examples and self-check questions are used to test the reader¶s ongoing understanding of the essential concepts of the different subjects. Throughout the book.JAIIB-MODULE C       IIBF ± Latest Edition ± Taxmann Publications Pvt. Accounting & Finance for Bankers and Legal Aspects of Banking The Work book is intended to assist students appearing for JAIIB examination to gain an understanding on the type of questions that will be asked in the three subjects of JAIIB.Work Book on Principles of Banking.. the book includes caselets and questions on the practical situations from the examination point of view with answers and explanations. easy-to-read format. Though the Work book is mainly oriented towards students. this can be essential reading for bankers also. In this new. .345/JAIIB .Ltd. objective type questions are introduced in a non-specialist context for the benefit of candidates. Written by experts in the field of banking. Price Rs.

JAIIB-MODULE C The Class is divided into Three Parts  Part I : Broad Syllabus Outline  Part II : Presentation on Advancements & innov@tions in Banking Technology  Part III : Model Question Bank (Objective type Multiple choice)  .

JAIIB-Module C-SYLLABUS     Different approaches to bank mechanisation ± Core Banking Solutions -Stand alone computer systems . .Wide area and local area networks local processing and batch concepts. online systems .Mini computers and Main Frame networking systems.

ATMs .Anywhere Anytime Banking .Home banking  (Corporate and personal) .JAIIB-Module C ± Syllabus(contd.) Electronic Payment systems .Teller Machines at the Bank Counters  Cash dispensers .Online enquiry and update facilities  .

Current trends .. Nicnet. etc.)     Electronic funds transfer systems plain messages (Telex or data communication) ..) . Internet. .JAIIB-Module C. RBI net.RTGS Information Technology . Datanet.Banknet. E-mail.Syllabus(contd. I-net.structured messages (SWIFT.

)       Role and uses of technology upgradation .Global developments in Banking Technology Information Technology in finance and service delivery. .Protecting the confidentiality and secrecy of data . Saraf and Shere Committee Recommendations.JAIIB-Module C-Syllabus (contd.Rangarajan. Impact of Technology on Banks .effect on customers and service qualityAudit trails .

& Debit Clg.Presentation       Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Special EFT EFT-Point-of-Sale (POS) Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) ± Credit Clg. Cash Dispenser & Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) Shared Payment Network Systems (SPNs) (SWADHAN) .JAIIB-Module C.

JAIIB-Module C-Presentation BANKNET  COmputerised Message Transfer (COMET)  Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)  Regional Grid Clearing ± Collection of Outstation Cheques  Credit Cards/Debit Cards  Plastic Card / Smart Card / e-Purse  Laser Card  .

JAIIB-Module C-Presentation           Cheque Cards Terrestrial Microwave Radio Transmission Satellite Microwave (Geo-Stationary Satellite) Communicaiton through use of Optical Fibre Technology NET (Packet Switched Public Data Network) HVNET (High Speed VSAT Networks Teleconferencing Internet Banking Virtual / Digital / e-Sign Signatures in Banking Cheque Clearing using Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) Technology ± Facilities for paper based clearing  .

JAIIB-Module C-Presentation        Cheque Truncation µSmartQuill¶ Computer Pen Salient features of RTGS ± Real Time Gross Settlement RBI-Payment & Settlement Systems Vision 2005-08 Retail Payment System Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS) Online Indirect Taxes Accounting System (OLITAS) .

JAIIB-Module C-Presentation Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by banks  IDRBT¶s INFINET & Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS) through internet  IDRBT¶s Multi-Application Smart Card based Payment System  IDRBT¶s National Financial Switch (NFS)  .

Rangarajan Committee Report on Mechanisation RBI -1994 ± Saraf Committee on ³Technology Issues´ RBI-1996 ± Shere Committee on ³Electronic Funds Transfer & Other Electronic Payments RBI-1999.Mitra Report of the Expert Committee on µLegal Aspects of Bank Frauds .Dr.Report of the working group to consider Feasibility of Introducing MICR/OCR Technology for cheque processing RBI-1984-Dr.C.JAIIB-Module C-Presentaiton        Refer various Committee Reports on IT: RBI-1983 ± Damle .Vasudevan Committee on INFINET RBI-2001.

B.Dr.RBI Working Group on µCheque Truncation and e-cheques¶  .Barman.Zarir Cama Report of the Working Group on µElectronic Money´  RBI-2003.R.JAIIB-Module C-Presentation 2002.ED.

attend MUL-LIVE Virtual Classes/Contact Classes Tips for attempting questions Read the question paper & try to grasp questions carefully Attempt all Questions ± Do not leave any question unattempted . Work Book.JAIIB-Module CModel Question Bank      MODEL QUESTION BANK ± Multiple Choice Questions Read IIBF study material/books.

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