish
HER66 Adi Barya (Addi Baria) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
HEU15 Adi Basale 1249'/3949' 1700 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE61 Adi Bearej (A. Be'arej) 1411'/3832' 1918 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE.. Adi Bechi (Addi Becci) 2062 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFE57 Adi Beggedi (Adi Begghedi) 1859 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HEU93 Adi Belai Maar (A. Bela'i Ma'ar) 13/39 [Gz]
1332'/3940' 2504 m
adi bele.. beles (A) shrub or small tree, Ficus palmata,
Euphorbia spp., cactus Opuntia
HFF50 Adi Beles 1406'/3921' 1829 m, near code HFE59 14/39 [Gz]
HFE56 Adi Belew 1402'/3902' 2020 m (w church Maryam) 14/39 [Gz]
HFE72 Adi Berah 1426'/3840' 1288 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE92 Adi Berbere (area with iron) 1426'/3840' 14/38 [Mi]
HFE35 Adi Bere Mikael (church) 1355'/3928' 13/39 [Gz]
adi beri: beri (O) dawn, daybreak; (T) gate, entrance
HEU01 Adi Beri 1242'/3929' 2961 m 12/39 [Gz]
HF... Adi Berientu (centre in 1964 of Hahayle sub-district) 14/39 [Ad]
HEC47c Adi Bertah (village on a hill) 11/37 [It]
HEU15 Adi Bidera (Addi Abdera?) 12/29 [Gz WO]
1246'/3949' 1666 m or 1250'/3949' 1658 m
HFE57 Adi Bigdi 1402'/3909' 1859 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFC38 Adi Bokolaya (Adi Bocolaia) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
adi bor..: borati (O) headrest, "wooden pillow";
bora (O) brown /animal/
HFE18 Adi Borat (Enda Maryam Adi Bora) 2347/2402 m 13/39 [Gu]
HET65 Adi Buda 1328'/3857' 1610 m 13/38 [Gz]
HET95 Adi Buda 1329'/3854' 1706 m 13/38 [Gz]
HFF70 Adi Bukwot (Addi Buquot) (valley) 14/39 [+ Gu]
adi bula: bula (A) dust raised in walking
HET85 Adi Bula (Ali Bula) 1328'/3858' 1502 m 13/38 [Gz]
?? Adi Burkwakea (Adi Burquachea) 13/38 [+ Gu]
HFF21 Adi Butzaat 1345'/3927' 1892 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HEU00 Adi Chegware (A. Ch'egware) 1241'/3925' 2392 m 12/39 [Gz]
HET59 Adi Chelehel (A. Chelchel) 1308'/3918' 1606 m 13/39 [Gz WO Gu]
(large village), see under Samre, cf Adi Kelkel
HET67 Adi Chemo (A. Ch'emo) 1313'/3905' 1837 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFD58 Adi Chemo (A. Ch'emo) 1405/3820' 2014 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFC17 Adi Cherni, see Adi Kerni
HES51 Adi Cheru (Adi Ceru) (mountain) 13/37 [+ WO]
adi che..: chew (ch'ew) (A,T) salt
HFF52 Adi Chewa (A. Ch'ewa, Addi Cioa, A. Tchewa) 14/39 [Gz Br x]
with rock-hewn church Arbatu Insisa, see also under Sinkata
HFE86 Adi Chiana 1418'/3904' 2093 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFE94 Adi Chigono (A. Ch'igono) (mountain) 14/38 [Gz]
1427'/3849' 1388 m
HFD49 Adi Chilte, see Adi Kilte
HEU10 Adi Chimnu (Addi Cimnu, A.Cimni) 12/39 [LM Gz WO Gu]
(market) 1247'/3922' 2690 m
HEM91 Adi Chimti (near lake, recorded in 1868) 12/39 [18]
HEJ88 Adi Chirgye (Adi Cirgie), see under Azezo 12/37 [+ WO]
HFE66c Adi Chowa (Adi Cioa) (village), cf Adi Chewa 14/38 [+ Gu]
HF... Adi Chumay (Addi C.), in Shire 14/38? [n]
adi dairo: daaro (Som) touch lightly; daro (Som) strangle-hold
in wrestling; dhaaro (Som) swear, take an oath;
dahro (T) wild fig tree, Ficus dahro, Ficus vasta;
daro (Som) saint; dhaaro (Som) swear, take an oath
HET78 Adi Dairo (A. Da'iro) 1319'/3912' 2043 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFD87 Adi Dairo (A.Da-ira, A.Da'iro, A.Da'ero, Ad Daro) 14/38 [Gz MS Ad]
(Adi Daaro, Adidairo, Al Daro, Addaro) 14/38 [Po Gu 18]
(incorrect: Az Daro) 1863 m, mountain 1973 m 14/38 [WO]
Centre in 1964 of Lai Adyabo wereda.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
6SE Addekti (Addecti) (waterhole)
5SW Gamma (mountain) 1924/2024 m
5W Adi Artan (village)
6W Doguate (waterhole)
6W Abbi Ogri (village)
adi dak..: dakna (dhaqna) (O) body; daqno (Som) feel pain
HFD68 Adi Dakno (Addi Dacno) 1407'/3816' 1870 m, 14/38 [LM WO Gz]
see under Inda Silase
HFC.. Adi Debtera 13/37 [Ad]
(centre 1964 of Dejena Sherela sub-district)
HEL37 Adi Dega Amba (near Lalibela) 1205'/3906' 3593 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDF08c Adi Dekahali (A.Decahali), saddle 1680 m 13/38 [+ Gu]
HFD57 Adi Dekal (Addi Decal), see Markos
HFD79 Adi Dererai 1416'/3823' 1747 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE30 Adi Didey (A. Didei, Addi Dideti) 13/38 [+ Gu Gz]
1356'/3829' 1894 m
HFE67 Adi Dirai (A. Dira'i) 1410'/3909' 2165 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFD68 Adi Draro 14/38 [n]
HEU72c Adi Elkim (Adi Elchim) (village), 13/39 [+ Gu It]
see also under Amba Aradam
HFE49 Adi Elo, see Kenata
HDF07c Adi Emer (Addi Emer) 13/38 [+ Gu]
HFC28 Adi Erzanye (Addi Erzani) 1344'/3722' 1875 m, 13/37 [Gz WO]
see under Adi Remet
HEU13 Adi Farah 1246'/3938' 1739 m 12/39 [Gz]
?? Adi Farris, see also under Amba Alage ../.. [It]
HF... Adi Fela (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 14/39 [Ad]
HFE58 Adi Fela 1402'/3915' 1744 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFE79 Adi Fela 1413'/3917' 2140 m (with church Maryam) 14/39 [Gz]
HFE34 Adi Felassie, see Felatsi
HEM71 Adi Feleset Hawaryat (church) 1225'/3926' 12/39 [Gz]
HET99 Adi Fengats 1333'/3918' 2203 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE90 Adi Fereg (Adi Meda) 1424'/3831' 1703 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE19 Adi Ferti 1342'/3916' 2475 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDK28 Adi Feyiso 0914'/3818' 2559 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HFE40 Adi Firkiros (Adi Firchiros) 13/38 [+ WO]
HFL05 Adi Fitaw (A. Fitau, A. Fitall) (with church Maryam) 14/38 [Gz Gu]
1430'/3859' 1873 m
HF... Adi Fringi (centre in 1964 of Zata sub-district) 14/39 [Ad]
HFC48 Adi Fro, see Amba Adiero, cf Adiero
adi gab.: gaba, gabaa (O) market; gaba (A,T) thorny shrub;
gabaa (O) thorn-like barley shoot or stalk
HFC27 Adi Gaba 1345'/3716' 1989 m 13/37 [Gz]
-- (Gaba is an ethnic group = Dullay)
adi gala, camel village? gala, gaala (O) 1. camel; 2. provisions
for a trip; 3. arrival;
gala (Som) kind of shrub or small tree, Calotropis procera
JDR57 Adi Gala, see Adigala
adi galla (A) village of Oromo?
HES50 Adi Galla (area) 13/37 [WO]
adi geba: geba (O) cup, usually of gourd; /cf gaba, gabaa (O) market/
HFC28 Adi Geba, see Adi Geva
adi gebr.: gebru (A) the servant /in a religious sense/, the slave:
also a man's name; geberu (A) 1. the wooden cover of a book;
2. the half-breed e.g. Amhara-Oromo
HFD26 Adi Gebru (Adigebru, Addi Gabriu) 13/38 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
1348'/3813' 1603 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964, with school & church Abune Aregay)
HFK08 Adi Gedaf 1430'/3815' 1503 m (with church Iyesus) 14/38 [Gz]
HFD58 Adi Gedena (near Inda Silase) 1403'/3817' 1891 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFD87 Adi Gedena Mikael (church) 1419'/3814' 14/38 [Gz]
HEM81 Adi Gefar 1230'/3929' 2969 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE59 Adi Gele 1402'/3917' 1864 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFF24c Adi Gelemo (Addis Gälämo) 13/39 [En]
archaeological site
HFC48 Adi Gemtela (Adi Ghemtela, Ad Djemtelo) 13/37 [+ WO Wa Gz]
1357'/3724' 1122/1639 m
adi gera: gera (A) kind of shrub or small tree,
Salix subserrata; twigs from it are used as tooth-sticks
HEU... Adi Gera (village), see under Mekele 13/39 [n]
HEM71 Adi Gerih 1224'/3927' 2039 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU.. Adi Germado (A. Ghermado), 13/39 [+ It]
see also under Amba Aradam
HET97 Adi Gesama Medhane Alem (church) 1333'/3908' 13/39 [Gz]
HFC28 Adi Geva (Addi Gheva, Adi Geba) 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
1318'/3744' 1262 m, see under Adi Remet
HET88 Adi Gezaiti (A. Geza'iti) 1323'/3910' 2218 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET69 Adi Gibai (A. Giba'i) 1315'/3916' 2356 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFF90 Adi Gide 1425'/3922' 2625 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFD58 Adi Gided (Adigided, Addi Gidad) 14/38 [+ Ad Gz]
1406'/3820' 2091 m, near Inda Silase
(centre in 1964 of Lai Koraro sub-district)
HFE26 Adi Gidey 1345'/3904' 1670 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Tekle Haymanot)
HFD95 Adi Girmay 1425'/3800' 1448 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE51 Adi Giyorgis 1405'/3833' 1971 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE38 Adi Gobeyo 1353'/3913' 1718 m 13/39 [Gz]
HF... Adi Gola, cf Adigala 14/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Agela sub-district)
adi golag..: gul (A) clod of earth; (Som) fortune;
early name of a spirit (Guolagul)
HEU51 Adi Golagul (Addi g.), see Belat
HFE82 Adi Golagul (A. Golagol, A.Guolagul), see Golagol
HEM81 Adi Golo 1233'/3929' 2617 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE.. Adi Gonche, see under Mereto
HFE89 Adi Goradaiti (A. Gorada'iti) 1420'/3916' 2052 m 14/39 [Gz]
(w church Mikael to the south-east), near Debre Damo
HFE79 Adi Gorandaiti (A. Goranda'iti) 1417'/3918' 2008 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Mikael to the west)
adi goro: goro (O) wild rose shrub; goorro (O) partition in
a house, door opening inside a hut; goro (A) young elephant
HFE37 Adi Goro 1350'/3906' 1841 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFF71 Adi Grat, see Adigrat
adi gudg..: gudgwad, gwudgwad (A, T) hole, well, pit,
subterranean grain store
HEU.. Adi Gudgwad (A. Guguad) (village in Tigray) 13/39 [+ n]
destroyed during fights in June 1988
HEU62 Adi Gudom (Adi Gudem, Adiguden, Addi Gudum) 13/39 [Gz Po Ad WO]
Gz: 1315'/3931' 2104 m; MS: 1317'/3933' =HEU 52
(centre in 1964 of Debre Haile sub-district)
With school and church Gebriel.
With post called sub-post office until the 1990s.
HEU52? Adi Gudom wereda (.. Gudem ..) (-1994-2000s) 13/39 [n]
HFE57 Adi Gufah 1403'/3907' 1746 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFE52 Adi Gui (A. Gu'i) 1404'/3841' 1958 m 14/38 [Gz]
at 8.5 km from Aksum, see under that place
HFD67 Adi Guidi (A. Gu'idi) 1411'/3814' 1624 m 14/38 [Gz]
adi gul: gul (A) clod of eart; (Som) fortune
HFF31 Adi Gul Bisha (A.G. Biscia), see Adesta
HEU71c Adi Gul Negus (village) 13/39 [Gu]
HEC68 Adi Gulma (village) 11/37 [It]
HFE82 Adi Guolagul, see Adi Golagul
HFE91 Adi Guolagul, see Adi Kwalase
HEU32 Adi Gura 1259'/3933' 2785 m 12/39 [Gz]
adi gurmas: gurmessu (O) 1. to unite;
2. to make tough and strong
HFC28 Adi Gurmas, see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
HFE41 Adi Gwara 1401'/3833' 1994 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE50 Adi Habesay 1405'/3829' 2192 m 14/38 [Gz]
adi haga..: hagada (O) 1. sorghum; 2. sugar cane
HFF31 Adi Hagada 13/39 [WO]
HFK06 Adi Hageray (A. Hagerai, A. Hagaray, A. Agera) 14/38 [Gz n Gu WO]
(A. Agara, Adi Agghera) 1431'/3804' 1319 m
HFK.. Adi Hageray sub-district (centre in 1964 = Irdi) 14/38 [Ad]
HFK.. Adi Hageray wereda (-1994-) 14/38 [n]
HFE78 Adi Hagoda 1414'/3913' 2197 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Arba'itu Insisat)
HEM82 Adi Hagos 1233'/3935' 1691 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU72 Adi Hakeyti (A. Hak'eyti, A. Haqeyti) 13/39 [Gz q]
1318'/3934' 2173 m or 1319'/3935' 2075 m
(with church Maryam)
HFE58 Adi Hale 1403'/3913' 1887 m 14/39 [Gz]
HEM91 Adi Hamido 1235'/3932' 2726 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEC06 Adi Hamli 1339'/3708' 1686 m 13/37 [Gz]
HEU51 Adi Hana (Adera, Aderat) 1311'/3930' 2228 m 13/39 [Gz WO Gu]
(Ad Irac) (with church Maryam to the north-west)
HFE51 Adi Hangi 1406'/3835' 2345 m 14/38 [Gz]
at 15 km from Aksum
HFE83 Adi Hanis Giyorgis (church) 1420'/3846' 14/38 [Gz]
HFE52 Adi Hankera 1406'/3841' 2216 m 14/38 [Br Gz]
village at 4.8 km from Aksum, see under that place
HFD78 Adi Haragay 14/38 [n]
HEU41 Adi Hardany 1232'/3929' 2456 m 12/39 [Gz]
H.... Adi Haremat (ctr in 1964 of Dega Amba sub-district) 14/39? [Ad]
HFC26 Adi Harwo 1346'/3713' 1879 m 13/37 [Gz]
HFE81 Adi Haye (Tsada Welaka, Tzada Uallaca, Tz. Uollaca) 14/38 [Gz LM WO Gu]
1418'/3836' 1737 m
HFE68 Adi Hayem 1411'/3913' 2294 m (w church Gebriel) 14/39 [Gz]
HFE58 Adi Hedum 1401'/3914' 1788 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFE48 Adi Herem 1359'/3915' 1859 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE50 Adi Heza (area with some gold) 1402'/3923' 14/39 [x Mi]
HET58 Adi Hibubla 1312'/3911' 1864 m 13/39 [Gz]
adi hir..: hirdi (O) saffron; (Som) clash, strike violently
HFC47 Adi Hirdi (Adihrdi, Addi H.) 1355'/3708' 1711 m 13/37 [Gz Ad n]
(centre in 1964 of Kabtiya sub-district)
adi hit..: hitsan (A) baby, small child
HET99 Adi Hitsan 1332'/3918' 2297 m 13/39 [Gz]
H.... Adi Holie sub-district (centre in 1964 = Wenbert) 13/39 [Ad]
HFE46 Adi Homa, see Adi Una
HEM80 Adi Hostos 1229'/3925' 2595 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE42 Adi Hoza (Addi H.) 1359'/3841' 1866 m 13/38 [Gz WO n]
HFE59 Adi Hurug 1402'/3916' 1802 m 14/39 [Gz]
adi idaga (T) market village
HFE18 Adi Idaga 1342'/3912' 2176 m 13/39 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Mereta sub-district)
adi ihil (T) land of grain
HFE68 Adi Ihli sub-district (centre in 1964 = Nebelet) 14/39 [Ad]
HEM71 Adi Inalka (Addi Inalca, Addilnalca) 12/39 [+ Gu WO Gz]
Adi Inalka 1224'/3933' 1581 m
Coordinates would give map code HEM72
HFE58 Adi Irgeyto Maryam (church) 1404'/3914' 14/39 [Gz]
HET77 Adi Iser 1320'/3905' 1707 m 13/39 [Gz]
?? Adi Islam (area once w Falasha inhabitants) 2586 m ../.. [Gu]
HFF03 Adi Itay 1338'/3940' 2152 m (with church Maryam) 13/39 [Gz]
HER78 Adi Itieh (A. Itie) 1323'/3724' 2663 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HEU91 Adi Iyesus (Addi Iesus) (village) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HFE.. Adi Iyo, at 10.5 km from Aksum 14/38 [20]
adi ji..: jiidad (Som) travel to a faraway place
HFD59c Adi Jidad (Addi Gidad) 14/38 [+ Gu]
HFF.. Adi Kado : Inda Medhane Alem (rock-hewn church) 13/39 [x]
HES28 Adi Kaga (A. K'aga, A. Qaga) 12/38 [Gz q]
1255'/3818' 2616 m
HEU70 Adi Kajera (A. K'ajera, A. Qajera) (w church Mikael) 13/39 [Gz q]
1322'/3926' 1947 m
adi kal..: kala, qalaa (O) stubble; qaalaa, cave;
kala-a (O) empty cartridge
HEU80 Adi Kala (A. K'ala, A. Qala) 1325'/3925' 1922 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET59 Adi Kalkan (A. K'alk'an, A. Qalqan, Adeba) 13/39 [Gz q WO]
1309'/3918' 1758 m
HFF35 Adi Kanchibet (Addi Kenciebet, A. Qantchebet) 13/39 [+ x]
(with ancient church), see under Atsbi
adi kas..: kashi, ceremonial place among the Ometo;
cashi (Som) weakness /in livestock/;
kaashi (Som) assistance, co-operation
HEU02 Adi Kashi (A. K'ashi, A.Qashi) 1242'/3934' 2301 m 12/39 [Gz q]
HEU93 Adi Kawna 1330'/3940' 2338 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE70 Adi Kebad (A. K'ebad, A. Qebad) 1412'/3831' 14/38 [Gz q]
H.... Adi Kebaish (centre in 1964 of Gembela sub-district) 13/39 [Ad]
HFE63 Adi Kedawit (A. K'edawit, A. Qedawit, Enda Jesus) 14/38 [Gz q WO]
(Inda Iyesus) 1409'/3848' 2191 m
(with church Iyesus), east of Aksum, see under Adwa
Coordinates would give map code HFE64
HFF80 Adi Keharis (A. K'eharis, A. Qeharis, A. K'ehars) 14/39 [Gz q]
1418'/3922' 2697 m (with church Ts'adik'an), near Adigrat
HFF82 Adi Kelebes Maryam (.. K'elebes ..) 1418'/3934' 14/39 [Gz]
adi kelk..: kelkel (qälqäl) (A) edge of cliff
HEU71 Adi Kelkel (A. K'elk'el, A. Qelqel) 13/39 [Gz q]
1322'/3931' 2169 m (with church Maryam)
HFE87 Adi Kelkel (A. K'elk'el, A. Qelqel) 14/39 [Gz q]
1422'/3906' 2018 m, near Inticho, cf Adi Chelehel
HFL07 Adi Kelkel (A. K'elk'el, A. Qelqel) 14/39 [Gz q]
1430'/3910' 2003 m
HFE79 Adi Keney (A. K'eney, A. Qeney) 14/39 [Gz q]
1416'/3920' 2111 m
HFE65 Adi Keraada (A. K'era'ada, A. Qera'ada) 14/38 [Gz q]
1407'/3858' 1920 m (mountain near Adwa)
adi keraro (A) land of keraro trees, Aningeria spp.
HFE38 Adi Keraro (Adi Quararo) 1351'/3915' 1947 m 13/39 [LM WO Gu Gz]
HFD68 Adi Keray 1410'/3818' 2036 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFC17 Adi Kerni (Adi Cherni) (area), see under Adi Remet 13/37 [+ WO]
HEM61 Adi Kesawist (A. K'esawist, A. Qesawist) 12/39 [Gz q]
adi kesh.: kesho (A) tobacco compressed into a cake
HFF43 Adi Kesho (A. Kasho, A. Qasho, Addi Qècho) 13/39 [x Br]
(Addi Kescio' Addi Qesho, Addi Qaso)
north of Wikro, with rock-hewn church Medhani Alem.
HEU00 Adi Keva 12/39 [WO]
adi key..: keyih (qeyih) (T) red
HEU32 Adi Keyih (A. K'eyih, A. Qeyih) 12/39 [Gz q]
1259'/3936' 3135 m
HEU33 Adi Keyih (A. K'eyih, A. Qeyih) 12/39 [Gz q]
1259'/3941' 1944 m
HEU33 Adi Keyih (A. K'eyih, A. Qeyih) 13/39 [Gz q]
1301'/3940' 2120 m
HEU92 Adi Kidan 1333'/3932' 2334 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFD97c Adi Kidi (centre in 1964 of Medebay sub-district) 14/38 [Ad]
adi kilte: kilti, kiltu (O) wild fig, Ficus spp.
HFD49 Adi Kilte (Adi Chilte) 13/38 [Ad LM WO]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HFE62 Adi Kilte (archaeological site), see under Aksum 14/38 [x]
HET58 Adi Kimaida (A. K'ima'ida, A. Qima'ida) 13/39 [Gz q]
HFE86 Adi Kiyano (Adi Chiano) 14/38 [+ Gu]
adi kok..: qoqob (Som) barrier, boundary fence
?? Adi Kokob (in Tigray), cf Ad Kokeb ../.. [n]
HEU82 Adi Kolen 1326'/3922' 1748 m 13/39 [Gz]
adi kolo: kolo (O) meadow, grassland, pasturage;
(A) kind of large thistle
HEM81c Adi Kolo (Adi Colo) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HFD19 Adi Kolo (Addi Colo) 1341'/3823' 1859 m, 13/38 [+ WO Gu Gz]
see also under Amba Aradam
HET86 Adi Komusse (Adi Comusse) 13/39 [+ WO]
HFE97 Adi Koo (A. K'o'o, A. Qo'o) 1424'/3907' 1915 m 14/39 [Gz q]
adi korkora: korkora (qorqora:) (O) stingy /man who grudges
about household expenses/
HFF30 Adi Korkora (A. Quorquor, A. Corcora, Mai Quarar) 13/39 [+ Gz Gu]
1355'/3925' 2098/2123 m
?? Adi Korro (Addi Qorro) ../.. [x]
HFE32 Adi Kudi 1352'/3840' 1968 m 13/38 [Gz]
adi kul..: kulkwal (A) cactus-like tree, Euphorbia spp.;
kulkul (qulqul) (A) a defile?
HEU55 Adi Kulkul (Addi Culcul) 1306'/3952' 1285 m 13/39 [+ WO Gu Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HEU45
HFE18 Adi Kuylo (A. K'uylo, A. Quylo) 13/39 [Gz q]
1341'/3913' 2529 m
HFE91 Adi Kwalase (A. K'walase, A. Qwalase, A. Guolagul) 14/38 [Gz q]
1423'/3836' 1351 m
adi kwere: kwara (qwara) (T) coral tree, Erythrina spp.
HEU72 Adi Kwere (Addi Quere) 13/39 [LM WO]
adi laha: laha (Som) there is none, they don't have
HFD79 Adi Laka (Adi Laha) 14/38 [LM WO]
HFD69 Adi Liul, see Koyetsa
adi lomin, village of lemon
lomin (T) lemon, lime, orange
HET77 Adi Lomin 13/39 [WO]
adi macher: machara (in Eritrea) kinds of thorn tree
HES50 Adi Macher (mountain) 13/37 [WO]
HFE80 Adi Mandi, see Adi Mendi
HEM92 Adi Mankarre, see Mekarre
HFE48 Adi Markos (A. Mark'os. A. Marqos) 13/39 [Gz q]
1357'/3910' 1814 m
adi may weyni (T) place of water with climber plants?
HFD47 Adi May Weyni (Adi Mai Uoini) 13/38 [+ Gu Gz]
1359'/3813' 1545 m
HFE90 Adi Meda, see Adi Fereg
HFE56 Adi Meda Medhane Alem (church) 1404'/3904' 14/39 [Gz]
adi medak: medakiya (mädakiya), medahiya (A) place where one crawls;
meddakiya (mäddakiya) (A) border, limit, boundary
HFE91 Adi Medak (Adi Medac) 14/38 [+ Gu]
?? Adi Megwenti ../.. [n]
HFE18 Adi Mekeno (Adi Mecheno, Mecheno) 13/39 [+ Gu WO]
adi mella (A) land which is full?
mella (A) being full, to fill;
mela (O) 1. disabled, crippled; 2. resentment
HFD19 Adi Mella (Adi Mela) 1344'/3823' 1006, 1640 m 13/38 [Gz WO Gu LM]
adi mendi: mendo (O) trap
HFE80 Adi Mendi (Adi Mandi, Me'asake) 14/38 [WO Gu Gz]
1422'/3828' 1494/1772 m
HET58c Adi Merzwi /?/ (with rock-hewn church), 13/39 [x]
see under Samre
H.... Adi Mesun 13/38 [Gu]
HEU00 Adi Meyda 1240'/3925' 2894 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM71 Adi Mikael (Addi Micael) 1229'/3937' 1438 m 12/39 [+ 18 Gz]
HEM91 Adi Minda 1235'/3929' 2434 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU91 Adi Misgan 1332' 3929' 1998 m, near Mekele 13/39 [Gz]
HET.. Adi Mitra (village) 13/38 [Gu]
HFF31 Adi Mokada (A. Mocada) 1354'/3931' 2225 m 13/39 [+ Gz]
HFF35 Adi Momena 1354'/3859' 1876 m 13/38 [Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HFF36
HDT99 Adi Mugia, see Muja
(Adi Murug JFG03c, locality in Eritrea 14/40 [20])
HEU42 Adi Musno 13/39 [Gu]
HEM81 Adi Neba (A. Neva) 1231'/3929' 2530/2694 m 12/39 [Gz Gu]
HFF24 Adi Nebrat 1347'/3948' 2139 m, see under Atsbi 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
HFD78 Adi Nebrid (Adi Nebried, Az Nebrid) 14/38 [Gz It]
1427'/3811' 1672 m, see also Rohabaita
HFD78 Adi Nebried wereda (Adi Nebreid ..) 14/38 [n]
HFE66 Adi Nefas, see Adi Nifas, cf Nefag
adi negussi (T?) village of the king
HEU23c Adi Negussi (Addi Negussi) 12/39 [Gu]
HFD58 Adi Nekizen (A. Nek'izen, A. Neqizen) 14/38 [Gz q]
1404'/3820' 1884 m, near Inda Silase
HEM81 Adi Neva ("threshold"), see Adi Neba
HFE66 Adi Nifas (A. Nefas) 1410'/3902' 2033 m, 14/39 [+ 18 n]
cf Nefas, also Nefag
HEU90 Adi Noguade 1326'/3902' 2094 m 13/39 [Gz]
(Nogwade, Neguida), see under Mekele
HFF24 Adi Noya (Adi Noia, Aadi N.) 1348'/3950' 1983 m, 13/39 [LM WO Gu Gz]
see under Atsbi
adi onfito: onfi, onfii (O) pardon
HEU63 Adi Onfito (Addi Onfato) 1315'/3942' 2012 m 13/39 [+ WO Gz]
HFD68c Adi Onfito (Addi O.) (village) 14/38 [+ Gu]
HFE38 Adi Quararo, see Adi Keraro
HFE19 Adi Raisi (A. Ra'isi) 1341'/3919' 2234 m 13/39 [Gz]
adi rassi: raasi (Arabic,Som) peninsula, cape
HFD29 Adi Rassi (Addi Rassi, Adi Rasi) 13/38 [Gz WO Gu LM]
1347'/3826' 1556 m
adi rem..: remet (rämät) (A) hot ashes, sand heated by the sun
HFC18 Adi Remet (Adi Ramets', A.Remots, A.Remoz) 13/37 [MS Gz WO Gu]
(Adremet) 1344'/3722' 1875, 2070 m 13/37 [Ad]
(ctr in 1964 of Wolkayit wereda & Adi Remet sub-district)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
3E Ad Akoro (Ad Acoro) (village)
7E Bakila (Bachila) (village)
2SE Adda Addagli (village)
3SE Eto (area) 2454 m
3SE Adda Oru (village)
6SE Gwagwa (Guagua) (village)
8SE Ad Kokeb (Ad Cocob) (village)
10SE Adda Ain Golo (village)
6S Ahal Amba (area)
9S Endabo (village) 2454 m
6SW Donguor Goha (area)
9SW Adi Kerni (Adi Cherni) (area)
10W Wolkayit (Wolqait) (wide area)
5NW Bilamba (Belamba) (village) 1921 m
7NW Abbatere (area)
10NW Agazen (area) 1848 m
3N Adi Geva (Addi Gheva, Adi Geba) (village) 1262 m
4N Adi Gurmas (village)
9N Adi Sogwadi (Adi Soguadi) (village) 1526 m
3NE Wofargif (village)
4NE Adi Erzanye (Addi Erzani) (village) 1875 m
9NE Gumai Daro (area) 1949 m
HFC18 Adi Remet wereda/?/ (.. Remets ..) 13/37 [20]
HER68 Adi Resene 1346'/3723' 1210 m 13/37 [Gz]
HES71 Adi Rihitsan 1323'/3741' 1290 m 13/37 [Gz]
HFK07 Adi Riisenay (A. Ri'isenay) 1430'/3812' 1679 m 14/38 [Gz]
(with church Maryam)
HFE88 Adi Rowra 1420'/3913' 1991 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Mikael), near Inticho
adi sadiye, three villages, village three? sadiye (O) three
HFE58 Adi Sadiye (Adi Sadie) 14/39 [+ WO]
adi saka: saka (O) 1. (saqaa) path in tall grass or crop;
2. (saqa) lower area; (A) flaw, blemish; scurf
HFK08 Adi Saka (A. Sak'a, A. Saqa, Rocabaita) 14/38 [Gz q]
1433'/3815' 1628 m
HED60 Adi Samba (Addi S.) 11/37 [+ It]
HFE80 Adi Sardo 1414'/3829' 1665 m 14/38 [Gz]
HEM51 Adi Saseso 1217'/3930' 2069 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU93 Adi Scinguala (A. Sciagualo), see Shugala
HFE.. Adi Sehafi (Addi S., Ashafi) 14/38 [+ 20]
north-east of Aksum
adi selam (T) land/village of peace
HES99 Adi Selam 1331'/3824' 2742 m 13/38 [Gz]
HET90 Adi Selam (Adiselam, Addi Salam) 13/38 [MS Ad Gu]
(centre in 1964 of Tsellemti wereda)
(same?: centre in 1964 of Dega Temben wereda)
HFD20 Adi Selam (A. Sellam) 1349'/3735' 871 m 13/37 [Gz WO]
HFE46 Adi Selam 1401'/3900' 1972 m (w church Maryam) 14/39 [Gz]
HEU.. Adi Sembet, see also under Amba Aradam 13/39 [It]
HFE65c Adi Sennay (Addi Sennai) 2101 m 14/38 [+ Gu]
HFE67 Adi Seraw 1408'/3905' 2354 m 14/39 [Gz]
adi serawit (A) army encampment, place of the military
HEU82c Adi Serawit (Adi Seratit) 13/39 [Ad Gu]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964), see also under Amba Aradam
adi serg..: sergan (särgwan) (A) tent city
HEU.. Adi Sergen (A. Serghen), 13/39 [+ It]
see also under Amba Aradam
HFK27 Adi Sessahu, see May Degwale
HEC88 Adi Sessela (village on lake shore plain), 11/37 [It]
see under Bahir Dar
HEU22 Adi Shah (A. Shahu, A. Sheho) 2435 m 12/39 [MS WO n]
HEM61 Adi Shahsheh 1223'/3928' 2092 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM72 Adi Shahu 1325'/3933' 2327 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET39 Adi Shahu (Adisheho) 1300'/3920' 13/39 [MS Po Ad]
(which one?:) centre in 1964 of Mehal Ager sub-district.
HEU31 Adi Shahu, see Adi Shoh
HEU81 Adi Shahu (A. Shehu) 1325'/3933' 2327 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDE.. Adi Sharki (large village in Iteya wereda) 08/39 [x]
HFD98 Adi Shegereb 1424'/3820' 1197 m 14/38 [Gz]
HEU31 Adi Sheho, see Adi Shoh
HEU81 Adi Shehu, see Adi Shahu
HEM92 Adi Shela 1237'/3932' 2492 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM82 Adi Sheshu 1231'/3932' 2503 m 12/39 [Gz]
HER88 Adi Shila 1324'/3720' 2732 m 13/37 [Gz]
H.... Adi Shimako (Mororo) 13/39? [x]
(with partly rock-hewn church Mikael)
HFE81 Adi Shimbruh 1421'/3836' 1535 m 14/38 [Gz]
HEM91 Adi Shimti (Adi Scimti) 1237'/3938' 1607 m 12/39 [+ Gu Gz]
HEU93 Adi Shingwala (A.Scinguala, A.Sciagualo), see Shugala
HET69 Adi Shisha 1313'/3918' 1927 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET88 Adi Shisha 1328'/3915' 1878 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEU60 Adi Shisha 1312'/3921' 2073 m, near code HET69 13/39 [Gz]
HEU31 Adi Shoh (A. Shoho, A. Shahu, A. Shu) 12/39 [Gz]
1256'/3931' 2435 m
adi shum kidus (A,T) land of the holy leader
HEL99 Adi Shum /Kidus/ (Addi Scium Cheddus) 12/39 [+ Gu Gz]
1234'/3920' 2158 m
HET.. Adi Shumbolo (Adi Sciumbolo) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HES45 Adi Sige (A. Sighe) 1305'/3800' 2089 m 13/38 [+ Gz]
HER88 Adi Siknias (A. Sicnias) (mountain) 13/37 [+ Gz]
1328'/3724' 2466 m
HFC08c Adi Siknius (Adi Sicnius) (mountain) 2975 m 13/37 [+ Gu]
HFC28 Adi Sogwadi (A. Soguadi) 1348'3722' 1526 m, 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
see under Adi Remet
HEM31 Adi Sokona (Addi Socona) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HFD47 Adi Sudi Giyorgis (church) 1358'/3811' 13/38 [Gz]
adi tak..: takar (Som) 1. horse-fly, camel-fly;
2. hobble a camel
HFC36 Adi Takar (A. Tacar) (area & place) 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
1352'/3713' 1870 m, see under Kafta
HET89 Adi Tan (A. T'an, A. T'ar) 1328'/3916' 1927 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE38c Adi Tegemmes (Addi Teghemmes) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HFE55 Adi Tegemmes (/Adi/ Teghemmes), see Belaito
HET98 Adi Tehetsiy 1331'/3914' 1922 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFD86 Adi Teklom 1421'/3809' 1832 m 14/38 [Gz]
JDH71 Adi Terara 0946'/4134' 951 m 09/41 [Gz]
HFE61 Adi Terekbe 1411'/3834' 1845 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE55 Adi Tesfo 1403'/3854' 1848 m 14/38 [Gz]
HER78 Adi Tewelde Medhin (A. Tuoldemedhin) 13/37 [LM WO Gz]
1322'/3724' 2248 m
adi tigre, land of Tigre people?
HET78 Adi Tigre 1314'/3921' 2305 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HEU30 Adi Togora, see Adi Tsegura, also Tegora
HFE83 Adi Tsagamati (Adi Tzagamati) 1494 m 14/38 [+ WO]
HFE83 Adi Tsaida (A. Ts'a'ida) 1421'/3846' 1688 m 14/38 [Gz]
?? Adi Tse Tser (small village near Tigray border) ../.. [x]
HET57 Adi Tsegibna (Eila) 1310'/3908' 1628 m, 13/39 [Gz]
see under Samre
HEU30 Adi Tsegura (Adi Togora, Togora) 13/39 [Ad WO Wa Gz]
1306'/3927' 2184 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964), cf Tegora
HFE.. Adi Tsehafi, see Adi Sehafi
HFE27 Adi Tseri (Addi Zubbaha) 1346'/3909' 1805 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
(with small Italian fort)
HFE17 Adi Tsire (with rock-hewn church), 13/39 [x]
see under Temben churches
HEU44 Adi Tuat (A. T'u'at) 1304'/3944' 2355 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE46 Adi Una (Addi Una, Adi Homa) 13/39 [+ Gu Gz]
1359'/3904' 1750, 1919 m
HEM83 Adi Uochi, see Adi Woki
HFE08 Adi Uorche, see Adi Worke
adi ur: ur (Som) 1. air movement, wind direction; 2. smell;
uur (Som) pregnancy; belly
HFE01 Adi Ur 13/38 [WO]
HEM81 Adi Washo 1232'/3926' 2606 m or /3927' 2736 m 12/39 [Gz]
HES98 Adi Wasini (Addi Uasini, Adi Uosini, A. Uoseni) 13/38 [+ WO It Gu]
(local centre) c1600 m
HEM61 Adi Wattat (recorded in 1868) 12/39 [18]
adi wek.: wekka (wäqqa) (A) thresh,
beat grain with a stick
HEM81 Adi Weka 1230'/3930' 2479 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE98 Adi Wekai (A. Wek'a'i, A. Weqai) 14/39 [Gz q]
1423'/3913' 2153 m
HFD58 Adi Wenfito, see Inda Silase
HFE18 Adi Wereh 1342'/3915' 2316 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEU43 Adi Werhi 1306'/3940' 2483 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFD76 Adi Weyno 1415'/3805' 1605 m 14/38 [Gz]
HEM83 Adi Woki (A. Uochi, A. Wok) (recorded in 1868) 12/39 [+ Gz 18]
1230'/3938' 1459 m
adi worke, (O) village of gold; werki (werqi) (T) gold
HFE08 Adi Worke (Adi Uorche) 1334'/3912' 2247 m 13/39 [+ Gu Gz]
HFF80 Adi Yad (near Adigrat) 1418'/3926' 2910 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFD17 Adi Zahilay 1342'/3810' 1296 m 13/38 [Gz]
HET56 Adi Zeliya (Adi Zelai, Adi Zelei) (area), 13/39 [LM WO Gu]
see under Abergele
HFF82 Adi Ziban Gebriel (church) 1420'/3933' 14/39 [Gz]
HFK16 Adi Zibay 1438'/3809' 1406 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE28 Adi Zubbaha (Addi Z.), see Adi Tseri
HEM92 Adiabo, see Adi Abo
HE... Adiansen Weleh 12/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Weleh sub-disttrict)
?? Adibi (historical village in Lasta) 12/39? [x]
adibor.: boru, booruu (O) muddy /liquid/;
borru (O) east; morning; booruu (O) sun, early morning;
boru (A) ox having a blaze
JEA88 Adiboru (area) 11/40 [WO]
?? Adichewu (in Tigray at main northern road), ../.. [n]
cf Adi Chewa
-- Adicho, a caste group of potters living among Sidamo people
HCK19c Adicho (Adiccio) (market) 06/38 [+ Gu]
JF... Adidagad (Salt Valley), see under Dalol
HCD78 Adido 0608'/3818' 2760 m 06/38 [Gz]
HFC48 Adiero (Amba Adiero, Adi Fro) 14/37 [Gz]
1402'/3721' 1272 m
HFE22 Adiet (area), cf Addiet 13/38 [WO]
HF... Adiet wereda (centre in 1964 = Idaga Silus) 14/38? [Ad]
adiga, a shrub from which traditional type of toothbrush can be cut
JDJ51 Adiga 0933'/4146' 1267 m 09/41 [Gz]
adigad..: dima, diima (O) 1. red /animal/, white /human/;
2. kind of small tree, Rhamnus prinoides;
3. baobab tree (large), Adansonia digitata
H.... Adigadima (ctr in 1964 of Dima Sekota sub-district) 13/38 [Ad]
H.... Adigagra (centre in 1964 of Boza sub-district) 13/37? [Ad]
adigala: addagalla (Som) border of Oromo
JDR57 Adigala (Adi Gala, Adagalla, Adagala, Addagalla) 10/42 [MS Po WO Gu]
(Addigala, Adagaleh, Addagella) 10/42 [Gz Ad x]
(Adigele, Adigällé) (railway station)
Gz: 1025'/4214' 770 m; MS: 1022'/4209' = JDR46, 781 m
Also sub-district & its centre in 1964.
HFF71 Adigrat (Adi Grat) 1417'/3928' 2409/2457, 3249 m 14/39 [Gz Br Gu Po]
(Addi Grat, Adikrat, Attegerat) 14/39 [18]
Centre at least 1964-1987 of Agame awraja &
in 1964 of Genta Afeshum wereda & of Genahitie sub-district.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
3.. Baati (Ba'ati)
4.. Adi Yad
5.. Enda Abuna Aragawi (E. A. Aragaui) (church)
7.. Info
?? Amba Dokwanya (A. Doquania, A. Dongonia)
?? Amba Andiel 3243 m
?? Seeta (pass)
?? Gebriel Tsilalmao (rock-hewn church near road to Mekele)
?? Zeban Sifra (mountain) 2601 m
?? Mugulat (army communications centre)
2E Mai Masano (waterhole)
5E Guala (Gwala, Gouala, Goli'a)
(with old Catholic mission) 2409 m
5E Golaw (Golao) 2409 m
8E Biet Hosannes (with rock-hewn church)
7SE Sait (Saet, Si'it) (with rock-hewn church Maryam) =/?/ Seeta (pass)
4S Mayaba (with rock-hewn church Mayaba Samuel)
5S Adi Abiet (A. Abiel) (with rock-hewn church)
6SW Alekwa (Alequa) amba 3290 m, pass c3010 m
6N Imba Iwir (Megheb) (village) 2482 m
8N Kerseraw (Cherseber, Kirsaba) 5 or 8 km north
(village with Mikael Kirsaba rock-hewn church), pass 2510 m
HFF71 Adigrat wereda (-1994-) 14/39 [n]
HEU62 Adigudem, see Adi Gudom
HFE.. Adiha (small village not far from Abiy Adi) 13/39 [n]
HFC47 Adihrdi, see Adi Hirdi
JED03 Adinj, see Agin
HCA78 Adikas (Adicas) (small village) 06/35 [Ca WO Gu Gz]
0603'/3532' 1579 m
HEH70 Adikeir, J. (hill) 12/35 [WO]
?? Adikutu (on the Mereb-Belesa front) ../.. [20]
ruled in 2002 that it shall be Ethiopian and not Eritrean
HEL79 Adil Badir 1224'/3920' 2235 m, near code HEM70 12/39 [Gz]
HFF00 Adilal (Adlal) 1339'/3921' 1872 m 13/39 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 Imini Inklalo sub-district)
HBL59 Adilli 0405'/3920' 1255 m 04/39 [WO Wa Gz]
HFE70 Adiltai (Adiltal) 1494 m 14/38 [Gu WO]
HF... Adimtsu (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 14/38 [Ad]
adin (A) 1. to heal, make well again; 2. to hunt
Adina, 'she has saved', an Amharic female name
HEJ06c Adina (island in south-west lake Tana) 11/37 [Ch]
JED03 Adinj, see Agin
Adino, 'ornament in Hebrew', a personal name from early Christianity
HDK63 Adino 0939'/3748' 2536 m, see under Kachisi 09/37 [AA Gz]
HEE88c Adino (recorded in 1868) 11/39 [18]
HEM02 Adiof Uaha, see Adef Wiha
Adis.., cf Addis..
Adis, also occurring as a male personal name
HDE83 Adis 0857'/3846' 2165 m 08/38 [Gz]
HEL89 Adis 1231'/3917' 2572 m 12/39 [Gz]
adis alem (A) new world
HDD99 Adis Alem (town), see Addis Alem
HDL85 Adis Alem kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in the middle of westernmost Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda;
area 1,431 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM55 Adis Alem kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Ankober wereda at its eastern border,
8-12 km east of Ankober town; area 1,417 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU17 Adis Alem kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in the narrow south-easternmost Efrata & Gidim wereda,
25 km south of Efeson; area 1,401 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF05 Adis Alem kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-western Kalu wereda, near Harbu to its north-east
and 14 km south-east of Kombolcha; area 1,444 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL83 Adis Amba 0949'/3845' 2656 m, see under Fiche 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT54 Adis Amba 1028'/3852' 1969 m 10/38 [Gz]
HDT98 Adis Amba 1050'/3913' 2986 m 10/39 [Gz]
HED83 Adis Amba 1140'/3748' 2141 m 11/37 [Gz]
HEE69 Adis Amba 1124'/3919' 2821 m, near Mekdela 11/39 [Gz]
HEF94 Adis Amba 1141'/3946' 1464 m 11/39 [Gz]
JDH14 Adis Amba 0909'/4105' 2488 m 09/41 [Gz]
HDM53 Adis Amba kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in the north-easternmost corner of Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
15 km south-east of Debre Birhan; area 1,498 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT51 Adis Amba kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in north-west Wegdi wereda at its western border,
30 km south-east of Mekane Selam; area 3,672 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT54 Adis Amba kebele 10/39 [Ad]
stretching north-east/south-west in south-western Kelala wereda;
area 4,302 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
HDU84 Adis Amba kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in the middle at the northern border of Gishe Rabel wereda,
16 km north-east of Were Ilu; area 2,696 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
adis guru: guru (O) 1. to pile, to stock; 2. assemble, gather together
JEB68 Adis Guru (area) 11/41 [WO]
HDF42 Adis Hiywet, see Addis Hiwot
adis kabi: kaabi (Som) vicinity, nearness; qaabi (Som) put in order;
kaabii (O) mound; grain stack; kabi (O) 1. stone enclosure;
2. guaranty; kabi, qabi (O) hold, catch, move;
kabbi (O) hale, large white pearls; kabie, qabye (A) land, possession;
kabi (Afar) leopard
HDL95 Adis Kabi 09/38 [LM]
HEC23 Adis Kidame, see Addis Kidam
HEM54 Adis Kiny 1215'/3944' 2111 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDH93 Adisa 0957'/3603' 1091 m 09/36 [Gz]
HEJ06 Adiscia, see Angata, cf Adishe
HDL83 Adisge (Addisghie) 0951'/3846' 1999 m 09/38 [AA Gz WO]
(with church Giyorgis), see under Fiche
HES39 Adisge (Addisge, Addisghie) 1300'/3820' 1735 m 13/38 [Gz En]
HDM83 Adisge kebele (Adisgé ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
18 km north-east of Debre Birhan town; area 655 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE98 Adisge kebele (Adisgé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in nearly easternmost Meket wereda,
25 km north of Wegel Tena; area 4,438 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ06 Adisha (Adiscia) 1797 m 11/37 [+ WO]
HEK87 Adishe (Adiscia) 1231'/3812' 1770 m, 12/38 [Gz Wa WO]
cf Adi Shahu
HEK87 Adisho (meteorological station) 1233'/3810' 2500 m 12/38 [x]
?? Adislem (=Addis Alem? probably Adi Selam)
(Felasha village)
JDH37 Adisu Karamile 0923'/4121' 2249 m 09/41 [Gz]
HFF72 Adisuba (mountain) peak c3000 m 14/39 [18]
HFE65 Adiwa Geter, see Adwa sub-district/wereda
HCP09 Adiy, cf Addiya 07/36 [x]
-- Adiya, traditionally a Gurage area
-- Adiya language (Adiye), see Hadiya
HCP09 Adiya (in Kefa awraja) 0717'/3634' 2120 m 07/36 [Ad Gz]
adiya k..: kaka, qaaqaa (O) 1. soot;
kakaa 2. oath, agreement; qaaqa (O) talk;
kakka, qaqqa (A) 1. stretch out a skin to dry;
2. want passionately; kaka (Harar) maternal uncle
HCP.. Adiya Kaka 07/36 [20]
adiya m..: michire, mich'iree (O) 1. maize germ; 2. gland
HDH17 Adiya Michire 0912'/3624' 1582 m 09/36 [Gz]
HFE08 Adiyam Giyorgis (church) 1335'/3911' 13/39 [Gz]
HD... Adjana Mikael, see Ajana Mikael
HCS09 Adje, see Aje
?? Adjeln, see Ajeln
H.... Adkeyih (sub-district & its centre in 1964), 13/39 [Ad]
cf Adi Keyih
JEJ78 Adla 1229'/4223' 1474 m 12/42 [n]
HFF00 Adlal, see Adilal
HEL97 Adliya 1236'/3908' 2251 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDL73 Adlochi 0945'/3845' 2735 m 09/38 [Gz]
H.... Admara (on map of 1814) 13/39 [18]
admas (A) horizon; Admase, a male personal name
HER08 Admase 1243'/3721' 1826 m 12/37 [Gz]
adme ts..: tsehay (A) sun
HET88 Adme Tsehay 1324'/3914' 1978 m 13/39 [Gz]
ado (O) potter; (Afar) white; adoo (Som) father, old man
HBK55 Ado 0404'/3757' 886 m 04/37 [WO Gz]
HBK55 Ado (with seasonal waterhole) 04/38 [LM WO]
HCJ72 Ado 0701'/3649' 1224 m 07/36 [Gz]
HDL54 Ado 0932'/3853' 2658 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDL55 Ado 0933'/3854' 2634 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JCT14 Ado 0722'/4346' 878/916 m 07/43 [WO Gz]
JDK39c Ado (village near Marda pass) (JDK31?) 09/42 [Mi]
KCH72 Ado (Balli) 0705'/4554' 515 m 07/45 [Gz WO]
KCH81 Ado (same as the preceding one?) 07/45 [WO]
KCN04 Ado 0719'/4510' 671 m 07/45 [WO Gz]
ado ale: ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JEH40 Ado Ale (hill) 1210'/4042' 12/40 [WO Gz]
ado bad: baad (Som) 1. good pasture; 2. tribute, tax;
3. wing; bad (Som) 1. sea, ocean; 2. compel, be to blame;
badh (Som) half
JEB37 Ado Bad (area) 11/41 [WO]
JCP88 Ado Gilo (Ado Ghilo) (area) 08/41 [+ WO]
?? Adobada (lake), see Gemeri
JEC71 Adobogu (area) 11/41 [WO]
adobona: bona, boonaa (O) carefree and proud /man/;
(A,O) dry season
HEU43 Adobona, see Wagaade
JDP11c Adoda (small crater) 10/40 [Gu]
J.... Adodagad (Salt Valley), see under Dalol
JEH84 Adoddahara (=Adoda Hara?) (plain) 12/41 [Ne]
adodu..: duwa, duwwa (O) alone, empty, tasteless, dull
HEU31 Adoduwa 1253'/3929' 3516 m 12/39 [Gz]
JEP72 Adoeyo (Adoeio) 1323'/4052' -63m, below sea level 13/40 [LM WO Gz]
HD... Adofo (village on Wellega side of Abay river) 10/36? [n]
JFA06 Adogura (plain) 1333'/4024' 13/40 [Ne WO Gz]
HDK15 Adokelie, see Gute Shemela
-- Adola, name of a unit of Somali now found (1980s) in
the north-east province of Kenya
HCE56 Adola, see Kibre Mengist
JEC41 Adola 1148'/4142' 846 m 11/41 [WO Gz]
(with spring, near lake Abbe)
HCL02 Adola sub-district? (-1997-) 06/38 [n]
HB... Adola & Wadera wereda (Adolana Wadera ..) 05/39? [Ad 20]
(-1994-) is divided into 66 rural and 5 urban kebeles.
HCL02 Adola wereda (centre in 1964 = Bore) 06/38 [Ad]
(centre = Kibre Mengist from 1991)
adole (O) brown or red cow
HBK83 Adole, G. (rock top) 04/37 [WO]
-- Adona language (extinct), see Rer Bare
adona: adone, correctly addon (Som) a word for slave
applied to the Dube and Shabeli ethnic groups
JCM40 Adona (Addon), see under Kebri Dehar 06/44 [LM WO]
GDF71 Adonado, T. (hill) 08/34 [WO]
HD... Adoro (centre in 1964 of Joro sub-district), cf Adere 09/38 [Ad]
HDE65 Adorra, M. (area) 08/38 [WO]
JCC69 Adot 0603'/4227' 614 m 06/42 [WO Gz]
adota (Konso) mythological name of the sun
HEM91 Adota 1239'/3931' 2786 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE65 Adowa, see Adwa
HEF11 Adoy kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Dese Zuriya wereda,
26 km south-west of Dessie town; area 1,427 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEB11 Adoyta (Adoita) (area) 725 m 10/40 [+ WO]
HFC.. Adrafe, south of Humera 14/36 [20]
HFC18 Adremet, see Adi Remet
adu, aduu (O) 1. solar heat, bright sun; 2. knife; addu (Afar) white
JDP83 Adu (mountain range) 10/41 [WO]
JEJ03 Adu (area) 11/41 [WO]
JEN73 Adu (hill) 1319'/4003' 1015 m 13/40 [WO Gz]
adu b..: bariya (A,T) slave;
(A) a kind of fish with fine bones
HEM84 Adu Bariya 1233'/3944' 1705 m 12/39 [Gz]
HFE65 Adua, see Adwa
JDS32 Aduda Daburet (area) 10/42 [WO]
HCA57 Adukas (area) 05/35 [WO]
adula (O) /senior/ councilor within the gada system
HDE45 Adulala 0832'/3854' 1694 m 08/38 [Gz]
(with church Medhane Alem)
HDF30 Adulala (Adullalo) 0829'/3918' 1632 m 08/39 [Gz Ad WO]
(with church Maryam to the south)
(centre in 1964 of Cherra sub-district)
HDJ16 Adulan (place) 0913'/3709' 2402 m 09/37 [Gz]
HDJ16 Adulan (Adula) (mountain) 0913'/3710' 2492 m 09/37 [Gz WO]
adun (Som) kind of much-branched undershrub, Suaeda fruticosa;
adduun (Som) 1. wealth; 2. world
JEC51 Adun (area) 11/41 [WO]
HEC63 Adur (village) 11/36 [Gu]
JCE00 Adur 05/43 [WO]
GDE24c Adura (mission station near Sudan) 08/33 [x]
aduri: adurri, adurre, adurree, adurro (O) cat /domestic/ or
wild cat, Felis lybica ochreata; adri (T) Brassica carinata,
Brassica integrifolia
HEC63 Aduri Maryam (Aduri Mariam, Ahuri M.) 11/36 [+ WO It]
(church) 2020 m
HEC63 Aduri Mikael (with church) 11/36 [+ It]
HDR65 Advakel 1035'/3707' 1827 m 10/37 [Gz]
HED84 Adwa 1138'/3756' 2436 m 11/37 [Gz]
HFE65 Adwa (Adua, Adowa, Aduwa, 'Adawa) 14/38 [Gz WO Ro x]
1410'/3854' 1883/1907 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
?? Endiet Nebersh (E. Nebersc, former Fremona) 1981 m
see directly under Endiet Nebersh for historical Fremona
?? Mai Kwolla (M. Quolla) (valley) 2130 m
?? Kidane Mihret (Chidane Meret) (mountain) 2524 m
?? Belaito (Adi Teghemmes) 2053 m
3E Tsarait (village) 2223 m
5E Atzina
8E Abba Gerima (A. Gherima, A. Garima) (w monastery) 2011, 2546 m
9SE Tekle Haymanot (Tecle Aimanot) (church) 2180 m
4N Soleda (Sullodo, Scelloda) (mountain) 2150, 2484 m
7N Adi Abun (A.Abuna, Addi Abun) (village, small church) 1900 m
10NE Semayata (Semaiata) (mountain) 3013/3024 m
JDP11 Adwa (Aabida, Amoissa, Dabita) (crater) 10/40 [Gz 20]
1004'/4050' 1481 m
?? Adwa Adame (visiting postman under Jimma distr.) ../.. [Po]
HFE67 Adwa awraja 1410'/3910' 14/38 [Gz Ad]
(centre at least 1964-1987 = Adwa)
HFE65 Adwa Gult wereda (centre in 1964 = Adwa) 14/38 [Ad]
HFE65 Adwa wereda 14/38 [n Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 32 rural and 6 urban kebeles.
HEM92 Adyabo, see Adi Abo
HEB81c Aebin (area) 11/35 [Mi]
HFE.. Aedat (at some distance from Aksum) 14/38 [x]
HC... Aego Dengego (village) 07/38 [x]
between Aego and Kersa, in the 1980s within Munesa wereda
JDS81 Aeluin, see Awelwin
HET09 Aero 1242'/3915' 2187 m 12/39 [Gz]
HCR67c Aetu 07/37 [x]
below Tottobi waterfall in Gibe river south of Gabbara.
Name and location are given on G. Montandon's map of 1913.
af (A,T) mouth, beak, language; opening, inlet; (Som) 1. mouth,
beak; 2. well; assa (language?) red
JEB10c Af Assa (valley) 650 m, cf Affaseyta 10/40 [Gu]
af ga..: gaga, gagaa (O) beeswax
HFE50 Af Gaga (Afgaga, Afgah'gah, Afgh'gah) 14/38 [Gz WO Gu n]
1407'/3830' pass c2100 m
HFE.. Af Genya (Af Ghenia) 14/39 [+ Gu]
JCS60 Afadda (Affada) (salt waterhole) 0752'/4231' 07/42 [Gz WO Wa]
JCS70 Afadda (Affada) (fresh waterhole) 07/42 [WO Wa]
afaf (A) brink of a cliff, hilltop, ridge-line
HDU40 Afaf 1022'/3920' 2636 m 10/39 [Gz]
HE... Afaf (Affaff) (village) 11/37 [20]
JBU62 Afaf Badane 0504'/4432' (with seasonal waterhole) 05/44 [WO Gz]
HCE56 Afaf Lai (Afaflai) 0559'/3857' 2097 m 05/38 [+ Gz]
afaf weyra (A) olive cliff
?? Afaf Weyra (Affaf Woira), with old monastery ../.. [+ Ha]
HEM34 Afafa kebele 12/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Kobo wereda, 15 km south-southeast
of Kobbo town; area 7,872 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
HEE86 Afagua, see under Bete Hor 11/39 [WO]
afah: afa (A) short sword; affa (A) kind of cereal
JED11 Afah (area) 10/42 [WO]
JBR35 Afaisi 0450'/4207' 233 m 04/42 [Gz]
?? Afaker sub-district (-1997-), cf Afker ../.. [n]
HBS09 Afalata 0434'/3820' 1551 m 04/38 [WO Gz]
HCP56 Afallo (Affalo) (recorded in 1859) 07/36 [WO Gu 18 Gz]
0741'/3620' 2102 m
Coordinates would give map code HCP57
JEN33 Afalu, see Afulu
HCK91 Afama (market) 0709'/3738' 07/37 [Gu Gz]
JEC61 Afambo (Affambo, Afembo) (town) 11/41 [Gz Ad WO 20]
1128'/4142' 346, 582 m, 30 km from Asaita
MS: lake at 1120'/4140' which would give map code JEC50
Gz: lake at 1125'/4141'

JEC61 Afambo wereda (-1964-2000-) 11/41 [Ad]

(centre in 1964 = Afambo)
-- Afan Mao language, see Kwama
afar: afer (A) soil, dust, earth;
affar (A) shy, embarassed;
-- Afar (Adal in Amharic, Dankali), ethnic group in the eastern lowlands
-- Afar language (Afar Af), related to Saho
HFF71 Afar (recorded in 1868), see under Adigrat 14/39 [18]
JBH93 Afar Dogut (locality) 0429'/4102' 04/41 [WO Gz]
afar ma..: meshe (A) become evening, get dark
HEC28 Afar Masha (Afar Macia) (area) 11/37 [+ WO]
?? Afarare (in southern Ethiopia) ../.. [x]
HFE58 Afarit (waterhole) 14/39 [WO]
afas de..: dega (däga) (A) highland
HFF84 Afas Dega (mountain) 1421'/3945' 1209 m 14/39 [WO Gu Gz]
afata (O) 1. bed; 2. sperm, semen; afato (O) kind of
massive-looking tree, Schefflera abyssinica
HCR56 Afata (Cegalo Afata) 0747'/3712' 1655 m 07/37 [Gz]
Name and location were first given on G. Montandon's map of 1913.
HCR81 Afata, see Afeta
JCT75 Afcadare, see Afkadare
JCD06 Afchehasle, see Afkehasle
HEF53 Afda, see under Hayk 11/39 [WO]
JDH51 Afdab (Afdub), see Afdem, G., cf Afdub
afdega: afdege (T) door, gate, entrance
JCE71 Afdega 0604'/4330' 302 m 06/43 [WO Wa Gz]
JDH43 Afdem (Afdam, Afdeni) 09/41 [Gz Ne Gu Wa]
0928'/4100' 1037/1139 m
Railway station, sub-post office; centre in 1964
of Afdem sub-district & Afdem wereda.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
10SE Ayagi (Aiaghi) (area)
10SW Dalladu (at the railway) 1149/1268 m
7N Yaben (Gara Iaben) (area) 1069 m
10NE Nyata Karaba (Niata Caraba) (area) 1745 m
JDH51 Afdem, G. (Afdam, Afdab, Afdub) 09/40 [WO Ne Gu Gz]
(mountain) 0930'/4050' 1958/2048/2070 m
JDH43 Afdem sub-district (-1964-1997-) (ctr = Afdem) 09/41 [Ad n]
HD... Afdem Shenano sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mulo) 09/38? [Ad]
JDH43 Afdem wereda (centre = Afdem) 09/41 [Ad]
in the Somali region
JBR47 Afder 0459'/4215' 328 m 04/42 [Gz]
JBR68 Afder 0513'/4211' 312 m 05/42 [Gz]
JBR.. Afder wereda 05/42 [20]
JCD03c Afder Zone, divided into seven weredas 05/42 [En]
from 1991 approximately same as the former El Kere awraja
JEP53 Afdera, see Afrera
JEP67 Afdera (mountain) 13/41 [WO x Gz]
1314'/4125' 2224 m or Gz: 1315'/4128' = JEP68, 465 m
JEP.. Afdera (lake with much salt) 13/41 [n]
JEP.. Afdera wereda (Afdeera ..) (-1990s-) 13/41 [n 20]
afdub, afduub (Som) abduction, kidnapping
KCG53 Afdub (Atdub /Kure/) (waterhole) 06/45 [WO Gu Gz]
0649'/4505' 580 m
afe nigus (afänigus) (A) "king's mouth", president of
the Supreme Court
HDD97 Afe Nigus 0901'/3812' 2138 m, see u. Welenkomi 09/38 [AA Gz]
HE... Afela, on the route to Metemma 12/36 [x]
JEC61 Afembo, see Afambo
HED53 Afenkir (Afenk'ir, Afenqir) 1122'/3748' 2155 m 11/37 [Gz q]

afer (afär) (A) soil, dust, earth; ashes

HDT36 Afer Bayne kebele (Afär Bayné ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in central western Weremo Wajitu & Mida wereda,
near Rema to its south-east; area 1,842 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
afera (afära) (A) be fruitful, be fertile;
affere (affärä) (A) remain fruitless /farm land/; to be modest,
shy, ashamed
HED81 Afera Wanat, see Afere Wanat
HET66 Aferas (area) 13/39 [WO]
HDM64 Aferbaini (Aferbeine) (shrub area), see u. Ankober 09/39 [Gu Ha]
HDM54 Aferbayne Tekle Haymanot (church, small village) 09/39 [En]
afere: affere (affärä) (A) remain fruitless /farmland/;
to be modest, shy, ashamed
HED81 Afere Wanat (Afärä .., Afera Uanat) (area) 11/37 [20 Ch WO]
HEL81 Afersa 1230'/3833' 1927 m 12/38 [Gz]
aferub..: uuba (O) weeds, unwanted plants; uba (O)
knowledge of someone's whereabouts, etc.
HEL38 Aferuba 1202'/3914' 2603 m 12/39 [Gz]
H.... Aferwanat, see Lai Aferwanat, Tach Aferwanat
GCT43 Aferwang 0740'/3345' 304 m 07/33 [Gz]
HDU75 Afeso (Amoscia) 1040'/3946' 2022 m 10/39 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HDU74
JEA12 Afeso 1057'/4000' 1484 m 10/40 [Gz]
afeta: afetta (afätta) (A) flow abundantly, especially blood;
affate (A) snake
HCR81 Afeta (Afata) 1852 m, same as Sappa? 07/36 [Ad WO 18]
?? Afeta Shaye (visiting postman under Jimma distr.) ../.. [Po]
HCS76c Afeta wereda (centre in 1964 = Dimtu) 07/37 [Ad]
afet..: washa (A) cave
HDM83 Afetemem & Metaf Washa kebele 09/39 [Ad]
(Afät'ämäm & Mät'af .. ..)
at the middle of the northern border of Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
15 km north of Debre Birhan town; area 1,326 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HED52 Afeyi 1120'/3745' 2115 m 11/37 [Gz]
JDJ26 Afezero 0914'/4211' 1445 m, near Harar 09/42 [Gz]
HDT06 Afezez (with church) 0958'/3858' 2108 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT06 Afezez & Kwat kebele (Afäzäz & Qwat ..) 10/39 [Ad]
at the south-eastern border of Lay Bet & Tach Bet wereda in its southern part,
10 km south of Alem Ketema; area 1,472 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCS60 Affada, see Afadda, cf Afeda & JCS70
-- Affaff, see Afaf
HCP56 Affalo, see Afallo
JEH11 Affalu (area), cf Afulu 11/40 [WO]
JEC61 Affambo, see Afambo
affar angu: ango (O) physical strength
JDP02 Affar Angu (area) 942 m 09/40 [WO]
JEP23c Affara Dara (mountain) 12/40 [20]
JEB00 Affaseyta (Affaseita) (area) 10/40 [+ WO]
HEF60c Affijo (plateau south-east of Mekdela) 11/39 [Pa]
JDJ54 Affratu, see Afretu
-- Afgab, traditionally an Oromo area
HFE50 Afgaga, see Af Gaga
HEU71c Afgol (plain) 13/39 [Gu]
HEU72 Afgol Giyorgis (A. Ghiorghis, Enda Ghiorghis Afgol) 13/39 [+ Gz It]
1319'/3935' 2075 m, see also under Amba Aradam
HEU.. Afguol (village) 13/39 [18]
HEU43 Afhitsa (near Debub) 1305'/3941' 2412 m 13/39 [Gz]
JEN64 Afido (area) 13/40 [WO]
JCD21 Afier Addo, see Afyer Addo & KBN52
KCG75 Afieraddo, see Afyer Addo
JBS52 Afiere, see Afyere 05/42
-- Afillo, Affillo, an ethnic group between the Baro and the Abay
GDF13 Afillu (area) 0825'/3439' 1254 m, 08/34 [WO Gz]
see under Gambela
Coordinates would give map code GDF23
afilo (T) kind of thorn tree, Acacia nilotica
HEK36 Afir, see Azer
HCT42 Afjada (lake), see Abyata
JDK78 Afka (area) 09/43 [WO]
JCT75 Afkadare (Afcadare) 0754'/4335' 908 m 07/43 [+ WO Gz]
-- Afke ek Maad, a dominating sub-tribe in Awsa
JCD06 Afkehasle (Afchehasle) 05/43 [+ WO]
JBS50c Afker 05/42 [x]
HD... Afkera (Afqera, Afqara, Afdqära, Afcara) 10/39 [n x 18]
(mountain in Menz) 2800 m
HEE24 Afkera (Afk'era) (locality) 1106'/3852' 2798 m 11/38 [Gz]
HFE29 Afkera (Afk'era) (locality) 1349'/3921' 1991 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDT82 Afkera kebele (Afqära ..) 11/38 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Sayint wereda,
12 km north-east of Ajibar; area 5,587 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU21 Afkera kebele (Afqära ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in north-western Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda at its border,
18 km west- northwest of Molale; area 1,355 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM30 Afkera Maryam (.. Afk'era ..) (church) 1204'/3925'
HED80 Afkire (Afk'ire, Afqire) 11/37 [Gz q]
1138'/3730' 2111 m, near map code HEC89
afla (A) moment when in full vigour, youthfulness
?? Afla (or Wofla?), battle site near lake Ashenge ../.. [20]
aflata: afleta (A) small waterskin; aflete (aflät'ä) (T) to announce
HBT93 Aflata (valley & place) 0520'/3842' 1227 m 05/38 [WO Mi Gz]
afmer, afmeer (Som) edge, rim
JDF61 Afmer (wide area) 08/44 [WO]
JDE58 Afmerka (area) 08/44 [WO]
JDN67 Afodella (hill) 1027'/4026' 10/40 [Ne Gz]
GDU35 Afodo (Afodu, Afoda) 1014'/3439' 1503 m 10/34 [Gz WO Gu]
GDU54c Afodu Belmaguha sub-district 10/34 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Menge)
GDU30 Afokashe (Afocasce) 10/34 [+ WO]
GDU.. Aforso (village near Sudan) 1300 m 10/34 [x]
afoura: afura (O) breath; afur (O) four
JEJ32 Afoura (area) 12/41 [WO]
afra (T) foam, bubbles, scum
HEC33 Afra (Afra Chidane Meret), see under Dangila 11/36 [WO Gu]
?? Afradimarism (church in Gojjam ../.. [x]
HCE57 Afrara (village & forest) 0556'/3903' 1857 m, 05/39 [WO Gu Gz]
see under Kibre Mengist
?? Afras, see Ayn Feres
afrat, afrattu (eastern O) kinds of medium-sized tree,
Erythrina abyssinica, E. brucei, korch, coral tree,
with ornamental red flowers turned upwards;
afrati (T) monstrous
JDC20 Afrata (area) 08/41 [WO]
JDJ74c Afratu (Affratu) (area), 09/42? [Mi]
20 km or more north-east of Dire Dawa.
HED61 Afrenjan (Afrengian) (village) 11/37 [+ It]
JEH52 Afrera (hummock, land-tied island) 13/40 [Gz]
1314'/4054' -125 m, below sea level
JEP53 Afrera /Terara/ (Afdera) (mountain) 13/41 [MS Ne WO Gz]
MS: 1312'/4100' 1200 m; Gz: 1305'/4051' = JEP42, 800 m
JEP53 Afrera (Egogi, Egoghi Bad, Lake Giulietti) (salt lake) 13/40 [Gz Ne LM]
1317'/4054, -80 m, below sea level
Coordinates would give map code JEP62
JEP71 Afrera 1318'/4049' 800 m 13/40 [n]
JEP64 Afrera Deset (European name: Franchetti Island) 13/40 [Gz WO]
1314'/4054' -125 m, below sea level
Coordinates would give map code JEP62
JDJ54 Afretu (Affratu) 0933'/4159' 1696 m 09/41 [Gz Mi]
(place & area north-east of Dire Dawa)
HFD27 Afrom (pass) 13/38 [WO]
JDH51c Afrubba (Jebel A.) (mountain recorded in 1841) 09/40 [Ha]
JCD50 Afshasle (B. Afsciasle) (area) 05/42 [+ WO]
HEF04 Afso kebele 11/39 [Ad]
stretching noarrowly north-east/sotuh-west in northern
Antsokiya & Gemza wereda; area 703 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU33 Aftenet (Aftanat) (in Menz) 1015'/3941' 3024 m 10/39 [Gz WO x]
HDU63 Aftenet kebele (Aftänät ..) 10/39 [Ad]
along the southern border of Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda
in its eastern part, 5 km south-east of Mehal Meda; area 2,495 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
GDM31 After, see under Begi 09/34 [WO]
HFE67 Aftera (mountain) 1409'/3905' 2365 m 14/39 [Gz]
HE... Aftete, on the route to Metemma 12/36 [x]
aftin (Som) virgin land
HDL90 Aftin (Aft'in) 0954'/3825' 2203 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Tulu Milki
HEH55 Aftogoa 12/36 [WO]
HEL87 Afu 1230'/3907' 2033 m 12/39 [Gz]
JEN33 Afulu (Afalu) (mountain) 1257'/4012' 500 m 12/40 [WO Gz]
afur (O) the numeral four; afura (O) 1. breath; 2. news
HBJ85 Afurr (Gebel A., Afur) 0419'/3707' 1835, 1926? m 04/37 [WO Gz]
(mountain partly inside Kenya)
JCR39 Afwen (area) 07/42 [WO]

afyer ad..: addo, eddo (O) kosso tree, Hagenia abyssinica;

addo (O) potter, class of potters; (A) killer of an elephant
JCD21 Afyer Addo (Afier Addo) (area) 05/42 [+ WO Gz]
0536'/4251' 541 m
KBN52 Afyer Addo (Afier Addo) 0504'/4459' 184 m 05/45 [+ WO Wa Gz]
Coordinates would give adjoining map code JBU57
KCG75 Afyer Addo (Afieraddo) 0700'/4514' 613 m, 07/45 [+ WO Gz]
see under Warder
JBS52 Afyere (Afiere) 0502'/4241' 394 m 05/42 [+ WO Gz]
JDK74 Ag Jogsi (Ag Giogsi) 0944'/4256' 1730 m 09/42 [+ Gz]
aga b..: boka (O) tej of good quality; bokaa, yeast;
bokka, rain; boka (A) to ferment, be rancid
/also other (A) and (O) meanings/
HBS60c Aga Boka (area) 05/37? [Mi]
H.... Aga Mender, south of Nazret 08/39? [x]
agab w..: werki (werqi) (T) gold
HFC14 Agab Werki (Agab Workei, Agab Uorchei) 13/36 [+ Wa WO Gz]
1342'/3658' 877 m
?? Agabaja (Agabja) (market) ../.. [x]
HDL06 Agabdi, see under Sendafa 09/38 [WO]
?? Agabja, see Agamja
GCT34 Agach (Agac, Agak) 0737'/3351' 306 m 07/33 [+ WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code GCT44
HCS03 Agaccia, see Angacha
HDU15 Agad & Aframba kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Kewet wereda in its western part,
6 km west of Shewa Robit; area 437 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
agada (O) 1. sorghum; 2. sugar cane; ageda (agäda) (A) tube,
hollow stalk, stem, cane; aggede (aggädä) (A) tended a
domestic herd, hindered, stopped
HCM82c Agada 07/39 [Wa]
agada arba (O) kind of tall forest tree, Canthium giordanii
JDR57 Agadala (at the railway), incorrect for Adigala 10/42 [x]
agafra: aggafari (A) one who introduces guests, usher
HCU05 Agafra, see Agarfa
JDJ79 Agaggar (area) 09/42 [WO]
JDK52 Agagin 0935'/4243' 1906 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDK37 Agaha Kilayu (A. Calaiu) 0924'/4310' 1759 m 09/43 [+ Gz]
agaje: aggaje (A) my herdsman;
Agaje, a male personal name
HDL73 Agaje 0942'/3846' 2590 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Debre Libanos
GCT34 Agak (Agac), see Agach
JCG63 Agal (Bale) (mountain) 0657'/4008' 3030 m 06/40 [Gz WO]
JED22 Agal (area) 11/42 [WO]
agal gu..: gudaa (O) 1. big; 2. respectable;
guda (A) injure, do damage to
HBL08 Agal Guda (Agal) (mountain) 0337'/3908' 1417 m 03/39 [WO Gz]
agalo (A) kinds of medium-sized tree, Combretum gueinzii,
C. molle; the last-mentioned has light-coloured bark but
dark-green leaves and orange edible berries;
-- Agallo were neighbours in the west to Limmu-Ennarya;
they became subject to the king of Ennarya/Enarea during
the era of Abba Bagibo 1825-1861
?? Agallo ../.. [En]
site of a battle between Kefa people and Oromo in 1540, when
the Oromo were defeated
HCP78c Agalo 07/36 [Wa]
HDC06 Agalo (Hagallo), village noth-east of Nejo 08/37 [WO x]
HDG.. Agalo, see also Agelo
HDH62c Agalo, see under Dimto 09/36 [x]
HDL80 Agalo (area) 09/38 [WO]
HDG.. Agalo Bessi, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
agalo m..: mite (Sidamo) kind of wild date palm, Phænix reclinata
?? Agalo Mite wereda, in Benishangul-Gumuz Region ../.. [20]
agam (A,T) much-branched shrub with edible dark-red sour fruits,
Carissa edulis; (O) some
HCT.. Agam, in Dalocha wereda 07/38 [n]
HEC75 Agam (with church Giyorgis) 11/37 [WO It]
HEU11 Agam 1248'/3931' 2444 m 12/39 [Gz]
agam abo: abo, see under abbo as first part of name
HEL62 Agam Abo (Abam Abo) (with church) 12/38 [LM WO]
agam ber (A) Carissa shrub pass/gate
JDG73 Agam Ber (Agamber, Agamhar) 0945'/4006' 858 m 09/40 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Wailo sub-district)
HED44 Agam Dildiy, see HED44 Sabera Dildiy, or HED61 Tis Isat Dildiy?
JDK13 Agam Shleyd (Agam Scleid) (area) 09/42 [+ WO]
agam wiha (A) water/stream with agam shrubs
HDM81 Agam Wiha 0950'/3927' 2632 m 09/39 [Gz]
HED34c Agam Wiha (A.Wuha, Agam Uaha) (village) 11/37 [+ Ch Gu]
HDT27 Agam & Zeyda kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Weremo Wajitu & Mida wereda, 20 km east-southeast of Rema
and adjoining Meragna on its eastern side; area 1,381 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT19 Agama 1003'/3917' 2450 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFE94 Agama 1427'/3849' 1388 m 14/38 [Gz]
HDM76 Agamber kebele (Agambär ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-easternmost Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
14-26 km east-southeast of Debre Sina; area 9,887 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU85 Agamber kebele (Agambär ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Efrata & Gidim wereda,
near Majete to its south-east; area 1,769 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
agam ..: beret (bärät) (A) thorn enclosure for cattle
HDM54 Agamberet kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Ankober wereda, 5-8 km south
of Ankober town; area 786 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
agame (agamé) (A,T) fruitful, see also agam above;
ageme (A) to do cupping
HFF82 Agame (wide area) 1420'/3935' 14/39 [WO Gu Gz]
HFF75 Agame awraja (Agamie ..) 1415'/3950' 14/39 [Gz Ad]
(centre at least 1964-1980 = Adigrat)
HFF71 Agame wereda/?/ (centre in 1990s = Adigrat) 14/39 [n]
HEL02 Agamek (Agamec), see under Debre Zebit 11/38 [+ WO]
HFF52 Agamet 1403'/3937' 2612 m 14/39 [Gz]
HES34 Agamgye (Agamghie) 12/37 [LM WO]
HDM86 Agamhar 09/39 [WO]
JDG73 Agamhar, see Agam Ber
JCR28 Agamidobe (area) 07/42 [WO]
HDS64 Agamina (Agamna) 1032'/3757' 2866 m 10/37 [Gz]
(with church Giyorgis to the south-east)
?? Agamja (Agamdja, Agabja) ../.. [n]
plain between Weliso and Omo river
HFE67 Agamo 1409'/3906' 2123 m 14/39 [Gz]
agamsa (O) kind of shrub, see under agam above
HCR92 Agamsa (mountain) 2065 m 08/36 [WO]
HDG75 Agamsa, about 23 km east of Mendi 09/35 [x]
HEM24 Agamsa (Agamssa) 1201'/3946' 1459 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEF93 Agamsa kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in central Habru wereda, immediately
to the south-east of Mersa; area 6,952 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM24 Agamsa sub-district (Agamssa ..) 12/39 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Guyo)
JDJ42 Agamsa, G. (area), see under Kersa 09/41 [WO]
HDD36 Agamsha (Agamcia) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
JDA87 Agamti, G. (area) 1780 m 08/40 [WO]
HDU.. Agancha (Agäncha, Agencha, Aganche, Agantha) 10/39 [x n]
HDU63 Aganchit kebele (Aganchet ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda,
5 km north-east of Mehal Meda; area 933 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
GDT09 Agani 1001'/3419' 692 m 10/34 [WO Gz]
aganint (A) evil spirit
HDE33 Agansa (area) 08/38 [WO]
HDU.. Agantha, see Agancha
agar (T) pedestrian; bare-footed; aggar (A) alliance, helper; cf ager (A);
Agar, Hagar of the Bible
KCP76 Agar Sarara Uen, see Agarsararen
KCH61 Agar Uen, see Agere Wein
JCL59 Agar Wen (Agar Uen), see under Kebri Dehar 06/44 [+ WO]
agar win: win (A) real, true
JDE00 Agar Win (Agar Uin) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
HC... Agare (Agarie) 07/36 [+ Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HDL71 Agare 0943'/3835' 3169 m, cf Aggare 09/38 [AA Gz]
HCU05 Agarfa (Agarffa, Agafra) 07/39 [Gz Po WO]
0717'/3949' 2412/2439 m
HCU05 Agarfa wereda (centre in -1964-1980s- = Agarfa) 07/39 [Ad 20]
(-1994-) is divided into 23 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
agaro (language?) to kill
HCR60 Agaro (Aggaro, Haggaro) 0751'/3639' 1614 m 07/36 [Gz Ca WO Gu]
(centre at least 1964-1980 of Limu awraja
& in 1964 also of Gomma wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
9SE Gimbo (Ghembo, Ghembie) (village) 1674 m
9SW Bore (village in the forest of Gumay Sentema or Santamma)
10W Sajo (village) 1949 m
?? Kotta 2115 m
HDB21 Agaro, T. (Tulu Aggaro) (hill) 08/35 [WO]
HCJ62 Agarri (mountain) 0655'/3650' 1219 m 06/36 [WO Gz]
HDD99 Agarsa Lafu, cf Ejersa Lefo
KCP76 Agarsararen (Agar Sarar/a/ Uen) (well) 06/46 [Gz WO]
HEC.. Agasar, in central Gojjam 10/36 [x]
JDE22 Agassur (area) 08/43 [WO]
HEE80 Agat (Agat') 1136'/3828' 2639 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEE81c Agat Maryam (A. Mariam) 11/38 [+ Gu]
with church and convent dedicated to St. Mary.
agate: agati (T) impasse; agete (agätä) (A) /cattle/
sequestrated /for grazing in one's land/; (T) come in advance;
-- Agato, an Oromo group of people, christianized by the Shewans
HCS88 Agate, see Ageta
HEC41 Agaume, see Agew Midir awraja
-- Agaw, Agew, groups of indigenous Ethiopians who speak
closely related Cushitic languages, see under spelling Agew
HEC43 Agaw .., see Agew ..
HFF45c Agawa, see Agobo
-- Agawinya language, see Xamtanga
HEE29 Agaye 1107'/3916' 3102 m 11/39 [Gz]
in Tehuledere (West) wereda (-1991-)
HED43c Agazaba, small village near the Abay river 11/37 [Ch]
agaza: aggazza (A) give land for cultivation
HED43c Agazaba (village), near the Abay river 11/37 [Ch]
agazen (agazän) (A,T) large antelope, especially greater kudu,
Tragelaphus strepsiceros; dega agazen, mountain nyala, T. buxtoni
HFC27 Agazen (mountain) 1348'/3714' 1848 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
(Agazen Amba hill at 1348'/3700'), see under Adi Remet
HDM.? Agazen Meda (with church Tekle Haymanot) 09/39? [x]
?? Agazi (Ethiopia? Eritrea?) ../.. [x]
HET96 Agbe (Agebe, Agebo, Agbo) 1333'/3903' 1585 m 13/39 [Gz Ad]
(with rock-hewn church Mikael), see under Abiy Adi
(centre in 1964 of Tankwa sub-district)
agbere (T) to enforce
HEC24 Agda Ailni (church) 11/36 [It]
JEJ00 Agdiadu (Adaghilu) (area) 1155'/4149' 11/41 [Gz WO]
HDL46 Agebane 0925'/3859' 2624 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT72 Agebar, see Ajibar & HEE48
HET96 Agebe, see Agbe
HFF44 Agebo 1358'/3946' 2865 m, cf Agbe 13/39 [Gz]
HDL99 Agegn Shola Amba kebele (Agägn .. ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
14 km east of Inewari; area 1,420 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HF... Agela sub-district (centre in 1964 = Adi Gola) 14/39 [Ad]
agele: aggele (aggälä) (A) 1. cut the leaves of a plant,
especially gesho; 2. relapse of illness
HEK33 Agele (Aghele), see under Yifag 12/37 [+ WO]
HET16 Agelele (Agheliele), see Chilehiyo
?? Agella (visiting postman under Jimma), cf Hagello ../.. [Po]
HDC36 Agelo 0825'/3709' 1717 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDC46 Agelo 0834'/3712' 1653 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDJ60 Agelo 0937'/3638' 1571 m 0936 [Gz]
JDJ32 Agelo 0924'/4148' 1966 m 09/41 [Gz]
HDH.. Agelo Basi (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35 [Ad]
?? Agelo Meti wereda ../.. [Ad 20]
(-1994-) is divided into 15 rural kebeles and no urban one.
JDP10 Agelu, see Ayelu
agemb..: bichu, bichuu (O) small, tiny
HDL53 Agembichu (Aghembicciu), see Gumbichu
HEM13 Agembir Gebriel (church) 1156'/3937' 11/39 [Gz]
HDT04 Agemgo 1001'/3847' 1637 m 10/38 [Gz]
-- Agemja, traditionally a Gurage area
HDD.. Agemja (Agämja) (area) 08/38 [x]
HDD26 Agemjay (Agemjai) 0820'/3805' 2161 m 08/38 [Gz Ad]
(sub-district, centre in 1964 = Wutinyi)
HDG28c Agemsa, cf Agamsa 09/35 [LM]
HDK29 Agemsa 0915'/3824' 2540 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL70 Agemsa 0943'/3828' 2542 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT02 Agemsa (with church) 0958'/3839' 1920 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDU24 Agemsa kebele (Agämsa ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in easternmost Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
17 km north-east of Molale; area 508 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF06 Agemsa kebele (Agämsa ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Kalu wereda, 5 km east of Harbu
and 20 km south-east of Kombolcha; area 4,798 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCP90 Agemti 0805'/4042' 1524 m, near map code JCN99 08/40 [Gz]
JEA13 Agemti 1101'/4004' 1511 m 11/40 [Gz]
HCS95 Agena 0808'/3801' 2375 m 08/38 [Gz x]
(centre of a sub-district in the 1960s)
HCS95c Agena wereda, see also Kuye 08/38 [n]
HDU.. Agencha, see Agancha
GCT49 Agenga 0738'/3416' 379 m 07/34 [Gz]
HED33 Agengwalya (Aghengualia), see under Mota 11/37 [+ WO]
JEA15 Ageni (Aghinni) (locality) 1055'/4014' 10/40 [Gz]
same as Aginni
ager (agär) (A) 1. land, country; 2. region, district,
landscape, rural area; 3. native land, nation, state
HCB27c Ager, volcanic mountain at a road to Bulki 05/36 [x]
HEF85 Ager (Agher) (area) 1690 m 11/39 [+ WO]
HCD92 Ager Gema 0616'/3744' 1453 m 06/37 [Gz]
HET57 Agerba 1307'/3909' 1570 m 13/39 [Gz]
H.... Agerbea (Agerbe'a) 13/38? [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Koraro sub-district)
agere (agäre) (A) indigenous people;
agere genet (A) land of garden/paradise;
genneta (O) paradise while waiting to enter Heaven
HFD71 Agere Genet kebele (Agärä Gänät ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in south-western Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
5-8 km south of Balchi; area 1,123 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
agere hiywet (A) country of life, Kingdom of Heaven
HDD94 Agere Hiwot (Agere Hiywet), see Ambo
agere Maryam (A) country of Mary
HCD28 Agere Maryam (Agheremariam, Alghe, Alga) 05/38 [Gz WO Gu x]
(Hagere Mariam, old name Kuku?) 05/38 [Ro]
MS 0535'/3815' = HCD18;
Gz: 0538'/3814' = HCD28, 1716/1890 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
?E Tarcha (1½ hour walk)
3SE Mirgo (village)
5SE Kappe (Kope) (valley)
10SE Kope gold placer
7S Tuta (area with wells)
10S Ifatafada (area?)
6SW Kuya (Cuia) (area)
10SW Chabbi (Cabbi) (village)
?NW Tore 1731 m
6NW Kuku (Cucu) (village, according to Italians Cucu
had been a name for Agere Maryam itself) 1826 m
8NW Gololcha (Gololcia) (river valley, road bridge)
10N Danise (village) 1924 m
6NE Dida Muri (area)
8NE Mati (village) 2083 m
HDS81 Agere Maryam (church) 1042'/3737' 10/37 [Gz]
HET.. Agere Maryam (Aghere Mariam) (area) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HDM33 Agere Maryam kebele (Agärä .. ..) 09/39 [Ad]
At the middle of the eastern border of Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda,
22 km east-southeast of Koremash; area 1,582 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCD28 Agere Maryam sub-district? (-1997-) 05/38 [n]
HDF91 Agere Maryam sub-district (-1964-1997-) 08/39 [Ad n]
(centre in 1964 = Dodota)
HCD28 Agere Maryam wereda (centre in 1964 = Agere M.) 05/38 [Ad]
(Hahere m. .., Hagermariam ..), at some distance from Yabelo
(-1994-) is divided into 98 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
agere merfia: marefiya (A) accommodation /where one can rest/
HDU11 Agere Merfya (Aghere Merfia) 10/39 [+ WO]
agere selam (A) country of peace, Jerusalem
HCL11 Agere Selam (Agheresalam, Hula, Hulla) 06/38 [MS WO Gu It]
(Hagere Selam, Hagara S.) 06/38 [Ad x]
0630'/3830' 2759/2829 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
6SE Gara Honku (hill) 2740/2761 m
8S Abera (village) 2796 m
5N Gara Maskulli (hill) 2747 m
7NE Wollo (Uollo) (place and area)
10NE Garbicho (Garbiccio) (area)
HDU20 Agere Selam (Hagere Selam, Aghere Salam) 10/39 [+ Ad WO]
(centre in 1964 of Gubaya sub-district)
HCL11 Agere Selam wereda (centre in 1964 = Agere S.) 06/38 [+ Ad]
agere sisay (A) land of plenty
HDF24 Agere Sisay 0823'/3941' 2099 m 08/39 [Gz]
KCH61 Agere Wein (Agar Uen) 0654'/4545' 513 m 06/45 [MS WO Gz]
agere weyn (A) country of vine/grapes
HDT16 Agerit kebele (Agärit ..) 10/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Lay Bet & Tach Bet wereda,
5 km north-west of Alem Ketema; area 2,601 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HBP81 Agerren (Agherren) 0517'/3552' 605 m 05/35 [+ WO Gz]
JFB12 Agerri (Agherri) 1342'4052' -88 m, below sea level 13/40 [+ WO Gz]
HCS88 Ageta (Agate) (mountain), cf Agita 08/38 [x WO]
HDB59 Ageta 0838'/3635' 1550 m, near map code HDC50 08/36 [Gz]
agete (agetä) (A) well dressed or adorned
-- Agew, Agaw, ethnic groups numbering for the Agew/Awngi about 397,491 and
for the Agew/Kamyr about 158,231 according to the 1994 census.
HEC.. Ager Awi Zone 11/36 [20]
HDR93 Agew Gimjabet (Agew Gemja Bet), see Gimjabet Maryam
?? Agew Jer (Agäw Jär) (historically recorded) 12/39? [x]
agew midir (A) land of the Agew (Agaw) people
HEC.. Agew Midir (Agaw Meder)
HEC41 Agew Midir awraja (Agaw Meder a.) 1115'/3645' 11/36 [Gz Ad n]
(Agaume awraja)
(centre at least 1963-1980 = Dangila)
HEC.. Agew Midir wereda, with Achefer district comprised 11/36 [n]
HEL28 Agewiye 1200'/3913' 2486 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM20 Agewiye kebele (Ageweyä ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-western Gidan wereda,
7 km west of Muja; area 2,847 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET66 Agezba (Aba Azba) 1314'/3859' 1698 m 13/38 [Gz]
HCN79 Aggai, see Aggi
JCL95 Aggare 0711'/4356' 922 m, cf Agare 07/43 [WO Mi Gz]
HCR60 Aggaro, see Agaro
HDB21 Aggaro (Tulu A.), see Agaro, T.
HCS09 Agge, see Aje
HCN79 Aggi (Agghi, Aggai) 0753'/3537' 1808 m 07/35 [WO Gz]
GDU81 Aggimedi (Agghimedi) 10/34 [+ WO]
JDE31 Aggin, see Ajjin
JCA58 Aggio Cata, see Ajjo Cata
HCH99 Aggio, see Ajjo & HCJ90
HET16 Agheliele, see Chelihiyo
HED33 Aghengualia, see Agengwalya
HEF85 Agher, see Ager
HDU11 Aghere Merfia, see Agere Merfya
HDU20 Aghere Salam, see Agere Selam
HCD28 Agheremariam, see Agere Maryam
HCL11 Agheresalam, see Agere Selam
HBP81 Agherren, see Agerren
JFB12 Agherri, see Agerri
JEA15 Aghinni, see Aginni
HCD73 Aghise, see Agise
HEK39 Aghissa, see Agisa
HEC46 Aghita, see Agita
HED51 Aghitta, see Agitta
JEC83 Aghno, see Agno
HEK29 Agia, see Aja
JDJ42 Agiafa, see Ajafa
GCU74 Agiam, see Ajam
JDJ86 Agiaua, see Ajawa
HDT72 Agibar, see Ajibar
HEK32c Agid Tekle Haymanot (Agid Takla Haimanot) 12/37 [+ Ch]
HFF12 Agida (British camp in 1868) 13/39 [18]
JED03 Agin (Adinj) 1054'/4249' 698 m 10/42 [WO Gz]
HDE63 Agindo 0841'/3842' 2036 m 08/38 [Gz]
JEA15 Aginni (Aghinni) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
HDF71c Agirat kebele (Agirat' ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in central Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
6-8 km south-east of Balchi; area 965 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEK39 Agisa (Aghissa, Agiza) 1204'/3822' 1824 m 12/38 [LM Gz WO Wa]
HEK39 Agisa (centre in 1964 of Meketewa sub-district) 12/38 [Ad]
west of Lalibela
HCD73 Agise (Aghise, Hagise) (island) 06/37 [+ WO Gz x]
0607'/3746' 1168/1285 m
agit (Gondar A) brother's wife
HEC46 Agita (Aghita) 11/37 [+ WO]
HED51 Agita (Aghita, Agitta, Agta, Amba Agheta) 11/37 [+ WO It]
(village and mountain) 1119'/3739' 1864 m, see also Jan Genet
HEL75 Agita (Agit'a) 1226'/3858' 2236 m 12/38 [Gz]
HED51 Agita Iyesus (Aghitta, Agh. Iasus, Agta Eyesus) 11/37 [+ Gu WO Ad]
2248/2481 m 11/37 [+ Ad]
HED51 Agita sub-district (centre in 1964 = Agita Iyesus) 11/37 [Ad]
?? Agiu, see Aju
GCT55 Agiual, see Ajiwal
HEU12 Agiura, see Jijira
H.... Agiyo (centre in 1964 of Sedi sub-district) 08/35 [Ad]
JD... Agjogsi 09/43 [18]
HEL54 Agla Mikael (A. Micael) (mission) 1214'/3848' 12/38 [+ WO Gz]
HDU85 Agla & Sanka Ber kebele (.. Sanqa Bär ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Antsokiya & Gemza wereda,
adjoining Majete on its southern side; area 1,681 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
GDF00 Agnale, see Anyale
HDR85 Agni, see Masha Kuta
JEC83 Agno (Aghno) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HDJ13 Ago 0909'/3655' 1969 m or 0909'/3657' 1906 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDU13 Ago 1005'/3936' 2499 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDM.? Ago Ber (with church Kidane Mihret) 09/39? [x]
HFF45c Agobo (Agowo, Agawa) (w ancient church Cherkos) 13/39 [x]
agola: agole (T) sterile? agol (T) half-baked;
agoll (T) Withania somnifera, of the Solanaceae family
?? Agola sub-district (-1997-) 11/41? [n]
JEH18c Agola Hadedi (plain) 11/41 [Gu]
G.... Agolal 10/34 [18]
?? Agolch (with sub-post office) ../.. [Po]
GDU32 Agolia (Agola) 1014'/3431' 1335, 1728 m 10/34 [WO Gu Gz]
about 20 km north of Asosa
?? Agolicho ../.. [20]
HED87 Agona 1136'/3813' 3297 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEE75 Agonat kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in western Dawint & Delanta wereda at its northern border,
15 km south-west of Bete Hor; area 1,122 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
agora (A) moo /as done by cows/;
agore (T) pack; (A) close a door with a bar
HET76 Agora (on map of 1814) 1321'/3901' 1656 m 13/39 [Gz]
JDP63 Agora (area) 10/40 [WO]
HFF04c Agoro (with rock-hewn church) 13/39 [x]
GDT.. Agorsha (village), in Sirekoli valley near Sudan 10/34 [x]
agot (A) outcrop; aggot (A) uncle
H.... Agot Bes sub-district 10/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Gult Mikael)
HDL00 Agota 0907'/3826' 2536 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Addis Alem, cf Ageta
-- Agow, see Agew
HDD46 Agoyabi (M. Agoiabi) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
HFE39 Agoza (with rock-hewn church), 13/39 [x]
see under Geralta churches - northern
HCL40 Agraria, see Yirga Alem

JDH91 Agreli (area) 09/40 [WO]

HDU.. Agrero (Agraro, Agräro) (historically recorded) 10/39 [+ Pa]
HE... Agrit (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 11/38 [Ad]

HEE95 Agrit kebele 11/38 [Ad]

in central Meket wereda, 8 km north-northwest
of Filakit; area 4,520 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEC46 Agta, see Agita
H.... Aguat Wuha, see Agwat Wiha
?? Aguba ../.. [20]
GDF84 Agubardi 08/34 [WO]
HDF72 Aguch & Amisas kebele (Aguch' .. ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in central Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
10-15 km east of Balchi; area 1,831 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Aguddi (near Mekele) 13/39 [n]
agudo (T) hut, shack
HEU23 Agudo (Aia) (pass) 1252'/3942' 2910 m, 12/39 [WO Gu Gz]
see under Korbeta
JDJ04 Agudol 0904'/4202' 1533 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDH06 Agudora, G. (area) 2809 m 09/41 [WO]
H.... Aguedi sub-district (Agu'edi ..) 13/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Mai Megelta)
agul (A) awkward /place/
HFF12 Agula (Agulae, Agula-e, Agula'i, Agulaa, Agulla) 13/39 [MS Ad WO LM]
MS: 1347'/3939' = HFF23, ctr 1930/1975 m, pass 2030 m
Gz: 1341'/3935' = HFF12, village in the Mekele area
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5S Sallat (pass) 2275 m
8S Antafo (pass) 2335 m
3N Inderta (Enderta) (village) 1343'/3937' 2036 m
?? Agulcho, with postal service ../.. [20]
HDJ88 Agulla (plain) 0950'/3725' 09/37 [WO Gz]
JEH65 Agulyo (Agulio, Aguli) 1222'/4106' 668 m 12/41 [+ WO Ne Gz]
(with monumental tomb)
HDM33 Agumbar kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda at its eastern border,
17 km east of Koremash; area 1,778 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCJ29 Agume 0635'/3729' 1411 m 06/37 [Gz]
HEM92 Agumserta (Agumberta) (pass) 12/39 [Gu WO Gz]
1240'/3941' 2660 m
HE... Aguna Maryam (centre in 1964 of Tnafa sub-district) 11/38 [Ad]
GDU11 Agusa (village), see under Asosa 10/34 [Mi]
agwat wiha (A) whey water
HEM11 Agwat Wiha (Aguat Wuha) (with church Gebriel) 11/39 [Gz Ad]
1153'/3927' 2067 m
(centre in 1964 of Tikmie sub-district)
HDU14 Agwat Wiha kebele (.. Weha ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-easternmost Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
10 km east-southeast of Molale; area 706 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Agwezat, people/?/ in eastern Aksumite empire in the mid-300s
HDU11 Agwo kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-western Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
15 km west-southwest of Molale; area 2,235 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
H.... Agza sub-district (centre in 1964 = Derekwa Maryam) 10/37 [Ad]
HEJ54 Ahacha 1215'/3700' 1944 m 12/37 [Gz]
ahada: aihada (T) kind of small tree, Dovyalis abyssinica,
with strong thorns and edible but acid fruit;
ahadi (T) society; ahede (A) threshed grain /with oxen used/
HDT12 Ahada (area) 10/38 [WO]
HFC18 Ahal Amba (area), see under Adi Remet 13/37 [WO]
KDB13 Ahalaleh (area) 680 m 08/46 [WO]
KBN.. Ahale, at the border of Somalia NE of Ferfer 05/45 [n]
JCU82 Ahamali 0758'/4432' 929 m 07/44 [WO Gz]
HEU02 Ahawi 1240'/3933' 2437 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDM.? Ahaya Amba (Ahiya ..?) (with church Meskel Yes) 09/39? [x]
JEB58 Ahayle (Ahaile) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HDT29 Ahba (Doba Agher, Doba, Daba Ager) 10/39 [Gz WO LM]
1009'/3918' 2610/2623 m
HFB19 Ahd er Rafi, see Abd er Rafi
JEA39c Ahda, see Hadar 11/40 [20]
HE... Ahewa Bench, town in Cheno wereda
HDT60 Aheyo, see Ahiyo
HFE87c Ahferom wereda (Ahiferom ..) (1991-2006-), 14/39 [20]
cf Inticho wereda
HEU80 Ahilteli (Ahilt'eli) 1323'/3922' 2080 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE85 Ahisaa (Ahisa'a) 1421'/3858' 1896 m 14/38 [Gz]
(with church Gebre Menfes K'idus)
ahiya: ahiyya (A) donkey; feche (fäch'ch'ä) (A)
to grind, to reduce to powder
HDT29 Ahiyafech (Aiafecc, Ahiya Fejj, Ajafeg, Haiafegg) 10/39 [+ Gu x WO]
(steep slope,"donkey bruiser")
HED72 Ahiyafech (Ajafej) 1131'/3742' 2184 m 11/37 [+ Gz]
HEL69 Ahiyo (Aio, Ajo) 1218'/3919' 2099/2120 m 12/39 [Gz WO Gu LM]
(the older sources have Aio at HEM51)
HDT60 Ahiyo kebele (Aheyo ..) 11/38 [Ad]
far to the south-west in Sayint wereda,
20 km south-west of Ajibar; area 3,021 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
H.... Ahiyo sub-district (centre in 1964 = Gomma) 10/38 [Ad]
HFE88 Ahizera 1419'/3915' 2067 m (with church Maryam) 14/39 [Gz]
JDH35 Ahmar (mountain range) 0923'/4113' 1657 m 09/41 [Gz]
GDL99 Ahmed 0955'/3419' 625 m 09/34 [Gz]
HEF15 Ahmed (Ahimed) 1058'/3950' 1984 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDH16 Ahmed Abdule 0910'/4117' 2762 m 09/41 [Gz]
HDF83 Ahmed Ager (Ahimed .., .. Agher, Alem Ager) 08/39 [Gz WO]
(Alame Agher) 0857'/3938' 1138 m
JCN82 Ahmed Asen 0800'/4003' 1453 m 08/40 [Gz]
JDJ23 Ahmed Gerada 0917'/4153' 1696 m 09/41 [Gz]
HFE42c Ahora, see Akora
H.... Ahsa sub-district (-1997-) 14/38 [n]
HFE84 Ahsaa (Ahsa'a) (mountain range) 14/38 [Gz]
1421'/3852' 1921 m
HF... Ahseo (centre in 1964 of Merhi Senai sub-district) 14/39? [Ad]
HF... Ahseo wereda (centre in 1964 = Mai Chiguna) 14/39? [Ad]
HEL09 Ahun Tegegn kebele (.. Tägägn ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-westernmost Guba Lafto wereda,
30 km west of Weldiya; area 1,774 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ahun tegen (tägän) (A) now/soon shelter
HDT57 Ahun Tegeny (A. Tegent) 1026'/3905' 2073 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEM11 Ahun Tugre 1152'/3927' 2227 m 11/39 [WO Gu Gz]
HEK11c Ahun Wata (level grass-land at lake Tana) 11/37 [Ch]
HEC63 Ahuri Mariam, see Aduri Maryam
GDF95 Aia, see Aya & HEU02 HEU23 JDA74
HEU23 Aia (pass), see Agudo
KCP99 Aia Benti, see Aya Bentih
HBS71 Aiaba, see Ayaba
JBG89 Aiadegga, see Ayadega
HFB29 Aiaie, see Ayaye & HFC21
HDT29 Aiafecc, see Ahiyafech
JDH44 Aiaghe, see Ayage
JDH33 Aiaghi, see Ayagi
HFB29 Aiaie, see Ayaye & HFC21
JDC63 Aialeccia, see Ayalecha
JBN06 Aiamaccio, see Ayamacho
HEU22 Aiba, see Ayba & HFF22
HCG87 Aibara, see Aybara
HEK63 Aibasci, see Aybashi
HFF24 Aicamessal, see Haike Meskel
JDS80 Aicha, see Aysha
HFD82 Aiculita, see Aykulita
HCD34 Aicuri, see Aykuri
HER64 Aidla (area) 13/37 [WO]
JDP10 Aielu, see Ayelu
?? Aiga (Aigah) ../.. [x]
it was ruled in 2002 that Aiga shall be Ethiopian and not Eritrean
HDM.. Aigibbi, Christian village in the 1840s 09/39 [Ha]
HFC86 Aigiri, see Ayjiri
HDM23 Aiguar, see Aygwar
HEK65 Aiha 1221'/3805' 12/37 [WO Gz]
HEK66 Aiha, see Ayha
JDS30 Aiha Maccarar, see Ayha Mackarar
JEB85 Ail, see Ayl
JEN68 Aila (hill) 13/40 [Ne]
JDG55 Ailabello (recorded in 1841), with mineral well near 09/40 [Ha]
HCD02 Ailotta 0528'/3743' 984 m 05/37 [WO Gz]
HEC30 Ailunjuksa (Ailungiucsa) (mountain) 11/36 [Gz]
1110'/3636' 2036 m
?? Aima (river), named Dinder within Sudan ../.. [Ch]
HCC.. Aimale, with Tsamay people 05/36 [x]
HET16 Aimbera, see Aymbera
-- Aimelel, Aimallel, name of a Gurage tribe
HDE26c Aimellele, see Aymellel
HES23 Aimesceb, see Aymesheb
HEB32 Aimica, see Aymika
H.... Aimo (A-imo) 10/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Chefe Mishig sub-district)
HEB40 Aimulu, see Aymulu
HEB08 Aimusa 1053'/3632' 1829 m, 75 km from Dangila 10/36 [Ch WO Gu Gz]
HEF34 Ain Amba (recorded in 1841) 1101'/3956' 11/39 [Ha Gz]
(locality), cf Aynamba
HEM91 Ain Mai (Aine M.) (recorded in 1868) 1612 m 12/39 [18 n]
HEM32 Ain Takkazye (recorded in 1868), cf Tekeze 12/39 [18]
HEL35 Aina Jesus (Aine Iesus), see Ayna Iyesus
HEL44 Aina Jesus (Aine Iesus), see Ayna
JEG97 Aina Mela, see Ayna Mela
HEM.. Ainaba, near lake Ashenge, battle site in 1542 12/39 [x]
HCG67 Ainamba, see Aynamba
HEM91 Aine Mai, see Ain Mai
HEM51 Aio, see Ajo
KCG88 Aiou 07/45 [WO]
aira (T) kind of tall tree related to ebony,
Diospyros abyssinica - but the following locations are
in southern Ethiopia and not in Tigrinya-speaking area
HCD81 Aira, small district south of Chencha 06/37 [x]
HDA96 Aira (Tullu A., hill near Yubdo) 1759 m 09/35 [WO]
HDG06 Aira (Ayra, Ayira, Areri, Eera) 09/35 [Gu Mi Gz]
(with mission) 0906'/3524' 1510/1627 m
HDM36 Airaro (Airara) 0922'/3955' 09/39 [Gz Ha]
(stream south-east of Ankober, with watermill in the 1840s)
HFC88 Aireba, see Ayreba
JEJ64 Airedudo, see Ayredudo
JEH14 Airo Bara, see Ayro Bara
HFF30 Airofeda, see Geralta churches - northern
JEC11 Airori (Airorre), see Ayrori
-- Aisa Mela, an Ado Mara tribe in the Awash valley
JEB78 Aisaita (Aissaita), see Asaita
HED72 Aiscet Mariam, see Shame Maryam
JDS80 Aiscia (Aisha), see Aysha
JED10 Aisciadele, see Ayshadele
HCF01 Aiso 0529'/3926' 1513 m 05/39 [Gz]
HCF23 Aiso Dunun, see Ayso Dunun
JEC42 Aissama, see Ayssama
HDP77c Aitanacha (ford) 10/36 [Ch]
HFE75c Aiti Udduco, see Aiti Udduko
JEH41 Aitima, see Aytima
HFC34 Aitoboko (Aitoboco) (area) 13/36 [+ WO]
JEH19 Aiu Gama, see Ayu Gama
JDG73 Aiuha, see Ayuha
HDF03 Aiule, see Ayule
JDP10 Aiulloo, see Ayelu
JFB34 Aiuman (Ajuman) 1352'/4100' 323 m 13/41 [WO Gz]
near the border of Eritrea
HEK90 Aiva 12/37 [WO]
JDK78 Aiyanle (area) 1690 m 09/43 [WO]
JCG82c Aiyuba (village, in Robe wereda, 07/40 [x]
in the 1980s in Ticho wereda)
aja (O) deformed, weak, tired; ajja (O) bad, wicked, useless;
ajja (T) rye, semolina; (A) emmerwheat, Triticum dicoccum, oats, rye
HEK29 Aja (Agia) 1203'/3813' 2699 m 12/38 [Gz WO]
(with church Fasiledes to the south)
HEK.. Aja Fasiledes (centre in 1964 of Mena sub-district) 12/38 [Ad]
JDJ42 Ajafa (Agiafa, G.) (area) 09/41 [+ WO]
HED72 Ajafej, see Ahiyafech
ajam (Som) non-Arabian
GCU74 Ajam (Agiam, Tame, Taine) 07/34 [+ WO Gz]
0754'/3444' 589 m
-- Ajamo, a clan of the Arsi Oromo
?? Ajamojay (near Zikwala, historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HDM92 Ajana kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda somewhat
to its west, 6 km south-west of Sela Dingay; area 1,498 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HD... Ajana Mikael (Adjana Mikael) (with cave dwellings) 09/39 [+ Ca]
?? Ajara (waterfalls in Soke river, Welamo) ../.. [x]
JDJ86 Ajawa (Agiaua) (area) 09/42 [+ WO]
HES21 Ajaye, see Ajire
ajbar (A) large tent
HDT72 Ajbar, see Ajibar
aje: ajee (Som) spoil, rot; stagnate /said of water/
HCK99 Aje 0710'/3820' 2069 m 07/38 [MS]
HCS09 Aje (Adje, Agge) (with sub-post office) 07/38 [Po Ad WO Gz]
0717'/3821' 1858 m, 28 km west of Shashemene
?? Ajeba (Adjeba) (in southern Shewa) ../.. [+ x]
HDL87 Ajej & Mehal Amba kebele (Ajäj & Mähal .. ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Moret & Jiru wereda at its southern border,
8 km south-west of Inewari; area 1,684 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU23 Ajela kebele (Ajäla ..) 10/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
10 km north of Molale; area 1,374 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Ajeln (Adjeln) (group of volcanoes in Afar) ../.. [+ Mi]
HDM32 Ajema kebele (Ajäma ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda at its border,
28 km south of Debre Birhan; area 1,450 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL27 Ajemeri (Ajemery) 0917'/3904' 2943 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDE43c Ajeri (village on a slope) 11/37 [Ch]
?? Aji Keta (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
ajibar: ajbar (A) large tent;
-- Ajaber, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe
HDT72 Ajibar (Agibar, Agebar; Debre Sina) 10/38 [Ad Po WO n]
MS: 1037'/3846' 1829 m; Gz: 1052'/3840' = HDT92, 1732 m
(centre in 1964 of Sayint wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
2E Yegwoda kebele
5E Safeda kebele
6E Loza kebele
8E Feres Ber kebele
3SE Wegedi (Wegedie, Wogidi, Uogghidi) (village) 2125 m
5SE Beja kebele
3S Yewerza kebele
8S Samaye kebele
10S Gert kebele
4SW Kul Baye kebele
8SW Arigba kebele
8SW Lengwat kebele
5W Melesan kebele
9W Atrons Maryam kebele
8NW Debtera kebele
5N Tedbabe Mariyam kebele
7NE Shehot kebele
10NE Ansha kebele
HEE48 Ajibar (Ajbar, Agebar) 1114'/3914' 2834 m 11/39 [MS Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Tenta wereda)
-- Ajibba language, see Murle
H.... Ajilla (centre in 1964 of Lamfuro sub-district) 08/38 [Ad]
JED03 Ajin (Adjin, Agin) 10/42 [+ WO]
HFD78 Ajir Amra 1412'/3816' 1845 m 14/38 [Gz]
ajira, ajera (A) hole dug in the ground for burning pottery
HES21 Ajire (Ajaye) 1253'/3741' 2414 m, cf Ajeri 13/37 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Kola Wegera sub-district)
GCT55 Ajiwal (Agiual, Agiuual, Agiuval) 07/33 [+ WO Gz]
0746'/3356' 303 m
JDE31 Ajjin (Aggin) (area) 1340 m 08/43 [+ WO]
ajjo (O) toil, work, /also/ reward
HCJ90 Ajjo (Aggio) (mountain) 0709'/3637' 2794 m 07/36 [+ WO Gz]
near map code HCH99
ajjo ka..: kata (O) 1. (qaata) long time ago;
2. (qaataa) trigger
JCA58 Ajjo Kata (Aggio Cata) (locality) 05/40 [+ WO Gz]
0555'/4045' 1122 m
ajo (Kefa) "Galla potato", Coleus edilis, C. tuberosus;
-- Ajo, a clan of the Mecha/Liban/Ammaya Oromo,
see Majangir
HDK01 Ajo 0904'/3737' 1785 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDM15 Ajo 0911'/3947' 1202 m 09/39 [Gz]
HEM51 Ajo, see Ahiyo
HEM92 Ajo 1238'/3936' 1749 m 12/39 [Gz]
HC... Ajora (waterfalls 65 km south of Hosaina) 07/37 [20]
GDF.. Ajora Aga (village in the Gambela region) 08/34 [20]
?? Aju (Agiu) (in the Harar region) ../.. [It]
GDE.. Ajuba (river in the south-west) 08/33? [n]
JFB34 Ajuman, see Aiuman
HEU12 Ajura (Agiura), see Jijira
-- Ajuran, the Hawiyya branch of Somali people, found also in Kenya
HC... Aka (centre in 1964 of Bitta sub-district) 07/35? [Ad]
HFC14 Akab Workei (Aqab Uorchei) 1342'/3658' 877 m 13/36 [+ Gz]

akabe saat: aqabe sä'at (Geez?) "Guardian of the Hour", at least

from the 15th century a churchman attached to the palace and also
in the 18th century "the first religious officer at the palace";
akkabi (aqqabi) (A) guardian, custodian; (T) collector, convener
HFE50 Akabe Saat (Acab Saat, Aqab Se'at, Akabie Se'at) 14/38 [+ Gu Ad Gz]
(mountain & place) 1406'/3830' 2385 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HED98 Akabet (Ak'abet, Aqabet) 1144'/3817' 3229 m 11/38 [Gz q]
HDM31 Akabido 0921'/3930' 2952 m 09/39 [Gz]

-- akabo: Akebo Oromo penetrated into Gojjam in the 1650s

?? Akabo (Accabo) (mountain saddle) c1900 m ../.. [+ Gu]
akad: akd (aqd) (A) plan, scheme
JDJ63 Akad (Acad) (area) 09/41 [+ WO]
GDF00 Akado (Acado), see Akedo
GDF10 Akado (Acado) 0814'/3425' 482 m 08/34 [Ad WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code GDF01.
akafa (A) spade
HDU31 Akafe (Ak'afe, Aqafe) 1016'/3926' 2786 m 10/39 [Gz q]
HDU31 Akafi Digimsh kebele (Aqafe Degemsh ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda,
15-20 km west of Mehal Meda; area 3,511 hectares.
HCE50c Akagulu (Akagooloo) 05/38? [Mi]
HEC14 Akaita, see Akayta
akaka (O) grandfather; (A) full of scabies
HCN55 Akaka (Acaca, Acheka) 0753'/3519' 2097 m 07/35 [Gz]
HCN56 Akaka (Acaca) 0744'/3520' 07/35 [+ Gz]
JFB33 Akakale (Acacale) (area) 13/40 [+ WO]
akaki (O) relatives, relations; (A) one who scratches;
akaki zeraf (A) young warrior;
basako, bosaka (O) Sapium ellipticum
HDE84 Akaki (Ak'ak'i Besek'a, Acachi, /Oromo:/ Haqaaqii) 08/38 [MS Gz Gu WO]
MS: 0854'/3845'; Gz: 0852'/3847' 2120 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
9S Dalota (Dalata) (mountain) 2419 m
6SW Endode (area)
7SW Dewera Guda
8SW Galane (area)
2NE Dewera Tino
6N Bulbula (Gurra) (village) 2151 m
8NE Woreda (Uoreda) (village)
HDK12 Akaki (Ak'ak'i, Aqaqi) 0909'/3744' 1756 m 09/37 [AA Gz q]
(with church Igzi'abher Ab)
HDL06 Akaki (Ak'ak'i, Aqaqi) 0905'/3900' 2472 m, 09/38 [AA Gz q]
see under Sendafa
HDE84 Akaki Beseka, see Akaki
HDE84 Akaki wereda (centre in 1964 = Akaki Beseka) 08/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 52 rural kebeles but no urban one.
HDA83 Akakil (Acachil) 08/35 [+ WO]
HDA94 Akakilo (Acachilo) 0900'/3510' 1808 m 09/35 [+ Gz]
akakile (O) great-grandfather
akakilti (O) eucalyptus tree, Eucalyptus globulus
-- Akako Oromo were killed "many of them" in 1619
HDK88 Akako (Ak'ak'o, Aqaqo) 0949'/3817' 2574 m 09/38 [AA Gz q]
HDL24 Akako 0917'/3848' 2659 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL53 Akako, two at 2 km distance 09/38 [AA Gz]
0933' and 35'/3845', 2343 and 2535 m
HD... Akako (centre in 1964 of Ambisa sub-district) 09/38 [+ Ad]
HEA32 Akako, see Kako
HDT72 Akako Boreda kebele (.. Boräda ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in the north-western corner of Debre Sina wereda,
15 km west of Mekane Selam; area 2,837 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCL.. Akako Tumano, in Shebedino wereda, with stele site 06/38 [n]
akaku (O) race, breed, kind /of animal or plant/
akal (Geez?) religious crown; (A,T) body; individuality;
akkele (akkälä) (A) to equal, to be level with;
akele (akälä) (T) to be sufficient; akkal (T) person; organ,
flesh; (aqal) patient, calm; akwale (aqwalä) (T) to shelter
Akale, a male personal name
HDL70 Akale 0945'/3828' 2542 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Gebre Guracha
JED12 Akaley (Acalei, Acale) (mountain) 10/42 [+ WO Gu Gz]
1059'/4241' 1153 m
HEK64 Akam (Acam) 12/37 [+ WO]
HEK66 Akam (Acam) 1219'/3802' 1935 m 12/38 [+ WO Gz]
GDU20 Akamsha (Acamscia) 10/34 [+ WO]
HEJ04 Akanta Maryam 11/37 [Ch]
akar (T) tuber; akara (aqara) (A) sheaf of grain
GDF96c Akar 08/34? [Wa]
HEJ68 Akara Maryam (Acara Mariam) 12/37 [+ Gu Gz]
1218'/3722' 1795 m
HCN56 Akari (Acari, Acheri) 0746'/3522' 2236 m 07/35 [+ Gz]
HDF92 Akarmit 0901'/3935' 1687 m 09/39 [Gz]
HFC.. Akat 13/37 [20]
HEC14 Akayta (Acaita, Achfa, Ascifa) 1056'/3659' 2613 m, 10/36 [+ WO Gz]
see under Injibara
Coordinates would give map code HEC04
HEC14 Akayta Medhane Alem (Akaita .. ..) 10/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Injibara sub-district)
HEU93 Akaza 1331'/3940' 2445 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFK16 Akbetsa (Ak'bets'a, Aqbetsa) 1435'/3805' 1448 m 14/38 [Gz q]
H.... Ake Werk sub-district (A. Work ..) 13/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Zwa)
akeb..: bora, boraa (O) snout, muzzle; upstanding
front part of saddle /and several other meanings/
HDL81 Akebora 0950'/3831' 2854 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDG64 Akeche (Akech'e) 0940'/3511' 1557 m 09/35 [Gz]
GDF00 Akedo (Acado) 0811'/3421' 467 m 08/34 [Gz]
akele (akkälä) (A) be equal, be worth
HDM13 Akele 0911'/3941' 1505 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDM34 Akermit kebele (Akärmit ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Berehet wereda; area 2,038 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEU82 Akeseba (Auseba, Auzeba, Anseba) 13/39 [Gz WO Gu It]
1323'/3934' 2235 m (with church Maryam),
see also under Amba Aradam
HCH80 Akesho, see Akisho
HDT98c Akesta, see Akista
HD... Akeyo sub-district (centre in 1964 = Abile Beza) 09/37 [Ad]
HDJ85 Akeyu 0948'/3707' 2502 m 09/37 [Gz]
(with church Kidane Mihret)
HDK29 Akeyu 0914'/3819' 2583 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEU83 Akeza 1328'/3942' 2597 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE60 Akfen (Ak'fen, Aqfen, Adi Acfel) 14/38 [Gz q]
1410'/3829' 1769 m
?? Akia Selassie (in Arsi) ../.. [20]
HDF80c Akilal kebele 08/39 [Ad]
far to the west in Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
5 km west-southwest of Balchi; area 605 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET58 Akini sub-district (centre in 1964 = Samre) 13/39 [Ad]
HCP62 Akisho (Acchiscio) 0748'/3553' 2369 m 07/35 [+ Gu Gz]
HCH80 Akisho sub-district (Akesho ..) 07/35 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Kaka)

akist (A) aunt; akwista, akusta, akosta (aqost'a) (A)

clawless otter, Aonyx capensis,
spotted-necked otter, Lutra maculicollis
HEE08 Akista (Ak'sta, Akesta, Aqesta), cf Aksta 10/39 [MS Gz Po Ad]
1051'/3911' 2918 m, near map code HDT98
(centre in 1964 of Legambo wereda & of Dalo Bet sub-district)
Within a radius of 10 km there is at
2E Kindo kebele
5E Mosebit kebele
8E Bwabwata kebele
10E Mego kebele
9SE Ayt kebele
9SE Aselel kebele
5S Gwol kebele
4SW Tikise kebele
8SW Yilada kebele
9SW Dikicha kebele
4W Yekwoshi kebele
6W Kibib kebele
10W Gwolehito kebele
5NW Welelet kebele
6N Temu kebele
6NE Denbesho kebele
10NE Chiro kebele
/another Akista?:/
town in Dese Zuriya wereda (-1999-)
HDF06 Akiya Gebriel (church) 0809'/3953' 08/39 [Gz]
aklil (A,T) crown, for deacons in the form of a stiff cap;
-- Aklil (Gurage) name of a Christian sub-group speaking West Gurage
HDD04 Aklil (Aclil) (area) 08/37 [+ WO]
HDD15 Aklil (Akilil, Eucaga) 0814'/3802' 2229 m 08/38 [Gz Ad x]
(centre -1957-1964- of Welene wereda)
ako: akkoo (O) grandmother
HCC88 Ako 0613'/3722' 3012 m 06/37 [Gz]
JEH95 Akoba (hills) 12/41 [WO Ne]
GCS65 Akobo 282 m, see also Tirgol 07/33 [n]
GCS66 Akobo Wenz (Acobo, Ajuba) 0747'/3303' 07/33 [Gz Mi Gu]
(border river, Nahr Akubu in Sudan, Fre: Kaï Ouha)
in Amharic also Qey Wiha ('Red Water') or Berbere Wenz;
Akobo is included in some maps of Ethiopia, but there is
at least the place Akubu/Akobo about 5 km inside Sudan
GCS65 Akobo wereda (centre in 1964 = Tirgol) 07/33 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 37 rural kebeles but no urban one.
HDM43 Akodada kebele (Aqodada ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda rather far to the east,
16-21 km south-southwest of Ankober; area 1,176 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFE.. Akofa (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 14/39 [Ad]
HFE59 Akofa Mikael (church) 1405'/3917'
HFE42c Akora (Ahora), in Tsada Amba area 14/39 [x]
The rock-hewn church of Inda Kirkos is not mentioned in Sauter 1976.
JDK04 Akoya 0904'/4256' 1475 m 09/42 [Gz]
HEJ70 Akshera (Acscera, Acsera) 1225'/3639' 908 m 12/36 [+ WO Gz]
HDT98 Aksta, see Akista
HDU90 Aksta (Ak'sta, Aqsta, Cast, Casta) 10/39 [Gz q WO]
1051'/3911' 2918 m
HEE19c Aksta 11/39 [Br]

Aksum, written Aquaxumo by Alvares in 1520; Akwisim would be a

variant in Tigrinya
HFE63 Aksum (Axum, Akesum) 1408'/3843' 2132/2150 m 14/38 [Gz Gu WO]
Centre -1964-1987- of Aksum awraja, Maychew Belai wereda,
Durra sub-district, and Gebgeb sub-district.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
..E Mai Shum (reservoir, "Bath of Queen Sheba")
10E Adi K'edawit (Inda Iyesus, Enda Jesus) (village) 2191 m
10S Dereka (rock chapel)
8SW Kiwadat
1W Adi Kilte (archaeological site)
2W Beta Giyorgis (hill, archaeological site)
5W Gebedera (arch. area with quarry for monoliths,
=Gobedra? with rock incisions, Wuchate Golo)
2NW Ona Enda Aboi Zague (archaeological site)
5N Enda Abba Pentalewon (.. .. Pantaleuon) (sanctuary)
5N Godra (Goda) (waterhole) 2143 m
10N May Wellel (Mai Uollel)
1NE May Koho (Mai Coho, M.Qoho) (high plateau)
3NE Likanos (Licanos) (mountain) 2339 m
5.. Adi Hankera
6.. Gebre Tela (G. Tala) 2187 m
(hill and church Abune Ment'eliyon)
8.. Adi Gu'i
8.. Atsiwa
9.. Dura
10.. Deraga
10.. Gure
? Zeban Waleka (Z. Ualeca) (saddle)
HFE62 Aksum awraja 1410'/3840' 14/38 [Gz Ad]
(centre -1964-1980- = Aksum)
HFC42 Aksum Cherker (Acsum Cercher) (area) 880 m 13/36 [+ WO]
HEK17 Aktena 1156'/3810' 2465 m 11/38 [Gz]
JDH66 Aktimu 0940'/4115' 910 m 09/41 [Gz]
HCS62 Aktu (Actu) 0747'/3742' 1936 m 07/37 [+ n]
aku, haku (aquu, haquu) (O) wipe off /mud or semi-liquid/
HDE92 Aku (Acu) 08/38 [+ WO]
GDF12 Akude (Acude) 08/34 [+ WO]
akuku, akukkuu (O) kind of tree and its fruit
GDF76 Akuku 0848'/3454' 1576 m 08/34 [Gz]
HDH85 Akuku 0951'/3613' 2133 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDH95 Akuku 0952'/3612' 1985 m 09/36 [Gz]
JEJ84 Akulle (Aculle) 1231'/4201' or 4202' 563/616 m 12/42 [18 Gz]
HEC43 Akunda (Acunda) (with church), see under Dangila 11/36 [+ It]
HDU90 Akusho Ager (Ak'usho A., Aqusho A.) 10/39 [Gz q]
1046'/3924' 2816 m
akwali (aqwali) (T) patience, calmness
HEC27 Akwali (Aquali) (area) 11/37 [+ WO]
HFC07 Akworki (Acuorchi) 2174 m, cf Akab Workei 13/37 [+ WO]
HCU42 Akya (Achia) (area) 07/39 [+ WO]
HEB74 Akyaw (Achiau) (area) 11/36 [+ WO]
HEJ85 Akyel (Ch'elga, Celga, Kilga) 1233'/3704' 2146 m, 12/37 [Gz n]
cf Chilga
al bube: bube (O) wind, storm
JD... Al Bube (in the Harar region) 09/42? [Mi]
HFD87 Al Daro, see Adi Daro
HFF32 Al Nejashi, see Negash
ala (O) 1. outdoors; 2. future hope; alaa (O) kind of grain;
ala (Afar) 1. wild animals; 2. white man; (T) sympathetic
-- Ala, name of a Wello Oromo tribe and of a group of
-- tribes of eastern Oromo in the Harar region.
HCJ01 Ala 0625'/3643' 1616 m 06/36 [Gz]
HDL50 Ala 0934'/3830' 1932 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL53 Ala 0934'/3846' 2614 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEM13 Ala, see Alla
HFF06c Ala (Adat Cussra) 1360 m 13/39 [Gu]
JDH26 Ala 0916'/4117' 1795 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ11 Ala 0914'/4142' 2830 m (mountain) 09/41 [Gz]
JEP61 Ala, see Alo
JFA13 Ala (Adat Cussra) 1340'/4002' 632 m 13/40 [18 WO Ne]
HEK97 Ala Amba 12/38 [Wa]
JDK20 Ala Hago 0916'/4234' 1543 m 09/42 [Gz]
alaba (O) flag; (A) produce income from land;
alabe (A) make to sweat; allebe (alläbä) (A) milked;
aleba (T) cloth, tissue;
--Alaba, Allaaba, a Moslem group of Sidama-speaking people (sub-group related to the Kembata)
-- Alaba language (Alaaba ..)
Alaba, also a male name among the Mecha Oromo.
HCS07 Alaba (place) 0735'/3835' 07/38 [MS]
HCS07 Alaba (area, also historically recorded) 07/38 [WO Pa]
alaba ku..: kuli (kuulii) (O) kohl, eye shadow
HCS06 Alaba Kulito (A. K'ulito, A. Kulitto) (village) 07/38 [Gz Ad Te Po]
(K'olito, Colito, Golito, Goluto, Goluta, Gulitu) 07/38 [LM Gz WO Wa]
0718'/3807' 1726 m or 0719'/3805' 1790 m
(centre in 1964 of Alaba wereda & Tuka sub-district.)
HDH99 Alaba Meda (mountain) 0954'/3635' 2133 m 09/36 [Gz]
near map code HDJ90
HCS06 Alaba wereda 07/38 [n 20 En]
(-1994-) is divided into 84 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
-- Alabdu, an ethnic group
HDT15 Alabo kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Weremo Wajitu & Mida wereda,
11-15 km south of Rema; area 1,832 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HBK17 Alabor (area) 03/38 [WO]
HCL81 Alacha (Gebel Alascia) 0707'/3834' 1833 m 07/38 [WO Gz]
village near the road just before lake Awasa
alada, alaada (O) half /of money or things to pay with/
HEF50 Alada 1119'/3925' 1980 m 11/39 [Gz]
JEH00 Aladdura (area) 11/40 [WO]
JDJ16 Aladi 0910'/4208' 1825 m 09/42 [Gz]
HEJ13 Alafa, see Alefa
alaga (O) stranger, non-relative
HDF54 Alaga (Algo) 0838'/3940' 1232 m 08/39 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would gice map code HDF55

HEU31 Alage (Alage Ber), see Amba Alage

HEU42c Alage Milash sub-district (Alagie ..) 13/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Betmera)
HEU.. Alage wereda (Alaje ..) 12/39 [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 27 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
HE... Alagedo (centre in 1964 of Kulamaso sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
JCL33 Alaghol (waterhole) 06/43 [WO]
HEU71 Alagi (It: Bivio Alagi) 2030/2157 m, cf Amba Alage 13/39 [WO Gu]
HFE18 Alah 1340'/3914' 2238 m 13/39 [Gz]
alah s..: seto, seet'o (O) remnant of grain in a granary
HEF34 Alah Seto (A. Set'o, A. Set) 1112'/3945' 2289 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDM44 Alah Yirdo kebele (.. Yerdo ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda at its eastern border,
16-20 km south-southwest of Ankober; area 2,004 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCJ08 Alaha 0622'/3723' 1817 m 06/37 [Gz]
GDU46 Alahmer 1019'/3458' 828 m 10/34 [Gz]
H.... Alai sub-district (centre in 1964 = Koki) 10/39 [Ad]
JDG36 Alaideghi, see Aleaduga
JFA65c Alaila (waterhole) 14/40 [Ne]
JEP40 Alaita (Alaheta) (volcanic range) 1302'/4039', 13/40 [Ne WO 18 Gz]
two peaks over 1000 m
HEU.. Alaje wereda, see Alage wereda
HEU71 Alaji, see Amba Alage
?? Alaka, with Mursi and Kwegu people ../.. [x]
HFF90 Alakma (Alak'ma, Alaqma) 1423'/3922' 2173 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam)
alal: allal (Som/H.Salt), the Seven Stars, the Pleiades
HFE29 Alal 1349'/3917' 2173 m 13/39 [Gz]
alala (O) 1. far away; 2. cud /such as a cow will chew/;
3. raw meat eaten as food
HBJ83 Alala 0424'/3657' 914 m 04/36 [Gz]
mountain partly inside Kenya
HC... Alala (centre 1964 of Kindo sub-district) 06/37? [Ad]
HDU80 Alala 1042'/3921' 2729 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDG14 Alala 09/40 [WO]
HDU36 Alala Aman Gebeya kebele 10/39 [Ad]
across southern Efrata & Gidim wereda,
10-15 km south-southwest of Efeson; area 3,406 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEJ62 Alalagera (Alalaghera) (ridge) 1220'/4149' 12/41 [+ WO Gz]
HCL82c Alalcha, south of Shashemene at Abaro mountain 07/38 [x]
alale (O) kinds of tree, Croton sp., Ficus sp.
JEB87 Alalnaba (hills & place) 1139'/4120' 373 m 11/41 [Ne Gu Gz]
JEB83 Alalobbada (Alalobad) 394 m 11/41 [WO It]
(hot springs), see under Tendaho
alaltu (A) tree with wood used for boats, Acacia aquatica?
alaltuu, alalu?, alatu? (O) kind of shrub or small tree,
Salix subserrata
HDG55 Alaltu (river valley) 09/35 [Mi]
HDL07 Alaltu, see Aliltu
HDL17c Alaltu (vast plain) 09/39 [Ch]
HDL18 Alaltu, see Aleltu
alama (A,T) sign, flag, goal, intention, purpose in view;
stick at the top of the Meskel bonfire
alame (A) reduce to fine powder;
aleme (alämä) (T) train, educate
HEJ98 Alama (mountain) 1238'/3722' 2495/2775 m 12/37 [WO Gu Gz]
?? Alamale (Elamale), cf Aymellel
small kingdom in southern Ethiopia in the 1400s
?? Alamanta (Alamata?) sub-district (-1997-) ../.. [n]
HEE79 Alamata, cf Kobbe & Alamata awraja 11/39
HEM72 Alamata (Alamatta, Allamata, Alimata, Alomata) 12/39 [Ad Po Br WO]
(Allomata, Alemata)
1225'/3937' or /3933' 1520/1533 m
(centre at least 1964-1980 of Raya & Kobo awraja,
in 1964 also of Alamata wereda & Alamata sub-district)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
8SE Alamata plain (below many curves of the road)
10SE Arelle (village)
6S Tao (area)
7W Tatare (Tatara) (village) 1473 m
5N Delesa (area)
10NE Dayu (Diau) (village) 1545 m
HEM72 Alamata wereda (-1964-2000s-) 12/39 [Ad n]
(-1994-) is divided into 19 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
HCK16c Alame, area east of northernmost lake Abaya 06/38 [x]
alame (A) reduce to fine powder; ager (A) land, district, country
HDF93 Alame Agher, see Ahmed Ager
HDM30 Alamesno 0921'/3920' 2840 m 09/39 [Gz]
JBR35 Alamshindo, see Lema Shilindi
HE... Alamta (centre in 1964 of Gosh Wiha sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
alamu (A) the goal, the target, the purpose;
alemu (A) the world
HCN08 Alamu (Alamo) 0723'/3535' 2418 m 07/35 [WO Gz]
(mountain), cf Elemo
alanga, alangee (O) whip, symbol of the rule of law;
alenga (A) whip
HCG73 Alanga (river valley) 0707'/3506' 07/35 [Mi Gz]
affluent of the Gilo
HEJ57 Alangai, see under Gorgora 12/37 [WO]
HCL84 Alangana, in Kofele wereda 07/38 [20]
?? Alango (Alangu?) ../.. [x]
HDF50 Alankebeti Mikael (Alank'ebeti ..) (church) 08/39 [Gz]
0840'/3920', near the railway
HEF43 Alansho kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern Kuta Ber wereda, 9 km north-northwest
of Dessie; area 2,224 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL90 Alante 0956'/3828' 2123 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDE00 Alarbett (area) 08/43 [WO]
GCM53 Alarra, see Allara
HCL81 Alascia, see Alacha
HDT39 Alash 1014'/3916' 2367 m 10/39 [Gz]
H.... Alata (Allata) 06/38 [x]
Concerning stone bridge built in 1626, see Tis Isat Dildiy
HED61c Alata (historical), at the Abay SE of Bahir Dar 11/37 [x]
alati: allatti, alaatii (O) vulture; any large inedible
bird; alatti-fardo (A) bustard, large savannah bird,
Choriotis spp. etc
HDP77 Alati (between Dura river and Berbera) 10/36 [Ch]
H.... Alatta, see Alata
HDJ33 Alatti 0919'/3652' 1514 m 09/36 [WO Gz]
alatu (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Salix subserrata
HCT54 Alatu, see Gara Alutu
JDS15 Alaua, see Halaua
HFF01 Alaur 1334'/3927' 1948 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HEC74 Alavata (on map of 1868) 11/37 [18]
HFD46 Alawgen (Alaughen, Alugui) (mountain) 13/38 [+ WO Gu Gz]
(Mihira'i Sheyt'an Terara) 1356'/3806' 1705, 2318/2389 m
JDR05 Alawnek (Alaunech) (area) 755 m 09/42 [+ WO]
albasa: allabbese (A) invaded, spread all over /said e.g. of an army/;
albese (albäsä) (T) to dress
JDK38 Albasa, G. (area & place) 0918'/4310' 1782 m 09/43 [WO Gz]
HDL89 Albasa & Moga kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern Moret & Jiru wereda at its southern border,
8 km south-east of Inewari; area 1,058 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
albaso (A) hairdo of narrow braids; thin, rough thatch
HCT46 Albaso (Albasso) (area) 07/39 [WO x]
HET18 Albeta 1249'/3911' 2044 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDU95 Albiko (in south Wello), see Albuko
HEF30 Albiko kebele (Albeko ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Kuta Ber wereda,
25 km west of Dessie; area 3,235 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDE57 Albino 0839'/3906' 1828 m 08/39 [Gz]
HEE58 Albishiny 1123'/3909' 2117 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDU84 Albuko (Albuco) (area) 10/39 [+ WO x]
HDU95 Albuko (Albukko, Albuco, Albukoterie, Albiko) 10/39 [Gz WO]
(Degaga, Degega) 1047'/3947' 1457 m
Coordinates would give map code HDU94
H.... Albuko Degaga (Alebuko ..) (in Kalu awraja) 11/39? [+ Ad]
HDU95 Albuko wereda (centre in 1964 = Albuko Tere) 10/39 [Ad]
HDL32 Albuna 0921'/3840' 2541 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEH77 Alcadid, see Alkadid
JEH08c Alcarun, see Kurub Bahari
JCH25c Alchak 06/41 [Wa]
HDT65 Alchaya kebele 10/39 [Ad]
GDM91 Alcongo, see Alkongo
JCH64 Aldie (Haloie) 0653'/4104' 1112 m 06/41 [WO Gz]
ale (A) to say, to tell; alle (A) there is
HDA18 Ale (Alie) 08/35 [LM WO]
HDD28 Ale 0822'/3814' 2759 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDG29 Ale 0917'/3538' 1828 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDL37 Ale 0922'/3906' 2717 m 09/39 [Gz]
JDH50 Ale (area) 09/40 [WO]
JDJ57 Ale 0931'/4219' 2595 m (with church Giyorgis) 09/42 [Gz]
ale b..: bamba (A) tree with wide trunk, baobab or wild fig
HEE78 Ale Bamba (Alebamba) 1131'/3913' 2094 m 11/39 [+ n]
HEE79 Ale Bamba (Alebamba) 1130'/3919' 2362 m 11/39 [WO n]
JEJ55 Ale Gonidola, c300 m 12/42 [WO]
village on the Assab road about 50 km from the Eritrean border
HDD56 Ale Maryam (church) 0840'/3805' 08/38 [Gz]
H.... Ale sub-district (Alie ..) (-1964-1997-) 07/38? [n Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Dugda)
HD... Ale wereda (Aallee ..), in Illubabor, 08/36? [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 69 rural and 6 urban kebeles.
JDG36 Aleaduga (Alaideghi), see Bonta Meda
HDB92 Alebanta 0901'/3554' 1755 m 09/35 [Gz]
H.... Alebuko .., see Albuko ..
?? Alecho Werero ../.. [20]
alefa (A) surplus, overfull; allefe (alläfä) (A) 1. passed
beyond; 2. was contagious;
Abba Alef, one of the "Nine Saints" of the 500s
HEJ13 Alefa (Aläfa, Alafa) 1157'/3652' 1827/c2250 m 11/36 [Gz WO Gu x]
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
8NW Gandi (area) 1832 m, peak 2410 m
H.... Alefa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Shahura) 11/37 [Ad]
H.... Alefa Takusa sub-district (-1997-2005-) 11/37 [n]
(.. Taqusa .., .. Takussa ..)
HEJ24 Alefa wereda (centre in 1964 = Dengel Ber) 11/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 85 rural and 5 urban kebeles.
GCU14 Alegari 0720'/3441' 504 m 07/34 [WO Gz]
HEM21c Alehuwa (should be Alewuha?) 19 km from Weldiya 11/39 [n]
JDH.. Alejer, town in Afdem wereda 09/41 [20]
?? Aleji (plateau in southern Tigray) (Alage?) ../.. [n]
aleka (aläqa) (A) head of a debr church; campaign commander, chief
GD... Aleka Tabor (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
HEE96 Alekicha Kahinate Semay (Alek'icha ..) 11/39 [Gz]
(church) 1143'/3901'
?? Alekit (Aläqet) early monastery in the north ../.. [En]
GDF55 Aleku 0838'/3447' 1835 m 08/34 [Gz]
HDA62c Aleku 08/35 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Aleku Gelan sub-district)
aleku a..: ambo (O) 1. mineral water; 2. thorn tree
GD... Aleku Ambo (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
aleku b..: boro, boroo (O) behind, backyard;
back space inside a house
GD... Aleku Boro (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
Aleku e..: edo (O) kosso tree, Hagenia
GD... Aleku Edo (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
GD... Aleku Gambi (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
-- aleku ge..: Gelan, an Oromo tribe
GD... Aleku Gelan sub-district 08/34 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Aleku) (in Kelem awraja)
HEE37 Aleku kebele (Aläku ..) 11/38 [Ad]
north-south strip of land in south-easternmost Mekdela wereda,
10-20 km south of Masha; area 3,614 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
aleku y..: yadi (O) 1 female buffalo;
2. promise, word of honour
GD... Aleku Yadi (in Kelem awraja) 08/34 [Ad]
HFF70 Alekwa (Alequa) amba 3290 m, pass c3010 m 14/39 [18 WO Gu Gz]
1412' or 15'/3925', see under Adigrat
?? Alelo Wendo /Alelu ..?/ ../.. [x]

aleltu (alältu) (A) plant used for making enclosures for livestock;
alaltuu (O) willow-like tree which grows near water
HDD38 Aleltu 0827'/3816' 2529 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDG94 Aleltu 0952'/3510' 1534 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDJ12 Aleltu 0912'/3651' 1957 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDL08 Aleltu, see Aliltu
HDL18 Aleltu (Alaltu, Aliltu) 0912'/3909' 2631 m 09/39 [Gz WO n]
(with church Giyorgis)
H.... Aleltu (centre in 1964 of Loya Chomen sub-district) 09/37? [Ad]
HDL26 Aleltu 0914'/3902' 3099 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDL32 Aleltu 0921'/3841' 2482 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL36 Aleltu 0919'/3901' 2770 m 09/39 [AA Gz]
HDT86 Aleltu kebele (Alältu ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central northern Kelela wereda,
16 km west of Lugama; area 1,083 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL18 Aleltu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mikawa) 09/39 [Ad n]
HDL18 Aleltu wereda, 09/39 [Ad]
see also Bereh & Aleltu wereda
HCL92 Alelu (near Shashemene) 0713'/3836' 1976 m 07/38 [Gz]
HCT01 Alelu 0716'/3831' 1758/1773 m 07/38 [WO Gz]
HDC47 Alelu (with fort) 08/37 [WO Gz]
0834'/3712' 1653 m, cf Agelu
HDK79 Alelu 0946'/3824' 2211 m, near map code HDL70, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Gebre Guracha
alem (A,T) world, universe; alem ager (A) world country?
H.... Alem, town in Dale Lalo wereda ../.. [20]
HEF93 Alem Agegnehu kebele 11/39 [Ad]
somewhat to the west at the northern border of Habru wereda,
8 km south-east of Weldiya; area 2,078 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF93 Alem Ager, see Ahmed Ager
HDD05 Alem Gebeya 0810'/3759' 2208 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDM44 Alem Gebeya 0926'/3947' 2047 m 09/39 [Gz]
one of the above is in Alaba wereda
alem gen.: gena (A,T) still, yet, even now; not yet;
genna (A) kind of game played at Christmas time;
alem gena (A) world still existing?
?? Alem Gena (according to Cecil Bødker) ../.. [x]
(not the village near Sebeta, this one further to the south?)
HCT04 Alem Gena 0718'/3851' 2549 m 07/38 [Gz]
HDE82 Alem Gena 0855'/3839' 2369 m 08/38 [Ca WO Gz]
(with church Mikael), see under Sebeta
JCG84 Alem Gena 0706'/4011' 2452 m 07/40 [Gz]
HDF71 Alem Gena kebele (Aläm Gäna ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in south-western Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
9-12 km south of Balchi; area 1,316 hectares.
[CSA 1994)
HDH09 Alem Gena Mikael (church) 0908'/3634' 09/36 [Gz]
HDE82 Alem Gena wereda (centre in 1964 = Sebeta) 08/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 63 rural and 5 urban kebeles.
alem ketema (A) world city
HDT04 Alem Ketema (A. Kitema) 1000'/3850' 09/39 [MS Po]
(centre at least 1964-80 of Merhabete awraja)
HDT16 Alem Ketema (A. Catema, A. Katma) 10/39 [Gz WO]
1005'/3902' 1989 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at
4E Zeyta kebele
5E Watwari kebele
8E Inchimegn kebele
2SE Zoma kebele
5SE Giret kebele
5SE Ansho Begwol kebele
4S Delema & Mesano kebele
5S Geb & Kechechiwa kebele
7S Berkato kebele
9S Afezez & Kwat kebele
10S Geren kebele
2SW Amden kebele
7SW Imbima kebele
9SW Merkesh kebele
3W Agerit kebele
4W Gedeb kebele
6W Werego Mesobit kebele
10W Remeshet kebele
4NW Kum Amba kebele
4N Koso Terehina kebele
4NE Mazhek kebele
5NE Yesa kebele
8NE Ses Amba kebele
9NE Magas kebele
10NE Sergina kebele
alem maya (A) place where on experiences pleasure
Alem Maya is an Amharic name which was introduced instead
of Haramaya in Oromo language
JDJ34 Alem Maya (Alemaya) MS: 0910'/4202' 09/42 [Gz MS Te Ca]
Alem Maya, Gz: 0924'/4201' 2047 m, cf Haramaya village
MS coordinates would give map code JDJ14 - too far south?
(centre in the 2000s of Alemayaa wereda and
of Numu Abado sub-district)
Alem Maya, cf Haramaya village
JDJ34 Alem Maya wereda (Alemaya .., Alemayya) 09/42 [x 20]
alem meda (A) world field
HDL33 Alem Meda (Alemeda), village north of A. Abeba 09/38 [Ro WO]
alem teferi (A) world of Teferi (=Ras Teferi Mekonnen)?
HDA85 Alem Teferi 0854'/3514' 1584 m 08/35 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Dale wereda)
alem tena (t'ena) (A) world of health
HDE16 Alem Tena (A. Tenna) MS: 0815'/3900' 08/38 [Gz MS Po]
Gz: 0818'/3857' 1612 m
alemagrar: alem grar (A) world of acacia?
HES34 Alemagrar 13/37 [WO]
JBP71 Alemanyo (Alemagno) (area) 05/40 [+ WO]
HEM72 Alemata, see Alamata
JDJ33 Alemaya 0922'/4155' 2090 m, see Alem Maya 09/41 [MS]
HDL33 Alemeda, see Alem Meda
aleni da..: damota, daamota, damote (O) cold, low temperature
HCK53 Aleni Damota, see under Soddo 06/37 [WO]
GCM53 Alerra, see Allara
alet (alät) (A) hard stone, rock; alet (T) race, kind;
allete (allät'ä) (A) not spiced
HEF62 Alet 1127'/3935' 1748 m 11/39 [Gz]
JDE71 Alet (area) 08/43 [WO]
HCL20 Aleta (Allata) (historical ketema) 09/40 [Gz 18 Gu]
0636'/3827' 2081 m
HDL73 Aleta 0946'/3845' 2765 m (with church Maryam) 09/38 [Gz]
HEC38 Aleta Maryam (Aleta Mariam) 11/37 [+ WO]
aleta w..: wondo (O) kind of spindly shrub or tree
HCL21 Aleta Wendo (A.Wondo, Aletta .., Allata) 06/38 [LM Po Gu]
(a former governor's ketema), see also under Wendo
HCL30? Aleta Wendo (North) sub-district (-1997-) 06/38 [n]
HCL30? Aleta Wendo (South) sub-district (-1997-) 06/38 [n]
HCL30 Aleta Wendo wereda (centre in 1964 = Wendo) 06/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 57 rural and 5 urban kebeles.
aletis: aleyti (T) guardians
HDK99 Aletis (Alet'is) 0956'/3823' 2479 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Tulu Milki
HD... Aleuwa (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35 [Ad]
HDM93 Alew Amba kebele (Aläw ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
6 km south-east of Sela Dingay; area 784 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU74 Alewak (Alleuaka) 10/39 [LM WO]
HEM.. Alewuha, a little north-east of Weldiya 11/39 [n]
HDT58 Aley kebele (Aläy ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Jema wereda at its north-western border,
8 km west of Degolo; area 2,736 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Aleydegi, plain along the Middle Awash Valley ../.. [x]
HDL87 Aleyo kebele (Aläyo ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda, 16 km south-west of
Inewari and 5 km west of Saya Debir settlement; area 1,218 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEH17 Aleytali (Aleitali) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HDM55 Aleyu Amba, see Aliyu Amba
HDA87c Alfe (river valley in the Yubdo area) 08/35? [Mi]
HEJ44c Alfga (church) 12/37 [x]
alga (A) throne; bedstead; algaa (O) bed;
-- Alga, name of an Ittu tribe of eastern Oromo
HBS94 Alga 05/37 [Wa]
HCC40 Alga, see Jinka, cf Alga Jinka below
HCD28 Alga, see Agere Maryam
HCN85 Alga (locality) 0800'/3515' 08/35 [WO Gz]
HDA37 Alga 08/35 [WO]
HDA47 Alga 0833'/3526' 1664 m 08/35 [Gz]
HDC45 Alga 0835'/3707' 1718 m 08/37 [Gz Ad WO]
(centre in 1964 of Nono Merdasa sub-district)
JEJ43 Alga (wells) 1206'/4149' 12/41 [WO Gz]
HC... Alga Jinka (in Geleb & Hamerbako awraja) 05/36 [Ad]
HC... Alga sub-district (centre in 1964 = Gabbo) 07/35? [Ad]
HE... Alga Tinche (ctr in 1964 of Amora Gedel sub-district) 11/37 [Ad]
JEP80 Alganda (hill) 13/40 [Ne]
algaundi k..: koma (A) 1. sterile land; kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qooma) instant killing
JEP63 Algaundi Koma (Algandi Coma, Algondi Goma) 13/41 [WO Gz LM]
(Koma) 1314'/4100' 135 m, at lake Afrera
alge (O) collective word for lianes and climbers, also
bowstring hemp, Sansevieria guineensis, a plant of the
agave family with thick leaves; silk on an ear of corn
HBU70 Alge (Alghe) 0511'/3920' 1219 m 05/39 [+ WO Gz]
HCD28 Alge, see Agere Maryam
HCD93 Alge (Uolighe, Wolige, Wolage, Golma) (island) 06/37 [Gz WO Gu n]
0620'/3750' 1168 m
in lake Abaya, at HCK04 on WO map
HCN67c Alge 07/35 [LM]
HCP69 Alge 0750'/3632' 1832 m 07/36 [WO Gz]
HCR98 Alge (Algo) 0804'/3722' 1659 m 08/37 [Gz WO]
HDA69 Alge (Algie) 0842'/3537' 1646 m 08/35 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Darimu wereda)
HDK42 Alge 0929'/3746' 1444 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
JDH58 Alge (Alghe) (area) 09/41 [+ WO]
HDU73 Alge & Wentela kebele (Algé & Wäntäla ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in the middle of the western border of Gishe Rabel wereda,
5 km east of Were Ilu; area 3,442 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Alge wereda (-1998-) ../.. [n]
?? Algeta (farm in the Awash valley) ../.. [x]
JDG45 Algeyta (Algheita) 09/40 [+ WO]
HCD28 Alghe (Alga), see Agere Maryam
algi (Kefa O) kind of spindly shrub or tree,
Dracaena afromontana; (Borana) Sanseviera ehrenbergia
HDK93c Algi (Tateso) (at right and left of the Abay river) 09/37 [Ch]
JDD49 Algit (area) 08/43 [WO]
HCR98 Algo, see Alge
HDF54 Algo, see Alaga
algondi ..: goma (A) hornless /animal/
JEP63 Algondi Goma, shore -80 m, see also Algaundi Koma 13/41 [LM WO]
-- Algude, a small ethnic group in the south-west
HCC69 Algudi 0601'/3726' 1741 m 06/37 [WO Gz]
HCT.? Alham, ruins of settlement on a mountain 07/39? [x]
?? Alhesm (south-east of Guba) ../.. [Mi]
ali (language?) mountain?
-- ali: Warra Ali (=Ali people/family) name of a Jarso tribe
of the eastern Oromo,
Ali is also a common Muslim male name
HCU06 Ali (area & place) 0715'/3956' 2453 m 07/39 [Gz]
HCU06 Ali (area) 07/39 [WO]
HDD00 Ali (Alli) (mountain) 0811'/3735' 1392 m 08/37 [WO Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Derge sub-district), see under Abelti
HDJ73 Ali 0944'/3652' 1605 m 09/36 [Gz]
JD... Ali (centre in 1964 of Dewero sub-district) 09/42 [Ad]
H.... Ali Abasambi sub-district (centre in 1964 = Koriese) 08/35? [+ Ad]
HE... Ali Ager (centre in 1964 of Beke Korati sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
ali bekali: bekela (beeqelaa) (O) horse bean, Faba bona;
bekollo (bäqqollo) (A) maize
JDP49 Ali Bekali (A. Becalli, A. Beccali) 10/41 [Ha Gz WO]
(locality) 1025'/4130'
HDK98 Ali Berdada 0957'/3814' 2472 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
H.... Ali Bet sub-district (.. Biet) 10/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Sert)
ali bo..: bogo (Som) finish with
JEN98 Ali Bogo (lava plain) 13/40 [18 Ne WO]
JFB01 Ali Bogo (Ali Bugo) (lava plain) 1335'/4045' 13/40 [Gz]
H.... Ali Brussa sub-district (Aliebrussa ..) 08/36 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Brussa)
ali buk..: buko, bukoo, boko (A,O) yeast, fermented dough;
buko (Kefa) pumpkin, gourd; buko (Som) become sick
?? Ali Buko (Fre: Ali Bouco), possibly same as Albuko? ../.. [x]
?? Ali Bursa = Ali Brussa? ../.. [x]
ali dera: dera, deeraa (O) tall, long: slow;
dera (dära) (A) grass used for thatching roofs
HDL61 Ali Dera (A. Dore) 0937'/3834' 2587 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(place with church Maryam)
mountain peak at 0937'/3833' 2327 m
HDL61 Ali Dera sub-district (centre in 1964 = Dire) 09/38 [Ad]
?? Ali Derar (mountain in Jimma) ../.. [x]
JDP44 Ali Fuo (area) 10/41 [WO]
ali ge..: geddi, gedde (A) kind of falcon; geeddi (Som)
1. caravan, migration traveller; 2. kind of thin string
JDR58 Ali Gedi 1025'/4220' 902 m 10/42 [Gz]
HDM.. Ali Gimb 09/39 [n]
?? Ali Guder, with postal agent (sub-post office) ../.. [Po]
JDH46 Ali Ibrahim 0926'/4118' 1552 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ27 Ali Keno (A. K'eno, A. Qeno) 0917'/4214' 1512 m 09/42 [Gz q]
ali ko..: koma (A) 1. sterile land; kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qooma) instant killing
HDC32 Ali Koma sub-district (Aliekoma) 08/36 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Koma)
ali luch..: lucha (O) crude path on grass; (A) smooth hair
JDJ05 Ali Lucho (A. Luch'o) 0907'/4208' 1827 m 09/42 [Gz]
JCH03 Ali Lughei, see Ara Lugey
JEH97 Ali Mela Ale (Alimelale) (chain of hills) 12/41 [WO Ne Gz]
JDC95 Ali Mude 0902'/4204' 1638 m 09/42 [Gz]
HEM02 Ali Tena, see Alitena
HCU92c Ali Tona Gura (village) 08/39 [x]
HDA18 Ali wereda (Alie ..) (centre in 1964 = Metu) 08/35 [+ Ad]
HEP18 Aliamr (mountain) 1246'/3629' 864 m 12/36 [Gz]
HBM63 Aliarma, Gebel (Aliarina) (mountain) 04/39 [WO Gz]
0410'/3936' 1306 m
JDG12 Alibete 09/40 [LM WO]
HDJ95 Alibo (Jarle) (with fort) MS: 0950'/3705' 2616 m 09/37 [MS Gz WO x]
Gz: 0953'/3703' 2436 m, on a high plateau
MS coordinates would give map code HDJ85.
(centre of Amuru/Amorro area)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
10E Baddasseri (area)
7S Jarmet (Giarmet) (mountain) 2439 m
10S Colle Accio (=It: hill, pass?) (Acho?)
7W Abo (Tullu Abo) (hill)
5N Jardega (Giarti) (area) 2402 m
?? Alid (volcano in Dankalia) ../.. [x]
alide..: dero (O) serval cat, Felis serval
HDL71 Alidero 0946'/3831' 2723 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDA18 Alie .., see Ali ..
HEC38 Alieyso, see Lieu
GCS68 Alil 07/33 [WO]
HDL07 Aliltu (Alaltu) 2585 m, see under Sendafa, cf Aleltu 09/39 [MS WO Gu]
HDL08 Aliltu (Aleltu) (area) 0905'/3910' 09/39 [WO MS]
HDL18 Aliltu, see Aleltu
HDL70c Aliltu 09/39 [x]
HDL18 Aliltu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mikawa), 09/39 [Ad]
cf Aleltu
HEM72 Alimata, see Alamata
JEH97 Alimelale, see Ali Mela Ale
HEK.. Alimun (Alimoon) (on map of 1814) 12/37 [+ 18]
HDK13 Alino 0910'/3747' 1799 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
JBP77 Alintale (seasonal well) 0514/4121' 05/40 [WO Wa Gz]
HDM55 Alio Amba, see Aliyu Amba
JDG84 Alisulungura (Alisolungura) 0948'/4012' 633 m 09/40 [WO Gz]
HEC63 Alitaba (with church on top of hill), cf Atitaba 11/36 [It]
alitena: tena (t'ena) (A) health
HFM02 Alitena (Ali Tena, Alitiena) 1431'/3934' 14/39 [Ad x Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Irob wereda & of Alitena sub-district)
-- Alito, a sub-division of the Afar people, living in the
plain of Sereba and valley of Ererti (Eretro)
HDJ26 Alito (area) 09/37 [WO]
HDP08 Alito 0958'/3629' 1976 m 09/36 [WO Gz]
JEH73 Alito 1228'/4059' 581 m 12/40 [Gz]
HDJ26 Alito Gebriel (church) 0918'/3710'
HDM55 Aliu Amba, see Aliyu Amba
JEA46c Aliwoha (=Ali Wiha?), cf Eloa 11/40 [Te]
aliye b..: bole (A) soil impregnated with salt;
boolee (O) deep red soil
JDJ05 Aliye Bole (Aliya B.) 0906'/4205' 1688 m 09/42 [Gz]
JEC31 Aliyoti (Alioti) (island) 11/41 [+ WO]
HDM55 Aliyu Amba (village with market & mosque) 09/39 [Gz Ad Ca]
(Aliu A., Alio A., Allio A., Aliamba) 09/39 [WO Ha Gu]
(Aleyu A., Haylu A., Hailiamba) 09/39 [x]
0932'/3948' 1697/1805 m
(centre in 1964 of Korare sub-district)
HDM55 Aliyu Amba Akababi kebele (Aleyu .. .. ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Ankober wereda, surrounding Aliyu Amba
settlement and 6 km east-southeast of Ankober town; area 611 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEH74 Alizerito (area of an ethnic group) 12/41 [Ne]
Alka, a Somali female name
HEE78 Alka (Alk'a, Alqa) 1134'/3911' 2962 m 11/39 [Gz q]
?? Alka Dingria (Alca D.) (area) ../.. [+ Gu]
HEH77 Alkadid (Alcadid) (mountain) 805 m 12/36 [+ WO]
-- Alkali language, see Baiso
-- Alkaso, a clan of the Arsi Oromo
?? Alkaso ../.. [n]
trading community along the main road Butajira-Hosaina
alke (alqe) (A) kind of poisonous plant
HDL91 Alkes 09/38 [AA]

alkese (alqäsä) (A) took part in a funeral, lamented

HDM22 Alkese kebele (Alkäsé ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
40 km south of Debre Birhan; area 1,924 hectares.
HDN02 Alkeshaf 0958'/3502' 1222 m 09/35 [Gz]
-- alkeso: Alkaso, a clan of the Arsi Oromo
HDL91 Alkeso 0954'/3832' 2452 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDM44 Alko kebele (Alqo ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Ankober wereda,
9 km south-southwest of Ankober town; area 456 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF20 Alkodyu 1107'/3925' 2896 m 11/39 [Gz]
GDM91 Alkongo (Alcongo) 09/34 [+ WO]
HEL82 Alkwat (Alk'wat', Alqwat) 1230'/3840' 1926 m 12/38 [Gz q]
alla, allah (T) various kinds of thorn tree, Acacia spp.
HEM13 Alla (Ala), see Aroge
HCS06 Allaaba .., see Alaba ..
JBH76 Allai? (Allalo?) (area) same as the following? 04/41 [WO]
JBH65 Allaio (Halegio, Halejo) (mountain) 04/41 [Gz WO]
0410'/4114' 509 m
WO has Halegio at map code JBH76
HFF20 Allal (Allat?) (with rock-hewn church), 13/39 [x]
see under Geralta churches - southern
JDB49 Allalijya (Allaliggia) 08/41 [+ WO]
JEB.. Allalobad, hot springs west of Tendaho 11/40 [20]
GCM53 Allara (Alarra, Alerra, Alera) (area) 06/34 [WO Gz Ha]
0650'/3438' 741 m
JCS30 Allarto (Allatto, Gheibi Hardonneh) 07/42 [Gz]
0731'/4232' 672 m
HCL20 Allata historical ketema, see also Aleta 06/38 [x]
once a centre north-west of Agere Selam
allati, allatti (O) large bird type eagle, hawk, vulture
GDF95 Allati 09/34 [WO]
alle, halle (O) all kinds of; alle (A) there is
HDH20 Alle Ambalto (north-west of Gimbi) 09/35 [x]
alle d..: didu, diduu (O) 1. to want; 2. kinds of tree,
Galiniera spp.; diddu (O) refusal, to say no
H.... Alle Didu wereda (coffee growing area) ../.. [20]
JEC30 Alle Mugayto (Alle Mugaito) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
?? Alledeghi Wildlife Reserve ../.. [Br]
(toward Assab from Awash station)
HFE85c Allelo, see Debre Halleluya
HFE.. Alleluia, see Halle Luya
HEU72 Allemale (mountain) 1320'/3935' 2374/2422 m 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
HDU74 Alleuaka, see Alewak
HDK90 Alleui 09/37 [WO]
JDJ40 Alleyu (Alleiu) (area) 09/41 [+ WO]
-- Alli, a clan of the Arsi Oromo
HDD57 Alli, cf Ali 08/38 [WO]
HCJ11 Allisa 0630'/3647' 1952 m 06/36 [WO Gu Gz]
JDK87 Alliso (area), cf JDK86 Halisa 09/43 [WO]
allo, alloh (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Protea gaguedi
HEJ55 Alloha, see Chach
HEJ55 Alloha Giyorgis (Aloa Ghiorghis) 12/37 [+ Gu]
HEJ55 Alloha Maryam (A. Mariam) (church) 12/37 [+ WO]
?? Allokwa (Alloqua), mountain in Tigray 14/39? [+ 18]
JEB95 Allolufage (Allolufaghe) 11/41 [+ WO]
HEM72 Allomata, see Alamata
HCK88 Allujana (Allugiana) (area) 07/38 [+ WO]
?? Alluli (Allooli) (in lowland beyond Great Salt Lake) ../.. [+ Ha]
allumai: aluma (A) Amaranthus angustifolius, Discopodium penninervium
HDP32 Allumai (area) 10/35 [WO]
JEC19 Allumbor (area) 11/42 [WO]
JEA47cAllume Taeb (plain) 11/40 [Gu]
JEB45 Allumi Ali (area) 11/41 [WO]
JDH94 Alluntava (area) 09/41 [WO]
alma (A) kind of eatable grass that grows in the rainy season
JEJ10 Alma (area) 11/41 [WO]
HEA64 Almahel (Almahl) 11/35 [MS Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Guba wereda & of Guba sub-district)
HCL.. Almate, in Aleta Wendo wereda 06/38 [n]
HDK38 Almawa 0924'/3816' 2619 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
GD... Almedid kebele, located near Sudan ../34 [20]
the P'olin variety of Kwama language is spoken there.
HDU82 Almuko 1045'/3933' 2816 m 10/39 [Gz]
alo: aaloo (O) grudge, rancor; aalo (Som) heifer, young female cattle
HDT48 Alo 1019'/3911' 2306 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDU41 Alo 10/39 [WO]
JDJ55 Alo 0931'/4206' 2296 m 09/42 [Gz]
JEP61 Alo (Ala) (waterhole) 1317'/4048' -105 m, 13/40 [WO Gz]
below sea level
alo ..: beret (bärät) (A) thorn enclosure for cattle
HDM62 Alo Beret kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in western Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its southern border,
4-6 km south-west of Debre Birhan town; area 1,564 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU51 Alo & Fuchet kebele (.. Fuch'ät ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in western Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda at its south-eastern border,
15 km south-west of Mehal Meda; area 3,823 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ55 Aloa, see Chach
HEJ55 Aloa Ghiorghis, see Alloha Giyorgis
HBU13 Aloi 0441'/3939' 805 m 04/39 [Gz]
alollo (A) round black stone used for grinding by hand
HC... Alolo (centre in 1964 of Fulassa sub-district) 06/37? [Ad]
HDU15 Alolo kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Kewet wereda in its western part,
14 km north-northeast of Debre Sina; area 987 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDC01 Alolu 0816'/3644' 1506 m 08/36 [Gz]
HEM63 Alomata (plain), cf Alamata Meda 12/39 [WO]
HEM72 Alomata, see Alamata
?? Alona (in Sidamo), area at the upper Mormora river ../.. [Mi]
HCD77 Aloncho (Alonch'o) 0607'/3810' 1839 m 06/38 [Gz]
HEF42 Alsa kebele 11/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the north-eastern border of Kuta Ber wereda,
near Kuta Ber settlement to its north-east; area 1,441 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEC68 Alsai 11/37 [WO]
HFM02 Altena, see Alitena
HDK27 Altufa 0917'/3809' 2773 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
alu, aaluu (O) to deny, not acknowledge
JFA26 Alu (mountain in volcanic area) 1346'/4014' 13/40 [WO Ne Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JFA25
HFD46 Alugui, see Alawgen
HDU21 Alula 1011'/3927' 2310 m 10/39 [Gz]
HCL79c Alula Haute (village on grassland) 06/39 [x]
?? Alumu (in Chirim country, lower Omo valley) ../.. [n]
GCU70 Aluoro (river, tributary of the Baro) 08/34 [Mi]
HCT54 Alutu, see Gara Alutu
HEC18 Alvait (hill) 10/37 [WO]
GD... Alwera dam (45 km beyond Gambela) 08/34 [20]
GD... Alwero Wenz 0826'/3324' (river) 08/33 [Gz]
Coordinates give map code GDD39 or GDE30
H.... Alyume (hill) 2210 m 10/36? [Ch]
on the left bank of river Dora near Abay river
ama, hamaa (O) honeybadger, Egyptian mongoose, Herpestes ichneumon
?? Ama ../.. [x]
former Capuchin mission station in the late 1800s
HDM13 Ama 0911'/3939' 1627 m 09/39 [Gz]
JDH46 Ama Yusefo 0928'/4118' 1587 m 09/41 [Gz]
HDU52c Amad Washo (recorded in 1841) 10/39 [Ha]
HEC38 Amadamit, see Amedamit
Amado, a male personal name;
amedu (amädu) (A) the ashes; amed washa, ash cave
JEA77 Amado (area) site for fossils 11/40 [WO]
JEC01 Amadu (Lo Ammadu, Amadoo) (plain) 10/41 [Gu WO Ha]
HCJ80 Amaia (Ammaia), see Ameya
HCS44 Amairaba 0739'/3754' 2460 m 07/37 [WO Gz]
amaja: ameja, amija (A) kind of shrub or small tree,
Hypericum revolutum, H. quartinianum
JDJ12 Amaja (Amagia) (saddle), see under Grawa 09/41 [+ Gu]
JDJ12 Amaja, cf Ameja, Amija
?? Amajah (historical), in eastern Shewa ../.. [Pa]
HDU60 Amajo 1033'/3920' 2605 m 10/39 [Gz]
-- Amam language, see [1] Bambassi, [2] Kwama
amami (T) sweeping
HFC47 Amamu (area) 14/37 [WO]
aman (A,Arabic) peace, tranquility, pacified, safe (area);
Aman, a male personal name
HCG68 Aman (greater & lesser) 06/35 [WO Po]
Aman (Greater Aman) 0657'/3532' 1277 m 06/35 [Gz]
Aman (Lesser Aman), replaced by Mizan Teferi 06/35
HDM71 Aman, in the Wegda district 09/39 [n]
HDT38 Aman 1015'/3914' 1942 m, 10/39 [Gz]
between Liche and Tegulet
HDL34 Amana Wesi 0923'/3848' 2693 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
?? Amandare (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
GCT35 Amanha 07/33 [WO]
HDL79 Amantie, see Amente
amanu (O) believe, have faith; ager (A) land, region
HEF33 Amanu Ager (Amanu Agher), see under Dessie 11/39 [+ Gu]
HDS50 Amanuel (Ammanuel) 1027'/3734' 2438 m 10/37 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Machakel wereda)
with sub-post office
HDT05 Amanuel (Amaniel) (church) 10/38 [+ WO]
HED44 Amanuel (Abala, Abahala) 1115'/3757' 2034 m 11/37 [Gz Gu WO]
HEJ87 Amanuel (Emanuel) (church) 12/37 [+ WO]
HDE56 Amanuel Iyesus (church) 0840'/3902' 08/39 [Gz]
HFF32c Amanu'el Ma'agwä 13/39 [En]
Monastery some 5 km outside the village of Negash,
to the left of the road to Adigrat. It is situated on top of a hill
and dominates the Gunfel valley.
HFE17 Amanuel Mayhaba (A. Maybaba) (rock-hewn church), 13/39 [Br x]
see under Temben churches
-- amar (Arabic) moon; Amar, an ethnic group, see Hamer
and also under Burji
-- Amar language (Ammar, Amarcocche), see Hamer Banna
HCC11 Amar (Amaro, Amarr) (mountains) 05/36 [Gz]
0535'/3645' 1254 m
HBR71 Amar Cocche, see Hamer Koke
JEG69 Amar Gule (sulphur spring) 12/40 [WO]
-- Amara (A,O) name of the Amhara people and the Amhara
region of Ethiopia, (O) also same as Sidama
GDF74 Amara (village) 0848'/3444' 1753/2099 m 08/34 [WO Gu Gz]
HDA95 Amara (Amara Gudo) 0859'/3520' 1804 m 08/35 [WO Gz]
HDC51 Amara (area) 08/36 [WO]
amara: tulu amara (O) mountain of the Amhara
HDJ17 Amara (Tulu Amara, A. Terara, Tullo A.) (mountain) 09/37 [WO MS Gu]
MS: 0920'/3720' = HDJ38, 2778/3128 m
Gz: 0911'/3717' = HDJ17
HDL90 Amara 0953'/3826' 2174 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Gebre Guracha
HEF01 Amara 1054'/3926' 3438 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDJ77 Amara (mountain) 0945'/4214' 1183 m 09/42 [Gz]
HE... Amara Ankosa 11/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Tach Muja sub-district)
amara g..: guddo, guddoo (O) 1. abundant; 2. big /female/;
gudo (Som) 1. inside, interior; 2. fulfill one's obligations
HDA96 Amara Gudo (Chella Dafino) 0901'/3521' 1899 m 09/35 [Gz]
HEE45 Amara Sayint (Amhara Sayent) (area), cf Sayint 11/38 [WO Ch x]
(Gz: Amara Saint, see Debre Zeyit Bota 11/39)
HCD67c Amara wereda 06/38 [Ad]
in later time part of the Gedeo awraja
amare (amarä) (A) to be pleasant, nice; look handsome;
Amare, a male personal name
JDC85 Amareiti, see Ije Weraba
amaresa: amaressa (O), amarissa (Bale O), hamaresa (O)
small thorn tree, Conyza spinosa
HDK90 Amaresa 0952'/3732' 1739 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
JDC50 Amaresa (Ammareisa) 08/41 [LM WO]
JDJ35 Amaresa 0923'/4157' = JDJ33 or JDJ34 09/42 [Po WO]
about 10 km from Harar
-- Amaro, Amarro, (Badittu) a Kefa clan and subdivision of Ometo ethnic group.
Rulers of the Amarro state had names
Amarro was incorporated into imperial Ethiopia in the 1890s.
amaru (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Vernonia auriculifera
HCC11 Amaro, see Amar
HCD14 Amaro (mountains) 05/37 [WO]
HCD34 Amaro (mountains) 0550'/3756' 05/37 [LM WO n]
coordinates would give map code HCD44
HCJ01 Amaro 0621'/3645' 1853 m 06/36 [Gz]
HCJ03 Amaro 0622'/3652' 2441 m 06/36 [Gz]
JCR38 Amaro 0732'/4220' 664 m 07/42 [Gz]

HCD34 Amaro sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kele) 05/37 [Ad]

HCD34 Amaro wereda (Amaaro Special wereda) 05/37 [Ad]
(centre = Amaaro ketema)
above the Galane river valley,
is divided into 32 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HCC11 Amarr, see Amar
-- Amarr Bambala, an ethnic group
-- Amarro (people), see Amaro above
amarti (O) ring; (Som) superiority, control over other people
JEP74 Amarti (Amarta) (mountain) 13/41 [WO Ne Gz]
1317'/4105' 389/900 m
amash: ammash (A) one who stirs up trouble
HDU84 Amash kebele 10/39 [Ad]
narrow area along a southern part of the eastern border of
Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda, 5-10 km west-southwest
of Majete; area 665 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM94 Amasha & Cheriye kebele (.. Chäreyé ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
5 km north-west of Debre Sina; area 1,033 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amasho: ammash (A) one who stirs up trouble
?? Amasho (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HES13 Amastra 12/37 [WO]
amat (A) mother-in-law, father-in-law; washa, cave
HDM.. Amatenya Washa (Amatagna W.), 09/39 [+ x]
cave in the Debre Birhan region
HDA47 Amatto 0831'/3529' 1625 m 08/35 [WO Gz]
HDE30 Amawute 0828'/3830' 2800 m 08/38 [Gz]
Amaya, see also Ameya
-- Amaya, an Oromo tribe near river Walga
HC... Amaya (in Kulo Konta awraja), cf Ammaya 07/37? [Ad]
HD... Amaya (in Chebo & Gurage awraja) 08/37? [Ad]
a village of Muslim Gurage
HEM52 Amaya kebele 12/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Kobo wereda,
10 km north-northwest of Kobbo town; area 1,883 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Amaya wereda ../.. [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 74 rural kebeles and 1 urban
amaye m..: mecha (O) nation;
-- Mecha, an Oromo tribe; mechcha (O) bastard
HEM02c Amaye Mecha kebele (Amayé Méch'a ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Guba Lafto wereda, 2-10 km south-west
of Weldiya; area 1,001 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Amayo (centre in 1964 of Sewa Meda sub-district) 11/39? [Ad]
in Yeju awraja
JFB00c Amaytoli (mountain) 13/40 [20]
HDU61 Amayu kebele 10/39 [Ad]
stretching narrowly north-south at the middle northern border
of Jema wereda, 10 km west of Were Ilu; area 2,309 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amba (A,T?) 1. flat-topped mountain, especially a high
plateau with village settlement, mesa; 2. fort /on a mountain/;
amba (O) leftovers of food
HCS98 Amba (mountain) 0807'/3816 3485 m 08/38 [WO]
HDF26 Amba (mountain) 2819 m, see under Guna 08/39 [WO]
HDT71 Amba 1039'/3835' 2381 m 10/38 [Gz]
HEE38 Amba 1112'/3914' 3018 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEF86 Amba 1137'/3854' 2428 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEL73 Amba, see Gur Amba
amba abba ..: abba (A,O,T) title of respect, "Father";
(O) deity, spirit
HET37 Amba Abba Gubba, see Aba Guba
HFE38c Amba Abba Tsama 1891 m 13/39 [Gu]
HEU43 Amba Abbedda, see Abedda
amba abeyto: abeto = ato (A) Sir, Mister
HEU31c Amba Abeyto (A. Abeito) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HEU42c Amba Abeyto (A. Abeito) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HES99 Amba Abier (mountain range) 2851 m 13/38 [Gu n]
peak 3793 m, pass 2945 m, cf Abyeri
amba abiet: abet (A) answer to a call, 'Sir'
HFE.. Amba Abiet 14/39 [Gu]
HFD.. Amba Abraham, place in Woldebba 13/37 [18]
HFE76c Amba Ad Decki Raes (.. .. Decchi ..) 2476 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HEU42c Amba Addobona 13/39 [Gu]
HEL.. Amba Adi Kwonsi (.. .. Quonsi) 12/38 [+ Gu]
HFC48 Amba Adiero (Adi Fro) 1402'/3721' 1272 m 14/37 [Gz]
HFF20c Amba Adigas (in western Geralta) 13/39 [x]
HFC48 Amba Adiyerk (Amba Adierc) (area) 14/37 [+ WO]
amba afg..: afgarad (Som) understanding
HDU31 Amba Afgar (area) 10/39 [WO]
HED50 Amba Agheta, see Agita
HEM.. Amba Agwari (.. Aguari) 12/39 [+ Gu]
?? Amba Aia, see Amba Aya
HER39 Amba Akudib (Amba Acudib) (hill) 1259'/3730' 12/37 [+ WO Gz]
amba alage: alaga (O) unrelated, no relative
HEU32 Amba Alage (Ambalage, Amba Alagi, A. Alaji) 12/39 [Gz MS Gu]
(Mt Aladshie, Fre: Amba Alagui) 12/39 [LM 18]
1259'/3933' 2785, 3055, 3439 m, cf Aleji
HEU.. Amba Alage sub-district? (-1997-) 13/39 [n]
HEU42c Amba Alage wereda (Amba Lagie .., Ambalage ..) 13/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Betmera)
HFF70 Amba Alequa, see Alekwa
amba amara, mountain of the Amhara
HER49 Amba Amara (area) 13/37 [WO]
HER57 Amba Amara (area) 1310'/3728' 1360 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HER59
amba amb..: ambera (Gurage) he did not eat
HFE04 Amba Ambera (A. Ambara), see Ambera
HFF71 Amba Amo 3030 m 14/39 [Gu]
HFF70c Amba Andiyel (A. Andiel) 3243 m, 14/39 [+ Gu]
see under Adigrat (there is And Iyela at 11/39)
HEU71 Amba Antalo, see Antalo
HEU71 Amba Aradam (A. Aradon, A. Aradom) (mountain) 13/39 [WO Gu 18 Gz]
1320'/3931' 2345, 2756 m
amba arara, a. araraa (O) mountain of blazing sunshine?
HEU13 Amba Arara (area), see under Korbeta, cf Arara 12/39 [WO]
HFE47c Amba Arato 13/39 [Gu]
amba ark.: arka (O) 1. hand, arm; 2. (arqa) cry of a leopard
HES03 Amba Arka (Amba Arca) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
HDU01 Amba Assag (area) 10/39 [WO]
HEF52c Amba Assellet (mountain) 11/39 [Gu]
HFE78 Amba Awger, see Awagir
HEL13 Amba Awnanur (A. Aunanur) (area) 11/38 [+ WO]
?? Amba Aya (A. Aia) 3119 m ../.. [+ Gu]
?? Amba Ayhud ('Jews' Rock', historical from 1500s) ../.. [x]
amba az..: azen (A) gloom, pain
HEK81 Amba Azen, see Awria
amba balambras: balambaras (A) commander of a fortress
/= bal amba ras/, though mostly a honorific title only
HER06 Amba Balambras (mountain) 1246'/3709' 1836 m 12/37 [WO Gu Gz]
amba bara: baraa (O) learner, male student;
bara (O) weather, time, year, age
HET69 Amba Bara (area) 13/39 [WO]
HFF52 Amba Bara (mountain) 1404'/3936' 2613 m 14/39 [Gu Gz]
HES09 Amba Barno (area) 12/38 [WO]
HFE76c Amba Bayrot (Amba Bairot) 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFE85 Amba Behesa (A. Beesa), see Bihiza
HEL87 Amba Belage (area) 12/39 [WO]
HEU41c Amba Belaho (mountain chain), cf Belaho 13/39 [Gu]
HEU60c Amba Belakit (Amba Belachit) 13/39 [+ Gu]
amba ber (A) mountain pass
HEE78 Amba Ber (village east of Geech) 13/38 [20]
amba berr.: berra (bärra) (A) burn, be lit
HES03 Amba Berra (area) 12/37 [WO]
HFE53 Amba Berra, 1405'/3846' 14/38 [x]
HER98 Amba Bilai (area) 13/37 [WO]
HFC79 Amba Bircutan, see Birkuta
HEL95c Amba Biyala (Amba Biala) (mountain) 3086 m 12/38 [+ Gu]
HFF54c Amba Blanche 14/39 [n]
HEU22c Amba Bolonta 12/39 [Gu]
HEL61c Amba Bubbona, see Bubbona
HES14 Amba Bwakshe (Amba Boacscie) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
HER67 Amba Carachir, see Karakir
HEC48 Amba Cefa, see Chefa
HES70 Amba Chalad (Amba Cialad) (area), cf Chalud 13/37 [+ WO]
HEK71 Amba Chara, see Ambachara
?? Amba Chekana, see Chekana
HFE16 Amba Chernale, see Kernale
HEL47 Amba Cheru Gemeso (A. Ceru Ghemeso) (area) 12/39 [+ WO]
HET80 Amba Chifaras (Amba Cifaras) (area) 13/38 [+ WO]
HET34 Amba Chikur (A. Cicur, A. Ciout) (mountain) 13/38 [+ Gu WO]
amba cho..: chore (ch'ore) (A) large spear;
chore, choree (O) mother
HEE49 Amba Chore, see Chore
HES71 Amba Cialud, see Chalud
HER74 Amba Cuchi (A, Cucoi), see Amba Kuchi
amba dai: day (Som) look at, view
HER44 Amba Dai 13/37 [WO]
HER41 Amba Daid (area) 1303'/3645' 913 m 13/36 [WO Gz]
HET77 Amba Damaskal (Amba Damascal) (area) 13/39 [+ WO]
?? Amba Dandie (with prison) ../.. [x]
HDL09 Amba Dar 0906'/3916' 2435 m 09/39 [Gz]
amba darra, mountain of longing? darra (O) craving, desire
HDM61 Amba Darra (area) 09/39 [WO]
HFE15 Amba Debre Ansa, see Debre Asa
HFF40 Amba Debre Mahar (A. Debra M.), cf Debre Maar 13/39 [+ Gu]
2488 m, see under Hawzen
HFE39c Amba Debre Mariyam (A. Debra Mariam), 13/39 [+ Gu]
cf Debre Maryam
HES34 Amba Defia (area) 12/37 [WO]
HDU12c Amba Dekensi (Amba Dechensi) 10/39 [+ Gu]
HFF80 Amba Demha, 2775 m 14/39 [Gu]
?? Amba Dibuk (in Tigray), cf Debuk, Debek ../.. [n]
HES62 Amba Dinai (mountain) 1316'/3749' 2113 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HFF20 Amba Dobote (in western Geralta) 13/39 [x]
HFF70c Amba Dokwanya (A.Doquania, A.Dongonia), 14/39 [+ Gu]
see under Adigrat
HET45 Amba Dorwa (A.Dorua) (area), see under Abergele 13/38 [WO]
HEU34c Amba Duggeduka (Amba Duggheducca) 13/39 [+ Gu Gz]
1258'/3946' 1488 m
amba dux: dux (Latin) word symbolic of Italian fascism
HET57c Amba Dux (It. name, head of Mussolini seen) 13/39 [Gu]
HEF52c Amba Egwa (Amba Egua) (mountain) 11/39 [+ Gu]
?? Amba Ellebat ../.. [Gu]
HEL88 Amba Esrael (Amba Sera-el) (mountain) 12/39 [Gu Gz]
1234'/3912' 1921 m, cf Israel Amba
HFC59 Amba Felassa (mountain) 1403'/3727' 1115 m 14/37 [WO Gz]
HEE04 Amba Ferit (Amba Farit) (mountain area) 10/38 [WO Gz]
1056'/3858' 3874/3975 m
HDT73 Amba Ferit kebele (.. Färit ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in eastern Sayint wereda, 12 km east of Ajibar; area 1,346 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE04 Amba Ferit sub-district (centre in 1964 = Yandach) 10/38 [Ad]
amba ferr..: ferra (färra) (A) be afraid, fear
HEU21 Amba Ferra (mountain area) c3500 m, 12/39 [WO Gu]
see also Ferra Amba
HFF90 Amba Fokeda (A. Foqäda, .. Fekada, .. Fäqada) 14/39 [En]
Ancient rock shelter on Amba Zeban close to the Eritrean border.
HEM80c Amba Gabriel 12/39 [Gu]
HET36 Amba Gabriel (area) 12/39 [WO]
HEF51 Amba Gebi, see Amba Gibi
amba gedem .., gedam (A,T) monastery, convent
HFD36 Amba Gedem Maka (A. Ghedem Maca) 1912 m 13/38 [+ WO Gu]
HEK99 Amba Gedeon (A. Ghedeon) (mountain) 1238'/3823' 12/38 [Gz]
HEC09 Amba Gei (A. Ghei) 1338'/3730' 1273 m 13/37 [Gz]
amba gene ..: mara (O) 1. all; 2. roll of tobacco;
3. fresh corn cake
HEU31c Amba Gene Mara 13/39 [Gu]
HES73 Amba Germiye (Amba Ghermie) 13/37 [Gz WO]
(mountain) 1322'/3748' 1708 m
HEF70 Amba Geshen, see Amba Gishen

HEF51 Amba Gibi kebele (.. Gebi ..) 11/39 [Ad]

in north-westernmost Kuta Ber wereda, 15 km north-west
of Kuta Ber settlement; area 5,895 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amba gir ..: gir (A) trained /animal/
HFD47 Amba Gir Gitsya (Amba Ghir Ghizia) (area) 14/38 [+ WO]
2080 m, see under Inda Silase
HEF70 Amba Gishen (Geshen Debre Kerbe, A. Geshen) 11/39 [Pa 18 n]
(Amba Negest, Fre: Amba Guechén)
(historical locality in Gojjam), cf Amba Moka
amba Giyorgis (A) mountain of Saint George
HEC86 Amba Giyorgis (A. Gheorgis) (area) 11/37 [+ It]
HES11 Amba Giyorgis (A. Gheorghis, Dabat) (place) 12/37 [MS Ad Gu Gz]
MS: 1247'/3742' = HES02; Gz: 1246'/3737' 2781 m
(centre in 1964 of Wegera wereda and of Inkash
sub-district & of Kosaye sub-district) (with small church)
HFD67 Amba Giyorgis, see Adi Ademay
-- amba gog..: Gogot, a sub-group of the Gurage
HDU32 Amba Gogot 10/39 [WO]
HER79 Amba Gohalit (area) 13/37 [WO]
HEJ77 Amba Gualit, see Amba Gwalit
amba gub.: guba, gubaa (O) 1. fever; 2. branding iron;
3. strong /tobacco/; 4. cloudy
HET32 Amba Guba, see Jiba
HFE39c Amba Gudele, see Gudele
HEU03c Amba Gudom 12/39 [Gu]
H.... Amba Gulisha (mountain in north-east Geralta), 13/39 [x]
cf Geralta churches - northern
HEU24 Amba Gumase (Gumasir) (mountain) 12/39 [Gu 18 Gz]
1256'/3944' 1756 m
amba gurage, mountain of the Gurage people?
HES02 Amba Gurage (Amba Guraghieh) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
HEL77 Amba Gurbaco, see Gerbako
HEJ77 Amba Gwalit (A. Gualit) (church) 2295 m 12/37 [20 WO Gu]
HES.. Amba Hai (high mountain east of Debark) 13/38 [18]
HET.. Amba Haji (.. Hadji) south-west of Antalo 13/39 [+ 18]
(on map of 1814, same as El Hadje prison mountain?)
HES95c Amba Hawasa (A. Hauwasàh), see under Adi Arkay 13/37 [+ x]
HET70 Amba Hay, see Hay, cf Amba Hai
?? Amba Ieha, see Amba Yeha
HEL.. Amba Islam, in Meket area south of Tekeze 11/38 [x]
HE... Amba Israel (old name), see Ambasel
HEC96 Amba Iyesus (A. Jesus) (village) c1900 m 11/37 [+ It]
HEL73 Amba Iyesus (Amba Jesus) (area) 12/38 [+ WO]
?? Amba Jebeli ../.. [n]
HEJ.. Amba Jibjiba (mountain), near Jenda 12/37 [x]
amba kafta: kefta, keffita (A) height, elevation
HET33 Amba Kafta (Amba Cafta) (area) 13/38 [+ WO]
HFE39c Amba Kamer (in western Geralta), same as Kemer? 13/39 [x]
see under Geralta churches - northern

HDM55 Amba kebele 09/39 [Ad]

in central Ankober wereda at its eastern border,
10 km north-east of Ankober town; area 937 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET65 Amba Kekemfa (Amba Chechemfa) (area) 13/38 [WO]

amba kens: kensa, keensa (O) finger or toe nail, claw, hoof
HEK22 Amba Kens (Amba Chens) (area), see under Yifag 12/37 [WO]
HFE16 Amba Kernale (K'ernale Terara, Amba Chernale) 13/39 [Gz Gu]
(Carnale) (mountain) 1342'/3904' 2020 m,
see Kernale, and also under Abiy Adi
amba kiros ager (A) mountain of the land of Cyrus
HET82 Amba Kiros Ager (A. Chiros Agher) (area) 13/38 [+ WO]
korkora, qorqoraa (O) stingy /man who grudges
about household expenses/
HEU41c Amba Korkora (Amba Corcora) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HEE79 Amba Kostantino (Amba Costantino) (pass) 11/39 [+ WO]
HER75 Amba Kuchi (A. Cucoi, A. Cuchi, A. Coucki) 13/37 [+ WO It Gz]
(A. Cucoi, A. Kukoy) (mountain) 1318'/3706' 1055 m
HER75 Amba Kukoy, see Amba Kuchi
HER48 Amba Kukura (A. Cucura) 1305'/3719' 1643 m 13/37 [+ Gz]
(mountain), cf Kurkura
HFE76c Amba Kunzila (Amba Cunzale) 14/39 [+ Gu]
amba la..: lamba (A,T) kerosene; lambaa (O) kerosene lamp
HEE96 Amba Lamba 1142'/3903' 3134 m 11/39 [Gz]
amba lisha: lesha (O) whip of hippo hide
HET67 Amba Lisha (A. Liscia) (area) 13/39 [WO]
HFC45 Amba Maar, see Maar
amba mader..: maderiya (madäriya) (A) 1. place for
passing the night, dwelling; 2. one of three fiscal
sub-systems was called Geber Maderiya
HES97 Amba Maderiya (Ambamaderia) 1330'/3810' 13/38 [MS Te]
HFD17 Amba Maderiya (A. Madere, A. Madre, Haida) 13/38 [Gz WO Gu Po]
(Hayda, Embamadre) 1342'/3811' 1289, 1509 m
amba madr.: madre (Italian) mother; cf Madra, Madira
HFD17 Amba Madre Gebriel (church) 1342'/3811' 13/38 [Gz]
HFC15 Amba Mahar (area), cf Maheir 13/37 [WO]
HFC25 Amba Mahar (mountain) 1343'/3706' 1095 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HFC15
amba mak..: maqoorad (Som) dividing up of work
HFE47c Amba Makorat (Amba Macorat) 13/39 [+ Gu]
?? Amba Malot (historical from the 1200s) ../.. [x]
HFD37 Amba Manamba, see Amba Nanamba
amba maryam (A) mountain of Mary
HDS85 Amba Maryam 1046'/3759' 3058 m 10/37 [Gz]
HEE69 Amba Maryam (A. Mariam) 1126'/3917' 2520 m 11/39 [Gz Ad]
(Magdala, Magdalla, Melata)
(ctr in 1964 of Mekdela wereda), near Mekdela - or part of it?
HEH55c Amba Maryam 12/36 [LM]
HEK05 Amba Maryam (A. Mariam) (with church), 11/37 [+ WO Gu]
see under Debre Tabor
HEK52 Amba Maryam (Amba Mariam) (area) 12/37 [+ WO Gu]
HEM21 Amba Maryam (church) 1201'/3928' 12/39 [Gz]
HES62 Amba Maryam (Amba Mariam) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
HEE48 Amba Maryam kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in the centre of Tenta wereda, 10 km south
of Tenta settlement; area 1,858 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HF... Amba Maryam Tsediya (A. Mariam Tsadia) 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFE.. Amba Matevre 13/38 [Gu]
amba may..: mayr (Som) wash; mayran (Som) washed
HEU42c Amba Mayra (Amba Maira), see Mayra Amba
amba mech.: mecha (O) nation;
-- Mecha, an Oromo tribe; mechcha (O) bastard
HEC96 Amba Mecha (A. Meccia) (church) 11/37 [+ It]
HEC19 Amba Meda (Ambameda) (in Libo awraja) 10/37 [Ad WO]
?? Amba Mehari (Ambamahari), see Ambo Mehari
HEE91 Amba Merkali (Amba Mercali) (area), 11/38 [+ WO]
see under Debre Zebit
amba meshael: mesal (mäsal) (A) whetstone
HFE76c Amba Meshael 14/39 [+ Gu]
HEL97 Amba Meskel Metokosha (.. .. Metocoscia) 12/39 [+ Gu]
(.. Mascal ..) 2363m
HFE76c Amba Mezza 2749 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFF24 Amba Mikael, see Haike Meskel
amba mis..: misha (O) in a good way, well /done/
HEL61c Amba Misha (Amba Misca) 12/38 [+ Gu]
HER83 Amba Miu (area) 13/36 [WO]
HFE76c Amba Mohadi, 2222 m 14/39 [Gu]
amba moka, spoon mountain? mokka (O) spoon /of horn or wood/
HEF70 Amba Moka (A. Moha) (mountain) 11/39 [Gz WO]
1131'/3922' 2875 m peak at 1130'/3928',
see Yegura 3089 m at HEF71
HCF05 Amba Mussolini (Italian-given name) 05/39 [WO]
HFD37 Amba Nanamba (Amba Manamba) (mountain) 13/38 [WO Gu Gz]
1358'/3815' 2032/2077 m, see also Nanamba
HEL.. Amba Neccer 12/38 [Gu]
amba nef..: neffasha (näffashsha) (A) windy, airy, open place
HED61 Amba Nefasha (Amba Nefascia) 11/37 [+ It]
(mountain 7 km south of the Abay)
HEF70 Amba Negest, see Amba Gishen
HES71 Amba Nevi (mountain) 1337'/3736' 1971 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HET75 Amba Neway (A. Noai) (area) 2615 m 13/38 [+ WO]
HFC44 Amba Nisti (area) 13/36 [WO]
HEF60 Amba Not (near Mekdela) 1129'/3922' 2673 m 11/39 [Gz]
HET45 Amba Nussessemai 1305'/3857' 1594 m 13/38 [Gu Gz]
amba ras (A) mountain top? top mountain?
HES12 Amba Ras 1246'/3743' 2753 m 12/37 [Gz]
HES54 Amba Ras (area) 3100 m 13/37 [WO]
HES56 Amba Ras (Ambaras) 1313'/3805' 3173 m 13/38 [+ WO Gz]
HES67 Amba Ras (Ambaras) (area) 2400 m, see u. Sawana 13/38 [WO Gu]
HES87 Amba Ras (Ambara) 1326'/3814' 2908 m 13/38 [Gz]
?? Amba Remeteka sub-district (-1997-) 13/38? [n]
amba saber: sabar (Som) foot of a hill; sabir (Som) patience
HER25 Amba Saber (pass) 12/37 [WO]
amba saka: saka (O) 1. (saqaa) path in tall grass or crop;
2. (saqa) lower area; (A) flaw, blemish; scurf
HET37c Amba Saka (Amba Sacca) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HFF33 Amba Sala Gamut (recorded in 1868) 13/39 [18]
?? Amba Salama (A. Selama?), fortress in Temben ../.. [x]
amba sam..: samboor (Som) nasal inflammation
HEE22 Amba Samber (locality) 1105'/3840' 11/38 [WO Gz]
HFF69c Amba Saneti, see Amba Seneyti
HET.. Amba Sarago (in Abergele) 13/38 [n]
HF... Amba Sardibo (in Agame?) 14/39 [n]
HES33 Amba Sciaa, see Amba Shaa, under Dabat
HEL64 Amba Scioa, see Amba Shewa
HFE75 Amba Sebhat (A.Sibat) (isolated mountain) 14/38 [Gu x]
1417'/3858' 2520 m
HEF62 Amba Sel (area), cf Ambasel awraja 11/39 [18 WO Gu]
(early name: Amba Israel)
HEF72 Amba Sel (Ambasel) 1128'/3932' 11/39 [WO Gz Ad]
or 1127'/3948' 1898, 3567 m
HDT37 Amba Selis 1015'/3904' 2333 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFE66 Amba Senayt (historically recorded), see Semayata
HFF69 Amba Senayti (A. Sineyti, A. Saneti) 14/39 [En Ad x]
HFF69 Amba Seneyti wereda (Embaseneiti ..) 14/39 [Ad x]
(Imba Seneyti ..) (centre -1964-2003- = Nebelet)
HEL88 Amba Sera-el, see Amba Esrael
HET57c Amba Sessewa (Amba Sesseua) 13/39 [+ Gu]
amba shaa: sa-a (O) cow, cattle
HES33 Amba Shaa (A. Sciaa) (area), see under Dabat 12/37 [+ WO]
amba shef..: shefere (shäfärre) (A) thornless tree,
Balanites aegyptiaca
HDL93 Amba Shefere (Shefere) (place) 09/38 [Gz]
0956'/3843' 1750 m, see Shefere Amba
HFE65 Amba Shelloda (A. Soloda) 1410'/3855', 14/38 [x]
see also under Adwa
HEL64 Amba Shewa (A.Scioa) 1223'/3854' 2295 m 12/38 [Gz Gu]
HET09 Amba Shilyora (A. Schiliora) (mountain) 12/39 [+ WO Gz]
1242'/3904' 1610 m
HET07 Amba Shmilyora (Amba Scmiliora) (area), 13/39 [+ WO]
see under Sekota
HEE09 Amba Silas 1054'/3914' 3411 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFM02 Amba Simba, see Asimba
HFE65 Amba Soloda, see Amba Shelloda
amba tab..: tabari (O) a kind of beans
HEJ99 Amba Tabara (area), see under Gondar 12/37 [WO]
HFE19 Amba Teru 1343'/3916' 13/39 [x]
HFE76c Amba Tilile 2354 m 14/39 [Gu]
HEU31 Amba Togora, see Togora 13/39
HET36 Amba Treka (Amba Treca) 12/38 [+ Gu]
HFE07c Amba Tsellere (Tzellere) 2510 m 13/39 [Gu It]
HFF41c Amba Tsiyon (with rock-hewn church), near Hawzen? 14/39? [x]
HFF52c Amba Tsiyon (Amba Sion) 2928 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFF60 Amba Tsiyon (A. Sion) (mountain) 14/39 [Gz Gu WO 18]
1405'/3926' 2209, 2928 m
HEL28 Amba Tsiyon kebele 12/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Bugna wereda,
5-10 km east of Lalibela; area 3,942 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM82 Amba Tsolog, see Tsoiag
HFE76c Amba Tsogrom 14/39 [Gu]
HDR79c Amba Tullo, see under Jiga
HET17 Amba Ualla, see Amba Walla
HEC68 Amba Ueiven, see Amba Weiben
HEK07 Amba Umhailai (area) 11/38 [WO]
HEM71 Amba Uomberet, see Amba Wemberet, also Womberat
HEL63 Amba Uorc, see Amde Werk
amba waha..: wahab (Som) chill and humidity of the night
HFE76c Amba Wahabit (Amba Uahabit) 2347 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HFE76c Amba Wahega (Amba Uahega) 2327 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
HEU50c Amba Walke (recorded in 1868) 13/39 [18]
amba wal..: walla, one of a cycle of 27 Oromo day names;
walle (O) one who is good at singing and dancing
HET17 Amba Walla (Amba Ualla) (mountain) 13/39 [+ Gz Gu]
1248'/3906' 1787, 2013 m
HE... Amba Wasel (old name), see Ambasel
amba washa (A) cave mountain
HDU03c Amba Washa (A. Uascia, A. Guiascia) 09/39 [+ Gu]
HFE76 Amba Wazga (Amba Uazga) (area) 14/39 [+ WO Gu]
HEC68 Amba Weiben (A. Ueiven) (mountain) 11/37 [+ It]
HEM71 Amba Wemberet (A. Uomberet) (locality) 13/39 [Gz WO]
HEL63 Amba Werk, see Amde Werk, cf Werk Amba
HET26 Amba Wombedye (Amba Uombedieh) 13/39 [+ Gu WO]
HET27c Amba Yachuktsela (Amba Iaciuctsela) 13/39 [+ Gu]
(long mountain)
HF... Amba Yeha (A. Ieha) 2657 m 14/39 [+ Gu]
?? Amba Za-Ankassa (historical battle site) ../.. [x]
HES53 Amba Zagul (Garduco, peak Bisava Maryam) 13/37 [Gz]
1310'/3750' peak 3002 m
amba zan.: zana, zanna (Gojjam A) tree,
Stereospermum kunthianum
HER77 Amba Zana, see Zana
HFE76c Amba Zatta 2379 m, cf Zata 14/39 [Gu]
amba zeb..: zeben (A) time, era, epoch
HES91 Amba Zeban (area) 13/37 [WO]
HFF90 Amba Zeban (A. Ziban, Zeban Amba) (mountain) 14/39 [Gu]
2324, 2841 m, see also Amba Fokeda rock shelter
HFC07 Amba Zelal, see Zelal
HES92 Amba Zemelekot (Amba Zemelecot) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
HEK77 Amba Zoz, see Zoz
HFD96 Amba Zua, see Imba Tsiwa, and also Amba Zwa
amba zur..: zuriya (A) environs
HEK62 Amba Zuriya (A. Zuria) (area), see under Belesa 12/37 [+ WO]
HFK07 Amba Zwa (A. Zua) (mountain) 1738, 2014 m 14/38 [+ Gu]
ambabessa (O) kind of tall tree, Albizia gummifera,
A. schimperiana, often shade tree in coffee forests,
with large pods
HDC42 Ambabessa (Ambab Essa) (area) 08/36 [+ WO]
HDK70 Ambabo, see Imbabo
HDS26 Ambaccia (Ambatcha), see Chifar
ambach..: chara (O) tip top, very good?
chaaraa, one of a cycle of 27 Oromo day names
HEK71 Ambachara (Ambaciara, Ambaciera, Amba Chara) 12/37 [Ad Gu 18 Gz]
(Amba Ch'arra, Amba Ch'era) 1225'/3740' 2441 m
(centre in 1964 of Belesa wereda),
see also Degoma and under Deguma
HEK72 Ambachara (Ambaciara) (area) 2441 m 12/37 [+ WO]
HEK.. Ambachara sub-district (centre in 1964 = Werahla) 12/37 [Ad]
?? Ambako (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HEU32 Ambalage, see Amba Alage
HDU25 Ambalay 1010'/3947' 2925 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFD17c Ambamaderia, see Amba Maderia? Amba Madre? 13/38 [Te]
HEC19 Ambameda, see Amba Meda
ambar (A) bracelet, anklet; Ambar, a Somali female name
?? Ambar Cherkos (visiting postman under Jimma), ../.. [Po]
cf Amber Kirkos
HEJ58 Ambara 1217'/3727' 1784 m, see under Gorgora, 12/37 [WO Gz]
cf Amibara, Ambera, Amberra, Abale
H.... Ambara Desta (centre in 1964 of Azena sub-district) 10/36? [Ad]
H.... Ambara Metaga wereda (1990s, in Temben) 13/39? [Yo]
?? Ambaracia ../.. [It]
HES56 Ambaras, see Amba Ras & HES87
HCS14 Ambaricho (mountain), see Ambericho
?? Ambasel (mountain range in Wello) 3567 m ../.. [x]
(Ambasal, Ambassal, Ambassel). cf Amba Sel
JEA82 Ambasel awraja (Ambassel .., Abassel ..) 11/39 [Gz Ad x]
1135/4000' (centre at least 1964-1987 = Hayk)
in the 1990s with reduced area changed into Ambasel wereda
HEF 53 Ambasel wereda 11/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Denka, and in 1990s = Wichale)
(-1994-) is divided into 29 rural kebeles and 1 urban,
among which
Abet, Abrandof, Asfa, Astamba, Awlet, Begido, Bizen, Damota,
Delba, Denka, Dibil, Dino, Feka, Gishen, Golbo, Jari Fil Wiha,
Jerogeta, Kolet, Koshimu, Kula Kwaho, Kwashat, Limo, Mariye,
Minchu, Robit, Segora, Shafi town, Sinka, Teremchig, Ziha
?? Ambasemi (centre in 1964 of Derra wereda) 10/38? [Ad]
?? Ambash (farm in Awash valley) ../.. [x]
ambasha, wheat bread of Tigray type
HEC79 Ambashera (Ambascera) (area) 11/37 [+ WO]
HDT80 Ambasim Ber kebele (Ambasem Bär ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in northern westernmost Sayint wereda, 22 km west-northwest
of Ajiubar; area 5,946 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Ambassat Gallaba, border post in Tigray ../.. [x]
ambat (A) "learned" plural of amba; thus ambatu, the flat mountains
HEE74 Ambat kebele 11/38 [Ad]
far to the west in Dawint & Delanta wereda at its northern border,
20 km south-west of Bete Hor; area 1,515 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT59c Ambat & Mesno kebele (.. Mäsno ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda;
area 2,793 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HED40 Ambatna 1114'/3730' 2337 m, near code HEC49 11/37 [Gz]
HDC81 Ambatu (mountain) 2100 m 08/36 [WO]
HEE88 Ambaye kebele (Ambayé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Dawint & Delanta wereda,
immediately north of Wegel Tena; area 1,853 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ambazza (A) catfish; cf ambazza meret (A) land which
does not keep water
HER09 Ambazza (Ambezzo) (mountain) 12/37 [WO Gz]
1244'/3732' 2743 m
ambe (A) cultivated pineapple, Ananas sativus
HDG58 Ambe (Iambel, Tulu Iambal) 0935'/3530' 09/35 [Gz x]
locality north of Nejo
HDL34 Ambe 0923'/3849' 2687 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
ambel (ambäl) (A) captain of a team
HDT88 Ambela 1044'/3913' 2910 m 10/39 [Gz]
ambelta (A) kind of acacia-like tree,
Entada (Entadopsis) abyssinica
HDK24 Ambelta 0915'/3753' 2006 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDS.. Amber, 230-330 km NW of Addis Abeba 09/39 [n]
town in Awabel wereda
H.... Amber Kirkos (centre in 1964 of Aneded wereda), 10/37? [Ad]
cf Ambar Cherkos
ambera (ambära) (Gurage) he did not eat
HFE04 Ambera (/Amba/ Amberra, A. Ambara) (mountain) 13/38 [WO Gu Gz]
1337'/3850' 1856, 2170 m, cf Hambera
HFE04 Ambera sub-district (centre in 1964 = Guya) 13/38 [Ad]
HCS14 Ambericho (Ambaricho, Ambericcio) (mountain) 07/37 [Gz WO Gu]
0717'/3752' 2892 m 2537, 2984 m
HCS46 Ambericho (Ambericcio) (area) 07/38 [+ WO]
-- ambero g..: Gechi, a Wello Oromo tribe
HDB28 Ambero Gechi sub-district (Imboru Gechi ..) 08/36 [Ad LM]
(centre in 1964 = Gechi), cf Imboro Gechi
HFE15 Amberra, cf Ambera 13/38 [n]
HDU32 Ambersha 1017'/3933' 2817 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDT85 Ambes kebele (Ambäs ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in central easternmost Debre Sina wereda near the border,
8 km east-northeast of Mekane Selam; area 526 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ambesa (A) lion; defar (däffar) (A) bold, venturesome
HEE58 Ambesa Defar kebele (Ambäsa Däfar ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-western Tenta wereda at its border,
10 km west of Tenta settlement; area 2,796 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF90 Ambeset 1424'/3924' 2324 m, cf Ambesset 14/39 [Gz]
HEC84 Ambeshin (Ambescin) (river valley), 11/36 [+ It]
see under Yismala Giyorgis
HFF40 Ambesset (Amberset) (with rock-hewn church), 13/39 [x]
see under Hawzen
HEC38 Ambevar 11/37 [WO]
HER09 Ambezzo, see Ambazza

HCS.. Ambicho (with mosque), near Hosaina 07/37 [x]

HCU16 Ambientu (Hambientu) (plain) 07/39 [WO Gu Gz]
0719'/3956' 2391 m
HES69 Ambikwa (near Simen hiking route) 3100 m 13/38 [Br n]
HDR81 Ambili 1041'/3642' 1773 m 10/36 [Ch WO Gz]

-- Ambisa was the name of a luba (eight-year leadership age group)

of the Boran near lake Ziway in Emperor Serse Dengel's time
HDE96 Ambisa (Ambissa) 0900'/3858' 2354 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(with church Mikael)
HDL82c Ambisa (centre in 1964 of Degem sub-district) 09/38 [Ad]
HDE96 Ambisa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Akako) 09/38 [Ad]
HEC00 Ambiti Giyorgis (Ambiti Gheorgis) 10/36 [Ch WO Gz]
1049'/3638' 2130 m
ambo (O) 1. mineral water; 2. thorn tree, Acacia abyssinica;
also Abysicarpus ferrugineus?
HCS04c Ambo (on SE slope of mount Ambaricho) 07/37 [20]
ambo: agere hiywet (A) land of life
HDD94 Ambo (Amboo) 0859'/3751' 2050/2167 m 08/37 [WO Gz Br]
(Hagere Hiwot, Agere Hiwot, Hagere Hiywet) 08/37 [WO Te AA]
(centre at least 1964-1980 of Jibat & Mecha awraja)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5W Senkele (springs, source of commercial mineral water)
9W Guder (with waterfall and wine farm) 1969 m
6N Bifti (Befti) (hill) peak 2138 m
ca5 Boji Mangado (small village)
?? Dembi 2156 m
?? Muka Ilmu 2199 m
HEF42 Ambo (near Dessie) 1115'/3934' 2962 m 11/39 [WO Gz]
HEF42 Ambo (village) 1116'/3932 3205 m 11/39 [WO Gz]
HEH66 Ambo 1228'/3612' 777 m 12/36 [WO Gz]
?? Ambo (in Wello, with crater lake and landing strip) ../.. [20]
HEK50 Ambo 12/37 [WO Gu]
?? Ambo Akabani sub-district (-1997-) ../.. [n]
HEC98 Ambo Bahr (area), see under Zege 11/37 [WO]
ambo ber (A) mineral spring pass
HEK82c Ambo Ber, see Ambober
HDU36 Ambo Ber kebele (.. Bär ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in southern Efrata & Gidim wereda at its eastern border,
10-16 km south-west of Efeson; area 1,755 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ambo feres, mineral spring for horses
HEE45 Ambo Feres kebele (.. Färäs ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in southern central Mekdela wereda,
15 km west of Masha; area 2,805 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ambo k..: kara, qaraa (O) 1. road, path;
2. edge; 3. far-away place;
kara, karra (A) kaaraa (O) knife
HDU83 Ambo Kara kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in the separate western part of Kalu wereda in its south-western area,
10 km west of Degaga; area 4,240 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ambo mech.: mecha (O) nation;
-- Mecha, an Oromo tribe; mechcha (O) bastard
HDD93c Ambo Mecha wereda (centre in 1964 = Senkele) 08/37 [Ad]
ambo meda (A) field with mineral spring
HEK.. Ambo Meda (centre in 1964 of Kemkem sub-district) 12/37 [Ad]
?? Ambo Mehari (? Ambamahari, 'Spring of Mercy') ../.. [x]
HDD94c Ambo wereda 08/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 115 rural and 11 urban kebeles.
HEK82c Ambober (Ambo Ber, Ambover, Anbober) 12/37 [x Ad n]
(former Falasha village)
JEB76 Amboeli (area) 11/41 [WO]
HEF90 Ambola 1140'/3925' 2580 m 11/39 [Gz]
ambom..: misa (A) midday meal
HDS76 Ambomisa (centre in 1964 of Mengist/u/ sub-district) 10/38 [Ad]
HCS42c Amboro (Homecho) (market town) 07/37 [En 20]
HDK35 Amboy 0919'/3758' 2481 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
amboya, aboya (A) kind of tree
JEH18 Ambreyta (Ambreita) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
ambul: ambulla (A) dregs, sediment of tej
JDG66 Ambul Arali (area) 09/40 [WO]
HFE92 Amburai (Dorena river valley) 1421'/3840' 14/38 [WO Mi Gz]
(or Indalilo river valley) 1426'/3840'
HES55 Amburkwo (Amburcuo) 13/37 [+ WO]
HCK.. Amburse, cf under Durame 07/38 [20]
HCP98 Ambuye, see Dembi
HCR83 Ambuye (Amboye, Dambi) 0801'/3657' 1812 m, 08/36 [Gz Te Po]
coordinates would give map code HCR84
HEF32 Ambwasa kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western central Dese Zuriya wereda,
11 km west of Dessie town; area 1,551 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU01 Ambwash 0959'/3930' 2355 m 09/39 [Gz]
HC... Ambye (in Limu awraja), cf Amboye 07/36? [Ad]
HEJ23 Amcoha, see Amkoha
amd (A) column; double arched doorway which gives access into
the sanctuary of a church; amde werk (A) /literally: pillar of gold/
arcade, main pillar of a church
HEL63 Amde Werk (Amba Werk, Amba Worq, Amba Uorc) 12/38 [Gz Ad Gu]
(centre in 1964 of Dehana wereda) 1220'/3845' 2421 m
HDT16 Amden kebele (Amdän ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Lay Bet & Tach Bet wereda,
near Alem Ketema to its south-west; area 2,116 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL76c Amdewerk 12/39 [LM]
amdi (T) the central post in a house
HDK63 Amdo (falls nearby) 0939'/3748' 2536 m, 09/37 [AA Gz]
see under Kachisi
HFE55 Amdo (near Adwa) 1405'/3855' 1879 m 14/38 [Gz]
JDJ33 Ame Berento 0923'/4157' 2013 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDH38 Ame Tisa (A. T'isa) 0920'/4129 2118 m 09/41 [Gz]
HDF60 Amecha Gebriel (church) 0843'/3920' 08/39 [Gz]
HEK11 Amed Ber, town in Fogera wereda 11/37 [20]
amed (amäd) (A) ashes, dust; guya (A) breast, womb, lap;
guyya (A) kind of small pigeon; guya. guia (O) conjuring,
exorcising; guyyaa (O) day, time before noon
HDU42 Amed Guya 1019'/3933' 2950 m 10/39 [Gz]
amed washa, dust cave
HDU53 Amed Washa kebele (Amäd ..) 10/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the western and northern borders of Gera Midir
& Keya Gebriel wereda, 15 km north of Mehal Meda; area 2,513 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amedama (A) grey
HEC38 Amedamit (Amädamit, Amadamit, Amidamit) 11/37 [Gz Ad WO 18]
(mountains) 1110'/3725' 2656, 3619 m,
see also Kosso Ber
HDM16 Amedas 09/39 [WO]
HDS13 Ameded (area) 10/37 [WO]
HEF13 Amedo 1058'/3936' 3028 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEM82 Ameeda 1235'/3936' 1739 m, cf Amida 12/39 [Gz]
HES11 Amegiagi, see Amejaji
HES22 Amegie (Ameghie), see Amergie
JDJ07 Ameiti, see Ameya
ameja, amecha (A) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Hypericum lanceolatum, H. revolutum, H. quartinianum,
HDL44 Ameja 0928'/3848' 2560 m, cf Amaja, Amija 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDU36 Ameja 1018'/3952' 2072 m 10/39 [Gz]
ameja g..: gindo (O) 1. plough, beam of plough,
2. state prison among the Oromo in former times;
3. heavy beam fastened to the foot, as punishment
and to prevent from escaping
HD... Ameja Gindo (name on postmark) ../.. [20]
HES11 Amejaji (Amegiagi) 1250'/3739' 2821 m 12/37 [+ WO Gz]
HDU50 Ameje & Hagere Selam kebele (Amäjä ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central south-western Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda;
area 2,635 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amejera abbo: abbo (O) term of address among male friends;
Abbo (A) colloquial name of Saint Gebre Menfes Kiddus
HEK06c Amejera Abbo (Ameggera Abbo) (village), 11/38 [+ Gu]
see under Debre Tabor
amel (amäl) (A) manner, individuality, conduct, habit;
bad temper
JEJ45 Amele Ferey (Amele Ferei) (area) 12/42 [+ WO]
HDT26 Amelsa (area) 10/38 [WO]
HEF43 Amema (area) 11/39 [Gu]
ameme, ammeme (amämä) (A) hurt; suffered (T) propose, suggest
JDK06 Amen 0904'/4306' 1606 m 09/43 [Gz]
HER19 Ameniyos 1250'/3727' 1525 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ44 Amensgabaie (=Amus Gebeya=Thursday Market?) 12/37 [WO]
HDL79 Amente (Amantie) 0943'/3917' 2678 m, 09/39 [Gz WO]
see under Mendida
HEU85 Amentila 1327'/3949' 1562 m 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
-- Amer, see Hamer
HDM73 Amer Hager kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its eastern border,
14 km south-west of Debre Sina; area 972 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Amera, a male personal name
HCD81 Amera (w church) small district south of Chencha 06/37 [x]
HFC21 Amerafa 13/36 [WO]
HES13 Amergie (Amerghie) 12/37 [+ WO]
HES22 Amergie (Ameghie) (mountains) 12/37 [Gz WO]
1253'/3747' 2533 m, see under Dabat
HDU42 Amerguya (Amergwa) 1023'/3931' 2466 m 10/39 [Gz]
west of Gera Midir in Menz
amerja, ameja (A) shrub or small tree, Hypericum quartinianum
HDL23 Amesho 0917'/3845' 2559 m 09/38 [Gz]
ameta (A) malicious gossip; amet (amät') (Geez,A) uprising,
revolt; amet (amät) (A,T) year; (Geez) female slave
HDM73 Ametegna & Kimbo Hager kebele 09/39 [Ad]
(Amät'ägna & Qembo Hagär ..)
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
5-6 km east of Debre Birhan town; area 780 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ameto (amäto) (A) kind of bird - coot or moorhen
HDL45 Ameto, two at 4 km distance:
HDL45 Ameto 0926'/3855' 2636 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL45 Ameto 0927'/3853' 2584 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL78 Ameto 0941'/3840' 2716 m 09/38 [Gz]
H.... Ametsge (Ametsghe) 13/37? [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Angot sub-district)
ametu (ametu) (A) the defamation, the calumny
HDL72 Ametu 09/38 [AA]
HE... Amewat sub-district (centre in 1964 = Meskiyie) 12/39 [Ad]
HDC39 Ameya 0830'/3730' 08/37 [MS]
HCJ80 Ameya (Amaia, Ammaia) [Ammäyya] 07/36 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
0705'/3640' 1641, 2300 m
(centre in 1964 of Ila wereda)
JDJ07 Ameya (Ameiti) 0904'/4210' 1680 m, 09/42 [Gz WO]
coordinates would give map code JDJ06
HDM44 Ameya Ager kebele (Amäya Agär ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Ankober wereda, 7-9 km south
of Ankober town; area 569 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDD40 Ameya wereda (centre in 1964 = Gindo) 08/37 [Ad]
HEH78 Amfelau (area) 1227'/3634' 1385 m 12/36 [WO Gz]
HDT99 Amfur 1046'/3917' 2927 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFC09 Amga Gey (Amba Ghei), cf Amba Gei 13/37 [+ WO]
HEE45 Amhara .., see Amara ..
J.... Amhorra, cf Amora 11/41 [18]
HEU31 Amia (Ami'a) 1257'/3931' 2641 m 12/39 [Gz]
HES67 Amialka (Ami'alka) 1317'/3812' 3417 m 13/38 [Gz]
JDG44 Amibara (Ammibara) (farm in Awash valley), 09/40 [x WO]
cf Ambara
JDG44 Amibara /wereda?/ 09/40 [n Ad]
?? Amiber, in East Gojjam Zone ../.. [20]
-- Amida, a tribe of the Arsi Oromo
JCG93 Amida 0713'/4008' 2176 m 07/40 [WO Wa Gz]
HEC38 Amidamit, see Amedamit
HEU43 Amiet (Ami'et) 1302'/3942' 2409 m 13/39 [Gz]
J.... Amigna sub-district (centre in 1964 = Amigna) 07/40 [Ad n]
(-1964-1997-), cf Aminya
amija (A) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Hypericum revolutum, H. roeperianum;
Amija, cf Amaja, Ameja
HEK06 Amija (Amigia), see under Debre Tabor 11/38 [+ WO]
HEK07 Amija Giyorgis (Amigia Gheorghis) 11/38 [+ WO]
amil (T) client, customer
HET39 Amila 12/39 [WO]
HEU30 Amila, see Amla
HDK80 Amile 09/37 [WO]
-- amina (A) itinerant singer; Amina, an Oromo clan in Arsi,
also a female Muslim name
JBJ83 Amino 0431/4149' 195 m 04/41 [WO Gu Gz]
amino f..: fole, folee (O) climbing plant with edible large beans
HDM41 Amino Fole kebele (.. Folé ..) 09/39 [Ad]
far to the west in northern Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
20 km south-west of Debre Birhan; area 533 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCU67 Aminya 0751'/3958' 2561 m 07/39 [Gz]
aminya d..: daaba (O) 1. honey comb; 2. stall in a market;
3. jamb, doorpost, support for wall /also other meanings/
HCU.. Aminya Daba (Amigna ..) 07/39 [+ x]
village in northern Arsi lowlands
HCU67 Aminya wereda (in the 1980s in Ticho awraja) 07/39 [x]
(-1994-) is divided into 33 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
amir, amiir (Som) leader, emir
JDJ21 Amir Nor, see Gara Muleta
HEJ68 Amisala 1219'/3723' 1803 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ78 Amisala 1219'/3724' 1796 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ78 Amisala 1220'/3724' 1808 m 12/37 [Gz]
amist bet (A) five houses,
-- Amist Bet, a loose confederation in western Gurage
HEM90c Amist Bet sub-district (.. Biet) 12/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Lat Giyorgis)
HEJ23 Amistiya 1201'/3655' 1827 m 12/36 [Gz]
HBP51 Amitei (area) 04/35 [WO]
HDF72 Amiti kebele 08/39 [Ad]
in northern central Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
9 km east-northeast of Balchi; area 602 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCP17 Amiyo 0725'/3622' 1380 m 07/36 [Gz]
HES57 Amja Lebes 1308'/3810' 3402 m 13/38 [Gz]
HED85 Amjeye 1140'/3802' 2579 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEJ23 Amkoha (Amcoha) 12/36 [+ WO]
HEU30 Amla (Amila) 1258'/3921' 1834 m 12/39 [Gz]
near map code HET39
amlak (A) God, deity
HDF70 Amlak kebele 08/39 [Ad]
in western central Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
5-8 km south-west of Balchi; area 877 hectares. [CSA 1994]
amlak wiha (A) God's water
?? Amlak Wiha (on map of 1814 written Amlac Ohha) 11/37? [+ 18]
ammach (A) matchmaker /of marriage/; amach (A) father-in-law,
son-in-law, brother-in-law
HCS41 Ammacho (Ammacio) 0741'/3737' 1531 m 07/37 [+ WO Gz]
ammadi koma: koma (O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qoomaa) instant
killing; (A) 1. sterile /land/; 2. kind of large tree
JEA49 Ammadi Koma (Ammadi Coma) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
HDD42 Ammai (area) 08/37 [WO]
HCJ80 Ammaia, see Ameya
H.... Ammanuel, see Amanuel
JDC50 Ammareisa, see Amaresa
JEB62 Ammarre (area) 550 m 11/40 [WO]
ammarri (O) handful
ammata: amete (A) maid of /used in female names/
HDD53 Ammata 08/37 [WO]
-- Ammaya, a subtribe of the Mecha/Liban Oromo
HDD42 Ammaya (Ammaia), cf Amaya 08/37 [+ WO Gu]
JDC24 Ammayu (Ammaiu) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
ammesa (O) kind of mostly small tree, Commiphora sp.,
belonging to tropical thorn scrub, with edible berries
JDH84 Ammesa, M. (area) 914 m 09/41 [WO]
ammeyd..: dera (dära) (A) grass used for thatching roofs;
dera, deeraa (O) long, tall; slow
JCR80 Ammeydera (Ammeidera) (area) 08/41 [+ WO]
JDG44 Ammibara, see Amibara
ammist (A) five; amist (Gurage) five
HEM71 Ammista Addi (area) 12/39 [Gu]
JEN74 Ammulfaghe 1321'/4010' 810/841 m 13/40 [WO Gz]
amna (A) last year
HCR.. Amnada wereda 07/37 [Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 = Boke Wako (Bekie Abawako, Beke A.))
HER56 Amnua (area) 13/37 [WO]
amo (T) aunt; (Afar) head
HDJ.. Amo, village not far from Bako 09/37 [x]
HFF61 Amo (mountain) 14/39 [Gu]
HFF71 Amo (mountain), see Amba Amo
HDK62 Amodo 0939'/3746' 2503 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
JFB50 Amogale (waterhole) 14/40 [WO]
JDH71 Amoissa, G. (area, with hot salt spring) 09/40 [WO]
0944'/4050' 839 m
JDP11 Amoissa (volcano), see Adwa
GDF11 Amoli, see Pomolo

HDG78 Amoma 0941'/3534' 2115 m 09/35 [Gz]

HDG68 Amoma Badeso, 12 km north of Nejo 09/35 [x]
amoma bo..: bore, booree (O) 1. mellow tej;
2. solemn promise; boore (Som) grey
HDG48 Amoma Bore, circa 10 km south-east of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDG67 Amoma Deggero (Amona Degero) 10 km N of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDG37 Amoma Dilla, circa 12 km south of Nejo, 09/35 [x]
near Dilla river
HDG47 Amoma Gute, circa 10 km SSW of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDG38 Amoma Jalla, circa 20 km SE of Nejo 09/35 [x]
amomeliti i..: idda (O) 1. root of plants; 2. climber,
cotton thistle; 3. blood vein; 4. stringed bow for
teasing/carding cotton
JEG23 Amomeliti Idda (area) 11/40 [WO]
JDB94 Amomumet 0859'/4106' 1864 m 08/41 [Gz]
(with church Medhane Alem)
HDG67 Amona Degero, see Amoma deggero
amona j..: jalla (O) violent, proud, twisted
HDG38 Amona Jalla 09/35 --
HED18 Amonewas (Amoneuos) 1058'/3816' 3397, 3664 m 10/38 [+ WO Gz]
hills with the highest peak at altitude 3664 m,
coordinates would give map code HED08
amora (A,T) vulture, joffe amora, or other large bird;
bird of prey /eagle, kite/; amora gedel (A) vulture cliff
HDS62 Amora 1034'/3746' 3012 m 10/37 [Gz]
JDJ59 Amora 0935'/4227' 1874 m 09/42 [Gz]
amora bet (A) vulture nest
HDF73 Amora Bet kebele (.. Bét ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Minjar & Shenkora wereda stretching to
its southern border, 20-25 km east of Balchi; area 6,514 hectares.
[CSA 1994]

amora gedel (.. gädäl) (A) vulture cliff

HCG87 Amora Gedel (Amora Gädäl, Amoragadel) 07/35 [+ WO Mi]
(mountain with iron) 0707'/3529' 1620 m
HDM71 Amora Gedel (Amoraghede) 0945'/3930' 2078 m, 09/39 [+ WO Gz]
see under Debre Birhan, cf Cherit
HEK23 Amora Gedel (Amora, Amore Chedel) 11/37 [Gz Ad Gu WO]
1159'/3748' 1821 m
HEK24 Amora Gedel (mountain) 1201'/3749' 1821, 2460 m 12/37 [Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HEK23
HEM33 Amora Gedel (Amora Ghedel) 12/39 [+ WO]
HEM41 Amora Gedel (A. Ghadel) 1209'/3929' 2252 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEK24 Amora Gedel sub-district (ctr in 1964 = Alga Tinche) 12/37 [Ad]
amora gen..: genda (gända) (A) trough from the trunk
of a tree, for animals to drink from
HEF31 Amora Genda (town) 1109'/3926' 3314 m 11/39 [Gz]
-- Amoro, Amorro, name of a Mecha Oromo tribe
HDR04 Amoro, see Amuru
amorra deli: deli (Som) covered hole, pitfall; dheeli (Som)
make dance, entertain, amuse; dheelli (Som) lean sideways
JEB48 Amorra Deli (area) 11/41 [WO]
HDJ94 Amorro, see Amuru
HDU75 Amosha (Amoscia) 1040'/3946' 2022 m, cf Afeso 10/39 [+ WO Gz]
amoye s..: serte (A) kind of branched palm,
Dracaena afromontana, D. steudneri
HEF17 Amoye Serte kebele (Amoyé Särt'é ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in southern easternmost Kalu wereda,
25-35 km east-southeast of Kombolcha; area 4,815 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEB84 Amoyssina (Amoissina) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HEA49 Ampala (area) 11/35 [WO]
HEC74c Amrey 11/37 [Ch]
HEC85 Amriber (Amriver) (mountain and village) 1918 m 11/37 [+ It]
amsa (A) fifty
HES56 Amsafesge 1313'/3804' 3015 m, cf Tikur Wiha 13/38 [WO Gz]
HDT62 Amsale Genet 10/38 [20]
town in Debre Sina wereda
HEE88 Amsat Mikael (Amsat Micael) 11/39 [+ WO]
HFE58 Amsitu (A. Zufan) 1404'/3912' 1965 m 14/39 [MS Gz]
HEC15c Amuagta (centre in 1964 of Ashefa sub-district) 11/37 [Ad]
HDS33 Amuata, see Ziwad
JCS75 Amudleh 0756'/4257' 940 m 07/42 [Gz]
GDF56 Amule 0837'/3456', see Mojo
Amuma, name of a very wealthy Oromo known to have saved
the life of a Portuguese missionary in 1614
HCN96 Amuma 0808'/3522' 1674 m, near code HDA06 08/35 [Gz]
HDG66c Amuma, cf Amoma 09/35 [LM]
HDL32 Amuma 09/20'/3837' 2577 m 09/38 [Gz]
JDJ05 Amuma (Amuma Diramu, Baku) 09/42 [LM WO Gu Gz]
0908'/4204' 1678 m, 20 km south of Harar
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
10E G. Bilau (mountain area) 2050 m
6S Dolo (village)
5NW Borukar (Borucar) (area)
5N Umer Kule (Umarcul) (village) 1778 m
10NE Barkale (G. Barcale) (area) 2105 m
?? Ganda Abahi (Genda Abahi) 1793 m
JDJ66 Amuma (area) 09/42 [WO]
HDG.. Amuma Agalo, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HDG.. Amuma Deggiro, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HGG48 Amuma Hena (near Nejo) 0926'/3534' 1848 m 09/35 [Gz]
HEF53 Amuma kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in central Tehuledere wereda, very near
Hayk town to its south; area 1,159 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
amuma l..: lega (A) fresh /butter/;
laga (O) 1. river; 2. people
HDL90 Amuma Lega 0953'/3828' 2238 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HE... Amumo Gemis (two sub-districts with 11/39 [Ad]
centres in 1964 = 1. Debre Maryam 2. Siba Ager)
JCC12 Amunle, see Hamunle
JEB66 Amunta (area) 648 m 11/41 [WO]
H.... Amura, at the Abay river ../.. [x]
HD... Amura Fuliye, see Amuru Fuliyo
JED00 Amuradle (area) 10/42 [WO]
HDS31 Amurata, see Ziwad
-- Amuru (Amoru, Amoro), name of a Mecha Oromo tribe
HDJ94 Amuru (Amorro) (locality) 0955'/3700' 09/37 [WO Gz]
HDR04 Amuru (area) 10/37 [WO]
HDR04 Amuru (Amoro) (on map of 1843) 09/36 [WO Gz Ha]
0959'/3658' 2316 m
HDR23 Amuru (mountain on the left-hand bank of Abay) 10/36 [WO]
H.... Amuru Fuliyo sub-district (centre in 1964 = Fuliyo) 08/37? [Ad]
HD... Amuru & Jarti wereda (Amuruna Jarte ..) ../.. [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 58 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
HDD13 Amuru Werebira sub-district (ctr in 1964 = Welkite) 08/37 [Ad]
amus (A) Thursday
Amus .., cf Hamus ..
HDK29 Amus Chebia (=Amus Gebeya=Thursday Market?) 09/38 [WO Gz]
0919'/3823' 2696 m, see Inchini
HEC18 Amus Venzi (church) 10/37 [WO]
amus wenz (A) Thursday river
HEK26 Amus Wenz (A. Wänz, Amus Uenz) (area) 11/38 [+ WO]
?? Amusit (centre in 1964 of Zui sub-district) 12/37 [Ad]
HDF02 Amuta (Amut'a) (mountain) 0809'/3934' 2662 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDS33 Amwatta (on map of 1843), cf Amewat, Ziwad 10/37 [Ha Gz]
amza (A) a kind of tree
HEP26 Amzanaghir, Jebel (area) 1257'/3610' 731 m 12/36 [WO Gz]
HEM32 Amze kebele (Amzé ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in southern Kobo wereda at its western border,
10-15 km south-west of Kobbo town; area 3,841 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
an (Som) I, me; aan (Som) milk; damer, dameer (Som) donkey;
damera (A, Geez) the bonfire at the Meskel festival
JDD19 An Damer (area) 08/43 [WO]
-- Ana, name of a group of Oromo known in the 17th century;
ana (O) patrikin, relatives on father's side;
dadi (O) 1. patience; 2. chances for success;
daddi (western O) porcupine, Hystrix cristata
JBS56 Ana Dadis (area) 04/43 [WO]
anaale: aana eela (O) overseer of a well
JEP98 Anaale (waterhole) 13/41 [MS WO]
anab (Arabic) grape
HEM71 Anaba Behistan 1228'/3926' 2700 m 12/39 [Gz]
?? Anabe, forest in southern Wello ../.. [20]
JDS41 Anadoawe (Anadoaue) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
HDK60 Anafo (Anafu) 0942'/3732' 2271 m 09/37 [Gz Gu]
HDL81 Anajuru 0948'/3831' 2778 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
anako (A) helpers for the monks /in Debre Libanos/
who split wood and draw water
HEH47 Anako (Anaco, Anaho) 1228'/3626' 1171 m 12/36 [+ Gz WO 18]
JBJ83 Analli 0423'/4157' 192 m 04/41 [Gz]
?? Analu (high mountain) 4480 m, in Amara region ../.. [20]
3rd highest mountain in Ethiopia
JCK85 Anamaleh 0705'/4258' 671 m 07/42 [Gz]
anan, annan (O) milk; milky sap; annaan, aannan (O) Macha people
KCH68 Anan Weylo (Anan Ueilo) 06/46 [+ WO]
anano (O) kind of plant, "the one for milk",
Euphorbia triculata or related species
JDD63 Anano (area), cf Aneno 08/42 [WO]
JD... Ananu, archaeological site west of Gewane 10/40 [20]
HDT66 Anarat kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-easternmost Kelala wereda; area 2,033 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Anasa (historical battle site) 12/39 [x]
HDM52 Anase & Sanka kebele (Anasé & Sanqa ..) 09/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
10 km south of Debre Birhan; area 1,623 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL92 Anaso 0955'/3840' 1797 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDU83 Anaz Tid kebele (.. T'ed ..) 10/39 [Ad]
almost easternmost at the northern border of Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel
wereda, 10-25 km west of Majete; area 9,093 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM94 Anazhga kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
6 km north-northwest of Debre Sina; area 566 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET09 Anbaga 1243'/3918' 1913 m 12/39 [Gz]
?? Anbechu (visiting postman) ../.. [Po]
anber: anbar (A) bracelet; anbere (anbärä) (T) put down, place, deposit;
anberi (A) whale
HDS.. Anber, 20 km from Debre Markos 10/37 [n]
?? Anber Cherkos (visiting postman under D. Markos) ../.. [Po]
HEJ33 Anbes 1204'/3656' 1752 m 12/36 [Gz]
anbesa: anbessa, ambessa (A,T) lion; anbaza (A?) a kind of
catfish found in the Little Abay water system
HED92 Anbesame (Anbesamie) 1143'/3738' 2029 m 11/37 [MS Ad Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Fogera wereda)
Coordinates would give map code HED91
anbeta (Geez), anbetta, ambetta (A, Argobba) locusts;
defar (däffar) (A) bold, venturesome
HDM73 Anbeta Defar kebele (Anbät'a Däfar ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
15 km south-west of Debre Sina; area 589 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEK82c Anbober, see Ambober
JDR52 Anca, see Anka
JEC92 Ancacato, see Ankakato
JEH17 Ancadaia, see Ankadaya
HEJ86 Ancara Jesus, see Ankara Iyesus
HDT21 Ancate, see Ankala
HCU91 Ancfola, see Ankfola
HCR03 Anchano (Anciano), see Rufael
HEJ69 Anchano (Anch'ano) 1222'/3728' 1808 m 12/37 [Gz]
HCF56 Anchar (Anciar) (area) 05/39 [+ WO]
HCF76 Anchar (Anciar) (area) 06/39 [+ WO]
HCF.. Anchar sub-district (-1997-) ../39 [n]
anchara (A) strip of leather sewn to a shield
so that it can be hung on a peg
JDA54 Anchara (Anciare) (area) 08/40 [Ad WO]
JDA65 Anchara wereda (centre 1964 = Cheleleka) 08/40 [Ad]
ancharo: anchiro (O) white millet, Sorghum arundinaceum
HC... Ancharo (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 07/36 [Ad]
HEF15 Ancharo (Curcureta) 1103'/3947' 1979 m 11/39 [Gz WO Gu]
HEF26 Ancharo (Anciarro) (with sub-post office) 11/39 [Gz Po 18 Gu]
1103'/3947' 1979 m, near Kombolcha
Coordinates would give map code HEF24
HEF25 Ancharo kebele 11/39 [Ad]
surrounding Ancharo settlement in north-western Kalu wereda,
2-6 km east of Kombolcha; area 1,838 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF26 Ancharo sub-district (centre in 1964 = Ancharo) 11/39 [Ad]
ancheba (A) kind of tree, Ocimum suave
HDD41 Anchebi (Anch'ebi) 0832'/3741' 1828 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDD92 Anchebi (Anch'ebi) (peak) 0902'/3744' 1810 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HEJ95 Ancher (mountain) 1236'/3709' 1803 m 12/37 [Gz]
ancheto: anchote (anchot'e) (A) yams, Dioscoea speciosa
HCK82 Ancheto, see Areka
HDM30 Anchi Awgi 0919'/3922' 2710 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDL89 Anchikorer (Anch'ik'orer, Anchekorer, Ancicurer) 09/39 [Gz Ad 18]
0948'/3917' 2682 m, near map code HDM80
(centre in 1964 of Wayu sub-district)
HEK.. Anchim (Anchem) (battle site), see under Debre Tabor 11/38 [+ Pa]
HDG77 Anchini (Anch'ini) 0942'/3525' 1884 m 09/35 [Gz]
H.... Ancho (ford of Abay river) 10/36? [Ch]
anchora: anchura (anch'ura) (O) a herb with fleshy leaves,
Kalanchoe macrantha, K. lanceolata, not liked by domestic
animals; (Bale O) Kalanchoe deficiens
HCU22 Anchora (Anciora) 0721'/3927' 2497 m 07/39 [Wa Gz]
HCK61c Anchucho 06/37 [LM]
HC... Anchuteho (in Welamo awraja) 06/37? [Ad]
HCR03 Anciano, see Rufael
HDL89 Ancicurer, see Anchikorer
HCU22 Anciora, see Anchora
HDM21 Ancober (Ancobar), see Ankober & HDM54
HFF22 Ancot, see Ankot
HET60c Ancua, see Ankwa
HER48 Ancudib, see Ankudib
HCU91 Ancufcia, see Ankfola
HCR68 Ancurri, see Unkuri
HEE87 And Aja 1135'/3909' 2991 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEL39 And Aymetir 1204'/3916' 2844 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEM20 And Iyela 1157'/3923' 3555 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE81 Anda 1136'/3832' 2524 m 11/38 [Gz]
?? Andagabten, see Indegebten
HFF51 Anda Mariam Suta, see Maryam Setta
andabiet: andebet (andäbät) (A) tongue
HED44 Andabiet 11/37 [Gu]
HED74c Andabiet 11/37 [Gu]
KCP54 Andadaha (wide area) 0743'/4606' 07/46 [WO Gz]
JCR48 Andafidiye (area) 07/42 [WO]
JEB.. Andage kebele, in Asaita wereda 11/41 [20]
HED44 Andai Meter 11/37 [WO]
andakko, indakko (O) chicken, fowl
JEJ33 Andakoros (Andacoros) (area) 12/41 [+ WO]
JEA08c Andalee, circa 1053'/4030', archaeological site, 10/40 [20]
name of a stream used in scientific journals
HDE76 Andama 08/39 [WO]
HCH96 Andaracha, see Anderacha
JEC20 Andarchelu (waterhole) 11/41 [MS WO]
JDS41 Andarley (Andarlei) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
HEC79 Andasa (Andassa) (river = Angassam? and place) 11/37 [Ch n]
?? Andassam, live-stock station since 1964 ../.. [x]
HER36 Andeinaba (area) 12/37 [WO]
HER27 Andeinada 1256'/3717' 1221 m 12/37 [Gz]
JDJ.. Andele (on map of 1814), west of Harar 09/41 [18]
JEP15 Andele (Andelei, Anderley) (well) 1251'/4103' 12/41 [Gz WO]
HDT63c Andenet, see Andinet
andera (andära) (A) a short, broad-leaved plant
which bears a blackish, sour fruit
HEB79 Andera 1130'/3630' 1168 m 11/36 [WO]
HCN46 Anderaccia dei Moccia, see Inderacha
anderacha: anderocheh (O) kind of shrub or tree,
Cussonia ostinii, with leaves branching out several from
a common stalk
HCH96 Anderacha (Anderaccia, Andaracha, Andaraca) 07/36 [Gz Gu Pa x]
(Andracha, Enderach) 0712'/3616' 1629 m,
see also under Bonga about 7 km away
HCN27 Anderacha (Andracha) (mountain chain), cf Inderacha 07/35 [Gz]
0730'/3530' 2360 m
There is registered the Sele Anderacha National Forest Priority Area.
HCN26 Anderacha wereda (centre in 1964 = Gecha) 07/35 [Ad]
HCN46 Anderachi (Anderatchi), see Inderacha
HEJ66 Anderjiha 1221'/3712' 1835 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEL63c Anderkwe (Andercue) 12/38 [+ Gu]
JEP15 Anderley(waterhole), see Andele
HFF12 Anderta, see Inderta
HCK09 Andida 0624'/3821' 1844 m 06/38 [Gz Ad]
(near Dilla, in Deressa awraja)
JDP53 Andido (area) 10/41 [WO]
JEG49 Andido 1209'/4037' 629 m 12/40 [Gz]
HF... Andiel (historical? area SW of Adigrat) 14/39 [x]
HET98 Andin 1330'/3910' 1943 m 13/39 [WO Gz]
HFE07 Andin (Andino) (mountain) 1328'/3909' 2104 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
HDT63c Andinet kebele (Andenät ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in western Wegdi wereda at its northern border,
20 km south-west of Mekane Selam; area 2,011 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
GDM.. Andishishuro kebele 09/34 [20]
in the Begi region of Beni Shangul.
HDM84 Andit Tid kebele (.. T'ed ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
near Debre Sina to its south-west; area 1,814 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDR46 Ando Bet (Andobed) 1022'/4213' 10/42 [Gz]
small railway station and village near Adigala
JDR25 Ando Beyd 1008'/4208' 726 m 10/42 [Gz]
?? Ando Tebay (Andothebai) (on map of 1814) 09/40 [+ 18]
andode, andodie (O) soap-berries, plant giving a kind of soap,
Phytolacca dodecandra
HCR99 Andode 0806'/3730' 1833 m, cf Endode, 08/37 [Gz]
near map code HCS90
HDE73 Andode (near Akaki) 0849'/3844' 2046 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDE73 Andode (near Akaki) 0851/3846' 2095 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDH78 Andode 09/36 [WO]
HDK58 Andode 0933'/3819' 2337 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL26 Andode 0919'/3859' 2721 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDD63 Andode Abo (church) 0845'/3748' 08/37 [Gz]
JDJ92 Andolisse (area) 09/41 [WO]
andolla: andola (Afar) large savannah bird,
bustard, Choriotis spp. etc
JEB77 Andolla (area) 11/41 [WO]
?? Andotnah (ancient town toward Zikwala) ../.. [Pa]
HCH96 Andracha, see Anderacha
JBP15 Anduk (locality) 0435'/4108' 04/41 [WO Gz]
HDL46c Anduod Uascia, see Endod Washa
HDM42 Anduod Uascia, see Segele
andurah: andura (O) 1. umbilical cord; 2. special gift
which a father gives to his son at the birth
?? Andurah (recorded in the 1500s) ../.. [Pa]
-- Anduro, a small society in eastern Gemu-Gofa
anech bi..: bila (O) 1. red honey; 2. flower or "beard"
on barley/wheat;
(A) 1. soil leached by water; 2. burr which catches on cloth
H.... Anech Bila (centre in 1964 of Nazret sub-district) 10/38 [Ad]
H.... Aneded wereda (centre in 1964 = Amber Kirkos) 10/37? [Ad]
JD... Aneno (centre in 1964 of Welabu sub-district) 09/42 [Ad]
anf (Ge'ez) nose
HFF25 Anf Baati (with rock-hewn church), see under Atsbi 13/39 [x]
anfar (A) 1. large savannah bird, bustard, Choriotis spp. etc;
2. kind of bush or tree, Buddleia polystachia
anfarro (A,O) /lion's/ mane; cape of similar material
usually from baboons
anfari (A) one who boils water or cooks with it
HDM.? Anfar (with church Giyorgis), in Bulga/Kasim wereda 09/39? [x]
anfari, anfera, anfar, amfar (A,O) common shrub or small
tree with narrow leaves, Buddleja polystachya; anfere (T) flush
JEJ03 Anfara Eyla (well) 1148'/4151' 11/41 [WO Gz]
HC... Anfarara (Anferara) (forest area) 06/38 [Mi 20]
HE... Anfargey Giyorgis (with old church ruin) 11/38 [n]
JFA17 Anfeitale, see Aufeitale
HFF52 Anfeka (Anfiqa, Anf-Eqa) (with rock-hewn church), 14/39 [x]
see under Sinkata

HC... Anferara, see Anfarara

HF... Anfesaeri (Anfesa'eri) 14/39? [Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
anfila (A) meat from a leg, prepared in a certain way
-- Anfillo (Southern Mao), ethnic group estimated to number about 1000,
living north of Baro river in western Wellega
GDF63 Anfilo, T. (hill) 08/34 [WO]
GDF42 Anfilo sub-district (Anfillo ..) (centre in 1964 = Mugi) 08/34 [Ad n]
GDF42 Anfilo wereda (Anfillo ..) 08/34 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 31 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
angach (A) armed quard or soldier
HCK93 Angacha (Angach'a, Angech'a) 07/37 [Gz]
0712'/3747' 1860 m
HCS13 Angacha (Angach'a, Angaccia, Angech'a, Agaccia) 07/37 [Gz Po WO Gu]
0720'/3751' 2324 m (with church)
Coordinates would give map code HCS03
HDS55 Angacha (Angach'a, Angecha, Anghec) 10/38 [Gz]
1028'/3801' 2591 m
HCS13 Angacha wereda (Angatcha ..) 07/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Angacha)
(-1994-) is divided into 37 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
The inhabitants are mainly Kambata (Kambaata). In the 1990s
it was a wereda in the Kambata-Alaba-Timbaro Zone.
HDM43 Angada kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
21 km south-southeast of Debre Birhan; area 351 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDG55 Angallilek (Angallilec) 0930'/4017' 683 m 09/40 [+ WO Gz]
HEP07 Angalo 1241'/3623' 914 m, near map code HEH97 12/36 [Gz]
angar (A) associate, collaborator
HED51 Angar (river at 1004'/3707') 11/37 [WO]
HDH.. Angar Guten, see Anger Gutin
angara (A) communal undivided land; joint labour;
angarre (A) dried skin /of goat or sheep/
HEJ57c Angara (island in lake Tana, once with church) 12/37 [Ch]
angareb, bed, of the type occurring in all Eastern Africa
HER65 Angareb (Angereb) 1315'/3706' 2190 m 13/37 [WO Gu Gz]
HES41 Angareb (mountain) 1303'/3737' 1929 m 13/37 [WO Gz]
HES.? Angareb, river near Gondar, with old bridge 13/37? [It x]
HEC79 Angassam (river, same as Andasa?) 11/37 [Ch]
angata: angattya (Gurage) wild cat, Felis lybica ochreata;
angato (O) animal collar, band of leather round its neck;
angatu (O) conscientious, hard-working /woman/
HEJ06 Angata (Angat'a, Adiscia) 1146'/3710' 1797 m, 11/37 [Ch Gz WO]
near map code HEC96
HDT27 Angatet & Mekten kebele (Angat'ät & Mäqt'än ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Weremo Wajitu & Mida wereda,
15 km east-southeast of Rema; area 608 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU23c Angawa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Zebir Biker) 10/39 [Ad]
ange tel..: tella (t'älla) 1. local kind of beer; 2. be hostile, hate
HDU32 Ange Tella 10/39 [WO]
HFE58 Angeba 1402/3911' 1919 m (with church Meskel) 14/39 [Gz]
HEE77 Angebet (Argebet) 1132'/3907' 2614 m 11/39 [Gz]
angech (A) shoulder of a mountain,
slope lying between escarpment and river
HDS55 Angech (Anghec) 2591 m 10/38 [+ WO]
HCS03 Angecha, see Angacha
HCE46 Angedi 0553'/3859' 1758 m 05/38 [Gz]
(in Jemjem), near or same as Kibre Mengist?
HCE46 Angedi (centre in 1964 of Odo Uraga wereda) 05/38 [Ad]
angela: angele (T) nourish, sustain, maintain; angwel (A) brain
GCT74 Angela (Anghela, Ungela, Unghela) 07/33 [+ WO Gz]
0751'/3348' 302 m
HDJ.. Angela Menesh, village in Decha awraja 09/37 [n]
one of a few villages where there live Nayi (Nao) people
JDG44c Angelele Bolhamo, near Amibara farm (Awash valley) 09/40 [n]
HEJ04 Angelit (Anghelit) (with church Kidane Mihret) 11/36 [+ It]
H.... Angentu (centre in 1964 of Arena Bulk wereda) 05/39? [Ad]
HFD04 Anger (Angher) (mountain) 1334'/3755' 1317 m, 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
see under Adi Arkay
?? Anger (waterfalls in the Didessa river) ../.. [Ca]
HDH.. Anger Gutin (Angar Guten) (lowland area in Wellega) 09/36 [x]
about 40 km NNW of Nekemte
HED23 Angeraba (Angheraba) (area), see under Mota 11/37 [+ WO]
HES86 Angere Silase (church) 1328'/3807' 13/38 [Gz]
angereb (angäräb) (A) a variety of greens
HER68 Angereb (Angered, Enda Gabriel, Gabrel, Gavriel) 13/37 [Gz]
(small town) 1315'/3729' 2190 m, cf Angareb
Coordinates would give map code HER69
angerge..: gera (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Salix subserrata;
twigs from it are used as tooth-sticks
HDL85 Angergera & Bedebej kebele (Angärgära & Bädäbäj ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in the middle of westernmost Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
25 km south-west of Alem Ketema; area 922 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
angergi..: gira, gra (A) left hand, left direction
HDL84 Angergira 0950'/3851' 2095 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(with church Maryam)
anget (angät) (A) neck; narrow pass between two mountains
HES43 Anget (Anghet) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
angetam (A) long-necked; abo see under abbo as first part of name
HDS31 Angetam Abo (Anghetam) 1017'/3737' 2221 m 10/37 [+ WO Gz]
HDS21 Angetam G. (Anghetam Gh.) 10/37 [+ WO]
angeto: angito (Kefa) kind of shrub or small tree,
Maytenus ovatus; angetu (angätu) (A) the neck; the necklace
HCF64 Angeto (Angetu) 0602'/3945' 06/39 [MS]
HCF84 Angeto (Angetu) 0610'/3945' 1223 m 06/39 [Gz]
HCF91 Angeto (Angetu) 0620'/3929' 1724 m 06/39 [Gz]
?? Angetu forest, cf Mena Angetu ../.. [20]
HES00c Angev, see Anjiva
HDU... Angewa (district in Menz) 10/39? [x]
HDU01 Angey & Geto kebele (Angäy & Gät'o ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in western Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda at its southern border,
20 km west-northwest of Sela Dingay; area 841 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Angeyu (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
angeyu ga..: gache (O) sling, catapult;
-- Gache, a Wello Oromo tribe
?? Angeyu Gache (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
angeyu ke..: kedo (Som) surprise; quick move
?? Angeyu Kedo (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HDS55 Anghec, see Angacha
?? Angidebba (Anjidebba?), in the Gondar region ../.. [n]
HEJ91 Angidessa, see Anjidessa
HCB99 Angila (Anghila) 0621'/3633' 1233 m 06/36 [+ WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HCH09
HEC75 Angirti Abo (Anghirti Abo) (church on hilltop) 11/37 [+ It]
angirti alo: alo (O) grudge, rancour
HEC75 Angirti Alo (Anghirti Alo) 11/37 [+ WO]
HES00c Angiva, see Anjiva
KC... Anglo, towards northern easternmost part of Ethiopia 07/46 [n]
ango (O) physical strength
?? Angodechi, see under Gegu
HF... Angoila (centre in 1964 of Aygoila sub-district) 14/38 [Ad]
angol, angwel (A) brain; marrow
GCS.? Angola 07/33 [x]
group of mountains on the Ethiopian side of Akobo river
HEM73 Angolaba 1227'/3945' 1555 m 12/39 [Gu Gz]
angolala: angwo lola (O) force of fight
HDM61 Angolela (Angoläla, Angolala, Angollala, Angolola) 09/39 [Gz Gu Ha WA]
(with church of Kidane Mihret) 0938'/3926' 2806 m
HDM.. Angolela & Tera /Asagirt/ wereda 09/39 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 70 rural and 3 urban kebeles among which
Adadi, Adis Amba, Ajema, Akodada, Alah Yirdo, Alkese,
Amino Fole, Anase & Sanka, Angada, Angoracha, Antegbagn,
Asa Bahir, Atura, Boren, Bura, Bura & Buyema, Chefa, Chefanen,
Cheki Melka Abawerk, Chiraro, Dawle, Debre Beg, Doba, Dodoti,
Fwafwate, Gedera, Gelila, Genda Belo, Genda Wera, Gilgela, Gola,
Gur, Haranba, Ilezeb, Imbarage, Inchini Dodoti, Kembere, Kerign,
Key Afer, Kitalign, Koba & Hajin, Koso Amba, Lafto Lencha,
Lankisa & Dewa, Malet Chancho, Mete, Nachage & Ketema,
Nebir Washa, Reget, Rorich, Rukse, Safej, Selel Kula, Seriti, Sika,
Sost Amba, Tam & Itnora, Tengego, Tidesh, Totose, Tsigereda,
Wegda, Wekera, Welde Ager, Wena, Weneberi & Megezez, Widu
Ager, Wila Gerem, Zembaba
HDM61 Angolela & Totoch kebele (Angoläla & T'ot'och ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
6-10 km west of Debre Birhan town; area 2,559 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF97 Angollo (area) 09/39 [WO]
angolo (T) curve /word from Italian?/, turning around
HDM33 Angoracha kebele (Angorach'a ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
30 km south-southeast of Debre Birhan; area 421 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL83 Angorcha (Angorch'a) (Angorchan) 0950'/3846' 09/38 [AA Ha]
2355 m (with church Silase), see under Fiche
angot: angote (angot'ä) (T) tell; betray
HE... Angot (historical area) ../.. [Pa En]
HEM32 Angot (Anguot), cf Maekala Angot 12/39 [Ad WO Gu]
HE... Angot sub-district (centre in 1964 = Angot) 11/38? [Ad]
HE... Angot sub-district (centre in 1964 = Lem Dingay) 11/39? [Ad]
HEM32 Angot sub-district (centre in 1964 = Telgo) 12/39 [Ad]
H.... Angot sub-district (centre in 1964 = Ametsge) 13/37? [Ad]
HEM53c Angoteraz (recorded in 1841) 12/39 [Ha]
HDL34 Angoye 0923'/3851' 2812 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL67 Angoye 0937'/3903' 2572 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDF16 Angula 0819'/3955' 3006 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDR79 Angut, see under Dembecha 10/37 [WO]
HDM90 Angvy kebele 0+9/39 [Ad]
in north-western Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
32 km north-west of Debre Birhan town; area 840 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
angwa (A) joint /of bamboo or reed/
HFF21 Angwa (Anguat) (with rock-hewn churches), 13/39 [x]
see under Geralta churches - southern
HDU24 Angwa kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in central eastern Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
5-10 km north-east of Molale; area 3,228 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ95 Angwara (Anguara), see under Chilga 12/37 [+ WO]
angwarra (A) one who refuses to agree
HEC84 Angwasek (Anguasech) 1135'/3702' 11/37 [+ WO]
HFF63 Angwel 1406'/3938' 2780 m 14/39 [Gz]
HDJ04 Anho, see Ano
-- Anika, a small ethnic group
HCC86 Anika (Anik'a, Aniqa) 0610'/3710' 1539 m 06/37 [Gz q]
HCJ07 Anika (Anik'a, Aniqa, Anica) 06/37 [Gz q WO]
0624'/3716' 1117 m
-- Aniya, Ania, a branch of the Barentu/Umbana Oromo;
they used to be partially converted to Islam
JDB89 Aniya Genemi, see Genemi
JDB89 Aniya sub-district (centre in 1964 = Genemi) 08/41 [Ad]
administrative district in the early 1930s.
?? Anjarro (Angiarro) (with rock lion) (in Wello) ../.. [x]
HEC.. Anjavera, village on hilltop in Agew Midir 10/36 [x]
HEE36 Anjawa kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in eastern Mekdela wereda at its south-western border,
12 km south-west of Masha; area 4,736 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL48 Anjefat kebele (Anjäfat ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in mid-easternmost Bugna wereda, 20 km north-east
of Lalibela; area 781 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU00 Anjela & Hager Zhilet Medfeya kebele 09/39 [Ad]
(Anjäla & Hagär Zhelät Mädfäya ..)
in westernmost Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
30 km west-southwest of Molale; area 2,170 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU23 Anjetla 1013'/3939' 3091 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEJ91 Anjidessa (Angidessa) (area) 12/36 [+ WO]
HDS02 Anjim 1000'/3742' 2149 m (with church) 10/37 [AA Gz]
HES00c Anjiva (Angiva, Angev) (pass) plain 2960 m 12/37 [+ Gu n]
some 30 km north-east of Gondar
anjo (A) tough /meat/, emaciated /ox/
H.... Anjo (area in Wellega at Didessa river) 09/36 [Mi]
anka (anqa) (A,O) kinds of tree, (central O) Erythrina
abyssinica, (western O) Ekebergia capensis,
(eastern O) Commiphora resinifera;
anka (anqa) (A) 1. tree as above; 2. to wake up; (T) crack
JDR52 Anka (M. Anca) (area), cf Ankwa 10/41 [+ WO]
H.... Anka Aro, in Damot Weyde wereda ../.. [20]
JEH17 Ankadaya (Ancadaia) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
JEC92 Ankakato (Ancacato) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
ankakute (O) kind of small tree, Dovyalis abyssinica,
with strong thorns and edible but acid fruit
-- Ankala, name of an Afar tribe of the Ado Mara main branch;
ankalla (A) lame person, one who limps
HDT21 Ankala (Ancate, Ankata, Ankate) 10/38 [Gz 18 Wa WO]
1013'/3832' 2116 m
ankar (anqar) (A) 1. clapper of a bell; 2. soft palate, uvula;
ankar (T) granule; ankwar (A) cube, lump /of sugar/
?? Ankar, between lake Tana and Sudan ../.. [n]
HDU85 Ankar kebele (Anqar ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Antsokiya & Gemza wereda,
a little north of Majete; area 2,224 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ86 Ankara Iyesus (Ancara Jesus) 12/37 [+ WO]
(church), see under Chilga
ankasa (A) lame, not able to walk normally
HEK41c Ankasha (with ruined church), cf Ankesha 12/37 [Ch]
HEK41c Ankasha wereda (Ankesha ..) 12/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 88 rural and 2 urban kebeles among which
Sostu Shumata Zegsa Abo
HDT21 Ankata, see Ankala
ankate: ankati (angqati:) (O) unusually thin /said of sorghum/;
ankete (anqät'ä) (T) to hatch
HDT21 Ankate, see Ankala
HDU53 Ankelafit (Ank'elafit) 1025'/3940' 3044 m 10/39 [Gz]
?? Ankelo (high mountain), peak 4300 m ../.. [20]
HF... Ankere sub-district (Ankerie ..) 14/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Chila)
HEC14 Ankesha sub-district? (-1997-) 10/36 [n]
HEC14 Ankesha wereda (centre in 1964 = Injibara) 10/36 [Ad]
cf Ankasha wereda
HDL55 Ankete (Ank'et'e, Anqete) 0935'/3856' 2671 m 09/38 [AA Gz q]
ankfola: ankola (O) large cup made of gourd
HCU91 Ankfola (Ancfola, Ancufcia) (mountain) 08/39 [+ Gz WO]
0806'/3928' 2735 m
?? Anko (Anqo) (known from the 1300s) ../.. [x]
ankob..: anko (A) 1. general term for baboon; 2. small tame moneky;
3. name of a rich lady said to have lived in the area; ber (A) /here:/ mountain pass
HDM24 Ankober (Ancober) (mountain) 09/39 [Gz Gu]
0918'/3946' 1312, 3036 m
HDM54 Ankober (Ankobär, Ancober, Ankobar) 09/39 [Gz Ha WO 18]
(Gorebela, Gourabela)
0935'/3944' 2463/2815 m (with church Mikael)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
2E Merdiya Amba kebele
3E Tach Debdebo kebele
4E Wibit & Widede kebele
8E Adis Alem kebele
9E Dinki kebele
??SE Aferbaini (former forest)
2SE Kulfe kebele
3SE Kure Mehal Midir kebele
5SE Lai Mieda (Lay Meda) (village)
6SE Aliyu Amba Akababi kebele
6SE Aliyu Amba (market town)
6SE Teter Amba kebele
8SE Abdiyisir kebele
9SE Koru kebele
10SE Wash & Negarit kebele
10SE Kollifiye (Collifie) (area)
3S Astit kebele
4S Mesobit Gebeba kebele
5S Astit Kidane Mihret, intended residence 1700s
5S Loza kebele
5S Berbere Wiha kebele
5S Oromo & Merko kebele
6S Agamberet kebele
8S Endode kebele
8S Ameya Ager kebele
9S Wedera kebele
10S Bekefayne kebele
3SW Sina kebele
6SW Derefo kebele
7SW Wayu & Angut Mewgiya kebele
8SW Nifaso kebele
8SW Telesa kebele
9SW Alko kebele
10SW Addas Agar (village)
10SW Ayariko kebele
10SW Diwaro kebele
10SW Gut & Yigem kebele
10SW Muter kebele
2W Boled kebele
4W Debele & Tora Mesk kebele
4W Motatit (area)
6W Keba kebele
7W Mitak Amanuel (Mitaq A.) 2624 m
9W Arsi Amba kebele
2NW Motatit kebele
5NW Selam Amba kebele
7NW Kura Maryam kebele
8NW Adgo Hager kebele
9NW Gosh Hager kebele
10NW Atakilt (Adguo, Adgo Ager) (village) 3156 m
5N Kundi kebele
6N Dens (area)
9N Membret (mountain) 2611, 3350 m
10N Gunde Giyor (G.Ghior = G.Giyorgis?) (village)
2NE Mehal Wenz kebele
4NE Silele kebele
4NE Asokelina kebele
6NE Zegew kebele
6NE Fikre Ginb kebele
7NE Let Marefia (Lit M., Marafiya) 2408/2468 m
see directly under this name
7NE Rasme kebele
7NE Imemret kebele
8NE Debre Bikayu kebele
9NE Wekera Afaf kebele
10NE Kobo kebele
?? Chakka (saddle with market)
?? Rasa, remains from the 1200s
HDM53c Ankober wereda (centre in 1964 = Gorebela) 09/39 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 82 rural and 4 urban kebeles among which
Abdiyisir, Adis Alem, Agamberet, Aliyu Amba Akababi, Alko,
Amba, Asokelina, Astakel, Astit, Ayariko, Aygebir, Ayrar, Azuka,
Bekefayne, Berbere Wiha, Boled, Chaka, Chefa, Chibite Wiha,
Dabo Gedam, Debre Bikayu, Dehna Shira, Dens, Derefo, Deweld
Amba, Dinki, Diwaro, Dogage, Geta Gedel, Girar Amba, Gudgwad
Wiha, Guguf, Gur & Yigem, Imemret, Imir, Indode, Kara Megen,
Key Gedel, Kobo, Koru, Kulfe, Kundi, Kure Mehal Midir, Lalo,
Lay Debdebo, Lay Gorebela, Loza, Mehal Haramba, Mehal Wenz,
Merdiya Amba, Merere & Kub, Mescha, Mesobit Gedeba, Muja Amba,
Nifaso, Ore Amba, Oromo & Merko, Rasme, Selelo, Shema Matebiya,
Silele, Sina, Tach Debdebo, Tach Den, Telay Amba Meseko, Tereter,
Teter Amba, Wash & Negarit Wedera, Wefet & Hawariat, Wekera Afaf,
Wekfele, Welo Kotra, Wibit Gola, Wibit & Widede, Winin Amba, Witi,
Zegew, Zoma, Zombo
HCU.. Ankole (mountain east of lake Langano) 07/39 [x]
HFF22 Ankot (Ancot) 1345'/3944' 2476 m 13/39 [18 Gu Gz]
anku (aangquu) (O) medicinal plant used agains tapeworm
HER48 Ankudib (Ancudib) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
ankwa, anqwa (A,T) various kinds of shrub or small tree,
Commiphora africana, C. habessinica, C. resiniflua,
Croton macrostachys, Ormocarpum muricatum;
ankwai (A) Ximenia americana
HET60c Ankwa (Ancua) (mountain) 1316'/3825' 13/38 [+ Gu Gz]
4361, 4620 m, cf Anka
anna, hanna (O) theft, stealing;
-- Anna, name in the Bible, also a clan of the Arsi Oromo
HEC57 Anna (church) 11/37 [It]
HBL92 Anna Guia, see Web
?? Annajina (with shrine of Shek Husen) ../.. [20]
annak..: kulu (T) all; kuuluu (O) 1. add a fringe;
2. use kohl at the eyes
JDD04 Annakulu (Annaculu) 0812'/4256' 1248 m 08/42 [Wa Gz]
annan, aannan (O) milk; milky sap
JDA53 Annenno (area) 08/40 [WO]
HDJ04 Anno, see Ano
-- Annya, Ania, an Oromo group in eastern Ethiopia
JDC56 Annya (Annia, Annia Bombe?) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
ano: anno (Borana O) small cactus-like tree,
Euphorbia tirucalli, mostly leafless
HCD57 Ano 0558'/3812' 2061 m 05/38 [Gz]
HCK04 Ano (island), see Gidicho
HDJ04 Ano (Anho, Anno) 0905'/3658' 1820 m 09/36 [Gz Po WO]
(with school, sub-post office and church Giyorgis)
HDL53 Ano 0935'/3842' 2412 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL81 Ano (Anno) 0948'/3835' 3025 m 09/38 [AA Gz WO]

HE... Anoba (in Yeju awraja) 11/39 [n]

HEM01 Anoba kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in north-western Guba Lafto wereda,
12 km west of Weldiya; area 2,931 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDJ18 Anod 0913'/4224' 1373 m 09/42 [Gz]
anole: annole (O) cattle
HBL70 Anole (with prehistoric well) 0419'/3826' 04/38 [WO Gz]
HDE.? Anole (in Arsi about 25 km north of Asela) 07/39 [n]
HDE34 Anole (mountain) 0829'/3851' 1848 m 08/38 [Gz]
HEM.. Anoma Maryam 11/39 [x]
(mud-built cave church north-west of Weldiya)
JBR12 Anon (mountain) 0437'/4151' 235 m 04/41 [Gz]
anona (Borana O) kind of small to medium tree,
Trichilia emetica, T. roka, wood of which gives red colour
HBM94 Anona, see Gundul 04/39 [WO]
HCE21 Anona (area) 05/38 [WO]
anono m..: mite (Sidamo) kind of wild date palm, Phænix reclinata
JDJ68 Anono Mite (A. Mit'e) 0940'/4221' 1399 m 09/42 [Gz]
JBS32 Anoune (Anune) 04/42 [WO Wa]
HDL55 Anqete, see Ankete
HEE84 Ansa Wiha kebele (.. Weha ..) 11/38 [Ad]
at the northern part of the western border of Meket wereda,
10 km west of Filakit; area 2,846 hectares. [CSA 1994]
ansala (A) kind of roadside weed, Aerva persica
JEB26 Ansalela (area) 11/41 [WO]
HCM75 Ansawe (Ansaue) (area) 4015 m 06/39 [+ WO]
anse (T) kind of medium-sized tree, Anogeissus leiocarpus;
(A) the person /in a philosophical sense/
HFD20 Anse 13/37 [WO]
HEU74 Anseba, see Awseba & HEU82, cf Akeseba
HE... Anseta (Ansäta) (historical from 1200s), in Gayint 11/38 [x]
HDT73 Ansha kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in eastern central Sayint wreda,
10 km east-northeast of Ajibar; area 2,510 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS31 Anshid (Anscid) 07/37 [+ WO]
HDT07 Ansho Begwol kebele (.. Bägwol ..) 10/39 [Ad]
stretching narrowly to the middle of the south-western border of
Lay Bet & Tach Bet wereda, 5-10 km south-east of Alem Ketema;
area 930 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Ansita language, see Opuuo
?? Anso (historically recorded from 1700s) ../.. [Pa]
HDK83 Ansoyie (centre in 1964 of Lemat sub-district) 08/37 [Ad]
HEC85 Answi Giyorgis 11/37 [Ch]
HFF03 Antafo (Antaffo) (pass) 1337'/3939' 2335 m, 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
see under Agula
HEC88 Antagussa (Atangusa, Atangussu) (village) 11/37 [WO Gu Gz It]
1140'/3720' 1784 m,
see under Zege, cf Atangussa Maryam
H.... Antakiyah, see Antiokiya
JCE26 Antalale (Antallale) (mountain) 0538'/4357' 253 m 05/43 [Gz WO]
antalo (A) kind of lichen, Osrelia sp.; (O) 1. kinds of
shrub or small tree, Boswellia spp., Polyscias ferruginea;
2. servant girl, women
HEU61 Antalo (here until 1900) (Antalow) 13/39 [Gz WO Gu Ha]
1319'/3928' 2050/2102 m
HEU71 Antalo (modern after 1900), see Hintalo
HDU02 Antat kebele (Ant'at ..) 09/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the southern border of Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
12 km south-west of Molale; area 637 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET78 Antebat (Ant'ebat) 1318'/3913' 2358 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEE90 Antebatbi (Ant'ebat'bi) 1142'/3828' 2874 m 11/38 [Gz]
HFF01 Antefa (Ant'efa) 1339'/3932' 2181 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDM43 Antegbagn kebele (Antägbagn ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in cenral Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
25 km south-southeast of Debre Birhan; area 1,620 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ44 Anteta 1212'/3701' 1845 m 12/37 [Gz]
H.... Antiokiya (Antukyah) 10/39 [+ Pa]
battlesite in 1531 south of lake Hayk
HDU63 Antiokiya (Antiochia, Antsokiya), cf Antsokiya 10/39 [+ WO]
?? Anto (area, left bank of the Abay river) ../.. [Ch]
HEF23 Anto Ashoye kebele (Ant'o Ashoyé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dese Zuriya wereda at its southern border,
8-16 km south of Dessie town; area 3,978 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ99 Antonius, see Abba Antonios
HDL03 Antotto, see Intoto
HEE13c Antsokiya (Antzochia) (recorded in 1841) 10/39 [n Ha 20]
HEE13c Antsokiya & Gemza wereda (Antsokiyana Gemza ..) 10/39 [En Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 31 rural and 2 urban kebeles among which
Afso, Agla & Sanka Ber, Ankar, Aselele, Atko Godegwade,
Atko Walke, Bikochegn, Chekechek, Daguche, Dehina, Gelila,
Getem, Gishoge, Goje Wiha, Hayle Maryam, Kab & Sar Amba,
Kelebet Wenber, Kerkeha & Shereta, Kokebeb, Kurengire,
Majete 6 Dur, Mekdesa (two), Mesk, Mwachera, Niget, Safra,
Shebeto, Washa, Welde, Yegodil
HEE13c Antsokiya sub-district (centre in 1964 = Nigirie) 10/39 [Ad]
?? Anu (with sub-post office) ../.. [Po]
-- Anuak language (Anywak, Aniyuak, Anywa, Yambo, Jambo, Yembo,
Bar, Burjin, Miroy, Moojanga, Nuro)
anuna (O) cow given to a bride's mother
JBS32 Anune, see Anoune
anunnu, hanunnu (O) tall
-- Anwak, Anuak, ethnic group living towards Sudan in the Gambela region
GDF00 Anyale (Agnale) 08/34 [+ WO]
-- Anyuak (Anywak), see Anuak
HFF72 Anza 1416'/3936' 2249 m (with stele) 14/39 [Gz]
anzar: antsar (A) opposite, facing, across from
HFC37 Anzar (mountain) 13/37 [WO]
HEJ.. Anzaymerkum (mineral well), in the Aykel region 12/37 [n]
HDD08 Anzire, see Yesreye
HDJ73 Anzucha 0944'/3655' 1699 m (w church Maryam), 09/38 [AA Gz]
see (at HDL75?) under Debre Libanos
HDL76 Anzucha kebele 09/39 [Ad]
at a south-western pointed "tip" of the border of
Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda; area 992 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF81 Aoarti, see Awarti
HDS91 Aocohe, see Choke
HDE96 Aogue, see Awoge
HEC64 Aonaraghen (village) 11/37 [It]
HEC84 Aonaraghen (with church), see u. Yismala Giyorgis 11/36 [It]
?? Aonomite, in the Harar region? ../.. [x]
HFC08 Aora, see Awra
HEK72 Aosaharoa, see under Belesa 12/37 [WO]
HER40 Aossa 13/36 [WO]
HEC76 Aota 11/37 [WO]
JDA94 Aouache, see Awash
HFE54c Aoulti, see Hawelti
GDE19 Apalla (Tulu A.) (hill) 0816'/3419' 08/34 [WO Gz]
GCL98 Apanango, see Apanauane
GCL98 Apanauane (Apanango) 0711'/3411' 434 m 07/34 [Gz WO]
HE... Apini (forest) 11/36? [20]
HDC39 Aprus Gesta (Aprus Ghesta) (area) 08/37 [+ WO]
HFC23 Aptongol (mountain) 13/36 [WO]
HFE50 Aqab Se'at, see Akab Saat
aqal (Som) house
JED12 Aqale (area) 10/42 [WO]
HDK12 Aqaqi, see Akaki & HDL06
HDK88 Aqaqo, see Akako
HDT98c Aqesta, see Akista
HEC27 Aquali, see Akwali
ar (A) /not polite:/ excrement, shit
JBU82 Ar Shevel (Ar Sciavel) 0520'/4434' 200 m 05/44 [Gz WO]
ara (Som) crater, bowl? aara, hara (O) 1. smoke, fume;
2. new; 3. hara, common land; ara (A) free man; arra (A) defecate;
areh (aräh) (A) slope, side of a mountain
-- Ara language, see Ari
-- Ara people, cf Era, Haro
HBM40 Ara (Gebel Ara) (mountain) 0403'/3923' 1218 m 04/39 [WO Gz]
HCN97c Ara (small village, with tomb) 08/35 [Gu]
HEU62 Ara (Adi Araha, Addi A.) 1315'/3935' 1919 m 13/39 [Gz WO]
JBN05 Ara 0435'/4020' 988 m 04/40 [WO Gz]
JEA14 Ara (Aro) 1101'/4009' 1118 m 11/40 [Gz]
JEH42 Ara (area) 12/40 [WO]
JEN88 Ara (hills) 13/40 [Ne]
ara ali, cf Ali as first part of name
JCB63 Ara Ali (Haro Ali) 0558'/4102' 902 m 05/41 [WO Gz]
JBP89 Ara Ararsa, see Haro Ararsa
ara --: arba (O) elephant
JCB49 Ara Arba (Haro Arba) 0545'/4134' 615 m, 05/41 [WO Gu Gz]
coordinates would give map code JCB39
JCB88 Ara Bacalle (A. Bacale, Haro Bacale) 05/41 [WO Gz]
(seasonal spring) 0532'/4130' 609 m
JCB54 Ara Bele, see Haro Bele
JCH54 Ara Bisharayla (A. Bisciaraila, A. Bisciaraitu) 06/41 [+ WO Gz]
(Hara Bisciaraia) 0647'/4110' 1053/1158 m,
coordinates would give map code JCH45
JCB94 Ara Bonel (Haro Bonel) 0618'/4103' 953 m 06/41 [WO Gz]
ara bure: bure (Som) milk vessel made of wood;
(A) black and white; buree (Som) beat with a club;
buri (O) blue-grey root which is boiled and eaten;
Bure is given as a geographical name and not as an
Oromo word in Tilahun Gamta's dictionary
JCH27 Ara Bure (A. Buri, Haro Buri) 06/41 [Gz WO]
0633'/4117' 884/926 m
Coordinates would give map code JCH26
?? Ara Chercher (A.Cercer) (depression with ponds) ../.. [+ Gu]
JCP00 Ara Colla, see Hara Kola
JCB65 Ara Fanna, see Arefen
ara gabana, private land? gabana (O) one´s private affairs
JCB65 Ara Gabana (Haro Gabana) (area) 05/41 [WO Wa Gz]
0558'/4107' 928 m
JCH58c Ara Gaggaui 06/41 [Wa]
ara goro: goro (O) wild rose shrub; (A) young elephant;
gooroo (O) mound; goro, goorro (O) partition in a house
/for calves/; door opening inside a hut
JCB56 Ara Goro (Haro Goro) 0548'/4118' 604 m, 05/41 [WO Gu Gz]
coordinates would give map code JCB46
ara gu..: gulubi (O) ankle
JCP28 Ara Gulube 07/41 [WO]
JCB07 Ara Illibir, see Haro Illibir
JCH03 Ara Lughei (Ara Lughi, Ali Lughei) 06/41 [Gz WO Gu]
0620'/4101' 993 m
Coordinates would give map code JCB93
ara matina: matino (O) kind of /small/ bread
HBT11 Ara Matina 04/38 [WO]
HEU62 Ara Mikael Gedam (monastery) 1315'/3935' 13/39 [Gz]
ara more, civet land? more, moore (O) civet cat, civet
JCH23 Ara More (Hara More) 0639'/4101' 1026 m, 06/41 [WO Gu Gz]
coordinates would give map code JCH33
JCH13 Ara Mumed (Haro Mumed) 06/40 [WO Gz]
0625'/4104' 885, 1171 m,
coordinates would give map code JCH04
JCB55 Ara Munna, see Haro Munna
JCB25 Ara Oda, see Oda
ara sam..: samantar (Som) doer of good, philanthropist
JCB57 Ara Samanter /Batare/ (Haro Samantar) 05/41 [WO Gz]
0542'/4120' 640 m
HFE47 Ara Suru 1400'/3909' 1910 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam to the south)
ara t..: terra (t'ärra) (A) be clear, brighten, clear up
HCK39 Ara Terra (arid area) 0630'/3828' 2605 m 06/38 [Gu Gz]
JCH32 Ara Terra (Ara Tera, Haro Terra) 06/40 [Gz LM WO]
0638'/4057' 1139 m
JCB37 Ara Unne (Haro Unne) 0545'/4120' 636 m 05/41 [WO Gz]
HE... Arab (historical from the 1300s) = later Warab? ../.. [x]
JDC93 Arab (mountain) 0859'/4154' 2227 m 08/41 [Gz]
HEF94 Araba 1141'/3943' 1489 m 11/39 [Gz]
araba d..: arraba (O) 1. tongue; 2. abuse, insult;
arebe (aräbä) (A) tanned /skin/;
duba (O) 1. sheep's tail; dubaa 2. behind, in the rear;
3. outer surface of an object;
duuba (O) level direction, not upward or downward;
dhuubaa (O) soaked grain
HEJ48c Araba Duba (small island or reef) 12/37 [Ch]
?? Arababni (Aräbabni, Arebabni) ../.. [x]
(historical from the 1300s)
JCH62 Arabati (Arabatti) 0653'/4054' 1182 m 06/40 [WO Gz MS]
HEF75 Arabati kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Were Babo wereda,
25-35 km north-east of lake Hayk; area 10,996 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEC07 Arabdura (Arabdera, Arabdara) (mountain) 10/42 [Gz Ha WO]
1052'/4210' 463 m
JCG78 Arabe (mountain chain) 0703'/4032' 1762 m 07/40 [Gz]
?? Arabebni (historical small Muslim province) ../.. [En]
south of Awash river
HEJ69 Araben Medani (church) 12/37 [WO]
JDK92 Arabi 0956'/4243' 1091 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDR26 Arabi 1011'/4208' 709 m 10/42 [Gz]
JDS00c Arabi (centre in 1964 of Denbel wereda) 10/42 [MS Ad]
JCN17 Arablig (mountain) 0721'/4028' 2471 m 07/40 [WO Gz]
JCN17 Arablig Dai, M. (area) 2804 m 07/40 [WO]
HDD29 Arach (Arach') 0823'/3821' 3316 m 08/38 [Gz]
HCD08 Arachi, see Araki
HDU10 Arad Amba (area) 10/39 [WO]
arada (A) 1. hill; 2. market area; arada ber, mountain pass;
arada, aaraadaa (O) 1. main centre of a town; 2. habit /drinking or smoking/
HFD27 Arada Abune Lukas (church) 1348'/3814' 13/38 [Gz]
HDM95 Arada kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
15 km north-east of Debre Sina; area 1,401 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCL74c Aradamo, south of Kofele 06/38? [x]
?? Aradauro (better Ara Dauro?) (village in cotton fields) ../.. [Gu]
aradda, araddaa (O) farm; courtyard
HDF31 Aradda 08/39 [WO]
JEB86 Araddo 11/41 [WO]
arade (A) cause to tremble; frightened
HES50 Aradie (area) 13/37 [WO]
aradim.: dima, diima (O) 1. red /animal/, white /human/;
kind of small tree, Rhamnus prinoides;
3. baobab /large/ tree, Adansonia digitata
HDU52 Aradima (Aradma) 10/39 [WO]
HDU52 Aradima sub-district (centre in 1964 = Hirute) 10/39 [Ad]
HEM23 Aradom (village between Weldiya and Kobbo) 12/39 [20]
HEM33 Aradom kebele 12/39 [Ad]
in central Kobo wereda, 5 km south
of Kobbo town; area 3,751 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
arafa (O) foam, froth, lather; (Arabic?) an Islamic feast
JDN29 Arafa (area), see under Gewani, cf Harafa 10/40 [WO]
JCB65 Arafan (Arafena), see Arefen
HCF11c Aragallo (better Ara Gallo?) 05/39 [Mi]
HDL39 Aragecha (Aragheccia), see Tega Dinketu
HDL66 Aragesa 0938'/3859' 2557 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
aragi: araaji (Som) petitions, applications
HBT66 Aragi (Araghi) 0505'/3901' 950 m 05/39 [WO Gz]
?? Araginio (ca 3 km SSE of Wendo) ../.. [Gu]
with 11 monoliths
JDB78 Arago 0848'/4126' 1405 m 08/41 [Gz]
HEU94 Aragure (Hara Gure) 1330'/3945' 1946 m 13/39 [WO Gz]
Aragye: Aragie, Arage, a male personal name
HED50 Aragye (Araghie) 11/37 [+ WO]
HEE69 Aragye (British camp in 1868), see under Mekdela 11/39 [18]
HEU.. Araka (Araca) (mountain), cf Areka, 13/39 [+ It]
see also under Amba Aradam
araki (A) kind of strong liquor
HCD08 Araki (Arachi) 0529'/3821' 1700 m 05/38 [Wa Gz]
HED78 Arakse (Aratal, Arata) 1130'/3813' 2953 m 11/38 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HED77
H.... Arakwa sub-district (Araqua ..) 13/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Arsen)
JEH21 Arale, see Urayu
JDE08 Arale Lugbur (area) 08/44 [WO]
?? Aram, see Azam
JDJ34 Aramaia (Aramaio), see Haramaya
HDM75 Aramba 0941'/3948' 2611 m 09/39 [Gz]
arami, arama (O) taboo, forbidden; arami (T) taxidermist;
aremi (A?) heathen, Muslim; aramu (O), arem (aräm) (A) weed,
GDF95 Arami (near GDM05), see Leka
JEA28 Aramile (area) 11/40 [WO]
JDN68c Aramis (archaeological site in Afar) 1030'/4030' 10/40 [20 Pa]
aramm..: muda (O) 1. place of pilgrimage; 2. butter
used for women's make-up; 3. defect, imperfection;
muuda (O) anointment of ritual leader
JEB34 Arammuda (Aramuda) (mount.) 1101'/4112' 1133 m 11/41 [WO Gz]
JEB92 Arammuda (area), see under Tendaho 11/40 [WO]
HEM34 Aramo kebele 12/39 [Ad]
in southern central Kobo wereda, 14 km south-east
of Kobbo town; area 1,257 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
aran, aaran (Som) 1. abundance of water and green grass;
2. young camels who are no longer sucklings;
arran (O) on the upper side
?? Aran Arek (in the Harar region) ../.. [It]
JDE96 Aran Arrei (A. Areh) 0902'/4354' 1360 m 08/43 [WO Gz n]
HCE87 Aranfana, see Arenfana
HC... Aranga (river) 07/36 [x]
A right-hand affluent of the Gojeb river.
arangama (O) climber or creeper with tough thorns,
often used as a fence
HDE66 Aranguade, see Green Lake
HCL36 Aranna (Harana) (mountains) 0640'/3900' 2756 m 06/39 [It Gz]
JDR44 Arannuno (area) 10/42 [WO]
JEH99 Arapta (area) 12/41 [WO]
arar i..: imba (T) mountain, (A) tears
HEU02 Arar Imba 1242'/3933' 2349 m 12/39 [Gz]
arara, araraa (O) very hot and bright, blazing sunshine
HDS89 Arara 1043'/3821' 1554 m 10/38 [Gz]
HEU13 Arara (Amba Arara) 1246'/3942' 1647 m 12/39 [Gz]
JDB31 Arara 0829'/4049' 1603 m 08/40 [Gz]
JDH47 Arareyti (Arareiti) (area) 1612 m 09/41 [+ WO]
?? Arari (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HDF.. Ararki (with market) 08/39? [18]
HBT24 Araro, see Arero
JBK92 Ararro (waterhole) 0426'/4242' 330 m 04/42 [WO Gz]
JDD69 Ararso (area) 1500 m 08/43 [WO]
ararso a..: areda /many meanings/
HDD89 Ararso Areda 0855'/3820' 2040 m 08/38 [Gz]
ararsu, araarse (O) make peace, settle a dispute;
araressu (O) build, erect, put up a temporary fence
JEC82 Ararti (area) 11/41 [WO]
ararto b..: boba, bobaa (O) armpit
HDE45 Ararto Boba (near Zikwala) 0830'/3856' 1685 m 08/38 [Gz]
arash (A) farmer, ploughman
HET66 Arashmane 1315'/3903' 1955 m (with church Silase) 13/39 [Gz]
HDL75 Arasho 0943'/3856' 2184 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL75 Arasho (with church Maryam), see under Debre Libanos
arat (T) bed; aratt (A) four
HDS72 Arat Mekera Kir (A. Mäkärakir, A. Makeraker) 10/37 [Gz 18 n]
(.. Macaracher, .. Makanaker) (mountains) 1036'/3745' 3030 m
arata (arat'a) (A) usury, unlawful interest; (O) loan at a
certain /usurious/ interest rate
HED78 Arata, see Arakse
HEE10c Arata 10/38 [Wa]
arata ga..: gamida (T) Helinus mystacinus
HDL23 Arata Gameda (Arata), village north of A. Abeba 09/38 [WO LM]
HDU75 Arata kebele (Arat'a ..) 10/39 [Ad]
stretching narrowly north/south in easternmost
Gishe Rabel wereda; area 2,036 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL83c Arata Maryam (A. Mariam, Aratemariam) 09/38 [+ Gu Ad]
(with church), see under Fiche
(centre in 1964 of Jarso wereda)
HED78 Aratal, see Arakse
JEJ67 Arate (area) 12/42 [WO Pa]
HF... Arateiti (centre 1964 of Awuger sub-district) 14/39? [Ad]
HCU72 Araticho 0752'/3933' 2503 m 07/39 [Gz]
HDJ35 Aratu, see Haretu
HDU96 Aratu, see under Rike 10/39 [WO]
aratu insisa, the four beasts = the four evangelists
of the New Testament
HE... Aratu Insisa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Biwul) 12/39 [Ad]
HCR95 Araua, see Arawa
JDH17 Arauacia, see Harawacha
HDG39 Aravani, cf Eriwani 09/35 [WO]
arawa: arawwa (O) 1. spacious; 2. open to danger, thieves, etc
HCR95 Arawa (Araua, Haraua) (mountain) 08/37 [+ WO Gz]
0806'/3704' 2131 m
JDJ94 Arawa, see Harewa
JDS61 Araweyna (Araueina) (border post) 760 m 10/42 [+ Gu]
arawit (A) beasts
HFF94 Arawoma (Arauoma) (mountain) 2252 m 14/39 [WO Gu]
H.... Arazo, in Guma west of Didessa river 08/36? [x]
arb (A) 1. Friday; 2. weaver's frame; cf arbi (O,T)
arb gebeya, Friday market
HDA17 Arb Gebeya (Arbi Gabaia) 08/35 [Ad LM Gu WO]
(centre in 1964 of Beddo sub-district)
?? Arb Gebeya (which one?) 09/34? [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Begi Bile sub-district)
HDD66 Arb Gebeya 0843'/3806' 2435 m 08/38 [MS]
HDE30 Arb Gebeya 0825'/3825' 3213 m 08/38 [MS]
HDH17 Arb Gebeya 0909'/3623' 1824 m 09/36 [MS]
HDK09 Arb Gebeya 0905'/3822' 2602 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Addis Alem
HDK55 Arb Gebeya 0934'/3801' 2237 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDK59 Arb Gebeya 0930'/3821' 2267 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HED82 Arb Gebeya ca. 1138'/3742' 2322 m, 11/37 [20]
place some 30 km east-northeast of Bahir Dar
HEE72 Arb Gebeya (Arbi Ghebia) 11/38 [Ad Gz WO Gu]
1131'/3840' or 1133'/3833' 1884 m
(centre in 1964 of Tach Gayint wereda)
HEE72 (same?: also ctr of Mehal Gayint sub-distr & of Kwassa sub-distr)
arba, arbaa (O) elephant, Loxodonta africana oxyotis;
arba (A) forty; memorial service on the 40th day after death;
also one of a cycle of 27 Oromo day-names
GDM35 Arba (Gara Arba, Tulu Arba) (mountain) 09/34 [WO Gz]
0923'/3450' 1845/1884 m
HCT97 Arba 0808'/3905' 1882 m, near map code HDE07 08/39 [Gz]
HDA66 Arba, Tulu (hill) 08/35 [WO]
HDH40 Arba, Tulu (hill) 09/35 [WO]
JDA96 Arba (Bordede, Bordele) 0901'/4023' 1075/1120 m 09/40 [Wa Gu WO Gz]
first railway station east of the Awash river
JDG06 Arba (area) 1083 m 09/40 [WO]
arba g..: gugu, guggu (A) avid, ambitious, desirous, gourmand
JDA55 Arba Gugu (Gebel Gugu Magna) (mountain) 08/40 [Gz]
(A. Googoo) 0840'/4015' 2311 m
JDA12 Arba Gugu awraja 0815'/4000' 08/40 [Gz]
JDA52 Arba Gugu awraja & wereda (Arbagugu ..) 08/40 [MS]
(centre in 1969: Tinsae Birhan; in 1980: Abomsa)
There is registered the Dindin-Arbagugu National Forest Priority Area.
arba minch (O not A?) elephant pool, not forty springs?
HCD60 Arba Minch (A. Mintch, A. Mench, Minghi, Gantar) 06/37 [Gz Br Po]
0602'/3733' 1285 m, called Shercha by local people
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
9N? Migie (village near a forest?) 1374 m
HCD60 Arba Minch Zuriya wereda 06/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 37 rural and 6 urban kebeles.
(centre in 1964 = Arba Minch)
There is registered the Arba Minch National Forest Priority Area.
JDH02 Arba Reketi 0903'/4055' 2179 m 09/40 [Gz]
HED30 Arba Tenza ('Four Creatures', Arvatensa) 11/37 [x WO]
HEL16 Arba Tincha (A. T'incha) 1152'/3901' 2730 m 11/39 [Gz]
arba wa..: wakko, waakkoo (O) mushroom
HCM36 Arba Wako (Arba Uaco) (area) 06/39 [+ WO]
?? Arbaat Ensesa, see Arbatu Insisa
GDU66 Arbaba 10/34 [WO]
arbacha (A) anthill; arbacha meret (A) red and stony soil
HES06 Arbachegwar (Arbacceguar) (area) 12/38 [+ WO]
HBK82 Arbagna, see Arbenya
HCL33 Arbagona, see Arbegona
JDA52 Arbagugu, see Arba Gugu
?? Arbahan Arbate Ruba (area, "44 rivers") 13/37 [Gu]
44 is a conventional number for "very many".
JEP25 Arbale (narrows with basalt cliffs) 12/41 [Ne]
HBK64 Arballe, G. (mountain area) 04/37 [WO]
HEK14 Arbamba (=Arba Amba, elephant mountain?) 11/37 [WO]
(=Arbi Amba, Wednesday/Friday mountain?)
HCD60 Arbaminch, see Arba Minch
HDJ26 Arbanuse 0914'/3710' 2457 m 09/37 [Gz]
HEL74 Arbatelmisa 1226'/3850' 2207 m 12/38 [WO Gz]
HEK96 Arbatogwar (Arbatoguar) (plateau) 12/38 [+ WO]
arbatu insisa (Geez) the four creatures = the four Evangelists
?? Arbatu Insisa (Arba Tenza, Arbatu Entzessa) ../.. [x n]
(monolithic church near Lalibela)
HDR97 Arbawash (Arbauasc) 10/37 [+ WO]
HEK63 Arbaya 1219'/3747' 2294 m 12/37 [x Gz]
H.... Arbe 06/38 [18]
arbeg..: gona (Afar) "outside bend" /of the Awash river/;
gona gona (O?) ensete; Gona, a main branch of the Borana
HCL33 Arbegona (Arbe Gona, Arbagona, Arbagoma) 06/38 [Gz Po WO Gu]
(Arbe Gunna, Arbigona, Iei, Bulancho) 06/38 [x Gu n]
(local centre) Gz: 0641'/3843' 2488 m
MS: 0638'/3852' = HCL34
HCL33 Arbegona wereda (centre in 1964 = Arbegona) 06/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 55 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
JDK55 Arbein (Arbe'in) 0932'/4300' 1763 m 09/43 [Gz]
arbenya (arbännya) (A) hero, patriot fighter /especially
during the Italian occupation/
HBK82 Arbenya (Arbagna) (area) 04/37 [+ WO]
JD... Arbereketi (Arberikete, Arberkitie?) (town) 09/40 [Ca 20 Po]
HEF32 Arbero Mikael (church) 1110'/3935' 11/39 [Gz]
HEM42 Arbet kebele (Arbät ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in central Kobo wereda stretching to its western border,
10 km west-southwest of Kobbo town; area 7,574 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Arbet sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mindina) 12/39 [Ad]
HEM31 Arbete Igzi'abher Ab (church) 1207'/3929' 12/39 [Gz]
HCS91 Arbeto (village) 08/37 [x]
arbi (O) 1. Wednesday or Friday, depending on region;
2. loom, tissue, weaving; arbi (A) breeder /of cattle/;
tanner, iron-worker; (T) Friday
HDA88 Arbi, see under Yubdo 08/35 [WO]
HDG03 Arbi 0904'/3507' 1781 m 09/35 [WO Gz]
arbi bila: bila (O) 1. red honey; 2. flower or "beard"
in barley/wheat; (A) 1. soil leached by water;
2. burr which catches on clothes
HDD72 Arbi Bila 0854'/3737' 2892 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDA17 Arbi Gabaia, see Arb Gebeya
HEE72 Arbi Ghebia, see Arb Gebeya
HCL33 Arbigona, see Arbegona
HFC.. Arbil (village on the way to Nefas Mewcha) 13/37 [20]
arbo: arbu (O) kind of large tree, Ficus sur
HBL08 Arbo (area) 0340'/3912' 1218 m 03/39 [WO Gz]
HDL56 Arbo 0935'/3858' 2609 m 09/38 [AA Ad Gz]
HDL56 Arbo (centre in 1964 of Abebe sub-district)
HDS03 Arbo Abis 1001'/3751' 1611 m 10/37 [Gz]
arbora (O) ivory armlet, only worn by men who have
killed a man or big game
-- Arbore (Arborie, Arbora, Erbore, Irbore), name of an ethnic group in the
South Omo Zone, living south of Jinka
HBP49 Arbore (area), cf Irbora 04/36 [WO]
HBR52 Arbore (village) 0459'/3652' 554 m, 04/36 [WO Ca Gz]
coordinates would give map code HBR42
HDF23 Arbose Gebriel (church) 0822'/3941' 08/39 [Gz]
J.... Arboye (visiting postman under Nazret) 08/70? [Po Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Assenseba sub-district, of wereda in the 1980s)
HDT23 Arbu 1008'/3842' 1841 m 10/38 [Gz]
arbu, arbuu (O) large, thick tree, Ficus sycomorus?
busee, busaa (O) malaria
HDK88 Arbu Buse 0947'/3819' 2557 m 09/38 [Gz]
?? Arbuk (Arbuq) (historical area in Gojjam) ../.. [+ Pa]
GC... Arbuka 06/34? [x]
river running down from the Guraferda plateau rather directly
south-southwest until it joins the Akobo river.
JDJ85 Arca, see Arka
JCE27 Arcadon, see Arka Adon
HFD75 Arcai (waterhole) 14/38 [MS WO]
HER56 Arcai Dereca, see Arkay Dereka
HES78 Arcazie, see Dibil
JCA79 Arche (Arce, Arre) (mountain) 0610'/4040' 962 m 06/40 [+ WO Gz]
JBH77 Archei (seasonal well) 04/41 [MS WO]
HEL46 Archeko Tekle Haymanot (Arch'ek'o ..) (church) 12/38 [Gz]
1208'/3859', north of Lalibela
HCG64 Archica, see Arkika
HEF43 Archisa, see Arkisa
HET78c Archnao (with rock-hewn church Iyesus, in Seharti) 13/39 [x]
HDL33 Archo (Arch'o) 0923'/3846' 2583 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDH10 Arconcia, see Arkoncha
HDH37 Arcumbi, see Arera
HDH58 Arcumbi, see Arkumbe
arda, ardaa (Som) courtyard; arda jila (O) ceremonial ground
JEJ14 Arda (area) 11/41 [WO]
JDG34c Arda Arto, at the Awash river 09/40 [x]
arda d..: doka, doqa (A) glass bead, especially ring of blue glass
worn at the neck by children; dooqaa (O) 1. bead as above;
2. depression in landscape, rift valley
HBE98 Arda Doka (A. Doqa) (mount.) 0331'/3909' 950 m 03/39 [+ Gz]
JDA84 Ardaga 0856'/4014' 1105 m 08/40 [Gz Po]
(visiting postman under Nazret)
JCC00 Ardalenga (area) 0521'/4132' 587 m 05/41 [WO Gz]
JDG34c Ardatha 09/40 [Wa]
JEG54c Ardef (mountain near lowlands) ca. 1215'/4010' 12/40 [x]
JDN66 Ardgera (Ardghera) (mountain) 1034'/4016' 857 m 10/40 [Ne WO Gz]
ardi (O, Afar?) earth; world
JEC01 Ardibdeis (area) 10/41 [WO]
HEF44 Ardibo (Ardibbo, Hardibo) (lake) 11/39 [20 WO]
HEF45 Ardibo kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in northernmost Kalu wereda, immediately to the east of lake Hardibo,
15 km north-northeast of Kombolcha; area 2,469 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCA24 Ardikimo (Ardichimo) (area) 05/35 [+ WO]
HEL28 Ardisa 1158'/3911' 2278 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDF14 Ardu 08/39 [WO]
?? Arebabni (Aräbabni), see Arababni
HEE96 Arebal kebele (Aräbal ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Meket wereda at its northern border,
15 km north-east of Filakit; area 7,046 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFE49 Arebay (mountain) 1358'/3916' 1883 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDJ45 Arebeke 0929'/3703' 2707 m 09/37 [Gz]
HEF02 Arebfema kebele (Aräbfäma ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern Were Ilu wereda stretching narrowly north/south,
25 km north of Were Ilu town; area 2,646 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Arebia Medhani Alem 12/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Zengaj sub-district)
HDE85 Arebsa 0857'/3856' 2422 m 08/38 [Gz]
areda (O) chin, beard, moustache, side whiskers;
Areda, a male personal name;
aredda (A) break the news of a relative's death;
aredda meret (aräda märet) (A) land /near houses/ where
ashes have frequently been thrown; land cultivated several
times; arede, arrede (A) to slaughter, cut throat;
(arädä) (A) built a fortification; (T) fortify, entrench;
baro (O) good, wonderful; (Som) home, home surroundings
HDS08 Areda Baro 0959'/3817' 2523 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(near bridge), see under Tulu Milki
areda g..: godoo (O) small hut, kind of sentry box
for those who guard crops;
godo (Som) be bent or crooked
HDK65 Areda Godo 0938'/3800' 2564 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
areda k..: kitte, kittie (O) centre, middle
HDK55 Areda Kite (A. K'it'e, A. Qite) 09/38 [AA Gz q]
0935'/3801' 2503 m
areda wari, dark beard? wari (O) time around midnight
/with darkness/; (T) kind of black bird;
(Som) ask, get information; waari (Som) make permanent;
waarri (Som) walk with a heavy step
HDS08 Areda Wari 0959'/3818' 2545 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Tulu Milki
arede (arrädä) (A) built a fortification
HEU14 Aredebasa 1247'/3946' 1601 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDJ72 Aredu 0944'/3650' 1561 m (with church Maryam) 09/36 [Gz]
arefa (aräfa) (A) Muslim festival;
arefat (aräfat) (A) foam, froth, lather, scum;
arrefe (arräfä) (A,T) to rest; /also:/ die
HED12 Arefa 1101'/3743' 2349 m 11/37 [Gz]
HEM32 Arefa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Debtera Maryam) 12/39 [Ad WO]
JCB65 Arefen (Arafan, Ara Fanna, Arafena, Haro Fanna) 06/41 [Gz WO Ro Wa]
0604'/4108' 921 m, near map code JCB74
areg (aräg) (A) 1. creeper, tree-climbing plant; 2. old /person/;
(A,Gurage) kind of medium-sized branched palm, Dracaena steudneri
HEK91 Areg Maryam (Areg Mariam) (church, mission) 12/37 [+ WO Gu Gz]
Arega, a male personal name;
arege (arägä) (T) to wear out, to become old;
arrege (arrägä) (A) ascend, go up into heaven;
(arägge) (A) senex /?/; arejje (aräjjä) (A) grow old
HEC58 Arega (church), see under Debre May 11/37 [WO]
Aregawi, the first of the Nine Saints, died at Debre Damo
HES57 Aregay Silase (church) 1318'/3812' 13/38 [Gz]
HC... Aregda (village, in the 1980s in Munesa wereda) 07/38 [x]
about 10 km from the Shashemene road
HEL49 Aregena 1210'/3920' 2561 m, near code HEM40 12/39 [Gz]
HDU72 Arego kebele (Arägo ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in centtral Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda, 30 km west-southwest
of Majete and 5-10 km north-northwest of Mehal Meda; area 3,363 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM40 Aregza 1209'/3924' 2447 m 12/39 [Gz]
HCK82 Areka (Ancheto) (with sub-post office) 07/37 [Gz Po 20 Ad]
0704'/3742' 1774 m
(centre in 1964 of Bolosso & Sorie wereda)
areke (aräqä) (A) pacify, reconciliate
HCS76 Areket (Arek'et', Areqet, Aräqqit) 07/38 [Gz q]
0757'/3805' 2829 m, town in Gurage highlands
HDU44 Arekit (Arek'it, Areqit) 1022'/3943' 3161 m 10/39 [Gz q]
HDU11 Areko kebele (Aräqo ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in north-western Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
15-20 km west of Molale; area 1,616 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM63 Arelle, see under Alamata 12/39 [WO]
arem (aräm) (A) weed, weeding
HEJ54 Arema 1214'/3657' 1875 m 12/36 [Gz]
HEL33 Arema 1206'/3845' 2297 m 12/38 [Gz]
HEL33 Arema 1207'/3845' 1826 m 12/38 [Gz]
HDM95 Aremaniyan, see Armaniya
aren: arene (aränä) (T) snail
HDM30 Aren, M. (area) 09/39 [WO]
HEU92 Arena (Ariena), see Harena
HC... Arena Bulki wereda (.. Bulq, .. Bulik) (-1964-1997-) 05/39 [n Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Angentu)
?? Arene (Ar'enä) (area in Wäj recorded c 1580) ../.. [Pa]
HCE87 Arenfana (Aranfana, Arenfama) (area) 06/39 [LM WO]
HCE87 Arenfana sub-district (centre in 1964 = Chichu) 06/39 [Ad]
HEM53 Arengem 1217'/3938' 1435 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDJ26 Arengwade Hayk 0917'/3711' 09/37 [Gz]
(with clinic of the Seventh Day Adventists)
HEM53 Areosha (Areoscia, Aroscia) 1215'/3942' 1436 m 12/39 [+ Gz]
arer (arär) (A) dust bowl;
meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HDT64 Arer Meda kebele (Arär Méda ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in eastern Sayint wereda at its southern border,
25 km east-southeast of Ajibar; area 2,553 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
arera (A), areera (O) buttermilk, skim-milk, whey,
watery part of milk that separates from the curd
HDH37 Arera (Arcumbi, Arkumbi) 0921'/3624' 1636 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDK06 Arera 0904'/3807' 2311 m, see under Ginchi 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL65 Arera 0941'/3854' 2589 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Debre Libanos
HEF16 Area 1059'/3956' 2232 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDU92 Arera kebele (Aréra ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in the separate western part of Kalu wereda at the eastern border there,
28 km south of Kombolcha; area 3,244 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF17 Arera Nechiro kebele (Aréra Nächero ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Kalu wereda, 20 km east-southeast
of Kombolcha; area 1,597 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
arere: arrere (A) scorch; burnt black /by cooking/
HDD41 Arere 0831'/3736' 1835 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDL51 Arere 0934'/3832' 1422 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL62 Arere 0938'/3838' 2642 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL82 Arere 0951'/3836' 2982 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT43 Arere kebele (Aräré ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in central Wegdi wereda, 12 km south-west
of Mahdere Selam; area 979 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDG06 Areri, see Aira
JBJ.. Areri 04/41 [Gu n]
HEF94 Arerit kebele (Arärit ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Habru wereda,
15 km east of Mersa; area 2,184 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Arero, a male name among the Borana;
areru (A) young and brave warrior
HBT24 Arero (Meta Gafersa, Araro, Areore) (town) 04/38 [MS WO Wa x]
MS: 0440'/3845' = HBT13, 1755 m; Gz: 0445'/3849 = HBT24 1533 m
HBT24 Arero (wide area, with forest) 04/38 [WO]
HBS57 Arero awraja 0500'/3810' 04/38 [Ad Gz]
(centre in -1964-1980- = Yabelo)
HBT24 Arero wereda (centre in 1964 = Arero) (-1964-2000-) 04/38 [Ad 20]
(-1994-) is divided into 21 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
arerti (O) kind of butter-milk
HDF70 Arerti (with sub-post office) 0850'/3924' 1832 m 08/39 [Ad Po Gz]
(centre in 1964 of Kombolcha sub-district)
JFB00 Arerti 1357'/4040' -111 m, below sea level 13/40 [Gz]
HDF70 Arerti kebele (Arärti ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in central Minjar & Shenkora wereda in its western part, adjoining Arerti
settlement to the east + south + west and Balchi to its east; area 1,333 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF81 Arertu 0856'/3925' 1713 m 08/39 [Gz]
?? Aresh (village in the Ankober region) ../.. [18]
HDT19 Areso kebele (Aräso ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in northernmost eastern Moret & Jiru wereda,
20 km north-northeast of Inewari; area 1,355 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
aret ..: dur (A) forest
HDL98 Aret & Keyadur kebele (Arät & Käyadur ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in southern central Moret & Jiru wereda, very near
Inewari to its north-west; area 1,959 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU02 Aret & Rencha kebele (Arét & Réncha ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in southern Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda somewhat to the west,
11 km north-west of Sela Dingay; area 958 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFE78 Areteyti 1413'/3914' 2376 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Abune Petros)
HDK33 Arewe 0920'/3749' 1858 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HB... Arfaide (Arfayde) (village 19 km from Konso) 05/37 [20]
?? Arfeta (visiting postman under Nazret) ../.. [Po]
HDD61 Arfincho (Arfincio) (area) 08/37 [+ WO]
HDD60 Arfinjo 0845'/3734' 2642 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDK01 Arfinjo 0906'/3737' 2402 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
-- Arfinyo, an adopted clan among the Mecha/Liban Oromo
HEL98 Arfits 1236'/3911' 1530 m 12/39 [Gz]
arga (O) gift in behalf of a new-born baby
HDE78 Arga 0849'/3911' 2274 m 08/39 [Gz]
HEK07 Arga 1146'/3814' 3502 m, near map code HED98 11/38 [Gz]
HCD35c Argadda, west of Agere Maryam 05/38 [x]
JCB84 Argadeb, see Argedeb
JD... Argaga, between Laga Arba and old Awash bridge 08/40? [x]
HDM95 Argaga & Inchine kebele (.. Ench'ené ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in north-western Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
10 km north-east of Debre Sina; area 1,725 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU63 Argano kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda,
adjoining Mehal Meda on its eastern side; area 557 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HBS16 Argasa, see Ashebo
HEC63c Argavedis Ghevea (Ghevea=Gebeya) 2220m 11/36 [Gu]
JDH13 Argay (Argai) 09/40 [+ WO]
HCP18 Arghebba, see Argoba
JCB71 Argebela (Argebla, Arghebla, Ardjebta) 06/40 [Gz WO Wa]
0608'/4051' 855 m
HEE77 Argebet, see Angebet
JCB84 Argedeb (Argadeb) 0611'/4113' 795/881 m 06/41 [Gz WO Gu Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JCB85
JBS99 Argeliye (Arghelie, Arghegle) 05/43 [+ Ad WO]
(centre in 1964 of El Medo wereda)
HCC60 Argenne, see Debre Tsehay
?? Argeta Beyabeka (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
argeysa: argesa (O) species of aloe
JCR03 Argeysa (Argheisa) (area) 07/41 [+ WO]
JCS90 Argeysa (Argheisa) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
HCP18 Arghebba, see Arguba
JBR85 Argheile, see Hargele
HDM30 Arghiscia, see Tega Dingeto
HCB95 Argi (Arghi) 0615'/3610' 611, 1700? m 06/36 [+ WO Gz]
JEB59 Argi (Arghi) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HES78 Argin (on Simen hiking route) 13/38 [Br]
HDB69 Argio, see Arjo & HDB78 HDB95
argis (Borana O) Aloe calidophylla, A. yavellana etc;
there are more than 25 species of Aloe in Ethiopia and
they often grow on open hillsides
HDE36 Argisa (Arghisa) (village near a bridge) 08/39 [+ WO]
HDM30 Argisha (Arghiscia), see Tega Dingeto
HDT97 Argit kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Kelala wereda, 5-10 km north of
of Legwama; area 1,946 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HDL72 Argiti 0943'/3836' 3066 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDG09 Argiti 0904'/4037' 1513 m 09/40 [Gz]
argoba: argobbe (A) a kind of tree, Rhamnus prinoides;
-- Argobba, name of a people consisting of two isolated groups,
in 1990 about 21,600 near Ankober and 14,500 near Harar
HCP18 Argoba (Arguba, Arghebba) 1442 m 07/36 [LM Po WO Gu]
(with church Giyorgis)
JD... Argoba (Argobbo, Ergoba) (15 km south of Harar) 09/42 [x]
H.... Argoba sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kara Chira) 11/39 [Ad]
HDM57 Argobba (district in Yifat) 0930'/3957' 09/39 [x]
J.... Argobba special wereda (Argoba .., Arigoba ..) 09/42? [20]
JEB64 Argodu (area) 11/41 [WO]
HEU72 Argol 13/39 [It]
HCB15c Argsha, with part of the Baka ethnic group 05/36 [x]
HDM74 Arguaga (recorded in 1841) 09/39 [Ha]
HCP18 Arguba (Arghebba) 0724'/3626' 1442 m 07/36 [Gz]
arguda: argude (T) fatten, thicken
HCB08 Arguda (Argud) (locality) 0527'/3630' 05/36 [WO Gz]
argudi, argutti (T) kind of tree, Maytenus senegalensis
(but the places above with somewhat similar names are
at large distances from Tigray)
JDN97c Argufya (Argufia) (wadi) 550 m 10/40 [+ Gu]
HCS98 Argume Mikael (church) 0809'/3818' 08/38 [Gz]
west of Butajira
argun, argu (O) view, sight
HCC51 Argun (Gebel A.) (mountain) 0559'/3640' 3167 m 05/36 [WO Gz]
?? Arho (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
(salt quarries near the Red Sea, east of Mekele)
arhoo (Afar) wind
ari (O) 1. all of /them etc/; 2. anger; (Som) goats and
sheep, flock or herd of these;
-- Ari, ethnic group and one of the three South Omotic languages
spoken in Jinka [HCC40 05/36] and its surrounding area
-- Ari language (Ara, Aro, Aarai, 'Shankilla')
-- Warra Ari, an Ala tribe of eastern Oromo
HET39 Ari 1259'/3920' 2691 m 12/39 [WO Gz]
HFE85 Aria Dem (Ari'a D.) (peak) 1419'/3857' 2063 m 14/38 [Gz]
HDL20 Aricha 0918'/3827' 2974 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEU92 Ariena, see Harena
GCT57 Ariet, see Periet
JDF05 Arigaba (area) 08/44 [WO]
-- /Gaba is an ethnic group = Dullay/
HDT61 Arigba kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in south-western Sayint wereda, 10 km south-west
of Ajibar; area 2,066 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM57? Arigoba, see Argobba
HEJ44 Ariko (Arico) 12/37 [+ WO]
HE... Arim Maryam (centre in 1964 of Webo sub-district) 11/37 [Ad]
HEK15 Aringo (village) 1153'/3759' 2515/2574 m, 11/37 [WO Gu Gz]
see also under Debre Tabor
HDK95 Ariro 1739 m 09/38 [AA]
HDL83 Ariro 0947'/3843' 2902 m (near Fiche) 09/38 [Gz]
HDT01 Ariro 1001'/3832' 1901 m 10/38 [Gz]
HDT95 Ariro 0955'/3802' 1713 m 09/38 [Gz]
JDC30 Ariro (area) 08/41 [WO]
HDK09 Arirtu (Arirto) (mountain) 0910'/3817' 09/38 [WO Gu Gz]
HDK18 Arirtu (village with church Medhane Alem, and hill) 09/38 [AA Gz]
0910'/3817' 2832 m, peak 3078 m
arisa, ariisa (O) in heat /said of female animal/
HES48 Arisagh (Arisegh), see Genemora Arisagh
JEC30 Arissa 1111'/4138' 298/317 m (basalt ridge) 11/41 [WO Gz]
JDR50 Arisso (area) 10/41 [WO]
HEL69 Aritata (Arit'at'a) 1221'/3919' 2269 m 12/39 [Gz]
HCN05 Arito 0719'/3520' 1721 m 07/35 [WO Gz]
HEL73 Arjal 1225'/3844' 2486 m 12/38 [Gz]
JCB71 Arjebta (Ardjebta), see Argebela
HDS31 Arjena Maryam (church) 1016'/3739' 10/37 [Gz]
south-west of Debre Markos
HDB69 Arjo (Argio) (area) 2518 m, see below 08/36 [+ WO]
HDB69 Arjo (Argio) (former ketema) 2436/2439 m 08/36 [Gz Ad Po WO]
MS: 0849'/3634' = HDB79 or Gz: 0845'/3630' = HDB68
(centre of Arjo awraja and in 1964 also of
Jimma Leka wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
10SE Kussaye (Cussae) 2402 m
10SW Diko (Dico) (mountain) 1970 m
3NW Arjo (Argio) (area) 2518 m
10NW Kristo Galla (Cristo G.) (with church)
7N Kumba (Cumba) (area)
HDB78 Arjo (Argio) 0849'/3628' 2509 m 08/36 [Gz]
HDB95 Arjo (Argio, Suchi Argio) (small village) 09/36 [Gz WO Gu]
0913'/3642' 1420, 2129 m
HDB77 Arjo awraja 0850'/3620' 08/36 [Ad Gz]
(centre -1964-1980- = Arjo)
HDB69c Arjo Gudetu 08/36 [20]
town in Diga & Leka wereda
arka, harka (O) hand, arm, sleeve;
arka, charka (O) leopard's cry
HEL58 Arka 1215'/3910' 2544 m, cf Harka 12/39 [Gz]
HEL68 Arka 1219'/3910' 2195 m 12/39 [Gz]
JDJ85 Arka (Arca) (area) 09/42 [+ Gu]
JCE27 Arka Adon (Arcadon) 0540'/4402' 241 m 05/44 [Gz WO]
HEE77 Arka kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dawint & Delanta wereda,
15 km south-west of Wegel Tena; area 1,018 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HES78 Arkasi, see Dibil
arkay (arqay) (T) kind of bamboo, Oxytenanthera borzii,
or tall shrub, Sesbania sesban;
-- Arqay, name of an ethnic group
HER57 Arkay (Arcai) (mountain) 1307'/3719' 1223 m 13/37 [+ Gz]
arkay de..: derek (A) dry
arkay dereka, bamboo on a dry mountain?
HER56 Arkay Dereka (Arcai Dereca) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
HCB15c Arki, with part of the Baka ethnic group 05/36 [x]
HCG64 Arkika (Archica) 0653'/3510' 927 m 06/35 [+ WO Gz]

arkisa (O) girth-strap of a harness

HEF43 Arkisa (Archisa), see under Hayk 11/39 [+ Gu]
HDT54 Arkiso kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in central Wegdi wereda, 4 km south-west
of Mahdere Selam; area 727 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDH10 Arkoncha (Ark'onch'a, Arconcia) 0909'/4043' 09/40 [Gz WO]
1512 m, see under Mieso
HDH58 Arkumbe (Ark'umbe, Arcumbi) (mountain) 09/36 [Gz]
0932'/3628' 1234 m
-- Arkumbi, Warra Kumbi, name of a Mecha Oromo tribe
HDH37 Arkumbi, see Arera
HDH59 Arkumbi (Arcumbi, Tulu Arcombi) (area) 09/36 [Gz WO]
0931'/3628' 1234 m,
coordinates would give map code HDH58
JCH62 Arlajarti (Arlagiarti) 06/40 [+ WO]
HER.. Armachecho, see next
HER.. Armachiho (Armach'äho, Armachecho, Armachaho) 12/37 [+ x n]
(Fre: Armatchèou)
HER18 Armachiho wereda (Armachaho .., Armochoho ..) 12/36 [Ad n x]
(Armadchio ..) 1258'/3647'
(ctr in 1964 = Tikil Dingay), cf Lai Armachiho, Tach Armachiho
JED02 Armale (area) 10/42 [WO]
armaniya: armen (armän) (A) Armenian
HDU06 Armaniya (Armania, Armanya, Aremaniyan) 09/39 [Ad Gz]
0953'/3949' 2152 m
(centre 1944-1967- of Mafud wereda)
Coordinates would give the adjacent map code HDM95.
HDM95 Armaniya kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
6 km north-east of Debre Sina; area 1,299 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Armenian, an assimilated people, mostly Christians
HDU95 Armofa 1047'/3949' 1421 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDC28 Armoti Af-Fate (area) 08/42 [WO]
HES43 Arnaldo (area), see under Dabat 13/37 [WO]
JDP56 Arnut (Arnoot) 1022'/4115' 746 m 10/41 [Gz Ha]
(recorded in 1841)
aro, haro (O) lake, pool; arho (Afar) camel caravan
Aro, cf Ero
-- Aro language, see Ari
GDF21 Aro (Tulu Aro, Haro, Caro) (mountain) 08/34 [WO Gz]
0825'/3429' 599 m
Coordinates would give map code GDF31
HCR61 Aro, see Haro
HDA27 Aro 08/35 [WO]
HDD44 Aro (mountain) 2350 m 08/37 [WO]
see under Weliso or Chitu,
HDT48 Aro 1023'/3914' 2532 m 10/39 [Gz]
JEA03 Aro, see Haro
JEA14 Aro, see Ara
aro dale: dalee (O) 1. camel; 2. melted butter;
daalee (O) cows /mostly with grey colour;
dalee (Som) decorate; daali (Som) make tired;
-- Dale, an Oromo clan
JEB75 Aro Dale (area) 805 m 11/41 [WO]
aro dimtu: diimtu (O) red /female, cow/, light complexion /girl/;
dimtu (A) the sound, the voice
JDB15 Aro Dimtu 0817'/4109' 1572 m 08/41 [Gz]
aro gen..: genda (gända) (A) trough from the trunk of a tree,
for animals to drink from
HDT05 Aro Genda (w church Yohanis) 0958'/3854' 1499 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
?? Aro Giyorgis (in the Welamo Soddo region) ../.. [n]
JC... Aro Hassen Osman 06/40 [Gu]
aro w..: weyna (from Somali wayn) 1. large, big;
2. wine-coloured
JDS60 Aro Weyna (Arrueina) 1030'/4234' 901 m 10/42 [+ Gz]
JEB78 Aroberifaghe, see Abroborifaghe
?? Arobi, with market in the 1890s ../.. [18]
JCR93 Arocha 0907'/4152' 1944 m 09/41 [Gz]
HEK32 Aroda 1207'/3744' 2022 m 12/37 [Gz]
JEJ44 Arodolaito (mountain) 1215'/4200' 441 m 12/42 [WO Gz]
KCN34 Arogafida, see Gafida
aroge (A) old /man/; ancient
HEE57 Aroge 1123'/3908' 1989 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEM14 Aroge (Alla, Ala) 1151'/3942' 1619 m 11/39 [Gz WO Gu]
(valley, bridge 15 m)
(with church Merk'oriyos at some distance to the north)
Coordinates would give map code HEM13
HDE49 Aroge Adama ("old Nazret") 08/39 [x]
(centre in 1964 of Kechema sub-district?), see under Nazret
HEE34 Aroge Meda 1110'/3848' 1813 m 11/38 [Gz]
HDF82c Aroge Minjar kebele (Arogé Menjar ..) 08/39 [Ad]
a little to the west at the northern border of Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
15-20 km north-east of Balchi; area 2,919 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF60c Arogie (Arogee), (plateau south-east of Mekdela) 11/39 [Pa]
HEJ96 Arohna 1238'/3708' 2074 m 12/37 [Gz]
-- aroji: Warra Aroji (means Aroji people/family),
name of an Ala tribe of eastern Oromo
GDF81 Aroji (Arogi) (hill) 08/34 [+ WO]
HDG03 Aroji 0907'/3508' 1573 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDH10 Aroji (Arogi, Arrodji) 09/35 [+ WO x]
HDH20 Aroji (Arogi) 0917'/3544' 1778 m 09/35 [Gz WO]
HDL32 Aroji 0922'/3839' 2456 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL76 Aroji (Arogi), see Roge
HDL92 Aroji 0954'/3838' 2199 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDJ25 Aroji 0914'/4206' 1885 m 09/42 [Gz]
HDL77 Aroji Gudeta kebele (.. Gudäta ..) 09/39 [Ad]
on the western side of the southward "bulge" of Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
20 km south of Saya Debir settlement; area 1,248 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
aroji k..: kalo, kaloo (O) 1. grass, grazing area;
2. belly of sheep or goat; 3. inaccessible; qalo (Som) sacrifice
HDL77 Aroji Kalo kebele 09/39 [Ad]
on the western side of the southward "bulge" of Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
15 km south of Saya Debir settlement; area 1,399 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDD21 Arole 0824'/3739' 1621 m 08/37 [Gz]
HEU64 Aroley 1312'/3947' 1509 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDJ.. Aroo Addis Alem kebele 09/36 [20]
Located in Gida Kiremu wereda south of Abay river in eastern Wellega.
JDS40 Arome (mountains) 1022'/4235' 951 m 10/42 [Gz]
HCK05 Arora (on island) 06/38 [Gu]
aroresa, aroris (O) shrub or tree, Grewia mollis;
arorissa (A) till
HC... Aroresa (Aroressa) 05/39? [Ad]
JCU44 Aroresa (Aroreise) 0740'/4441' 920 m 07/44 [MS WO Gz]
HCE96c Aroresa wereda (centre in 1964 = Mejo) 06/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 24 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HDC63 Aroressa (area) 1920 m 08/36 [WO]
JDK46 Aroreys (Aroreis) (area) 1871 m 09/43 [+ WO]
JDH41 Aroreyti (G. Aroreiti) (area) 09/40 [+ WO]
JDJ53 Aroreyti 0933'/4155' 1423 m (near Dire Dawa) 09/41 [Gz]
HEE50 Arorya 1123'/3827' 2528 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEM53 Aroscia, see Areosha
HED54 Arota 1121'/3752' 2278 m 11/37 [Gz]
HEB43 Aroua (Arua) 1117'/3559' 1201 m, cf Arwa .. 11/35 [WO Gz]
JDS60 Aroueina, see Aro Weyna
HES78 Arquazie, see Dibil
arra (O) 1. above, over, better; 2. off, from, down from;
arra mado (Som) black land with fertile soil
Arra, cf Arre, Arri
arra a..: arka (O) 1. hand, arm, sleeve; arqa 2. cry of leopard
JDS02 Arra Arka (Arra Arca) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
JDE60 Arra Gududen (area) 1413 m 08/43 [WO]
JDG77 Arraha 0942'/4024' 693 m 09/40 [WO Gz]
HD... Arramba, see Dokakit : Harr Amba
HDM65 Arramba (area) 0941'/3938', see under Chano 09/39 [WO x]
HC... Arramo kebele (near Yirga Chefe) 06/38 [20]
JEJ66 Arramuda (area) 12/42 [WO]
arrang..: goma (A) hornless animal
HDN54c Arrangoma (village of Bega people) 10/35 [x]
JBP38 Arrasimo (area) 04/41 [WO]
JDJ94 Arraua, see Harewa & JDR23c
arre, harre (O) donkey; stupid person
JCA79 Arre, see Arche
JDD64 Arre Chobat (area) 08/42 [WO]
KCG04 Arrehan (wide area) 06/45 [WO]
HDL01 Arrele (area), see under Genet 09/38 [WO]
JDJ94 Arreruha, see Harewa
JDE41 Arret Lumugu (area) 1380 m 08/43 [WO]
JDS05 Arrho (area) 0958'/4258' 1353 m 09/42 [WO Gz]
arri, arrii, harri (O) grey, grey/white hair
JCT82 Arri (area) 08/43 [WO]
HDF62 Arribona, see Harbona
HDE52 Arrifata (area) 08/38 [WO]
JDR.. Arro, a few kilometres from Adigala 10/42 [18]
HEM62 Arrosha (Arroscia) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HCD78 Arru 0604'/3816' 2438 m 06/38 [Gz]
JDS60 Arrueina, see Aro Weyna
?? Arrutsu (on map of 1814), ca. 4400' 09/44 [18]
arsa (Borana) shrub of the Leguminosae family,
Gnidia stenophylloides, which grows at 2000-3000 m
HD... Arsa, mountain west of Nekemte, peak c3000 m 06/36? [x]
JCG33 Arsa (area) 06/40 [WO]
JDC08 Arseda (area) 08/42 [WO]
HDK89 Arsede 0949'/3820' 2589 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Gebre Guracha
H.... Arsede (with rock-hewn church) 13/39? [x]
somewhere in Tigray
HDT47 Arsema kebele (Arséma ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in westernmost Jema wereda, 15 km west-southwest
of Degolo; area 2,937 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
H.... Arsen (centre in 1964 of Arakwa sub-district) 13/38 [Ad]
HEF40 Arses Amba kebele (Arsäs ..) 11/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the western border of Kuta Ber wereda,
20 km west of Kuta Ber settlement; area 2,388 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Arsi, Arssi, one of the main groups of the Oromo, also
a clan of the Haroressa of the Borana prople
HDM53 Arsi Amba kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its southern border,
12 km east-southeast of Debre Birhan town; area 1,477 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCF25 Arsi Kormoso (Arsi Cormoso) (area) 05/39 [n WO Gz]
0538'/3945' 1374 m
HCT13 Arsi Negele (Negele Arussi, Neghelle) 07/38 [MS Br Po]
(Arsi Negelle, Negele Arsie) 0721'/3842' 2043 m 07/38 [Gz WO Gu]
(centre in 1964 of Negele wereda)
with post office and mosque with a huge minaret
HCT13 Arsi Negele wereda 07/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 63 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
HCU73 Arsi Robe, see Robe
Arsima, a woman and martyr who was tortured and
whose head was cut off
HEC89 Arsima (small island at outlet of lake Tana) 11/37 [Gu]
HEJ17 Arsima Sematat (church), see Dek
HDU26 Arso Amba Magna kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Efrata & Gidim wereda,
15-20 km south-southwest of Efeson; area 2,306 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
art m..: mekera kirr (A) 1. hardship, trouble; 2. thread, wick
?? Art Mekerakir (mountain in Gojjam) 3577 m ../.. [Ad]
JFA09 Artale (Artali) (volcano), see Ertale
JEG04 Artao (area) 11/40 [WO]
JEC90 Artigera (Artighera) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
?? Arto (hot springs) ../.. [x]
artu, artuu, hartuu (O) broom /made of twigs/
HDE08 Artu 0811'/3909' 2089 m 08/39 [Gz]
?? Artu (mountain group with volcanoes, in Afar) 11/41? [Mi]
-- Artuma, an Oromo tribe
JDN72 Artuma (Art'uma) 1035'/4001' 1741 m 10/40 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Artuma wereda)
artuma bi..: bilu (O) 1. dark-brown /person/; 2. flowering,
"growing beard" /said of flowering barley or wheat/;
(A) cloth-eating vermin
HDU76 Artuma Bilu (area) 10/39 [WO]
JDN72 Artuma & Fursina wereda (Artumana Fursina ..) 10/40 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 51 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
JDN72 Artuma sub-district? (-1997-) 10/40 [n Ad]
aru, arru (O) 1. smoke, send out smoke, start a fire;
2. sweep; aruu (O) grain
HCA87 Aru 0611'/3528' 1904 m 06/35 [WO Gz]
HEB43 Arua, see Aroua
HEK41 Arua Mariam, see Arwa Maryam
HD... Arubarya Medhane Alem (caves with corpses) 09/39 [Ca]
J.... Arue 10/41 [18]
JEH29 Arufale (area) 12/41 [WO]
JEB38 Arufta, M. (area) 569 m 11/41 [WO]
JEB61 Arufta (hill) 1126'/4045' 11/40 [WO Gz]
JER60 Aruku 1317'/4139' 1361 m 13/41 [Gz]
JCU45 Aruliti (Arulili) 0738'/4447' 825/863 m 07/44 [WO Gz]
JBU92 Arunle 05/44 [WO]
HES12 Aruona Mariam, see Arwona Maryam
HCK04 Arura 0623'/3756' 1196 m (in lake Abaya) 06/37 [Gz]
HCK.. Aruro, island in Abaya, same as HCK05 Gidicho? 06/38 [x]
HDL00 Aruse 0908'/3826' 2554 m, see under Genet 09/38 [AA Gz]
-- Arussi, Arsi, name of an Oromo tribe
HE... Arussi (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 11/36 [Ad]
HCT13 Arussi Negele, see Arsi Negele
HEC68 Aruta Maryam (village with church) 11/37 [+ It]
HED30 Arvatensa, see Arba Tensa
arwa (A) silk cloth; arwa, aroa (O) low clay bench, serving as bed
for the father of the family; Arwe (A) beast; the Serpent which was
reigning before the Queen of Sheba according to the legend
HEK41 Arwa Maryam (Arua Mariam) (church) 12/37 [+ Gu]
HES12 Arwona Maryam (Aruona Mariam) (church) 12/37 [+ WO]
HED48 Aryat 1117'/3819' 2440 m 11/38 [Gz]
HET08 Aryo K'irk'os (church) 1243'/3910' 12/39 [Gz]
as (O) place where ..; As Soomaliya is the spelling
in written Somali of the present political state;
aas (Som) 1. burial; 2. colourful light of sunset
JEJ54 As Ale, see Asa Ale
JEA44 As Aleyti (Assaleiti) (mountain) 11/40 [Gz WO]
1117'/4009' 1056 m
as bo..: boru (O) muddy /liquid/; (A) ox having a blaze;
borru (O) 1. east; 2. morning; booruu (O) sun, early morning
JEB15 As Boru (mountain) 10/41 [WO Gz]
MS: 1050'/4120' 343 m; Gz: 1101'/4112' 1133 m
MS coordinates would give map code JDP97 which is 20 km to the SE.
as d..: duma, dumma (T) baobab tree; duma (A) back of the head, occiput;
dhuma (O) end; dhumaa (O) ragged, shabby; dumaa (Som) dry grass;
duma (O) weevil-infested /corn/
JE... As Duma, archaeological site in Middle Awash region ../.. [20]
as koma: koma (A) 1. sterile /land/; 2. kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qoomaa) instant killing
JEA48 As Koma (As Coma) (basaltic hill) 671 m, 11/40 [+ WO Gu]
see under Meadura, cf Asa Koma
asa (A,T) fish; (O) conversation, discussion
HFE18 Asa, see Tzili
asa ale: ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JEJ54 Asa Ale (As-Ale) (mountain) 1217'/4203' 889 m 12/42 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code JEJ55
-- Asa Ali, an Afar tribe in Biru
JDP75 Asa Ali, see Asali
asa bahir (A) fish lake
HDM42 Asa Bahir kebele (.. Baher ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda,
20 km south of Debre Birhan; area 1,003 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEJ56 Asa Gabalti (Gabalti) (area) 1214'/4212' 863 m 12/42 [Gz WO]
asa koma (Afar) red hill
?? Asa Koma, near upper Hatowie river NW of Gewane 10/40 [20]
asa kum.: kuma (O) thousand; quma (O) coffee plant;
qoomaa (O) instant killing
JDG93 Asa Kuma (mountain) 0954'/4004' 1603 m 09/40 [Gz]
asabiti: assavette (Tigrinya as written by H.Salt) fingers
HFC86 Asabiti (area) 14/37 [WO]
JDG28 Asabot, see Asebot
HEJ12 Asada Maryam (Asada Mariam) c2230 m 11/36 [+ Gu]
JFB31 Asagela (Asegela, Assagella, Assagalla) 13/40 [Ad Gz WO Ne]
altitude -45 m, below sea level
HDM32 Asagirt, see Assagirt
HDM90 Asah kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in north-westernmost Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
35 km north-west of Debre Birhan town; area 670 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM32 Asahert, see Assagirt
JEB78 Asaita (Assaita, Asaitta, Asayita, Assayita) 11/41 [Ad Po Gz]
(Asayta, Aisaita, Aissaita, Aisaeta, Aysaïta) 11/41 [WO Gu 20]
1134'/4126' 379/384 m, also a lake with same name
(centre in 1980 of Awsa awraja and in 1964
of Awsa wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
7E Gale Ale (village)
9E Fillamake (-mache) (village)
4SE Dahale (village) 353/360 m
7SE Furzi (village) 343 m
10SE Daggala (area)
2S Abroborifage (-faghe, Aroberifaghe)
(ford & tombs) c300 m
5SW Foru (area) 482 m
8SW Datu /Bahari/ (area)
6NW Meskini (Meschini) (area)
8NW Assamadun (village)
9NW Ote (place)
10N Borauli (3-peak pyramid mountain) 922 m
6NE Gayale (Gaiale) (village)
7NE Boholle (village) 355 m
JEB78 Asaita wereda (-2000-) 11/41 [20 Ad]
with kebeles among which Andage, Geartu
asal (Som) 1. parentage, origin; 2. reddish dye;
asale (A) to sharpen; to make cough
asali (Afar) kinds of bushbuck, Tragelaphus spp.
JFA47 Asale, cf Assale
JFA56 Asale (Assal, Assale) (salt lake) 1401'/4025' 14/40 [Gz x]
JFA76 Asale (Assale, Asele, Carumboe) (place) 14/40 [Gz WO Wa n]
1414'/4018' (lake at 1420'/4020' = JFA86)
(with salt plain -115/-126 m)
Gz coordinates would give map code JFA75.
JDP75 Asali (Asa Ali) 1034'/4111' 820 m 10/41 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code JDP65
asamara: asamer, azamir (A) large tree, Bersama abyssinica,
growing as under-storey tree in mountain forests, with
leaves up to 70 cm long; asammare (A) made beautiful, made ornate
asemere (A) to draw a line
-- Asamara, Asa Mara, the "red men" of the Afar, regarded as their nobility
JEH04 Asamara (basaltic plain) 383 m 11/41 [WO Gu]
HEE48 Asana 1118'/3911' 2214 m 11/39 [Gz]
HCR57 Asandabo, see Asendabo
HDK80 Asandabo (Assandabo), see Asendabo
HFD38 Asar (Asaur) (mountain) 1356'/3813' 1545 m 13/38 [Gz]
HEC14 Asara, see Assera
HCL88 Asasa (Asassa, Assasa, Assassa, Asessa) 07/39 [Gz Ad x 20]
0706'/3912' 2367 m (with sub-post office)
(centre in the 1980s of Gedeb & Asasa wereda)
HCT08c Asasa 07/39 [Br]
HCL88 Asasa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Asasa), 07/39 [Ad]
cf Gedeb & Asasa wereda
HCL88 Asasa wereda 07/39 [Ad]
asash a..: arba, arbaa (O) elephant; arba (A) forty
?? Asash Arba ../.. [20]
asaso (eastern O) kind of shrub or small tree,
Osyris abyssinica, O. compressa, belonging to a group of
plants which may be parasitic on the roots of other plants
HFE66 Asay 1411'/3900' 2026 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam to the south-east)
JEB78 Asayita, see Asaita
HDL62 Asayo 0935'/3837' 2188 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
asayye (A) to show, exhibit, point out
asb (Geez) salary, payment
JDH04 Asba Littoria (Italian landing ground) 2150 m, 09/41 [Gu WO]
see under Asbe Teferi
HDF74 Asbale kebele (Asbalé ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in easternmost Minjar & Shenkora wereda at the middle of its eastern border,
25-35 km east of Balchi; area 8.532 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asbe Teferi (A) hope or reward of /Ras/ Teferi?
JDH02 Asbe Teferi (Asebe Teferi, Assebe T., Asba Tafari) 09/40 [Gz Br Po WO]
(Asbe Tefen) MS: 0903'/4043' = JDH00, 1740 m
or Gz: 0905'/4052' 1826 m (with church Igzi'aber Ab)
(centre in 1964 of Chercher awraja & of Chiro wereda,
in 1980 of Chercher Adal & Garaguracha awraja)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
7E Ketemamitti (Ketema Mitti, Catamamitti) (village)
9SW? Enda Lalumichiel
9W Yabdo (Iabdo) (village) 1665 m
10NW Tuka (Gara Tuca) (area)
10NW Irambui (Gara I.) (area)
1N Asba Littoria (Italian name of landing ground) 2150 m
5NE Wacho (Uaccio) area)
10NE Geberiamba (Gheberi-) (village)
asbi (A) one who fattens /cattle/ to sell
HFF34 Asbi, see Inda Silase
JEA17 Asbole (area) 10/40 [WO]
JDG53 Asboti (Wadi Azboli) (recorded in 1841) 09/40 [WO Ha]
JCK05 Asbuli (Usbelli) 358 m 06/43 [LM WO]
JDP05 Asbuli (Osboli, Osbole) 0959'/4110' 698 m 09/41 [Gz Ro WO Mi]
HCS89 Asc Coculia, see Ash Kokuliya
HEK66 Asca, see Aska
JDD05 Asca Adale, see Aska Adale
JDJ12 Ascabni, see Askabni
HDM64 Ascalena, see Askalena
HER94 Ascana, see Askana
HEC15c Ascefa, see Ashefa
HEJ92 Ascera, see Ashera
JBU93 Asceraf, see Asheraf
HDT74 Ascha kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in eastern Sayint wereda, 20 km east
of Ajibar; area 3,086 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF52 Ascha kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in the north-eastern corner of Kuta Ber wereda, 14 km
north-northwest of Kuta Ber settlement; area 2,922 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JBS59 Asci Ad, see Ashi Ad
HET79 Ascialaco, see Achalako
HEM92 Ascianghi, see Ashenge
HDJ68 Asciani, see Achane Maryam
JCA33 Asciar, see Ashar
HDU03 Asciel Ag., see Ashel Ager
HDR84 Ascifa, see Akayta
HEC63c Asciuda, see Ashuda
HCK93 Asciura, see Ashura
GDF12 Asciuri, see Ashuri
JEB07 Ascol, see Askol
JEB40 Ascoma, see Askoma
HDR95 Ascuna, see Askun
JDP11 Ascur, see Askur
JER51 Asdaga (volcano) 1311'/4144' 13/41 [WO Gz]
asdah..: hara (O) 1. lake, pool; 2. common land, anything for
common use; 3. haraa, broom /of twigs/, sweepings;
(Geez) army, troops; haaraa (O) new, strange
JDN48c Asdahara (Asda-hara) (mountain) 10/40 [Gu]
HDL98 Asebat kebele (Asäbat ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Moret & Jiru wereda, 5 km north-west
of Inewari; area 809 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
Asebe .., see Asbe ..
HDL81 Asebo 0947'/3833' 2881 m 09/38 [Gz]
JDG19 Asebot 0910'/4040' 1523 m 09/40 [Gz]
JDG27 Asebot (Assebot, Assabot) 0915'/4034' 09/40 [Ca Po Ad]
(railway station, centre in 1964 of Asebot sub-district)
JDG28 Asebot (Asabot, Gebel Assabot, Jebel Assibote) 09/40 [Gz Ca WO Ne]
(Assobat, Azabot) (mountain)
0916'/4030' or 34', 1159 or 1523 m
JDG28 Asebot Silase Gedam (monastery) 0917'/4035' 09/40 [Gz]
(monastery also called Abuna Samuel?)
HEE16 Asecha Gebriel (church) 1100'/3902' 11/39 [Gz]
?? Asede Mikael (Asädä Mika'él) (church) ../.. [Pa]
HFD89 Asedobo 1418'/3825' 1814m, near map code HFE80 14/38 [Gz]
HFF63 Asegara 1406'/3942' 2904 m 14/39 [Gz]
HEU62 Asegeda (Sogoda, Sugoda) 1312'/3935' 2206 m 13/39 [Gz Gu WO]
(village with church K'irk'os), see under Kwiha
HFD37c Asegede & Tsimbila wereda (Asegedena Tsimbela ..) 13/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 26 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
JFB31 Asegela, see Asagela
JDA.. Aseko (Aseco) (visiting postman under Nazret) 08/39 [x Po]
?? Aseko sub-district (centre in 1964 = Aseru) ../.. [Ad]
JDA.. Aseko wereda (in 1992 in Arba Gugu awraja) 08/39 [n]
(centre in the 1980s = Aseko)
?? Asel Gerti (A. Gherti) ../.. [+ It]
asela: asella (asälla) (A) 1. cause to succeed, put into good condition;
2. figure out, think deeply, calculate; 3. sharpen, provide with a keen edge;
asello (O) god
HCT78 Asela (Asella, Assela, Assella, Assala) 07/39 [MS Te Ad Po]
(Aselle) 0757'/3905' or 3908' 2182, 2399 m 07/39 [Gz WO]
(centre in 1980 of Chilalo awraja)
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
9N Kulumsa (with experimental farm)
JFA76 Asele, see Asale
H.... Aselel (centre in 1964 of Bulbula sub-district) ../.. [Ad]
in Ambasel awraja
HDT98 Aselel kebele (Asäläl ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Legambo wereda at its northern border,
10 km south-east of Akista; area 3,382 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU94 Aselele kebele (Asälälé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Antsokiya & Gemza wereda,
15 km north-west of Majete; area 895 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU91 Asellel (pass) 10/39 [WO]
Asen and Usman are Muslim male names
HCU52 Asen Usman (Moschea Osman) 07/39 [Gz WO]
0743'/3933' 2009 m
asendabo, asindabo (A) Setaria sp., kind of grass
growing among cereals, Panicum quadrifarium?
HCR57 Asendabo (Assendabo, Asandabo, Asandao) 07/37 [Gz WO Ad n]
0746'/3714' 1555 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HCN77 Asendabo 0753'/3525' 1792 m 07/35 [Gz]
HDK80 Asendabo (Asandabo, Assandabbo) 09/37 [AA Ha Gz Gu]
(with fort & sub-post office)
Gz: 0950'/3733' 2107 m; MS: 0947'/3736' 2408/2450 m
JED00 Asengp (area) 10/42 [WO]
aseno ..: ager (A) land, district, rural area
HEE36 Aseno Ager kebele (Asäno Agär ..) 11/38 [Ad]
at the middle of the south-western border of Mekdela wereda,
15 km west-southwest of Masha; area 1,931 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asera (A) mat of fibre, reeds or straw
which is to be spread on the ground;
belay (A) upper, above; betach (A) below, lower
HES34 Asera Belai sub-district (centre in 1964 = Debark) 13/37 [Ad]
HES.. Asera Betach sub-district (ctr in 1964 = Kosso Wenz) 13/37 [Ad]
asere (asärä) (A,T) 1. tie, fasten, strap; 2. arrest, imprison,
put in chains; stop; aser (T) track, trail, trace;
(A) dregs; excrement
HDL23 Asere 0918'/3843' 2631 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
?? Aseru (centre in 1964 of Aseko sub-district) ../.. [Ad]
HCL88 Asessa, see Asasa
HDR68 Asewa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Finote Selam) 10/37 [Ad]
HEJ24c Aseydiber (Eseydbir, Esey Dibir) (at lake Tana) 11/37 [Br 20]
town in Alefa wereda
HEF70 Asfa kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western Ambasel wereda at its northern border,
20 km east of Wegel Tena; area 2,487 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asfa m..: meda (A) field, grassy plain
HED78 Asfa Meda 1130'/3817' 2369 m 11/38 [Gz]
HDM95 Asfachew & Chira Meda kebele 09/39 [Ad]
(Asfachäw & Ch'era Méda ..)
in north-eastern Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
10 km north-east of Debre Sina; area 751 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDG72 Asgafen 09/40 [WO]
HEE64 Asgaj kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in the south-western corner of Dawint & Delanta wereda,
25 km south-west of Bete Hor; area 5,065 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEP28 Asgarbo (Garba) (village & well) 1255'/4124' 18 m 12/41 [WO Gz]
HFD55 Asgeday 1405'/3801' 1439 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFD37c Asgede Tsimbla wereda, see Asegede & Tsimbila ..
H.... Asgedi sub-district (-1997-), cf Tsimbila sub-district 11/39 [n]
HEF21 Asgedo 1102'/3926' 3423 m 11/39 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Giragne /Grañ/ Meda sub-district)
HF... Asgetse, see Tach Asgetse
JDE69 Asgoglanyer (area) 08/44 [WO]
HEF00 Asgori 1055'/3923' 3145 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEF10 Asgori kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in westernmost Dese Zuriya wereda,
26 km west-southwest of Dessie town; area 4,554 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asgura: asguri (O) magic; asgari (A) fisherman
JEH02 Asgura (area) 11/40 [WO]
HD... Asgure (in Chebo & Gurage awraja) 08/37? [Ad]
?? Asgwagwa (historical, in Eritrea?) ../.. [Pa]
HCS89 Ash Kokuliya (Asc Coculia, Ashkokulla) 07/38 [+ Gz]
0759'/3819' 2133 m
ashage..: gera (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Salix subserrata;
twigs from it are used as tooth-sticks
JEB06 Ashagera 10/44 [--]
HDU14 Ashagn & Gwacha kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in north-westernmost Kewet wereda,
12 km east of Molale; area 1,410 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFE.. Ashafi, see Adi Sehafi
JCJ89 Ashahad (well) 07/42 [WO]
HDJ68 Ashani Maryam (Achene Mariam) 09/37 [Gz]
0939'/3719' 2434 m
(there is also another Ashani Maryam?)
JCA33 Ashar (Asciar) (area) 05/40 [+ WO]
?? Ashar (river) ../.. [Gu]
ashara (O) coffee hull; (A) fingerprint; lightly curly hair
HEL28 Ashattan (mountain recorded in 1868) 3380 m 11/39 [18]
JDA.. Ashe Felika (area in Merti wereda) 08/40 [n]
a number of houses were burtn down there in 1991
ashebo (A), ashaboo (O) powdered salt
HBS16 Ashebo (Argasa, Ascebo Argasa, Ascebo, Ashabo) 04/38 [Gz Gu WO Wa]
(village) 0442'/3808' 1470 m
HEC15c Ashefa sub-district (Ascefa ..) 2655 m 11/37 [Ad Gu]
(centre in 1964 = Amuagta)
HEU83 Ashegoda 1327'/3939' 2215 m 13/39 [Gz]
HCB27c Ashekere 05/36 [x]
market village south of the Shangama area
ashel ..: ager (agär) (A) land, region, district
HDU03 Ashel Ager (Asciel Ager), 09/39 [+ WO]
see under Sela Dingay
ashele (ashälä) (A) to measure;
Ashele (Ashäle), Lot's wife in the Bible
HED22 Ashemen (Ashimen, Ashmen) 11/37 [Ad Gz]
1105'/3741' 2097 m
HED.. Ashemen sub-district (centre in 1964 = Debre Sina)
ashen kitab, amulet
HEC.. Ashena, a parish in the centre of Gojjam 11/36? [20]
HEC13c Ashena Mikael (centre in 1964 of Kwakera sub-distr) 11/36 [Ad]
HED69 Ashenat 1128'/3855' 2655 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEE60 Ashenat 1128'/3856' 2719 m 11/38 [Gz]
HEE15 Ashenga (Malek Sanca, Melech Sanca) 11/38 [Gz Wa WO]
1102'/3846' 2835 m
HDT72 Ashenga kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in central Sayint wereda, immediately
to the east and south of Ajibar; area 2,582 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM92 Ashenge (Ashangi, Ascianghi, Fre: Lac Achangui) 12/39 [LM WO 18 Gu]
(Hashinge), lake at 1235'/3932' 2424 m
Amharic: Ashange, Tigrinya: Tsada Bahri?
HEJ92 Ashera (Ascera) 12/36 [+ WO]
asheraf: ashrafi (Arabic? O?) descendant of the Prophet
/a concept within Islam/; (T) money-changer; a coin struck
in Harar in the 1780's was also called ashrafi;
ashraf, plural of ashrafi
JBU93 Asheraf (Asceraf) (area) 05/44 [+ WO]
asheta, asheti, asheetuu (O) be or become ripe /said of grain/
HEL27 Asheta Maryam (Asheten M., Asceten M.) 12/39 [n Ca It x]
(rock-hewn church), see under Lalibela
?? Asheten (Ashten) (mountain), see Isheten
ashewa (ashäwa) (A) sand
JDJ41 Ashewa 0928'/4146' 2062 m 09/41 [Gz]
HEC06 Ashfa, see Ashifa
GDF53c Ashi 08/34 [LM]
ashi ad: ad (T) mother
JBS59 Ashi Ad (Asci Ad) 04/43 [+ WO]
HEC06 Ashifa (Ashfa) (locality in Damot) 1052'/3710' 10/37 [Gz x]
near map code HDR96
HCS.. Ashil (with Muslim school), near Hosaina 07/37 [x]
HED22 Ashimen (Ashmen), see Ashemen
HC... Ashira (in the Hosaina region) 07/37 [20]
HDU35 Ashkway kebele 10/39 [Ad]
across southern Efrata & Gidim wereda,
15 km south-southwest of Efeson; area 2,965 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF04 Ashmira 0811'/3945' 2388 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDL72 Ashoba 0941'/3836' 2805 m 09/38 [Gz]
HCB15c Ashti, with part of the Baka ethnic group 05/36 [x]
ashua g..: gundil (A) capon
HEC19c Ashua Gundil (east of Injibara), cf Ashewa, Ashuwa 10/37 [n]
HEC63c Ashuda (Asciuda) 11/36 [+ Gu]
HDN32 Ashuka (alternatively GDU37) 10/35 [Gz]
1017'/3500' 1022 m
ashuki: ashuuqii (O) roasted and half-boiled beans or peas
ashura (A) land sale tax, toll, customs;
(Arabic?) special Islamic day on the 10th of Muharram;
ashure (A,O) grass-land
HCK93 Ashura (Asciura, Acciura) (area) 07/37 [+ Gu WO]
GDF12 Ashuri (Asciuri), see under Gambela 08/34 [+ WO]
ashuwa: ashewa (ashäwa) (A) sand, gravel
GCU91c Ashuwa 08/34 [LM]
?? Ashuwa Gundil (Ashua G.) (in Gojjam) ../.. [+ n]
asi (O) place from which ..
HEC95c Asi Nuru (As Nuru) (area) 11/37 [Ch]
HEK43 Asiba (mountain) 1207'/3747' 1975, 2683 m 12/37 [Gu WO Gz]
GDU25 Aside (area) 10/34 [WO]
H.... Asik (centre in 1964 of Fogay sub-district) 13/38 [Ad]
HBR31 Asile 0449'/3645' 582 m 04/36 [WO Gz]
HBP18c Asille (area) 04/36 [Gu]
HED63 Asim 1126'/3750' 2349 m 11/37 [Gz]
asim d..: dega (A) highland
HEE87 Asim Dega kebele (.. Däga ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dawint & Delanta wereda, 10 km west-southwest
of Wegel Tena; area 955 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asim k..: kola (qolla) (A) lowland
HEE87 Asim Kola kebele (.. Qola ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dawint & Delanta wereda, 10 km west-southwest
of Wegel Tena; area 1,566 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFM02 Asimba (Amba Simba) (mountain) 14/39 [Gz Gu WO]
1427'/3937' 3054/3145 m
HEC94 Asinwara (Asinuara) (village), near map code HEJ05 11/37 [Gz It]
1145'/3702' 1830 m
JDG86 Asiole (Asi'ole) (mountain) 0950'/4020' 854 m 09/40 [Gz]
HFF35 Asir Matra (with rock-hewn church) 13/39 [x]
HEC95 Asiru Debre, see Assiru Debr
HEE14 Asit (Hast) 1101'/3847' 2291 m 11/38 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HEE04.
JBH87 Ask (area) 04/41 [WO]
HEK66 Aska (Asca) (mountain) 1222'/3803' 2199 m 12/38 [+ WO Gz]
aska ad..: adala (O) kind of wild cat
JDD05 Aska Adale (Asca Adale) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
JDS51 Aska Ambarta (area) 1167 m 10/42 [WO]
aska ki..: kilinto (O) kind of tree
JDS61 Aska Kilinta (A. Chilinta) (area) 1042m 10/42 [+ WO]
askabe (askabä) (A) had /stones etc/ piled up;
Askabe, a male personal name
JDJ12 Askabni (G. Ascabni) (area), see under Grawa 09/41 [+ WO]
HDM64 Askalena (Ascalena) (high area) 09/39 [+ Gu]
HER94 Askana (Ascana) (area) 13/37 [+ WO]
?? Askare wereda (1960, in Bale) ../.. [x]
HDS16 Askata (Ask'at'a, Asqata) 1005'/3806' 1283 m 10/38 [Gz q]
HDT96 Askentir kebele (Askänter ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-western Legambo wereda at its southern border,
17 km west-southwest of Akista; area 3,042 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE97 Askera 1141'/3909' 3177 m 11/39 [Gz]
HDM.? Askign (w church Maryam), in Bulga/Kasim wereda 09/39? [x]
HEM41 Askit kebele (Asqit ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in central northern Gidan wereda,
20 km north of Muja; area 3,279 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
askol: askwal (A) egg yolk
JEB07 Askol (Ascol) (mountain) 1051'/4118' 1044/1115 m 10/41 [+ WO Gz]
JEH54 Askoli (Ascoli) (mountain area) 1218'/4106' 704 m 12/41 [WO Ne Gz]
askoma: askema (A) scapular of monks, with twelve crosses
JEB40 Askoma (Ascoma) 1113'/4046'; Gz: 1110'/4042' 11/40 [+ x Gz]
HBM57 Askontor 04/39 [WO]
HEJ76 Askoye 1226'/3711' 1849 m 12/37 [Gz]
HDR95 Askun (Ask'un, Asqun, Ascuna, Ascuna Ghiorghis) 10/37 [Gz q WO x]
(Quosquam) 1050'/3705' 2531/2540 m
HEC02 Askuna (area) 10/36 [WO]
HEC11 Askuna 1102'/3642' 2146 m 11/36 [Gz]
JDP11 Askur (Ascur) (area) 1305 m 10/40 [+ WO]
askwar (A) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Buddleja polystachya, Nuxia congesta, Premna angolensis
HEU40 Asla Maryam (church) 1305'/3926' 13/39 [Gz]
HDF91 Aslam A. /=Amba/ 09/39 [WO]
aslamay (T) Muslim
HEE06 Aslamba kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western Legambo wereda, 16 km
west of Akista; area 1,385 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDR53 Aslei (area) 10/41 [WO]

HCD33 Asmalo (locality) 0544'/3748' 05/37 [Gz x]

east of southern lake Chamo
asmara (O), azmera (A) harvest, crop; asmare (A) intercede for;
asmere (asmärä) (T) unite, unify
JEB49 Asmara 1115'/4132' 554 m 11/41 [WO Gz]
(mountain near river Awash)
JED11 Asmarerle (Maerle) (mountains) 10/42 [WO Gz]
1057'/4243' 783 m
Coordinates would give map code JED12
HEM22 Asmela kebele (Asméla ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in Kobo wereda near its south-western corner,
22 km south-southwest of Kobbo town; area 2,220 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
HDU75 Asnafit Tegen kebele (.. Tägän ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central eastern Gishe Rabel wereda,
25 km east of Were Ilu; area 2,434 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEB06 Asnagera (Asnaghera) (area) 10/41 [+ WO]
HET57c Asne Gime (Asne Ghime) (valley) 13/39 [Gu]
aso (Geez,A,T) malaria
HDR97 Asoa 10/37 [WO]
Asoba, a Somali female name, and
-- a group (Assoba) of the Afar
HEH34 Asoba (area) 12/36 [WO]
HDM73 Asofe Hager kebele (Asofé Hagär ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its eastern border,
15 km south-southwest of Debre Sina, area 1,057 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF22 Asogedo kebele (Asogädo ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in western central Dese Zuriya wereda,
10 km west-southwest of Dessie town; area 1,108 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM54 Asokelina kebele (Asoqälina ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Ankober wereda, 4 km north-east
of Ankober town; area 443 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JEB70 Asoklo (mountain chain) 1134'/4040' 785 m 11/40 [Gz]
near map code JEA79
HEE36 Asol 1108'/3859' 2641 m 11/38 [Gz]
(with church Tekle Haymanot at some distance to the south-east)
GDU12 Asosa (Asossa, Assosa, Bari Cossa) 10/34 [Gz WO Gu Te]
MS: 1008'/3435'; Gz: 1004'/3432' 1571 m
1530, 1733 m (historical name Aqoldi)
(centre of Asosa /& Benishangul/ awraja,
in 1964 also of Gemba sub-district)
Asosa is capital of Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional
State since it was established in 1994.
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5S Belmili (village)
9W Govindu (village) 701 m
8NW Uluk (area with mining works)
8NW Agusa (village)
GDU01 Asosa awraja (Assosa ..) (around 1980: ctr = Asosa) 10/34 [MS Ad Gz]
Around 1964-70 Asosa & Benishangul awraja 1000'/3430'
GDU12 Asosa wereda (centre in 1964 = Asosa) 10/34 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 74 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
?? Asoso (Assosso) (with mission in 1874) ../.. [Pa]
HEE27 Asoye kebele (Asoyé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
narrow north-east/south-west strip of land in south-westernmost Tenta wereda,
30 km south-southwest of Tenta settlement; area 2,507 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
asra hulet (A) twelve
HE... Asra Hulet Tekula sub-district 12/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Simiro Amba)
JEJ54 Ass Ale, see Asa Ale
assa (Afar) red
HDS08 Assa, see Chilelo
HEU.. Assa, place about 15 km from Antalo 13/39 [18]
JEC50 Assa (area) 11/41 [WO]
JEH44 Assa (mountain) 1218'/4105' 763 m 12/41 [WO Ne Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JEH54
JEH55 Assa (waterhole), see Asso
JEB83 Assa Ale (area) 11/41 [WO]
assa gi..: gita (O) equal, of the same class
JDG99 Assa Gita (Assa Ghita) (area) 09/40 [+ WO]
assa ka..: katama (O) town
HDS18 Assa Katema (Assa Catema), see Filkilik
assa ko..: koma (A) 1. sterile /land/; 2. kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qoomaa) instant killing
JEB98 Assa Koma (Assa Coma, Assacoma) (area) 11/41 [+ WO x]
JEC51 Assa Koma (Assa Coma) (area), cf Assakoma 11/41 [+ WO]
assab (A) thought
HEF24 Assab (inland village), see under Kombolcha 11/39 [WO]
JER10 Assabakare (Assabacare) (area) 12/41 [+ WO]
-- Assabo, Azebo, name of a Wello Oromo tribe
JDG25 Assabot, G. (area) 2503 m 09/40 [WO]
JDG28 Assabot, G., see Asebot
JDP24 Assadabba (mountain range) 10/41 [WO]
HFF56 Assadurua, see Assagaroa
HEP26 Assaf (small village), see under Metemma 12/36 [Gu Gz]
1256'/3613' 711 m
JFB52 Assafoka (Assafoca) 1400'/4053' 268/650 m 14/40 [+ WO Gz]
JFB31 Assagalla (Assagella), see Asagela
HFF56 Assagaroa (Assadurua) 1402'/3957' 765 m 14/39 [+ WO Gz]
assagirt, asagirt (A) network
HDM32 Assagirt (Asagirt, Assaghert) (area), 09/39 [+ Ad WO]
see under Gina Ager
HDM22 Assagirt wereda (centre in 1964 = Gina Ager) 09/39 [+ Ad]
JEC61 Assagita (Assaghita) (area), cf Assa Gita 11/41 [+ WO]
assaha..: hara (O) lake, pool; 2. common land, anything for
common use; 3. haraa, broom /of twigs/, sweepings;
(Geez) army, troops; haaraa (O) new, strange
JFB49 Assahara 1400'/4036' -103 m, below sea level 14/40 [WO Gz]
-- Assaho, an Afar tribe in Biru
HEM82 Assahuale, see Assanuala
JEH26 Assaisi (area), see under Serdo 11/41 [WO]
JEH74 Assaissa (plain) 12/41 [Ne]
JEB78 Assaita, see Asaita
HEU02 Assakatti (Assacatti) (area) 12/39 [+ WO]
JDA32 Assako (Assaco) (area), cf Aseko 08/40 [+ WO]
JDA42 Assako (Assaco) 0831'/4002' 2089 m 08/40 [+ WO Gz]
JDP00 Assakoma (Assacoma) (area) 768 m 09/40 [+ WO]
HCT87 Assala, see Asela
JER12 Assale (mountain) 1248'/4148' 164 m, cf Asale 12/41 [WO Gz]
JFA47 Assale (Karumbae Bad, Carumboe, Karumbad) 13/40 [WO Ne Mi]
(salty lake/swamp), see also Asale, cf Dalol
JFA65 Assale (hill & market) -115 m, below sea level 14/40 [Ne Gz]
1401'/4025', see Asale
JFA73 Assale (mountain) 1417'/4005' 938 m 14/40 [Gz]
JEA44 Assaleiti, see As Aleyti
assam (A?) bushpig, Potamachorus hassama
?? Assam (battlesite in 1871, in direction Adwa) ../.. [Pa]
HED13 Assama 1059'/3751' 2492 m, see under Mota 10/37 [WO Gz]
JEC80 Assamadu (area) 11/41 [WO]
JEB88 Assamadun, see under Asaita 11/41 [WO]
JEJ96 Assamode 1236'/4214' 498 m 12/42 [Gz]
?? Assan (on 50 km road Ticho-Osman) ../.. [It]
assan d..: dawilla, dawula (A) measure of grain,
about 100 kgs
JBS30 Assan Dawle (Assan Daule) 04/42 [+ WO]
HDK80 Assandabo, see Asendabo
HEM61 Assangalla (recorded in 1868) 12/39 [18]
HFM02 Assannati (pass) 14/39 [Gu]
HEM82 Assanuala (Assanuale, Assahuale) (pass) 12/39 [Gz It]
1233'/3939' 2510 m, south of lake Ashenge
-- assara: Asare, unit of the Somali now found (1980s)
in the north-east province of Kenya
JFA69 Assara 14/40 [Ne]
HCL88 Assasa, see Asasa
JDP50c Assassibabiforo (hills) 10/40 [Ne]
JEN63 Assavaha (mountains) 1322'/4003' 1039 m 13/40 [WO Gz]
JEC41 Assaydi (Assaidi) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
JEB78 Assayita (Assaita), see Asaita
HEM84c Assayu (Assaiu) 12/39 [+ Gu]
JDH01 Assebe Teferi, see Asbe Teferi
JDG27 Assebot, see Asebot
JD... Assebule (Assebulie) 09/41 [+ Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
HF... Assefe Sebeya wereda (-1994-) 13/39? [n]
JCE09 Assei, see Hasi
?? Assel Gerti (A. Gherti) ../.. [+ It]
HCT78 Assela (Assella), see Asela
assem (T) kind of slender shrub, Clerodendron myricoides,
with flowers at any time of the year;
assemma (A) preach, proclaim
HEC15 Assem Sellasie (Fudi) (mountain) 11/37 [WO Gz]
1100'/3700' 2792 m
Coordinates would give map code HEC14
assen daber..: dabar (Som) to hobble /a camel/
JDS42 Assen Daberwine (Assen Daberuine) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
assena (O) entry
HE... Assenara, village near the SE shore of lake Tana 11/37 [x]
HCR57 Assendabo, see Asendabo
H.... Assenseba sub-district (centre in 1964 = Arboye) 08/39? [Ad]
HEC14 Assera (Asara) (area), see under Injibara 11/37 [WO Ch]
assere (A) tie, bind, imprison
assey marko: ku marko (Som) make someone suffer;
-- Mareko, name of an ethnic group
JCE09 Assey Marko (Assei Marco) 05/44 [+ WO]
HDP89 Assi (area) 10/36 [WO]
JE... Assieta (in Awssa awraja) 11/40? [Ad]
assik..: koma (A) 1. sterile land; 2. kind of large tree;
(O) 1. chest, breast; 2. (qooma) instant killing
JDG65 Assikoma (Assicoma) (area) 09/40 [+ WO]
assiru debr (A) the ten churches
HEC95 Assiru Debr (A. Dabr), see Kilado
JEC93 Assmayto (Assmaito) (waterhole) 11/41 [+ WO]
JEH55 Asso (Assa) (waterhole with tombs nearby) 12/41 [WO Ne]
-- Assoba, a group of the Devenekemena branch of the Afar
JDG28 Assobat, see Asebot
H.... Assol sub-district (centre in 1964 = Mehal Assol) 10/38 [Ad]
GDU12 Assosa, see Asosa
assot, asot, hahot (T) Rumex nervosus, an erect, much-branched
shrub growing up to 3 m tall, with masses of winged red fruits
H.... Assot (centre in 1964 of Keta sub-district) 10/38 [Ad]
HFF36 Assot 1353'/3955' 1411, 2748 m, see under Atsbi 13/39 [WO Gz]
JDK53c Assoyna (Assoina), 1850 m 09/42 [+ Gu]
HER46 Assuana Nadir (area) 13/37 [WO]
JEG19 Assussili (area) 11/40 [WO]
asta (A) kind of shrub, Erica arborea, with flowers that give honey
HDD29 Asta Dega, see Gurage
?? Asta Gomaya (A. Gomya) (mount in Shewa) 3599 m ../.. [Ad]
HET68 Astah 1317'/3914' 2162 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDM75 Astakel 0945'/3947' 2428 m (with church Abo) 09/39 [Gz]
HDM74 Astakel kebele (Astakäl ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in northernmost Ankober wereda,
10 km south of Debre Sina; area 693 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF70 Astamba 1132'/3923' 2168 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEF70 Astamba kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western Ambasel wereda, 20 km east-southeast
of Wegel Tena; area 2,868 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU13 Astaye 1003'/3940' 2526 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEL58 Astekwal Gebriel (Astek'wal ..) 12/39 [Gz]
(church) 1213'/3910'
Aster, Esther of the Bible
HCS84 Aster (village and mountain) 07/37 [x]
asteriyo (A) Epiphany, Feast of the Transfiguration;
Astaryo Maryam, the day on which the Virgin Mary died
HDR28 Asteriyo (Asterio) 10/37 [+ WO]
HED30 Asteriyo Maryam (Astero Mariam) 11/37 [+ WO]
asteriyo meda: meda (A) field, grassy plain
HE... Asteriyo Meda (in Wegera awraja) 12/37? [Ad]
HDM54 Astit (area), see under Ankober 09/39 [WO]
HDM54 Astit kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in western central Ankober wereda,
2-3 km south of Ankober town; area 654 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU13 Astogya (Astoghia), see under Molale 10/39 [+ WO]
HDR85 Astui (area), see under Bure 10/37 [WO]
HEE76 Asuga Mujazen kebele (.. Mujazän ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in western Dawint & Delanta wereda at its northern border,
8 km south of Bete Hor; area 1,215 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL50 Asui 1213'/3826' 1644 m 12/38 [WO Gz]
HDT84 Asul kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Sayint wereda at its border,
25 km east of Ajibar; area 2,826 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HER19 Aszimew 1246'/3725' 1920 m 12/37 [Gz]
ata, ataa (O) make-up
HCS93c Ata (village) 08/37 [x]
HES00 Ata Belage 1241'/3731' 2452 m 12/37 [Gz]
ataba: attebe (att'äbä) (A) to wash, to erode /by water/
HES99 Ataba 1331'/3824' 2742, 3300 m 13/38 [WO Gz]
HFF60c Ataba (recorded in 1868) 14/39 [18]
JDP.? Ataitu (village past Gewane) 10/41 [20]
atakilt (A) garden, vegetables, plant; atakilti (O) eucalyptus
HDM63 Atakilt 0940'/3940' 3156 m, cf Atkilt 09/39 [Gz Ad WO]
(Adgo Ager, Adguo), see under Ankober
(centre in 1964 of Basso wereda)
HDM62 Atakilt kebele (Atakelt ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central southern Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
adjoining Debre Birhan town to its east; area 2,306 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
atala: atela (atäla) (A) sediment in beer, dregs; coffee grounds;
atala, atalaa (O) draff, dregs, lees; attallay (A) swindler, cheater
HEU22 Atala (river, British camp in 1868) 12/39 [18]
HES39 Atalam 12/38 [WO]
HEU22 Atalla Charrkos (area), cf Atsala K'irk'os 12/39 [WO]
HC... Atango (in Limu awraja), cf Atnago 07/36? [Ad]
HEC88 Atangusa (Atangussu), see Antagussa
HEC88 Atangussa Maryam (church near lake Tana) 11/37 [+ It]
atara (O) pea; atar (T) chickpea, Cicer arietinum
HDM70 Atara Mikael (At'ara ..) (church) 0945'/3923' 09/39 [Gz]
atari, atarii (O) pea; mender (mändär) (A) village; neighbourhood
H.... Atari Mender (plain) 13/38 [Gu]
atari m..: mesk (A) meadow, field, pasture
HFE23 Atari Mesk kebele (At'ari Mäsk ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern central Dese Zuriya wereda, 5-10 km south
of Dessie town; area 1,763 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Atat (in Bayeda wereda), populated at high altitude ../.. [x]
H.... Atat (Attat), see mainly Attat, ../.. [20]
town (-2004-) in the Cheha wereda of the Gurage Zone
atate: Ateete (O) deity in the name of whom
women perform special rituals
?? Atate (in Gurage land) ../.. [x]
JDN58 Atawiafaburi (stone outcrop in desert plain) 10/40 [Ne]
HDU47 Ataya (Attaie, Ataie, At'aye) 1021'/3956' 1462 m 10/39 [Gz Gu WO]
(market and stream)
Coordinates would give map code HDU46
JDN22 Ataye (Efeson, Effeson) 1010'/4002' 10/40 [MS Po 20]
centre of Efrata & Gidim wereda
?? Atbara (in 1810, nowadays in Ethiopia or Eritrea?) ../.. [18]
?? Atbicha (area in Kefa) ../.. [Mi]
HFF35 Atbidera, see Atsbidera
atbu b..: busee, busaa (O) malaria
HDK89 Atbu Buse (with church) 09/38 [AA]
HE... Atcharge (former Falasha locality) 12/37 [n]
HDD29 Atcheber, see Acheber
KCG53 Atdub (waterhole) 0649'/4505', see also Afdub 06/45 [Gz]
?? Ate Gedel (mountain in Wello) 3819 m,
cf Atse Gedel ../.. [Ad]
ate ..: washa (A) cave
HDM71 Ate Washa kebele (At'é .. ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its western border,
10 km west-northwest of Debre Birhan town; area 903 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ateat: atiat (T) grip, seize, bite; atet (A) fortune, wealth
HEC63c Ateat Maryam (A. Mariam ) (church) 2245 m 11/36 [+ Gu]
HDM.. Ateat Mesebieria, not far from Ankober? 09/39 [18]
atebei: attebe (att'äbä) (A) erode /soil by water/, wash, bathe;
atabi (at'abi) (A) laundry man; atbiya (at'biya) (A) 1. parish,
congregation; 2. dawn
HFE39 Atebei 1354'/3919' 2083 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HDE61 Atebela (At'äbäla) 0845'/3835' 2012 m 08/38 [x Gz]
(village), see under Sebeta
HDE71 Atebela 0849'/3835' 2044 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDL51 Atebela sub-district (centre in 1964 = Dimo) 09/38 [Ad]
HFF70 Atebes (mountain) 1414'/3920' 2425 m 14/39 [Gu Gz]
atebet (at'ebät) (Gurage) finger
HFF35 Atebidera, see Atsbi
HEK17 Atechama (At'ech'ama, Accana Gheorgis) 11/38 [Gz WO]
1158'/3811' 2636 m
Coordinates would give map code HEK27
HES68 Ategeba (At'egeba) 1316'/3817' 3315 m 13/38 [Gz]
HES68c Ategeta Giyorgis (Ategheta Ghiorghis) 13/38 [+ Gu]
(small village) 3590 m
HE... Ateguy, at two days' walk west of Gondar 12/36? [x]
atela (atäla) (A) coffee grounds, dregs
HEL69 Atela (At'ela) 1218'/3920' 2548 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDC23 Atenago, see Atnago
ater (atär) (A) pea
HES69c Ater (Atär) (south of Ras Dashen) 13/38 [x]
(with buildings at highest altitude) c4000 m
HFF33 Ateren 1354'/3940' 2850 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDT59c Ateret & Abat kebele (At'ärät .. ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in the middle of south-westernmost Gera Midir
& Keya Gebriel wereda; area 2,053 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF43 Ateriet (w rock-hewn church Abune Gerima) 13/39 [x]
HET57 Aterwa 1310'/3909' 1717 m 13/39 [Gz]
HED13 Atetaft (At'et'aft) 1102'/3749' 2310 m 11/37 [Gz]
atfa (at'fa) (A) extinguish fire, put out light
HFE61 Atfakarve (Atfacarve) 14/38 [+ WO]
HES69 Atgeba (north of Simen hiking route) 13/38 [n]
GCT71 Atiep 0758'/3332' 315 m 07/33 [WO Gz]
atiile (O) ran fast
HDK29 Atila (At'ila) 0916'/3821' 09/38 [AA Gz]
HCN65 Atile (At'ile) 0746'/3524' 2193 m 07/35 [Gz]
HEM40 Atimata kebele (At'imat'a ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in northern Gidan wereda at its western border,
12-20 km north-northwest of Muja; area 8,046 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS31 Ationa (At'iona) 0735'/3739' 1862 m 07/37 [Gz]
HC... Atiro (centre in 1964 of Hatiro sub-district) 07/35 [Ad]
HEJ07 Atista 11/37 [Ch Gu]
HEC63 Atitaba, cf Alitaba 11/36 [WO]
?? Atkena (Accana) ../.. [En]
a residence of Jesuit mission in 1624/25
HED01 Atkilt 1129'/3740' 2079 m, cf Atakilt 11/37 [Gz]
HEF04 Atko Godegwade kebele (At'qo Godägwadé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
near northernmost Antsokiya & Gemza wereda,
25 km north of Majete; area 893 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF04 Atko Walke kebele (At'qo Walké ..) 11/39 [Ad]
stretching narrowly nort-east/south-west in northern
Antsokiya & Gemza wereda; area 1,011 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM95 Atkwar & Hara Chelenko kebele (.. .. Ch'älänqo ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
5 km east of Debre Sina; area 814 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
atkwar ..: mesgid (A) mosque
HDM45 Atkwar & Mesgid kebele (.. Mäsgid ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in northern Berehet wereda at its north-western border;
area 3,047 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HFC09 Atkwaro (Atquaro) (mountain) 1336'/3728' 2038 m 13/37 [+ Gz]
HDC23 Atnago (Atenago) 0820'/3652' 1556 m 08/36 [Gz Ad Po]
(centre in 1964 of Limu Seka wereda)
with sub-post office
HDL87 Atnet (At'net) 0950'/3907' 1906 m 09/39 [Gz]
ato (A,T) Mister; (O) pea; (Kefa) kind of bean, Vigna sp.
JDN64c Ato Alye (Ato Alie) 10/40 [+ Wa]
HDG75 Ato Gondas 0942'/3514' 1619 m 09/35 [Gz]
HET88 Ato Mikael (Ato Micael) 1324'/3914' 1978 m 13/39 [+ Gu Gz]
-- Ato Majang (Ato Majanger-onk) (ethnic group),
see Majangir
JDP30 Atofen 1014'/4042' 706 m, see also under Gewane 10/40 [Ne WO Gz]
JEB82 Atorile (area) 552 m, see under Tendaho 11/40 [WO]
HEK65 Atria 12/37 [WO]
atrona: atronis (Geez) /a loan-word from Greek/
HEU80 Atrona 1327'/3924' 1859 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HDT71 Atrons Maryam kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in western cenral Sayint wereda,
10 km west of Ajibar; area 4,679 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
atronsa (A?Geez?) bookstand to place volume on
H.... Atronsa Maryam (Atronsä .., Ätronsa .., Kelanto) 10/38 [20]
(historically under Debre Libanos) (still active monastery)
HFE18 Atsaf (mountain) 1344'/3911' 2594 m 13/39 [Gz]
HFE.. Atsafi, see Aksum : Atsafi
HEU33 Atsagayti 1257'/3937' 2419 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU21 Atsala, see Atzalo
HEU32 Atsala K'irk'os (church) 1256'/3932' 12/39 [Gz]
(same as Atalla Charrkos on WO map?)
HEC45c Atsam (conspicuous lava core, near source of Abay) 11/37 [Ch]
atsbi: atsabii (T) finger; atseba (T) famine
HFF35 Atsbi (Atsibi, Azbi-Dera, Enda Selassie) 13/39 [Br MS WO Te]
(Atbidera, Atebidera) 2630/2707 m 13/39 [Br 18]
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
9S Mikael Imba (rock-hewn monastic church)
5SW Adi Noya (A. Noia) (village) 1983 m
7SW Adi Nebrat (village) 2139 m
5NW Enda Gaber (village)
10NE Assot (village) 1411/2748 m
There are rock-hewn churches approximately at km
?? Mitsiwai (Metsua): Mikael, att one hour walk
?E Tsav Aina (Zavaina, Tsaba Anya, Saba Enna): Cherkos
5E Haresaho: ...
5E Anf Baati: Abune Aragawi
?S Inda Shum Yaikob (Enda Chum Yaqob): Mikael Marero/Mororo
3SW Barka: Mikael
5N Debre Selam: Mikael
?N Adi Kanchibet (Addi Kenciebet, A. Qantchebet): Iyesus
10NE Dera: /?/ + Maryam Abaha
HFF46 Atsbi & Wenberta wereda (ctr 1964 = Inda Silase) 13/39 [Ad n]
(Atsbina Womberta ..)
(-1994-) is divided into 31 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
HFF35 Atsbidera (area), see Atsbi : Dera 13/39 [x]
(sub-district/?/ in 1966)
?? Atse Faris (high mountain), peak 3341 m ../.. [20]
atse gedel (A) emperor's cliff, precipice
?? Atse Gedel (high mountain), peak 3819 m ../.. [20]
atse washa (A) emperor's cave
HDM71 Atse Washa 0943'/3927' 2785 m 09/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam at some distance to the south-west),
cf Ate Washa kebele
HEU72 Atseb Lihin (Ats'eb Lhin) 1322'/3934' 2275 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Mikael)
HE... Atseft (centre in 1964 of Atsift sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
HEE75 Atseft kebele (Atsäft ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in western Dawint & Delanta wereda at its northern border,
10 km south-west of Bete Hor; area 1,509 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEU.. Atsella (on map of 1814, at midway Ashenge-Antalo) 12/39? [18]
HFE88c Atsera (Atzera) (village) 14/39 [+ Gu]
HEU93 Atsetsa 1330'3942' 2452 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Medhane Alem) east of Kwiha
atsey w..: weyn (A) 1. kind of climber, vine;
2. grape, wine plant; weyn (Som) big, large, great
HED72 Atsey Weyn 1134'/3746' 2406 m 11/37 [Gz]
HFF40 Atsgeba Abo (church) 1357'/3925' 13/39 [Gz]
HET69 Atsgebta 1316'/3920' 2712 m 13/39 [Gz]
JCR91 Atshabo 0808'/4143' 08/41 [x]
JDC01 Atshabo (another place or rather at this code?)
HFE.. Atshafi, village a little north of Aksum 14/38 [x]
HE... Atsift, see Atseft
HFF35 Atsira Matsira (convent), see under Atsbi
HFE63 Atsiwa 1408'/3847' 2093 m 14/38 [Gz]
at 8.5 km from Aksum, see under that place name
HFE51 Atsmi Harmaz 1404'/3836' 2048 m 14/38 [Gz]
at 15 km from Aksum
HFD83c Atsrega (fighters' training camp around 1989) 14/37 [n]
attana: atena (at'äna) (A) pole or post /of fence/;
attene (att'änä) (A) smoke out a bees' nest; perfume
with incense
HBP58 Attana (area) 05/36 [WO]
H.... Attat (Atat), in Cheha wereda, with hospital 08/38 [20]
HFF71 Attegerat, see Adigrat
HFF71 Attigrat, see Adigrat
HFE60 Attiko (Attico) (waterhole) 14/38 [+ WO]
?? Attover (in the Simen area) ../.. [x]
HDM53 Atura kebele (At'ura ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in northern Angolela & Tera Asagirt wereda at its eastern border,
18-20 km south-east of Debre Birhan; area 818 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS94c Aturehe (village) 08/37 [x]
atutela h..: harata (O) 1. broom /of twigs/; 2. abundant commodity;
3. (harat'a) loan given at an interest
JDN58c Atutela Harata (wadi) 10/40 [Gu]
HDR97 Atvashi (Atvasci) 10/37 [+ WO]
HEU21 Atzalo (Atzala, Atsala) 1255'/3930' 3045 m 12/39 [WO Gu It Gz]
HFE88c Atzera, see Atsera
au (Arabic? Som) father; saint within Islam;
au, awu (O) at this/that time
GCT46 Au 07/34 [WO]
JFA43 Au, c1500 m 13/40 [WO]
JDD73 Au Abdullai Assim, see Aw Abdullay Assim
JDD47 Au Aden Olat, see Aw Aden Olat
JDD53 Au Anot, see Aw Anot
JDJ38 Au Barre, see Aw Barre & JDK77
JCL18 Au Belet, see Aw Belet
JDD73 Au Bococo, see Aw Bokoko
JDC76 Au Caggiaro, see Aw Kajjaro
JCE18 Au Calif, see Kelafo
JDK28 Au Nur Cabari, see Aw Nur Kabari
JDK38 Au Nur Galbet, see Aw Nur Galbet
JDK87 Au Rarec, see Webera
JDC78 Au Scerif, see Aw Sherif & JDJ18
JBJ77 Au Serrou 04/42 [WO]
JDJ26c Au Sofi, see Aw Sofi
JEB95 Aua, see Awa
HDS54 Auabal, see Awabel
JCM17 Auafdug, see Wafdug
JEA85 Auaghera, see Awagera
JBG84 Aual Alle, see Awal Alle
JBG69 Aual Edo, see Awal Edo
JBG66 Aual Ghinda, see Awal Ginda
JBG67 Aual Gubo, see Awal Guba
JBT55 Aual Tirre, see Awal Tirre
JDC35 Auala Ali, see Awala Ali
HDF51 Aualancheti, see Welenchiti
JDR03 Auali, see Awali
JDJ54 Aualle, see Awalle
JDA97 Auallen Cheeta, see Awallen Keyeta
JEA65 Aualu, see Awalu
HDC11 Auangero, see Awangero
HEL63 Auanna Derguie, see Awanna Dergye
?? Auara .., see Aware ..
JDN49c Auare Gaosa, see Aware Gawsa
JDA97 Auare Gult, see Aware Gult
JDE18 Auareh, see Aware
JDG52 Auari, see Awari
GCT76 Auarla, see Awarla
HDL06 Auarna, see Awarna
HBU97 Auarra, see Abarra
JCF46 Auarre, see El Awarre
HES86 Auasa, see Hawesa
JDA94 Auasc, see Awash
JCP04 Auatu (Mt. Auata), see Awatu
GDE23 Auau, see Awau
JDS15 Aubabe, see Aw Bube
JDJ38 Aubarre, see Aw Barre
HD... Auble (at Gabara river) 09/36 [18]
Aucher (Monti della Corte's Italian spelling), see Wikro
JCE41 Audamboi, see Awdamboy
JDC61 Audiya 0845'/4145' 08/41 [MS]
JCC81 Audo (Haudo) (mountain range) 0610'/4145' 950 m 06/41 [WO 18 Gz]
JCJ10 Audo, see Awdo
HCL60 Auela, see Abela Lida
HED44 Auela, see Awela
JFA17 Aufeitale (Anfeitale) (lava area with tomb) 13/40 [Gz Ne WO]
1343'/4025' -96 m, below sea level
HFE78 Augher, Amba, see Awagir
HED51c Augher Uasga, see Awger Wasga
JDE32 Aul Cuddal, see Awl Kuddal
HEK44 Aulida, see Awlida
JEA39 Auna, see Awna
JDJ45 Aunugus, see Aw Nigus
HCM41 Auo, see Awo
JCE69 Aur Anduein, see Awr Anduein
HFC.. Aura (Aurah), see Awra
HDM16 Aura Malka, see Awara Melka
JEP47 Aurali, see Awrali
HER14 Auramba (area) 12/37 [WO]
HER17 Auramba (area) 12/37 [WO]
JEC71 Aureli Gamarri, see Awreli Gamarri
HEK81 Aurema (Aureme), see Awria Azen, cf Amba Azen
HEK81 Auria (area) 12/37 [WO]
JDL21 Aus Gududlei, see Aws Gududley
HDS93 Ausa Jesus, see Awsa Iyesus
HEU82 Auseba, see Akeseba
HDL82 Auso, see under Fiche 09/38 [WO]
HFC26 Aussa 1349'/3708' 933 m, cf Awsa 13/37 [WO Gz]
JDR43 Aussilli, M. (area) 10/41 [WO]
JEA27 Aussinum, see Awsinum
JEB61 Aussu Nium, see Awsu Niyum
HFF22 Auza, see Korar
HEU82 Auzeba, see Akeseba
HER74 Ava (mountain) 1318'/3655' 931 m 13/36 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HER73
HFE77c Ava, see Yeha
HDB26 Avdalla (Avdallo), see Abdela 08/36 [WO]
HCL60 Avela, see Abela Lida
HCL61 Avela, see Abela
HED32 Avele (with church) 11/37 [WO]
HEC54 Avelta 11/36 [Gu]
HEC53 Avelta Gheorghis, see Abelta Giyorgis
HEE77 Averent (with church Ciaut Gumma Ghiorghis) 11/39 [Gu]
HET74 Avergalla (area) 13/38 [WO]
HET46 Avergalle (Averghelle), see Abergele
HER18 Avertajje (Avertagge) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
HEC28 Aveschen M. 11/37 [WO]
HEC38 Aveshegla (Avescegla) 11/37 [+ WO]
HEC78 Avianegg, see Abiyanejj
HDH04 Avoluli (area) 09/36 [WO]
HEJ.. Avorra Giyorgis (A.Gheorghis) (church) 2051 m 12/37 [+ Gu]
avtara: awtar (A) 1. beam of wood, framework;
2. string of a musical instrument
HES43 Avtara, see under Dabat 13/37 [WO]
HEC67 Avuola, see Abuola
aw (Som,Harari) father, ancestor; sir, mister; saint within Islam;
aw- (O) to be followed by a denominative suffix
JDD73 Aw Abdullay Assim (Au Abdullai A.) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
aw aden olat: aden (adän) (A) hunt; game
JDD47 Aw Aden Olat (Au Aden Olat) 08/43 [+ WO]
JDD53 Aw Anot (Au Anot) (area) 1420 m 08/42 [+ WO]
aw barre: barre (O) large gourd;
Barre (Som) nickname for someone with freckles
JDJ38 Aw Barre (Aw Bare, Awbare, Au Barre, Aubarre) 09/42 [+ WO It]
1960 m nearby, see also under Funyan Bira
JDK77 Aw Barre (Au Barre) 0946'/4313' 1574 m 09/43 [+ Gz]
near the border of Somalia
aw be..: belett ale (bälätt alä) (A) exceeded, surpassed
JCL18 Aw Belet (Au Belet) (area) 06/44 [+ WO]
aw bokoko: bokoka (O) flatulence; bokoku (O) be distended
by over-eating
JDD73 Aw Bokoko (Au Bococo) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
aw bu..: bube, bubbe, bubbee, bubbi (O)
wind, storm, hurricane
JDS15 Aw Bube (Au Bube, Aubabe) 1004'/4259' 1507 m 10/42 [+ Gz WO]
aw kajjaro: khajaar (Arabic), qajaar (Som) cucumber
JDC76 Aw Kajjaro (Au Caggiaro) 08/42 [+ WO]
JDJ45 Aw Nigus (Awnigus, Aunugus) 0928'/4203' 09/42 [LM WO]
locality north-west of Harar, see under JDJ45 Kombolcha
aw nur ..: some honoured man Nur Galbet, Nur Kabari?
Nur, Nuur, a male name;
nur (Som) rainy season; season in general; nuur (Som) light;
galbeed (Som) west, western; kabaro (Som) praise, boast
JDK38 Aw Nur Galbet (Au Nur Galbet, G.) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
JDK28 Aw Nur Kabari (Au Nur Cabari, G.) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
aw sherif: Shariif (Som) male name meaning honourable
person, or originally a descendant of the prophet Mohamed
JDC78 Aw Sherif (Au Scerif) 08/42 [+ WO]
JDC79 Aw Sherif (Au Scerif) 1538 m 08/42 [+ WO]
JDJ18 Aw Sherif (Au Scerif) 1595 m 09/42 [+ WO]
aw sofi: soofi (Som) drive livestock out to graze;
soof (Som) grazing ground
JDJ26c Aw Sofi (Au Sofi) (highland village) 09/42 [+ Gu]

awa (A) certainly; (Harari) father;

awwaa (O) empty space /no crop etc./
JEB95 Awa (Aua) 1124'/4114' 827 m 11/41 [Ne Gz]
(at left bank of Awash river)
HDS54 Awabel (Auabal) (area) 10/37 [Ad WO]
HDS54c Awabel wereda (centre 1964 = Godena Mikael) 10/37 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 70 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
awachura m..: micha, miich'aa (O) washing of clothes
JDA.. Awachura Micha (area in Merti wereda) 08/40 [n]
HDM.. Awadi (Awash affluent near Ankober) 09/39 [n]
HCR61 Awae 0751'/3644' 07/36 [x]
at the northern bank of Marawa (Merewa) river,
some 12 km east of Jiren/Agaro.
JEA85 Awagera (Auaghera) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
HFE78 Awagir (Amba Awger, A. Augher) 14/39 [Gz WO Gu]
(mountain and place) 1416'/3914' 2876/2925 m
(with church Mikael), see also under Inticho
awah abo: abo see under abbo as first part of name
HEJ58c Awah Abo (with church, near lake Tana) 12/37 [Ch]
?? Awahe (in Tigray) ../.. [x]
HDU04 Awajo kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
6-8 km east of Sela Dingay; area 611 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDU02 Awakola kebele (Awaqola ..) 09/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the southern border of Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
14 km south-west of Molale; area 819 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
awal (Arabic, Som) formerly; awaal (Som) prediction;
alle (Som) Allah; (O) all kinds of
-- Habar Awal, a Somali clan name
JBG84 Awal Alle (Aual Alle) 0422'/4009' 1195 m 04/40 [+ WO Gz]
awal e..: edo (O) kosso tree, Hagenia
JBG69 Awal Edo (Aual Edo) 0414'/4037' 821 m 04/40 [LM WO Gz]
awal ginda: ginde, gindo (O) plough, beam of plough
awal gi..: ginda (A,T) "Dead Sea Apple", a shrub or
small tree, Calotropis procera; (O) kind of ceremony
JBG66 Awal Ginda (Aual Ghinda) 0412'/4021' 1025 m 04/40 [+ WO Gz]
awal guba: guba, gubaa (O) 1. fever; 2. branding iron;
3. strong /tobacco/; 4. cloudy
JBG67 Awal Guba (Aual Gubo) 0410'/4028' 933 m 04/40 [Gz WO]
near the border of Kenya
awal ti..: tiire (Som) cultivated plant with seeds
resembling sesame
JBT55 Awal Tirre (Aual Tirre, Awe'al Tire) 0503'/4350' 05/43 [+ WO Gu Gz]
(with waterhole to the south-east) 462 m
awala ali, cf Ali as first part of name;
Awalah, a Somali male name
JDC35 Awala Ali (Auala Ali) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
awala, awaala, awwala (O) tomb, burial place; bate (O) not;
bate (Arsi O) kinds of small thorn tree, e.g. Acacia eggelingii,
A. persiciflora; bate (bat'e) (A) my king-post;
bate (batä) (A) started, began /new month/
HDK85 Awala Bate 0948'/3802' 1505 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
awale (T) go astray; (A) to herd grazing animals; pass the day
awlii (T) olive tree
JDR03 Awali (Auali) (area) 10/41 [+ WO]
JDJ54 Awalle (Aualle) (with church) 1805 m 09/42 [+ WO]
place 20 km north of Harar
JDA97 Awallen Keyeta (Auallen Cheeta) 08/40 [+ WO]
awalu: awaaluu (O) to bury, to hide;
awalo (A) kind of shrub or small tree, Faurea rochetiana,
growing mostly on rocky hillsides
JEA65 Awalu (Aualu) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
HDC11 Awangero (Auangero) (mountain) 08/36 [+ Gz]
0819'/3647' 1533 m
HEL63 Awanna Dergye (Auanna Derguie) 12/38 [+ WO]
awara, awaara, awwara, awarra, abwara (A,O) dust, dustdevil;
awera (Sidamo O) kinds of tree, kararo,
Aningeria adolfi-friederici, A. altissima,
tall timber trees, heavily buttressed
HCF07 Awara (Auarra) 05/39 [LM WO]
HC... Awara, area at lake Shala w people of the Aroji clan 07/38 [x]
HDE02 Awara 0813'/3839' 1854 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDK55 Awara 0934'/3802' 2452 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
awara melka, dusty ford
HDM16 Awara Melka (Aware M., Auara Malca) 09/39 [Gz Ne Gu Ca]
(Auramalka, Wara Malka, Awora M., Uora Melca)
(Awaramelk, Montanari estate, Fre: Aouara Malka)
0909'/3958' c900 m, at 38 km from Awash Station
(centre in 1964 of Adal sub-district,
and plantation at Kesem river)
aware: awaare (Som) dust
JDE18 Aware (Auareh) MS: 0815'/4410' 1133 m 08/44 [MS WO Gz]
Gz: 0816'/4409' 1144 m (with sub-post office)
aware ga..: gawisa (O) beam in a weaving loom
JDN49c Aware Gawsa (Auare Gaosa) (mountain) c900 m 10/40 [+ Gu]
JDA97 Aware Gult (Auare Gult) 08/40 [+ WO]
HDM16 Aware Melka, see Awara Melka
JDE18 Aware wereda (Awarie ..) (centre in 1964 = Aware) 08/44 [MS Ad]
JDG52 Awari (Auari) 09/40 [+ WO]
HEE86 Awariya 1138'/3900' 3009 m 11/39 [Gz]
GCT76 Awarla (Auarla) 0755'/3402' 412 m 07/34 [+ Gz]
HDL06 Awarna (Auarna) 09/39 [+ Gu]
HDF81 Awarti (Aoarti), see under Bollo Selassie 08/39 [+ WO]
HDJ76 Awaru 0946'/3711' 2438 m 09/37 [Gz]
HEM22 Awas kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in south Kobo wereda at its western border,
20 km south-southwest of Kobbo town; area 3,220 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
awasa (T) present
HCL70 Awasa (Awassa), cf Hawassa 07/38 [Gz Po Ad Br]
town at 0703'/3828' = HCL70
lake at 0703'/3826' = HCL80, shore 1678/1708 m
HES87 Awasa (Auasa) (area) 13/38 [+ WO]
HES87 Awasa (Auasa, Hauasa) (village) 1760 m 13/38 [+ WO Gu 18]
HCL80 Awasa wereda, see also Wijigra, and Santaro 07/38 [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 68 rural and 15 urban kebeles.
HCL80 Awasa Zuriya awraja (-1995-) 07/38 [n]
Awash, also occurring as a male personal name
HDE62 Awash 0842'/3837' 1947 m 08/38 [Gz]
H.... Awash Arba, town in Amibara wereda 13/39? [20]
HDF20 Awash Awash Melkasa), see Melkasa
JDA94 Awash (Awash station, Auasc, Fre: Aouache) 08/40 [Gz Ro WO Gu]
(Hawash) 0859'/4010' 876/986 m, 860 m at bridge
(centre in 1964 of Fentale wereda)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
6E Gumbi (Gara Gumbi) (area) 1023, 1430 m
9NE Kachin Wiha (Caccin Ua, Kachinoa) (area)
-- Awash II & III (Koka power stations)
HDE.. Awash Fentale /wereda?/, see also Fentale wereda 08/38 [Ad]
HDE82 Awash Kunture, town in Alem Gena wereda 08/38 [20]
H.... Awash Sheleko, town in Amibara wereda 13/39? [20]
HDG67 Awashi 0940'/3528' 2132 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDL92 Awasi 0954'/3838' 2199 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL82 Awaso 0951'/3839' 2882 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
awata (awat'a) (A) give for a common purpose, contribute;
awet (T) victory, success
HBT88 Awata (Auata) (river) 0503'/3907' 05/39 [x WO]
middle course at 0515'/3908'
HE... Awateho (centre in 1964 of Metemma sub-district) 12/36 [Ad]
HDU80 Awatel kebele (Awatäl ..) 10/329 [Ad]
in nearly westernmost central Were Ilu wereda,
20 km west-northwest of Were Ilu town; area 1,818 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCP04 Awatu, G.(Auatu) MS: 2119 m, sharp peak 1866 m 07/41 [+ WO It Gz]
(Auata) Gz: 0717'/4103' 1374 m
GDE23 Awau (Auau) 0823'/3342' 369 m 08/33 [WO Gz]
on the border river of Sudan
-- Awawar, see Agew language
HDM42 Awayat Gebriel kebele (.. Gäbreél ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in the middle of northern Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda,
15 km north-east of Koremash; area 618 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCG62 Awaye 0657'/4003' 2748 m 06/40 [Gz]
HDT42 Awayu Kumuyu kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in central western Wegdi wereda, 16 km south-west
of Mahdere Selam; area 1,949 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HES68c Awaza (24 km WNW of Ras Dashen) 13/38 [x]
(mountain) 2636 m
HER19 Awaza Maryam (church) 1248'/3728' 12/37 [Gz]
JDJ38 Awbare, see Aw Barre
JDK06 Awben 0903'/4306' 1576 m, near map code JDD96 09/43 [Gz]
awch..: chara (O) tip top, very good?
chaaraa, one of a cycle of 27 Oromo day names
H.... Awchara (centre in 1964 of Sahla sub-district) 13/36 [Ad]
awd (A,Geez) circuit, rotation, cycle; threshing floor, etc
JCE41 Awdamboy (Audamboi) (plain) 0548'/4333' 05/43 [+ WO Gu]
JCJ10 Awdo (Audo) (mountain range) 0610'/4145' 950 m 06/41 [+ WO 18 Gz]
JBT55 Aweal Tire, see Awal Tirre
JDJ35 Aweday (Awoday) 0921'/4203' 1963 m, cf Awode 09/42 [Gz 20]
HED44 Awela (Auela), cf Abela 11/37 [+ Gu]
HCS18 Aweli (Bubisa, Bubissa) (mountain) 07/38 [Gz WO]
0724'/3814' 2116/2170 m
?? Awelida (historically recorded from the 1600s) 12/39? [x]
JDS81 Awelwin (Aeluin) (area), see under Aysha 10/42 [+ WO]
HDK11 Aweri 0910'/3739' 2097 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDG25 Awete 0915'/3515' 1525 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDM85 Awfat, see Yifat
HED51c Awger Wasga (Augher Uasga) (church) 11/37 [+ Gu]
JEH95 Awginnale (Auginnale) (area) 12/41 [Ne]
-- Awi, an ethnic group in the west, numbering about 50,000 in 1998
-- Awi (Awiya), see Agew language
HFE19 Awiaro (Awi'aro, Micael Alassa, Enda Micael Alaesa) 13/39 [Gz WO Gu]
1343'/3916' 2435, 2755 m, at church 2380 m
HEM80 Awikushla (Awik'ushla) 1230'/3922' 2918 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDT67 Awirt 1034'/3907' 2272 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDU01 Awit 0958'/3928' 2213 m 09/39 [Gz]
HEM50 Awka Kidane Mihret (church) 1214'/3925' 12/39 [Gz]
JDL30 Awkelef 0922'/4330' 1450 m 09/43 [Gz]
awl (Som) kinds of gazelle, Gazella spp.,
such as soemmering and Grant's gazelle
JDE32 Awl Kuddal (Aul Cuddal) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
HEF92 Awlet kebele (Awlät ..) 11/39 [Ad]
at the northern tip of Ambasel wereda,
15 km south of Weldiya; area 4,772 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
awli (T) damp, dew
HEK35 Awlida (Aulida) (mission) 1203'/3758' 12/37 [LM WO Gz]
awli ga..: gara (A,O) mountain /also other meanings/
HEM81 Awlii Gara (Awli'i G.) 1232'/3930' 2423 m, 12/39 [Gz]
near Korem
HEU20 Awlowa 1254'/3921' 1938 m 12/39 [Gz]
JEA39 Awna (Auna) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
-- Awngi (spoken in Gojjam), see Agew language
JDJ45 Awnigus, see Aw Nigus
HCM41 Awo (Auo) (area) 06/39 [+ WO Gu]
HFM02 Awo (Awoketema) 1429'/3935' 2588 m 14/39 [Gz Ad]
(with church Mikael), in Agame awraja
JDJ35 Awoday, see Aweday
JDJ35 Awode, 10 km from Harar, probably same as Aweday 09/42 [20]
HDE96 Awoge (Aogue) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
awr (Som) male burden camel; (A) large chunk of rock salt
JCE69 Awr Anduweyn (Aur Anduein) 06/44 [+ WO]
awra (A) male /animal/, chief, head /of family/;
(T) main, foremost;
awre (A,T) 1. wild animal, beast; 2. shrub or
small tree with large flower-heads, Protea gaguedi;
awera (Sidamo O) kind of top-storey forest tree,
Aningeria adolfi-friederici
HFC08 Awra (Aora, Aurah) 1335'/3720' 2072 m, cf Awura 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
HFC17 Awra 1342'/3717' 1729 m 13/37 [Gz]
HFC.. Awra wereda (Aura ..) 13/37 [+ Ad]
awraja, awrajja (A) sub-province, district
JEP47 Awrali (Aurali) (mountain) 1306'/4110' 429 m 13/41 [+ WO Gz]
awreli gamarri: gamaari (Som) extinguish, put out a fire
JEC71 Awreli Gamarri (Aureli Gamarri), see Gemeri
HBM24 Awrgodan (mountain) 0353'/3945' 948 m 03/39 [Gz]
awria az..: azen (A) gloom, pain
HEK81 Awria Azen (Amba Auria Azen, Aurema, Aureme) 12/37 [Gz WO Gu]
1230'/3735' 2591/2798 m
HFF73 Awrimo (mountain) 1416'/3943' 2706 m 14/39 [Gz]
aws gu..: guduud (Som) red, reddish-brown, brown
JDL21 Aws Gududley (Aus Gududlei) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
HFC26 Awsa (Awssa, Aussa, Awussa) (sultanate) 13/37 [+ WO]
JEB79 Awsa awraja (Awussa ..) 1130'/4130' 11/40 [Gz x Ad]
(centre -1959-1964- = Bati, in 1980s = Asaita)
HDS93 Awsa Iyesus (Ausa Jesus) 1049'/3749' 2982 m 10/37 [+ WO Gz]
JEB78 Awsa wereda (Awussa ..) 11/41 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Asaita)
HEU74 Awseba (Auseba, Anseba) 1319'/3946' 1571 m 13/39 [+ Gz]
HEU82 Awseba (Auseba, Auzeba, Anseba) 13/39 [LM WO Gu It]
1323'/3934' 2235 m, see also Akeseba
JEA27 Awsinum (Aussinum) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
JEB61 Awsu Niyum (Aussu Nium) (waterhole) 11/40 [+ WO]
awu (O) at this/that time; bere (A) ox, bull
JDK48 Awu Bere 0927'/4318' 1605 m 09/43 [Gz]
JDK68 Awubere 0938'/4314' 1590 m 09/43 [Gz]
near the border of Somalia
HFF35 Awudo 1352'/3952' 1487 m, near Atsbi 13/39 [Gz]
HF... Awuger sub-district (centre in 1964 = Arateiti) 14/39? [Ad]
H.... Awuja Giyorgis 10/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Hulet Eju Enessie sub-district)
?? Awuli Tsero wereda & sub-district ../.. [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Mai Alekti), in the Adigrat region
HEJ99c Awura (village), see under Gondar 12/37 [n]
?? Awus Gedai (small volcanic cone), see under Gurami ../.. [Ch]
awusa, awusaa (O) /ceremonial/ beverage of chat and honey
-- Awusa, see Awasa
HFC26 Awussa, see Awsa
awza (A) chat, Catha edulis
HFF22 Awza (Auza), see under Wikro 13/39 [+ WO]
HFE51 Awzena 1403'/3835' 1961 m 14/38 [Gz]
HFE63 Axum (MS: Axum awraja), see Aksum
aya: ayya (A) title of respect for an elderly /male/ person;
ayye (A) to see
GDF95 Aya (G. Aia) (hill) 08/34 [+ WO]
HEU02 Aya (Aia) 1242'/3942' 1564 m 12/39 [+ It Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HEU03
HEU23 Aya (Aia) (pass), see Agudo
JDA74 Aya (Aia) (area) 08/40 [+ WO]
KCP99 Aya Bentih (Aia Benti) 0804'/4634' 626 m 08/46 [x WO Gz]
(with waterhole)
aya b..: ber (bärr) (A) pass, gate, entrance
HDU15 Aya Ber (Ayaber) (ctr in 1964 of Tabor sub-district) 10/39 [+ Ad]
altitude about 2800 m, cf Ayaber
HBS71 Ayaba (Aiaba) (mountain), see under Jarso 05/37 [+ WO]
HDU14 Ayaber kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central Kewet wereda at its western border,
15 km north of Debre Sina; area 455 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JBG89 Ayadega (Aiadegga) 0422'/4039' 600 m 04/40 [Gz WO]
?? Ayafruba (locality in Menz) ../.. [x]
HDE53 Ayage (village north of Awash) 08/38 [x]
JDH44 Ayage (Aiaghe) (area) 2044 m 09/41 [+ WO]
JDH33 Ayagi (Aiaghi) (area), see under Afdem 09/41 [+ WO]
Ayale (Ayele, Ayelle), a male personal name
HDF42 Ayale 0833'/3935' 1348 m 08/39 [Gz]
JDC63 Ayalecha (Aialeccia) (area) 1770 m 08/41 [+ WO]
JBN06 Ayamacho (Aiamaccio, Aiaimaccio) 04/40 [+ WO Gz]
0432'/4023' 968 m
ayana: ayyaana (O) 1. religious holiday; 2. chance;
3. divinity, nature spirit, God's creativity in anything;
Ayana (Ayene), a male personal name
HDJ60 Ayana MS: 0940'/3640' 2050 m 09/36 [MS Ad x]
(centre in 1964 of Gida Ayana sub-district)
HDJ90 Ayana 0953'/3637' 2048 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDR03c Ayana 09/36 [x]
HDM44 Ayariko kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-western Ankober wereda, 10 km south-southwest
of Ankober town; area 689 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
ayat (A) grandfather, grandmother; (T) spring
HDL75 Ayat (with church Maryam) 0943'/3856' 2184 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Debre Libanos
HDU14 Ayat Meda & Imbise kebele (.. Méda & Embesé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-easternmost Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda,
9 km east-southeast of Molale; area 771 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF31 Ayata kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in the east/west middle of Kuta Ber wereda at its south-eastern corner,
18 km west of Dessie; area 3,483 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFB29 Ayaye (Ayayei, Aiaie) 1350'/3632' 643 m 13/36 [+ x WO Gz]
HFC21 Ayaye (Aiaie) 1346'/3643' 706 m 13/36 [+ WO Gz]
ayb, ayib (A) cottage cheese, curds
HDM.? Ayb Amba (with church Maryam) 09/39? [x]
HDM.? Ayb Amba (with church Silase) 09/39 [x]
HEK90 Ayba (once royal residence) ca. 11 km E of Gondar 12/37 [20]
HEU22 Ayba (Aiba, Boota) 1253'/3934' 2874 m 12/39 [Gz 18 Gu]
(river, British camp in 1868) pass 1254'/3939' 2780 m
HFF22 Ayba (Aiba) (area) 13/39 [+ x]
HFF41 Ayba Abune Gebre Menfes K'idus (church) 13/39 [Gz]
1359'/3930' near Hawzen
HFF41 Ayba Kidane Mihret (church) 1357'/3928' 13/39 [Gz]
aybah (Som) the supreme being
HCG87 Aybara (Aibara), cf Aybera 07/35 [+ WO]
HEK63 Aybashi (Aibasci) 12/37 [+ WO]
HC..? Aybera, village in the Sheko wereda 06/35? [n]
JDJ47 Aybera (mountain) 0929'/4214' 2780 m 09/42 [Gz]
HEU.. Aybeto, in Wajerat 13/40 [n]
HEJ44 Aybga 1210'/3700' 1851 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ44 Aybga (Godscia, Goggia, Gogia) 12/37 [Gz WO]
1210'/3701' 1828 m, WO has map code HEJ34
HDT63 Aychal Boneya kebele 10/38 [Ad]
in western Debre Sina wereda at its southern border,
15 km south-west of Mekane Selam; area 2,590 hectares.
[CSA 1994]

?? Ayda, in Gamu Gofa Zone ../.. [20]

HDL79 Ayda & Arago kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in south-east Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
14 km south-southwest of Deneba; area 1,597 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE76 Ayda Sagora kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in western Dawint & Delanta wereda,
14 km south of Bete Hor; area 1,464 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEE97 Aydefer kebele (Aydäfär ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern Meket wereda at its northern border,
22 km east-northeast of Filakit; area 7,040 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDH85 Aydora 0951'/4113' 769 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDH97 Aydora (Aydera, Jaedorra) 0951'/4122' 736 m 09/41 [Gz Ad LM WO]
(with mosque; sub-district & its centre in 1964)
Coordinates would give map code JDH87
HDL58 Ayeda 0931'/3910' 2687 m 09/39 [Gz]
HF... Ayega (in Agame awraja) 14/39? [Ad]
ayele (ayyälä) (A) predominate, be overwhelming;
ayele gebeya (A) main market
HDJ38 Ayele Gebeya 0923'/3723' 2224 m 09/37 [Gz]
ayelu (A) the dominating one?
JDP10 Ayelu (Gebel Aielu, Jebel Aiulloo, Agelu, Azelo) 10/40 [Gz Ne WO Ha]
(Azelu, Azalu) (Oromo: Hayyalu, Majit; Afar: Ayyalu)
1005'/4042' 1791, 2010 m (isolated volcanic mountain)
HE... Ayena Bugera (in Lasta awraja) 12/39? [Ad]
Ayena Bugera, should be Ayna Bugna?
HEE28 Ayer 1114'/3907' 2882 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE37 Ayer 1108'/3908' 2973 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE47 Ayer 1115'/3905' 2833 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE47 Ayer kebele 11/39 [Ad]
nearly easternmost at the middle of Mekdela wereda,
near Masha on its east; area 1,642 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF63 Ayfelah (Ayfela) 1407'/3938' 2792 m 14/39 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Senafe sub-district)
?? Ayfers (Ayfors) (shortened name), see Ayn Feres
HEM30 Ayferuba kebele (Ayfäruba ..) 12/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the western border of Gidan wereda,
10 km north-west of Muja; area 4,789 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM55 Aygebir kebele (Aygäber ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Ankober wereda at its eastern border;
10-15 km east of Ankober town; area 3,188 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFF81 Aygoba Hawaryat (church) 1420'/3930' 14/39 [Gz]
H.... Aygoila sub-district (centre in 1964 = Angoila) 14/38 [Ad]
HDM23 Aygwar (Aiguar), see under Sidisto 09/39 [+ WO]
ayha (A) flood, deluge; ayhe, ayhi (T) flood, torrent
HEK66 Ayha (Aiha) 1221'/3805' 1911 m 12/38 [+ WO Gz]
ayha mackarar: makara (O) harvest
JDS30 Ayha Mackarar (M. Aiha Maccarar) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
HDT39 Ayhiyafej kebele (Ayheyafäj ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Jema wereda, 20-25 km
south of Degolo; area 8,300 hectares. [CSA 1994]
ayi, ayii (O) expression of loss or sorrow
HEU20 Ayi 1251'/3924' 2252 m 12/39 [Ad Gz]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
H.... Ayi sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kelecha), in Jemjem ../.. [Ad]
ayib (A) cottage cheese, curds
HEK07 Ayib Beinkib (A. Be'ink'ib) 1151'/3812' 2724 m 11/38 [Gz]
HFF32 Ayiba Gemad sub-district 13/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Abraha Atsbeha)
HDG06c Ayira, see Aira
HDG18 Ayira Guliso sub-district (centre in 1964 = Guliso) 09/35 [Ad]
HDG18 Ayira Guliso wereda (Ayra Gulisso ..) 09/35 [Ad x]
(-1994-) is divided into 49 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
JDS80 Ayisha, see Aysha
HDT89 Ayit 1045'/3916' 2749 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDT98 Ayit Gora 1048'/3914' 3264 m 10/39 [Gz]
HFC86 Ayjiri (Aigiri) (area) 14/37 [+ WO]
?? Ayjubay ../.. [18]
aykel (aykäl) (A) kind of bracelet or necklace
HEJ84 Aykel 1231'/3705' 2040 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ85 Aykel (Ayekel, Ayikel) MS: 1230'/3700' 12/37 [MS Po x Gz]
Gz: 1233'/3704' 2146 m (with sub-post office)
(centre -1956-1980- of Chilga awraja)
HE... Aykel sub-district (centre 1964 = Geldba) 12/37? [Ad]
HDS59 Aykolba (Ayk'olba, Ayqolba, Scita, Shita) 10/38 [Gz q]
1026'/3825' 2276 m
HFD82 Aykulita (Aiculita) (mountain) 1421'/3746' 1078 m 14/37 [+ WO Gz]
HCD34 Aykuri (Aicuri) 0546'/3753' 2137 m 05/37 [+ WO Gz]
JEB85 Ayl (Ail) 11/41 [+ WO]
?? Aylo (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HEE83 Aymat kebele (Aymat' ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in central westernmost Meket wereda,
15 km west-northwest of Filakit; area 7,054 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET16 Aymbera (Aimbera, Abera) 13/39 [LM WO Gu]
-- Aymellel, traditionally a Gurage area, formerly also
name for the language Soddo
H.... Aymellel (Aymälläl, Aymallal, Aimellele, Alamalé) 08/.. [Pa 18 20]
?? Aymero sub-district (centre in 1964 = Bole) 07/40? [Ad]
HES23 Aymesheb (Aimesceb) 12/37 [+ WO]
HDU72 Aymetir 1037'/3933' 2789 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEJ68 Aymiba 12/37 [20]
town in Dembiya wereda
HEB32 Aymika (Aimica) 11/35 [+ WO]
HEB40 Aymulu (Aimulu) (area) 11/35 [+ WO]
ayn (A) 1. eye; 2. water spring; ayni (T) eye/s/;
ayn alem (A) land with springs?
HEU81 Ayn Alem (Aynalem) 1327'/3929' 2219 m, 13/39 [x Gz]
town south-west of Kwiha, in Enderta wereda
HEL17 Ayn Amba Giyorgis (Ayin .., Ayn Aba ..) (church) 11/39 [Gz]
1151'/3906', cf Aynamba
ayn feres (ayn färäs) (A) eye of the horse
?? Ayn Feres ('Ayn Färäs, 'Ayfärs, Ayfers, Ayfors) ../.. [Pa x]
(Afras) (historically recorded from the 1400s)
?? Ayn Incheto (Ain Inceto), near brink of Tekeze river 14/38? [+ x]
HDT74 Ayn Maryam kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in eastern Sayint wereda, 20 km east
of Ajibar; area 1,295 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Ayn Tekeze ('eye of Tekeze'), source of the river ../.. [18]
HEL44 Ayna (Ayina, Aina Jesus, Aine Iesus) 12/38 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
1209'/3851' 2543 m
(centre in 1964 of Bugna wereda & of Ayna sub-district)
HEL35 Ayna Iyesus kebele 12/38 [Ad]
centrally in Bugna wereda, 20 km north-west
of Lalibela; area 4,755 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Ayna Mela, an Ado Mara tribe in the lower Golima valley
JEG97 Ayna Mela (Aina Mela) (area) 12/40 [+ WO]
HEL35 Ayna Mikael kebele 12/38 [Ad]
centrally in Bugna wereda, 16 km north-west
of Lalibela; area 4,755 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEU81 Aynalem, see Ayn Alem
aynamba: ayn amba (A) mountain with spring? aynamma (A) beautiful
HCG67 Aynamba (Ayn'amba, Ainamba) 0653'/3528' 06/35 [LM Ad WO Gz]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964) 1488 m, cf Ayn Amba
?? Aynamba (a little north of Shewa) ../.. [18]
HDM94 Ayne kebele (Ayné ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in eastern Mafud, Mezezo, Moja & Wadera wereda,
3 km north of Debre Sina; area 731 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HDM85 Ayni (in late 1600s town on Menz-Ifat frontier) 09/39 [n En]
HFE07 Aynu 1336'/3909' 2476 m 13/39 [Gz]
ayoha: ayyoa (O) of the chief
HEJ58 Ayoha 1218'/3724' 1786 m 12/37 [Gz]
HDG06 Ayra, see Aira
HEJ89 Ayra 1234'/3727' 2103 m 12/37 [Gz]
HDG18 Ayra Gulisso, see Ayira Guliso
HDM34 Ayrar kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in the middle of southernmost Ankober wereda,
20 km south-southeast of Ankober town; area 3,228 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HFC88 Ayreba (Aireba) (mountain) 1425'/3717' 800, 953 m 14/37 [+ WO Gz]
ayrebam (A) he is good for nothing
JEJ64 Ayredudo (Airedudo) (well) 1217'/4156' 12/41 [+ WO Gz]
ayro b..: bara (O) weather, time, year, age; baraa (O) learner, male student
JEH14 Ayro Bara (Airo Bara) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
JEC11 Ayrori (Airori, Airore, Airorre) (area) 11/41 [+ Gu WO]
JEB78 Aysaita, see Asaita
H.... Ayseg (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 12/37 [Ad]
HED72 Ayset Maryam (Aiscet Mariam), see Shame Maryam
Aysha, a Muslim female name,
from one of the wives of Prophet Muhammed
JDS80 Aysha (Aisha, Ayisha, Aiscia, Ayshia, Aicha) 10/42 [MS Ad WO Gz]
1045'/4237' 759 m, or /4234' 713 m
MS coordinates would give map code JDS81
(railway station at 40 km from the border)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
6E Dugarka (Dugarca) (area)
8E Mordale (village) 680 m
10SE Awelwin (Aeluin) (area)
8S Ferjamarreley (Fergiamarrelei) (area)
5NW Neskit (Neschit) (area)
JDS80 Aysha wereda (Ayisha..) (ctr in 1964 = Aysha) 10/42 [+ Ad]
JED10 Ayshadele (Aisciadele) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
?? Ayshal (battle site in Gojjam in 1950s) ../.. [x]
ayso dunun: dununfanna (O) closing the eyes
HCF23 Ayso (Aiso Dunun) (mountain) 0529'/3926' 1513 m 05/39 [+ WO Gz]
JEC42 Ayssama (Aissama) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HBU.. Aysufti (with well), between Negele and Filtu 05/40 [x]
HEM30 Ayt Hala kebele (Ayt' ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in western central Gidan wereda,
5 km north-northwest of Muja; area 4,892 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT99 Ayt kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in eastern Legambo wereda at its southern border,
10 km south-east of Akista; area 1,544 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL39 Aytala (Ayt'ala) 1205'/3915' 3391 m 12/39 [Gz]
ayti: ayt (ayt') (A) mouse, rat; (T) esquire
HFE75c Ayti Udduko (Aiti Udduco) 14/38 [+ Gu]
H.... Aytie (sub-district & its centre in 1964) 08/36 [Ad]
JEH41 Aytima (Aitima) (wells) 1211'/4045' 488 m 12/40 [+ WO Gz]
HED54 Aytony (Genta) (on a hill) 1124'/3754' 2438 m 11/37 [Gz WO Gu]
HEM52 Ayu 1214'/3935' 1514 m 12/39 [Gz]
ayu gama: ayyu (A) wealthy or important person; gama (O) 1. across, opposite;
2. militant; gama' (Som) fall asleep; Ayyo, a Somali female name;
see further at Gama
JEH19 Ayu Gama (Aiu Gama) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HEM53 Ayub kebele 12/39 [Ad]
in the middle of northernmost Kobo wereda,
8 km north-northwest of Kobbo town; area 5,550 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDG73 Ayuha (Aiuha) 0944'/4007' 834 m 09/40 [+ WO Gz]
HDF03 Ayule (Aiule) 08/39 [+ WO]
HDJ76 Ayuweni 0943'/3711' 2248 m 09/37 [Gz]
HEU11 Aywera 1248'/3926' 2226 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEU41 Aywetu (with church Giyorgis) 1305'/3930' 2303 m 13/39 [Gz]
?? Ayyaber (late 1600s residence on frontier Menz-Ifat) ../.. [n]
ayzosh a..: amora (A,T) vulture
HDU63 Ayzosh Amora (Kurrie) 1031'/3940' 2562 m 10/39 [Gz WO]
az (A) blight of cereals
HFD87 Az Daro, see Adi Daro
HFD78 Az Nebrid, see Adi Nebried
JDG28 Azabot, see Asebot
HFE18 Azaf 1344'/3912' 2551 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEB46 Azafi 1117'/3613' 1186 m 11/36 [WO Gz]
HEK63 Azago 12/37 [WO]
GDU40 Azali 10/34 [WO]
JDP10 Azalu, see Ayelu
?? Azam ('Aram) (historically recorded area) ../.. [Pa]
azama (A) bush-pig, Potamochoerus porcus hassama;
azamir (A) kind of tree;
azeme (A) to sing; (T) petrify, puzzle
HCU63 Azama (mountain) 0749'/3938' 2439 m, 07/39 [WO Gz]
see under Robi
azan (A) sorrow, sadness, grief; azzene (azzänä) (A) mourn,
be sad, be sorrowful, have pity
HDR72 Azana, see Azena
HEC74 Azana Maryam (centre) 1948 m 11/36 [+ It]
HES53 Azana Maryam (Azana Mariam) (church) 13/37 [+ WO]
HDR81 Azane (area) 10/36 [WO]
azani (T) muezzin; minch (A) spring, source
HDL06 Azany Minch 0904'/3859' 2418 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HC... Azarta (in Fasil awraja) 06/40? [Ad]
?? Azawr sub-district (Azawir ..) 11/38? [Ad n]
(centre in 1964 = Galay)
HEJ79 Azaye 1229'/3729' 2100 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ89 Azaza, see Azezo
HCU62 Azazera 0749'/3935' 2227 m, see under Robi 07/39 [WO Gz]
HFF46 Azbi, see Inda Silase
JDG53 Azboli, see Asboti
azeb (A) south-east,
Azeb, a male personal name
HFF60 Azeba 1411'/3923' 2737 m 14/39 [Gz]
(with church Medhane Alem)
HFF.. Azeba sub-district (centre in 1964 = Kiat) 14/39 [Ad]
-- Azebo, Assab /Raya/, name of a Wello Oromo tribe
HEU12 Azebo, cf Raya & Azebo awraja 12/39
HFE28c Azef (mountain) 13/39 [Gu]
JDP10 Azelu (Azelo), see Ayelu
azen (A) gloominess
HEK81 Azen, see Amba /Auria/ Azen
Azena (Azana, Azene), a male personal name
HDR72 Azena (Azana) (locality) 1038'/3647' 10/36 [Gz Wa]
HDR72 Azena (populated place) 1040'/3647' 1783 m 10/36 [Gz]
HDR.. Azena sub-district (centre in 1964 = Ambara Desta) 10/36 [Ad]
HDD02 Azer 0811'/3746' 1940 m 08/37 [Gz]
south-west of Welkite
HEK36 Azer (Afir) (mountain) 1205'/3808' 3166 m 12/38 [WO Gu Gz]
HET35 Azerifa (pass) 12/38 [WO]
-- Azerinet, traditionally a Gurage area
?? Azernet & Berbere wereda (centre Lera in 1991?) ../.. [En]
HFE89 Azet 1420'/3920' 2159 m 14/39 [Gz]
south-east of Debre Damo
HEF91 Azet kebele (Azét ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in southern central Guba Lafto wereda,
12 km south-west of Weldiya; area 3,564 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET46c Azet sub-district (centre in 1964 = Jijika) 13/38 [Ad]
HFF51 Azete Mele 14/39 [Gu]
HEJ89 Azezo (Azäzo, Azozo, Azzozzo, Azzazo, Azzezzo) 12/37 [MS It Gu Ca]
(with landing ground & post office) (1233'/3729'?)
Gz gives four separate cases 1232'/3726'
and 1233'/3726' and 1234'/3726' and 1236'/3727'
of which the last would give map code HEJ99.
MS coordinates 1210'/3720' would give map code HEJ48
which is either incorrect or refers to some place near Gorgora
(Azezo is located about 13 km south-west of Gondar)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
6E Jagwi (Giagui) (village)
6E Fenter (Fent'er, Fantar) (village) 2102 m
6SE Farda (village)
2S Enda Teklehaymanot (church)
5SW Aderja (Adergia, Hader Giaha) (large village)
8SW Adi Chirgye (Adi Cirgie) (village)
2NW Demsa Sege (D. Seghe) (village)
4NW Abba Samuel (area)
6NW Karua Maryam (Carua Mariam) 2725 m
HEJ89c Azezo Teklehaymanot 12/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Azezo sub-district)
HEJ89c Azezo wereda 12/37 [x]
HDU41 Azhga & Kurundi kebele (.. Qurundi ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda at its north-western border,
16-22 km south-east of Degolo; area 2,109 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCC79 Azho 0605'/3728' 2169 m 06/37 [Gz]
H.... Aziela (centre in 1964 of Tilala sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
HDT46 Azma 1019'/3901' 1825 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDT36 Azma kebele 10/39 [Ad]
azmach (A) military commander
HFD37 Azmach Reda'i Mika'el (church) 1352'/3811' 13/38 [Gz]
near road Gondar-Adwa
HEM40 Azmazge 1207'/3921' 3401 m 12/39 [Gz]
HEL72 Aznan 1226'/3840' 2085 m 12/38 [Gz]
HEL72 Aznan 1228'/3841' 2039 m 12/38 [Gz]
azo agadel: azzo (A) crocodile, Crocodilus niloticus;
azzo gedel (A) crocodile cliff?
HEF33 Azo Agadel (mountain) 2621 m, see under Dessie 11/39 [Gu]
azo bahir (A) crocodile lake
HEJ24 Azo Bahir (Azo Bahr, Azobaer) (bay and church ruin) 12/37 [+ Ch Gu WO]
HEC98c Azoa Maryam (church), see under Zege 11/37 [x]
HFK16 Azoho 1437'/3804' 1448 m 14/38 [Gz]
JD... Azoru (Azóroo) (level expanse) 10/41 [Ha]
HEJ89 Azozo (Azazo, Azzozzo), see Azezo
HDM45 Azuka kebele (Azuqa ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Ankober wereda at its eastern border,
12 km east-southeast of Ankober town; area 748 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Azule (north of the Webi Shebele valley) ../.. [n 20]
?? Azulo, mountain near Awash, same as below? ../.. [Ha]
HCR59 Azulu (mountain) 07/37 [WO]
azurit: azwarit (A) whirlpool
HEE79 Azurit 1134'/3918' 2139 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE13c Azzal (recorded in 1841) 10/39 [Ha]
HEJ89 Azzazzo (Azzozzo), see Azezo
JCL49 Ba Lakmadobe (Ba Lacmadobe) (area), 06/44 [+ WO]
see under Kebri Dehar
ba magan: magan (O) excrement, shit; (Som) refuge, sanctuary;
magaan (Som) slow horse, animal giving very little milk
JCE98 Ba Magan (area) 06/44 [WO]
baadiye (Som) country
JCD58 Baadlei 0556'/4318' 264/272 m 05/43 [WO Gz]
-- Baadu (people, dialect), see Afar
JDG66 Baakileli (Baachileli) 09/40 [+ WO]
baala (O) 1. leaf; 2. feather
JBP82 Baalale (seasonal spring) 0516'/4055' 05/40 [WO Gz]
HCR06 Baanche (Baance) 1495 m 07/37 [+ WO]
baar (O) sea, ocean
HES57 Baarna Abbo, see Seketati
baasu a..: ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JDG86 Baasu Ale (area) 09/40 [WO]
baata (Geez?) St. Mary's entrance into the house of God
HDB89 Baata 08/36 [WO]
JEA32 Baatee, see Bati
HFF81 Baati (Ba'ati) 1418'/3928' 2545 m 14/39 [Gz]
north-east of Adigrat
baba: babba (A) be afraid;
baabba (O) finished, all gone /mostly said to children/
HEE79 Baba, see Aba Wat
HEL92 Baba 1236'/3841' 2077 m 12/38 [Gz]
JDJ27 Baba, G. (area) 09/42 [WO]
HEE76 Baba kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dawint & Delanta wereda,
20 km south-west of Wegel Tena; area 1,071 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEM10 Baba Seat kebele (.. Säat ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-western Guba Lafto wereda at its border,
20 km west-northwest of Weldiya; area 2,855 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCG67 Babaka, see Bebeka
HEC89 Babardur Georgis, see Bahir Dar
HCC70 Babat 0605'/3638' 2554 m, south of Bulki 06/36 [Gz]
HCR63 Babbia (forest = Cossa forest?), see Saso Den
-- Babbo, some Oromo claim descent from a man with this name;
babbo (Som) flutter in the wind; babbo alon (O) big bird
JDC96c Babbo 09/42 [x]
place in the Bubasa area 30 km south-southeast of Harar
HCL65 Babbo Ghennetie, see Hubo
HD... Babech (in Yerer & Kereyu awraja), cf Babich 08/39? [Ad]
HDB24 Babessa (Babesso), see Ejerso Tiki
HDE76 Babicef (Babicheff) (former concession), see Migra
HDD90 Babich 0858'/3733' 2277 m 08/37 [Gz]
HDJ.. Babiche, town in Cheliya (Chelliya) wereda 08/37 [20]
JDP13 Babie (area) 10/40 [WO]
JDJ17 Babih, see Babile
HDH75 Babila (area) 09/36 [WO]

-- Babile, Babille, Babilli, group of tribes of the eastern Oromo

HDU85 Babile 1045'/3950' 1730 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDH13 Babile 0912'/4100' 1773 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ18 Babile (Babilli) (wide area) 09/42 [WO Gu]
JDJ28 Babile (Babille, Baabbillee, Babilie, Babilli, Babih) 09/42 [MS Gz Ca WO]
MS: 0916'/4212' 1646 m; Gz: 0913'/4220' = JDJ18, 1648 m
with sub-post office
Babile Elephant Sanctuary
JDJ28 Babile wereda (centre in 1964 = Babile) 09/42 [MS Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 27 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HEL04 Babingia, see Ben 11/38 [+ WO]
HCS29 Babissa, cf Bubissa 07/38 [Wa]
-- Babo, name of an Ania tribe of the eastern Oromo, cf Babbo
GDF93 Babo, cf Babbo 09/34 [WO]
HCL.? Babo (with Evangelical work) 06/39? [x]
HDG39 Babo 0920'/3540' 1906 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDG54 Babo (Ciolti, Colti) 0934'/3510' 1543 m 09/35 [Gz]
JDJ35 Babo (mountain chain) 0924'/4205' 2081 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ45 Babo (mountain) 0927'/4205' 2210 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ45 Babo 0927'/4206' 2119 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ53 Babo (mountain) 0934'/4152' 1304 m 09/41 [Gz]
?? Babo (historial village in Lasta) 12/39? [x]
babo b..: budi (O) cobra snake, Naja nigricollis, etc.
HDG46 Babo Budi, about 18 km WSW of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDG39 Babo Change, 4 km east of Boji 09/35 [x]
?? Babo Gembel (Babo Gambel) (area with minerals) ../.. [n]
also a settlement near Nejo
HDG66 Babo Gitten, about 26 km WNW of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDG29 Babo Kingi, 7 km east of Boji 09/35 [x]
HDG.. Babo Kusie, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HDG.. Babo Manajalte, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
babo t..: torban (O) week
HDG46 Babo Torban, about 15 km south-west of Nejo 09/35 [x]
HDL54 Babochi 0935'/3850' 2600 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDE... Babogay, see under Debre Zeyt : lakes 08/38 [Ca]
HEE78 Babokal (Babok'al, Ale Bamba, Alebamba) 11/39 [Gz]
1131'/3914' 2094 m
babor: babur (A) train, railway
HCP90 Babor (locality) 0805'/3545' 08/35 [WO Gz]
babu (O) dear /baby/
HCR62 Babu 07/36 [Te]
HDH87 Babu 0950'/3620' 2059/2120 m 09/36 [WO Gz]
HDT12 Babu 1007'/3838' 1921 m 10/38 [Gz]
HDE91 Baburoto 0859'/3833' 2670 m, south-east of Genet 08/38 [Gz]
HCJ51 Baca, see Baka & HCP16
HDU15 Baca, see Sirt
JDH00 Baca, see Beka
JDK20 Bacaca, see Bakaka
JDA35 Bacacsa, see Bekeksa
HCD87 Bacai, see Bakay
HBE91 Bacan Sada, see Bakan Sada
JDN97 Bacana, see Bakana
JEC63 Bacarla, see Bakarla
JBK92 Bacaro 04/42 [MS WO]
JEH08 Bacarri Ale, see Bakarri Ale
JCB48 Bacassar (seasonal spring) 05/41 [MS WO Gu]
GDU16 Bacchi, see Becchi
HCN87c Bacchisi, see Bakisi
HDB00 Baccio, see Becho
HDS45 Bacet, see Bechet
bacha (O) affluent, rich;
-- Bacha, caste group of hunters living among the Dime
-- Bacha language, see Kwegu
HC... Bacha (hills) 06/35 [Ca]
HE... Bacha sub-district (centre in 1964 = Ziguda) 11/36 [Ad]
-- Bachada, ethnic group living in the upper Omo valley
HBP88 Bachada (Bachiada, B. Bana?) (area) 05/36 [+ WO]
HCH67 Bache, see Bake
HEL.. Bache (church Maryam burnt in 1937) 12/38 [n]
bachef..: farda (O) horse
HCR06 Bachefarda 0717'/3708' 1498 m 07/37 [WO Gz]
HCH52 Bachema, see Bachuma
HEB44 Bachen, see Baken
HDS36c Bachet (area, ravine), cf Becet 10/38 [Ch]
HDS45 Bachet, see Bechet
HDT60 Bacheta Meskel kebele (Bachäta Mäsqäl ..) 11/38 [Ad]
far to the south-west in Sayint wereda stretching to its western border,
20-25 km south-west of Ajibar; area 3,318 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCN19 Bachi, see Bechi
HEK53 Bachila (Bach'ila) 1213'/3751' 2795 m 12/37 [Gz]
HFC19 Bachila, see Bachita
HCR30 Bachilcha (Bacilcia) 07/36 [+ WO]
JFA38 Bachili, see Bakili Bad
HCC40 Bachio, see Bako
HCS00c Bachira (in southern Kembata) 07/37 [20]
HFC19 Bachita (Bachila) 1341'/3727' 1877 m, 13/37 [Gz WO]
see under Adi Remet
HCR31 Bachilcha (Bacilcia) 0735'/3642' 1927 m 07/36 [+ WO Gz]
HCS00c Bachira (in south-west Kembata) 07/37 [20]
-- Bachitu, a clan of the Fullelle of the Borana people
HEA66 Bachiuge, see Bakyuje
H.... Bacho (Batcho), small village near Gore 08/35 [+ x]
HCH52 Bachuma (Bachema, Baciuma, Bacuina) 06/35 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
(Basciuma, Berchuma, Berciuma, Golda)
0650'/3552' 1912 m
(centre in 1964 of Goldiya wereda)
Coordinates would give map code HCH51
Golda may be a separate place 25 km south of Bachuma
GCT35 Bacialba, see Bochiaba
HCR31 Bacilcia, see Bachilcha
GDM85c Backe, about 23 km west of Mendi 09/34 [x]
HED63 Baclo, see Baklo
HCC40 Baco (Bacco), see Bako & HDA09 HDJ05
HDB00 Baco, see Becho
JCD54 Bacol, see Bakol
bada (O) 1. hot ash, kiln, furnace; 2. many, much; 3. bad, evil;
(A) person who lacks ties with those of the area in which he lives;
beda (bäda) (A) desolate and deserted
HCU70 Bada (Badda) 0755'/3923' 3928, 4139 m 07/39 [MS Gz WO]
(mountain), cf Bedda
MS coordinates would give map code HCT78 which together with
the height stated corresponds rather to the Chilalo mountain
?? Bada, in lowlands in region disputed Ethiopia-Eritrea ../.. [20]
bada abbai: abbayi (O) kinds of shrub or small tree,
Maesa lanceolata or Myrica salicifolia
HDC65 Bada Abbai (mountain) 2590 m 08/37 [WO]
HDD62 Bada Rogge, see Badda Rogge
badab..: buna, bunna (A,O,T) coffee, coffee bean, coffee tree;
(O) fall, act of falling
HCR44 Badabuna (coffee forest), cf Baddabuna 07/36 [WO Gu]
JDP10 Badad (area) 10/41 [WO]
badada (O) name of one of ten gada sets;
badhaada (O) blessings; wealthy /man/
HDS09 Badada, see Tulu Bedada
JDK65 Badadalle (area) 09/42 [WO]
JEH54 Badaih (waterhole) 12/41 [WO]
JBP70 Badale (seasonal well) 0510'/4045' 05/40 [WO Gz]
badalla, badallaa (O), badalya (Borana O) maize, Zea mays
HDB37 Badalle, see Bedele
JDG34 Badamu 09/40 [WO]
badano, badana, badanuu (O) kind of small or medium tree,
Balanites aegyptiaca, grows in dry land, has green spines
and eatable fruit
badase (O) kind of tree, Croton or Syzygium, see bedesa
HDT09 Badaso (area) 10/39 [WO]
GDF86 Badasso, cf Bedesa 08/34 [WO]
HDK45 Badatina 09/37 [AA]
HDK55 Badatina, see Bedatino
?? Badawacho wereda (Baadaawwachcho ..) ../.. [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 46 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
JDE53 Badays (Badais) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
JDE70 Badays Soksoggubetu (Badais Socs.) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
badda (O) 1. highland; (Borana O) 2. kind of tree,
the wood of which is used for smoking milk vessels;
3. front space in a house
HDA97 Badda, see under Yubdo 08/35 [WO]
badda a..: ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JEB83 Badda Ale (well) 1137'/4101', see under Tendaho 11/41 [WO Gz]
badda bar: baar (Som) peak; bar (Som) livestock; /further
meanings, see at Bar Abir/
HCM21 Badda Bar (wide area) 06/39 [WO]
gobo (T) mountain, slope, hillside;
gobo (O) shelter; goobo (O) crooked, humpback, leaning;
gobo' (Som) drop, droplet; goobo (Som) circle; gooboo (O) bow
HDJ45c Badda Gobo 09/37 [Gu]
HBR05 Badda Iccinni, see Inchini
HCD18 Badda Magado, see Magado
badda r..: rogge (O) unmarried girl's tonsure-like hairstyle
HDD62 Badda Rogge (B. Rogghie, Bada R., Beda Roge) 08/37 [+ WO Gz LM]
(mountain) 0843'/3741' 2968, 3550 m
badda ummo, bird tree or highland? ummo (O) a kind of bird;
uumo (Som) create for oneself
HDC33 Badda Ummo (Umo) 0830'/3654' 2122, 2390 m 08/36 [WO Gz]
(mountain), see under Koma
HCR43 Baddabuna (hill) 2089 m, see under Jimma 07/36 [WO]
HDB37 Baddallee wereda, see Bedele wereda
JEA58 Baddana (area) 11/40 [WO]
JEA69 Baddanaduma (area) 11/40 [WO]
baddane (O) kind of tree, Balanites, see badanu above
HDJ96 Baddasseri, see under Alibo 09/37 [WO]
?? Baddo (on map of 1814) 09/42? [18]
bade (baaDee) (O) 1. large gourd; 2. cow that gives much milk
HDD00 Bade 0809'/3732'c 08/37 [x]
area south-southwest of Abelti
?? Badeke (Badeqe, Fre: Badequé) (historical 1500s) ../.. [+ Pa x]
HED21 Badenneb, see Badnib
badessa, baddessa (O) kind of tree with edible plum-like fruit,
Syzygium guineense; (badheessa) rainy season
JDB80 Badessa, see Bedessa
?? Badessa Tega, see Bedesa Tega
badi (Som) 1. win, beat one's opponent;
2. multitude, majority; 3. increase, cause to be many;
baadi (Som) stray animal, lost person or thing;
badhi (Som) buttocks, tail of sheep;
-- Badi, an Oromo clan which took part in the struggles that resulted in the
kingdom of Jimma; nowadays a lineage of the Sabbo-Karrayyu-Dayyu
of the Borana people; also used as a male personal name;
-- Badditu, a group of the Sidama people
HCG77 Badi 06/35 [x]
JBU72 Badi (area), cf Bedi 05/44 [WO]
GCM57 Badica, see Badika
HCG87 Badica, see Bardika
GCM57 Badika (Badica) 0648'/3457' 1236 m, 06/34 [+ WO Gz]
near Gojeb river
Badima, a male personal name
HFK.. Badime, see Badme
badimma (A) abandoned enclosure; badma (A) 1. depopulated district;
2. soil made fertile by house refuse and animal droppings
badin: bedinn (A) corpse
HEK60 Badinia 1224'/3730' 1855 m 12/37 [WO Gu Gz]
HEA45 Badisilu, J. (hill), see under Gubba 11/35 [WO]
JDD28 Badisso (area) 08/43 [WO]
-- Badittu language, see Koorete
HDA67 Badjiro, see Bajiro & HDK13
JBS53 Badle (Bodle, Bodleh) 05/42 [MS 18 WO Wa]
badma ..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HFK13 Badma Meda (Baduma) (plain) 14/37 [Gz WO]
1440'/3750' c.1000 m
HFK12c Badme (Badime, Baduma plain) 14/37 [20 WO]
(area disputed between Ethiopia and Eritrea from 1998)
HFK.. Badme wereda (Badime ..) (1994-) 14/37 [n]
HED21 Badnib (Badenneb) 1104'/3738' 2297 m 11/37 [Gz Gu]
bado (A,T) 1. empty, barren, bare, hollow, unoccupied /land/; 2. (A) buttermilk;
(Som) increase, multiply; (Afar) white clay used to serve like soap;
badho (Som) 1. centre, middle; 2. animal with poor yield of milk
HCE99 Bado 0619'/3915' 1925 m, cf Bedo 06/39 [WO Gz]
HCR42 Bado 0738'/3648' 07/36 [x]
south of Hirmata and north of Gibe river
HDU.. Badoge (Badoghe) (hill) ../.. [+ Gu]
HDU51 Badoge kebele (Badogé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Gera Midir & Keya Gebriel wereda at the middle of its
north-western border, 20-28 km east of Degolo; area 3,925 hectares. [CSA 1994]
-- Badowacho, a section of the Hadiya people living near Durame
-- Badu, name of a Jarso tribe of the eastern Oromo;
badu (O) 1. rest of milk after making butter; 2. cheese;
3. disappear; bedu (bädu) (T) drink
JDC92 Badu, G., see Goboenti
JCL11 Badu Danan, see Denan
JCK29 Baduein (Bodauein), see Badweyn
JDH71 Badulo, G. (area) 09/40 [WO]
baduma a..: asa (A,T) fish; (O) conversation, discussion
HFK03 Baduma Asa 14/37 [WO]
HDK18 Badus 0909'/3814' 2929 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
badweyn (Som) ocean
JCK29 Badweyn (Baduein, Bodawein, Bodewen) 06/43 [+ WO Wa 18]
(Bodauein) 0632'/4320' 429 m
HEH15 Bafa (mountain) 1156'/3609' 1200 m 11/36 [WO Gz]
HEM01 Bafet Dedebit kebele (Bafét Dädäbit ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Guba Lafto wereda at its western border,
13-15 km west-southwest of Weldiya; area 987 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDH46 Baffe, G. (area) 09/41 [WO]
HBK33 Bagab (mountain) 0356'/3746' 791 m 03/37 [WO Gz]
name being a palindrome reading the same both ways
HCD93 Bagade (lake), see Abaya
HCD10 Bagadi, see Bugadi
JEP49 Bagado 1305'/4133' 466 m 13/41 [WO Gz]
JBN58 Bagaga (area) 05/40 [WO]
JBP41 Bagaga 0458'/4050' 1061 m 04/40 [Gz]
JBS56 Bagago 04/43 [WO]
bage: baggee (O) climbing plant with thorns;
bageh (T) kind of herb, Cynoglossum lanceolatum,
in English called "hound's tongue" because of its blue colour
HDC26 Bage 0822'/3708' 1737 m 08/37 [Gz]
HEU03c Bage (Baghe) (hill) 12/39 [+ Gu]
HDP19 Bagela 1003'/3634' 1694 m 10/36 [Gz]
?? Bagele (historical town in the 1700s) ../.. [x]
bagena: begena (bägäna) (A) harp-like musical instrument
HER09 Bagena (B. Amba), see Abertege
HEB65 Baghidir, see Belaya
bagi: baggi, bage, bagge, baghe (western O) kind of shrub,
Combretum paniculatum, usually climbing; bage (Kefa) sheep;
baji (O) cattle without horns
HDH77 Bagi (Bagghi) 0945'/3617' 1896 m 09/36 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HDH76
HEK38 Bagi 12/38 [WO]
JDK96 Bagiagiar, see Bajajar
HEB92 Bagilti (Baghilti) (area) 11/35 [+ WO]
HEH03 Bagilti (Baghilti) 1150'/3559' 961 m 11/35 [+ WO Gz]
HE... Bagimela (centre in 1964 of Jerba sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
HDA67 Bagiro, see Bajiro
HCR90 Bago (mountain) 08/36 [WO]
HDN17c Bagole (village with Bega people) 10/35 [x]
HDB60 Bagoz, T. (hill) 08/35 [WO]
JEB42 Baguddu (area) 582 m 11/40 [WO]
HCC90 Baguenia, see Bargela
HCC90 Baguna 10/36 [WO]
HDR83 Baguna (Baguina, Baguenia) 1044'/3657' 2134 m 06/36 [Gz WO]
(Boguina) (with church Maryam), west of Bure
HEB57 Bagusta 1121'/3624' 1060 m 11/36 [WO Gz]
bah (Som) family by female line, uterine relationship
baha, ba'a (central O) kind of tree, Olea welwitschii,
which gives good material for joinery and woodcraft;
beha (bäha) (A) white soil, limestone;
beha meret (bäha märet) (A) clay soil which is good for pottery
GDF53 Baha, see Shola
HCH95 Baha Giyorgis (It: San Giorgio) c2200 m 07/36 [+ Gu}
(church on top of high mountain), see under Bonga
JCL20 Bahad 0635'/4324' 445 m, near map code JCK29 06/43 [WO Gz]
JDN28 Bahadu, see Beadu
HCA83 Bahakoys (Bahacois) 0609'/3509' 1182 m 06/35 [+ WO Gz]
bahal (Som) 1. cave; 2. wild animal, beast; evil person;
(but the following location is not in a Somali language area);
bahil (A) custom, tradition, culture
HDR95c Bahal Sghier (= B. Igziabiher?) (church) 10/37 [Gu]
?? Bahala Maryam (church & convent) ../.. [+ Gu]
HES22c Bahaltiet Wiha (B.Uaha = "widow's water") (plain) 12/37 [+ Gu]
HEC89 Bahar, see Bahir Dar
HEC89 Bahar Dar, see Bahir Dar
HFE50 Bahara (Bahera), rock-hewn church 14/38 [WO x]
at some distance, on the east face of a mountain
bahari: bahri (T) sea
JEB68 Bahari (area) 11/41 [WO]
JEB72 Baharri Bada Ali (area) 11/40 [WO]
HFE50 Bahera, see Bahara
JEN65 Baheri (plain) 1308'/4009' 13/40 [WO Gz]
bahir (A) sea, large lake, any water with some depth; overseas;
bahir dar (A) shore, seashore, coast; bahiri (T) sea
HEC89 Bahir Dar (Bahar, Bahar Dar, Bahrdar) 11/37 [MS Ca WO Gu]
(Bahr Dar, Bahr Dar Giyorgis, Babardur Georgis) 11/37 [Te x]
(Bahar Dar Ghiorghis, Bhardar Giyorgis) 11/37 [Gu Ch]
MS: 1137'/3724'; Gz: 1136'/3723' = HEC88, 1784 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
8E Werer Mikael (Uarer Micael) (church)
10E Aba Gerima (Abba) (village) 2089 m
??E Abay (HEC89 Abba) 1794 m
4S Gordemma (village)
5S Dishet (Discet) (village)
6SW Joao (area)
6SW Jigadi (Gigadi) (mountain)
6SW Ibab Iyesus (Ivav Jesus) (hill/mountain)
8SW Abiyanejj (Avianegg) (mountain)
10SW Innessa (centre, with church Maryam)
4W Kobuta
5W Devangi (Devanghi) (swampy? area)
6W Sechel Mikael (Secel Micael) (church)
8W Gwobarwa Kwoskwam (Guobarua Quosquam) (village on hill)
10W Kwobenti (Cuobenti) (village)
3NW Inda Awreat (Enda Aoreat) (church on hill near lake shore)
4NW Adi Sessela (village on lake shore plain)
6NW Gumanu Mereb (G. Merev) (church)
8NW Liblibo Maryam (Livelivuo Mariam) (near lake shore)
8NW Salchen (Salcen, Selcen) (village with church Mikael)
8NE Geddera (Gheddera) (village) 1865 m
8NE Chimbil (Sensellima) (village) 1927 m
9NE Korbi (Corbi) (village)
HEC67 Bahir Dar awraja 1125'/3715' 11/37 [Gz Ad]
(centre -1964-1980- = Bahir Dar)
HEC89 Bahir Dar wereda (centre in 1964 = Bahir Dar) 11/37 [Ad]
HEC89 Bahir Dar Zuriya wereda 11/37 [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 44 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
?? Bahir Giyorgis (Bahr G.), lake in Tammi-Chay area ../.. [Ch]
HEM81 Bahir Hatera (B. Hat'era) 1234'/3931' 2646 m 12/39 [Gz]
west of Korem
HFF33 Bahira 1354'/3939' 2112 m (with church Maryam) 13/39 [Gz]
HFF61 Bahira (Bahera, Bahara, Bahra) 14/39 [x n]
(with rock-hewn church Maryam and another Maryam
at nearby Muga)
HEM91 Bahiro 1236'/3926' 2835 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDT31 Bahit 1016'/3831' 2250 m 10/38 [Gz]
HEJ34 Bahita (at the shore) 1206'/3701' 1826 m 12/37 [Gz]
HEJ35 Bahita (Bata) 1205'/3703 1784 m 12/37 [Gz Ch Gu WO]
(small island with church ruins)
HEL44 Bahita 1209'/3849' 2437 m 12/38 [Gz]
HEE57 Bahoch 1118'/3904' 1822 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE57 Bahoch kebele 11/38 [Ad]
in north-eastern Mekdela wereda, 5-15 km north-northwest
of Masha; area 5,252 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCA99 Bahr (with small lake), see under Maji 06/35 [WO Gu]
HEC89 Bahr Dar (Bahrdar Giyorgis), see Bahir Dar
bahr zaf (A) blue gum, Eucalyptus globulus, literally
"tree from beyond the ocean" because it was brought from
abroad to Ethiopia;
abbo (O) term of address among male friends;
Abbo (A) colloquial name of Saint Gebre Menfes Qiddus
HEC06 Bahr Zafa Abbo (Barzafa Abbo) 10/37 [+ WO]
bahri: bahriy (Arabic, with variant in Geez) pearl, jewel
HEU... Bahri (village), see under Mekele 13/39 [n]
bahri g..: gimb (A) stone wall or tower or castle
HEJ69c Bahri Gimb (Bahriy G, Bari G., Barye Gemb) 12/37 [+ Pa]
(Fre: Barié-Guemb) (with church from the 1700s)
HCR98 Bahu (Bahur) 0807'/3720' 1797 m 08/37 [Gz]
HBT09 Bai 04/39 [WO]
JDK17 Baia, see Baya
baibea (T) stammer
GDU34 Baibbio, see Bibbio
GDU54 Baibi, see Biye Abi
baid (ba'id) (A) alien, one who is an outsider to the family
(yebaid ager, foreign country)
HCC08 Baide 05/37 [WO]
J... Baideba (with arguing about Keyan/Somali border) 04/4. [x]
HCC18 Baido (Ba'ido) 0534'/3720' 1817 m 05/37 [Gz]
south-west of Gidole
JEC09 Baied Adega, see Bayed Adega
GDE24 Baignol, see Baitiok
GCS97 Bail, see Bul
HCC42c Bailama, with Male inhabitants 05/36 [x]
JCG47 Bailei, see Bele
HEJ68 Baio Maiano, see Bayo Mayano
JDK14 Bair Said 0911'/4256' 1577 m 09/42 [Gz]
HFE84 Bairai, see Bayray
-- Baiso (Bayso, Alkali), language with 1,010 speakers in 1994
HCK04 Baiso (Ba'iso) 0623'/3755' 1209 m 06/37 [n Gz]
village in or near lake Abaya
HDJ11 Baita Maryam (Ba'ita M.) (church) 0913'/3642' 09/36 [Gz]
HFF21 Baitakor (Ba'itakor) 1348'/3928' 2142 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church Maryam)
JCC28 Baitan, see Baytan
GDE24 Baitiok (Baignol) 0821'/3350' 409 m 08/33 [WO Gz]
HFE84 Baito Makoe sub-district (Baito Mako'e ..) 14/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Rama)
HCS92 Baja (village) 08/37 [x]
HEE29 Baja 1106'/3918' 2127 m 11/39 [Gz]
HEE29 Baja kebele 11/39 [Ad]
at the southernmost eastern border of Tenta wereda,
25 km south-southeast of Tenta settlement; area 1,712 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEC12 Baja wereda (centre in 1964 = Injibara) 10/36 [Ad]
HCS84 Bajai (Baja'i) 0801/3752' 2307 m, 08/37 [Gz]
south of Imdibir
JDK96 Bajajar (Bagiagiar) (village with well) 09/43 [+ WO Gu Mi]
HDS59c Bajana (old name) area ENE of Debre Markos 10/38 [x]
HDA67 Bajiro (Bagiro) (with sawmill) 1494 m 08/35 [x WO]
HDK13 Bajiro (Badjiro) (forest) 0910'/3750' 09/37 [+ Gz]
HEH73 Bajisa, Gebel, see Bayisa
baka (baqa) (O) fleeing from danger;
-- Baka, a sub-division of the Ari-Banna ethnic group
living in scattered homesteads at about HCB15
HCC40 Baka, see Bako
HCJ51 Baka (Baca) (mount.) 0649'/3635' 1267 m, 06/36 [Gz WO]
cf Beke
HCP07 Baka 0718'/3622'c 07/36 [x]
Name and location given by G. Montandon in 1913.
HCP16 Baka (Baca, Beca, Beka) 0724'/3615' 1620/1727 m 07/36 [Gz WO Gu]
HDK28 Baka (village & area) 0914'/3817' 2659 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDU15 Baka (Baca), see Sirt
HEC93 Bakaa (Baccaa) (with church Medhane Alem), 11/36 [+ It]
see under Yismala Giyorgis
HCD87 Bakai (Bacai), see Bakay
bakaka (baqaqa) (O) 1. crack in the ground, cleft, crevice;
2. plowed and left to lie fallow;
bakakka (O) lightning, thunderstorm, heavy rain
JDK20 Bakaka (Bacaca) (area) 09/42 [Ch WO]
JDJ.. Bakallan (village near Babile) 09/42 [20]
HDC57 Bakamoti (Bacamoti) 0836'/3718' 1735 m 08/37 [+ Gz]
bakan s..: sada (A) kind of liane with edible root
HBE91 Bakan Sada (Bacan Sada) 03/38 [+ WO]
bakana: bakkana (O) here; bekana (bäkana) (A) vagabond, idler
JDN97 Bakana (Bacana) (area) 10/40 [+ WO]
bakara (O) large spear, used for killing buffaloes or elephants
JBN53 Bakara (Bacara) 0501'/4004' 1090 m 05/40 [Gz]
JEC63 Bakarla (Bacarla) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
bakarri: bakari (baqarii) (O) sweet-smelling herb put in yogurt
or used for sweetening milk utensils;
ale (A) to tell; alle (A) there is
JEH08 Bakarri Ale (Bacarri Ale) (area) 727 m 11/41 [+ WO]
JCB28 Bakassar (Bacassar, Basassar) 05/41 [Gz]
0540'/4125' 612 m
H.... Bakat sub-district (centre in 1964 = Shafi) ../.. [Ad]
HCD00c Bakaule, centre in Konso country 05/37 [x]
HCD87 Bakay (Bacai) (place & area) 06/38 [+ WO Gz]
0613'/3811' 2125 m
bake, bakke (O) 1. plain, meadow, grass-land;
2. field used for "going to the toilet"
HCH67 Bake (Bache) (area) 06/36 [+ WO]
bake ka..: kallo, qallo (O) thin liquid
JD... Bake Kallo (Baké Khallo) 09/42? [+ x]
(with ancient paintings on rock surface)
GCU80 Bakedi 08/34 [Wa]
?? Bakelat (Fre: Baquélat) (medieval town near Muger) ../.. [+ x]
bakelo: bakalo (A,O) maize, Zea mays
HDM72 Bakelo, cf Baklo, Bekelo 09/39 [LM]
HDM63 Bakelo kebele (Baqélo ..) 09/39 [Ad]
to the east in central Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda,
8-12 km east of Debre Birhan town; area 1,675 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT65 Bakelo kebele (Baqélo ..) 10/38 [Ad]
in southern Kelala wereda, 12-18 km south
of Kelala settlement; area 2,122 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
baken: bakkena (bakkäna) (A) go to waste, be dissipated /wealth/
HEB44 Baken (Bachen) 11/36 [+ WO]
?? Baker (199 km by road from Gondar) ../.. [It]
HDT77 Baket kebele (Bakät ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Kelala wereda at its eastern border;
14-18 km south-east of Kelala settlement; area 1,953 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDM73c Bakiello (Bachiello), see under Liche 09/39 [+ 18]
bakila, bakela (baqelaa) (A,O) bean, broad bean,
horse bean, Faba bona, Vicia faba;
bad (Afar) lake; (Som) sea, ocean; baad (Som) 1. good
pasture; 2. tribute, tax; 3. wing
JFA38 Bakili Bad (Bachili) (salty swamp) 13/40 [Ne WO]
HCN87c Bakisi (Tullo Bacchisi) (mountain) 08/35 [+ Gu]
baklo: beklo (bäqlo) (A) mule
HED63 Baklo (Baclo) (area) 11/37 [+ WO]
HD... Baklo sub-district (Bakielo ..) 09/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Lajagind)
bako (Kefa) fowl; bakko, baqqoo (O) hot lowland region
/especially as hunting ground for big game/;
-- Bakko, name of an ethnic group speaking a Nilotic /?/ language
GCU22 Bako (Baqo) (river), see Gilo
HBR81 Bako, see Jinka
HCC40 Bako (Baco, Bacco, Bakko, Bachio, Baka) 05/36 [Wa WO Gu Te]
0547'/3634' 1417 m, see also under Jinka
Coordinates would give map code HCB49
HDA09 Bako (Baco) 08/35 [+ WO]
HDJ05 Bako (Backo, Baco, Bacco) 09/37 [Gz Br x It]
0908'/3703' 1743/1789 m (with church Mikael)
(centre in 1964 Fedis wereda and of Tibi Dega sub-district)
JDJ05 Bako, see Baku
HBR71 Bako awraja (centre in 1959 = Hamer Koke), 05/36 [Ad]
cf Geleb & Hamerbako awraja
?? Bako Gazer wereda (-1984-1995-) ../.. [n]
?? Bako Tibe wereda ../.. [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 57 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
HCC40 Bako wereda (centre in 1964 = Bako) 05/36 [Ad]
HCG32 Bakol (mountain), see Bokol
JCD54 Bakol (Bacol) (border area) 05/42 [+ WO]
baku (O) to flow, to melt away; bakku (O) /cow/ not giving
much milk
JBG72 Baku, H. (Hara? Haro?) 04/40 [WO]
JDJ05 Baku (Bako, Bocco, Boco, Boko) 09/42 [Gz]
0908'/4204' 1678 m, cf Amuma
HCC69 Bakule (Bak'ule, Baqule) 0601'/3729' 2097 m 06/37 [Gz q]
HDG03 Bakure 0904'/3504' 1746 m 09/35 [Gz]
HEC85 Bakusti Medhane Alem (Bacusti M.A.) 11/37 [+ It]
HEA66 Bakyuje (Bachiuge) 11/35 [+ WO]
bal (Som) large leaf; (Gimirra) kind of tall tree,
Sapium ellipticum; (A) 1. master, husband; 2. holiday, festival
HDE67 Bal 0843'/3907' 1984 m, east of Debre Zeyt 08/39 [Gz]
JCS80 Bal Dhola (area) 08/42 [WO]
JDD51 Bal Gi (area) 08/42 [WO]
bala, balaa (O) wicked spirit, devil; baala (O) leaf
HCC42c Bala (Male-inhabited area) 05/36 [x]
HEM84 Bala 1229'/3946' 1787 m 12/39 [Gz]
?? Bala Feras (on map of 1814) 10/39 [18]
balag- (O) sparkle; balage (O) mannerless, rude;
balege (baläge) (A) rude, rough, without shame;
balager (balagär) (A) 1. local inhabitant; 2. rural, rustic;
sefer (A) camp, settlement
HCB00c Balage Sefer (Balaghe Safar) (caravan stop) 05/35 [+ Gu]
KCN63 Balagel (Balaghel, Balagal) 0747'/4505' 723 m 07/45 [+ WO Gz]
HEU12 Balago, see Belago
HEB65 Balaia, see Belaya
?? Balake (affluent of river Sai) ../.. [Mi]
balakiya: belaka (bälaka) (T) you have eaten; balakie (O) peasant
JFA84 Balakiya (Balakia, Balachia) (mountain) 14/40 [+ Ne WO Gz]
1418'/4008' 307, 1210 m
HEL34 Balakurda 1204'/3851' 2008 m 12/38 [Gz]
HBL85 Balala (Ballale), see Belale
HBP81 Balala 0520'/3551' 606 m, near border of Sudan 05/35 [WO Gz]
JDS23 Balale (area) 10/42 [WO]

balamba (= bal amba) (A) mountain man?

JCL89 Balamba (Balambal) (locality), cf Belamba 07/44 [WO]
balambal (Som) kind of medium tree, Ficus populifolia;
balambal biyot, shrubby herb found at the edge of water,
Sesbania sesban; balambal dured, kind of shrub or tree,
Trema guineensis; balaambal (Som) endure trouble,
experience hardship
JCK92 Balambal (ancient ruins), see under Dihun 07/42 [WO]
JDD99 Balambal (area) 09/43 [WO]
KDA43 Balambal (area) 08/45 [WO]
(Balambal, also town in Somalia near the border,
briefly invaded by Ethiopia in July 1982)
balambaras, 'head of an amba', a low-level administrative title
HER06 Balambras, see Amba Balambras
?? Balangue (on map of 1814) 12/37 [18]
?? Balankab (Falasha village) ../.. [18]
HE... Balarse (stream), tributary of the little Abay 11/36 [x]
balas, beles (A) kind of shrub or small tree,
Ficus spp., Ficus palmata; Euphorbia spp.; cactus (Opuntia)
HEA05 Balas, see Beles
HEJ25 Balas (B. river is an affluent of the Abay) 11/37 [Ch Gu WO]
HCD77c Balasha (Balascha, Balatscha), ca 40 km SW of Dilla 06/38 [+ x]
?? Balati (ford 22 km from Kork) 1047 m ../.. [Ch]
JEB66 Balato (area) 1047 m 11/41 [WO]
JDJ54 Balaua, see Urgo
JDJ55 Balawa (Balaua, Belaua) 1760 m, cf Belew 09/42 [+ WO x]
/Balay same as Belay?/
HEB65 Balaya, see Belaya
HEK72 Balaza, see Beleza
balbala (O) 1. entrance, gateway, door (cf bilbila which
means bell); 2. lineage, line of descent; 3. flame
HDJ35 Balbala, see Belbela
JCS19 Balbalad (Balballad) 0721'/4321' 942 m 07/43 [WO Wa Gz]
KBN82 Balbalaiar (Balbaar?) 0516'/4501' 248 m 05/45 [WO Gz]
JCK73 Balbalar (well) 0701'/4247' 07/42 [WO Gz]
?? Balbati, with mission station in the 1930s ../.. [x]
HDF80 Balch (Balch', Balch'i. Balci) 08/39 [Gz]
Gz: 0852'/3924' 1826 m and 0855'/3922' 1882 m 08/39 [Gz Ad WO Gu]
MS: 0854'/3916' = HDE89
(centre in 1964 of Shenkora wereda)
HDP11 Balch (Balch') 1007'/3548' 867, 1090 m 10/35 [WO Gz]
balchi (O) 1. pebble, stone; 2. pencil, slate-pencil;
(A) obsidian flake
HCS68 Balchi (Balci) (village & mountain) 07/38 [x WO Gz]
mountain at 0750'/3820' = HCS69, 2232 m
HDE61 Balchi 0845'/3836' 2090 m 08/38 [Po Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HDE62
HDE62 Balchi (centre of sub-district) 08/38 [x]
south-west of radio station, with market
HDF80 Balchi, see Balch
HD... Balchi, Afar area visited from Geweha 10/40? [x]
HDU27 Balchi kebele (Balch'i ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Kewet wereda at its eastern border,
4-10 km north-east of Shewa Robit; area 3,325 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
balchi sh..: shenkor (shänkor) (A) sugar cane
HD... Balchi Shenkora (in Yerer & Kereyu awraja) 08/39 [Ad]
balda (O) width, bounty
HCE74c Balda, c2800 m 06/38 [Gu]
HBL02 Baldo (area) 03/38 [WO]
HBR25 Baldo (Gebel B.) (mountain) 0447'/3706' 1529 m 04/37 [WO Gz]
bale, baale, /baallee?/ (O) wing;
bale (balä) (A) always together with a second word to denote
a person of a certain kind, e.g. bale bet, master of the house;
-- Bale, ethnic group speaking Balesi language, numbering about 4,108
HC... Bale (Baalee, Bali) (historical area in the south-east) 06/39 [En]
In the mid-1300s one of seven major Islamic states in Ethiopia.
HCD34 Bale (village) 0545'/3755' 1487, 3100 m, cf Balie 05/37 [WO Gz]
HCJ64 Bale 0653'/3658' 2197 m 06/36 [Gz]
HCJ67 Bale (Balle) 0655'/3714' 2240 m 06/37 [Gz]
HEM74 Bale 1226'/3943' 1736 m 12/39 [Gz]
JCG63 Bale, see Agal
JDJ43 Bale 0926'/4157' 2007 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDK32 Bale (Bali) (mountain) 0922'/4242' 1984 m 09/42 [Gz WO]
?? Bale Baja (visiting postman under Nazret) ../.. [Po]
HEM94 Bale Berlehala (area) 12/39 [WO]
KDA38 Bale Bodomado (area) 08/45 [WO]
bale g..: gobo'lee (Som) to drip
JDF30 Bale Goble 08/44 [WO]
?? Bale Koisha wereda, in the Welayita Zone ../.. [20]
bale k..: kurma (A) elbow
HEM53 Bale Kurma 1217'/3941' 1368 m 12/39 [Gz]
bale m..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HCT.. Bale Meda (towards Munesa and Langano), 07/38 [x]
cf Balimeda
-- Bale Mountains National Park
bale o..: odo (O) while, if; first, before, around
oda (O) large fig tree
?? Bale Odo (visiting postman under Nazret) ../.. [Po]
?? Bale Rekuti (visiting postman under Nazret) ../.. [Po]
HFE57 Baleda 1403'/3907' 1746 m 14/39 [Gz]
JCS34 Balemballeh 0727'/4301' 854/880 m 07/42 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JCS25
HEJ88 Balengeb (Balängäb) (area known from the 1600s) 12/37 [20]
HDK34 Balesebu 0921'/3756' 2517 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDE10 Balesger (Balesgher) (church) 2814 m, 08/38 [+ WO]
see under Gogetti
HEJ24 Balesse, bay in lake Tana 12/37 [x]
baletija: bale tegga (balä t'ägga) (A) rich, wealthy
HCF05 Baletija (Balatigia) 05/39 [LM WO]
HCS53 Balezze 0742'/3749' 2641 m 07/37 [WO Gz]
HCR60 Balfo 0749'/3636' 1791 m 07/36 [Gz]
Agaro and near map code HCP69
bali (O) 1. feast, joy; 2. ostrich feather; 3. accident,
incident, mishap; (A) bucket
?? Bali (historical area), cf Dewaro ../.. [Pa]
?? Bali (in Begemder, with school) ../.. [x]
JDK32 Bali (area), cf Balli 09/42 [WO]
JEA43c Bali ../.. [x]
Within a radius of 10 km there is at
?? Murjan (Murgian) 1360/1406 m
HEF73 Balie (centre in 1964 of Wichale sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
JDD40 Baliga (area) 08/42 [WO]
balimeda: bali (A) bucket; meda (A) field, grassy plain
HCT36 Balimeda (Bali Meda) 0732'/3858' 2737/2812 m 07/38 [WO Gz Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964) (with church)
balimeg..: megal (mägal) (A) dark brown /horse/; magala (O) market
KCS72 Balimegale, see Balli Megale
?? Balisa (in Welega) ../.. [x]
HDF80? Balji, see Balchi or Balch
HFD80 Balki, see Balch
balla (O) large, ample, broad, baggy, rich, generous;
ballaa (O) one-eyed, crippled; (A) branch fork,
pole with forked top, Y-shaped stick
HEM84c Balla (small market), cf Bella 12/39 [Gu]
balla mu..: mudane (Som) elder, senior man
JCH97 Balla Mudana 0714'/4115' 1080/1245 m 07/41 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JCH96
balla wa..: warka (O) large wild fig tree
?? Balla Warka (B. Warqa) ../.. [n]
JDE91 Ballaad (area), cf Balleh Ad 08/43 [WO]
HCU65 Ballacasa, see Habe
HET65 Ballago 1316'/3854' 1451 m 13/38 [Gz]
HBL85 Ballale, see Belale
ballam b..: baallee (O) wing? (Som) be beside
JCF81 Ballam Ballei, see El Ankollon 06/44 [WO]
JDL11 Ballayga Abbane (Ballaiga A.) 09/43 [+ WO]
Balle .., cf Balli
balle (O) feather, plume; ad (Som) you
CR91 Balleh Ad (Bale Ad) (border post) 0805'/4645' 08/46 [Gz WO]
KCP85 Balleh Khair 08/46 [WO]
JCG47 Ballei, see Bele
balley a..: abat (A) "My Father", title of preachers and monks
JDE75 Balley Abat (Ballei Abat) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
balli (Som) pond, reservoir; (O) 1. feather, wing;
2. kind of takeover or handover ceremony
HDA93 Balli, cf Bali 08/35 [WO]
KCH03 Balli 0625'/4601' 400 m 06/46 [WO Gz]
KCH72 Balli, see Ado
KCH06 Balli Abdi Ali 0622'/4619' 338 m 06/46 [WO Wa Gz]
on the border of Somalia
balli ad: ad (Som) you
JCF65 Balli Ad (area) 06/44 [WO]
KCH18 Balli Ad 06/46 [WO]
JBT41 Balli Bulhan 0458'/4334' 404 m 04/43 [WO Gz]
balli god: god (Som) 1. pool, well, waterhole;
2. hole in the ground, burrow; 3. bend, make crooked;
good (Som) 1. kind of poisonous snake; 2. cloth
KCA89 Balli God (Balle G., Guriarago) 06/45 [Gz WO Wa]
0610'/4538' 488 m
KCP70 Balli Haliyelo (Balli Halielo) 07/45 [+ WO]
KCP80 Balli Haliyelo Hudi (Balli Halielo Hudi) 07/45 [+ WO]
KCS73 Balli Herali (area) 07/47 [WO]
balli m..: megal (A) dark brown /horse/; magala (O) market
KCS72 Balli Megale (Balimegale) (with seasonal waterhole) 07/47 [WO n]
in the easternmost horn of Ethiopia, see Balimegale
KCH05 Balli Nur (Bali Nur) 0625'/4607' 384 m 06/46 [WO Gz LM]
balli nur gabo: nuur (Som) light; nur (Som) rainy season;
season in general; Nur, Nuur, a male name; gaabo (Som) be short
KCH30 Balli Nur Gabo 06/45 [WO]
ballo (O) 1. wing; 2. happy; 3. Tuesday, god of Tuesday
GDF82 Ballo, T. (hill), see under Gidami 08/34 [WO]
HCJ00 Balma 0620'/3636' 1840 m 06/36 [Gz]
near map code corner HCB99/HCC90/HCH09
HCP39 Balma (sawmill) 07/36 [Gu]
HEJ91 Baloha (area) 12/36 [WO]
HDE85 Balolocho (Balolocio) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
-- Balta, ethnic group living near the Basketo and the Doko;
bwalta (A) joke, trivial talk
HCC55 Balta (locality) 0552'/3704' 05/37 [WO Gz]
HCC77 Balta, see Belta
HCC88 Balta (wide area) 06/37 [WO]
HEL18 Baltach 1152'/3914' 3410 m 11/39 [Gz]
baltata: baltet (A) elderly woman; widow
HCT26 Baltata (area) 3632 m 07/39 [WO]
HCA89 Balti (with landing ground), see under Maji 06/35 [Gu]
?? Balto (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HDP45c Balto (Tulu B.) circa 1020'/3610' 10/36 [x]
KDA54 Balumbal 0836'/4510' 948 m, on border of Somalia 08/45 [Gz]
HES56 Bama (on map of 1843) 13/38 [Ha]
bamba (A) tree with wide trunk, baobab or wild fig,
Adansonia digitata, Ficus sycomorus, F. gnaphalocarpa;
bwambwa (A) water pipe
HEJ34c Bamba (on map of 1814) 12/37? [Ha]
HET31 Bamba 13/38 [WO]
HET76 Bamba 1322'/3903' 1720 m 13/39 [Gz]
-- Bambala language, see Burji
HB... Bambale, village in Konso land 05/37 [x]
GDM74 Bambasi wereda, see Bambesi wereda
-- Bambassi, language of the Didessa ethnic group;
Bambeshi Mao is a variety spoken in western Wellega
HES00 Bambelo 1242'/3735' 2743 m 12/37 [Gz]
GDM74 Bambesi (Bombasci, Bombashi, Bambashi, Bambishi) 09/34 [MS Ad Ro 18]
(Bambeshi, Bombaso, Fadasi) 09/34 [Gz WO Gu]
(Aba Moti, Abba Moti, Abu Matis)
(mountain and village) MS: 0945'/3442' 1668 m, peak 2185 m
Gz: 0945'/3444' 1430 m, mountain at 0943'/3440' = GDM73, 1712 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
a little west of the Dabus river
GDM74 Bambesi wereda (Bambasi ..) 09/34 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 38 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
?? Bambiko (Bambico) (ctr in 1964 of Rib sub-district) 12/37 [+ Ad]
HET10 Bambolina (Bamboline) 1246'/3831' 1164 m 13/38 [WO Gz]
HCA45 Bambu 0552'/3517' 1246 m 05/35 [WO Gz]
HCA45 Bambu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Tirma) 05/35 [Ad]
GEF46 Bambudi (Bumbadi, Bumbodi, Bumbode) 11/? 10/34 [MS WO Ch]
HEA43 Bamesa (area) 11/35 [MS WO]
HEA35 Bameza (Mescescia, Miscesca) (mountain) 11/35 [Gz WO]
1110'/3514' peak 957 m
HEA43 Bameza (Bamoza, Bemoza) (place) 11/35 [Gz WO]
1114'/3505' 580 m
HEJ55 Bamjiro (Bamgiro) 12/37 [+ WO]
HCT90 Bamo 0808'/3829' 1961 m, near map code HDE00 08/38 [Gz]
HEA43 Bamoza, see Bameza
ban- (O) open
JCF34 Ban Amayak (Ban Amaiach) (area) 05/44 [+ WO]
JBU45 Ban Hobou (area) 04/44 [WO]
bana (A) woollen blanket;
-- Bana (Banna), ethnic group living in the Jinka region, cf Hamar
HBP78 Bana (Banna, Benna) (area) 05/14'/3625' 05/36 [WO Gz]
east of Omo river
banan: bannaan (Som) 1. clearing, plain, field;
2. empty, vacant
JCU04 Banan 07/44 [WO]
bananweyn: bannaan weyn (Som) large plain;
weyn (A) 1. kind of climber, vine; 2. grape, wine plant;
weyn (Som) big, large, great
KCH71 Bananweyn (Bananuein) (locality) 0701'/4550' 07/45 [+ WO Gz]
JEA98 Banayle (Banaile) (area) 11/40 [+ WO]
HCD59 Banco, see Benko & HCD98
JBP59 Bander 0502'/4132' 388 m 05/41 [WO Gz]
?? Bandi (river) ../.. [Ch]
bandira, bandera (A,O,T) flag, standard, ensign;
bandiirad (Som) flag, banner
HDB89 Bandira 0855'/3635' 1912 m 08/36 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Leka Gurgur sub-district)
JCR66 Banduksile (area) 07/42 [WO]
HCC31 Baneta 0543'/3645' 1488 m 05/36 [Gz]
HBJ93 Baneya (Baneia) (area) 04/36 [+ WO]
banga (western Eth.) kind of tall tree, Diospyros abyssinica,
GDL79 Banga 09/34 [WO]
GDM70 Banga 09/34 [WO]
HCJ20 Banga, see Bokde
HCA88 Bangal, G. (mountain) 2413 m, see under Maji 06/35 [WO]
GDL70 Bange (Jebel B., Gebel Banghe, Banga) (mountain) 09/34 [Gz WO]
0943'/3418' 1339 m
?? Bangela, in the Gambela-Asoso direction ../.. [x]
HEC24 Bangia (Bandja), see Benja
JBJ76 Bangol (Bur B.) (hill) 0415'/4211' 225 m 04/42 [WO Gz]
near the border of Somalia
Coordinates would give map code JBJ66
HEL07 Bani (mountain) 1147'/3904' 3231 m 11/39 [Gz]
HCJ42 Banja 0643'/3648' 944 m 06/36 [Gz]
HEC12 Banja (Bangia) (area), cf Benja 11/36 [Ch Gu WO 18]
HEC23 Banja, see Benja
HEC12 Banja wereda 11/36 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 66 rural and 4 urban kebeles.
JDK59 Banka (Banca) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
banka a..: aroor (Som) 1. bringing to water; 2. dawn,
early morning; 3. spine, backbone
JDL02 Banka Aror (Banca Arror) (wide area) 09/43 [+ WO Gz]
JDS20 Banka Ellis (Banca E.) (locality) 1010'/4240' 10/42 [+ WO Gz]
HCD62 Banke, western part of the 'Bridge of God' 06/37 [x]
HCD59 Banko (Banco) 05/38 [Wa WO]
HCD98 Banko (Banco) (village beyond Dilla) 2080 m 06/38 [+ WO Gu]
HCE31 Banko (Banco) (valley) 05/38 [+ WO]
HCG76 Banko, west of Shewa Gimira 07/35 [x]
?? Bankwal (Bankual), see Benkuel
JCD83 Banlileheli 0613'/4247' 334 m 06/42 [WO Gz]
-- Banna, ethnic group in the South Omo Zone, see Bana
-- Banna language (Bana), see Hamer Banna
HCC00 Banna Kole wereda, see Benakule ..
HCS42 Bannare 0740'/3741' 1961 m 07/37 [WO Gz]
HCB15c Bannata (area & ethnic group) 05/36 [x]
HBR38 Banno 0451'/3724' 1312 m 04/37 [WO Gz]
GDE79 Bano, G. (hill) 08/34 [WO]
HCL14 Bansa Tullu, see Bonsa
banta, bantaa (O) large /mushroom/
HCL74 Banta 0659'/3851' 2492 m, south-east of Kofele 06/38 [Gz]
HCD88 Bantiballa, south-west of Dilla, with monoliths 06/38 [x]
HCK68 Bantolla (area) 06/38 [WO]
bantu (O) 1. key; 2. to occur; banti (O) roof
HDD59 Bantu (Bentu Liben, Bantu Liben, Liven) 08/38 [Gz LM WO]
0837'/3822' 2234 m (with church Mikael)
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
7NE Tulu (Siba) (village) 2167 m
HDJ85 Bantu 0949'/3703' 2402 m, south of Alibo 09/37 [Gz]
HDL62 Bantu 0937'/3837' 2498 m 09/38 [AA Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Toli wereda)
HDL84 Bantu & Armon kebele 09/39 [Ad]
far to the west in central Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
30 km south-west of Inewari; area 1,081 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JCK20 Banyero (plain) 06/42 [WO]
bar (Som) 1. livestock; 2. kind of palm, Hyphaene thebaica;
3. speck, spot, mark, stain; 4. half; 5. teach, introduce;
barr (Som) plain, prairie; baar (Som) 1. tip, peak;
2. hair on the hump of a camel's back
-- Bar, see Anuak language
JBJ97 Bar Abir (Bur Abri) (waterhole/well) 04/42 [WO Gu]
JBR07 Bar Abir (waterhole) 0432'/4219' 210 m 04/42 [WO Wa Gz]
bar ali, cf Ali as first part of name
JEG95 Bar Ali (mountain) 1239'/4024' 462 m 12/40 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code JEG97
JCE50 Bar Duckul (Bar Duccul) 05/43 [+ WO]
JCE43 Bar Edeg 05/43 [WO]
JBS69 Bar Hugn (Bar Hug) 0508'/4322' 448 m 05/43 [WO Gz]
JBT75 Bar Iere (B. Ieri, B. Iero) 0510'/4354' 364 m 05/43 [WO Gz]
bar m..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HDU44 Bar Meda (Kadambo, Cadambo Ghiorghis) 10/39 [Gz WO]
1021'/3944' 3251 m
JDK23c Bar Said, circa 0915'/4250', south-east of Jijiga 09/42 [x]
JBR87 Bar Shevel (Bar Sciavel) 0517'/4219' 386 m 05/42 [Gz]
JBS94 Bar Shiyellele (Bar Sciellele) 05/42 [+ WO]
bar yere: yeri (O) lean, emaciated
JBT75 Bar Yere, see Bar Iere
bara, bar (O) weather, time, year, age
HDK19 Bara 0910'/3820' 2762 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEL96 Bara 1239'/3859' 2241 m, near Sekota 12/38 [Gz]
HET06 Bara 1244'/3900' 1844 m 12/39 [Gz]
JDN99 Bara (area), see under Trena 10/40 [WO]
HDU08 Bara & Aram kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in north-western Kewet wereda, 7-10 km north-west
of Shewa Robit; area 1,573 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDG69 Barabdi (=Bar Abdi?) 09/40 [WO]
HCS.. Barabicho (in Kembata awraja) 07/37 [x]
barada (Arsi O) hail; barad (A,T) gun-powder
HCN55 Barada (Perada) 0742'/3518' 1540 m, cf Bereda 07/35 [Wa Gz]
HCT89 Barada (area) 08/39 [WO]
JEJ56 Baradle 1213'/4209' 479 m 12/42 [n]
near the border of Djibouti
HCU00 Barado 0716'/3924' 2553 m 07/39 [Gz]
JBN28 Baragello (Baraghello, Barogelu, Baraghetto) 04/40 [+ WO Wa Gz]
(area & place) 0444'/4033' 854 m
JBN28 (= Barachella 100 km from Gambela? Bara Kella?) 04/40 [It]
?? Barahle ../.. [x]
HDG49 Barak (T. Barach) (hill) 09/35 [+ WO]
baraka (Arabic?) an Islamic concept, wonder-working powers;
faghe, faage (Afar) ford
JDN58c Barakala Faghe 10/40 [Ne]
HDM13 Barakat, see Bereket
Baraket, Bereket, sister of the Devil
barakate (O) gift, divine favour
HDH30 Barakati 09/35 [WO]
HFE48 Barako (Baraco) 1356'/3910' 1720 m 13/39 [+ Gz]
GDE.. Barakui, village at Baro river below Itang 08/34? [x]
GDE32 Barakwich (Barokwich, Baraquic) 08/33 [Gz WO]
0828'/3338' 338 m
JEN86 Barali (mountain) 1327'/4019' 431 m, cf Bar Ali 13/40 [Gz]
HDB20 Baramo (Baramb) 0820'/3544' 1657, 1781 m 08/35 [WO Gu Gz]
baramu (O) be known, be discovered
JDA79c Baranissa 08/40 [Wa]
baranta: berenda (bärända) (A,T) terrace, verandah,
raised platform in front of a building
HCM51 Baranta (mountain) 0647'/3927' 3505, 3789 m 06/39 [WO Gz]
HDS49c Baranta (area at Abay river) 10/38 [Ch]
JEH49 Baranto (area) 12/41 [WO]
JDG66 Barantu, cf Barentu 09/40 [WO]
JDG67 Barantu Ale (area) 09/40 [WO]
barara (O) sheep
?? Barara (ancient capital), see Borora
?? Barara (area south of Adigrat at river Sullo) ../.. [x]
JCE29 Bararato (pass) 0540'/4415', see under Kelafo 05/44 [WO]
JCE39 Bararato (Girta B.) (mountain) 0543'/4414' 05/44 [WO]
-- Bararetta, a group of Oromo living in Kenya
barari (O) cockroach; berari (T) flyer;
berari kokeb (bärari kokäb) (A) meteor; barar (Kemant) to escape;
Ali, cf this as first part of name
JDP31 Barari Ali (area) 10/40 [WO]
JCR11 Bararti Beckey (Bararti Becchei) (area) 07/41 [+ WO]
HEE96 Barat 1143'/3859' 3053 m (with church K'irk'os) 11/38 [Gz]
JBN84 Baratieri Falls (European-given name) 05/40 [WO Gz]
(waterfalls) 0528'/4012'
Coordinates would give map code JCA04 about 15 km to the NW
JFB51 Baraulo 1401'/4045' 38 m, near the Eritrea border 14/40 [Ne Gz]
?? Barbada (hills near Aflata river in Sidamo) ../.. [Mi]
barbara (O) men belonging both to a certain age-set and
to a certain gada class
HDP76 Barbara (Berbera) 1036'/3616' 1183, 1625 m 10/36 [Gz WO Ch]
(place & area)
barbare (O) hot pepper
HCU37 Barbari, see Berberi
HDD87 Barbere Meder, see Berbere Medir
barberi ..: kura (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Boswellia sp.;
qura (A,O) crow, raven; quura (A,O) bowl-like deep plate;
kura (T) anger, fury; (Som) kinds of thorn tree
HEJ54 Barberi Kura (B. Cura) (mountain) 12/37 [Gz]
1216'/3700' 1943 m
HDM.? Barcha, locality in Dembiya, cf Barcho 09/39 [En]
JDJ73 Barcha (G. Barcia) (area) 1146 m 09/41 [Ch WO]
HCG43 Barchaka (Bartchaka) 0645'/3508'c 06/35 [x]
place near Gojeb river, mentioned in 1910
HCG75 Barchan, see Brahan
barche (O) globe, sphere; barchee (O) small,
feeble, flimsy, pitiful; flat /head or face/, with flat bottom
/gourd or pumpkin/
JDC02 Barche (Barce) (area) 1171 m 08/41 [+ WO]
HCG75 Barchen, see Brahan
?? Barcho (Bartcho), cf Barcha ../.. [x]
HCA55 Barchu (Gebel Barchu, Barciu) (mountain) 05/35 [WO Gz]
0558'/3520' 886/905 m
HCA.. Barda 06/35 [En]
village in the Maji region
HCD47c Barda, east of lake Chamo 05/38 [x]
HEH27 Bardanki (Bardanchi) (mountain) 11/36 [+ WO Gz]
1200'/3621' 917 m
JB... Bardia, north-west of Dolo 04/41? [x]
HCG87 Bardika (Bardica, Badica, Bedaica) 07/35 [+ WO Gz]
0705'/3530' 1308 m
HEJ06 Bardo 1147'/3708' 1785 m 11/37 [Gz]
bare (Som) teacher, trainer; bere (bäre) (A) ox, bull;
barre (O) large gourd
HDA13 Bare, see Bure
JBS02 Bare (Barrei) Gz: 0437'/4243' 395 m 04/42 [Gz]
MS: 0430'/4240' = JBK91, 1506 m
Gz coordinates give JBS12, near JBK92
bare gimb: gimb (A) stone wall or tower or castle
HEK60 Bare Gimb (Barie Gimb, Barie Ghemb), see Bahri Gimb
JB... Bare wereda (-1997-) in the Afder Zone 04/42? [20]
bareda, bareedaa (O) magnificent, beautiful, superb
HDJ74 Bareda (area) 2420 m, cf Barada, Bereda 09/37 [WO]
bareddu (A) kind of shrub or tree, Myrica salicifolia;
bareddu, baredu, bareeduu (O) be beautiful /usually of females/
HDB76 Bareddu (mountain) 1880 m 08/36 [WO]
JDD47 Bareha (area) 08/43 [WO]
?? Bareilu, cf Were Ilu ../.. [18]
JDG56 Bareita (mountain) 09/40 [Ne]
HDS41 Baremma 1023'/3739' 2417 m 10/37 [Gz]
Baremma, west of Debre Markos
HCC42c Barendu (Male-inhabited area) 05/36 [x]
-- Barentu, large group of eastern Oromo, with many branches
JDG37 Barentu, G. (area) 1048 m 09/40 [WO]
JDH75 Barentu (area) 09/41 [WO]
HE... Barentu sub-district (centre in 1964 = Didigesa Ala) 12/39 [Ad]
baresa (Borana O) 1. kind of medium tree, Terminalia brownii,
with purple-red fruits that from a distance look like flowers;
the bark is used for tanning an gives a yellow colour;
(O) 2. a breed of ponies; 3. buttocks, tail of sheep;
4. signs, of unknown symbolism, on Oromo grave stones
JDC60 Baresa (area) 08/41 [WO]
HCT90 Baressa (area), see under Butajira 08/38 [WO]
JCD83 Barey (Barrei) 0611'/4251' 326 m 06/42 [Gz]
HE... Barezeba (in Gayint awraja)
HDK70 Barga (with church) 2421 m, cf Berga 09/37 [WO]
JDA19 Bargai (area) 08/40 [WO]
?? Bargam (meadow in Gemu Gofa) ../.. [x]
HCC83 Barge (Tiffi) 0614'/3658' 1535 m 06/37 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HCC84
JBS11 Bargeile (Bargheile, Bargeilo) 04/42 [+ Gz WO Wa]
0438'/4238' 332 m
HCC90 Bargela (Baguenia) 0620'/3640' 1706 m 06/36 [Gz]
JBJ94 Bargif (Barghif) 04/42 [+ WO]
HEK60 Barghim, see Bare Gimb
bargo (O) half-boiled, not well cooked /grains, pumpkin, etc/
JCH55 Bargo (Borgo) 0651'/4110' 1080 m 06/41 [WO Gz]
JEA23 Bargu 1106'/4003' 1808 m 11/40 [Gz]
HBS.. Bargudda, village at some distance from Burji 05/37 [x]
HEE28 Barhe kebele (Barhé ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Tenta wereda, 28-35 km
south-southwest of Tenta settlement; area 4,024 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
bari, barii (O) cock's chant, day-break, sunrise;
baari (O) 1. sea, ocean, world abroad; 2. patient, tolerant;
barii (T) fire accident
?? Bari (place at Webi Shebele) 05/44 [18]
HDA76 Bari, see Barri
HDM.? Bari (with church Maryam), in Bulga/Kasim wereda 09/39? [x]
JDA79 Bari (It: Bari d'Etiopia) 0852'/4036' cf Beri 08/40 [WO Gu]
GDF65 Bari Bongo 08/34 [WO]
GDU12 Bari Cossa, see Asosa
HEK60 Bari Gimb, see Bahri Gimb
HDM42 Bari kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in central northernmost Hagere Maryam & Kesem wereda at its border,
10-15 km north-east of Koremash; area 1,330 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT85 Bari kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in north-western Kelala wereda, 3-8 km north-northwest
of Kelala settlement; area 1,545 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
baria magaja, lazy slave?
bariya (A,T) 1. slave; 2. (A) epilepsy, short for yäbariya bäshta;
3. (A) a kind of fish with fine bones;
bariya dengiya (A) basalt;
magaja (O) jaded /horse or mule/; nag; /figuratively:/ lazy
HEJ09 Baria Magaja (B. Magagia) (small island) 11/37 [Ch Gu]
barich (Borana O) kind of shrub or small tree, Ochna inermis
HDE06 Baricha (Bariccia) (mountain) 2480 m, cf Bericha 08/39 [+ Gu WO]
HER78 Baridiot (mountain) 1321'/3721' 2413 m 13/37 [Gz]
HDS09 Barie 09/38 [WO]
HEK60 Barie Gimb, see Bahri Gimb
?? Barie wereda (centre in 1964 = Barie) 05/44? [Ad]
HDU82 Barigo, see Adama
JDJ79 Barigududi (area) 09/42 [WO]
JEC.. Bario, one of six lakes where the Awash river ends 11/41 [20]
JFB32 Bariressu 1352'/4053' 137 m 13/40 [WO Gz]
bariso: bariisaa (O) sunrise, morning star
HDH96 Bariso (area) 09/36 [WO]
barita: bariite (O) dawn
JDG35 Barita, G. (area) 812 m, cf Barrita 09/40 [WO]
JEH06 Barji (Bargi) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
barka (T) boat; berka (T) forest; barke (O) myrrh
HBS84 Barka (Barca) 0517'/3753' 1417 m, cf Berka 05/37 [+ WO Gz]
HBS95 Barka (Barca) (area), see under Burji 05/37 [+ WO]
HFF25 Barka (with rock-hewn church), see under Atsbi 13/39 [x]
JDJ15 Barkale (G. Barcale) (area) 2105 m, 09/42 [+ WO]
see under Amuma
HEK92 Barkan (area) 12/37 [WO]
HEF41 Barkana kebele (Barqana ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Kuta Ber wereda, 18 km west
of Kuta Ber settlement; area 2,608 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Barkanta (Barcanta) 2260 m ../.. [+ Gu]
HDN.. Barkasa, village near Abay, north-east of Asosa 10/35 [x]
HEJ87 Barke (on map of 1843) 12/37 [Ha]
HEJ.. Barko (historical, west of Gondar) 12/37 [x]
HCS31 Barkuncho (Barcuncio) 07/37 [+ WO]
HFE61 Barkwa (Barkua) 1408'/3835' 2293 m 14/38? [Gz Ad]
HE... Barkwa Maryam (Barkua Mariam) 11/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Dega Abole sub-district)
HFE61 Barkwa sub-district (centre in 1964 = Wikro) 14/38 [Ad]
JBR09 Barmadauem (Barmetawen, Burmetaven) 04/42 [WO Gz 18 Wa]
0436'/4226' 258 m
HES67 Barna (locality) 1315'/3809' 13/38 [Gz]
HES.. Barna sub-district (centre in 1964 = Libanos) 13/38 [Ad]
JCU46 Barnbase, see Gambisi 07/44 [WO]
HES00 Barnbelo 12/37 [WO]
GDU13 Baro 1006'/3438' 1524 m 10/34 [Gz]
HEL96 Baro 0534'/3718' 2329 m 05/37 [Gz]
HEU13 Baro 1249'/3938' 1830 m, near Korbeta 12/39 [Gz]
baro (O) be beautiful; (Kefa) maize, Zea mays;
kella (kélla) (A) toll station
GDF07c Baro Kella (Barochella), c600 m 08/34 [+ Gu]
GDE.. Baro river (Baro Wenz, Upeno)
(river with Gambela etc)
HBL23 Barocho (mountain) 0349'/3842' 1380 m 03/38 [WO Gz]
baroda (O) kind of shrub or small tree, Salix subserrata;
barodi (O) kind of root vegetable; barodu (O) bellow, make
a deep voice like a bull, rejoice noisily over a victory
HCK12 Barodda (Baroda), see Boreda
HDL16 Barrec, see Berek
JBS02 Barrei, see Bare
JBS12 Barrei (Bare, Burrei) (with waterhole) 04/42 [MS WO Gu LM]
JCD83 Barrei, see Barey
HDL16 Barrek (Barrec), see Berek
barreke (barre'ke, barreqe) (A) to flash as lightning
JCD83 Barrey (Barrei) 06/42 [+ WO]
barri (O) 1. doorway, gate; 2. time /=certain period/
HBS85c Barri (with important well) 05/38? [x]
HDA76 Barri (Bari) 0849'/3522' 1536 m 08/35 [Gz]
HDB95 Barri 0901'/3610' 1227, 1375 m 09/36 [WO Gz]
JDP71 Barri 1039'/4049' 658 m 10/40 [WO Gz]
JDP74 Barri 1040'/4105' 392 m 10/41 [WO Gz]
HDH03 Barri Abbasena, see Abasina
barr-is- (O) fly
JCM75 Barris (area) 06/44 [WO]
JCM76 Barris 07/44 [WO]
JEA06c Barrita, cf Barita 10/40 [Ne]
HCP06 Barta 0716'/3619' 2146 m, east of Bonga 07/36 [Gz]
-- Barta language, see Berta
-- Bartire, group/tribe of Somali living south-east of Jijiga
JDK33 Bartire, see Beri & Bartire sub-district
HDK20 Barto 0915'/3733' 1634 m 09/37 [WO Gz]
baruda (O) bullets, explosives
HE... Baruda 11/36 [n]
JDP79c Barudada (Baroudada) circa 1040'/4130' 10/41 [18 x]
barudi (O), barud (Arabic,A) gunpowder
JEB29 Barudi 1105'/4133' 467 m 11/41 [WO Gz]
HDL49 Baruga Tekle Haymanot (church) 0928'/3914' 09/39 [Gz]
JDN97 Barugali (area), see under Trena 10/40 [WO]
GD... Barugambela kebele ../34 [20]
located near Sudan. Kwama language is spoken there.
HEF43 Barumeida, see Boru Meda?
HEF43 Barumieda, see Boru Debre Birhan
JDR71 Barurudda (Bururudda) 1040'/4138' 600 m 10/41 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code JDR70
HEL96 Barusha 1235'/3900' 2348 m, near Sekota 12/39 [Gz]
?? Barut (with fort, historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
barya: bariya (A) slave
HDJ15 Barya Abo (church) 0909'/3706' 09/37 [Gz]
HEJ69c Barye Gemb, see Bahri Gimb
bas (O) lush vegetation
HEK62 Bas, see Das
JCB28 Basassar, see Bakassar
HCH52 Basciuma, see Bachuma
HDU24 Bash kebele 10/39 [Ad]
in eastern Lalo Midir & Mama Midir wereda at the middle of its
eastern border, 11-14 km east-northeast of Molale; area 860 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEK31 Basha 1202'/3737' 1784 m 12/37 [Gz]
HBR.. Bashada, ethnic group 05/36 [x]
HD... Bashekewet (Bash Kewot, Bashkewet) 09/39 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Debdebo sub-district)
HEU30 Bashi Maryam (church) 1259'/3924 12/39 [Gz]
west of Amba Alage
HEE10 Bashilo (Bascillo) confluence of tributary of the Abay 10/38 [20]
?? Bashir, at some distance from Kurmuk ../.. [x]
HCL24c Bashiru (Basciru) 06/38 [+ Gu]
basho k..: koora (O) meeting of elders; kooraa (O) hilltop,
spur, saddle; koora (O) haughtiness
?? Basho Kora ../.. [+ Gu]
HDR74 Basi 1036'/3701' 1952 m, south-west of Bure 10/37 [Gz]
HEC49 Basile 11/37 [WO]
HCC45 Basketo (Basketto, Baskatta, Mesketo) 05/37 [x]
-- ethnic group of the Sidama people
?? Basketo wereda (-1997-) ../.. [Ad n]
(-1994-) is divided into 32 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HD... Bashkewet, see Bashekewet
HEJ99 Baskura 1237'/3726' 2226 m, near Gondar 12/37 [Gz]
HER57 Baskura (Bascura) (place & area) 13/37 [+ WO Gu]
JCR89 Baskure (Bascure) (area) 08/42 [+ WO]
baso (Som) crown of the head
HCR58 Baso 0742'/3722' 1891 m 07/37 [Gz]
HDS21 Baso Basso), cf Basso 10/37 [Wa 18]
baso ber gebeya (A) market at Baso gate/pass
HEE27 Baso Ber Gebeya (market) 1107'/3907' 11/39 [Gz]
HDM83 Baso Dengora kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at
its border, 5-9 km west of Debre Sina; area 1,740 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- baso l..: Liben, tribe of the Mecha Oromo
H.... Baso Liben wereda (-1997-) ../.. [Ad n]
(-1994-) is divided into 43 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HDM72c Baso & Werana sub-district (-1997-) 09/39 [n]
basra: bazra (A) mare, female horse
JCC81 Basra (mountain) 0610'/4144' 913 m 06/41 [WO Gz]
HBR12 Bass Ebor (Basso Ebor), see Chew Bahir
HBR12 Bass Marle, see Chew Bahir
HBP04 Bass Narok (lake), see Turkana
HDG69 Bassi, T. (hill) 09/35 [WO]
HDB33 Bassiba (Bassibe) 0830'/3558' 1851 m 08/35 [Gz]
HCP39 Bassignani (sawmill) 07/36 [Gu]
JDG54 Bassitakali (Bassitacali) (area) 830 m 09/40 [+ WO]
basso, bassoo (O), besso (bässo) (A) food from roasted flour
or grain mixed with butter, salt, etc
-- Basso, Baso (Bässo), name of a Mecha Oromo tribe;
-- Basu, a clan of the Karrayyu of the Borana people
H.... Basso, see mainly Baso above 10/37 [18]
HEM73c Basso 12/39 [Gu]
HDM63 Basso wereda (centre in 1964 = Atakilt) 09/39 [Ad]
H.... Basso wereda (centre in 1964 = Jubie) 10/37 [Ad]
HEH85 Bastensu (area) 12/36 [WO]
HCN23 Bastika (Bastica) 1005 m 07/35 [+ WO]
HEJ86 Bastora 1234'/3708' 1890 m 12/37 [Gz]
J.... Basulle, valley in the Harar province 09/42? [Mi]
GDF81 Bata, see under Gidami 08/34 [WO]
HDG14 Bata (Cure) 0912'/3511' 1533 m 09/35 [Gz WO]
HEJ35 Bata (small island), see also Bahita 12/37 [Ch Gu WO]
JDA78 Batanissa 0852'/4035' 2010 m, near Gelemso 08/40 [Gz]
HDK55 Batatin, see Bedatino
batawa: bahtawi (A) hermit
JDJ55c Batawa, cf Balawa 09/42 [Wa]
JEA27 Bataxa 1102'/4027' 589 m 11/40 [Gz]
HCN19 Batchi, see Bechi
bate (Arsi O) kinds of small thorn tree,
e.g. Acacia eggelingii, A. persiciflora; baate (O) not;
bate (batä) (A) started, began /new month/; (bat'e) my king-post
HBK62 Bate (crater) 0414'/3742' 1045 m 04/37 [Gz]
HDE38 Bate 0828'/3911' 1575 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDE60 Bate 08/38 [WO]
JDH36 Bate 0924'/4114' 1615 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ45 Bate 0925'/4203' 2092 m 09/42 [Gz]
JEB47 Bate Buya (Bate-Buia) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
HEL06 Batele 1147'/3900' 3209 m 11/39 [Gz]
HCS23 Batena, see under Hosaina 07/37 [WO]
?? Bateramora, see Betera Amora
?? Baterat (mountain recorded in 1613) ../.. [n]
HEE86 Bathor, see Bete Hor
bati (baatii) (O) 1. raven, crow; 2. moon sickle, first appearance of the moon;
(A) 1. new moon; 2. bird which shows where wild bees have made a hive;
baati (Som) tie-dyed or coloured cloth, batik; batti (O) carcass
HCT90 Bati 0805'/3830' 1951 m 08/38 [Gz]
HEF36 Bati (Batie) 1111'/4001' 11/39 [n Ro WO]
Coordinates would give map code HEF37
JEA32 Bati (Batie, Batia, Batti, Baatii, Baatee) 11/40 [Gz MS WO Te]
MS: 1109/4002' 1637/1671 m; Gz: 1111'/4001' 1502 m
(centre at least 1959-1964 of Awsa awraja)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
5N Debisa (area) 1748 m
10NE Murjan (Murgian) (area) 1406 m
bati d..: dida (O) forest etc.
HCT80 Bati Dida 0800'/3826' 1976 m 08/38 [Gz]
?? Bati Felassi 14/39 [+ 18]
JEA32 Bati wereda (centre in 1964 = Bati) (-1964-1994-) 11/40 [Ad n]
(-1994-) is divided into 37 rural and 5 urban kebeles.
HDN55 Batimbo 1025'/3514' 713 m 10/35 [Gz]
JDA44 Batitti (area) 08/40 [WO]
bato, batoo (O) 1. oar; 2. broad, large /foot/
HCD93 Bato (lake), see Abaya
HDF31 Batto 08/39 [WO]
batu (O) porter, carrier; (bat'u) (A) the roof beam
HCM65 Batu (mountain) MS: 0640'/3925' 4307 m 06/39 [MS WO]
MS coordinates would give map code HCM31
Gz: 0655'/3944' = HCM64, 3970 m
HCM.. Batu Tiku (peak some distance from Dinsho) 07/39 [n]
HFC41 Baual, see Boval
KCR35 Bauet 0733'/4706' 475 m 07/47 [Gz]
HES67 Bauhit (Buahit, Bwahit/a/) (mountain) 13/38 [Gz Wa WO Gu]
MS: 1315'/3815' = HES68, 4430 m
Gz: 1313'/3813' 4345 m, see also under Sawana
HD... Baulli (district in the 1800s) 09/39? [18]
HEC46 Baumieda 11/37 [WO]
baw (Harari) rich; bawo (O) good, satisfactory
?? Bawa Amba (historical) ../.. [x]
HFC41 Bawal (Baual) (plateau) 13/36 [+ WO]
KCR26 Bawed (area) 07/47 [WO]
HEL42 Bawzan 1212'/3841' 2467 m 12/38 [Gz]
(with church Kidane Mihret to the south-west)
?? Baxlad Deroz (in Jimma region) ../.. [It]
baya, kind of tree?;
baya (O) fake calf used to make the cow give milk;
baye (O) plenty, abundant
HCD59 Baya 0552'/3823' 2072 m 05/38 [Gz]
HEU61 Baya (British camp in 1868) 13/39 [18]
JDK17 Baya (Baia) (Gabri Baia?) (area) 09/43 [+ WO]
HCG94 Baya Farm, see under Tepi
HEL72 Baycha (Baych'a) 1228'/3837' 2467 m 12/38 [Gz]
JFA25 Baydodo (Vaideddo, Waideddo) (with waterhole) 13/40 [LM WO Ne]
bayed ad..: adeege (Som) male servant, errand boy
JEC09 Bayed Adega (Baied Adega) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
bayessa (O) all right; bayyisu (O) cause to be plenty
HEH73 Bayisa, J. (Gebel Bajisa) (hill) 1226'/3556' 12/35 [Gz WO]
HDD34 Baykeda Maryam (church) 0830'/3757' 08/37 [Gz]
south-west of Weliso
HEF72 Baykedagn kebele (Baykädagn ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-western Habru wereda at its western border,
5 km north of Wichale; area 1,654 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL66 Baylamtu (Baylamt'u, Biala) (mountain) 12/35 [Gz]
1221'/3903' 3553 m
HEF72 Baylawet kebele (Baylawät' ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Habru wereda at its border,
surrounding Wirgesa to its east/south/west and located
near Wichale to its north; area 1,594 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HES01 Bayloge 1241'/3740' 2818 m, near code HEK91 12/37 [Gz]
HDT09 Baymot 0959'/3914' 2610 m 09/39 [Gz]
HDF73c Baynesagn kebele (Baynäsagn ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in central Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
12-20 km east of Balchi; area 2,598 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ68 Bayo Mayano (Baio Maiano) (church), cf Beyo 12/37 [+ WO]
bayra, beyra (Som) beira antelope
HFE84 Bayray (Bairai) (with waterhole) 14/38 [LM WO]
?? Baysa, about halfway between Mareb and Adwa 14/38 [18]
-- Bayso language, see Baiso
HCK04 Bayso (village on island), see under Gidicho 06/37 [x]
bayta (T) ground, earth
baytan: baytin (Som) information about lost thing or animal
JCC28 Baytan (Baitan) (plain) 05/42 [+ WO]
baza: bazza (A) stony soil
HCC78 Baza (Bazza), see Bonke Beza
HEC14 Bazana, see Bezzena
HDN74 Bazber (Shogali, Sciogali, Scioghali) 10/35 [Gz x WO Gu]
1037'/3512' 540 m (centre of the Shogali tribe)
?? Bazmeli (historical town in Ifat/Yifat) ../.. [Pa]
HCS.. Bazoso (village), see under Kibet 08/38 [20]
bazura: bazra (A) mare, female horse
HEE48 Bazura 1116'/3909' 2430 m 11/39 [Gz]
(town, with church Maryam to the south)
HEE48 Bazura kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in central Mekdela wereda at its eastern border,
5-10 km east of Masha; area 2,216 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HE... Bazura sub-district (centre in 1964 = Molek) 11/39 [Ad]
JCS84 Beacon Hill (English name of area) 08/42 [WO]
JDN28 Beadu (Be'adu, Bahadu) 1011'/4037' 10/40 [Gz WO]
(locality), see under Gewane
HCB15c Beamer (area & ethnic group) 05/36 [x]
?? Beb Sari (Bäb S.) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HEJ55 Bebehabo 1218'/3707' 1842 m 12/37 [Gz WO]
(with church Behaba Abbo)
GCM60 Bebeka 0657'/3419' 06/34 [Gz Po]
coffee plantation about 30 km from Mizan Teferi
HCL64 Bebela 0658'/3847' 2519 m 06/38 [Gz]
HDJ27 Bebela (Bebella) 0915'/3717' 2348 m 09/37 [Gz Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Jimma Rarie sub-district)
HDE83 Bebeli (Bebel'i), cf Babile 08/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Furi sub-district)
bebeli k..: kube, qubee (O) ring worn on the /little/ finger;
kube (A) small grasshopper not yet having wings
HDD55 Bebeli Kube 0840'/3802' 2664 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDU03 Bec Amba, see Bek Amba
GDF53 Beca, see Shola
HCP16 Beca, see Baka
HDG22 Becca, see Begi
HED99 Beccaccio, see Bekacho
GDU16 Becchi (Bacchi) 1005'/3457' 1004 m 10/34 [WO Gz]
HDD79 Beccio, see Becho
HCT39 Beccogi, see Bekoji
HDS55 Becet, see Bechet
HDS58 Bechana, see Bichena
HDF80c Bechash Tefa Lema, see Bichash Tefa Lema
JDA35 Bechecsa, see Bekeksa
HEU00 Becheka (Bech'ek'a) 1241'/3921' 2365 m 12/39 [Gz]
JDJ44 Becheke (Bech'ek'e) 0927'/4203' 2126 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDJ45 Becheke (Bech'ek'e) (mountain) 09/42 [Gz]
0927'/4204' 2326 m
HDD91 Becheki (Bech'ek'i, Becheqi) 0902'/3840' 2103 m 09/37 [AA q]
HDE22 Becheki (Bech'ek'i) 0825'/3840' 2131 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDL32 Becheki (Bech'ek'i) 0924'/3840' 2409 m 09/38 [Gz]
HDL66 Becheli Medhane Alem (Bech'eli ..) 09/38 [Gz]
(church) 0936'/3858'
HDG65c Bechera 09/35 [LM]
HDG75 Bechera Komis, about 25 km ESE of Mendi 09/35 [x]
HDS55 Bechet (Bech'et, Bachet, Bacet, Becet) 10/37 [Gz]
1024'/3758' 2544 m
Coordinates would give map code HDS45
HEF43 Bechetsa, see Beketsa
HCG98 Bechi (Bech'i) 0714'/3534' 1221 m 07/35 [Gz]
near map code HCN08
HCN19 Bechi (Bech'i, Bachi, Batchi) (locality) 07/35 [Gz WO]
0720'/3540' 2400 m
Mentioned in 1910 as one of five sub-regions of Gimira.
?? Bechioitoum (in Shewa, with post office planned) ../.. [x]
becho (O) 1. collectively of minor crops e.g. beans, lentils,
peas; 2. collectively of vermin e.g. bed-bugs, fleas, lice
-- Becho, Becheo, Bacho, Baju, name of a Tulama Oromo tribe
HC... Becho (Betcho) 07/35? [n Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964) (1964-1997-)
HDB00 Becho (Baccio) 0812'/3541' 1768 m 08/35 [Gz]
near map code HDA09
HDC27 Becho (Beccio) (pass), cf Bicho 08/37 [+ WO]
HDD79 Becho (Beccio) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
HDD88 Becho (Beccio) (area) 08/38 [+ WO]
HDE61 Becho (locality) 0846'/3833' 08/38 [Gz]
HDK69 Becho (Beccio) 09/38 [+ WO]
HDL33 Becho 0922'/3841' 2498 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL53 Becho 0931'/3845' 2648 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HD... Becho wereda (centre in 1964 = Tulu Bolo) 08/38 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 41 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HEM.. Bechoka (Bechoqa) 12/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Mai Modo sub-district)
HDB27 Bechu (Becho) (village, Sor waterfalls near) 08/35 [Ca 20]
beda (bäda) (A) desolated and deserted, uninhabited country
(midre beda, desert)
?? Beda (mountain in Arsi) 4133 m ../.. [Ad]
HE... Beda (river near the Tis Isat waterfalls) 11/38 [Ch]
JDJ22 Beda 0918'/4148' 2183 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ35 Beda 0924'/4203' 2190 m 09/42 [Gz]
between Alemaya and Harar
JDJ44 Beda 0930'/4202' 2064 m 09/42 [Gz]
JEJ03 Beda (area), cf Badda 11/41 [WO]
beda a..: allatti (O) any large bird
HDE71 Beda Alati (mountain) 08/38 [x]
beda r..: badda (O) 1. highland; 2. kind of tree;
rogge (O) unmarried girl's tonsure-like hair style
HDD63 Beda Roge, see Badda Rogge
HDJ96 Beda Sire 0953'/3711' 2287 m, east of Alibo 09/37 [Gz]
HDJ96 Beda Sire (mountain) 0957'/3711' 2244 m 09/37 [Gz]
badada (O) forced penal servitude
HDS08 Bedada (Tella Badada) 0959'/3819' 2613 m 09/38 [AA WO Gz]
(with church Gebriel), see under Tulu Milki
(Tulu Bedada is a little to the east)
HDD76 Bedada Tola (Bedoda T.) 0851'/3804' 2798 m 08/38 [Gz]
HCP28 Bedadi 0727'/3628' 1534 m 07/36 [Gz]
HCG87 Bedaica, see Bardika
HCE56c Bedakaysa, village near Kibre Mengist mines 05/39 [20]
?? Bedakessa, valley in Sidamo ../.. [Mi]
HBR.. Bedanchini, mountain east of lake Chew Bahir 04/36 [x]
?? Bedatina (Biddatinna), river in Wellega ../.. [Mi]
HDK24 Bedatina Amba (Bedat'ina A.) (mountain) 09/37 [AA Gz]
0918'/3756' 2420 m
HDK55 Bedatino (Bedat'ino, Bedatina, Badatina, Batatin) 09/37 [AA Gz WO]
0930'/3758' 2155 m (with church Tekle Haymanot)
HCK70 Bedaye 0703'/3732' 1560 m 07/37 [Gz]
bedda (Limmu O) white honey; beddah (Arabic) kinds of Ficus tree;
bedde (O) small flat clay griddle or pan for baking or roasting;
bedda (bädda) (A) have sexual intercourse; (O) magical sacrifice
JEN33 Bedda 1258'/4001' 1629 m, cf Badda 12/40 [WO Wa Gz]
HCK56 Beddessa, see Bedesa
JDA54 Beddeyu (G. Beddeiu) (area) 2337 m 08/40 [+ WO]
HDA17 Beddo sub-district (centre in 1964 = Arb Gebeya), 08/35 [Ad]
cf Bedo
HDD00 Bede 0810'/3732' 1682 m, near Abelti 08/37 [Gz]
HDT16 Bede 1006'/3903' 1877 m 10/39 [Gz]
HDE65 Bede Gebabe Mikael (church) 0841'/3857' 08/38 [Gz]
south-west of Debre Zeyt
HDL84 Bedebej 0950'/3850' 2143 m (with church Abo) 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEF60 Bededi kebele (Bädädi ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in north-easternmost Tenta wereda, 10-15 km north-northeast
of Tenta settlement; area 6,707 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF43c Bededo (centre in 1964 of Sulula sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
HEF43 Bededo kebele (Bädädo ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-western Tehuledere wereda at its southern border, 10 km south
of Hayk and adjoining Boru Meda on the east there; area 2,185 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDJ75 Bededuresa 0943'/3706' 2453 m 09/37 [Gz]
HEC08 Bedega 10/37 [WO]
bedel (bädäl) (A,T) fault, insult, injustice, crime, sin
?? Bedel Neb (Bädel Neb) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
bedela (O) offence, damage;
beddele (bäddälä) (A) to sin, to offend, to maltreat
HDB37 Bedele (Beddele, Bedelle, Bedelie, Bedelli, Badalle) 08/36 [Gz WO Ad x]
MS: 0831'/3623' 2012, 2162 m (with graves)
Gz: 0827'/3621' 2024 m
(centre -1956-1980- of Buno Bedele awraja)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
10E Daudie (mountain, with church) 2080 m
10E Omnibardu (village)
7NW Boka (Boca) (mountain)
3N Sacho (Saccio) (with church)
8N Kollo Boka (Collo Boca) (area) 2015 m
HDB37 Bedele wereda (centre in 1964 = Bedele) 08/36 [+ Ad]
(1994-) is divided into 86 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
From 1991 one of twelve weredas in Illubabor.
bedena (O), bedeno (A) kind of small or medium tree,
Balanites aegyptiaca, grows in dry land and has green spines
HEM63 Bedena Leko 1219'/3941' 1383 m 12/39 [Gz]
south-east of Alamata
HCS16 Bedene 0724'/3806' 1845 m 07/38 [Gz]
HDT27 Bedenleb, see Bedinlib
HEF05 Bedeno 1053'/3948' 1454 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDB39 Bedeno 0820'/4135' 08/41 [MS]
JDC91 Bedeno 0900'/4141' 1888 m 09/41 [Gz]
JDJ00 Bedeno (Bedenno, Beddeno) 09/41 [Gz Po WO Gu]
0907'/4138' 2259 m (with church Maryam)
JDJ00 Bedeno wereda (centre in 1964 = Bedeno) 09/41 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 68 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
bedesa: bedessa, badessa, badesa, bedassa (O) kinds of tree,
Croton macrostachys, Syzygium guineense
HCK56 Bedesa (Bedessa, Beddessa, Tora) 06/37 [Gz 20]
0650'/3805' 1392 m
HD... Bedesa (Badessa), river in the Nejo area 09/35 [Mi]
HDK96 Bedesa 0955'/3807' 1823 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL42 Bedesa 0928'/3838' 1846 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDB80 Bedesa (Bedessa, Beddessa, Bediessa, Badessa) 08/40 [Gz Po Ad WO]
(Tora) MS: 0850'/4040' 1760/1830 m = JDA79,
Gz: 0854'/4047' 1761 m = JDB70
(centre in 1964 of Kuni wereda)
town in Damot Weyde wereda
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
2S Orabis (area) 1904 m
HCE.. Bedesa Tega (Badessa Tega) 05/39 [+ Mi]
HDG26 Bedeso 0917'/3521' 1525 m 09/35 [Gz]
HDJ74 Bedeso 0942'/3659' 1752 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDG.. Bedeso Mana Bushen, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HDG.. Bedeso Ula Facha, in Gimbi awraja 09/35 [x]
HDL01 Bedi (area), cf Badi 09/38 [WO]
HDL02 Bedi 0907'/3839' 2731 m, north-west of A.A. 09/38 [AA Gz]
(with church and former landing ground)
HDL54 Bedi 0934'/3850' 2609 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL61 Bedi sub-district (centre in 1964 = Sokoro) 09/38 [Ad]
HDT27 Bedinlib kebele (Bädenleb ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Weremo Wajitu & Mida wereda at its southern border,
very near Meragna settlement to its south-west: area 1,652 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JBS53 Bedle, see Bodle
bedo (A) measure equal to four kuna; bedu (bädu) (T) drink;
Bedo, a male personal name
HDB78 Bedo 0851'/3630' 2108 m, cf Bado, Beddo, Bido 08/36 [Gz]
HDJ46 Bedo 0926'/3708' 2224 m, at Chomen swamp 09/37 [Gz]
(with church Giyorgis), south-east of Shambu
HDK20 Bedo 0915'/3731' 1761 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDT08 Bedobej kebele (Bädobäj ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in northern Moret & Jiru wereda at its north-eastern border,
10-15 km north of Inewari; area 1,237 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDD76 Bedoda Tola, see Bedada Tola
HD... Bedro (in Jibat & Mecha awraja) 08/37? [Ad]
?? Bedru, ford at the Abay ../.. [Ch]
HFE85 Beesa Amba, see Bihiza
GDU64 Befodio, see Belfodiyo
HDD92 Befti, see Bifti
HDM.? Beg Amba (with church Mikael) 09/39 [x]
beg b..: berde (Som) wild fig tree
JBT46 Beg Berde (Bug B., Bug Berda) 0457'/4402' 482 m 04/44 [WO Gz]
on the border of Somalia
-- Bega, ethnic group on left side of Didessa and Abay,
also called Gunza, Gumuz, Sese, Saysay, Say
-- Bega Tse language, see Gumuz
HDK13 Begalo 09/37 [AA]
HDK62 Begalo 0936'/3746' 2432 m, see under Kachisi 09/37 [AA Gz]
HCM87 Begejo 0705'/3958' 2561 m 07/39 [Gz]
HE... Begela sub-district (Beghela ..) 12/37 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Shele Beza)
?? Begge (village) ../.. [20]
GDM21 Begi (Beigi, Beighi, Germus, Ghermus) 09/34 [Gz]
0920'/3429' 1646 m
GDM32 Begi (Beigi, Biegi, Beghi, Becca, Bekka, Beica) 09/34 [MS Gz WO Gu]
(with airfield and post office)
MS: 0920'/3432' 1569 m; Gz: 0920'/3429' 1673 m
(centre in 1964 of Begi wereda & Laloshashi sub-district)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
3E Borga (village)
7E Soro (village)
7SE Sanga (village) 1552 m
10SE Toddi (village)
5SW Chei (village)
7SW Shashi (Siasi) (village) 1542/1801 m
7NW Talladu (village) 1553 m
9NW After (village)
6N Didibba (village)
7N Sera (village)
8NE Soro (village)
HDG22 Begi (Becca, Beica) 0916'/3432' 1646 m 09/34 [Gz]
GD... Begi Bile sub-district (Begi Bili, Biegi Bilie ..) 09/34? [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Arb Gebeya)
-- Begi Mao, ethnic group speaking Hozo language
and numbering about 10,000
GDM32 Begi wereda (Biegi ..) (centre in 1964 = Begi) 09/34 [+ Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 10 rural kebeles and no urban kebele.
HDT69 Begide 1031'/3916' 2629 m 10/39 [Gz]
HEF72 Begido kebele (Bägido ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in easternmost Ambasel wereda stretching north-west/south-east to its
border and adjoining Wichale to the south-west there; area 2,254 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
begna: begena (bägäna) (A,T) Ethiopian harp-like instrument
GDM85 Begna (village) 0947'/3452' 1376, 1525 m 09/34 [WO Gu Gz]
HCU92 Bego 0803'/3930' 08/39 [Gz]
HDL09 Bego Amba Mikael (church) 0907'/3915' 09/39 [Gz]
bego c..: chereka (ch'äräqa) (A) 1. moon; 2. whitish /animal/
HEE83 Bego Chereka (B. Ch'erek'a) 1138'/3844' 2128 m 11/38 [Gz]
HDM25 Bego kebele (Bägo ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in the middle of southern Berehet wereda stretching to its border;
area 3,422 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEL68 Begolea (Begole'a, Begwele'a) 12/39 [Gz]
1219'/3912' 2207 m
begui (bägui) (T) sheep
HEM23 Beguoco, see Begwoko
HEL63 Begut 12/38 [WO]
HEM42 Begwa (Begua) (area) 1774 m 12/39 [+ WO]
HEM23 Begwoko (Beguoco) 1201'/3941' 1480 m 12/39 [+ Gu Gz]
HDT47 Beha (Bena) 1021'/3908' 1728 m 10/39 [Gz]
behaba abbo: abbo (O) term of address among male friends;
Abbo (A) colloquial name of Saint Gebre Menfes Qiddus
HEJ55 Behaba Abbo, see Bebehabo
?? Behela (Bähela) (historically recorded "town") ../.. [Pa]
beherawi shengo (A) national assembly /post address but not a locality?/
?? Beherawishengo (Beherawi Shengo) ../.. [Po]
KCP41 Behid Ali 07/45 [WO]
JDS32 Beiadader, see Beyadader
GDM32 Beica, see Begi
JEC53 Beida, see Beyda
HET50 Beieda, see Beyeda
GDM22 Beigi (Beighi), see Begi
GDM32 Beigi (Beica) 0920'/3429' 1646 m 09/34 [Gz]
HDA54 Beinal (Beina), see Tulu Benni
GDE24 Beiniol, see Baitiok
HDL88 Beio, see Beyo
JDS71 Beio Anot, see Biye Anod
-- Beir language, see Murle
HEF63 Beirat 1125'/3936' 1742 m, see under Hayk 11/39 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HEF62
Beit .., see generally Bet .., Bete ..
KCN59 Beit Ali 0744'/4538' 636 m 07/45 [WO Gz]
HCP34 Beito 0735'/3605c 07/36 [x]
Place at lower Gojeb river before it joins another river.
HDT63 Beja Chilaga kebele (Béja Ch'elaga ..) 11/38 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Sayint wereda,
adjoining Beja kebele to the north and located 12-18 km
south-southeast of Ajibar; area 3,852 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDT72 Beja kebele (Béja ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in the middle of southern Sayint wereda, 5-11 km
south-southeast of Ajibar; area 2,480 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Beje (centre in 1964 of Gimba sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
?? Bejena Maryam (centre in 1964 of Kech sub-district) 12/37 [Ad]
GD... Beji (in Asosa awraja), cf Begi 10/34? [Ad]
HDK06 Bejro (Bejiro) 0908'/3806' 2564 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(with church Be'ale Weld at some distance to the south-west)
HDU03 Bek Amba (Bec Amba), see under Sela Dingay 09/39 [+ WO]
beka, beeka, beekaa (O) wise, intelligent, eloquent;
bekka (bek'a, beqqa) (A) to be ample, sufficient, enough
HCP16 Beka, see Baka
JDH00 Beka (Baca) 0904'/4042' 1768/1773 m 09/40 [Gz WO]
west of Asbe Teferi
HED99 Bekacho (Beccaccio), see under Nefas Mewcha 11/38 [+ WO]
bekachu (O) 1. watch out; 2. have foreknowledge
?? Bekafta Yohannes (ctr in 1964 of Fafa sub-district) 10/35? [Ad]
JEH08 Bekari (Bacarri Ale) (chain of hills) 11/41 [Gz WO]
1151'/4127' 727 m
HCR47 Bekawaka, see Boke Wako
H.... Bekawla, see Bekewulie
HCC68 Beke 0601'/3723' 2264 m 06/37 [Gz]
HCD93 Beke (lake), see Abaya
HDK14 Beke 0912'/3756' 2630 m, 09/37 [AA Gz]
see under Ilfeta, cf Baka
HDL07 Beke 0904'/3905' 2502 m 09/39 [Gz]
south-east of Sendafa
HDL17 Beke 0910'/3904' 2557 m (with church Maryam) 09/39 [Gz]
north-east of Sendafa
JDB04 Beke 0810'/4108' 1498 m 08/41 [Gz]
HCR47 Beke Abawako, see Boke Wako
beke gudo: guddo (O) 1. abundant; 2. big /female/;
gudo (Som) 1. inside, interior; 2. fulfill one's obligations
JDB60 Beke Gudu (B. Gudo, Bocche Guddo) 08/40 [Gz MS WO]
0845'/4042' 1851/1870 m, near map code JDA69
beke h..: halo (O) kind of acacia, Acacia bussei;
haaloo (O) grudge, rancour
JDJ54 Beke Halo 0934'/4158' 1621 m, east of Dire Dawa 09/41 [Gz]
beke ka..: kaluu (O) near in distance;
kalu, qalu (O) 1. to slaughter, to sacrifice;
2. to roast coffee beans; kallu (O) sorcerer, ritual expert
JDJ36 Beke Kalu (B. K'alu, B. Qalu) 09/42 [Gz q]
(mountain) 0924'/4213' 1810 m
HEF15 Beke kebele (Bäké ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Kalu wereda, 5-10 km south-east
of Kombolcha; area 3,303 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDJ47 Beke Kelu (B. K'elu, B. Qelu) 0925'/4217' 1911 m 09/42 [Gz q]
beke ko..: korattii (O) thorn
HE... Beke Korati sub-district (Bekie ..) 11/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Ali Ager)
HDJ16 Beke Rere 0911'/3712' 2122 m 09/37 [Gz]
HDK14 Beke Tereter (cliff) 0912'/3754' 09/37 [AA Gz]
beke ti..: tiqqoo (O) small, little; tiko (O) kidney
JDA69 Beke Tiko, see Boke Tiko
HEE46 Bekecho, see Bikicho
HEL89 Bekeda (Bek'eda, Beqeda) 1234'/3916' 2302 m 12/39 [Gz q]
HDM34 Bekefayne kebele (Bäkäfayné ..) 09/39 [Ad]
near the centre of southern Ankober wereda,
10 km south of Ankober town; area 652 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
bekeferda: farda (O) horse
HCR06 Bekeferda (Bachefarda) 07/37 [LM WO]
HD... Bekejo Zikwala (in Yerer & Kereyu awraja) 08/39? [Ad]
HCT93 Bekeka (Bek'ek'a, Beqeqa) 0808'/3843' 1751 m 08/38 [Gz q]
near map code HDE03
HDK01 Bekeka 0905'/3737' 1920 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
HED04 Bekeka sub-district (centre in 1964 = Sede Giyorgis) 10/37 [Ad]
JDA35 Bekeksa (Bechecsa, Bacacsa, Bokeksa) 08/40 [Gz Ad Gu WO]
(plantations nearby) 0826'/4014' 1534/1570 m
(sub-district & its centre in 1964)
H.... Bekeksa (Bokeksa), in Ambasel awraja 11/39? [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Dodota sub-district)
bekela (beeqe'laa) (O) broad bean, horse bean;
bekele: bekkele (bäqqälä) (A) shoot up, flourish, grow;
(bäkkälä) (A) contaminate, pollute; Bekele, a male Amharic name
?? Bekele (visiting postman under Nazret) ../.. [Po]
HDJ45 Bekele (Bek'ele, Beqele) 0928'/3703' 2776 m 09/37 [Gz q]
south of Shambu
JDJ07 Bekelen (Bek'elen, Beqelen) 0907'/4218' 1440 m 09/42 [Gz q]
(Bekelen Sefer)
JDJ21 Bekelen (Bek'elen, Beqelen) 0918'/4145' 2400 m 09/41 [Gz q]
bekelo: beklo (bäqlo) (A) mule
?? Bekelo (visiting postman under D.Birhan) cf Bakelo ../.. [Po]

HDD98 Bekenisa 0900'/3819' 2098 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]

see under Welenkomi
JDK53 Bekenisa (Benenisa) 0935'/4248' 1911 m 09/42 [Gz]

bekenissa (Gurage) kind of tree, Croton macrostachys,

with broad leaves of which some are usually bright yellow;
also Vernonia amygdalina
HDE63c Bekeniti (village) 08/38 [x]
HDL52 Bekeno 0925'/3839' 2390 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
Beker, a male personal name
HES32 Beker sub-district (centre in 1964 = Dabat) 12/37 [Ad]
HDL35c Bekera (centre in 1964 of Webori sub-district) 09/38 [Ad]
HEF43 Beketsa (Bechetsa) 11/39 [+ Gu]
H.... Bekewulie (Bekawla) 05/37 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Komso wereda)
?? Bekeyo Gendecha (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
-- bekeyo ge..: Geta was traditionally a Gurage area
?? Bekeyo Getta (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
beki (O) doctor; (bäqi) (A) sufficient, enough
GDU16 Beki, see Becchi
HCN07 Beki (Bek'i, Beqi) 0717'/3530' 1408 m 07/35 [Gz q]
-- Bekie, see Beke
HD... Bekilalo (in Gimbi awraja) 09/35? [Ad]
HEF24 Bekimos kebele (Bäkimos ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Dese Zuriya wereda at its eastern border,
10 km south-southeast of Dessie; area 3,121 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCK61 Beklo Segno, see Bele
beko abo: abo see under abbo as first part of name
?? Beko Abo (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
beko genge: gengo (O) circular object
?? Beko Genge (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HC... Beko Kugo (Bek'o K.) 07/36 [n]
beko kuj.: qujee (Som) prick, jab, puncture
?? Beko Kuji (visiting postman under Jimma) ../.. [Po]
HEF94 Bekoj kebele (Bäqoj ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Habru wereda in its eastern part;
20 km east-southeast of Weldiya; area 2,339 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCT39 Bekoji (Beccogi, Bok'oji, Bocoggi, Boccoggi) 07/39 [Gz Po Ad WO]
(Bokoggi) MS: 0735'/3910' = HCT38, 2566, 2840 m
Gz: 0732'/3915' = HCT39, 2809 m
(centre of Limu & Bilbilo wereda)
HCT39 Bekoji wereda + sub-district 07/39 [+ Ad]
(centre of both in 1964 = Bekoji)
HCT39 Bekoji wereda 07/39 [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 83 rural and 6 urban kebeles.
HDE55 Bekojo 0837'/3856' 1831 m 08/38 [Gz]
JDC67 Bekola 0845'/4219' 1294 m 08/42 [Gz]
JDJ88 Bekola 0939'/4224' 1567 m 09/42 [Gz]
bekollo, bekkollo (bäqqollo) (A) maize
HDL81 Bekolo 0948'/3832' 3027 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
?? Bekulzar (Fre: Béqoulzar) (historically recorded) ../.. [x]
?? Bekwot (Bequot) 14/39? [+ x]
(historical? area west of Adigrat)
bela (O) hunger, famine; (A) to eat;
(Welega Bega) kind of wild-growing spice
GDM82 Bela (hill) 2076 m, cf Belah, Bila 09/34 [WO]
HEL86 Bela (Biala) 1231'/3903' 2328 m 12/39 [Gz]
bela h..: hare (O) lake? place?
JDK43 Bela Hare 0925'/4249' 1670 m 09/42 [Gz]
GDU85 Belad Deroz 1041'/3447' 702 m (customs post) 10/34 [WO Gu Gz]
HEU12 Belago (Balago) 1250'/3932' 2533 m 12/39 [WO Gu 18 Gz]
(British camp in 1868), see under Maychew
HFE76 Belah (mountain) 14/39 [Pa]
HFE56 Belaho (mountain chain) 1405'/3903' 2375 m 14/39 [Gz]
south-east of Adwa
HEB65 Belaia, see Belaya & HEB72
HEB.. Belaire (amba) 11/36 [x]
HED02 Belaita 1053'/3745' 2474 m 10/37 [Gz]
HFE55 Belaito (Bela'ito, /Adi/ Teghemmes) (Muslim village) 14/38 [Gz Gu WO]
1403'/3859' 2053 m, south of Adwa
HBK83 Belal, G. (hill), cf Bilal, Bilel .. 04/37 [WO]
HBL20 Belal Haiya (area) 03/38 [WO]
HBP81 Belala (Balala) 05/35 [LM WO]
HBL85 Belale (Balale, Ballale) 0421'/3854' 1260 m 04/38 [Gz WO]
HFC28 Belamba, see Bilamba
belamba k..: kashi, ceremonial place among the Ometo;
cashi (Som) weakness /in livestock/; kaashi (Som) assistance, cooperation
HFC38 Belamba Kashi (Belamba Casci) (with church) 13/37 [+ WO Gz]
1351'/3724' 1002 m
HEF... Belan (Velan?) (village with poppies in 1890s) 11/39 [18]
JBS13 Belan 04/42 [WO]
GDU95 Belangashe, Jebel 1048'/3452' 1096 m 10/34 [Gz]
(mountain on the border of Sudan)
HDL58 Belat (recorded in 1841) 09/39 [Ha]
HEU50 Belat (/Addi/ Golagul) 1310'/3927' 1836 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
(with church Medhane Alem)
Coordinates would give map code HEU51
HEU62 Belat (Belhat) 1314'/3936' 1900 m 13/39 [Gu Gz]
HDJ97 Belatte (area) 09/37 [WO]
belay (A) 1. above; 2. vermin, also tebay (täbay);
Belay, a frequently used male personal name
HEB36 Belaya (Belaia, Belia) (high plateau) 11/36 [+ WO Gu 18]
average 1950 m, see under Chagne
HEB65 Belaya (Belaia, Belaiya, Balaia, Balaya, Bälayya) 11/36 [Gz WO Ch n]
(Belia, Baghidir) (mountain)
1128'/3612' 2402 m, peak 2731/2740 m
Coordinates would give map code HEB55
HEB72 Belaya (Belaia) (high plateau) 11/35 [+ WO Gu]
HEH18 Belaya 1153'/3626' 887 m 11/36 [Gz]
HEB66c Belaya sub-district (centre in 1964 = Nigus Dawit) 11/36 [Ad]
HEM90 Belayah 1236'/3924' 2747 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDJ35 Belbela (Balbala) (peak) 0921'/3704' 3076, 3261 m, 09/37 [Gz Gu WO]
see under Haretu
HEL46 Belbela, see Bilbila
JDA78 Belbeleyti (mountain chain) 0848'/4027' 1833 m 08/40 [Gz]
near Gelemso
JDA67 Belbeliti (Belbelti, Belbelleti, Belbelletti) 08/40 [Gu Ad WO Gz]
(plantations) 0843'/4025' 1746 m
JDA22 Belbelo 0824'/4001' 2738 m 08/40 [Gz]
belbelto (A) Celosia anthelmintica, C. trigyna
GDM93 Belbiso, Gebel (Bilbaiso) (mountain) 09/34 [WO Gz]
0952'/3437' 2058, 2738 m
GDU30 Beldoeso (Bildoesu) 1019'/3423' 1020 m 10/34 [WO Gz]
(mountain near the border of Sudan)
HCK61 Bele (Beklo Segno) 0655'/3739' 1950 m, cf Bili 06/37 [Gz]
HC... Bele (in Delo awraja) 06/39? [Ad]
HC... Bele (in Ticho awraja) 07/39? [Ad]
HCD81 Bele, small district south of Chencha 06/37 [x]
JCG47 Bele (Bailei, Ballei) 0646'/4026' 2097 m 06/40 [Gz WO]
HDU94 Bele kebele (Bälé ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in the central separate western part of Kalu wereda at its western border,
28-32 km south-southwest of Kombolcha; area 4,713 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JDK31 Belecta , see Belekta
GDU34 Belef Ofa, see Belet Oha
HEM23 Belego kebele (Bälägo ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in western south Kobo wereda, 21 km south
of Kobbo town; area 2,821 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
belegu: bellege (bällägä) (A) rained /small rains/
GDU40 Belegu (area) 10/34 [WO]
HFE67 Beleho 1410'/3906' 1928 m 14/39 [Gz]
JFA64 Belekiya (mountain) 1411'/4010' 350 m 14/40 [Gz]
HCU65 Beleksa (Ballacasa) 07/39 [LM WO]
JDK31 Belekta (Belecta) 0920'/4238' 1713 m 09/42 [Gz]
west of Jijiga, cf Belerka
?? Belela (in Sidama zone) ../.. [20]
HDU91 Belele 1048'/3925' 3023 m 10/39 [Gz]
?? Belembel, at the border of Somalia 05/45 [n]
HET46 Belenta 1302'/3900' 1354, 1470 m 13/39 [WO Gu Gz]
see under Abergele
JDK31 Belerka (Belerca, Belecta) (village) 1780 m 09/42 [+ Gu WO It]
beles, beless (bäläs) (A) kinds of small tree,
Ficus capreaefolia, F. carica, F. palmata, Euphorbia spp.,
also the Tree of Life which grows in Paradise; 2. good luck /in a hunt/;
(A,T) cactus, Opuntia sp.
HEA05 Beles (Balas) (river) 1054'/3516' 10/35 [x]
HFF32 Beles (Bäläs), see Belesa
belesa: belese (bäläsä) (T) to be superior; (bäläse) (A) moss;
bellese (bälläsä) (T) to choose, to select
HEK72 Belesa (Sifat'ira) 1224'/3742' 2506 m 12/37 [LM Gz WO]
(Gz has Beleza at 1225'/3744', see below)
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
8E Debosghie (village)
9E Abune Aregay (Abuna Aregai) (church) 2484 m
6S Birratellic (village)
7S Bilbochi (Bilboci) (village)
10S Mikael Debir (village)
3SW Amba Zuria (area)
6SW Mereda Mikael (village)
9SW Merider Maryam (village)
(8NW Deguma, see this location)
7NE Aosaharoa (village)
HEK88 Belesa (area) 12/38 [WO]
HEK93 Belesa (Bäläsa) (locality) 1235'/3750' 12/37 [WO Gz]
HEM82 Belesa 12/39 [It]
HES56 Belesa 1308'/3806' 3020 m, 13/38 [Gz]
cf Hulet Belesa wereda
HFF32 Belesa (Beles, Bäläs) (with church Mikael) 13/39 [Gz Gu Pa]
1350'/3936', south-east of Hawzen, see under Wikro
HFL17c Belesa (May Belesa) (river on the border of Eritrea) 14/39 [20 En]
HBR19 Belesa Ilario (area) 04/37 [WO]
HEK71 Belesa wereda (Belessa ..) 12/37 [Ad 20]
(centre in 1964 = Ambachara) (1964-1994-)
(-1994-) is divided into 42 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
Part of Libo awraja until 1974.
GEF06 Belesagado, Jebel 1052'/3457' 953 m 10/34 [Gz]
(mountain on the border of Sudan)
HEK71 Belessen (mountains) 1228'/3739' 2732 m 12/37 [Gz]
-- belessua: Belesuwa, an Ado Mara tribe of the Afar
HFF75 Belessua (area) peak 2578 m 14/39 [WO]
JFA93 Belessua (area) 14/40 [WO]
belet: belett ale (bälätt' alä) (A) exceeded, surpassed;
ofa (O) wooden spear without metal point
GDU34 Belet Oha (Belef Ofa) [=Belet Wiha?] 10/34 [MS Gz WO]
1013'/3446' 1421 m
HCP39 Beletta 0733'/3630' 07/36 [WO x]
Forest area midway between Jimma and Bonga.
Belew (bäläw), a male personal name
?? Belew (Balaw) (ancient Muslim kingdom) ../.. [n]
in north-eastern Ethiopia
HEM90 Belewa 1237'/3922' 2848 m, cf Balawa 12/39 [Gz]
JDJ56 Belewa 0934'/4208' 1660 m (north of Harar) 09/42 [Gz]
JDK42 Belewule 0926'/4245' 1727 m 09/42 [Gz]
JDK54 Beley 0934'/4256' 1776 m 09/42 [Gz]
-- Beleya (Bäläya), an animist group west of Agew Midir
HE... Beleya (mountain), see [probably] Belaya 11/36 [MS]
HEK72 Beleza (Belesa, Balaza) 1225'/3744' 2143 m 12/37 [Gz WO]
HET16 Beleza 1247'/3901' 2053 m 12/39 [Gz WO]
HET16 Beleza (Felisma) 1247'/3902' 1924 m 12/39 [Gz WO Gu]
GDU64 Belfodiyo (Befodio, Belfodio) (north of Asosa) 10/34 [Gz WO Gu]
MS: 1035'/3447' 1046 m; Gz: 1031'/3447' 843 m
HCR60 Belga 0750'/3640' 1629 m, near Agaro, cf Beliga 07/36 [Gz]
belg (bälg) (A) season of small rains;
belg wenzi (T?) small rains river /flowing in that season/?
HEE77 Belgwenzi (Belguenzi) 11/39 [+ WO]
HEU62 Belhat, see Belat
GDM74 Belho 0943'/3442' 1476 m, cf Belo 09/34 [Gz]
JEJ45 Belhou (waterhole) 12/42 [WO]
HEB36 Belia, see Belaya
HDC34 Belida (mountain) 0824'/3658' 2428 m 08/36 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HDC24
HFF34 Beliga 1353'/3947' 2666 m, north-west of Atsbi 13/39 [Gz]
JFA64 Beliga (watercourse) 1409/4008', cf Belga 14/40 [Mi]
HF... Beliho (centre in 1964 of Indachiwa sub-district) 14/38? [Ad]
HEF95 Belina 1140'/3951' 1480 m 11/39 [Gz]
belio: beelyo (Som) large bird of prey
HCB58 Belio, Gebel (mountain) 0554'/3630' 1557 m 05/36 [WO Gz]
JCP74 Belitu (Beltu), see Lege Hida
JCJ69 Belkane (Belcane) 0656'/4228' 797 m 06/42 [Gz]
HEL76 Belkwak (Belcoac) 1224'/3903' 2733 m 12/39 [+ WO Gu Gz]

bella (O) single eye /if one is lost/;

(A) to eat; to win gambling
HCJ00 Bella, see Belta, cf Balla
HDH08 Bellam (area), see under Nekemte 09/36 [WO]
bellama (O) valuable /assets/
?? Belle (sub-post office under Shashemene) ../.. [Po]
HDC41 Bellecha (Belleccia) (area) 08/36 [+ WO]
HCP39 Belleta (Belletta, Bellista) (forest) 0732' 3631' 07/36 [Gz WO Gu x]
G.... Belletafa 10/34 [18]
bellete (bällät'ä) (A) surpass, excel, also a male personal name
JBP39 Bellic (area) 04/41 [WO]
GDU02 Belmili, see under Asosa 10/34 [WO]
HEA26 Belmili (area) 11/35 [WO 18]
HDN34 Belmodo (mountain) 1015'/3510' 10/35 [x]
belo (Som) hardship, difficulty, misfortune;
(bälo, Shewa pronunciation of bäqlo) (A) mule
GCU15 Belo (Belou, Biloo) (mountain), cf Belho 07/34 [WO Gz]
0722'/3451' 1170 m
HDE70 Belo (Bälo) (village near Awash) 08/38 [x]
HDE80 Belo 0856'/3825' 2116 m 08/38 [Gz]
JDA75 Belo 0851'/4017' 1493 m 08/40 [Gz]
?? Belo Jegonfoy wereda (.. Jegenfo ..) ../.. [Ad 20]
in Benishangul-Gumuz
(-1994-) is divided into 20 rural kebeles and no urban one.
belo m..: meda (A,T) field, grassy plain
HDE70c Belo Meda (plain) 08/38 [x]
?? Belodolie (Belohdelie), middle Awash fossil site ../.. [20]
GDU96 Belshimbele (hill) 10/34 [WO]
HCC77 Belta (Balta) 0604'/3716' 2702 m 06/37 [Gz WO]
(place, and according to WO also area)
HCJ00 Belta (Belt'a, Bella) 0624'/3638' 1830 m 06/36 [Gz]
HCJ.. Belta (in Gofa awraja) 06/36? [Ad]
HC... Belta Mender (in Gardula awraja) 05/37? [Ad]
HED85 Belta Musafa ca. 1140'/3805' 11/38 [20]
area some 20 km south of Debre Tabor
HEJ03 Beltea (valley) 11/36 [It]
JCP74 Beltu (Belitu), see also Lege Hida
-- Bembala language, see Burji
HEK44 Bembwalul (Bembualul) (area) 12/37 [+ WO]
HEA43 Bemoza, see Bameza
HEL04 Ben (Babingia) 1143'/3854' 2499 m 11/38 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HEE95
ben gado: gado (O) grudge, rancour; (Som) 1. buy for oneself;
2. erase; gaaddo (Som) chest, pectoral muscles; gaddo (Som)
1. select; 2. personality
JCT24 Ben Gado 0726'/4351' 719 m 07/43 [WO Gz]
HDT47 Bena, see Beha
bena k..: Kule (Tsamay), an ethnic group in this region
HCC00 Benakule wereda (Benakulie .., Bena Kule ..) 05/36 [+ Ad n]
(Benakole .., Banna Kole ..) (centre in 1964 = Kule)
from the late 1960s in Geleb & Hamer Bako awraja
HEE98 Benawalka, see Binawalka

benben ..: kidame gebeya (A) Saturday market

HCU92 Benben 0805'/3932 2758 m 08/39 [Gz]
HFD02 Benben Kidame Gebeya (Benbel ..) 08/39 [x Gz]
0810'/3932' 2568 m
-- Bench (Gimira, Ghimarra, Gimarra, Dizu) ethnic group living
in the Kefa region, in and around Mizan Teferi
?? Bench Maji zone (capital Mizan Teferi) ../.. [n]
?? Bench-Maji awraja ../.. [En]
an early unit of what became the Bench-Maji Zone in 1996.
?? Bench wereda (1996-) ../.. [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 101 rural and 3 urban kebeles.
HES22 Bencher 1256'/3746' 2571 m 12/37 [Gz]
HCH38 Benchira, see Benkira
HC... Bendana (in Kembata & Hadiya awraja) 07/37? [Ad]
?? Bendelcho Kombota (in Hadiya), see also Keberkuya ../.. [n]
bender a..: aman (Arabic) peace, safe /area/
JDL23 Bender Aman 0915'/4344' 1402 m 09/43 [Gz]
on the border of Somalia
HDB83 Bendi (mountain) 0857'/3600' 1381 m 08/36 [Gz]
HDH08 Bendikake (Bendicache) (area) 09/36 [+ WO]
JDK53 Benenisa, see Bekenisa
-- Benesho, a sub-division of the main ethnic group of Gimira-Maji
HC... Benesho (Fre: Bennecho) ../.. [Pa x]
Mentioned in 1910 as one of five sub-regions of Gimira.
HCG57 Benesso (Benescio, Buneso, Benish) 06/35 [Gz]
0652'/3528' 1542 m
HCC22 Beneta (locality) 0540'/3648' 05/36 [WO Gz]
GDU36 Bengedda (Benghedda) 10/34 [+ WO]
HEC24 Bengia, see Benja
beni (O) mellow, soft and sweet, unleavened; (Som) hut, house
HDL22 Beni 0917'/3837' 2577 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEE69 Benina 1127'/3919' 2379 m, near Mekdela 11/39 [Gz]
HCG57 Benish, see Benesso
-- Benishangul, Beni Shangul, name - originally used by Arabic-
speaking Sudanese, from Amharic shanqilla
-- Benishangul language, see Berta
GDU12 Benishangul awraja (centre in 1959 = Asosa) 10/34 [x Gz]
1000'/3430', cf Asosa & Benishangul awraja
GDU54c Benishangul wereda (centre in 1964 = Menge) 10/34 [Ad]
benja (O) piece of garment (shemma) of white cotton cloth
HEC24 Benja (Bengia, Bangia, Banja, Bandja, Saha Bania) 11/36 [Gz Gu WO Ha]
1106'/3656' 2389 m, cf Banja, Benya
Coordinates would give map code HEC23
JDK67 Benka 0938'/4313' 1593 m 09/43 [Gz]
near the border of Somalia
HC... Benka wereda (centre in 1964 = Wai Selam) 06/36 [Ad]
HCH38 Benkira (Benchira) (mountain) 0639'/3629' 1232 m 06/36 [WO Gz]
HCD59 Benko (Benk'o, Banco) 0553'/3819' 2034 m 05/38 [Gz WO]
HCD98 Benko (Benk'o, Banco) 0612'/3813' 2024 m 06/38 [Gz WO]
Coordinates would give map code HCD87
?? Benkuel (Bänkuäl) (medieval monastery) ../.. [x]
-- Benna (ethnic group), see Bana
HDA54 Benni, Tulu (mountain) 0836'/3511' 1254 m 08/35 [WO Gz]
H.... Bensa (pilgrimage mountain) 07/38? [x]
H.... Bensa (Benssa) (visiting postman u. Shashemene) 07/38? [20 Po]
H.... Bensa wereda 07/38? [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 49 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
bente (bäntä) (A) in the name of
HDK29 Bente 0917'/3824' 2598 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
GCM57 Benti 0648'/3455'c 06/34 [x]
name from G. Montandon 1913.
HDD59 Bentu Liben, see Bantu
?? Bequot, see Bekwot
ber: ber (bärr) (A) gate, entrance, doorway; pass between
two mountains, point of access through a natural obstacle
HED59 Ber 1123'/3824' 2504 m, east of Goradit 11/38 [Gz]
HDL78 Ber Badi & Robi kebele 09/39 [Ad]
in southernmost Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda at its
eastern border, 30 km south of Inewari; area 1,617 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HES85 Ber Maryam, see Chew Ber
HEL37 Ber Metebekiye (Ber Metebek'iye) 12/39 [Gz]
1204'/3907' 3581 m, north-east of Lalibela
bera, beera (O) old and respectable /woman/;
(bära) (A) bald on the top of the head;
berra (A) to become light, bright weather, to shine
HCL.. Bera, 'nagadi place' south of Yirga Alem 06/38 [x]
JDA08 Bera (area) 08/40 [WO]
HF... Bera Ketema (Beraketema) (in Agame awraja) 14/39? [+ Ad]
HCL40c Bera sub-district (Biera ..) (with mission) 06/38 [Gu Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Ras Desta Ber)
?? Berababo (historically recorded area) ../.. [Pa]
JFA23c Berahile 13/40 [MS]
JFA43 Berahle (Berahale, Lemale) 1352'/4001' 639 m 13/40 [Gz Ne WO LM]
HFK04 Berai, see Biyara
HFK05 Berai 1433'/3759' 1520 m 14/37 [Gz]
berak, beraak (Harari) lightning
JDJ.. Berak (village in the Dire Dawa region) 09/41 [n]
HFE49 Berakit (Beraqit) (with rock-hewn church) 13/39 [x]
see under Geralta churches - northern
HDF12 Berara (historical locality in Shewa) 08/39 [En]
HEF30 Berara Jerjero kebele 11/39 [Ad]
in south-western Kuta Ber wereda, with Berara kebele adjoining
in the north, 25-30 km west of Dessie; area 2,203 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEF30 Berara kebele (Bärara ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Kuta Ber wereda at its western border, 20-25 km
west-southwest of Kuta Ber settlement; area 4,609 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HE... Berara sub-district (centre in 1964 = Berara Beru) 11/39 [Ad]
?? Berarah (historically recorded), cf Berara above ../.. [Pa]
?? Berare (Berarä, Bärärä) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HFE06 Berarwa 1334'/3901' 1818 m, south of Abiy Adi 13/39 [Gz]
HEE23 Berat Sanka Ghiorghis, see Kitir
?? Beraz (mountain), peak 3476 m ../.. [20]
HFK05 Berayo (Berai) 14/37 [LM WO]
JCR16 Berbade 0720'/4209' 559 m 07/42 [18 Gz]
HCN64 Berbatta, see Darbatta
HDR48 Berben Zimma, see Goftima Sebeka
HBS98 Berbens 0524'/3820' 1695 m 05/38 [Wa]
?? Berber Maryam (ancient church in Gamu) ../.. [x]

HDP76 Berbera, see Barbara

HDU36 Berbera .., see Birbira ..
berberay kura, pepper bowl?
kura (A,O) 1. (qura) crow, raven; 2. (O) (quura) bowl-like deep plate
HEJ54 Berberay Kura (Berbera Cura, Barberi Cura, Cura) 12/36 [Ch Gu WO Gz]
(village) 1216'/3700' 2130 m, (mountain saddle) 1943/2360 m,
see also HEJ54 Barberi Kura
berbere (bärbäre) (A,T) red pepper, chili pepper,
Capsicum abyssinicum, C. frutescens; mederi (T) land;
berebere (bäräbärä) (A) examine
JC... Berbere (in Wabe awraja) 07/40? [Ad]
JCH81 Berbere (Berberi) 0705'/4048' 1452 m 07/40 [Gz WO Wa]
berbere me.: midir (A) earth, land, region
HDD87 Berbere Medir (Barbere Meder) (area) 08/38 [WO]
HDM44 Berbere U. (Uoscia = Washa?) 09/39 [WO]
?? Berbere wereda (Bärbäre ..) ../.. [Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 17 rural kebeles and 1 urban,
cf Azernet & Berbere wereda
HDM44 Berbere Wiha kebele (Bärbäré Weha ..) 09/39 [Ad]
berberi (O) red pepper; berbari (A) plunderer, thief,
one who searches around
HCU37 Berberi (Barbari) 0731'/3959' 2465 m 07/39 [Gz]
JCG53 Berberi 0650'/4005' 1562 m 06/40 [WO Gz]
JCG53? Berberi (Berberie) 06/40 [Ad]
(wereda & its centre in 1964)
JCH81 Berberi, see Berbere
HER19 Berberi Amba (Berber Amba) (area) 12/37 [WO Gu]
JCP13 Berberissa (area) 07/40 [WO]
HDM61 Berbersa .., see Birbirsa ..
HDU80 Berberti, see Birbirti also HEF16
HDR48 Berbeti Zimma, see Goftima Sebeka
berbissa ..: tuto (O) kind of tree, Citrus aurantifolia;
tutto (O) /small/ hill; t'uutt'oo (O) feeding bottle
HCE65 Berbissa Tuto (Berbisato) (mountain) 05/38 [WO Gu Gz]
0601'/3853' 2140, 2532 m
bercha t..: t'ik'ur (A) black, dark;
-- Tiqur, Tuqur, name of a Mecha Oromo tribe
HDL54 Bercha Tikur (Berch'a /T'ik'ur/) 09/38 [AA Gz]
0933'/3847' 2639 m
JDB14 Berche (Berch'e) 0816'/4104' 1560 m 08/41 [Gz]
HFF23 Berchi 1345'/3941' 2268 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDH84c Berchomabor (Tulu Bertchomabor) c 0950'/3605' 09/36 [+ x]
mountain north-east of Didessa river
berchuma: barchuma (O) 1. stool with three legs,
seat, chair; 2. custom; berchumma (A from O) stool as above
HBT42 Berchuma (Borciuma), cf Burchuma 04/38 [LM WO]
HCH52 Berchuma (Berciuma), see Bachuma
HEL42 Bercuacua, see Birkwakwa
JDL21 Berdale 0518'/4335' 513 m 05/43 [18 Gz]
JCT96 Berdellei (area) 08/43 [WO]
JDD73 Berdid, see Birdid

bere (bäre) (A) ox, bull

HCC52 Bere Baka 0557'/3647' 1131 m 05/36 [Gz]

HDM63 Bere Hager kebele (Bäré Hagär ..) 09/39 [Ad]

in south-east Debre Birhan Zuriya & Keyit wereda at its
southern border, 9-11 km south-east of Debre Birhan town; area 952 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Berebabo (Béräbabo) ../.. [Pa]
(Gafat area in the 1500s)
HEF73 Berebiyu kebele (Bäräbeyu ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in south-westernmost Habru wereda at its border, near Wirgesa
to the east there and 10 km south of Mersa; area 2,051 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDJ95 Bereccia, see Berji
HDE53 Berecha (village north of Awash) 08/38 [x]
HDF40 Berecha (Bereccia) 08/39 [+ WO]
HDJ47 Berecha 0926'/3716' 2225 m, at Chomen swamp 09/37 [Gz]
HDJ56 Berecha (Jarra, Giarre) 0933'/3712' 2225 m 09/37 [Gz]
east of Shambu
HDJ95 Berecha (Bereccia), see Berji
HDL00 Berecha 0908'/2829' 2588 m, see under Genet 09/38 [AA Gz]
bereda: berrede (bärrädä) (A) to become cold; bered (T) ice, hail;
beredo (bärädo) (A) hail, snow
Bereda, cf Barada, Bareda
HDB55 Bereda 0841'/3611' 1803 m 08/36 [Gz]
HDB64 Bereda 0846'/3607' 1724 m 08/36 [Gz]
HD... Bereda (in Leka/Nekemte awraja), with waterfall 09/36? [Ad]
HDK51 Bereda (village & area) 0930'/3736' 1364 m 09/37 [AA WO Gz]
HDL50 Bereda 0930'/3829' 1992 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDT86 Bereda 1042'/3901' 1763 m 10/39 [Gz]
JDB69 Bereda 0845'/4132' 1470 m 08/41 [Gz]
JDG29 Bereda 0916'/4040' 1467 m, west of Mieso 09/40 [Gz]
HDT96 Bereda kebele (Bäréda ..) 10/39 [Ad]
at the middle of the northern border of Kelala wereda,
11-17 km north of Kelala settlement; area 2,954 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JBT82 Beredale (Berdale, Berdaleh) 05/43 [MS WO Wa]
HDC33 Beredi 0825'/3653' 1735 m, east of Koma 08/36 [Gz]
HDL16 Bereh & Aleltu wereda 09/39 [Ad]
HDL16 Bereh wereda (Bäräh) (centre in 1964 = Sendafa) 09/39 [Ad n]
bereha (A) land below 500 m altitude
HDM35 Berehet kebele (Bärähät ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in central Berehet wereda; area 1,474 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
?? Berehet wereda (in the 1990s, North Shewa Zone) ../.. [n]
(-1994-) is divided into 34 rural kebeles and 1 urban.
HEE59 Berejat 1118'/3918' 2148 m, south of Mekdela 11/39 [Gz]
berek (bäräq) (A) 1. chalk, white soil; 2. meteor;
Berek, a male personal name;
berekwa (bäräkwa) (T) forest
HDL16 Berek (Barrec, Barrek, Rufi) 09/39 [Gz AA Gu]
(place with church, and mountain)
0913'/3900' 3174/3228 m, see under Sendafa
HDM26 Berek 0914'/3858' 2899 m 09/38 [Gz]
?? Bereka (Bäräka) (ancient name of desert) ../.. [x]
HD... Bereka (in Buno Bedele awraja) 08/36? [Ad]
HEL12 Berekasa (Bereccasa) (church) 1151'/3838', 11/38 [+ WO Gz]
see under Debre Zebit
bereke (Geez) (bäräkä) to bow; (bäräqä) to shine
bereket (A) blessing, present /of a kind generally to be
rewarded in return/; abundance, prosperity; also a male name
HDM13 Bereket (Berechet, Barakat) see under Sidisto 09/39 [Ad WO 18]
HDM14 Bereket (Berechet) (area), see under Sidisto 09/39 [+ WO]
HDM13 Bereket sub-district (centre in 1964 = Sidisto) 09/39 [Ad]
HEE84 Berekeza kebele (Bäräkäza ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in western central Meket wereda, 10 km west-northwest
of Filakit; area 2,416 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
H.... Berenta wereda 10/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Yedeha Kidane Mihret)
?? Berera (Bärära) (historically recorded, in Shewa) ../.. [Pa]
HDL32 Beresa 0924'/3841' 2618 m (with church Gebriel) 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL33 Beresa 0920'/3845' 2592 m, near road A.A.-Fiche 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL60 Beresa 09/38 [AA]
HDL94 Beresa (Beressa) 0955'/3850' 1627 m (w church) 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDM62 Beresa (Bäresa) (river near D. Birhan) 0938'/3933' 09/39 [n]
HDL95 Beresa kebele (Bärésa ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in the north-westernmost corner of Saya Debir & Wayu Insaro wereda,
20-25 km south-west of Alem Ketema; area 2,945 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS98 Beresa Maryam (village) 08/38 [x]
JDJ26 Bereser 0915'/4211' 1479 m, south-east of Harar 09/42 [Gz]
HDJ17 Bereso 0912'/3716' 2563 m 09/37 [Gz]
beret (bärät) (A) zeriba, thorn enclosure for cattle,
'stable', barn
HEF33 Beret (centre in 1964 of Kedijo sub-district) 11/39 [Ad]
JCC51 Beret 0557'/4142' 517 m 05/41 [Gz]
JER42 Beret (locality) 1303'/4148' 13/41 [WO Gz]
beret sanka (A) enclosure made of planks;
sanka (saanqaa) (O) door, board, plank; (sanka) (A) defect, fault, blemish
HEE24 Beret Sanka (Berat Sanca Gh.) 11/38 [LM WO]
HDU73 Beret Wenz (place) 1037'/3940' 3217 m 10/39 [Gz]
east of Were Ilu
HDK19 Beretu 0911'/3821' 2730 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
JDE83 Bereys (Bereis) (area) 08/43 [+ WO]
HET18 Berezba 1308'/3910' 1719 m 13/39 [Gz]
HET48 Berezba 1303'/3915' 1766 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEC24 Berf (area) 11/36 [It]
HDE91 Berfata (area), see under Genet 08/38 [WO]
Berga, a male personal name
HDD89 Berga (Bärga) (river) 0855'/3820' 08/38 [+ n]
HDD99 Berga 0901'/3822' 2218 m, 09/38 [AA Gz]
see under Addis Alem, cf Barga
HDE72 Berga (village near river of the same name) 08/38 [x]
JEB79 Berga 1130'/4130' 351 m, east of Asaita 11/41 [Gz]
HDL75 Bergafet (Bergatit) 0942'/3857' 2564 m, 09/38 [AA Gz WO]
see under Debre Libanos
HES.? Bergibbi (Yäbärr Gibbi), east of Menz and Gishe 13/38? [En]
H.... Bergibi (centre in 1964 of Gidim sub-district) 10/40? [Ad]
HDU46 Bergibi kebele (Bärgebi ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Efrata & Gidim wereda at its eastern border,
3-10 km south-west of Efeson; area 2,030 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HEJ47 Bergida (Berghida), see Birgida
GD... Bergushu kebele ../34 [20]
located near Sudan. Kwama language is spoken there.
HEM41 Berha Maryam kebele (Bärha ..) 12/39 [Ad]
in north-eastern Kobo wereda, 15 km west
of Kobbo town; area 5,111 hectares. [CSA 1994]
HEB06 Bergoa (area) 10/36 [Ch WO]
HF... Berhale (in Hulet Awlalo awraja) 13/39? [Ad x]
JFA33 Berhale (Berhahile), see Berahle
HF... Berhale sub-district (-1997-) 13/39? [n]
HCG75 Berhan, see Birhan
beri, beriye (O) dawn, daybreak; (T) gate, entrance;
berri (Ari) female deity of the Ari people
HDL72 Beri (Salale) 0943'/3838' 3153 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
(place at 3839' and mountain at 3838'), cf Bari
HDN85 Beri (mountain) 1048'/3514' 661 m 10/35 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HDN95
JDK33 Beri & Bartire sub-district (Berie ..) 09/42 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Jijiga)
beri siade: berri siyaado (Som) extra land
KCJ90 Beri Siade 0714'/4636' 484 m 07/46 [WO Gz]
Near corner of map codes KCH99/KCP09/KCR00
HCS96 Bericha (Bariccia) (hill) 0803'/3901' 08/39 [Gz WO]
HDF52 Bericha (Boseti Bariccia) (mountain) 08/39 [Gz WO Gu]
0837'/3931' 1561 m, south-east of the railway
KCN69 Beridaleh 0749'/4536' 644 m 07/45 [WO Gz]
HDH95 Beriso 0953'/3613' 2164 m 09/36 [Gz]
HDJ95 Berji (Berecha, Bereccia) 0953'/3706' 2481 m 09/37 [Gz Wa]
(with church Maryam), near Alibo
HDH15 Berjuma (Bergiuma) (area) 09/36 [+ WO]
berka (T) forest
HDU03c Berka (Berca) 2863 m, cf Barka 09/39 [+ Gu]
HDL44 Berkale Angoye 0926'/3852' 2609 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEF41 Berkana (Berk'ana, Berqana) 1115'/3928' 2020 m 11/39 [Gz q]
HDT06 Berkato kebele (Bärqato ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Lay Bet & Tach Bet wereda at its southern border,
6-10 km south of Alem Ketema; area 1,303 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDR89 Berkenye (Berkegne, Berchegn) (hill) 10/37 [+ Ad WO]
HDR89 Berkenye sub-district (centre in 1964 = Filatit)
berket (T) multiply, proliferate
HFC21 Berket (with seasonal waterhole), cf Bereket 13/36 [MS WO]
-- Some of the Argobba ethnic group are said to live there around 1990.
berki: birki (T) 1. knee; 2. knuckle; 3. share
?? Berki (river c. 90 km west of Dessie) ../.. [Mi]
HFF14 Berki (Berchi) 13/39 [18 Gu]
HEL33 Berko, see Birko
HFE47c Berkoho (Bercoho) (mountain) saddle 2116 m 13/39 [+ Gu]
HET48 Berkola (Bercola) 13/39 [+ WO]
HEL43 Berkwakwa (Bercuacua), see Birkwakwa
HEJ86 Berlikomala 12/37 [WO]
JDS05 Berloh (area) 1520 m 09/43 [WO]
JBU97c Bermagog 05/44 [MS]
bermil (bärmil) (A) barrel, container for liquid
GDU04 Bermilli (in fertile plain, little water) 10/34 [WO Gu]
bero (O) coral tree, korch, Erythrina abyssinica,
with ornamental red flowers turned upwards; (A) kind of polecat
?? Bero (Kella Bero), customs post Gomma from Limmu ../.. [18]
HDJ59 Bero 0934'/3730' 2153 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
near map code HDK50, cf Biro
HDK64 Bero 0936'/3754' 2429 m, see under Kachisi 09/37 [AA Gz]
HDL82 Bero 0947'/3839' 3285 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HEF15 Bero 1058'/3947' 1998 m 10/39 [Gz]
south-east of Kombolcha
HDL99 Bero & Anfedar kebele (Bäro & Anfädar ..) 09/39 [Ad]
in south-eastern Moret & Jiru wereda,
5-8 km east-northeast of Inewari; area 710 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HC... Bero Jeba (in Maji awraja) /Jeba is a male name/ 06/35? [Ad]
HDF81 Bero kebele (Bäro ..) 08/39 [Ad]
far to the west at the northern border of Minjar & Shenkora
wereda, 8-12 km north of Balchi; area 1,744 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
JD... Beroda (in Webera awraja) 09/41? [Ad]
HDD97 Berodo 0902'/3810' 2223 m, near the Ambo road 09/38 [Gz]
(with church Maryam to the north-east)
HES78 Berok Wiha (Berokwaha, Berocuaha, Beroch Waha) 13/38 [+ WO Gu x]
(mountain) 1319'/3817' 4505 m, see under Sawana
HDA17 Beroy (Boroi) 0818'/3526' 1578 m 08/35 [Gz Ad]
(sub-district & its centre in 1964), north-west of Gore
HDB17 Beroy (Birru, Birro) (market) 2210 m 08/36 [LM WO Gu]
HDU02 Berqa & Lesan, see Birka & Lisan
HEF14 Berqo Debela, see Birko Debela
berra (bärra) (A) lit; birra (A) clear weather, sunny day
HFE84c Berrah (mountain) 14/38 [Gu]
HDT04 Bersa (Beressa), cf Berza 09/38 [LM WO]
HCR13 Bersisi 0721'/3653' 1864 m 07/36 [Gz]
JEA97 Bersu (mountain) 1144'/4028' 814 m 11/40 [Gz]
HDF86 Berta, Bertha, ethnic group in Wellega at the Abay 09/37 [x]
HDT68 Bertete 1033'/3914' 2545 m 10/39 [Gz]
bertu (O) accustomed; (A for birtu, burtu as written by H.Salt)
strong; birt (Geez) iron
HDE55 Bertu, M. (area) 08/38 [WO]
-- Bertuma (Bärtuma), a group of Oromo; around year 1600
many of them served in the army of Emperor Susneyos
GDL78 Bertuma 09/34 [WO]
HDC86 Bertuma (mountain), see Betuma
beru (Gimir) kind of shrub, Prunus africanus;
(Chako) Pygeum africanum, a timber tree with dense
foliage and pink or red wood
HCA95 Beru, see Biro
HDF84 Beru (crater) 0857'/3945' 980 m, south of railway 08/39 [Gz]
HDT52 Beruh Tesfa, see Biruh Tesfa
HCC92 Berza 0619'/3650' 2144 m, cf Bersa 06/36 [x Gz]
in the 1920s the main centre of Gofa province, later
replaced by Bulki.
HDM64 Berze Hager, see Birze Hager

besa (A,O) copper coin /in former times/, half-piastre

HEH98 Besa (area) 12/36 [WO]
HDF71 Besa kebele (Bäsa ..) 08/39 [Ad]
somewhat to the north-west in central Minjar & Shenkora
wereda, adjoining Balchi to its north; area 1,327 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDF86c Besaka (lake), see under Metehara 08/39 [x]
beseka: basako, bosaka (western O) kind of tall tree,
Sapium ellipticum
HDE84 Beseka 0852'/3847' 2120 m, see under Akaki 08/38 [Ad Gz]
(Akaki Beseka) (centre in 1964 of Akaki wereda)
HDF86c Beseka (Besaka) (lake), see under Metehara 08/39 [x]
HEE89 Beseka Giyorgis (Besek'a G.) (church) 1139'/3916' 11/39 [Gz]
HEE64 Beseka Yegoreda kebele (Bäsäqa Yägoräda ..) 11/38 [Ad]
in western Dawint & Delanta wereda at its southern border,
38 km south-west of Wegel Tena; area 5,321 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
-- Beshada (Bashada, Batchada), ethnic group in the lower Omo valley;
-- Beshada language, see Hamer Bako
HC... Beshaide, village in the Gidole region 05/37 [x]
HCR.. Beshasha, not far from Agaro 07/36 [n]
HDJ35 Beshe 0920'/3706' 2576 m, near Haretu 09/37 [Gz]
HEF42 Beshelo kebele (Bäshälo ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in eastern Kuta Ber wereda, adjoining Kuta Ber settlement
to its south and west; area 2,840 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HCS27 Besheno 0728'/3812' 2001 m 07/38 [Gz]
GDU70 Besher sub-district (Beshir, Bescir ..) 10/34 [Ad Mi WO]
(centre in 1964 = Gemelie), near Dul mountain in Welega
HE... Beshilo (Bäshilo) (ctr in 1964 of Adela sub-district),
cf Bashilo 11/39 [Ad]
HDK05 Beshinto 0906'/3801 2969 m, see under Ilfeta 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDD69 Besi 0843'/3824' 2149 m 08/38 [Gz]
HDK99 Besi 0954'/3822' 2465 m, see under Tulu Milki 09/38 [AA Gz]
J.... Besidimo, see Bisidimo
beso ..: ber (bärr) (A) pass, gate, entrance
HEE28 Beso Ber kebele (Bäso Bär ..) 11/39 [Ad]
along the eastern border of south-easternmost Mekdela wereda,
15 km south-southeast of Masha; area 3,347 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HDL44 Besorche, see Bosoke
HEE99 Besqa, see Biska
HDT95 Besqul, see Biskul
bessa (bässa) (A) to bore, to drill, to pierce;
besso (bässo) (A) type of food made usually from roasted
barley flour, also a beverage made from ground barley
HFF14 Bessa 13/39 [WO]
HEL57 Bestekan 1213'/3908' 2592 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDJ75 Besu 0942'/3703' 2437 m 09/37 [Gz]
bet (A,T) house /small as well as important ones,
also churches/; room, family, etc.
HEC.. Bet Abbo, church not very far from Amedamit pass 11/37 [x]
HEL08 Bet Alalech kebele (Bét Alaläch ..) 11/39 [Ad]
at the north-eastern corner of Wadla wereda,
17 km north of Wegel Tena; area 4,002 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HES29 Bet Albo Mikael (church) 1254'/3820' 12/38 [x]
bet anbesa (A) house of lion /of Judah?/
HEL37 Bet Anbesa (Biet Ambessa), see under Lalibela 12/39 [LM WO Gu]
HED65 Bet Ansa 1125'/3800' 2159 m 11/38 [Gz]
HER84 Bet Bedi (area) 13/36 [WO]
HFE97 Bet Gebet 1423'/3905' 1926 m 14/39 [Gz]
bet hawaryat, house/church of the apostles
HFF71 Bet Hawaryat 1414'/3931' 2573 m 14/39 [Gz x]
(Beta H.), near Adigrat
HFE79 Bet Hawiya (Tabaca, Tebeca) 1414'/3920' 2425 m 14/39 [Gz WO]
west of Adigrat
HFF71 Bet Hosannes (Biet H.) (with rock-hewn church), 14/39 [x]
see under Adigrat
HEU.. Bet Kinat (B. Qinat) 13/39? [x]
HFF20 Bet Kirkos (B. K'irk'os) 1348'/3924' 2091 m 13/39 [Gz]
(with church of the same name)
HFF30 Bet Kirkos (B. K'irk'os) 1348'/3924' (w church) 13/39 [Gz]
HFF90 Bet Kirkos (B. K'irk'os) 1423'/3924' 2375 m 14/39 [Gz]
HFD88 Bet Korkos (B. K'ork'os, B. Qorqos) 14/38 [Gz q]
1418'/3818' 1728 m 14/38 [Gz]
bet lij (A) house of the prince
HE... Bet Lij sub-district (Biet Lij ..) 11/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Metero)
bet mahber (A) house of a local association or monthly gathering
HET78 Bet Mahber (Bet Mahiber) 1318'/3914' 2219 m 13/39 [Gz]
HEU.. Bet Maira, see also under Amba Alage 13/39 [It]
bet mal.: male (A) swear, take a vow;
male, malee (O) without; male (Som) thought, idea;
-- Male is a southern Ometo group
?? Bet Male (Beit Maleh) (mountains) ../.. [18]
bet man: manso (Som) monitor lizard
HEC99 Bet Manzi (Bet Manzo), see Mansur
bet mara: mara (O) crown, diadem; marra (O) grass;
maraa (O) 1. fresh corn cake; 2. twist of rope,
roll of tobacco; marah (Som) thorn tree
HEU31 Bet Mara (Bet Maira) 1301'/3932' 2782 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
near Amba Alage, see Betmera
Coordinates would give map code HEU32
bet Maryam (A) house/church of Mary
HDL86 Bet Maryam (Bet Mariam) (church) 09/38 [LM WO]
HED60 Bet Maryam (Bieta Mariam) (village with church) 11/37 [+ It]
HEU61 Bet Maryam (Bete M., Bet Mariam) 13/39 [Gz Gu]
(village) 1313'/3929' 2083 m
HFD67 Bet Maryam (Biet Mariam) (area) 14/38 [+ WO]
see under Inda Silase
HFE79 Bet Maryam (Bet Mariam) 1414'/3918' 2260 m 14/39 [Gz Gu]
HFF32 Bet Maryam (B.Mariam) (small church) 13/39 [+ Gu]
HFF62 Bet Maryam (Beit Mariam) (recorded in 1868) 14/39 [18]
bet mehai: meka (mäqa) (A) kind of reed, Arundo donax;
meka, meeqa (O) how much? how many?
maka, maqaa (O) name
HFF43 Bet Mehai (Bet Mikhai, Biet Meka, Bietmakai) 13/39 [x]
(with rock-hewn church Mikael)
HFF31 Bet Mikael (Bet Micael) 1353'/3927' 2188 m 13/39 [Gz Gu]
HFF43 Bet Mikhai, see Bet Mehai
HFE29 Bet Muha 1345'/3918' 2102 m
?? Bet Negus Maryam (Bietangus Mariam) (church), 09/37? [+ Gu]
cf Bete Nigus
HFE48 Bet Nigus 1357'/3914' 1631 m 13/39 [Gz]
bet nigus dinkwan (A) round tent with roof
HEE86 Bet Yohannes (Biet Iohannes, Bete Yohanis) 11/38 [+ Gu Gz]
1140'3859' 2983 m (with small church)
HF... Bet Yohannes 14/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Adi Abun Gult sub-district)
beta, betaa (O) docile, foolish, stupid /male/
HCP01 Beta (Bet'a) 0717'/3547' 1828 m 07/35 [Gz]
HCP01? Beta Gesha, see Gesha wereda
HFE62 Beta Giyorgis (hill) see under Aksum 14/38 [x]
beta hawaryat, house/church of the apostles
H.... Beta Hawaryat (area south-east of Adigrat) ../.. [n]
GCU16 Betagev (Betagheue) (mountain) 0720'/3453' 823 m 07/34 [+ Gz]
?? Betale, in the south-west of Ethiopia ../.. [n]
HEM30 Betara 1203'/3924' 2815 m 12/39 [Gz]
HDT08 Betaso & Gult Ager kebele (Bät'aso .. .. ..) 10/39 [Ad]
in central Moret & Jiru wereda, 6-12 km
north-northeast of Inewari; area 1,834 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
H.... Betcho, see Becho
HDC85 Bete 0854'/3704' 1750 m 08/37 [Gz]
HD... Bete (with feeding camp in 1985) 10/39? [x]
H.... Bete Hawaria wereda (centre in 1964 = Adigrat) ../.. [Ad]
bete hor: hoor (Som) rain; xor (Som) 1. free person;
2. fringe of garment; hor (Som) 1. front; 2. time before
HEE86 Bete Hor (Betehor, Betor, Bethor, Bitor, Betä Har) 11/39 [MS Gz WO Ro]
(Biethor, Bathor) (centre & area) 1125'/3907' 11/39 [MS Gu]
MS coordinates would give map code HEE67 at 20 km to the SE
Gz: 1137'/3902' = HEE86, 3011 m
Within a radius of 10 km there are at km
3E Delanga Dega kebele
5S Chena Dekish kebele
2SE Libargye (Libarghie) (village)
5SE Afagua (village)
6SE Semer & Semuzent kebele
7SE Wetege kebele
10SE Gidda (Jitta) (pass)
8S Azuga Mujazen kebele
6SW Derera kebele
10SW Wotegye (Uoteghie) (village)
10SW Yekendet kebele
10SW Atseft kebele
2W Geter kebele
2NW Kwokamba (Cuocamba) (village) 2428 m
5NW Subsafau (village)
6NW Digger (village)
7NW Gashina kebele
7NW Meret (church)
7NW Yedwokit Mikael (Ieduochit Micael) (church)
9NW Kimkimo kebele
10NW Yeneja (Ienegia, Ianegia, Ianeggia) (village)
5N Bete Yohanis kebele
10NE Ganchere kebele
HEE86 Bete Hor Giyorgis (Biethor Ghiorghis) 11/39 [+ Gu]
(church) 2774 m
HEE86 Bete Hor kebele (Bétä ..) 11/39 [Ad]
in central Wadla wereda, surrounding the Bete Hor settlement
mostly towards its south-west; area 2,759 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
HET64c Bete Lihem, see Betlehem
bete m..: muja, mujja (A,T) kinds of tall weed grass
H.... Bete Muja (Bietemuja) 10/38 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 of Iwa sub-district)
bete nigus (A) 1. house of the king; 2. traditional round house, "tukul"
HDS03 Bete Nigus 0959'/3748' 1993 m 09/37 [AA Gz]
(with church Maryam to the south)
?? Bete Weleto (Bétä Wäläto) (historically recorded) ../.. [Pa]
HEE86 Bete Yohanis, see Bet Yohannes
HEE86 Bete Yohanis kebele (Bétä Yohanes ..) 11/39 [Ad]
at the middle part of the northern border of Wadla wereda,
5 km north of Bete Hor; area 4,641 hectares.
[CSA 1994]
betera ..: amora (A,T) vulture
?? Betera Amora (Bätera A., Bateramora) ../.. [Pa x]
(historically recorded)
HDL02 Betero (Bät'äro) (village and mountain) 09/38 [x]
4 km north-east of Gefersa lake
HDU11 Betgar 1007'/3929' 2781 m 10/39 [Gz]
H.... Betiho sub-district (centre in 1964 = Gerbi) 10/39 [Ad]
betlehem, house to the east of a church; only priests are
allowed to enter there, and in it they prepare the bread and
wine for the Sacrament; Bete Lihem, Bethlehem
HET64c Betlehem (Bete Lihem) (south-east of Debre Tabor) 11/38 [x En]
HE... Betlehem (Betelihem), music school near Gondar 12/37? [x]
HET64c Betlehem (Betlihem) 11/38 [x]
betlehem a..: agot (A) outcrop; menna (A) manna /as in the Bible/
HE... Betlehem Agot Menna (Betelihem A.M.) 11/38? [+ Ad]
(in Gayint awraja)
HDU65 Betlehem sub-district (Betelhem ..) 10/39 [+ Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Efrata)
HFF00 Betlem (Amba Betlem) (mountain) 13/39 [Gz]
1339'/3921' 1872, near map code HFE09
HED79c Betlemi (with fields of cotton) c. 1500 m 11/38 [Gu]
HCN03 Betmai 0716'/3506' 788 m 07/35 [WO Gz]
HEU31 Betmera (Betmara, Bet Maira, Bete Mariam) 13/39 [MS Br Gu Te]
(Bet Mara) 1301'/3932' 2782 m
(centre in 1964 of Amba Alage wereda
& of Alage Milash sub-district)
HCC63 Beto (Chere, Ghere) 0603'/3653' 1092 m 05/37 [Gz]
HEE86 Betor, see Bete Hor
HDT.. Betselote Mikael (cave church), see under Debre Bahriy
HEU70 Betswai (Betswal) 1318'/3922' 2531 m 13/39 [Gz]
HDU13 Betterge (Betterghe), see under Molale 10/39 [+ WO]
bettero: bettir, bittir (A) stick, club, cudgel;
betri (bätri) (T) stick, cane
HDB57 Bettero 08/36 [WO]
HDK01 Betti (mountain) 2332 m, in Wellega 09/37 [WO]
?? Bettie (in north-eastern Shewa) ../.. [n]
bettih (bätt'ih) (A) water melon
HDJ06 Betuma (Gebel B.) (mountain) 0904'/3712' 1850 m 08/37 [WO Gz]
near map code HDC96
HFE69c Betyes (Betties) [=Bet Iyesus?] 14/39 [+ x]
(with rock-hewn church), in Haramat area
HCJ.. Beurate (Beuraté) 07/37 [x]
with kella mentioned in 1910 as the entrance to Konta
HCD01 Beverly Hills (foreign name; mountains) 05/37 [WO Gz]
0528'/3738' 1046 m
beyad (Som) environment, surroundings
JDS32 Beyadader (Beiadader) (area) 10/42 [+ WO]
HCR45 Beyain 0736'/3704' 1683 m 07/37 [Gz]
beyd (Som) house
JEC53 Beyda (Beida) (area) 11/41 [+ WO]
JDK12 Beyean 09/42 [MS]
HET50 Beyeda (Beieda) 1312'/3829' 2461 m 13/38 [+ WO Gz]
HET50c Beyeda wereda (centre in 1964 = Dibilza) 13/38 [Ad]
beyele ..: awaare (Som) dust
JDE17 Beyele Aware (area) 08/44 [WO]
beyo: beeyo (Som) incense;
beeyo (Som/H.Salt) water
HCC65 Beyo 0601'/3704' 1007 m 06/37 [Gz]
HDL88 Beyo (Beio), see under Deneba, cf Bayo 09/39 [+ WO]
HEL95 Beyza 1236'/3858' 2433 m, west of Sekota 12/38 [Gz]
Beza, Bezza, a male personal name
HCC78 Beza 0606'/3721' 2901 m 06/37 [Gz]
HEC14 Bezzena (Bazana) 1058'/3700' 2638 m, 11/37 [WO Gz]
near Injibara
bezzene (bäzzänä) (A) walk all alone, go hither and thither
HEC89 Bhardar Giyorgis, see Bahir Dar
HFE85 Bhiza, see Bihiza
Bia .., see Bio .., Biyo ..
JDJ25 Bia Kamona (B. Camona), near Harar 09/42 [+ x]
JDC86 Bia Uoraba, see Didimtu
JDR64 Biaad (area) 10/42 [WO]
JCU52 Biad (Biad Dita, Deta) 0746'/4430' 968 m 07/44 [WO Gz]
JDK11 Biadeh 0913'/4232' 1565 m, 09/42 [Gu Gz]
coordinates would give map code JDK10
HFC97 Biagela (Biaghela) 1425'/3716' 796 m, 14/37 [+ WO Gz]
on the border of Eritrea
JCK91 Biahemedu 0713'/4239' 946 m 07/42 [Gz]
HEL66 Biala (mountain), see Baylamtu
HEL76 Biala (mountain) 12/39 [+ Gu WO 18]
1227'/3902' 3605/3806 m
HEL86 Biala, see Bela
KCN44 Bias, see Biyas
JBP37 Bib el Bur Bur (seasonal well) 0451'/4125' 04/41 [WO]
HCG53 Bibata (Dico), see under Guraferda 06/35 [WO]
GDU34 Bibbio (Baibbio) 1014'/3444' 1456 m 10/34 [Gz]
GDU54 Bibi, see Biye Abi
HE... Biboziba (centre in 1964 of Nebekisge sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
?? Bibugn (Bibugne) (vis. postman under D.Markos) ../.. [+ Po Ad Gu]
?? Bibugn (Bibunye) (with Friday market) 2850 m
?? Bibugn wereda (centre in 1964 = Digo Tsiyon) ../.. [+ Ad]
(-1994-) is divided into 32 rural and 2 urban kebeles.
HBU64 Bica, see Bika
JDH55 Bicche (Biche), see Bike
HDK15 Biccio, see Bicho
bicha (bich'a) (A,T) yellow, small yellow bird; (bicha) (A) only, alone
HDM.? Bichahe (with church Silase), in Bulga/Kasim wereda 09/39? [x]
HDS58 Bichana (Biccena), see Bichena
HCN88 Bichano (Bilati) 0758'/3532' 1935 m 07/35 [WO Gz]
HDF80c Bichash Tefa Lema kebele (Bechash Täfa Läma ..) 08/39 [Ad]
in north-westernmost Minjar & Shenkora wereda,
11-15 km north-northwest of Balchi; area 2,034 hectares,
[CSA 1994]
biche, biichee (eastern O) small mountain antelope,
Ethiopian klipspringer, Oreotragus oreotragus saltatrixoides
JDH55 Biche, see Bike
HEJ79 Bichemer 1228'/3727' 1981 m 12/37 [Gz]
bichena: bichannet (A) condition of being alone, solitude
HDS58 Bichena (Biccena, Bichana, Bechana) 10/38 [Gz WO 18 Ch]
MS: 1028'/3820' = HDS59; Gz: 1027'/3812' = HDS57, 2541 m
(with sub-post office) in Enemay wereda
Centre in 1964 of Bichena awraja & of Enemay wereda
& of Lemchen sub-district.
Within a radius of 10 km there is at km
9SW Suha (village) 2410 m
5NW Weyname (with old damaged church)
HDS68 Bichena awraja 1030'/3815' 10/38 [Ad Gz]
(centre -1964-1980- = Bichena)
HDM25 Bichenkeny (Bich'enk'eny) 0917'/3949' 1204 m 09/39 [Gz]
H.... Bichi 08/36 [x]
locality in Guma west of the Didessa river
H.... Bichie (centre in 1964 of Ebbo sub-district) 12/39 [Ad]
HDE27 Bichiko (Bich'ik'o) 0820'/3907' 1664 m 08/39 [Gz]
HDK16 Bicho (Biccio) 0912'/3803' 3049 m 09/37 [AA Gz WO]
(with church Mikael), see under Ilfeta, cf Becho
Coordinates would give map code HDK15
HDK16 Bicho sub-district 09/38 [Ad]
(centre in 1964 = Kiebisierba), later wereda?
HEM52 Bichro (Bich'ro) 1215'/3933' 1539 m, 12/39 [Gz]
south of Alamata
bichu, bichuu (O) small, tiny
JDJ19 Biciuman, see Buchumen
JDH.. Bicker, on the railway 25 km east of Afdem 09/41 [x]
JDH55 Bicket, see Bike
GD... Bidaru (in Kelem awraja) 08/34? [Ad]
HDK55 Bidaru 0930'/3802' 1542 m, cf Bideru, Bidiru 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL83 Biddigo 2775 m, see under Fiche 09/38 [WO]
HBT72 Bidduara, see Biduara
HCF43 Biderre (Bidere), see Bidre
HEF06c Bidersa 10/39 [Wa]
HEF25 Bidersa 1105'/3950' 1781 m 11/39 [Gu 18 Gz]
GDF12 Bideru (mountain) 0816'/3432' 08/34 [x]
HCS34 Bidika (Bidica), see under Hosaina 07/37 [+ WO]
?? Bidire (in Bale), cf Bidre ../.. [x]
bidiru, bideru, bidru (O) hollowed tree trunk for various
purposes such as container, drum, canoe; as a traditional
drum it was useful to warn of an approaching enemy and
could be heard at a distance of several kilometres;
biddiru (A) the loan; bidhiri (T) behind
HBJ96 Bidiru Tuli (area) 04/37 [WO]
JEB32c Biditto 11/40 [Wa]
bido, bidoo (O) sheep; (A from French "bidon") jug,
field bottle, tankard
HDD33 Bido (hill) 0828'/3751', cf Bedo 08/37 [WO Gz]
HCF43 Bidre (Bidere, Biderre) 0555'/3938' 1561 m 05/39 [Gz WO Wa Gu]
Coordinates would give map code HCF53
bidu, biduu (O) birthmark
-- Bidu, name of an Ania tribe of eastern Oromo
HDL20 Bidu 0918'/3826' 2619 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
HDL50 Bidu 0930'/3826' 2268 m 09/38 [AA Gz]
bidu b..: bala (O) 1. leaf; 2. wicked spirit; 3. accident;
(A) forked branch, tree support
HCU24 Bidu Bala (mountains) 0730'/3940' 1480 m 07/39 [WO Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HCU23
HBT72 Biduara (Bidduara) 0506'/3838' 1244 m 05/38 [WO 18 Gz]
Coordinates would give map code HBT62
HCP25 Bieda (market, with church) 07/36 [Gu]
KCH85 Biehau, see Biiehau
JDL01 Bieis, see Biyeys
HBP53 Bielli, see Byelli
JCP51 Bielto (locality) 0742'/4050' 07/40 [WO Gz]
HCG79c Bienescio, see Byenesho
HCL40c Biera, see Bera
HEL37 Biet Ambessa, see Bet Anbesa
HFD67 Biet Mariam, see Bet Maryam
HFF43 Biet Meka (Bietmakai), see Bet Mehai
?? Bietangus .., see Bet